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          tab 。。。you xwould xNE VE R xGIVE xUP !

          Soxcaughtxin xthe xℍ 𝕐 ℙ 𝔼xof xmaking xxlivin' 。。。
          。。。that xyou xforgot xto x𝕃 𝕀 𝕍 𝔼 xyourxlife .
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          Garry watched her with a puzzled expression. Something seemed, odd here. Well, despite the obvious. The male figured he was just seeing things, it was late, and all of this still needed to sink in. Ember's comment caused a laugh to erupt from his vocals. "I see. That's a pretty vague critique, but I'll take it." Garry yawned and stretched in his chair. His gaze drifted towards the clock on his his desk, it was so late already. Time just decided to dissolve away today, he honestly didn't even feel it. "I have nothing for you to do at the moment. It's actually pretty late, so I'm gunna' crash." He stood from his chair, unsure of what to really do with her at this point.

          Garry ran a hand through his soft amethyst locks, walking over towards the bathroom and changing in there for her sake. His sleeping attire was rather mundane, just a regular shirt and pants. Just because he was a model, didn't mean he dressed like one at home. It was mostly for show when he went out, because he was pretty known. Other than that, the male could care less. Garry returned to the room and jumped down on his bed, sighing softly. "Night..." Garry was rather placid about this whole situation, because he honestly didn't believe it. He figured this was just a oddly constructed dream, and that everything would be back to normal when he woke up. As the male lulled into a deep slumber, he began to wish in the back of his mind, that it wasn't.

          Θbliterating Θminous Catastrophes: bluuuuuuuuurg.

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T i m ex s k i p !x

          » tim e xofxday :
          tab tab tab Morning; around 8 AM

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          tab tab tab Sunny skies, the streets are starting to dry. A few clouds in the sky.

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          tab tab tab Solar Day

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⊹⊱⋛⋋Kiruki Yuuki Kazama⋌⋚⊰⊹
xxxiGIRL: Ruruxxx
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Anyone can catch your 'Eyes'....But it takes a while for someone special to catch your 'Heart'....
Age; Eighteen XXX Wearing; What I'm Wearing When Full-Mode XXX Feeling; Happy and Cozy XXX Where Am I; Outside of the ipod laying besides Cyr in his bed XXX Mode; Large-Mode XXX Owner; Cyrian

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~Battery Usage; 100%~
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                                                          Ruru, was falling, falling down from flying because of her lose of battery. Ruru had a faintly expression on her face as she falls, hoping when she had said his name that he would come and catch her. Ruru slowly closed her eyes letting herself fall towards the ground in hope's that she wouldn't be broken not to mention hoping that she would make in time back to her iPod to get recharged.

                                                          After a couple of moments, then just then in the nick of time Cyr had managed to catch her in the palm of his hand diving in to have caught her. Ruru felt herself landing on something soft and warm. Yet some what familiar. Ruru slowly opened her eyes faintly expression she still has on her face as slowly she looses her energy when timing running out if she's not back into her iPod to be charged. Ruru stared up looking if what she thought is right, that Cyr is the one who had caught her before she had dropped to the ground.

                                                          When she had looked up she looked to see his face. She stares at him as a small fragile like smile spread across her face looking weak but she try to force it up because she's happy that he had come to help her, to have caught her in time before she hit to the ground. She hear what he asked and then said to himself as he rushes to the bedroom to get her to the iPod. As soon as she had been taken to the bedroom she was placed on her iPod. When she felt her senses coming from her iPod telling her that she's on her iPod by electricity. Ruru's body slowly sinks into the iPod screen and entered inside the iPod. She was then son being recharged. It was lucky that the iPod is still connected to the computer being charged. In the screen it shows Ruru sleeping.In Ruru's mind she hope later on when she's fully charge he wouldn't hate her when she was only thinking of how he felt having to look after her to be an annoyance.

                                                          -Time Skip-

                                                          It is finally a Saturday morning around 8am as it would be said on the iPod of the date and time. Ruru had been finally fully charged which is a good thing. But what would be unexpectedly is that Ruru in her full body mode is soundlessly asleep right beside Cyr as he sleeps. She leans against him as she rests her head on his shoulder with her one hand placed gently against his arm. Who would have thought that an iGIRL could some what sleep. As she sleeps she has a peaceful, calm and innocent expression on her face as she sleeps as well as a small and gentle smile across her face as if she's happy in her mind about something. Which possibly mean of what had happened last night with her having to run out of battery and Cyr had caught her as well as taken her to the iPod in time to be charged.

                                                          When Ruru was charged it was about twelve in the morning. She had been staying inside of her iPod for a couple of hours and then soon pop out of her iPod as she had been in her mini-mode for a couple of moments then had looked to see Cyr asleep on his bed. She floated over to him as he rested on his bed. When she did she watched him sleep. But it was getting some what boring having to watch all the time so she figured she sleeps as well. Well kind of. Ruru went into her large mode and lay cozy beside him, before she had closed her eyes she thanked him in a soft voice as he sleeps then she sleeps until morning came.


                                                          {{ Ⓞut Ⓞf Ⓒookies; I hadn't been posting. Was waiting for Cosmikette to post but when I saw her post soon after I had become ill..sorry }}

                                                          ██ ████████████████████████████████

                                                          ┏━M u s i c━━━━━━━━━━━

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                                                          You are everything to me...You are my music...
                                                          XXXXXI have woken up by the sound of your voice...That is music to my Ears...
                                                          XXXXXI maybe a technology that need to learn to understand...But your voice is what makes me understand
                                                          XXXXXBut...i dont know if i could ever understand the meaning of love...
                                                          XXXXXIf "LOVE" is like loving music...Then you are part of my 'Heart'
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                                              xxxxxx Wearing - Layout Pic. xxxxxx Music - Hills Like White Elephants. xxxxxx

                                              Though questions were left unanswered, though the majority of the things left the brunette stunned, however they were the least of Thi’s concerns right now. Last night went rather smoothly after the awkward introduction in a rather unforeseen way. Thi and her owner, Sol went out for a little while and came home right before the night got eerily dark. Before Sol fell asleep he finally listened to his iGirl placing his first step in sandman’s trap accompanied by music.

                                              The brown device illuminated upon Sol’s chest with the help of the gold streaks peeping through the window. The warm touch of the sunlight forced the girl behind the iPod to slit her eyelids open. Tiny hands placed themselves against the smooth transparent wall that separates her from the world. With very little effort the small android stepped out of the world crafted out of binary codes and music. Fluttering her eyes in an attempt to get used to this world, Thi turned around to face Sol’s sleeping demeanor. “Sol?” She spoke gently floating right above his chest wondering if he is in standby mode or not. “How do I turn him on?” She asked herself tilting her head.

                                              Placing her hands behind her back, entangling them together the brunette reluctantly poked Sol’s nose with one of her foot, however no use. Her tiny features were her biggest disadvantage. Letting out a huff she grumbled a little. “Sol Sol where is the start button?” She spoke loudly this time. Flailing her hands uncontrollably to disperse the feeling of uselessness within her Thi closed her eyes. “I wish I was a giant like you sometimes...”

                                              Everything happened so fast, nothing was exaggeratingly huge anymore. As if her wish was granted somehow, she sat there feeling dumbstruck. Long legs on either side of whatever, whoever was on the bottom. Slender yet shaky hands gently placed against her owner’s chest, suspending the surprised female’s weight as well as keeping a gap in between her and the individual sleeping underneath her. Honey brown eyes stared directly at Sol’s face letting out a low gasp. With one hand, she slowly tucked away some of her chocolate brown strands behind her ear though they didn’t fail to curtain the two people.

                                              The initial surprise was suppressed, another new featured was installed she told herself though it still left her mind in a troubled state. “What is happening?” She whispered still refusing to blink. While she stayed their unable to move, her original goal dispersed away leaving the A.I. in a rather anxious state.

                                              xxx Mood - Conflicted.xxxxxx With - Sol.xxxxxxLocation - Owner's Place. xxxxxx
                                              xxx Mode - Mini Mode >> Full Body Mode.xxxxxxBattery - 67%.xxx

                                              ♚ ↙ ↙ TO ANSWER ALL THE QUESTIONS LEFT BEHIND
                                              AND YOU AND I ARE MEANT TO BE SO EVEN IF THE WORLD FALLS DOWN TODAY
                                              YOU'VE STILL GOT ME TO HOLD YOU UP
                                              AND I WILL NEVER LET YOU DOWN

                                              ──────────────── ─ ─── ───────────────────

                                              O u t s i d e O u r C o m f o r t z o n e :xx Timeskip woooot! ; w ;-b Edit - I am not sure which layout I like better...x_x;
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                                                      Dinner last night went well enough, Sol eating quietly in one of his favorite cafes with Thi tucked away in one of his parka's pockets. He still couldn't suspend his disbelief; she was notably good company for an A.I.-- very amusing, and something about her was exeedingly cheerful. It helped that she was so cute, all chibi and everything.

                                                      But nights are nights, and Sol eventually got tired (early); calling it a day with his iPod on his chest, John Coltrane's take on "My Favorite Things" coming through his high fidelity headphones. The stock earbuds could... Gather dust or be used on the days he had to commute, but otherwise he would spoil himself with pristine audio quality.

                                                      By the morning, Sol was, as usual; sleeping like a rock. Even if he forgot to fully close the blinds, his head was still concealed from the sunlight.
                                                      Even sunlight would have difficulty waking him up.
                                                      But, as today would have it, there was a sudden graceful press of the bed, as if someone had joined him. Sol began to stir, feeling slim legs next to him; light, unsure hands on his chest.
                                                      Was he having a lucid dream? He opened his eyes just a crack, glancing at the window and adjusting to the sunlight already spilling into half of his bedroom. The weight remained; he couldn't be dreaming. What on earth was this? A prank? Proof of demonic existence? His eyes shot away from the window and to the source of the weight.

                                                      A girl. No-- a woman, perhaps twenty years of age. She was staring straight into his eyes, and all he could do was return the gaze blankly. What's going on here? How'd this attractive woman get in here? What's she doing on top of m-- At the realization, Sol's body stiffened; he grew tense. There's an attractive woman that I do not know on top of me. And she's in my apartment. His mind began racing, maniacally recalling the previous night's events. Sol didn't drink at all last night, and he could hold his alcohol and never got drunk regardless... He came home alone (or with Thi, at least) as usual... So who was this?

                                                      Sol took a deep breath, regaining his outside composure as his mind remained a neurotic mess. He cleared his throat. "Uh. Good morning. Can I help you with anything, Miss... Uh... What was your name?"

                                                      Sol wondered what kind of stupid reaction that was. Would a normal person really react like that? He kind of wanted to jump out of bed and freak out, but he didn't want to hurt her by pushing her off of him or anything.

                                                      Plus I'll admit she's really quite attractive. Thank God I slept in more than boxers.

╪ ╪ ╪i've got a heart to cover for.╪ ╪ ╪

where: sol's apartment; bedroom

with: mystery pretty lady

feeling: potentially aroused totally confused

ooc: ---
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                          - You know I'll never fold like you're the authority.
                          - I won't throw my hands Up like you're the authority.
                          - I know who I am, I know where I'll end up: in flames & that's fine.
                          - Cause I'm finally fed up, Stick with what I started, don't care how it hurts.

                          ▒▒▒▒▒▒ ░░░ ▓▓▓▓▓

                                            Vandalism was bad, but good in the case of revenge. Okay, got it. Willow really didn't rest well that night, she charged but didn't actually sleep much. Unable to put her thoughts to rest. And when she did manage to drift off, her dreams could be considered nightmares. Trapped in cage with no way out. Yanked out sleep but ghostly feelings of pain. Willow Roamed the inside of her ipod, trying to keep herself busy until morning. Running checks, finally getting the songs in order by artist, then rearranging the artists by alphabetical order. It didn't take her long to run out of things to do and so she just eventually sat back and stared at the roof above her. Praying that Lollie had made it in time, that Apollo's action figure act hadn't killed her. She didn't want to lose her only alike friend, not so soon. Thinking of, Willow didn't like Apollo very much. All the horrible things he had said. No wonder Lollie avoided talking about him. Willow Tossed again, then jumped when she heard a loud cough. 'Was that Orion?' The iGirl Peeked her head out her ipod and stared at her owner from across the room, watching him, waiting. Another cough but he didn't seem to wake up. Willow's cheek puffed out and she lifted out of the ipod and floated over. Very carefully hovering just above him, and just as carefully pressing a hand to his forehead before frowning hard. He was warm but she couldn't tell if it was fever warm. She hovered there a little while longer before floating back to her ipod, feeling mostly useless. What did humans do when they had fevers? Willow racked her mind for the information, feeling that it was there. After ten minutes she gave up and decided to wing it. The sun was rising, and she didn't know what time Orion would get up. Flying out of the room Willow headed for the kitchen, not really sure of her own intent but sure she had to do something. Like make him coffee. Or At least try. It quickly became clear that it was easier said than done. Especially at her size. Willow could be considered quite strong but the magnetic cabinet doors easily got the best of her and lowered herself to the counter, panting. "Okay, okay." she muttered to herself. "I need a new plan of attack. Like, um. getting between the magnet and the door!" No, chances were it'd smush her. Willow wasn't keen on getting squashed. Having nearly spent an hour and half fighting a losing battle, winning would be a blessing. "What I need is to be taller!" she huffed, stomping her foot.

                                            No sooner had she done that a light exploded underfoot, quickly over taking the shocked girl, blinding her momentarily. Willow blinked repeatedly when the light faded, and tried to rise from her crouched position. THUNK "Ah, ow! Ow, ow, ow, ow, ow." Peeking up for a moment she found the base of the cabinet was what her head had hit. How was that even possible? She hadn't been in the air. It took her a second to realize that it didn't seem so big and vast now, and that she was in different clothes. Or that she was hunched down on the counter, very large, very confused but quite pleased. She slowly untangled herself from under cabinet and touched the ground with her feet. Making sure her new legs wouldn't give. When they didn't, she nearly raced out of the kitchen and into the living room, then sorta crept through Orion's room and into the Bathroom. Her face wasn't hers, but it was. Her Hair had gotten shorter and looked a bit wild but she was clearly very human. Or Human looking. Willow peered out of the bathroom and towards Orion, making sure she hadn't woken him up. Now she could make coffee! She snuck back through the room and into the kitchen once again, this time she was able to open doors and things with ease. It was awesome. As she worked, Willow fell into a routine almost, going back and forth, getting what she needed. It never really crossed her mind that she shouldn't know how do this, or that. Willow made the coffee strong, inhaling the sent and smiling brightly. Coffee smelled so good. She lurked around as she waited, measuring herself against things, poking around in the kitchen. Learning where all the things were kept. 'Hey! I can even cook!' She mused lightly. She would however, saving the cooking for later. For now she would stick to the coffee, which was done. Willow grabbed the mug and carefully poured it, spilling a little of it on the counter despite her efforts. She quickly wiped it up and froze. She had no idea how he liked his coffee. 'Black coffee is good for sore throats anyways. That's what she always said.' Wait, who always said? Willow thought about it for a moment and shrugged, brushing the question aside in favor of her mission.

                                            With steaming mug in hand she marched into Orion's room and perched herself on the bed. Legs crossed and Coffee mug in her lap to prevent it from cooling. She didn't know how long it'd take him to wake up, hours maybe. Hopefully not. Her systems had already alerted her to the three hour time limit she had. If luck was going to be on her side, the smell of the strong coffee would be enough to drag him out the slumber he was in. She didn't want to wake him herself. No, he looked way to content and peaceful. So She'd happily sit there, wait and watch. This way he could be surprised by the coffee and her! Yes oh yes. She was very excited to show him her new form! This way he couldn't also call her tiny.

                                            [[ ooc: -- ]]

        lala Hazel Hatten
        ⇢ Location: Orion's bed, sitting.
        ⇢ Thoughts: I hope he gets up soon!
        ⇢ Feeling: Very pleased and proud.
        ⇢ Company: Orion.
        ⇢ Wearing: XX
        ⇢ Mode: Full-body.
        ⇢ Charge: 97%

        "I'll probably end up in flames before the end of the night.
        Watch me burn In the fire, watch me bid you goodbye."

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    The music, the constant thinking about Alexis intentions, and even the little arguing with Vi couldn't stop Kyle from falling asleep. The music had stopped at some point of the night, when the playlist he choose came to an end. Now the room was quiet, it was a quiet morning, just as any in Yorkshire. Kyle's father was in Yorkshire once, her mom told him that he used to say it was a really quiet city, even more than now, but of course, technology can change everything. Even when most of the vehicles ran with electricity or with Poizine now, the airBUS and big factories could make it really noisy sometimes. As the sun started entering into the room from the window at the left of his bed, Kyle started opening his eyes slowly, he was waking up. The silver haired moaned a little, as he stood up and got out of the bedroom, walking to the bathroom, still almost asleep. He took off all of his clothes, and got into the shower. Pushing a button from a panel of nine, the water started coming out, this was a prepared water, which had the exact temperature Kyle liked for his showers, it also had the temperature Al wanted in one button, that's how it worked. Closing his eyes again, he let the water fall all over his naked body, that was enough to wake him up. As he started realizing he was awake now, he started thinking, remembering everything that happened yesterday, college, the iPod he bought, Vi, the soccer prac- ¡VI! ¿Where was she? . As he was almost brain-dead when he passed by the iPod, he didn't even look into it. She was probably mad at him, though, after all that happened last night. Kyle sighed, maybe he shouldn't have said some things he said, but he still hold firm that she shouldn't be talking like she knew him all the way. Coming out of the shower, he started thinking he probably would have to talk to her anyways, after all, they were spending the whole day together.

    As he got out of the shower, with nothing else than his red towel tied to his waist, he brushed his teeths and got out of the bathroom, then, he walked to the kitchen, Al was out of home already, he probably had a date for the Solar Day. There were some waffles on a plate lying right in the middle of the table. He and Al usually made breakfast for the other one when they had the chance, since Al was going out earlier today, he made him some breakfast, much appreciated indeed. He served some juice, and putted the Waffles in the microwave, took them out after some seconds and started eating.

    Once he finished and washed the dishes, he went into his room, the iPod was lying there. He had to talk to her eventually, so better now than later. "Hey... Are you ready for today?" She had to know she was coming with him, he wasn't leaving her alone. He took his distance from the iPod, let the towel fsll, and started dressing. He putted his boxers, some black jeans, a white and black t-shirt, and his red hooded sweater. He passed his finger through his still a little wet hair. No answer from Vi yet. Was she really that angry? she did seemed kind of prideful. He decided to get closer, and take a look.

    "V-Vi...?" He said as he got closer, and took a look at the screen. His eyes widened... there was no one there. After going through the iPod's system a couple of times and calling her name , he started panicking, what the hell was going on? where was she? how did she disappeared in the middle of the night? Where did she go?. He sat on his bed, if she haven't heard him calling her that meant she wasn't in the apartment, where could she be then? He was getting really worried, really fast. He checked the connection of the iPod to the PC, it did seemed charging, so it her battery didn't run out right? Maybe she left because of the mean things he said, maybe she was sad, or rather angry. Then some thought crossed his mind, what if there was no Vi... what if it was just a dream? He turned at the calendar hanging on the wall, it was Saturday, then he turned at the table where his PC was, there was a box right to the side, the iGirls box. It wasn't a dream, Vi was with him for a day... and now, she had lost her. Putting his hand on his face, he sighed once again, he didn't know what to do now. He was feeling awful.

    Definitely, his life had change in a single day. He didn't know it then, but a big story was just starting to be written. Kyle Climson, would never be the same again.

    . . . End of Chapter 1.


    User ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser Image

    ☒ Location: Kyle's bedroom.

    ☒ Company:
    No one.

    ☒ Thinking:
    ". . ."

    ☒ Chapter:
    "Chapter 1: "A life about to change! [FINISHED]"

    ☒ Now Playing:
    Read My Mind - The Killers.

    ☒ OOC:
    . . . ~
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                The rain made a sound she had heard before. It sounded like static, gentle static. Lollie opened her eyes, a wall of static buzzing away before her. As the thunder roared, the static would suddenly stop, forming a picture. The girl tried to walk forward, but shadows were holding her feet, tugging her into the darkness. She panicked, frantically trying to get away. They were too strong and pulled her down.

                Lollie opened her eyes again, this time seeing the inside of Orion's coat pocket. Everything was wet and cold, and she shifted her gaze upwards, seeing Orion's blurry face. Her ability to see didn't last long, for her eyes began to close again. Time seemed to be moving in a bunch of skips for her, her emotions were constantly changing non-stop. She was sad, then happy, then angry, then happy again, then frustrated. It was a constant roller coaster she was stuck on. As they neared Apollo's house, she was feeling a little better, giddy even. Her health was in terrible condition, but at least she was feeling happy. Lollie couldn't move,speak, or see. But she could hear, she could hear Apollo's voice even though it sounded like he was underwater. It was so reassuring to hear him, even if she couldn't make out the words. Because even if there was no time left, this was more than enough for her. However, her consciousness didn't last long. Her mind was lulled back into a restless slumber, the voices fading away.

                Seeing the static wall once more. There was a picture behind that wall; and she was determined to expose it. Lollie ran towards it, wanting to break it and see what was behind. And right as her fingers faintly grazed the surface, it disappeared in a pink light. Her eyes shot open and she arched her back, screaming; but no sound left her mouth. The iPod immediately went to work on repairing her. White cables coiled around her, connecting themselves to her head, arms, chest, and legs. She barely made it, just by a few seconds. The device had kicked into full gear, and the restoration process at this stage was rather painful. It lasted for three hours; constantly shocking her until she had enough energy for the rest of the process. After that, she was put into sleep mode until the program was done.

                Morning came and the sun peaked over the horizon, it's sunlight kissing the surface of the Earth. It was about six in the morning when her systems were restored and rested. Lollie clicked out of sleep mode, stretching her small form. She began to disconnect the cables form her body, eager to get outside the iPod. It had only been a couple of hours, but it felt like forever since she saw the outside. The bubblegum-haired A.I jumped out of the iPod, smiling brightly as she stretched again. The girl tried to remember what happened last night, but after they left the cafe` everything was just a big blank. Ah, whatever. What could have possibly happened? "Okie doke! Check check check~" Well her voice was working now, that was a relief. Lollie jumped up and down on the table, flailing her arms. "Arm and legs check." She stretched out her arms and did a series of small twirls before squishing her cheeks into a fishy face with her hands. "All systems check. Rocket Lollie takes lift off in 5...4...321LIFT-OFF!" Her body launched into the air as she jumped off the table, taking flight.

                Her body zipped around the room, making up for the long hours within her little home. Lollie was pretending she was a speed racer, like the ones she had watched at the pub. Her play came to a halt as she collided with the curtain in Apollo's bedroom. "Gah! Gotta' work on the breaks." It took her a few minutes to untangle herself from the freaking fabric. Once she was free she fixed her bangs a bit, muttering to herself as she drifted towards Apollo's bed. The thin blanket he was using to cover himself was now crumpled up and coiled around his legs. Feeling the urge to fix it, she rolled up her sleeves and blew up at her bangs. "Ready, set, GO!" After a bunch of tugging, pulling and occasionally dodging his limbs when he moved. The girl managed to fix the blanket so that it was covering his legs properly. Lollie finished the job by heaving the sheet up so that it concealed the rest of his body. "Success~!!" She exclaimed. Then slapped a hand over her mouth instantly; realizing she spoke rather loudly. The girl began to slowly float away from him cautiously, not wanting to wake him up. Another hour passed, and Lollie spent her time inside the iPod, charging as she browsed the internet, learning more about this place. After a while she grew bored inside the iPod, and began to wonder around the apartment once again. The place was a mess, there were clothes, papers, and just a bunch of other junk scattered everywhere. She had to admit, it was pretty interesting seeing as how she managed to find some pretty cool things now and then.

                Lollie picked up one of the papers and messed around with the material, shaping it into an origami crane. She picked it up the small skill while she was wondering the streets. A sudden idea came to mind, and her face stretched into a Cheshire cat-like grin. She placed her little creation down on the coffee table. "Sit here Mr. Crane. I'm off to make you a family~!!" Lollie zipped around all over the place, gathering every piece of paper she could find. Half an hour later she managed to make what looked like a bazillion paper cranes out of the trash in his house. "There! Now the place is sort of clean, and look at all the pretty birdies." She stated to no-one in particular, proudly looking at her work. Now she just needed to find a place to put them. Radiant pink orbs drifted towards Apollo's room, and Lollie began to giggle evilly. Oh yes, now she knew. Arms opened wide, she gathered large piles of the paper cranes and carried them to Apollo's room. The girl began to stack her little creations all over the slumbering sun god.

                "Stacking cranes all day long! Stacking cranes while I sing this song~♫" She sang softly as she floated back and forth. After a few minutes, there was a ridiculous pile of paper cranes on top of Apollo. But there was still one more pile left! Both arms full of the last pile of cranes, she began to stack them on; not even thinking about what to do if the male suddenly woke up before she was done.

        b a t t e r y xl e v e l s
        tab █████████ 98%
        m o d e
        tab Mini-mode!
        ♥ m o o d ♥
        tab Blissful, mischievous, and quite entertained.
        ★ t h o u g h t s ★
        tab 'My masterpiece is almost compete~!!'
        ✖ s c e n e ✖
        tab Apollo's House; in his room making some art.
        » v i s i t o r s x o f x m y x m o m e n t «
        tab Apollo
        ♫ s t u c k x i n x m y x h e a d ♫
        tab Starships!

        Θbliterating Θminous Catastrophes: Ohmaaaaai~ xD
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                                                      It didn't take his iGIRL long to pick her choice of clothing; he had a weird feeling that she'd go with that one so he wasn't surprised. He tossed the rejected jacket onto the couch, watching her slip the sweater on with ease. Too much ease. Then again, it was big. That was the point in giving it to her. It was to keep her covered where needed, not dry. When she stuck her hand near his face, sing-songing something he had no clue of, he eyed her with a raised eyebrow. He kept a patient look, quickly learning to just ride out her strange, short outbursts, not daring to move an inch as she quickly circled around him like a child. Better now than on a pipe, at least. The less chances of her fidgiting, the better. When she finished and finally moved behind him to ready herself to be hoisted, he quietly sighed, bracing himself for the inevitable contact, and halfway lowered himself onto a knee.

                                                      " Syl promises she's not heavy, Master Meine. "

                                                      He gave a light, amused huff at that. Females made such unnecessary promises when they were to be picked up or held, and apparently this one was no different.

                                                      " Syl will just be your heater, and it'll be as if Syl isn't even there! "

                                                      He blinked as she quickly rushed the words out of her mouth, as though they were meant to subconsciously reassure thoughts and feelings she couldn't detect. The thought of comparing her to a heater was inviting, too. It'd be a lot more comfortable, at least. Without a heads up, he reached back with both hands and found her thighs. In a swift motion, he had her up against his back and he used the extra momentum to straighten up and bounce her up a little higher for a slight adjustment. His forearms slid under her thighs for better support, and his hands rested palms up just before her knees. She wasn't heavy, as unnecessarily promised, and was actually quite warm. He headed for his apartment door as his theory of her being a high tech hologram shattered.

                                                      Closing the door without difficulty, he started up the stairs to the roof at a steady pace. "If you become nervous, don't abruptly tighten your hold, especially around the neck and torso. Don't panic. Enjoy the ride," he told her as if it was a reminder.

                                                      Pushing open the roof's door, the muffled sound of pouring rain was abruptly clear to their ears. He stepped into it without hesitation. The sky lit up and a rumble soon followed. It's not going to take long to be wet. Well, not entirely ─ her front and his back would probably be the most dry. He turned right and walked for the edge of the roof, hearing the roof door click closed behind them. He gently bounced her up again to be sure of his support before easily clearing the small gap between this buidling and the next, and then a slightly larger gap at another roof, as if these first moments were tests. It was more 'free jogging, hopping, and balancing' than 'free running', mostly thanks to the portable heater on his back that weighted him down. All he needed was a semi-easy track to do and enough momentum to get from point A to B.

                                                      He felt soaked after only a few minutes, his clothes uncomfortably clinging. She had told him that she didn't care how long this run was, but he didn't know how she'd react to direct stimulus of participating in it. He decided to take a safer, more quick route that mostly consisted of pipes and shorter gaps, meant for agility, balance, and speed. It'd probably take them twice as long ─ about half an hour or so ─ to get back to their apartment roof's door, but there wasn't any need to hurry.

                                                      After a while, what he hoped to be the time interval he estimated, his feet landed back on the roof they started from. Breathing a bit heavy from the exertion from the altered activity, he shifted the female and headed inside and down the stairs. The constant close contact with her wasn't as hard as he thought it'd be, oddly, even when he tried to disassociate her. It was hard to explain and he was too exhausted to roll it over in his head.

                                                      Meine hurried them into his apartment, shoved the door closed with his foot, then moved to the middle door and easily slid Syl off him. He quickly pulled the silver music device and phone out of his jacket pockets and set them on the couch, glad said jacket was waterproof, then stripped off his jacket and shirt, tossing them into the tub as he walked into the bathroom, returning with a couple white towels. Unfolding one, he draped it over Syl's head then headed into his bedroom, closing the door behind him and quickly stripping off the rest of his wet clothes, replacing them with a thin black sweater, boxers, and dark red pj bottoms. He gathered up his wet clothes from the bedroom and tossed them into the tub, too, ignoring the tiny wet spots on the floor.

                                                      ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─

                                                      Meine sleepily rolled onto his back and frowned, blankly staring at the ceiling for a good minute before realizing that early morning rays were shoving themselves around his windows' curtains and spilling onto what they could in his bedroom. Why the hell am I awake? He was never up this early. Sighing, he unwillingly pulled himself out of bed and stretched, feeling faint protests of stiff muscles.

                                                      Huffing, he reached to pick up his phone, pausing when he noticed the silver Apple device innocently resting next to it. He eyed it for a moment more before letting out a mutter. Swiping the phone off the side table, he headed for the kitchen. Another huff, this one more rough, escaped him when he found out the time. It was way too early.

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    Jfc, word vomit. OAO;;
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                                                          Christ, his night couldn't have been more restless. The coughing would wake him up sometimes, and the male was way to tired to get up and do anything. He would feel hot then cold, and it was just an uncomfortable sleep. As the day neared morning, he slept a little better; coughing occasionally. The gentle rays of the sun were now glaring at him. He muttered some incoherent words and rolled over, facing away from the window. A few hours later, he was sound asleep when the smell of coffee invaded his senses. Coffee...? He never made coffee, usually just went out to buy it. Still, the smell of it was intoxicating. He opened his eyes lazily, looking around the room with disinterest as he searched for the source of the smell. Orion spotted the crimson ipod, sitting on the desk; remembering the events that had happened yesterday. He just wanted a simple MP3 player, but instead he got something so much more. "Will-...ah ********] He gritted his teeth as he reached up and began to rub his throat. Son of a b***h, his vocals were all ******** up now. Now it was all hoarse and strained, gross. Orion rubbed his face and sat up, hunching over as he tried to sooth his throat. "Thirsty... As if on cue, a mug was presented to him, filled with the dark succulent liquid. He reached for it without thinking much and began to sip it slowly.

                                                          Ah yeah, that was the good stuff. The drink slithered down and coated his throat soothingly. Right as he was filling up his mouth with more coffee, he looked up and froze. Oh dear god. It was rare for this womanizer to be awestruck by someone else, but it wasn't impossible. 'She's gorgeous.' She had a wild look to her, like some sort of heroine princess you read about in those adventure novels. He kind of just sat there, staring at her with a surprised expression. Whoa whoa whoa, okay back it up. Orion frantically ran the events of last night through his mind, and in none of them did he remember hooking up with someone. He did his gig, dropped off Lollie, vandalized a stranger's home, and then crashed. And he'd remember, especially if she looked like that. Actually with all this red she had going on, she kind of reminded him of...Willow. Okay no. There was no way this was happening right now, no way he could have hooked up with such a captivating dame. Orion tore his gaze away from her and looked down at the cup of coffee in his hand then looked up. He casually lowered his head and spit the rest of the liquid he had in mouth back into the mug. Yeah, he was hallucinating; it was the coffee.

                                                          "Nope." Putting the cup on the floor, he got up from the bed and walked into the bathroom; splashing cold water on his face to wake him up. The pink-haired male walked out, expecting the woman to no longer be there. Annnnd, there she was, sitting there. If she was real, and it looked like she was, he didn't remember her, or even know who she was. Damn, it wasn't like him to sleep with someone and then just forget. He wasn't that much of a whore. On top of that he didn't just get together with anyone either. Though in all honesty, she passed on looks with flying colors. 'Oh s**t, Willow.' The A.I had slipped his mind. s**t, if he did bring a girl home she might have seen Willow. Orion picked up the device and turned it on, not seeing his red-headed A.I inside.

                                                          He walked out of the room, scanning the area for her. Then it dawned on him, what if she wasn't real. What if he just got really ******** drunk and the whole thing was twisted dream. 'But it felt so real...' His heart kind of sunk a bit, he was getting use to having her around. 'I'm probably over thinking this, she has to be around here somewhere.' The entire thing felt too real for it to be just a dream, plus he noticed the pile of damp equipment by the door. It couldn't have been just a dream. The male turned around and looked back at the girl, approaching the door slowly. Before he could look for Willow, he had to take care of this first. "Hey I don't...I mean we didn't like do....anything, right?" He said, fumbling over his words a bit. Orion sighed and rubbed his face, he sounded like an idiot. "Who are you?" He stated finally, deciding to be blunt with it.

        || OOC: Crappy post. D; ||

        wh a txi'm xthinkin g 。。。
        tab 'What the ******** is going on.'

        whoxi'm xwith 。。。
        tab A charming-looking stranger

        wherexxam 。。。
        tab Orion's Apartment; standing by the bedroom door.

        wh a txi'm xfeelin g 。。。
        tab Confused, disappointed, awestruck, freaking out on the inside a bit.

        myxiG IRL 。。。
        tab Willow

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                                                            ' Master Meine is pregnant ! '

                                                            She had awaited for him to continue his actions, whatever he was doing. As long as it distracted him from Syl's surprise attack, it was fine with her. Silver eyes pierced along the room, darting about in discomfort. The dark - it truly was an intimidating thing. Oh, well. Jumping out of her screen and floating over to the bed, crawling her way to his direction. The mans stomach had caught her off guard earlier - rather his whole bare chest - but to see that he was pregnant. Syl didn't know much about humans, nor this world, but if there was something she knew about, it was about babies, pregnancy, brides dresses, and marriage. She pulled herself along to his side, breathing heavily. Turning into full body mode, Syl nesteled on the bed and stared down at her owner. Awaiting for him to open his eyes and say something - peep a word, any word. Instead, he had made odd little sounds that gave off a content aura, the iGIRLs' eyebrows peeked in curiosity. " Master Meine? " His slow and steady breathing caused the iGIRL to hyperventilate; what the hell was going on here? Maybe, he was just in Do Not Disturb mode. Probably. Nether the less, Syl couldn't help but admire how peaceful he had looked when he was in this mode. Nether the less... Fingers slipping along the fabric of his shirt, slipping to his navel, Syl paused. Clicking her tongue and placing her head on Meines' stomach, closing her eyes.

                                                            " Master Meine is pregnant. "

                                                            It was a low whisper to nobody in particular, but, still. Pulling her fingers out of his shirt, eying him carefully, Syl began to ponder. Was it hers? Did that mean that they were parents again - ? How indecent! To get Meine pregnant and not even fully proclaim him as her bride." Syl will make an honest woman out of you, Master Meine. "

                                                            She slipped off of the bed as agile as she could, escaping off into the living room.

                                                            - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

                                                            " What would it take ~? " It was a low, pathetic attempt to sing. Wherever that song had even come from. She shrugged off the thought, pacing around the kitchen. The place was an absolute mess. In the sink laid her dress, drowning in water. Ice cream laid itself on the table, one bowl melted and now becoming just cream, the other smeared marks of the chocolate ice cream that was once there. Ice cream had dripped onto the floors, along with a few other food stains from which Syl had gotten into while he slept. Syl had also managed to smear ice cream on her legs, and left quite a bit of leftover carrots laying on the kitchen floor. Giggling and making her way to the bowl of the melted chocolate, Syl had begun to dunk her finger into the bowl - until she heard -

                                                            She rushed out of the kitchen and horizontally next to the doorway of the kitchen.

                                                            " Ah, Master Meine! " Cheeks growing pink in delight, a toothy smile widening upon her face. Syl had tied her hair up a ribbon that was on her wrist when she had gone full body mode, the other ribbon tied loosely around her left ankle. Syl had managed to take hostage of a big t - shirt that drooped down to her knees much like the jacket, food stains smeared along the jackets surface. Mouth hanging wide open, buckling her ankles together, she disappeared into the kitchen. Upon her return was an odd, silver string in between her index finger and thumb. A small sound of what seemed to be amusement and purring erupted from her chest as she began to tie the string together. Oh, boy.

                                                            _____________________ ____ ____
                                                            ___»» MASTER MEINE FULL BODY MODE: ✖ 1OO% ooc: :'D yaay! >w< pfftt, it's fine. <3 bb i love you just the way you areee :B pretty picture & layout is pretty. *^* forgive da poopy post, but i can hardly keep my eyes open. ;~; gn. <3
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                            - You know I'll never fold like you're the authority.
                            - I won't throw my hands Up like you're the authority.
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                            - Cause I'm finally fed up, Stick with what I started, don't care how it hurts.

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                                              Her wait didn't last long, Orion was stirring about ten minutes into it, and sitting about around twelve minutes. She was a little surprised that he seemed to be calling for her right off the bat, but she was happy nonetheless. Willow inched closer, waiting for him to look over. He didn't. So instead of just calling for his attention, she offered him the coffee she had proudly made him. He took it without looking and she chuckled slightly amused. He wasn't the most attentive when he first woke up. He probably roamed around in a daze most mornings. At first he looked like he was enjoying the coffee, then his eyes drifted up and she met the his gold ones with hers, offering a light smile and wave. Instead of responding, he froze; mug still to his lips and all. Although it wasn't the best reaction, Willow laughed at the sight. At least until he spit his drink out, back in the cup. 'oh, that's gross.' she scolded mentally as he rolled out of the bed. "Nope." There it was. That one little word. Willow was beginning to suspect that was his response to everything he didn't understand or anything that surprised him. He must be a ball at surprise parties. Yell surprise at him and he shuts the door with a nope. Despite the poor response, her mouth quirked up into a grin. She was way to excited to let this bother her. She waited on his bed for him to get with the program. Her owner eventually left the bathroom, glancing at her than checking her ipod. He went to the door, stepped out and came back. Staring at her. "Hey I don't...I mean we didn't like do....anything, right?" Huh? "Who are you?"

                                              Who was she? It didn't dawn on her until now that he might not recognize her and she blinked repeatedly for a moment, before smiling again. "I'm Willow!" she announced earnestly, shuffling off the bed and getting to her feet. Looking down at herself for a second before back to Orion. "I was trying to make you some coffee earlier, and well, I was just too small. I couldn't get any off the doors open for long." She frowned recalling the annoying battle. "I got frustrated, wished I was taller and bam, I'm taller!" Willow knew that although her explanation made sense to her, it might not to him. "So you can relax, I'm not some strange woman who has found her way into your house. Just a strange iGIRL who has found a way to make herself taller." She flashed another excited smile before picking up the cup he had set down, frowning slightly at it. He had spit his drink back out, and she wondered if maybe he didn't like it black. Or he could think it was the cause of his waking up next to her in full form. The last one seemed much more likely but she was still worried her attempt at coffee had been awful. Sighing she tapped the side of the cup with her nails before moving past him and out the door, heading back into the kitchen. Just in case it was the first reason, she was going to get it right this time! Willow poured the coffee down the drain, rinsed out the cup and glanced back Orion. "I don't know what to make of it really. I mean, it's nice being taller and all but Still." she poured him a fresh cup and presented it back to him, letting him have the option of making it how he liked it. "For your throat, coffee or hot drinks help." Willow then moved into the living room, roaming around, seeing how she compared to other things. She couldn't reach the top of the bookshelf, nor the top of the door but she decided she was a reasonable height. At least until she stood next to Orion again. Who still towered over her. Willow pouted for a second before giving an idle shrug. "Oh well. Can't help that." she mused.

                                              "So, what do you think?" she asked, stepping away to give him some breathing room. "Do I pass as a human? I think I look human enough." She looked around again. Everything looked so different from this height, she was the bigger one now. She could easily collect pens in her hand instead of carrying them one by one. Now, if only she had figured this out yesterday! That would have been useful, at least that way she could have maybe confronted Hannah or Apollo properly. "I can stay this way for three hours." she informed him. "Then I need to go back and charge, being like this eats through my battery life very quickly. But that's okay because I think this is awesome. Very, very awesome." Maybe she was being too chatty, and it was too early but she was so excited. She rushed past him again. "I can reach things! Making that coffee was the best thing I've done so far! I might be able to cook, open doors, and hug you!" she quickly backtracked, holding her hands up. "But I'll hold off on the hugging. I actually don't know if you like hugs or not, I think you do but I'm not sure. And it's early. I should probably let you wake up, besides; you're sick. I could hear you coughing last night, it sounded bad. You also felt warm this morning, you may have a fever, I couldn't tell." Willow finally shut her mouth, and gave a sheepish smile. She thought it was neat. Hopefully, she hadn't overwhelmed Orion too much. When he brought an ipod, she doubted this is what he thought he had signed up for. Well, life was just full of surprises, and so was she it seemed.

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                                          Ember lightly smiled at the man's laugh. Crash..? That didn't sound good. She patiently plopped down as he left the room, listening to what muffled noises her ears could pick up. When he returned and flopped onto something, her expression slipped into that of confusion. What's he doing?

                                          When it got quiet, since he said he had nothing else for her to do at the moment, she gently poked and stroked at the surface with her hands. When she was confident about memorizing the surface's texture she moved to her hands and knees, careful of her dress, and felt around for an edge. When she found one she started following it, curious. Coming to a corner, she toppled over the side of the desk, not having anticipated it. Letting out a quiet "Oh!" she tumbled through the air for a moment before stopping mid-tumble, resulting in her being upside down. Blinking, she instinctively, and quickly, kicked her legs and moved her arms as if she was following through a back flip in water to return to the surface for air.

                                          Now right side up, and still floating, she furiously blushed in embarrassment as she hurried to right her dress and smooth it out. Oh, no! What if he saw!? She froze at that, listening for Garry. When she was certain the steadiness of his breathing hadn't changed, she gave a relieved sigh that turned into a frown as she realized her feet weren't touching anything. What's going on..? Where'd the surface go?

                                          At her thought, the tiny girl started floating down, as if in an invisible elevator. She lost her balance as she came in contact with a hard surface, landing on her hands and knees with a whispered "Oh!" Blinking, she hurried to stand, brushing herself off. Tapping the floor with her left foot, she looked curious. Ooh~ This is different. Crouching, she patted the floor. Confident that it was stable, she did an about face and slowly started walking forward, hands outstretched in front of her.

                                          When one of her tiny hands bumped something hard she blinked, rubbing it. It was long, flat, and vertical. She followed the wall, sliding her hand along it. A minute later, her free hand bumped into something hard and thick, to her, on her right. It goes up forever! She thought, in quiet awe, as she felt it over with both hands. Curious to where it led, she wished she could find out. As if on cue, she started floating up. Making a surprised squeak, she grabbed for the long, thick object in protest. Oh! Stopstopstop! She did, abruptly, but not because of the object she was trying to grip. She gave a sigh of relief. "I'm.. What am I doing?" She whispered, blinking. To test whatever it was she was doing, she easily pulled herself to the object without resistance or gravity trying to pull her down, as if she was under water. Straightening herself so she was parallel to it, she started to pull herself up with just her hands, or so she thought, and no hard resistance.

                                          Finally reaching the top, she gripped the edge and peeked her head over it so her chin rested on it, blinking. It felt like the hard object she fell off of! She tested the area directly in front of her with a hand, patting and sweeping, before pulling herself up and sitting with her legs dangling over the side. Not sure of what else she could safely do without upsetting Garry, she started feeling along the desk, avoiding edges and searching for her iPod.

                                          When she finally found it, she phased into the screen and switched to sleep mode, charging.

                                          ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─

                                          Ember stirred out of the sleep mode as she became fully charged. Slipping out of the iPod, she heard the same gentle breathing from earlier. What's that? Is it him? Curious, she smoothed herself out, wanting to investigate what the noise was.

                                          Finding an edge, she took a deep breath. And jumped. She was floating! Oh! I'm the one that controls this! She gave a delighted smile and spun around a couple times, slightly moving to her right to get a feel for control. Giving herself a nod, the orange girl then moved slowly, cautiously, towards the breathing.

                                          When she was confident that the noise's origin was almost right below her, she slowly lowered herself, and landed onto something soft and firm. She reached down to give it a pat, freezing when something invisible and warm collided with her form. She quickly straightened up and put her arms up as a feeble attempt to shield her face, and stepped back, out of it's main reach. What was that?

                                          Quickly sidestepping the next warm blast, she slowly walked forward and came in contact with something warm and squishy; a cheek. Gently prodding around, her little hands moved down to the man's nose, then slowly up to his forehead; it was warm, but not as squishy.

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                              - And turning all against the one is an art that’s hard to teach.
                              - Another clever word sets off an unsuspecting herd.
                              - And as you step back in the line a mob jumps to their feet.

                              ▒▒▒▒▒▒ ░░░ ▓▓▓▓▓

                                                0100010101110010011100100110111101110010 User Image
                                                From where Matt left the ipod the night before, a soft whirling could be heard throughout the night as systems shutdown, rebooted and ran checks. The screen remained bright throughout the night as system alerts flashed, attempting to warn the owner of something going on. There was a delay in the DNA processing. However, it was going on way too late for anyone to notice and finally, near seven in the morning the screen went black for a few minutes, flashed the ipod logo and turned on. Showing the small white haired girl within. She smiled brightly at nothing, the message coming though not a moment later. "Hello! Thank you for purchasing the iGIRL! My name is Alva! Would you like me to-" A blink, then a frown. "To...," Another pause. "Hm." Alva couldn't recall what she was supposed to say, she could even remember a snip-it after that. How weird. Her eyes drifted to look around her, taking in her ipod surroundings with a hum of contentment. Cozy. She then looked up, frowning at the large roof that seemed to expand out above her and into the vast distance. No one was there to listen her message. So she could let her screw up go for now. It wasn't like there was anyone to witness it. There, one thing she didn't have to live down right off the bat.

                                                With her programming plans shot down so soon Alva was forced to find something else to do. She started by seeing if she could reach the large vast roof above her head. She didn't expect to be able to but her hand went right through her own screen and stretched out above her. Her eyebrows shot up in disbelief. 'That can't be normal.' she thought worriedly, pushing her other arm through just to see if maybe it was some sort of glitch. No, now both arms were sticking out of the ipod screen, making it look like she was about rise out of it like some zombie out of a movie. Unsure, she drew her arms back and looked around her. The cables didn't seem to be reacting to her, so maybe she was supposed to be able to do this. Taking a deep breath for courage she grasped the edge of the ipod and pulled herself half way out. Pausing, then stepping out completely. Making sure not to trip on the hem of her dress. "Okay, This is..." She looked around, awestruck. "Huge..." Everything is just so huge! Alright, that's not what she meant to say but how could she not? Almost everything around her towered way about the small girl. "This can't be normal. I can't actually be doing this can I?" Well obviously she can because she wouldn't be standing there otherwise. Alva turned full circle inspecting her surroundings. The desk was covered in papers and notes, indicating her owner was a studious fellow. Her owner however was across the room and apparently sound asleep. So how had she been activated? Alva wondered if it was a delay in the systems. 'Yes, that sounds about right...' she mused, checking through the messages just in case. There were no major alerts, nothing more than an error, which she erased.

                                                Now it was a matter of getting her owners attention, she wasn't going to wait for him to wake up on his own. She may have forgotten her message at the beginning, but she refused to ignored right off the bat. And he was across the room and she had no way to get over there. Alva went back to the ipod and scrolled through the system sounds, picking out the loudest, most alarming sound she could find and then turned the volume up on high. Since her ipod was connected to his computer, it would play through his speakers. Alva looked up at her peacefully sleeping owner. "I'm sorry!" she Whispered before plugging her ears and hitting play. Alva prayed he would forgive her for this, and the tiny smile that was tugged on the edge of her mouth. She'll hit stop when he wakes up, not until then.

                                                lala Lillian Henderson.
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                                                "And now you steal away. Take him out today.
                                                Nice work you did, You’re gonna go far, kid."

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