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                                      [Apartment] [Alva] [Astonished]

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                          »»xxxxxxx Decaln was exhausted. There was so much to be done. These past few months had been some of the craziest he had ever experienced. Moving from the US to Yorkshire definitely took a lot of time and energy. As soon as the semester started he had a lot of research to start on as well. Why did he decide to study psychology of all professions? It was time to get started. His study on music and brain patterns wasn't going to research itself.

                          »»xxxxxxxHe thought about where to start, pulling out a cigarette he sat on his living room in his apartment, which was covered in cardboard boxes. He flipped the television on as he lit his cigarette. And advertisement advertising a new iPod came on. "Hmmm... " Declan thought as he observed the commercial carefully. "Perfect! That's exactly what I need! It would make my research so much easier! And hey, a nice 'moving in' gift for me!" He smiled putting out the cigarette, he began to walk out into town. He didn't have a car and quite frankly didn't care if he had one or not. He made his way to the nearest electronic store. He grinned as he held the white iPod in his hands. "I'll take it!" He said to the man over the counter. He also bought a docking station for charging and stereo purposes.

                          »»xxxxxxxHe got home and plugged the iPod into his laptop and watched as it loaded. Suddenly, "Hello! Thank you for purchasing the iGIRL! My name is Alva! Would you like me to-" Declan blinked a few times as the little girl stammered in his iPod. "Anything it particular, maybe set up a playlist, how about running through the system?" Declan smiled. She was adorable! And watched as she began to work with the screen. Her hand soon came out of the screen. "W-Whoa!" Declan said mouth agape.

                          »»xxxxxxx Soon Alva's small body launched out of the screen landing on the desk his laptop was. Declan stood there confused, and silent trying to see if this was a sort of scam. The small girl smiled and made her way over to him. "What's your name?" He smiled and exhaled a bit in disbelief. Technology had come a long way! They didn't have anything like this in the US! "D-Declan! Oh my gosh... " He blushed at the small girl that stood in his living room. 'She's so cute... ' He thought.

                          ooc; Crappy post... Q n Q but it'll get better once we start actually interacting! c:

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                          - Show me how to lie, you’re getting better all the time.
                          - And turning all against the one is an art that’s hard to teach.
                          - Another clever word sets off an unsuspecting herd.
                          - And as you step back in the line a mob jumps to their feet.

                          ▒▒▒▒▒▒ ░░░ ▓▓▓▓▓

                                            When Declan turned the ipod on for the fist time, it quickly picked his finger and took a sample of his DNA. Transferring the information to the main systems, waking the sleeping iGIRL within. The screen Flashed, then went black for a few seconds, flashed the ipod logo and turned on. Showing the small white haired girl within. She smiled brightly at nothing, the message coming though not a moment later. "Hello! Thank you for purchasing the iGIRL! My name is Alva! Would you like me to-" A blink, then a frown. "To...do," Another pause. "Hm." Alva couldn't recall what she was supposed to say, she could even remember a snip-it after that. How weird. Her eyes drifted to look around her, taking in her ipod surroundings with a hum of contentment. Cozy. She then looked up, frowning at the large man that towered over her, looking down. And looking quite amused. Oh no. She was not going to make a fool out of herself so soon! "Anything in particular, maybe set up a playlist, how about running through the system?" There, one thing she didn't have to live down right off the bat. That was a good cover for now. She could blame it on a glitch in the system. Maybe she should run a check.

                                            With her speech plans shot down so soon Alva was forced to find something else to make up for the loss. She started by seeing if she could reach the large man above her head. She didn't expect to be able to but her hand went right through her own screen and stretched out above her. Her eyebrows shot up in disbelief. 'That can't be normal.' she thought worriedly, pushing her other arm through just to see if maybe it was some sort of glitch. No, now both arms were sticking out of the ipod screen, making it look like she was about rise out of it like some zombie out of a movie. Unsure, she drew her arms back and looked around her. The cables didn't seem to be reacting to her, so maybe she was supposed to be able to do this. Taking a deep breath for courage she grasped the edge of the ipod and pulled herself half way out. Pausing, then stepping out completely. Making sure not to trip on the hem of her dress. Now it was a matter of getting her owners name. Alva had already given her own, she now wanted his.That was the polite thing to do right? The iGirl headed in his direction, stopping at the edge of the desk, looking up at him. He had remained silent so far. Maybe he was mute! Actually, it was more like she had shocked him into silence. If a girl came climbing out a music player, she might be a little surprised too. "What's your name?" she asked, trying not to seem like she was pushing him for it. Alva even threw in a smile, just as a bonus. "D-Declan! Oh my gosh... " "Declan...," she tested, saying it over just to get used to it. "Declan, Declan..." Alva clapped her hands, then held her small one out to him. "It's nice to meet you! I'm your iGIRL if you can't tell. Sorry about about surprising you if I did. I kinda surprised myself!" Alva twirled around, planting her hands on her hips. Her view had been so skewed in the ipod. Everything was much bigger now!

                                            "Okay, This is..." She looked around once more, awestruck. "Huge..." Everything is just so huge! Alright, that's not what she meant to say but how could she not? Almost everything around her towered way about the small girl. "This can't be normal. I can't actually be doing this can I?" Well obviously she can because she wouldn't be standing there otherwise. Alva turned full circle again inspecting her surroundings. The desk was covered in papers and notes, indicating her owner was a studious fellow. She nudged one of the papers with her foot, looking it over. It was nothing she could understand; which was slightly disappointing. "What's this Declan?" she inquired. "It looks like a lot of work." Was her owner some kind of teacher? That would be neat.

                                            lala Lillian Henderson.
                                            ⇢ Location: Desk.
                                            ⇢ Thoughts: Oh wow!
                                            ⇢ Feeling: Alert, awestruck.
                                            ⇢ Company: Declan.
                                            ⇢ Charge: 100%
                                            ⇢ Mode: Mini-mode

                                            "And now you steal away. Take him out today.
                                            Nice work you did, You’re gonna go far, kid."

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                                        [Apartment] [Alva] [Nervous/Confused]

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                            »»xxxxxxx Declan smiled as the iGirl twirled around the room. He grasped her hand and swallowed a bit. He felt a little shock run through him and wondered if she felt that as well. "Y-You sure are charming." He mustered up a laugh and then made his way over by the desk were Alva had been looking at some of his papers. "Oh I'm a psychology student at a nearby university. I actually bought the iPod because my latest study is on music and how it effects the brain." He smiled his big goofy grin. As he collected some of the loose papers and clipped them together with a paper clip. he then placed the papers in a folder where they will reside until he felt like working again.

                            »»xxxxxxx Declan kept glancing over at the adorable white haired girl in his living room in disbelief. "Welcome to Europe!" He said mostly to himself and then looked back to Alva. "So... how does this work? Are you allowed to leave the apartment?" He asked curiously. He thought that he might change his research. Instead of music, what about the relationship between an iGirl and an iGirl's owner. He was thrilled.

                            »»xxxxxxx Declan then pulled a cigarette out of his pack and lit it up. "Oh, my manners! I hope you don't mind this nasty little habit of mine, sweetheart! " He apologized and removed it from his mouth exhaling in the other direction a puff of smoke. He also removed his reading glasses and set them on his desk. He proceeded to clean up his research mess as well as the boxes that surrounded his living room. He needed to make a good impression on the little lady. He kept the cigarette in his mouth while he moved things around. "I apologize for the mess as well..." He chuckled nervously.

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                            MAKE YOUR DREAMS COME TRUE
                                THERE IS NOTHING THAT I WOULDN'T DO

                              GO TO THE ENDS OF THE EARTH FOR YOU


    ♪♪♫▫—(•·÷[ THE FISHING ROD ]÷·•)—♪♪♫▫—(•·÷[ Safe✓ Music? Hopeful✓ ]÷·•)—♪♪♫▫—(•·÷[ Owner Sol, then Salesperson, now Alone?? ]÷·•)—♪♪♫

                            "speaking" "Thoughts" "I'll get you a book or two if you like, too." " Lyra looked up at Owner Sol and blinked her large brown eyes at his comment, at some point her hand had found its way into his and it was currently sending pleasant tingles up her arm. It was strangely comforting.

                            "I think I might like this bookstore than. it sounds pleasant," Lyra said said not drawing doing her best not to fidget and draw attention to the fact that Owner Sol was holding her hand and making her feel safe and tingly. "I...Owner Sol would buy his Lyra books, but how...I mean..." Lyra let the sentence trail off, unsure as to how to explain herself.

                            "No, I do not think I would enjoy these games. The paper is just really...bright." Lyra responded, tilting her head slightly as she tried to find the right words to describe the garish poster. Come and get me, "The Lyra never had a problem with words before. Why is she struggling now?" too slow, I'm 'bout that paper chasing Lyra thought shacking her head slightly, trying to clear it of the music she kept hearing without success. "Maybe if the Lyra finds her then the music will go away? Her? Wait, I can't mean HER, can I?" It took Lyra a moment to resume what she was saying about the Solar games, the music a persistent buzz in her ears. "The Lyra would like watching these games with her Owner Sol though...if Lyra's Owner Sol, would still like to take her." Lyra said softly, retreating back to the third as the music brought out her insecurities.

                            Lyra missed the warmth of Owner Sol's hand in her's and she wondered if it would be okay if she took it back again as she walked past him in to the store where she proceeded to wait, taking in the store with open mouth wonder. Lyra frowned slightly as Owner Sol seemed to dismiss her to explore...the pat on the head wasn't what she wanted either, though his offer to stay with her made her feel a little better. Lyra had not expected the place to be so busy.

                            Lyra reached out to Owner Sol, holding his hand lightly as a tall young man with white blonde hair approached the two of them, tilting her head slightly and studying him as he offered to help them. "The Lyr..I mean, I don't think you can help me, but thank you. Owner Sol might need help though...but he said he only wanted to browse." Lyra looked over at Owner Sol for confirmation, before squeezing his hand lightly. "Your me thinks she...I mean, I am going to look around now. You will find your me, when you are ready?" Lyra said hesitating and watching her words as the inspection of the salesperson made her more nervous then she was when she first entered the store.

                            Lyra squeezed Owner Sol's hand one more time, before she let go and slipped around the salesperson, heading for the back of the store. She took her time, trying not to draw too much attention to herself, though that was easier said then done as she kept stopping to stare or handle random books with a look of wonder on her face. The music seemed to grow louder as she neared the back of the store, and by the time she reached the small door marked employee's only, she had a sampling of music books, including a recent copy of Rolling Stones.

                            Lyra paused outside the door, one hand wrapped around the handle, while her other clutched a small stack of books to her chest. "The Lyra is not supposed to be in this room. The music is coming from here though, the Lyra knows this. She is in this room, but Owner Sol will be unhappy if his Lyra does this, even though he knows his Lyra is broken...maybe the Lyra should find the salesperson to look for the music for her..." Lyra's musings were stopped short however as she barely heard a soft voice yell out "Am I going crazy?!" The sound was muffled through the door to the point that had Lyra been speaking out loud she would not have heard it. Gathering up her meager courage, Lyra turned the door knob and poked her head into the room that lay beyond. "Hello? Is anyone there?" She asked timidly, even though the room appeared to be empty except a bright purple iPod.

                            OOC: Dear Lord, writing some of that was hard, and strange. I could throttle Lyra right about now. Over all I hope it is okay... sweatdrop
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                                                        Lyra had left before he could even return the gesture. He caught himself looking at her as she left; made sure his face betrayed no concern.
                                                        Wait. Why do I even care? Sol was steadily finding himself increasingly bothered by how things were proceeding.
                                                        "Should I follow her..?"
                                                        Snap back to reality-- there was still the fellow that Lyra had spoken to. Sol was a tad surprised with how much initiative she had taken once he had popped up. He threw a glance in the stranger's direction; white hair the strongest feature.
                                                        "Oh, sorry. I'm just here to browse, as she said. I thought it'd be good for her to see a bookstore, though," Sol said as he nodded in Lyra's general direction; "So maybe I'll leave her to her devices for a while. I'm Solomon, by the way. Solomon Tain. But spare us the effort and just call me Sol."

                                                        He looked around the bookstore and realized he didn't notice just how many clients there actually were. It is Solar Day, though... Should have expected as much.
                                                        "Sorry, tad busy in here no? If you've got to rush off and attend to other folks or something, don't let me keep you..."
                                                        Maybe I should try to find where she ran off to...

                                                        Sol trailed off, several of the titles on the nearest shelf catching his eye. "The Turn of The Screw" by Henry James among them-- he remembered how Cielle had borrowed his copy because she had to cram the paper he'd assigned a few weeks ago.
                                                        Sol pulled it off the shelf, in a bit of a daze.

                                                        I shoot her down and she gives me an iPod; iPod gives me Lyra. What kind of madness is this, seriously?

    ╪ ╪ ╪i've got a heart to cover for.╪ ╪ ╪

    where: the fisherman's rod

    with: the white-haired stranger, sort of

    feeling: confused/spaced out

    ooc: short but i wasn't quite sure where else to go! ahaha hope it's okay ._.
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                                                      Meine had started the shower immediately after he closed the door, then tossed the dress into the washer, selected the shortest setting, and started it. He then grabbed a towel and a set of clothes out of the closet and quickly got into the shower, hoping it'd help wake him up. He had quickly finished with his routine but decided to enjoy the running water for a lot longer. While doing so, he flexed his left wrist a bit, noting that it felt much better and had been just a minor sprain.

                                                      All was fine until he heard the bathroom door open. He winced behind the shower curtain when something began to collide with it. "Wh--?"

                                                      "It's not there either, Master Meine! You won't find it, so stop trying to ruin the surprise! Or you're making your own damn dinner! No more Do-Not-Disturb mode either, okay?! I was worried... But you were just pregnant and avoiding Syl; I know what you're up to!"

                                                      Meine winced again when the door slammed shut, glad she couldn't see, then huffed as he glared at the pitiful globs of warm ice cream that were quickly sliding down the curtain and into the tub, leaving behind streaks that'd have to be cleaned. Later. Right now... He pinched the bridge of his nose a moment to level himself, then shut the water off and slid the curtain to the side, stepping out. Pregnant? What the hell is she going on about? Shaking his head, he grabbed his towel and quickly dried himself, glad the chocolate arsenal didn't come in contact with it or his clothes. Throwing on boxer briefs, pants, and a shirt, he ruffled his hair a bit with the towel before smoothing it down, then quickly moved the dress into the dryer and started it.

                                                      He tossed his towel and dirty clothes into the washer and closed it. Smoothing out the shower curtain, he quickly assessed the damage. Clean it, throw it out, or make her clean it? The third option seemed the most appealing; it would hopefully help her see her mistakes, and not repeat them, or she'd throw another fit and accuse him of using her as a maid. He shrugged, unsure of which he wanted to deal with right now. Her behavior reminded him of a bored child, and that didn't sound too appealing for him or his apartment. "Think it's time to get out for a bit," he muttered.

                                                      Meine exited the bathroom and looked around, leaving the door open to let the air circulate and ignoring what just went on. "Syl?" He couldn't see her, but he knew she was there. "I think it'd be best if we went out for the day. There's a festival that's going to start soon to celebrate the rebirth of the sun. There's contests, prizes, and a formal dance at the end," he explained, briefly pausing to let her process it. "Do you want to go?"

    o o c

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    ғᴀʟʟɪɴɢ,ʏᴇsɪᴀᴍғᴀʟʟɪɴɢᴀɴᴅsʜᴇᴋᴇᴇᴘs ᴄ ᴀ ʟ ʟ ɪ ɴ ɢ ᴍᴇʙᴀᴄᴋᴀɢᴀɪɴ


    TUNNE? ::Shock. Panic. Cheerfulness.
    SIJAINTI? ::Front of the store
    KUKA OLEN KANSSA? ::Amber▬

                        Damn. She was good. Ranshu only knew what he needed to know about the language of flowers, but it looked like Amber knew more about them. He huffed when she started acting a bit motherly towards him. It wasn't because he was fed up with it, it was because he didn't think that "silly boy" fit him. Ran was definitely an oddball...

                        When she came closer to the door that lead out front, his eyes widened. He started to panic. No customers were suppose to be in the back, unless they had something that wasn't out front. But even that was on a rare occasion! Ranshu started to move towards the door; light on his feet, he gripped the notebook tightly, rushing towards the door. He stopped only far enough for his face not to get smashed in the metal thing. Well, there went that plan of keeping her hidden.

                        Outside, back in the front of the store, no one was around. Thankfully. People of started to really worry, with the Finnish's panic expression. Going under her arm and back out front, he turned around and faced her. He wanted to sign to her so badly, but with her comments earlier, he just sighed. Writing down, he presented the notebook to her. His once panicked look went away and, in turn, was replaced with a silly smile.

                        "Amber, Amber, Amber. You couldn't have asked instead of opening the door, huh? Hahaha. Oh well. Welcome to the front of the store, where most of the magic happens. How does it look to you? There's just one thing I ask of you while you're out front, now. Don't cause any trouble, and stay close by. I'm currently thinking up a story to tell my mum in case she comes down here. Now, let's see if we can find you an apron so your clothes don't get dirty." Walking away, he went behind the counter, placing the notebook on top of the counter top. He began to look around, shuffling through some things to find what his mind was set on.
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        wh a txi'm xthinkin g 。。。
        tab 'I'm glad she's safe.'

        whoxi'm xwith 。。。
        tab Willow, Hala, Lollie, & Apollo.

        wherexxam 。。。
        tab Yorkshire Town Square; random part of the festival.

        wh a txi'm xfeelin g 。。。
        tab Relieved. Pretty curious.

        myxiG IRL 。。。
        tab Willow

        || OOC: SORRY FOR TYPOS AND STUPIDNESSS. I'm off to see a movie so I'll fix it when I get back~||


                            Orion lifted a brow at her retort. “Oh really? Ah yeah. I can see you were just going to handle it beautifully.” He replied in a sarcastic tone. The stranger refused to tell him her name. He shrugged a little before he began to walk away, it wasn’t like he was dying to know, just asked to have some formality. To his surprise, the female began to follow. Well honestly, who is he kidding. The females usually did follow. “Hala. Cute, very exotic.” Orion glanced at her again, looking her over. The girl had a very generous figure, especially in the bust area. She was really cute, but he wasn’t really going to try anything. He just broke up with Hannah yesterday, and he had a little more respect for her than to just jump to another girl. His gaze returned back to her face when she began to speak again, then looked forward as they walked casually in the direction of his complex. “I guess. Not many are named after stars I suppose.” He said lightly. Actually his mother loved astronomy, and thus the reason his name was Orion. His mind slowly drifted towards an old memory; of him and his mother going to the observatory. They would spend the day there then hang out in the park to watch the stars. It was kind of like their own quality time with each other.

                            Hala’s voice brought him back down to Earth as she questioned the odd color of his hair. He ran a hand through his pink locks as he smiled softly. “Actually no. It’s dyed. Naturally I’m a blonde.” Usually people asked why he chose pink. Honestly he didn't really know himself. It was a phase he went through, and he wore the color well. Now-a-days you could permanently get your hair colored and everything. You could grow the hair color that you wanted. But he wasn’t really fond of that process. Too many chemicals and plus, he never knew when he’d want to go back to blonde. Though now with his singing career, he’s been pretty much branded with pink hair. Orion nodded as she mentioned the challenges they usually did on Solar Day. He never really entered them, since he always worked on that day. This was actually his first year attending the festival just as a regular person instead of entertainment. “I think the contest starts right in the middle of town. That’s where most of the stuff is going on. It’s pretty close to my complex actually.” He said as he mapped out the area in his mind. “I guess I could help you get there, but I need to drop this off at my apartment first.” Well more like he needed to get Willow. The male had taken longer than he had said. With there being the whole Cameron incident, plus helping out a total stranger in the end.

                            Speaking of his complex, the building came into view. He was rather wary as they neared it, and looked around to make sure there was no sign of Cameron. The closer they got the more thicker the crowed became. It was pretty much almost time for the festival to start, and people were starting to pile in. Orion managed to slither his way around until they got inside the building. Just as Orion headed for the elevators, the receptionist gave him a curious look. “Wow. So you’re starting to double up on them now?” She stated mildly as she examined Hala. Orion smiled towards the woman, though there was nothing warm behind the expression. “What can I say. I’m never satisfied.” He replied casually as he continued to walk to the elevators. The male never bothered to explain himself, that receptionist always gave him a hard time. And deep down, he didn’t blame her for doing it. Within minutes the machine took them up to his floor, and Orion walked over to his front door. He placed his thumb on the pad, but was surprised to find the door was already unlocked. The male paused for a second, looking at Hala. ‘I can’t let her see Willow, she’s probably in her mini form.’ He thought briefly before smiling at the brunette. “Ah, wait out here for a bit. It’s kind of messy in there.”

                            He lied before he walked in and closed the door behind him. Orion walked into the kitchen, and put the bag down on the counter. “Willow. I’m back. Sorry I took so long.” He called out as he idly checked his mail. Within the stack of bills and random letters, there was a flyer for the Solar Day contest. At the bottom there was a sign-up sheet. “I wonder if she wants to participate.” He mused as he folded the paper and tucked it in his pocket, deciding he’d ask her. “Willow, where are you?” His call was greeted with silence, and it caused him to feel a little uneasy. “Willow?” Orion looked around, not seeing his little A.I anywhere. The golden-eyed male walked into his bedroom, figuring she was probably in her iPod. He picked up the device carefully off his desk and turned it on, finding no-one inside. He frowned lightly, tapping at the screen a bit before he walked back into the living room. “Willow.” He called out again, this time a little louder. Still there was nothing.

                            His chest began to feel a little heavy. Was he worried? Orion took a quick deep breath and slid the device in his pocket, along with its charger. “Maybe she went outside.” He mused slightly. He was gone for pretty long, what if she went to go look for him? Then the thought of Cameron came to mind. “He wouldn’t-…” 'He would.’ His heart nearly stopped. The man was insane, and Orion had no idea how long he had been watching him. If he knew Willow or not; these theories were swirling in his mind. The male bolted towards the door and nearly slammed the it on the way out. He halted suddenly at the sight of Hala. ********, he didn’t have time to show here where to go. “I really need to find someone.” He began, planning to just point her to the nearest information booth. But then another thought came to mind. “Actually. It’d be generous of you to help me look. I’ll take it as payback for helping you out earlier.” He proposed as he entered the elevator. “Her name is Willow. She’s a little shorter than me, has short read hair and big red eyes. She’s honestly hard to miss.“ He began to explain as he made his way out of the complex and back into the streets. The male didn’t want to feel so frantic, but whenever anything involved Cameron, it always just came out really bad. Still, he expertly tried to sooth his nerves. Maybe she just went for a walk or something. He searched for her vibrantly colored hair. Orion didn’t know why, but she just seemed to stick out, at least for him it was that way. They wondered around the center of town for a moment, until something caught his eye.

                            Orion stopped briefly, seeing a head with bright red locks, but they weren’t Willow’s. “Is that…” The male walked back a bit, confirming his guess. It was that Apollo guy he’d met last night. “I wonder if Lollie is okay.” He murmured as he attempted to continue his search. He halted once more at the sight of the dog pile. A pink-haired girl was tugging at something at the bottom of the pile, and with some effort Orion spotted his red-headed A.I as she was tugged from the pile. A breath he didn’t even know he was holding in, escaped through his mouth. ‘She’s okay.’ He reassured himself, feeling a very heavy weight being lifted right off. A little more composed, the male sauntered over towards her and tugged at her cheek gently from behind before he leaned in to look at her. “Leave a note the next time you run off like that.” He said lowly in a stern tone. His mouth cracked into a small smile right after as he released her face and ruffled her hair gently. “And you forgot your iPod too.” Honestly he really couldn’t make any comments, he was pretty careless as it was. But still, she needed someone to teach her. And it seemed he had taken the job unexpectedly. Orion glanced at the shorter male in front of him and sized him up briefly before he gaze on the shorter female beside him. Apollo had mentioned Lollie, but it took Orion a bit to connect the dots.

                            “Lollie?” He asked looking at her. ‘Ah. So she can transform too.’ The girl was a bit taller than Willow and her form was rather, flat. But her face pretty much made up for it. She was rather wide-eyed and bubbly, she just came off as very friendly. Despite her looks she seemed okay for the most part, she wasn’t as pale as she was yesterday and her energy was certainly back. “It’s good to know you’re okay. We were both worried.” His voice was still rather ragged from all the cold air and rain. The male then returned his attention to Apollo; remembering the ‘gift’ he had left yesterday. He exchanged a look with the other male, giving him a ‘did-you-like-my-little-gift’ sort of look. Orion suddenly remembered Hala was with him, and slightly shifted to look at her. “Oh I’m sorry. Everyone this is Hala. We just met today.” He introduced her before looking around a bit. He didn’t spot any information centers, but the event was going to take place somewhere around here. Orion slipped his hand into his pocket and pulled out the flyer for the contest. “Maybe it says something here.” He murmured as he scanned the paper for directions or an address. The games listed on the flyer seemed pretty interesting this year. Orion looked over towards Willow, debating whether he should ask her or not. He glanced over towards her. “Do you want to participate? You could spend some time with Lollie that way.” He asked, averting his gaze towards the pink-haired girl. He spotted the bandage on her face. "What happened to your cheek?" He asked Lollie curiously. The male figured it was the result of her playing around. The girl gave off a very adventurous vibe, so maybe scrapes like this weren't a big deal for her.


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    One good thing about music,
    when it hits you,
    you feel no pain

    ▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂ ▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂ ▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂

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    xxL O A D I N G 。 。。

                                                Every now and then, Eva stopped in front of boutiques to see if Orion would buy her something. It didn’t go as planned. Eva couldn’t help but flip her hair over her shoulder when Orion commented on her “name”. She felt powerful and ‘exotic’ whatever that meant. It had to be something good because he was smiling the entire time. As they walked, she noticed his eyes were on her bust area. Eva raised an eyebrow curious as to why he found that part of her body interesting. She joined him and looked down at her chest as well, “Huh…I don’t see anything in here.” She said before looking his face again. Orion explained the origin of his name. He was name after a star. This information was useless for her but fascinating at the same time. It made her pondered about the origin of her name.

                                                Did Eva have a meaning? If so, what did it mean?

                                                Why the name Eva?

                                                Why the name Hala?

                                                “Blonde?! Hmmm….” Eva imagined Orion with blonde hair and furrowed her brows. The image was quite disturbing and blind sighting. In a bad way, however. “Stay with the girly color, it suits you.” Eva didn’t mean to insult him. He actually looked nice with the hair color. If she asked as to why he decided pink, she felt that it would fill her memory with useless information. It was better not to ask him. He then said that the location of the contest was near his complex or charging home what she liked to call it. A home was a place to charge, anyways. “Good. That way, I can learn more about this city.” She followed him to his place, which it didn’t take that long. Eva was speechless once they made it inside the building. It was a lot brighter and prettier than her charging home. Eva’s mouth was opened as she walked slowly to take in everything about the place. From afar she heard a woman talking with a very harsh tone.

                                                Her eyes went to the lady behind a desk. The woman looked at her up and down a few times before narrowing her eyes at them. The woman’s comment made Eva’s eyebrow cocked. Why did the woman speak in a riddle way? As they moved to the elevator, the woman’s body did not move, but her head followed them. “Your lipstick doesn’t go your eye shadow.” Eva told the woman while she flipped her hair over her shoulder. Before the woman could say anything, Eva and Orion were already inside the elevator. The ride wasn’t that long, for Eva, it wasn’t. She spent her entire time watching the numbers go up. It was fascinating.

                                                As soon they made it to the floor, Orion turned around to face her. “I guess I can wait outside. Don’t take too long, okay? I don’t want to be late.” She told him before he went inside his place. Eva leaned against the wall next to the closed door. She tapped her foot on the floor waiting patiently. As she waited, her curiosity bloomed. She wanted to know what was behind the door. She leaned forward, her behind resting on the solid wall as she looked both side of the hallway to see if anyone was nearby. Good, no one was around. She stood in front of the door with a blank look on her face. Her slender fingers reached for the door handle. It was cold and smooth. Eva liked the touch of the metal against her so called skin. She rubbed the door handle a few times before she pulled it down. She heard a click and the door opened. The moment she opened the door, one agitated Orion was behind the door. He stopped a few inches away from her. It allowed Eva to inhale his scent and noticed his uneven breathing. He went from calm to anxious.

                                                Eva moved out of the way when he started to talk. “What?! You promised me to take me to the location and that’s what you are going to do, Orion.” Eva narrowed her eyes to the guy. She did not understand what was going on through Orion at the moment. Orion’s body was acting weird she could tell that much, but she did not know the reason for it. Just when Eva was about to say something else, Orion pleaded for her help. Eva had a shocked look on her face. He was desperate, but why? What was a Willow? That’s when Orion started to give her the description of Willow. She pictured her in her mind to find her a lot quicker so they could get to the contest area. “Fine, payback. Then you can buy me that dress I really like.”


                                                Eva looked around the crowd for the Willow person. She called for her name even. All of the sudden, she started to hear songs in her mind. She placed her hand over one of her ears and closed her eyes tightly to listen to the lyrics closely.

                                                Two songs: one energetic and bubbly; Hands up and touch the sky can’t stop ‘cause we’re so high let’s do this one more time.”

                                                This…what is this…! “ Focused harder to hear the second song. The second one was strong and hard going. “You've had your say, now take your seat, I know my place, you don't know me.”

                                                Eva was not afraid of these songs, instead, she welcomed them. If only--- She opened her eyes when Orion started to talk to some people. She quickly went after him and the closer she got to the strangers Orion was talking to, the louder the songs were getting. Eva placed a hand over her heart feeling an odd sensation all of the sudden. She felt a pressure and at the same time joy against her chest. Any moment now and these bizarre feelings were going to burst out of her busty chest. Her pupils dilated and her bottom lip quivered. She stayed quiet the entire time Orion talked to the girls and the red-haired male.

                                                When Orion introduced her, Eva handed her bag to the red-haired male and then pushed Orion out of her way. She walked toward the girls and spread her arms. Her body moved on her own, she did not want control of it. Eva pulled both girls into a tight hug rubbing her cheeks against the girls’ cheeks. “What an enchanting experience!~” She squealed happily as she hugged the girls tighter to the point where her breasts were compressed tightly against the girls’ semi-flatted chests. Eva eyed Lollie’s bandage as Orion commented about it. “Let me see…~” Still with the girls in her arms, Eva reached for the bandage. She peeled the bandage off Lollie’s cheek before she leaned in and passed her warm tongue against the wounded area. “Ha! I healed it." Eva exclaimed happily. "There is nothing here! Eva blinked surprised to see there was no scratch or scar.

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    xcurrent energy level:OK [████████▒▒] 95%

    xform:Full Body Form

    xwith: Orion, red haired midget, Willow and Lollie (?)

    xlocation: Yorshire Town Square ; Near Festival

    xmood: Combination of happiness and unsureness

    xthoughts: These girls...why do I feel so attach to them?
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                                The sound of the door to the bathroom opening made Syl cringe - was he going to scold her? As he looked around Syl caught a glimpse of him, letting out an immediate gasp and falling back onto her bottom. Face buried into her small palms as a last resort to hide if had spotted his iGIRL.


                                ' Oh no, oh no, oh no, he saw Syl, he saw Syl - ! '

                                Face pushing down harder onto the girls small palms, Syl began to tremble. Was he mad ? Well, Syl would be pretty damn mad too if someone threw ice cream at her while in the shower.

                                "I think it'd be best if we went out for the day. There's a festival that's going to start soon to celebrate the rebirth of the sun. There's contests, prizes, and a formal dance at the end,"

                                ' Formal ... dance ? '

                                Face turning a bright red, pulling out of the palms and staring blankly ahead, Syl could only make a blank expression, mouth gawking in her own realization. That's why he didn't purpose - he was going to do it at the dance, where it would've been more romantic! Well, even if he wasn't, she squirmed at the thought. 'Master Meine wants to spend time together! ' Head shaking rapidly as if it were a bobblehead, she rose to her feet, stumbling and moving too quickly away from the computer monitor. Syl darted from behind the computer monitor, eager to accept his offer - just in case he wasn't just trying to draw her out from hiding to scold her. Then again, it could have been a trap - but Syl was too absorbed in the thoughts of the festival; the festival was pr - ' Who cares about the festival?! A dance! Master Meine is asking Syl to prom! ' Fumbling about, making her way off of the computer desk, - nearly tripping and almost falling to a gruesome doom - Syl floated her way to a window, perching onto the floor. Materializing, it was then Syl had begun to think that it was a trap - but if it was..

                                Blinking multiple times and taking small steps, Syl approached Meine steadily, catiously. Eying him slowly, it seemed like a sincere gesture - not one that he was going to use to trick her into submission, cleaning, and possibly even long scolding. Arms raised into the air, awaiting for him to move - do something, anything. Though they were put down as fast as they were put up. Putting her arms to her sides, face gleaming a bright red, a wide grin that stretched from ear to ear formed upon the iGIRLs' face. Who cares if he was going to scold her - he planned a formal for the two of them, where he'd possibly pop the big question. Then truly, Syl could make an honest woman out of Meine. Opening her arms wide, taking strides, stopping as she faced the pregnant Meine, arms wrapping around him tightly - though it did require to stand on the very, very tip of her toes, balance slipping here and there as she stumbled, wiggled about, letting out small, little dramatic exhales. None the less, it wasn't big enough of a burden to stop from cuddling and attempting to nuzzle her head against his stomach. Moving her head so that her right cheek nestled against the spot her head previously rubbed against, the iGIRL inhaled deeply. " Syl would love to go with you, Master Meine! "

                                ____________________ THE NIGHT WAS ALL YOU HAD xxxxx YOU RAN INTO THE NIGHT FROM ALL YOU HAD xxxxx FOUND YOURSELF A PATH UPON THE GROUND
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    "Oh, no thanks, I'm just browsing" , "I'm okay, just looking". Kyle couldn't even begin to count how many times he have heard that after approaching someone at the bookstore and asking if they needed help, and it was okay, it was his job to ask, but he had no problem with people telling him that they were just looking. This time was different though, this girl with the confused look, seemed to be having problems to organize her thoughts, as she answered, this confusion became more notable, something was bothering this girl, something had caught her attention, he just didn't know what. Still, that confused look seemed familiar, he have seen a similar look on someone's else face, just... when? As he tried to remember this, with a quick movement the girl said something to the guy that he didn't quite hear, and she passed by him. Kyle turned, trying to keep her trace with his eyes, but the store was so crowded he couldn't followed her. Would she be okay? She seemed quite uncomfortable with something. Was she actually looking for something? it seemed the only reason why she would rush through the store. Anyways, it didn't make sense to follow her, mainly because he wouldn't find her with such a crowded place, plus, she didn't seem to want help. Sighing, he turned to the guy that was with her, not very tall, light brown hair. Now that was an answer he knew; the guy said that he was just browsing, and also commented that he was going to leave her wander around a little. It was probably a good idea, whatever she was looking, she wanted to find it by herself. "I'm Solomon, by the way. Solomon Train." He introduced himself. "I'm Kyle, Kyle Climson." He replied. "Well in case you need anything just let me know okay?." He added, as he turned back to the bookshelf and kept putting books in it.

    Three or five minutes later he was done with all the books. Now he just had to go back to the deposit, take his bag and he would be out of there. It was getting late, festival was probably starting already, and he still had to take Vi for some clothes. His eyes widened, it was Vi! The confused look on the girl totally remembered to Vi's look when he first saw her, she seemed so confused, with no clue about what was going on. Well, he was just the same at that moment, so actually it was both's confused face. Still, where could this girl have gone? He turned to his right, looking the path she took, maybe. . . No, it couldn't be right? She couldn't have gone to the back of the store... could she? Well, he was done there anyways, so he decided to go to check.


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    ☒ Location: "The Fishing Rod" Bookstore (Deposit).

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    No one.

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    "Who... is she?"

    ☒ Chapter:
    "Chapter 2: Hello! My name is Kyle! Would you like me to...?"

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              Yo, don't steal this bro. I will come cute you to death.(◕-w-◕) Kidding. xD But seriously, don't steal this.
                                "" ""It would of been a lie to say that Vi wasn't scared to suddenly hear the door open. Getting up and out of the iPOD, transforming into her full-body form, she rested against the table, waiting for the person to enter. What if it was Kyle and a customer? Damn it! She messed up, didn't she? Vi looked down at he ground, waiting for him to get made. Instead, there was a soft voice. "Hello? Is anyone there?" With that, more music flooded into her head. As calmly as she could, she replied with, "I am. Is there anything....." Though she couldn't take a good-enough look, due to the light, the iGIRL felt something in her chest. She knew that voice, and the music was much more inviting now than before. Moving away from the table, Vi took a few uneasy steps.

                                "Could you be.....HEY!" Suddenly, getting closer to her, a bright smile appeared on her face. She knew this person! Why, she didn't know, but there was a feeling in her chest and heart that told her so. Vi's steps moved to a small jog. With a sudden movement, Vi hugged the other person tightly around the waist. She didn't say anything else, but she kept her tight grip on the other girl. Her chin rested on her shoulder. The music stopped, or it seemed to be. Did Vi get used to it already, or did it truly stop? Either way, it felt comforting to be here. "So it was you playing that, huh?" She muttered, closing her eyes. She felt so warm. Strange. If the music was coming from her, then why was she so warm? It took a moment for Vi to realize what she did, that might of caused the sudden fluctuation in heat. "I-I'm sorry about that. Hahahaa~~." The iGIRL let go, placing one arm across her bust, while her other went to her head. Her hand played with some strains of hair. "Excitement got the better of me, y'know."

                                Vi took this moment to peak over the girl's shoulder. "Hey, um... Did you see the salesperson follow you here?" She meant Kyle. She didn't see the white hair and purple eyes of her owner. A small, happy sigh escaped her lips. "Hey, come with me. I want to show you something back here. It's like a huge library!" Grabbing her hand, she tugged her friend in, shutting the door behind her. "This is what the back of the store looks like. Isn't it neat? They have so many things! Of course, I haven't been able to look around, due to a certain someone telling me to stay in one spot." She huffed her cheeks out a bit. "Anyway~! What's your name? I'm Vi." Vi flashed her a smile.
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          1one2two31one2two3Like a bird I sing
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                                        "You don't have to answer that if you don't want to."

                                        Ember the Orange Cheesepuff tilted her head up at him. Not answer? That'd be rude! She couldn't be rude towards him even if she tried. She turned her body towards the direction his voice came from and lightly shook her head, seemingly not offended in the least at his question. "No. No, I can't see." Is that.. Am I supposed to? She slightly frowned, never having thought it was a problem.

                                        Her thoughts swung back to his answer to what Solar Day was. 'To celebrate the sun'. She brought a tiny hand to her chin and tapped it. What's a sun? What're games and prizes? She was curious. Maybe.. maybe we could go? The thought was a longshot, but excitement bubbled up in her chest nonetheless. As quickly as it rose, the feeling almost immediately died as she slightly frowned. I'm too tiny for that, aren't I? I wish.. I wish I was as big and warm and squishy as he is! Then I could --

                                        Her thoughts were interrupted by an abrupt and weird feeling in her gut. As she frowned ahd confusedly put her hands on her stomach, she was enveloped in a sudden, pure white light. Her little form quickly shot up, and when the light faded it revealed a short, orange haired female, wearing a black, plain strapless dress.

                                        Ember blinked a moment as her mind struggled to catch up. She felt different, very different. Bigger. Was that possible? What.. what just happened? She hesitantly rubbed her stomach a moment, since her hands were already there, and felt the soft fabric of the dress that gently hugged her. When her fingers bumped she felt over her own hands, and then reflexitively reached up to touch her face, closing her eyes. She felt her hair brush against the back of her arms.

                                        Realization dawned on her. She was big; just like she had wished! She could participate with Garry in the Solar Day festival now! The iGIRL softly smiled to herself as she lowered her hands and opened her eyes. She wanted to turn towards him, but with the abrupt distraction of new sounds, smells, and touch that had accompanied her with the transformation, that she wasn't able to detect in her smaller form, she didn't know where he was, and she had yet to memorize his specific breathing pattern or the sound of his footfalls. "Garry?" She blinked at her own voice, at how she could feel the vibrations in her throat. This all felt strange; was strange. Yet it felt familiar. Out of habit, she put a finger to her chin and tapped it in a thinking manor. Was this form a glitch, too, or part of her program? If it's a part of my program then why didn't I know of it before now..? With all these apparent glitches and defects, she couldn't help but feel glad that he had promised to not return her.

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                Using all the strength she had she tugged her friend out of the pile of human bodies. “C’mon arms. Pull!” With a forced movement she made one large tug and Willow popped right out. “Success!” She yipped happily as Willow caught her breath. Lollie leaned to the side slightly, looking as the pile nearly folded in to fill the space Willow had occupied. “I kinda’ want to try tha- Whoa!” The girl squeaked as Willow pulled her into a hug. The action caught her off guard, and she blinked a bit confused. She smiled softly, it felt nice, being that close to another. Lollie inhaled lightly, noticing the faint sent Willow had. ‘She smells nice~’ The A.I curiously was about to hug her back, but was suddenly pushed away. Her own pink orbs trailed her body as Willow inspected her. Lollie laughed and gave her thumbs-up as she smiled. “Pssh. It’s going to take a lot more to knock me down than getting sick! I beat that virus up!” She stated proudly. The girl took this chance to examine her friends as well, noticing the bumps she had on her chest. Lollie looked at them curiously, then back down at her own from. “Ah, yours are bigger.” She said to herself lightly. Granted, on her exploration yesterday she had seen women and girls with those lumps on their chest. But Lollie just assumed hers weren’t as predominant because she wasn’t human. The girl shrugged it off as she looked at her friend. Willow’s smile had somewhat faded as she looked behind her. Lollie turned slightly in Apollo’s direction. She was about to introduce him, but Willow had already mentioned they’d met. “Oh yeah right. When you brought me home.” She mused as she looked up, remembering. Her mind still couldn’t work out the exact events of last night, it was still a blur.

                The girl couldn’t help but notice Willow seemed rather sour towards her owner a bit. However, that thought was quickly diminished with Apollo’s words. Lollie looked at him with utter shock, her mouth agape in disbelief. “W-Wha!? But she’s right here!” She took Willow’s hand and flailed it about in front of him. “She’s just like me! I swear! I-“ Completely at a loss for words the bubblegum-haired A.I released Willow’s hand and ruffled her own hair in frustration. This was driving her insane. The proof was right in front of him and he was still denying it! The girl concluded that he was going to have to see Willow in tiny mode for him to believe her. But right now there were tons of humans bustling about the streets, it was obviously out of the question for now. The girl fixed her bangs as she plotted. She was going to prove it to him one way or another. This A.I was determined to make it happen! Lollie looked at Willow when she spoke again, this time of Orion. Her face quickly fell into one of concern and guilt. “Really!? Is he going to be okay?” She asked worriedly. ‘It’s probably my fault. Because he took me back home in that storm.’ She thought to herself. However, Orion’s illness couldn’t have been that bad, since Willow wasn’t freaking out or anything. Still, the A.I wanted to apologize and thank him at least. She averted to gaze to look at Apollo as he stated that Orion clearly deserved it. Lollie was about to argue when Apollo’s interesting gesture stopped her.

                She expected herself to be shocked by the nice gesture, well she saw it as nice anyway. But it didn’t really surprise her, more like it left her in a state of curiosity. Unintentionally she was learning more about what made her master tick and tock. And she was starting to find watching his movements very entertaining and important. Once the male nudged her she blinked as she was brought back to reality. Lollie didn’t even realize she was just staring at him this entire time. “Huh?” She said slightly confused as she tried to remember what he just said. Giving her brain a few seconds to catch up, her eyes widened. “What? You mean-!” The girl nearly exploded once she realized what he just said. Lollie let out an excited shriek, not even trying to control herself. “Really!? You’re going to play them with me!?” Going to the festival alone was enough to make her go nuts, but now she was going to play the games with him too. The A.I honestly had no idea what to do with herself. He pretty much just pressed her self-destruct button. And if she could, she would have exploded into confetti right there. “Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I promise it’s gunna’ be so much fun! There’s gunna’ be races and stuff!” She said bubbly as she bounced up and down around him. Lollie wanted to express the large amount of joy and gratitude she was feeling, but she didn’t know how. She made sure to come up with something to say thanks later, or at least make him smile just like how he did before.

                ‘Does love make you feel sad? How’s that working?' Her ears perked up a bit at the music that was playing faintly. She scanned the crowd fro the source of the sound, just like how she did to find Willow. The music was rather dramatic, and it left an eerie feeling on Lollie. But the music sounded, special. “Willow, do you hear that?” She asked while looking around. “No way.” There was more of them!? The song grew louder for a bit, and then it completely faded away. A new voice caught her attention as she turned to see who it was. “Orion!” Lollie walked over to him and held up a lock of her hair to his. “Mine is still darker! But they’re both pink.” She said with a smile, as she moved back a bit. She looked him over a bit, and he didn’t look that ill. However, his voice sounded very strained and scratchy, it wasn’t as smooth sounding like last night. ‘He hurt his voice box.’ The girl thought faintly to herself. “I’m super okay. And thanks a bunch for bringing me home and I’m really sorry you got sick.” Lollie remembered the pink text that was imprinted in front of the house this morning. She wanted to ask to confirm if he did write it, but she thought against the idea. Apollo was pretty infuriated about it this morning, and she really didn’t want to ruin the day by bringing it up.

                Suddenly Orion revealed the woman that was standing behind him. “Ah!” She gasped lightly as she looked at the woman, then her chest. “Those are huge!” Lollie hugged her own somewhat flat chest. The girl couldn’t even imagine herself having lumps on her chest that big. It looked like it would make moving around quite complicated. “I’m so glad mine aren’t that big.” She murmured to herself; completely content with the size of her body. Lollie made another squeak as she was pulled into a tight hug by this woman. It was like an over-affectionate mother smother their child as if they were never going to see them again. “You’re hurting…my face lady.” She managed to say as she struggled a bit from the suffocating hug; still the contact was nice. Finally Hala had let her go and Lollie rubbed her cheek a bit. She felt the bandage on her face, surprised to find it there. With all this excitement, she had completely forgotten it was on her face. “Oh. Ah I um-“ She paused for a moment. Apollo had told her to say something if someone asked, but she couldn’t remember.

                But putting that aside, the music! The music had came from this lady, she was sure of it. Her train of thought was broken when Hala had just peeled off the bandage and licked her face. Lollie made a small sound of surprise and jumped back a bit. She rubbed her cheek, and it felt perfectly fine. The surface was smooth and unmarked, even thought Apollo didn't tug her cheek that hard to begin with. “Whoa!” Her mind was just blown right there. “It’s all better!” Lollie exclaimed as she rubbed her cheek, showing it to Apollo. Lollie leaned in towards him and tugged at the bottom of his shirt. "That lady is an iGirl too!" She whispered to him enthusiastically. "I'm really telling the truth, her body like plays music or something. Just like Willow's." She explained earnestly.

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        b a t t e r y xl e v e l s
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        m o d e
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        ♥ m o o d ♥
        tab Exploding with joy and excitement.
        ★ t h o u g h t s ★
        tab 'I found another iGirl!'
        ✖ s c e n e ✖
        tab Yorkshire; trying to convince Apollo I'm not lying!
        » v i s i t o r s x o f x m y x m o m e n t «
        tab Apollo, Willow, Eva (Hala), & Orion.
        ♫ s t u c k x i n x m y x h e a d ♫
        tab Starships!

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        @Miku: LOL. Tis alright! I'll add them on the list. C:

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          The male was rather intrigued to find that Viri had wanted to walk around in bare feet. Well more like it was interesting how she had decided for herself that she did indeed like to walk around without shoes. Eli was aware this little creature could decided and generate it’s own opinion without alternate programming. He was pleased actually, to have her want something against his say. Sort of like a light rebellion, it just showed that she had a mind of her own. “Well if you feel more comfortable that way, then that’s alright.” He replied as his gaze casually scanned the area. ‘She’ll just need to be careful.’ He thought mildly, seeing how the town this time of year was never really the most sanitary. But a little dirt never hurt anyone. It must be a very interesting experience though. The male thought of trying it sometime, to wonder around in bare feet. The streets and sidewalks ahead were crawling with people. Eli checked his watch, and was a bit surprised by the time. He always seemed to lose track of it.

          It was nearly twelve, and the festival was reaching it’s beginning. Eli looked up at the sky, his ears shielding his eyes from the glaring rays of the yellow sun. The sun was almost directly above the earth. Well, from their point of view anyway. “The weather seems to be cooperating today.” He said softly as he looked away from the vast atmosphere above. Yesterday’s storm was pretty heavy, and the male thought the festival would have been canceled or disturbed by it. But it seems that Mother Nature works in very quirky ways. Especially since the sun she gave birth too millions of years ago was now replaced with a superficial one.

          His ears twitched idly as Viri began to speak. Then he scanned the girl’s attire. It did seem rather loose fitting on her, and was rather thin for such a chilly day. Eli smiled as she quickly took back what she said. “I don’t mind.” He finally said as they turned the corner. However he didn’t want her to feel terrible for him spending money on her or being dependent on him, he tried to think of another way to put it. “Actually if I do recall correctly. You came into this world yesterday, even though you might not remember it.” He started. “But here on Earth we humans have a custom of celebrating the moment someone comes into this world; by throwing a party or giving them a gift. We call them birthdays, because it’s the day they were born.” He explained briefly, trying not to over complicate the explanation. Since he did have a tendency to get carried away whenever he spoke. “So since it was technically your birthday yesterday and I didn’t get you a present. I’ll get you one now in the form of new clothes.” Eli averted his gaze from her and looked ahead. “I’m sure there is a store around here somewhere.” He murmured lightly as Viri ran ahead of him excitedly. The male watched her from a distance as she explored a bit on her own.

          He needed to be careful with her. Careful not to allow anyone to know what she was. He already knew what the world would do to an unnatural creature like her. Not only because he was one himself, but because he knew how out of control this race got when they discovered something beyond themselves. The amount of damage they could inflict when in fear. It troubled him greatly even though he didn’t show it. The fact that he still needed to decipher the big mystery behind her existence. But the most disturbing thing of all was the amount of familiarity behind it all. This whole concept of a living A.I was too familiar. Eli was sucked out of thought by the loud barking of a dog. He blinked and looked at Viri, who seemed to be frozen in place. It wasn’t a large dog, but it certainly was a noisy one. The animal lost interest in Viri when she clearly showed she didn’t want to play with it, and it turned away going back in the direction it came. “Ah, he must’ve run off from his owner.” He said as he looked down at the frozen child. Eli let out a small laugh and patted her head reassuringly. “It’s alright. It just was noisy dog, you’re safe now.” He said then leaned in towards her slightly as he tapped the tip of her nose with his index finger. “Don’t stray to far from me.” Eli cupped her own hand in his and tugged her along a bit.

          They were about to approach the crowed and he didn’t want to lose her in the thick mass of people. He made sure to grip her hand firmly but gently as they entered the Town Square; keeping her rather close to him. Once they reached the middle it would be easier to move around. His pressed a button on his ears and they began to twitch around as it located some sort of clothing store. Finally after a bit of walking the crowed thinned a bit and Eli was able to locate a small boutique. “Ah, this should do.” He entered the store and relaxed a bit now that they were away from the mass of bustling people.

          “Welcome! May I help you with anything?” A perky store assistant asked as they stood by the entrance. “Ah well.” Eli looked down at Viri a bit, he had no idea what her measurements were, let alone what she liked to wear.
          “Would you like a measurement check?” The woman suggested.
          “No, that won’t be necessary.” He responded swiftly; knowing the device would be unable to scan her properly. “We’re just going to look around.”
          “Okay! Let me know if you two need anything.” And with that the perky woman left them to do the shopping on their own.

          The scientist sighed softly and returned his gaze to the emerald-haired A.I. “I’m sure we’ll find something. I’m assuming you’re a small since your quite thin and short.” His ears twitched once more as they scanned the store idly. “Ah! Over there.” Eli headed towards the left side of the store, completely forgetting her hand was tucked away in his own. He found the ‘Smalls’ section and released her hand as he looked at her. “Well I guess. Explore a bit and find what you like.” He said as he looked around. Eli had no idea how to shop for a woman, let alone for himself. Besides, he figured it would give her a sense of independence to shop for herself.


    l o c ɑ t i o n
    tab Yorkshire Town Square; in a small clothing boutique.
    m o o d
    tab Curious and a bit confused.
    c o m p ɑ n y
    tab Viri
    t h o u g h t s
    tab 'I should help her look around a bit.'
    i G I R L
    tab The lovely Viri

    tab Θbliterating Θminous Catastrophes:

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