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                                  I want to say something
                                  but it won't come out of my mouth.


                                  T h e gentle hand atop Viri's head snapped her from her fear. Limbs relaxed, shoulders dropped and the A.I. blinked, looking around them both. She watched the dog run away, half wishing to run after it. She didn't want to be afraid of things, but foudn that she couldn't help it sometimes. And for a moment, she wonder what it would be like to overcome one's fears. Surely it must be a wonderful feeling! The artificial girl wondered if some such as herself was capable of such a thing. The faintest frown found her lips when she realized that she did not know the answer.

                                  Eli tapped the tip of her nose, once again, pulling the green-haired girl from her somber thoughts. A blink, a soft smile. As he lead her by the hand, Viri recalled what he had said to her before she had charged off. On Earth, the day of one's birth was celebrated with gifts from their friends. He was her friend, and yesterday had been her birthday. Birth .. day. He was right in that she did not remember very much from yesterday. And it pained her somewhat to try. So, she resolved to simply trust that Eli was correct. It was so easy for her to trust him .. why was that?
                                  "Welcome! May I help you with anything?"

                                  The shop clerk startled her a bit, but she smiled graciously, silently nodding her head once. As she she hadn't understood. Viri had never spoken to anyone other than Eli, nor had she been given the opportunity, until now. She would greet her! Full force! Plucking up her courage, she slipped away from Eli, wandered over and drapped her arms about the woman's shoulders, gently hugging her. She was warm and smelled very nice. "Hello, ma'am, it is a pleasure to meet you! My name is Viri and--" The lady cut her off with a surprised chuckle. Viri released her a stood, a little embarrassed, but unsure why. "My my, what an exuberant greeting. It's a pleasure to meet you too! You can call me Claire." The woman looked Viri up and down before glancing to Eli. "Would you like a measurement check?" Viri didn't know what that was so, once again by his side, she looked to Eli as well, trusting him to make the correct decision. "No, thank you. That won't be necessary."

                                  Though she felt less guilty about being provided something a bit more substantial to wear, Viri still couldn't help but feel shy about the fact. Gifts. It was such a new concept to her .... though she supposed most things were. The small shop they had entered was lined with shelves and racks of garments. So many colors and textures. She couldn't help but wonder where all of it had come from. Her mind buzzed with questions, some of which she answered on her own. The technical ones. Many garments were made in factories in foreign countries, such a Taiwan or China, Italy or Spain. They were brought her by boat and things of that nature. What was this intelligence? She often didn't know she had the answers until she needed them. It was a strange thing, and she resolved to ask Eli about it later.

                                  She watched those strange black ears twitched atop his head, Before she asked him anything though, she would ask him what those were. They were funny-looking. Like two keen animals that lived on his head. As he spoke, she watched them, only half-listening. When he finally turned her loose to poke around for something she liked Viri meandered off hesitantly. She disappeared into a rack of clothes, mostly to see if it would lead her elsewhere. It was nothing but a small space though. Resurfacing, Viri slipped off again, and minute later, appeared with only one dress. Somehow, she had changed into it without anyone noticing. It was a fairly simple dress. No sleeves, a slight collar. It buttoned down all the way to the hem, with floated just below her knees. It was a warm ivory color with a black bow loosely tied about the color. She looked happy in it. Looking down at herself and then up at Eli, Viri asked seriously because she wasn't sure how to act in this situation. "Er .. is this alright?" Holding her arms out straight, she turned slowly and a bit stiffly, in a small circle.

                                  ۰ ۰ ۰ ۰


                                  Please let me stay in your heart for a little while.
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                                      Amber was about to step out to admire what laid in store when she was blocked by the panicked and sheepish expression of her owner. This alarmed her as well, wondering what had happened and if she was doing things wrong again. The words written out for her to read however eased her worries yet again. Man, Ranshu was going to give this AI a short circuit (what she thought was equivalent to a heart attack) if he kept worrying her like that. After reading the message, Amber saluted and let out a short. "Roger." in reply. She then let the red haired male go about as she too decided to venture into the shop by herself.

                                      The flowers were well maintained out here as well. She was graced with the different colors, types and scents and it made her feel more alive than ever. She scrutinized the petals a bit when the crowd of people outside caught her attention. She changed course, approaching the door and peeked through to see numerous people going to a particular part of the area in a hurry. All were smiles and others were pulling their partners over. Amber blinked curiously. What was going on? She turned back to inquire but noticed Ranshu was busy looking for something. She decided that maybe helping him first would merit an answer to her question.

                                      She approached from behind, standing their idly while watching him search. She then decided to speak up, unaware how talking behind a person could give them quite a shock. "Hey Ran, whatcha lookin' for? And why are there so many people outside? Is there a big event going on?" She waited patiently with an unyielding stare, eager to have her questions answered.


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ғᴀʟʟɪɴɢ,ʏᴇsɪᴀᴍғᴀʟʟɪɴɢᴀɴᴅsʜᴇᴋᴇᴇᴘs ᴄ ᴀ ʟ ʟ ɪ ɴ ɢ ᴍᴇʙᴀᴄᴋᴀɢᴀɪɴ


TUNNE? ::Happy and Shocked
SIJAINTI? ::Flower Shop

                      While looking, he went back into thought. Could he bring Amber to the event that was in town? Maybe if he asked, she would enjoy it. She would be exploring the world as well, si that was an added bonus. His hands moved around threw some things aimlessly as more and more thoughts danced around his head, trying to find an answer to one thing, while asking another question, and so on. The pattern continued on and on for the mear moments he was looking around. He smiled a bit during his thought train, tapping his hand against a few of the objects. Without his realization, his hand grabbed onto the apron he was looking for.

                      "Hey Ran, whatcha lookin' for? And why are there so many people outside? Is there a big event going on?" Almost unbearably fast, Ranshu snapped back to reality, threw himself forward ( or it looked like it ), and hit his head against the wall. Not again. The both of them seemed to just scare each other without meaning to. Falling backwards, and landing on the floor, he placed a hand to his forehead. He didn't look hurt, though. Instead, there was a smile on his face, like he wanted to laugh. In his other hand was the apron. He brought his arm up, holding it high for her to grab. Reaching into his pocket, he pulled out the flier from earlier, holding it up with his other hand to her. Just how interested would she be in this? Hopefully more than he expected at the moment.
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                                      "Ack! Are you alright?" Worry danced in Amber's eyes as Ranshu got startled from her sudden appearance. They really needed to establish some ground rules about scaring the daylights out of each other. Fortunately, he recovered quickly and handed her two items with a smile. It brought a smile of her own to her face as she eyed the objects in his hands: an apron and a flyer. Blinking owlishly, she took both and inspecting the paper first. Maybe it held the answer to her question? Crimson eyes darted across the text, coming to a conclusion that what Ranshu was trying to say was that the commotion outside was due to this event called "Solar Day" and... what is this? They were having a contest! The prizes looked promising too but Amber wasn't really concerned for that, she was more interested in the activities listed. The more she read, the more she wanted and after finishing she looked down at her owner with a determined expression.

                                      Normal people would have expected her to demand they participate... except Amber was anything but normal.

                                      "We gotta join, oh please, oh please, oh pleaaasseee." She practically begged, dropping down to her knees with a puppy pout and watery eyes. "I'll-I'll uh, I'll help you clean the store! Or, um, feed your pet?" Did the silent male even have a pet? Amber wasn't keen on cats but if it were a dog she would totally take responsibility for it. "OR I COULD DO YOUR LAUNDRY!" Amber was well aware she was spouting nonsense. Do your laundry? Really? She would just get electrocuted and burn all the clothes before she got past the detergent powder part. She wasn't even sure if she was equipped to do household chores! She continued staring, like a puppy denied his daily walk or treat. "Come on, Ran! I've never been to something like this before..."


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          The male watched her carefully as she mulled over his words. However, Ember didn't seem bothered by his question. Actually, she answered him quite calmly and normally. Garry let out a small sigh of relief at her reaction. 'Well that went smoother than I expected.' He thought as he hoisted himself up from the floor. Being able to converse with this...creature, was making him feel a little more comfortable. The more he looked and examined her, the more he realized she was pretty harmless. Now that he was thinking about it, Garry felt sort or pathetic for being frighted by her in the first place. But she didn't need to know that! He tossed the sketchbook back onto the desk. As the object landed, a piece of paper flew out from the book, and fluttered delicately on the floor. "What's that." He murmured, more to himself. Garry walked around the desk carefully, still a little wary of getting to close to Ember; and picked up the golden sheet of paper. Deep blue eyes scanned the flyer, it was the sign-up sheet for the contest they threw every year on Solar Day. 'It's been a while since I've played this.' He thought to himself as he looked over the sheet. Now that he was making some pretty good money modeling, he stopped entering the contest to win the prizes. He didn't need to anymore.

          The male smiled softly as he remembered the past. He honestly never thought he'd get so far. His gaze traveled towards Ember. Then again he never thought a computer program would materialize into the real world. Life was just pelting him with surprises all the time. He returned his gaze to the flyer. 'It would be fun just to enter again.' But this year you needed a partner to join, and almost naturally he looked at the tiny cheese-puff in front of him. Garry was about to ask, but stopped himself. She couldn't really join, she was way too small. Plus she wasn't really well...human. It dawned on him that others would freak out in Ember's presence. Hell, he almost s**t his pants himself. It kind of bummed him out a bit knowing she couldn't really go outside or explore since she was abnormally small. Honestly it was a shame really, seeing as how she really did have human features; minus the size. 'If only you were bigger...' Out of the corner of his eye he detected a small light. And as he turned his head towards it, he was almost blinded by it's intensity. The male shielded his vision and backed away instinctively. It all happened within a second.

          "What the ********] Garry rubbed his eyes, as they adjusted to the lighting. "Ember?" The male squinted, trying to focus his vision. His eyes were really sensitive to light, and that random flash really ******** them up. The male blinked a few times, seeing white spots everywhere. "Garry?" He turned his head in the direction of her voice, which seemed much louder. "Are you okay?...Ah ********] He rubbed his eyes, trying to adjust his eye sight. Forgetting his paranoia and fear of her, he walked towards the sound of her voice to see if she was okay. Garry walked carefully, not wanting to squish her accidentally under his foot. As he tried to located her vibrantly orange shape on the floor, he located a pair of feet instead. Slowly the male looked up, finding himself face to face with an orange-haired female. He blinked a few more times, his vision slowly coming back and regaining it's focus; her features becoming very clear to him. He just stood there, a million thoughts running through his mind at once. "Ember....?" He said quietly as he looked at this woman in complete shock.

          Θbliterating Θminous Catastrophes:

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▀ ▀ ▀ ▀ ▀ ▀ ▀ ▀ ▀ ▀ ▀ ▀ ▀ ▀ ▀ ▀ ▀ ▀ ▀ xccccccc ▀ ▀ ▀ ▀ ▀ ▀ ▀ ▀ ▀ ▀xccccccc ▀ ▀ ▀ ▀ ▀ ▀ ▀ ▀ ▀ ▀ ▀ ▀ ▀ ▀ ▀ ▀ ▀ ▀ ▀

Ix havex nothingx leftx tox give.x Ix havex foundx thex perfectx end.x youx werex madex tox make it hurt.x disappearx intox thex dirtx.
Carryx mex tox heavan'sx arms.x Lightx thex wayx andx letx mex go.x Takex thex timex tox endx myx breathx.

Ix willx endx wherex Ix beganx.

- - - - - -

        Arms crossed, staring directly into those pink orbs she would call 'eyes.' They belonged to the one that would cling onto his side, if that's what it meant to keep him from going anywhere without her. Those eyes represent something more priceless than two large gems deep within the Earth. It's something that could not be traded for, that is true exhilarating joy. And this iGirl has plenty of it to go around and share. But Apollo was not as amused as the typical human would be, if anyone would considered him as one, that would be heart-touching. Probably the first time, in a long time, anyone has ever thought of him so humane-like. His stare became stern. "Geez, will'ya stop starin at me with them big ole derpy eyes. Jus' say somethin ya dork. You're suppose to-!" Cut off by the pink iGirl's second question. It was only a matter of time, he just had to wait a little for her to explode in a jumping frenzy, around him, again. Maybe this is her signature way of expressing her happiness.

        It overwhelmed within her, that she just can't help but release it all at once. She is starting to look like a festival attraction. It's a little embrassing to stand next to her, or even be mistaken as a friend of her's. -be happy. A soft sigh escaped his lips, that stern face becoming more loose, Apollo couldn't tell if he was frowning or not. He wasn't smiling either. This is girl very complex, but the simpliest things amazes her so easily. "Stop jumpin around, people are startin to stare at us! You could be happy, but don't OD on it. And that's OD." Returning his stern attitude, he's had enough of this, it was cute at first. But now it's becoming annoying, all the giddy and screaming. This'll take some time to air out, but she can't jump around like a fool forever. Can she?

        It's such a nice day, almost too nice. Something just has to come and ruin it for him, not to jinx it or anything. But it's only the inevitable that something does come with a frowny face and rain on his parade. It's been like that for more than half a decade, fate really has a twist in everyone's life. Apollo has been blessed with damnation, at this point, because that guy from yesterday has decided to show his ugly mug into the scene. That's how it's always been like. Golden eye fixed on his every move, brows forced into narrowing, his attitude altered into irritation just by looking at Orion. Honestly, he wanted to piss on him. It's like the slighest move he would make would upset Apollo, maybe he should just stop moving, permanently. Then he'd like him better.

        "Well, if isn't Pinky, the dunder head reponsible of that horrid literature on my doorstep." The crimson male didn't exactly have any proof that Orion is the one that spray painted the front of his house, so he's only accusing him for doing that. In addition to the evidence, his hair is girly-pink, and the text were in pink, so it must be him. It all adds up to clearly too be false accusation. Or so he thought. Lollie brought up the subject of Orion bringing Lollie back to Apollo. It brought back his guilty conscious, all he was trying to do was help. And what did he do? Just threw it back into his face like it meant nothing. "Ye-Yeah...I guess I should be thankful, that you brought Lollie back. But I never asked for your help. And I sure as hell ain't sorry for your illness. You brought this on yourself, and have no one to blame." Voicing out from experience, that didn't exactly sound like an apology. That's the best he'll get, so he might as well accept it. "Let's just forget about this s***, we're even now." This isn't over, Apollo still isn't satisfied for what he's done to his house.

        Pinky, as what Apollo will now call Orion from here on out, exposed a tall woman that he is acquainted with. Introducing her to the group, and adding an extra female to this nice ratio. Apollo made eye contact with another pair of eyes on this woman that interested him very much, it completely amazed him. Bi-Big~!!! Comparing this woman's breasts to Lollie's...what is he thinking? There is no contest there! Comparing this woman's breasts to Willow's, those puppies put her's to shame and makes it looks flat chested. Although Apollo kept his pokerface, it was obvious that his line of sight stayed onto this woman's chest. It is considered rude to break eye contact, and Apollo just loves to be a gentleman sometimes. Praise Pinky for bringing such a developed woman with him, poor b****** must've been friend zoned. No worries, the crimson male will avenage this fall. By getting into her pants and claiming it as his own! Nodding in agreement with Lollie, they are both on the same book here. "I'm actually very disappointed that your's aren't that big." Completely dense and uncaring to how Lollie would take that, hopefully it wouldn't affect her.

        Some weight has been applied onto his hands, noticing the woman has placed a bag onto his hands. Staring off this bag with a ominous face. He went from being dumbstruck inlove, from massive inner rage. She's failed to acknowledge him, and classify him as some sort of servant. Hey, this is crazy, and I just met you. But I'm no servant, so I'll just drop it. You b****...! Apollo was too slow to drop it intentionally, to the sight of this unfamiliar woman licking Lollie's cheek. An enormous amount of jealousy and envy built up within the crimson male, in a split second. And then he dropped her bag. A few of her belongings spilled onto the street. Seriously?! That's all it takes for this woman to use her tongue? Ignoring Lollie's attempt to get his attention, he had more important matters to plan out. Apollo was in deep meditation, unable hear outside of his mind, blocking out any ideas that this woman may be an iGirl. Which he still doesn't believe in, believing that Lollie is the only iGirl with a solid in existence.

        "Someone..." He muttered out lowly, directed out to anyone who would be willing to help him in his time of need. But getting a stranger to help him is a little shady, and can't be trusted. "Pinky..." As much as it pained him to ask for his help, he has no other choice. He is very small trust in him, but he's a guy too, he should be able to understand Apollo's idea. "Please kick me the balls, so this woman would feel obligated to lick them and...'heal' them. If ya know what I mean~" That is actually too much to ask for, but he is very serious. "I'm willing to forgive you for that little incident on my house, if you're willing to do this for me. Come on, be a man." Even without Orion's agreement to go through with this plan, Apollo backed away a good distance between him and himself, about a leg's span away. Spreading out his feet, about two feet apart, giving Orion a wide target so he wouldn't end up missing. "Okay, I'm ready! Give it all ya got!" He's actually willing to go through with this. If Orion isn't man enough to do it, he'll just go ahead and ask Willow. She seems pretty pissed at him enough to give him a good kick in the pants.

Emotions: Serious and determined xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxLocation: Yorkshire, City Streets xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxCompany: Lollie, Willow, Pinky, Hala? xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxClothes: Today is...?

Dearx agony,x Justx letx gox ofx me.x Sufferx slowly.x Is it x alwaysx goingx tox bex thisx way?x Don'tx buryx me.
x Facelessx enemy.x I'mx sox sorry.x Is it x alwaysx goingx tox bex thisx way?x Dearx agony

I x feelx nothingx anymorex.

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                                                    The expression that materialized on Syl's face after she changed forms and approached him let him know her answer even before she said it. It was still a bit weird to witness her.. ability to change sizes. The male put a hand on the top of her head when she embraced him. He smirked to himself a moment. Her contact was.. nice. If that was even the right word to use. Though the nuzzling.. It would take a while to get used to.. He silently hoped he wouldn't have to, but this was Syl and her ways of showing affection were unique. "Gut. We'll have to stop on the way to get you a pair of shoes."

                                                    He gently removed her from his waist and headed back into the bathroom to check the dress in the dryer. The material was thin so he wasn't surprised that it was already dry. He looked it over as he closed the dryer door, then walked back into the living room and handed the warm, white fabric to his girl. "Here."

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                              The head pat caused Syl to smile wide. ' No punishment ! ' Well, now it was evident that Meine had fallen for her - Syl opened her palms before her, as if searching into them for words. " My Syl... ness. " She muttered to no one in particular. Watching as he disappeared, it had just hit the iGIRL what he said they needed to get. " Shoes? " The iGIRL knew what shoes were; but she didn't need them! " Who needs shoes when Syl can ride on your back, Master Meine? " Besides, Syl didn't want to go in just to more than likely buy a pair of kids shoes. How would Meine ever take her seriously if she walked out wearing some sort of odd.... cat and flowers shoes?!

                              " Syl wants socks! "

                              When he passed the fabric to her, Syl eyed him carefully. Why was he giving her this dress?! Something more romantic would've - " Oh... ! " Well supposing that a mere jacket would be inappropriate.. For outdoors! The iGIRL frowned, but nether the less removed the jacket, slipping on her own original material. It didn't occur to change in a different room, or at least turn her back, but either way Syl had no shame." If Syl had known it was like that Master Meine... That Master Meine was such an adventurer, then Syl would've gotten a brown one instead... " Hands tracing along to her ponytail tied hair, letting it loose and flow behind her. Picking up the jacket, she froze at the sound of a small plunk!

                              ' The ring! '

                              The purple ring had landed near Meine, giving off a small shine from when it had been polished earlier. Without hesitation, she dove for it - not paying attention if she had bumped into Meine or not- cupping the ring into her hands, clasping them together tightly around the plastic. Turning her back to him, plopping herself onto the floor. Darting to the jacket she had removed earlier, the iGIRL slipped it on, stuffing the ring inside the pocket, stealthily. Which wasn't very stealthy at all. Standing to her feet, giving Meine a look of contempt Syl began to whine.

                              " You're gonna ruin the present, Master Meine! Just wait, ok?! Syl will show you later! "

                              Without another word, the iGIRL made her way towards the door, thumping her head against it, awaiting for Meine.
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