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O r i o n xG ɑ g e xL u p e i r r exxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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I xw a t c h e d xy o u xd i s a p p e a r

A l l xt h a t ' s xl e f t xi s xa xg h o s t xo f xy o u .

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                                                          "Ahmahgod..." The words came out muffled since his face was being smothered by the pillow. On the floor, the phone chirped and vibrated, creating a loud crackling sound as it buzzed against the hard wood floor. The damn phone had been ringing for 30 minutes. Still, the male was much too lazy to even attempt at picking it up. The device stopped ringing for a minute, and then it started again. [********] He slid his hand off the side of the bed and patted the floor, feeling around for the phone. His fingers located the device and he pick it up, pressing it to his ear as he answered it.
                                                          "Hey a*****e. I've been calling you for like an hour...Ugh, whatever. Look, I'm coming over to get my stuff." Her shrill voice was enough to get him to sit up.
                                                          "What the ******** do you mean, no? I'm not gunna' sit here and wait until you feel like giving me my stuff. So I'm com-"
                                                          "I'm going to put your crap in a box and leave it in the lobby. Bye."

                                                          Orion clicked the red button on the phone and ended the call. He tossed it on the other side of the bed and sighed. Great. This is so great. He dragged a hand over his face as he forced his body off the bed. The girl on the phone was Hannah, a cute blonde bartender Orion hooked up with after one of his gigs. This was how all of his relationships started and ended. Him hooking up with someone at a gig, then having them scream into his ear in the morning about them picking up their stuff. Why do they always want to scream at me in the mornings...? The male mused as he walked around the apartment collecting her things. She didn't have much, they were only together for three months. Honestly, that was the longest relationship he has had. After collecting her things, he headed for the bathroom to wash up a bit. Orion intended in heading to the Apple store to get another iPod. The last one was ended up being an unfortunate victim during Hannah's temper tantrum. He slipped on a hoodie and strapped his vintage hoverboard to his back. It was an old model, but it still ran like a beauty. He gave the box to the receptionist in the lobby and headed out. Well, at least the day was nice.

                                                          The skies were brilliant, and it was relatively cool. People were buzzing about, cluttering the sidewalks. Yorkshire was a busy town, so it took some skill to get around. Orion detached the hoverboard from his back and tossed it to the ground. It automatically extended and he jumped on, speeding off. After several corners and dodging hobos, he made it to the Apple store. The pink-haired male stepped off the hoverboard and reattached it to his back as he walked in. The place was busy as usual. The store was crammed with a variety of people, but he managed to slither his way towards the iPod section. His golden gaze scanned over the models as he tried to find one that looked like his last iPod. As he searched, he came across the new models that came out recently. Something called the iGirls. Orion picked up the box and scanned the features. Why not. For some reason, he just wanted to try something new. Plus, the new generation seemed to be a lot more durable. Rye choose the red one and bought it.

                                                          Ten minutes later he was back at the apartment, happy to know Hannah had picked up her things and that was the end of that. He detached his hoverboard and placed it on the table, and then tossed his hoodie on the bed. The box was pretty small, it had a picture of a lively little animation of a red-headed girl. "Alright technology, let's see what you've got." He broke the seal on the box and opened it up reveal the contents inside. The iPod itself looked like the regular Nano, except it was probably a little bit larger and a touch screen. It was a vibrant metallic red, and had a very sleek design. Orion scanned the manual as he unraveled the charger cable. He picked up the delicate device and and plugged it into his computer. The screen turned on and the terms of service contract came up. He tapped 'agree' on the screen and then it requested the ID code. His eyebrows lifted mildly as he turned the iPod over, only to find two digits on the back. Usually there was a six digit code to these things. Shrugging it off, he typed in the two-digit code which was a simple '01'. As soon as the screen went black, a sudden electrical shock struck his thumb, causing him to flinch and drop the iPod on the desk."Ah s**t. What the hell."

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User ImageWill you still hold me
When you see what I have done?
Will you still kiss me the same
When you taste my victim's blood?

Body Mouth Mind

So crimson and red
I feel it flowing from your lips
When you taste my victim's blood
My heart is dead and so are you

                      User Image"s**t."

                      The word was hissed and lightly punctuated with a German accent as the purple haired male's front ─ minus his head, thankfully ─ slammed into the building's wall. He quickly pulled himself up onto his knees on the flat roof, favoring his right hand ─ thanks to the familiar feeling in his wrist. It was sprained. Again. Ignoring the dull throb in his knees, he shifted into a sitting position that dangled his legs off the side.

                      Giving his pocket a pat and realizing it was empty, he frowned. Lightly gripping the edge with his hands, he glanced over the side with a scowl and heaved a sigh through his nose. Perfect. Now he'd have to waste his money on another one. Ignoring the light, warm breeze, he slightly leaned back and gave a glance around his surroundings while rubbing his wrist. He'd have to take an easy route down, one that he could favor said wrist and not have to worry about further injuring it. Or falling to his death. Scooting back and fluidly rolling to his feet, he was glad he knew the routes like the back of his hand.

                      Some minutes and detours later ─ he was never one to consciously time himself, never needed to nowadays anyway with how efficient he was with his mode of travel ─ he lightly walkedUser Image out of the alley across from the targeted store and headed inside, moving straight for the iPod aisle. He paused as his eye caught iGirls on a package. This is new. With a shrug he plucked up a silver-colored one, an iPod's an iPod, no matter how it's advertised, and headed home, making a quick stop for an ace bandage at the store on the way.

                      His knees thanked him as he comfortably sat on his computer chair. Momentarily flexing his wrist to make sure the stretchy bandage still gave him ample motion and wasn't too tight, he snatched up the package he purchased and took his time opening it. He connected the device to the cord and then the cord to his computer, skimming over the agreement when it popped up. He held the iPod in his left with a relaxed grip. Who even reads these? he mentally scoffed, tapping 'agree' with his right. Flipping the tiny silver machine over for the identification number, he blinked at the very small two digits etched into the back: ten. Just his luck. "...Where's the other four numbers?" Manufacturers must be getting lazy. No surprises there. Entering the measly number, he hit 'continue' and sat back.

                      After a moment the hand and arm gave a slight involuntarily twitch with the abrupt entry of static electricity. He gave a surprised hiss and jerked his hand away, dropping the device onto the desk. It was more of anUser Image unprepared reaction than pained, obviously. "Oh great. You're a defective one, aren't you?" he deadpanned at it with a distasteful glare, rubbing his arm. This thing was proving to be more hassle than it was worth, but the mere thought of the hassle of having to bring the damn thing back for a refund proved to be larger.


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"I would prefer it if you just left me alone."

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Setting: Store Front → Matt's Room
Scene: Opening the Package

-X-X-X-XCameras Ready! Set! Action!X-X-X-X-

          tab Although most people leaving an electronics store with a box in hand would show varying degrees of excitement as they inspect their new device, wondering what joys it may bring, the emotions displayed on Matthew's face led to a keen distinction from the rest of the crowd. Unease, foreboding, paranoia; these were some of the things that a bystander might use to describe what this young adult was feeling at that moment as he quickly walked out of the store. In a way, those bystanders would be right; Matthew's actions cleanly mirrored his emotions as he walked down the street in an attempted discreet manner that only served to make him stand out even more among the bustle of the city. Matt still shared some similarities with the rest of the world as he stared down in anticipation at the box which, although he attempted to hide within his grip, still clearly displayed a brightly colored iGIRLS label to anyone who happen to glance by. Though where you would normally expect an eagerness of joy upon this young man's face there laid only a look of fearful anticipation.

          tab For Matthew, this march of shame could not end any quicker as he hurried along on the long walk back to his dorm. Part of him just wished that he had never gone in the store in the first place. He had gone into the store looking to purchase an iPod with the new iGIRL on it, but when he had found they were out of stock he was forced to go up to cashier to ask if they had any in stock and that was the mistake. Embarrassed enough to be even looking for a product with the name iGIRL, Matthew's question to the cashier turn into a diluted mess of mumbling and stuttering. If not for sign advertising iGIRLS that Matt could shamefully point to, he might have never gotten his point across. Luckily the cashier manage to find one more in the back of the store, but in Matthew's haste the get out of the store as quickly as possible reach to pull out his wallet only to spill the contents of his pockets onto the floor. By that time, Matt's face was beet red of embarrassment and after paying he quickly went for the exit, not even acknowledging the cashier as she said, "Thank you, come again."

          tab By now Matthew almost at a jog, just trying to get away from that store as if distance would be able to erase the memory. Forcing his mind to think of something only led to begin wondering about the product he just bought. He had never wanted to get the new device in the first place. To him trying to keep up with the latest device that came out felt too much like a chore to Matthew but his parents insisted that he buy this new product to keep with the trends. Of course, he knew that wasn't the real reason his parents had insisted. Although Matthew talks to his parents about college only occasionally, he knew that they likely recognized that Matt never talks about friends or social activities in his descriptions of college life. He was a hermit in a sense, never really talking or socializing with anyone just like he had been since high school. In likely some form of parental desperation Matt knew his parent forcefully, got him to buy this device because of the new iGIRL feature, trying to get their son to talk to other people even if it happened to be an AI.

          tab At late, Matthew managed to arrive at the front of his dorm and. in one burst of energy, he quickly rushed into the building, up the stairs, and then finally into his room slamming the door behind him. Matthew's room was small, mostly consisting of just a bed, desk, dresser, and just enough room for someone to be able to walk between them. Save for the furnishing though, the room was surprisingly bare. On the desk laid a single laptop with pad and mouse sitting by it's side. The walls were bare save for a dull vanilla coat of paint and tucked away under the bed sat three clear plastic tubs that seemed to not been unpacked since they were placed there which was surprising considering it was May. A laundry hamper with clothes lazily thrown in sat along the wall, further reducing the already minuscule amount of walking space in the room. Sitting down on his bed to rest, the young adult took another good look at the package he had brought in. On the box he noticed the large, "Now featuring iGIRL!", statement along with a large holographic image of an animated girl. Matthew just sat there, quietly staring at the image with only the low hum of the AC providing any noise in the room. Although he knew it was an AI which couldn't judge, form opinions, or hate, he was still hesitant to start up the device. The static image of the girl on the box, while still showing a smiling face, seem to goad him to continue on, as if the image was looking down on him for being a coward.

          tab Eventually, Matthew gathered up his determination and began to open up the package. Pulling out a variety of stuff; a few cords, the iPod device itself, a booklet advertising the company's other products; the young college student finally came upon a small instruction booklet. Going through the step by step startup guide, Matt came upon a stumble when the statement, "Insert iGIRLS identification number", flash onto the screen. The example given in the booklet showed a 6-digit on the back of the iPod, but when he looked only the number 08 was there. Although strange, Matthew crossed his fingers and type the two digit number into the form. Surprisingly for him, the program accepted the short code and then began to display, "iGIRL now starting up", on the screen. Matt's heart began to tighten as he saw the iPod screen begin to flash in the corner of his eye, he had no idea what to expect.

-X-X-X-XThat's a Wrap!X-X-X-X-
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                          - I won't throw my hands Up like you're the authority.
                          - I know who I am, I know where I'll end up: in flames & that's fine.
                          - Cause I'm finally fed up, Stick with what I started, don't care how it hurts.

                          ▒▒▒▒▒▒ ░░░ ▓▓▓▓▓

                                            The moment the shock was taken and the device was plugged in, the ipod seemed to hum on the desk where it had been dropped. The screen went white; flashing the ipod logo then went black again, as the alert was sent to activate the iGIRL sleeping within. It took no longer then a five seconds for the screen to go blank then flicker back to life. Now on the screen was small red haired female, a pleasant smile on her face as she began her message. "Hello! Thank you for purchasing the iGIRL! My name is Willow! Would you like me to..." Uh... "Would you like me to.." Crap! She didn't remember the rest! That wasn't supposed to happen! Then the woman as she fought to remember her message actually looked up and found she could actually see out! She made eye contact right off the bat, and completely on accident. Doing That didn't help her in the least, in fact, it made things a tad bit worse. The man who bought the ipod didn't seem overly pleased for some reason. 'It's probably because I've messed up..' she mused grimly. What was the rest of the message?! Willow was desperately trying to keep a passive expression but instead looked slightly panicked within the screen as she fought to recall what she was programed to say. If she didn't come up with something soon, he might think she was broken. Willow really didn't want that. So It didn't take her long to give up and wing it, hoping he'd buy it and let her mess up slide. "Uh, what would like to do first? Set up a playlist, or go through the systems?" No, that really wasn't right! Oh well, what could she do? Nothing, that's what. He had to take or leave it! Hopefully he wouldn't respond badly to her lack of memory, it only took her a few tries before she recovered enough to spew something out. It was better than nothing! Willow was frazzled, and caught completely off guard by her lack of knowledge; and so she leaned against the screen for support. How could this happen to her? As she leaned there, the girl didn't quite realize her elbow was actually sticking out of the screen at first. She only realized that when she got the nerve to cast a meek grin at her owner, the grin faded into something close to horrified silent scream. That was not supposed to happen! Most. Certainly. not.

                                            After she recovered from her new found discovery, Willow suddenly had little interest in the man above. She was more keen on seeing if maybe that had been an accident. Having withdrawn her elbow, she stuck her arm out, wiggling her fingers before yanking her arm back in, holding it to her chest, pausing. She could see out of the screen, and now go past it? It was odd, but Willow wasn't about to put up a fight about it. It wasn't long before she coming out the ipod completely. Head and shoulders first, using her upper body to haul the rest of her up and out. Once she was out, she stood there; hands on her hips looking very proud of herself. Even sending a smug look at the device from which she came. "Well, how curious! Who knew I was allowed to come out!" Willow finally looked back up her owner to see how he was taking it. Willow lightly tapped her foot on the metallic looking device and grinned once again. "Ah! How rude of me, what's your name?" This time she offered her hand out to shake before realizing that it would take both of her hands to shake one of his fingers. 'Oh well.'

                                            Despite her surprise and joy at being out and about, she was programmed to run the ipod at start-up and so she looked at it. Deciding what to do. "So..., I sorta forgot my original message...," Willow admitted, playing with the scroll option under her foot; clearly ashamed. "But I still know how to start your playlist if you want to!" That was provided she hadn't frightened him to death already, or convinced him that she needed to be returned right away! She was fine, really! While she waited on an answer, her gaze drifted around her new home, taking in the sights. Everything seemed to be so huge! Household items seemed to tower over her, making her feel smaller than she already was. And the floor looked like it was quite a ways down. She made a note not the trip off the desk or not pay attention to where she was going. If her owner did decide he was going to keep her and not shut her down for good, she would certainly do some exploring! The home was just too massive not to. Willow refused to be confined to ipod now that she knew she could come out. And no amount of pleading, or yelling was going to tell her otherwise!

                                            [[ ooc: -- ]]

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                                                            X X X The door to his flat had been left wide open... just... gaping open and letting in the darkness of the long hallways of the building outside. People could be seen, every so often as the strode by, some glancing curiously in the direction of the open door. It wasn't fully open, but it was open enough that you could see just enough on the inside. The little hall that lead inside, and then some of the living room and the windows on the back wall. But no one dared to step inside or even close the door out of hospitality. They all knew who lived within the confines of that particular flat and they knew better than to go around trying to be nice to that bloke. He was that sort of guy that everyone kind of watched like hawks, their hands always nice and close to their phones, prepared to call the famed three digit number should he ever start to get crazy. There'd been only a few times that he caused a bit of a ruckus inside the apartment building and had to be put in a cell for the night but he seemed to be getting good at keeping his entries subtle. No one heard him come in last night and while that was a good thing, it also kind of made others uneasy. The bloke was the type of person you somewhat want to know where he is.

                                                            A thin man strode quietly by the open doorway before pausing, blinking lightly as he was briefly distracted by a tiny little... form sitting in the doorway. Turning his gaze upon the little fur ball, the man found himself utterly taken aback. A tiny little fox-faced Pomeranian sat quietly in the doorway, its pointy little ears perked forward at him, beady eyes staring quietly at him and its little pink tongue lolling out from its mouth. Around its tiny throat was a small collar from which dangled a little silvery skull and crossbones pendant. The man glanced quietly around for a moment. How did this little dog get up here? Or... more like, where did the little thing come from anyway? That was when the small pooch bared her teeth at him and stood up, her ears laying back against her tiny skull and her whole little fluffy form taking on a very poofy appearance, making her look all the bigger. "YAP YAP YAP!!" She barked angrily at him, snapping those tiny jaws as she did. The man blinked several times before quickly backing further away from the dog than what he already was, and then hurrying off down the hall and for the stairs. He could still hear her barking madly at him from the gaping doorway. Once the man was well out of sight, the small animal sat back on her haunches, panting once again with that friendly little face. However, in that moment, she'd picked up the sound of movement from somewhere within the flat behind her. Peering quietly over her shoulder, the little Pom-pom listened quietly.

                                                            From the living room, down a nearby hall and into another gaping room, two forms could be seen on the bed, the black covers just... well, it was like they exploded or something form underneath. But neither forms were moving at the moment. They were both perfectly still. As the Pomeranian in the front of the flat began to bark and growl and snap her teeth, the smaller form of the two shifted and groaned lightly from practically beneath the covers. A slender hand popped out from beneath the covers then and patted the other figure's shoulder lightly, wiggling it faintly. "Kill... you're dog's barking..." The figure grumbled softly, voice tired. The second figure, was the source of the blue and blond hair that splayed out over the pillows, only a smidgen of his face visible. That being his eyes. Pulling open both of those turquoise colored orbs to but an inch, he glanced blearily around the room, his vision cloudy. Hissing softly at the bright light that peered through the dark curtains that hung over his window, just next to the large bed, the male grunted and pulled the covers up over his head, squeezing his eyes shut as his head pounded. Hangover.... But sure enough, as the other had stated, there was a dog barking in the house. Kill growled softly before pushing the covers off from himself and leaning up on the bed. He wore only his pants, which were undone even. But without his shirt, the tan shade of his well muscled chest was revealed, as well as the glowing white and blue lined tattoo that sat on his bicep, the many different wings that flew out from the heart shape in the center stretching on his back and chest.

                                                            Lightly rubbing the back of his neck, the man stood, eyes held just an inch open before he snatched his sunglasses off from the nightstand beside his bed. Hooking them on over his ears, he was able to open his eyes a little more without being utterly and completely blinded and exposed to more pain in the head. Striding from the room, his hand falling against the doorway frame to keep him from bumping into it, he pushed himself out into the living room, looking quietly around for a moment before spotting the tiny form of his dog at his feet. Staring quietly down at the small panting creature that practically grinned up at him, her little pink tongue lolling out of the side of her mouth, he hissed at her, her ears perking with interest, mouth closing as she tipped her head to the side. "Shh!" He hissed again before striding around her, peering over at the open doorway. Grunting softly, the tall man moved to the door and pushed it shut, turning and rubbing lightly at his head. "Yap yap yap!!" The high pitched barks from his dog made his head boom and he pinched the bridge of his nose, sneering at the agony. "Frit -- Fritz. Fritz!! Stop! Shh!" He commanded of her, falling into a crouch and putting his hand in front of her face. She fell silent, but only to lick his hand. Blinking nonchalantly behind his glasses, he huffed before hoisting the dog up into his arms, tucking her against his chest, his hand against her tummy and chest to keep her supported. She didn't like being held like a baby. This was the only way to hold her and have her be happy.

                                                            Striding off into the little kitchen of his flat he pulled open one of the cupboards and produced a small can of wet dog food. Instantly, she started to wiggle and whine with excitement, the little whimpers practically sounding like cries. "Oh, you know what this is don't you?" Kill chuckled as she scrabbled around against the side of his chest, little legs flailing in excitement. Frantically licking his hand she whined up at him, making the man chuckle. You'd think the poor thing was being starved but no... she just got super excited whenever it was time to eat. Dumping the food into her bowl and cutting it up into small pieces so that she was able to eat it easier, he set the bowel down on the floor then put down the squirming puppy. She was instantly face deep in the bowel, devouring the squishy food. Kill shook his head lightly as he stood up straight and quietly set to making coffee. You'd think... eleven o'clock? Shouldn't this joker be up already? No... not really. Eleven, and even sometimes one o'clock is his usual wake up time as the man was a creature of the night really. Getting up at eight o'clock in the morning means there's something wrong. Standing over the counter, the man busied himself with the coffee machine before slumping over onto the counter as the coffee was brewed. The water heated up, and drizzled into the coffee grains beneath and then into the pot as coffee. He stood before the counter, head laying on the counter in his arms, eyes closed for the moment.

                                                            It was a set of hands against his hips that startled him back into wakefulness, the male shooting up to his full six foot five height. Blinking widely behind his shades, he peered over his shoulder at the person who had so easily startled him as their arms snaked around his waist. It was his companion for the previous night. A young man about his age with sharp fox-like eyes and long dark hair. Kill smirked faintly before turning back to stare at the coffee machine. "Good morning to you too." He murmured groggily. "Solar Day's today. You got anything planned for that, Kill?" The other asked quietly, gazing at the small dog that snarfed her food down so quickly. Kill shook his head, 'No, not really. Pointless holiday, honestly." He mumbled quietly before finally the coffee maker dinged.

                                                            Kill and his companion sat quietly before the TV, staring at news listlessly really while drinking their coffee. Kill and usually anyone who spent the night with him were typically dead to the world before they had some sort of something in the morning to wake them up and more or less return them to the world of the living. Fritz wandered aimlessly about the flat before managing to climb onto the couch and into her master's lap, laying across him while he gently petted her. After a bit, his partner decided it was time to go and eventually left. Kill sat silently still before the TV in his living room, before his eyes fell over something of interest that lay prone upon the glass table before him. It was nothing more than a slim little iPod really... no headphones of any sort attached. Glancing between the TV and the iPod for a moment, Kill finally leaned forward and picked up the slim device. Looking it over, he stood, after setting Fritz down of course, and meandered over to his desk before flopping over into the chair. Batting the mouse lightly, the screen of the computer lit up as he plugged the iPod into it. Kill turned as his turquoise eyes settled over the computer, watching it as it brought up a few screens. Accepting the terms of service and what not without really reading of course as he had not the time to just sit and read over that crap, he was told to put in the ID number. The multi-colored haired male grunted softly before grabbing the iPod and turning it over, looking it over for a moment before setting it back down. 'o8' he typed into the little box before hitting enter.

                                                            Yawning quietly as the computer proceeded to process the information that was given to it, Kill yelped as a light shock coursed through him from his fingers which sat perfectly close to the iPod. Grunting and snatching his hand from the vicinity of the device, the man glared at it for a moment. "The hell..." He mumbled crossly before huffing and standing leaving the little desk as he wandered into his room, dressing himself for the day. Well, for his routinely work out really. A pair of loose pants, a white tank top, his sneakers, and of course the wraps around his hands. His knuckles were scabbed, bruised, and even a bit bloody from what was obviously a rough encounter. But it wasn't just his knuckles really, it was various parts of him that seemed to have taken a beating. Various bruises decorated his sun-kissed skin, cuts, claw marks... all sorts of little injuries. Stretching out his arms above his head, the male left his room, staring quietly for a moment at the computer and the musical device attached to it before he departed from the flat, heading down several flights of stairs and then outside, only to swing around the building and head into the lower confines of it. Fritz stared quietly at the door through which her master had left before turning and staring up at his desk, only to leap into the chair and stand up on her hind paws, her front paws against the edge of the desk as she stared at the computer and the little iPod connected to it.
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      I hate this town... Well, that escalated quickly for an introduction. But the voice that never speaks out only talks within the mind. What good would sharing this perspective with anyone else do? It's not like they'd truly understand his situation any better. Even those who would say the same thing...do they honestly mean what they are saying? Do they really despise this town so much that departing from it would only grant freedom from sorrow? It's full of all the memories I want to forget about. That seems like a pretty legit reason, with the evidence to prove of those memories. Hell, he was a witness to all those memories. But counting himself as a victim wouldn't be right, because that's not the case. He's far from being innocent. You could say he's culprit. Do whatever the f*** I want, chat with a few friends, and then go home. There's no place I'd rather not go ever again.

      Living alone in a small house, his old man is the one who brought up the idea of him moving out, saying how he wanted more air to breathe and space to stretch. Like he had a choice, the guy was raging and intoxicated. Besides, staying in that house, with his junkie of an old man, with that idea in mind...it was a bittersweet taste. Kicked out of the house he has been living in ever since he was a kid, but that old man made it unbearable to even try and take a whiff of the place. It smelled like him! Maybe this'll do some good, their relationship has already gone down the toilet. They are so distant and neglectful, acting like strangers to each other. Even though they are just sitting there, watching TV together. With no job, and a high school drop out at the end of freshman year, how is he suppose to be for the house while he's there? Simple. His old man pays the bills for it, sometimes. Sometimes the bills are paid from savings of his own. That's the least bit of kindness he has ever showed him, but he better not expect any gratitude. Not for he has done! Not for what he destroyed!

      Will something eventually change, doing this? Will that day ever come? Revealing his red eyes that reflected off some of the sun's rays, shading his eyes with his left hand. Apollo. Named after the Sun God from Greek mythology, due to his abnormal matching eye and hair color. A pair of headphones, comfortably covering his ears to blast some music only to him, connected to an ancient iPod. And by ancient, that's the iPod from many decades ago. Yeah, Apollo isn't exactly made of gold bars and diamonds. So he had to deal with the humiliation of using something that is made from the land before time. "Geez, probably in the 2000's, this would comparable to using one of those tape recorders." Well, girls these days mostly cared about money. That's all they care about. The universal tool to gain power and take what you want. Paper surely is the strongest thing on Earth. "Why couldn't I have been born a century ago? Those 90's times sound like a helluva era.."

      So now of all days, it decided to short circuit on him, totally frying out the battery and shattering the screen. The hot spark giving Apollo a first-degree burn, to think everything in your pockets will be safe. The damn thing just cooked him. "Ah! That stings!" Reaching into his pocket and pulling out the self-destructive iPod, yeah...totally blown beyond recognition. Releasing a long whistle, slightly amazed, of course he's still angry about the burn. But it didn't hurt that much. "Wow, baby died on me. I guess I could always get a new one. What are they...like ten notes now?" No one really buys the old iPods anymore, though they are still in stock for some reason. They probably stopped making it in good quality that they have became defective. Beggars can't be choosers, I suppose. How much do I have with me?

      Tossing the defective device aside, he reached into his other pocket and pulled a black leather wallet, opening it to see the contents inside. A small puff of dust was only released, along with a moth that flew out the first chance it got. "FREEDOM!!!" Never has he wanted to rage so badly. But crying over spilled milk isn't really his thing, he'd rather get another cup of milk and make a bigger mess out of everything, then tell someone else to clean it up for him. "Well, whoopty-freakin-doo~ I'm broke so I can't get a life." Now shaking his entire wallet to see if any spare change could be dwelling within, holding his hand under the wallet to catch anything that could be worth of something.

      Apollo would have thanked any God...if he believed in religion. But for now he'll just thank his own smarts and luck. He caught a few Bits, enough for a airBUS ride to one stop. "Looks like I'm goin have to do this the old fashion way. Hopefully there aren't too many out on patrol. I can't afford another offense in the slammers." His fingers clenched onto the small coins in his palm. He also couldn't afford to drop a single Bit. This won't be the first time he has took a ride in an airBus.

      Stepping off the airBUS as it made a landing, obviously one of it's stops is right in front of an Apple store, that surely saves him the slight walk. While he was in the vehicle, he couldn't help but notice some hateful glances. Why is that not surprising? Apollo has built up the negative reputation of being a notorious delinquent. It's nice to have a paparazzi, isn't it? Dusting himself off, as someone did trip him while he was making his way off the airBUS. It took all he could to keep his temper inside, he is just on the verge of breaking. Just one more thing and he'll jump off a cliff. "Geez, what the hell is their problem? I just came in for a ride." The majority of passengers are mostly workers, which he hated.

      Entering the Apple store, a cool atmosphere slapped onto the crimson male, but not even this could calm his fire. One thing is for sure, he is quite bedazzled by how many products and accessories could placed into one shelf. All of it seemed so organized too! The shelves could even reach the ceiling! Just how much has been invested into these music products?! It's crazy how so many people can agree that music is like a life. So many shiny products! It all looks too good to pass up! The fever is getting to him! No wonder so many people buy these Apple stuff, it's so captivating that it lures you in and makes you buy it. Like these vacuum packed products have a cute tiny voice...'Buy me, Buy me~! You know you want to~ I'm so shiny...and new~ I just want a new home, with your money~' Fight it, Apollo. Fight it! Don't give in...to the...talking products!

      To point his body froze, eyes became blank. The product is too strong, it has possessed him. Walking with his arms out, palms open. Like a zombie or some sort. Approaching one of the fancy looking shelves to collect what he wants. Resistance is futile, he could not ignore his wants. Shaking his head violently to snap himself out of his daydream. Stay focused, Sun God. You're are here on a mission, to retrieve a regular iPod and make a break for it. Short and simple! Yep, that's correct, he is going to steal one. Hey, it's not the first time he has done this, most of the time they see him taking it and don't even care since it doesn't even give them a single percent of profit anymore. So it is kind of like a handout or sample of Apple now. That's how degenerated it has become.

      Before encountering the old iPod bin, it didn't even deserve to be on a shelf like the others, and the bin looked like a garbage can. He has located all the emergency exists by walking all around the store, ignoring the other flashy iPods that tempted him, he's doing good so far. This was essential to his escape, the front door would be no good, even if he ran at a sprint. He'd get caught before he even stepped outside. Probably shot or tazered down.

      But what is there to worry about? They won't care at all. They'll just look the other way, gladly losing one of their useless products. All Apollo is doing is collecting their trash that is stinking up the place, and that's just embarrassing. Forget that, as long as he got some music to listen to, nothing else matters. As he slowly reached into the bin for a red iPod, of course red is his favorite color, he has to live with red for the rest of his life. So why not? Don't hate. His heart began to pound and increase beat rate within a minute. Leaning down He gulped, his breathing became more heavy. All he could concentrate on his reaching for a red iPod, everything else was so silent. Like the world just lost it's sense of hearing. Along with everyone else. What's the matter with him?! He's done this before, many times to be precise. Lost count. And he's acting like a little boy stealing candy and shoving everything into his pockets. "Jus...Ju...Just...!" Chocking back on his words, he couldn't find anything to motivate himself to do the right thing or the wrong thing, or even just stop himself right there. "Jus-Just do it, damn it! Ahh!" With a war cry, he decided to himself. Thrusting his hand into the bin, and desperately reaching for the red iPod, about to claim it as his own.

      Until a huge gleam of light spread from behind him, as first he was oblivious to it. But just when he was about to grasp his targeted iPod, he became aware. S***! The coppers! All I gotta do is turn around slowly and explain myself, and they'll probably let me off with a warning. Maybe. I could be brought into custody, and if they do that...a background check. Then they'll surely know who I am and what I've done. And then... He could already hear those jail cell doors slamming shut right in front on him, while he wears an orange jumpsuit. "The slammers! Screw this, I'm better off running for my life than sleeping with my a** to the wall every night." Standing up straight and holding his hands in the air, parallel to his head, right arm lower than the left. I remembered that there is an emergency exit close to where he is standing. All it takes is the perfect timing and he's on the chase. "I have to right to remain silent. Anything I do will be used against in the court of law, until proven guil-...You ain't gonna catch me, you sunava bi-!" Suddenly turning around just to taunt. How wrong he is...? Very!

      The source of light has been gleaming off of one the Apple Products on the shelf, it is much bigger than the rest on the shelf, probably it was misplaced there. What is that...? That always happens in stores. You'll find an orange where the apples should be. But this one is different from the rest, it gave off a...feeling. A new type of temptation that wasn't pressuring him. But still...it made him want it even more. Lowering his arms to his side and walking up to it, he grasped the box gently. Careful not to drop it, as a single taint could ruin the whole thing. Why has he became so calm all of a sudden? He was sweating just a second ago. Apollo began inspecting the box from back to front, with a hand on his chin. "iGIRL...? Lollie?" Lollipop? Is that what it means, or is it sweet like a lollipop? At first he had no idea what he has just been inspecting in the first place, until he remembered seeing something like this on a TV commercial. Removing his hand from his chin and snapping his finger. "Now I remember what this is! It's a Vocaloid from japan~!" WRONG! The crimson male became doubtful with his own answer, that's not what this is. It's far from it. Because this isn't japan. Until he remembered another commercial from Apple, promoting a new product they came up with. This is the very same one!

      It is one of those new iGIRLS product, they are the top trend of today, with such a hefty price! It's unbelievable on how many zeros there could be on a single item! He could never afford such a price even if he sold his house to the highest bidder. The crimson male's eyes slightly lit to how revolutionary this device is, it comes with some many things he hasn't even heard of before. Which some of it he'll probably never use. But it's still cool to have it! It says it projects some kind of cute girl on the screen to help you navigate through the whole thing and help you set up everything. I do like a me a cute girl, and this girl on the box surely is something to stare at. Such organizing songs and pictures. But there came one turn off that he just realized over the amazement that made him want to drop the box and step on it all over the floor. It's pink. He hates the color pink. Very much. The color should have never existed. It's too generic and girly, he could never see himself looking tough with pink iPod in hand. He could be judged and get into trouble with the street punks. What good will a pink iGirl do? Nothing! It's better off burnt into ashes and sent into deep space where it'll implode in a matter of days. Not even the aliens would find it useful.

      "Piece of crap...got my all excited for nothing. If only you weren't made a mistake. I'd take any color except for pink." Just before he was about to set down the box back where he found it, he noticed that the other boxes doesn't match the iGIRL's shape or design. It was left here, separated from the other like it's own. Because some person found out he didn't have enough money, so he just left it here all alone to be discriminated. That's just what Apollo was about to do! He was just about to do the same heartless mistake the previous guy did, it may be just a box with no life. But he could relate to how the iGIRL looked on that shelf. Separated. Slowly bringing the box back into his personal space, his face became somewhat irritated in defeat as he stared back at the picture of the pink iGIRL. "Tsk! You're so lucky you're cute. I'll take you, but you're just a box, so I don't expect anything out of this!" Weirdest conversation with a box. Actually, only conversation with a box. He's actually talking to a box...wonderful. There is one problem at hand that even he can't get over. He's flat out broke! If he even tries to run out the store with this in his hand, they won't hesitate to open fire and make him into swice cheese. Before he even reaches the checkup line. He'll successfully die trying. "Damn it, you're becoming more trouble than you're worth with those zeros! I'll figure something...just let me think for a second."

      Shifting his head in many directions to find something that he could use, maybe a weapon so he could fend off some security or a distraction to buy enough time. Just walking out the other exits won't cut it, they'll surely notice. What to do?! That's when he saw it! What exactly was his hope? It is that bin full of old iPods...it's either that's his ray of hope or he's just getting desperate. And everything is getting so much tense. What will he do?


      "Get back here, Tin man!" Those are the words that were commanded at him from behind in hot pursuit, security is on his tail. Apollo had his ray of hope covering the upper area of his body, the bottom of inside swaying on the top of his head. Basically he looks like an upside down tin trash can with legs coming out from the opening, as that is what the three security guards reported to their shoulder communicators as they were chasing the ray of hope. A few iPods that hitched a ride on him began to fall out, making a small trail from a short distance to his escape route. The trail won't go the far, the last of the iPods probably all fallen by now. The tin bin is a great disguise, no one will ever believe their chasing a trash can and running away with an iGIRL tucked between his arms, and they can't identify him by his upper body. It's genius! The security surely is doing a great job keeping up with his pace though, Apollo is slightly faster than they are, but losing them won't be easy. He needs a getaway vehicle BEST. IDEA. EVER. The thrill of the chase always gets people to do crazy things, which isn't always a good thing. Won't this be a crazy story to tell his friends? Of course they won't believe a thing he says, but all he knows is that he is the culprit, like always.


      After headbutting a pedestrian on a Hovercycle with his ray of hope, KO, the person fell over onto the paved road and didn't seem to be moving anymore. There was no warning or clever quote after robbing the man of his vehicle, it just happened, and Apollo drove off at full speed with it. Ignoring all traffic signals and just passing through dangerously. He couldn't see the dangers ahead with his disguise, but he knew where he was going, his small home to take shelter for awhile until this whole thing Tin man news dies down. There are now people bearing witness to what he has done. A few accidents were caused because of him, but so what? It's not like anyone else has done something like that before. Oh, boo-hoo~ The crimson male may have actually committed his first murder, but all the adrenaline didn't make him think twice about his actions, he just needed a getaway vehicle. At times like these there is nothing to regret, as long as you are home free, cry about it later. And that Hovercycle was the closest thing to him, so why not? That headbutt did have some recoil to it, banging his head against tin bin to with enough force to knock the guy out. And all that running caused some friction against the first-degree burn on his upper leg, the pain became slightly excruciating to point where sprinting at full speed in now impossible without cringing.

      Apollo peeked out his window through the blinds, checking if any passing cop cars are investigating anything suspicious since his little incident. No sign of them, the coast is clear. "Maybe I didn't think this through that well. I know that won't be recognized with that disguise and everything...but, I already have a bad rep for being a delinquent. I should lay low for awhile." The same trash bin he used as his disguise sat comfortably on his small couch. It's a part of the family now. And that Hovercycle he jacked is staying hidden inside his small garage only fit for one car or two cycles, maybe he'll have to give it a new paint job and license plate so it won't be recognizable to the one the Tin man stole. It's also a part of the family now. A few faded sirens startled Apollo, but after realizing it's a long distance away made him sigh of relief. "I really gotta calm down, I'm safe now." Mostly.

      Trailing his eyes to his house surroundings, everything was a mess, it's his true man cave. And nothing can take that away from him. The dishes and trash is piling up, there is dirty clothes and food stains all over the floor, there is a punched in hole in the wall. There even some stuff on the wall that even he doesn't know what the heck it is, but he just leaves it there. Yep, this is no place for a lady, this is the house of the delinquent. Taking a big whiff of the air and sighing of satisfaction, yep...that's the smell of freedom. But of course he has a drier and washing machine, he just never really learned how to use it. He's too lazy to throw out the trash and clean the dishes. Some of the food in the fridge has passed it's expiration date or completely spoiled, and he still eats it! He has an iron stomach, able to chow down on anything without making it churn. It's sad to say, but this place is starting to turn out like his father's house, and the crimson doesn't want to follow him in any footsteps.

      Averting his eyes from the glorious kingdom, to the iGIRLS he has stole and brought back here. With the help of Tin man. "Well, I must say. Today wasn't as I planned, and I really wasn't trying to risk my life on anything. But...it was interesting, that surely was something of a change I was looking for, and you granted it for me. I gotta thank ya for that, I guess. I got you and a Hovercycle out of it~! I'm on a roll today! High five!" Slapping his palm onto the printed face of pink iGirl on the box. That reminded him, now is a good time to be activating this product. It sure was a long day, so now he claims his reward, Opening the box properly and shaking out the contents inside onto the coffee table. Out came the pink iPod with a USB charge, USB outlet plug, and an instructions manual. "Gah! I still hate this color, but I've dealt with worse. So bring it on" With a quick tilt of his head, there is a slight crack, ridding himself of a stiff neck. Then cracking his knuckles to get more comfortable. Now gathering all the stuff that fell outside the box and walking towards the bedroom where his computer is, leaving the box behind on the coffee table since there is no more use of it. He read the first steps of instructions to himself before proceeding. Kind of get prepared. "Connect charger to computer with iPod to turn it on. Hmm, simple enough." Shrugging and now entering his room, closing the door behind him, there is a sign on the other side that says 'This is where the magic happens.' With a picture of a wizard next to it holding a staff, inside the texts bubbles: 'You say not pass!'

      Taking a seat on his moving chair with six wheels. With the computer turned on and waiting for it to fully load it before doing anything else, then plugging in the pink iPod in it. A TOS contract that is mandatory to read popped up on the iPod's small screen.. This must be important, maybe Apollo should actually read it this time. He has always ignored stuff like this when he knew it wasn't important and it didn't matter. But this is something he worked so hard for to claim as his own, he should treat it with the highest of care and it this contract. "Wahahaha-haha! Nope~! Skippity skip!" Moving his thumb counterclockwise in a circle through the sensitive directional padding, scrolling down without a care even though all of this may contain the cure to all illnesses, and nobody would ever know. Just the thought of that...made Apollo scroll even faster down. "Wow, this thing must go on forever. I wonder if anyone returned the product just for this reason, way to go Apple." He must have been scrolling for a good minutes two by now. And now he reached the bottom. Selecting 'Agree.' Why wouldn't he? It's only common sense. "Finally, my finger just ran a damn marathon!" Anyone who picked Disagree to this by accident must have cried their eyes out, knowing they have to do that all over again.

      Then a 6 digit input code popped up, looking back at the instructions manual to figure out what to do next, the paper knew best. And he doesn't want to screw this up, maybe if he does something wrong, everything will be for naught. Next step, enter iGIRL's identification code. Which located on the back of the iPod. It is a six digit code. Also simple, got it. Flipping the iPod to view the back in his hand, the crimson male raised a brow to the sight. There is only two digits, 02. Is this some kind of pun? Did he pick up a gag item this whole time? Was this all to make a fool out of him? "Well, that's peculiar, it says a six digit code. But all I see is two. I guess I should try it, at least. See if it works." Inputting '02' and then selecting continue. The code actually went through! What's going on? Maybe there is a screw up in making this iPod. That's gotta be it. There is no other logical explanation. Shaking his head wildly to snap himself out of deep thought, all that adrenaline must have got him thinking crazy thoughts. All of this ain't over yet. There is one more step, which he hasn't read yet.

      ZAP! A pulse of electrical charge surged throughout Apollo's body from the iPod, making him twitch greatly for a second before his body reacted to the pain. It traveled to every inch of his body and came back to the iPod. The shock startled him so much that he ended up jumping out of his own chair and falling back. Slightly dazed from the sudden shock and fall, blinking a couple of times before regaining his composure and stance. There was a pizza slice stuck to the ceiling, that's pretty cool. Never noticed that until now. Pushing himself off the rugged flooring, and carrying himself with his feet, sitting back on the chair. "What the-! What was that?! Is it suppose to do that?!" Looking down at his iPod, now faced up when he released it from his grasp. Something was happening to the screen. Was there some kind of image trying to be processed? It just looks like a bunch of flashing colors. Did he break it? Or is it suppose to do that? "That's it, you're going back to where you came from. I'm returning you. You're as self-destructive as my old iPod." Easier said than done, the security is probably now much more tight. They'll probably try and notice Tin man for his legs, a simple change of pants will solve that problem. His eyes shifted to the computer screen, which kind of mimicked the iPod's screen, with it's many colors. Letting out a depressed sigh. Is his computer gonna self-destruct too? "I guess I better start shopping for a new model..."

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    "RAAAAAAAANG!" That shivering sound of the college bell again. Luckily, this time was to announce the end of physics class. Even if Kyle was an outstanding student, that didn't mean he enjoyed seeing classes, and much less physics, the class that he hated the most. He hated the subjects, the classroom, the classmates, the experiments, even the almost-dead teacher Mr Wayne. To Kyle, it seemed like the guy was 95 years old, every class was like an eternity with that teacher, he walked slow, he spoke slow, everything was slow in physics class. Nevertheless, Kyle's physics grades were almost perfect, as in every college subject, he just had to pay a little more attention than in other classes and have a really good night sleep the night before so he wont go and fell asleep right in the middle of the class, and it was piece of cake. With the bell ringing and physics class over, Kyle stood up and started putting his books inside his backpack, the classes were over for the day, and without soccer practice that day, he had an afternoon to spare. A series of thoughts of what he could do that afternoon that started to arise on his head immediately died when he reached his big headphones with his right hand and remembered he had nothing to plug them on. Kyle had never lost any object in his life ... until yesterday, he looked all over his room, but couldn't find his iPod. Feeling quite weird that morning walking to college without any music to listen, he decided to go buy a new iPod as soon as he got out of classes, of course, semi-lethal Mr Wayne's class can make you forget about everything besides "When is this thing going to end?" . But now he remembered, he had to go buy an iPod, Kyle couldn't bare everyday (specially when he spent most of the time all alone) without listening to his favorite music.

    Hanging his backpack on his right shoulder he got out of the classroom, walking down the hall making his way to the exit he started thinking about where should he buy the new iPod, it was funny though, back when he lived in New York he couldn't even imagine having an iPod, and much less buying a new one just because he lost one. Now that he had a job everything was easier, specially since he didn't have much hobbies other than reading and playing soccer, and he already had a mountain of books to read, he loved reading, but whenever he was in a bookstore he always ended up buying enough books for six months, so he still had a lot to read and he could spend the money in whatever he wanted to spend it. He decided to buy it in the store where he bought the first one, it's not like it was the store fault he lost it. He took the bus back to Yorkshire's Square, which took about half an hour of his time, since college was a bit far from town, and then walked a little until he reached the store. Seeing the iPods that were on the main counter his eye caught a big square sign: "Check the new iGirls HERE" "iGirls huh? Kyle murmured. As his clothes clearly showed, Kyle loved everything that was purple, so he couldn't help buying the purple one right away. On the box, was an animated picture of a girl in a purple dress, sitting over a mini iPod and smiling.

    Kyle walked for a bit and arrived to his building, went up the stairs, opened his apartment door and walked into his room, he ripped off the packing of the box and opened it. Looking at the purple device he smiled: It was perfect, an all-purple nano-iPod with mini purple headphones and a purple cable. He looked at the instruction booklet that had another animated picture of the purple-dressed girl on it , connecting the charger to the iPod and plugging it in the computer, he agreed to the Terms of service and proceed to see the back of the iPod to see the identification code, it just had 2 numbers, which was weird, since, as said in the booklet, it was supposed to have 6. Kyle entered the code, not prepared for what was about to happen. Holding the iPod, he received a static shock, making him drop the device on the table next to his desktop computer. "What the...?


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                    The sound of buzzing computer fans and machines running, tainted the silence in the room. The place was a complete mess, there were dissected electronics and parts EVERYWHERE. It was almost like the neatest metal-yard in the world. Huge computer monitors lined the walls, with their cables snaked around one another, making an electrical mess. The left side of the room was a small chemistry lab; test tubes were bubbling away. Next to that was a large bookshelf filled with vials containing mystery chemicals and liquids. The entire laboratory was just a giant clutter of things that were neatly arranged in an unusual way. The body that was sprawled out on the floor, with parts and tools surrounding it, was the body of Eli Helios Vonacade. A complete genius in every field that had to do with science. The screen of the main monitor above blinked on and off for a few minutes until it finally turned on. Right under the monitor was a large metallic desk, cluttered with bits and pieces of every Apple product ever made.

                    "Attention. Data core extraction of Apple product #08677 has reached 100% completion.
                    Attention. Data core extraction of Apple product #08677 has reached 100% completion.
                    Attention. Data core extraction of Apple product #08677 has reached 100% completion.
                    Attention. Data core extraction of Apple product #08677 has reached 100% completion. "

                    The message continued to repeat in a stoic female voice. The body on the floor began to move as he began to wake up. A small groan was heard as he stretched out on the floor. Lazily, he opened his lids, revealing silver colored eyes. The announcement of the main computer was ringing in his ears. Slightly annoyed, he forced himself to stand up, and dragged himself over to the computer, taking a seat on the swivel chair. A few taps at the keys, and the alarm shut off. Without wasting another moment, the male scanned the information on the screen. Eli's fingers attacked the keys on the keyboard as he began to load the information on the data core to a disk. This could finally be it, he might just reach a breakthrough in curing himself. His face was twisted in concentration as he began to construct the program. One would think the bandage over his eye would impair his vision, but it didn't. At this point, it was pretty much a part of him. The machine began to wheeze and steam as the information was burned on the disc. Working at a quick pace, he ejected the disc and placed a foot at the edge of his desk. With a rough pushed, he propelled himself and the swivel chair, rolling towards the other side of the room to the next computer. "Alright beautiful, let's do this." He opened the disc tray and placed the disc in. The program began to load as he prepared the variables to it. As always, Eli does a mock trial before he does the experimentation on himself. He pushed himself away from the second computer and rolled over to the bookshelf where all the chemicals were.

                    After pressing a series of buttons the bookshelf flipped over and revealed new vials of liquids that where covered in frost. Eli choose one of his blood samples and flipped the bookshelf back to it's original side. Once again he pushed away from the bookshelf and swiveled towards the second computer. He placed the blood sample inside the testing machine, the computer then immediately went to work. The testing machine began to wheeze as he began to process the blood sample. "All good so far." The excitement was building up inside of him as he watched the numbers on the screen process. Suddenly the machine began to spark out of control and the numbers began to decrease.
                    "Warning! Blood fusion is not compatible."
                    "Nononononononono! You gotta' stay with me love."

                    Eli quickly began to type away at the keys, trying to repair the program. The testing machine started emitting smoke and the sparks grew larger, one of them ended up burning the edge of his hand. "Damnit."
                    "System failure. Program is being aborted."
                    "No! Do not abort! System override, do not abort!"
                    The computer began to shut down as it aborted the program. The machine started slowing down and was eventually shut off by the main computer. Eli groaned in frustration and kicked the side of the desk. It had taken him a month to get that far, and it ended up in another failure.
                    "Experiment #089 has failed."
                    Eli sighed heavily as he closed his eyes and leaned back against the chair.
                    "Thank you BLAiR. I am aware of that. Log information."
                    "Experiment #089 has been logged as a failure. Log has been saved."
                    "Must you repeat yourself?" He murmured in annoyance.

                    A faint chime rang through the lab, causing Eli to open his eyes. It was probably the doorbell. He glanced at the time on the monitor. The mailman came around this hour, his package had finally arrived. The salmon-haired male jumped up from his seat and walked towards the elevator. The lab was located under the apartment complex, in the basement. 'At least something has gone right today...' He mused as he waited inside the elevator. Apple had finally released their newest invention, the iGIRLS. Eli had pre-ordered his, wanting to dissect it as soon as possible. He wasn't sure what the connection is, but there was something about the iPod technology that had helped him in finding a cure for himself. Eli unlocked the door and smiled at the mailman. They exchanged a few words, Eli signed for the box, and the man was on his way. He walked over to his desk and put the box down. His eyes darted around the room as he looked for something sharp to open it with. A pair of keys was spotted and so he used that to open the cardboard box. His hands fought with the popcorn foam inside the box until he finally unearthed a smaller box that contained the product. "Christ, it's like boxception."

                    He finally managed to open the smaller box, and revealed the contents inside. "Oh my god. Look at you." In complete awe, he picked up the sleek device and examined it. "Oh god. You are absolutely gorgeous. It would be a crime to crack you open my love." He said affectionately as he placed it on the desk and reached for the charger. "But that is not going to stop me dear." He scanned the manual briefly. He had experience starting these things up. He always started them up properly just to see what they could do, then he'd open them up. Eli connected the iPod to his laptop, causing it to turn on. The terms of service contract popped up, as always. Unlike most people, he actually read the contract. Eli sat there for twenty minutes as he read over the contract. Finding everything in order, he accepted it and moved on the the next step. His eyes widened slightly in surprise when he found a two-digit code instead of the standard six-digit one. "How curious, I wonder if it was a misprint." He stated lightly as he flipped the iPod over again. Eli typed in the number anyway, and was pleasantly surprised to find that it accepted it. However, that surprise increased suddenly when he felt a strong static shock run up his hand and straight into his bandaged eye. His hand naturally jerked away from the device and reached up as he pressed his palm against the area. He growled in pain and clutched at the bandages. It was like someone had stabbed him with a million little sharp knives. "What?"


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                    Now make em say NA-NA-NA-NA

    Actions Thoughts Speech


    iGIRL is now sync!

    At least, that's what it said on the computer. When the ipod dropped onto the desk, it moved about due to the vibrations. The screen went black and within a few seconds it lit back up, only to reveal a girl dressed in purple. She grinned, repeating the automated message that had been plugged into her program. "Hello! Thank you for purchasing the iGIRL! My name is Vi! Would you like me to-" As soon as she was saying it, she stopped. A confused look then appeared on her face. "Would you like me to......." Still, nothing came out. Huh. Just what was the rest of the message? This was horrible... What would happen if suddenly she was sold back to the store? Inside, she began to panic. "Would you like me to.....Run through systems? Make a playlist? Re-arrange items-- wait, what items?!" Her outgoing demeanor personality changed a bit to, what would only be described as, pure terror.

    She began to pace back and forth in the small space. It was causing her to appear more and more frantic. Suddenly, she placed her hands against the screen with all her might. Er...What screen? Vi could feel her fingers touch the desk beneath her. "...HUH?!" This day was just getting weirder and weirder!

    "...What would happen if...." Vi's mind started to click as she wobbled and wiggled out of the screen onto the desk. Looking about, that smile returned to her face. "Woah....! I didn't know I could do this!" She just wanted to touch almost everything that was close to her. That's when she noticed something else. She could come out of the ipod! Who would pass up this chance? Stepping out, Vi hopped onto the desk. This was jujust so....There was no real word to describe it! She looked around, spotting her owner. "Oh! I'm sorry!" A small laugh escaped her as she walked towards him, still on the desk. "What's your name?" She gave him a small wink. This was going to be interesting for the both of them.

    Where am I? :: On the desk! || Who am I with? :: Kyle! || Battery? :: 95% || Mode?:: Mini-mode! || I feel :: Happy, silly, worried! || OOC: Ran should be up soon. Sorry if this post is...odd. >A<; ||

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    "Ok . . . no more studying until midnight again for a while." This HAD to be a product of his tiredness, he was actually seeing the mini-version of the purple-dressed girl that was on the box and the booklet just some minutes ago, standing right on his desktop! smiling at him and ... winking. Kyle had studied about almost everything that could be studied: chemistry, astrophysics, material properties and even some legal stuff, funny enough, the only thing he could think of right now was Mr Logan's (An old, lonely guy that lived in an apartment next to his family back in New York) phrase: "Man... that's ****ed up" . Because, indeed, this was "****ed up". Forcing himself to believe this was a dream, he pinched his right arm, without taking his eyes off the purple-dressed mini-girl standing on his desk, in order to wake up. Awesome, 15 years of studying, and the only idea he got right now was using some old cartoon trick, that obviously, didn't work, because this WASN'T a dream... or a cartoon. Trying to get himself back to reality, he stared back at the girl, and then, the final sign that he was getting crazy appeared... she talked. "Huh!?." . Kyle pushed his chair back with his body with much strength , making the wheels to drive him right to the wall, still, it wasn't like there was that much distance from the desktop to the wall. He stared stunned again, Kyle had never been so surprised in his whole life, he never believed in aliens, ghosts or any paranormal stuff, he had never seen something that he didn't understand, everything in life was so... clear to him. Until now, even with all the technology they had in those days... Kyle reacted to that thought. Could it be? could this be part of the software? maybe iGirls were supposed to do that, to come out of the iPod in an holographic form and talk to them. Yeah, that had to be! for a minute he was ashamed to have acted like that for a software, but then, realizing it was nothing but that: a software, there was no one to be ashamed at there, so it was okay.

    "Oh! I'm sorry!" She apologized, Kyle had to admit he was pretty surprised with that software, it seemed very real, her voice, somehow, sounded like the voice of a real person, just chatting with him. Then, she let go a small laugh, that also seemed very real. The girl continued."What's your name?" Sure, that had sense, she, well, the program, needed to know the user's name, Kyle went a little closer, pushing himself forward with his chair. For a minute, he wondered if he had to go back to the computer and type his name, or if he could just say it out loud and the program would recognize his voice. The last had sense, since it had all that advanced technology. "Ok... let's see.." Kyle said quietly, then sighed and started talking a little too loud, so the program could catch his voice. "Hello... I'm Kyle Climson... Who are you?" What was wrong with him? he thought. She wasn't going to answer that! But he couldn't avoid to make the question, she seemed so real. He had to know what was that about, he had to check if this was an hologram software as he thought.

    Kyle went even closer to the desk, got his face close to the small girl, started rising his right hand and with his forefinger ... he touched her in the face softly. Panic appeared again... and this was, again, ****ed up. Kyle was feeling her skin! like he was touching a real tiny girl, it felt as real as any other human he had touched before, not that he had touched many. "W- W - Wh- .... What are you?" He asked.


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    "What ... is this? "

    ☒ Chapter:
    "Chapter 1: "A life about to change!"

    ☒ OOC:
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    ғᴀʟʟɪɴɢ,ʏᴇsɪᴀᴍғᴀʟʟɪɴɢᴀɴᴅsʜᴇᴋᴇᴇᴘs ᴄ ᴀ ʟ ʟ ɪ ɴ ɢ ᴍᴇʙᴀᴄᴋᴀɢᴀɪɴ

    Yay! Finally, Ranshu is up! : D

    TUNNE? :: Happy, then shocked.
    SIJAINTI? :: Apple store, then house.
    KUKA OLEN KANSSA? :: No one?

                        Ranshu was walking along the street with his hands in his pocket, tapping his fingers to some beat that he had in his head. The song? That was an easy question! It was to the sound of a drum cadence. You know, ra-ba-ba, ra-ba-ba. That sort of thing. He was on his way to get a new iPod for himself, since his last one broke. It was by total accident, too. He grinned a bit when he remembered how it happened. All from a small trip and fall.

                        The Finnish native took a few turns down the streets of London, walking into the Apple store. Thankfully, one of the workers he knew was there. She was one of the only ones that could have a full conversation with him. Before walking over to the iPods, something caught his eye. There was a poster, advertising the "iGIRL". Ran tilted his head to the side, looking over at the employee -- Mari -- and began to sign, "What are these iGIRLS? Are they new?" Mari smiled and nodded, signing back, as well as speaking. "Yup! Would you like one, Ran?" He nodded, and Mari went to where the iGIRLS were being shelved. "Which color?" She asked him, and he replied with quick and nimble signs, "Yellow, please."

                        The process that it took to purchase his new music device and have a small chat with Mari lasted about fifteen minutes. He signed her goodbye, and walked out the door back to his place. Again, the walk wasn't that long at all. Thankfully. His excitement began to grow more and more with every step. He almost wanted to laugh, but alas, he couldn't. His expressions still showed what he was feeling. Hurray!

                        Walking up the stairs, he opened the door and shut it behind him, walking to his room. On the front of the box was an animated photo of what the iGIRL would look like. She was cute; really cute. Of course, Ran didn't want to rush and rip something that could be important, so he slowly removed the plastic and opened the box. On top of the iPod, there was an instruction booklet. Convenient! Mari must of placed it there for him. He did as he was told, taking out the iPod and holding it in his hand. He took out the yellow chord and placed it in, placing the other side into the computer. He waited, agreeing to the terms and services. Identification code? He turned the metal around, spotting only two numbers: 04. Where were the others?

                        Ran put in the two numbers, and the program accepted it anyway. Huh. He shook his head. Suddenly, a sharp pain drove into his hand, and he dropped the iPod. A pained expression appeared on his face as he held his hand. He wasn't bleeding, but there must of been another reason for the sudden shock...
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                                                            X X X WHACK!

                                                            The little yellow iPod struck the desk and its metal frame echoed loudly against the solid surface of the desk. It bounced off the top right corner and to its side before lying completely still once again. The screen was black for a good few seconds of tension before it blinked on, the message 'LOADING...' appearing upon it with a little loading bar beneath it. The bar zipped across the screen, filling the emptiness with an excited quickness almost. As soon as it was fully loaded, the little screen blinked again and another message appeared upon its screen but this time it was a hearty, warm 'WELCOME!', rather than another loading screen. The little welcome message than rearranged itself to appear as a little sunshine that gleamed brightly before it disappeared, leaving a tiny girl in its place. She sat with her back to the screen, her legs folded before her and her hands held in her lap. She was absolutely tiny. Little bitty arms and legs, little tiny details on her clothes and itty bitty pigtails sticking off her little blond head. She didn't seem to react to the activation of her iPod for the longest time before suddenly, she slowly began to lean back. Then, she collapsed onto her back, her arms out at her sides and her little legs sticking straight up in the air. She seemed to be unconscious! However, two sun colored orbs popped open wide, "Uh... huh!?" She gasped, blinking widely before rolling over onto her hands and knees.

                                                            The little girl in the iPod stood quickly and seemed to smooth her clothes for a moment before she looked up at the young man who stood just outside of her realm. Blinking at him, she smiled widely before leaning over, placing a hand against her knees and waving happily. "Hi there! You just purchased an iGIRL! Thanks! My name's Sonny! Would you like me to-" The girl blinked several times then as she suddenly paused, staring onward for a long moment with loss. She remained frozen in her stance with a hand against her knees and the other raised to wave. "Uh... would... um..." Standing up straight, the small girl placed her hands on her hips as she struggled to think, frowning down at the ground. Murmuring to herself, the small girl who called herself Sonny popped the heel of her hand against her forehead several times as she struggled to think, "C'mon, c'mon... what was it!" The girl demanded of herself before huffing and then looking back at the screen, only to spot the redhead that stared down at her. "Uh... would... want me to go over the systems? Or maybe make a playlist?" That would have to do for now until she could discover what it had been that she was going to say. How could she forget her start-up message?! How stupid!! Oh god that was just so embarrassing! What... oh dear, what if he wanted to return her!? Thinking that she was malfunctioning!? No, no, no!! She would not stand for that!! No more darkness!

                                                            Turning to the screen again, Sonny approached the glass to peer through it before attempting to lay her hand against it. But as she reached out towards the screen, and just barely touched it with her fingers, the whole screen seemed to ripple and bulge!! Like water! Sonny gasped and stepped swiftly back from the screen, her hand held against her chest as she stared at the screen in bewilderment. Was she supposed to be able to do that...? Or... was the screen supposed to be able to do that, at that? Inching forward once more and slowly, hesitantly reaching out towards the screen, jerking her hand back once more before she reached further out, Sonny squeezed her eyes shut and threw her hand to the screen. Gasping, her sun colored eyes shooting open, Sonny's head turned swiftly on her shoulders as she stared at this so called 'screen' that she'd thought was keeping her within the confines of this little iPod. But no! Her hand was sticking out from the screen! The very glass itself was like a thick liquid, rippling around her arm! Sonny gulped tentatively as she stared for a long moment at her hand, the other hand held clutched to her chest before she once again snapped her eyes shut and dove forward with a... well what one could call and encouraging shout. The tiny little sunny girl popped straight out of the iPod! "Oof!" And landed flat on the desk. Blinking a few times before she rolled over and stood up, Sonny smoothed her clothes out once again before looking from herself, to the iPod... from herself... to the iPod.

                                                            A long gasp shot from the teeny tiny being that stood on the desk as her whole form practically lit up with before before she jumped into the air and spun around, leaned over with her hands held beneath her chin. "Oh my gosh! Did you see that!? I didn't know I could do that!! That was so cool!" She exclaimed with joy. Standing up straight and coughing lightly into her hand before smiling sheepishly up at the boy, Sonny bowed lightly before him, staggering to the side a bit before she stood up straight once more. "What's your name?" The little female figure asked curiously, peering up at the young man.

                                                            OOC: Blehhh... short post is so short! ; A ; [/ shoots self] Sorry about that ._.
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                                                        Cold morning air, crisp and clear. To an outsider, it wouldn't be apparent that a festival was to take place today.
                                                        But then it was early. So early; in fact, that all Sol could do was wonder why he was already awake and standing on his balcony in his boxers, having a smoke. He wanted to be cross with himself, and yet he couldn't be. Maybe it came with the territory; with having a lot on his mind.

                                                        Yesterday was Friday, and while Fridays at the university normally have a much brighter atmosphere than, say; Monday, yesterday unfurled itself in a series of ways completely beyond Sol.
                                                        Simply put, he was reeling in the shock that it brought. A deep breath, smoke raw and comforting.
                                                        Sol closed his eyes.

                                                        He was sitting alone in the classroom, his Introduction to History of Music lecture having just finished. Sol was grading essays when one of his students walked in. He looked up, recognized her immediately. "Ah, Cielle. Fancy seeing you here. What's up? Shouldn't you be out and about? It is a Friday evening, after all." What was she doing here? She had no pressing issues or incomplete grades. Cielle was a good student; one of his best, in fact. Always on time and attentive. "W-well... Uhm, P-professor Sol..."
                                                        "Pull a seat, Cielle." Sol gestured to one of the chairs. She did so, sitting down with an unusual nervous twang about her.
                                                        "C-can I just call you Sol, for now?" He nodded, listening intently. Her cheeks flared a violent red, and he grew only more confused. "Well, Sol... I... I really like you. I want to get to know you, you know? I look at you and I see someone who has so much, and yet he's so far away... I want to see you when you're really here. I think it'd be amazing. S-so, have coffee with me tonight, please?"

                                                        He was totally taken aback. Here was this girl, joy and exuberance, smiles for the whole world... Asking me out? She just confessed interest. This is bad. Terrible. No. Sol looked at Cielle; face expectant. Adorable. What he was about to do would hurt him more than she could ever know, but he needed to spare her from him.

                                                        "No, Cielle. I'm sorry. You're... My student. But more than that... Whatever it is you think of me is wrong. You're a bright girl, and the last thing you need is me accepting to what could be a very enjoyable date eventually leading to you discovering I'm too busy not giving a s**t about anything. Better you know now than later. I'm sorry." Sol stood up, ruffling her hair as he left. He saw tears in her eyes.

                                                        His eyes snapped open. He was still on the balcony, pulling the second RUCKY STRAIKU cigarette out of its pack. He loved these Japanese cigarettes; they were so tongue-in-cheek, a more refined and yet robust take on an American cigarette he quite liked.

                                                        In his off hand was a letter from Cielle, alongside a box she'd left in the mail. Apparently she dropped it off only shortly before he woke up. He read through it again, a lonely tear streaking down his cheek.
                                                        It was for the better.

                                                        He strolled into his apartment, carefully opening the box. Inside he saw some new Apple packaging (box within a box), a little note on top. It read: "Sorry, Professor <3 I'll see you on Monday!" Cielle had amazing composure, that was for sure. He took off the post-it. iGirls? iPods were always rendering their older forms obsolete. He wondered what on earth could come next, but more importantly wondered if he would accept it. Could he? Could he even give it back? He turned the box around in his hands, realizing it was a brown color akin to a very dark brass almost, then noting something really strange: the serial number was a very terse "09". A "Huh?" was all he could manage to say before he realized that the box was already open and he was sitting down next to his computer, setting things up as he browsed the manual.

                                                        I should thank Cielle on Monday. He clicked the necessary prompts on iTunes, punched in that curious two-digit serial number when it asked for six, then pressed the home button on the iPod, a jarring pain shooting through his hand. He didn't flinch, drop the device, nothing save for a twitch of the wrist. "The ********? If this explodes then William Congreve wasn't joking when he said Hell hath no Wrath like a Woman scorned," Sol said to himself blankly.

    ╪ ╪ ╪i've got a heart to cover for.╪ ╪ ╪

    where: sol's apartment

    with: a cigarette and iPod

    feeling: confused

    ooc: intro post done! i streamlined it, had some other random things in but figured they were pointless for the time being
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    One good thing about music,
    when it hits you,
    you feel no pain

    ▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂ ▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂ ▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂

    User Image
    xxL O A D I N G 。 。。

                                                Electrical signals traveled through the once forgotten iPod, thus bringing it to life. Images and noises emerged from the thin device. If the owner was a narcissistic b*****d, it chose the right color and model to see its reflection; a glossy black iGirl. It only took milliseconds for the A.I. to wake up from her deep slumber. The iGirl had her eyes shut and used one of her hands to flip her hair over her shoulder. The buxom woman decided it was time to open her eyes and see who the lucky owner to have her was. She liked to do everything smooth and steady. “Hello! Thank you for purchasing the iGIRL! My name is Eva! Would you like me to-” Eva recited her message in a monotone way. Pause. The girl’s eyes stared up at the strange critter looking down at her. Silence was exchanged between the two. Her owner was…a dog? Eva blinked slowly a few times.

                                                How long have she been sleeping to wake up in a future where dogs could have iPods?

                                                The critter had the face of a fox, but the body of a furball. Saliva drops touched the screen as the furball with four legs looked at her with amused eyes. Those beady eyes. They were trying to say something, Mhm~ Well, are you my owner?!. “ She stretched her little finger to point at the saliva producing machine. Her serene personality was shattered into thousands of pieces at the realization that her owner was a dog. This had to be a big mistake. She was cute with that tiny body—Nope. A canine is a canine.

                                                The tip of her nail distorted the screen. The distort effect was similar to a water drop ripple. Her touches were the drops and the screen was the water. “How peculiar…” Her mood went back to normal. Calm like the wind. She had withdrawn her pinky finger. Eva rotated her hand every now and then to examine the straight little finger in different angles. It looked normal to her, so why did it distort the screen?

                                                In one bold movement, she penetrated the screen with the little finger. Half of the finger made it outside. The receptors sensed the cool air on the opposite side. Then her finger felt something moist against it. The furball’s wet noise brushed against her finger. The canine was sniffing her little finger? Did her finger have a pleasant smell the dog couldn’t stop sniffing her? She will ponder about this later. For now, she had something interesting in her tiny pixel hands. Her hand made it out the screen, followed by her arm. She repeated the same process with her other arm.

                                                The mutt tilted its heard to the side, curious by what was happening and decided to join in the fun. The furball pulled Eva out the iPod by her clothes. Once she was free from the dog’s mouth, Eva shooed it away. “I didn’t need your help, canine. I was doing just fine…until you showed up. Saliva. Disgusting.” She fixed her dress and hair. It was stained with some of the dog saliva, she will live…hopefully. She had an owner with the brain size of a peanut. Was she supposed to do? Take care of it? That was rude of her; she shouldn’t talk that way to a cute critter like her. Her owner. “I apologizes, I will do better next time owner….” Eva didn’t finish her sentence. Something came up to her mind. “Do you even understand me?” Her question was answered by a yap. Eva gritted her teeth, her small body tensed at the sound. “Let’s do this the primitive way.” The woman brought a fist to her lips as she cleared her throat, “Me Eva, you…” The black haired iGirl scanned the furball to see if she could find some sort of name tag to identify its name. Her eyes spotted a bizarre looking pedant in the shape of a skull with crossbones underneath of it. Fritz. “…Fritz? What is Fritz?” She asked herself. It was a method of her to remember things for later on. Fritz. It sounded like an anti-frizz hair product. Maybe her name originally was supposed to be ‘Frizz’ and during the process of making the pendant, the person misspelled the name.

                                                “Rewind.” Eva cleared her throat once more. This time she was going to do it correctly. “Me Eva…” She pressed her fingers against her chest. It was to show the canine who was Eva. Then she got on her tip toes to press her hands against the dog’s chest, which they disappeared through all that fur. “…You Fritz. Understood? Understood!” She was not going to repeat herself. As long the dog got her name, that’s all she wanted.


                                                Soft… her hands rubbed the furry canine. She could feel the dog’s heart pumping blood through her tiny hands. What a fascinating texture! Soft and ticklish at the same time. What a new discovery this was. “I can use you for a bed, right?” She noticed Fritz reacted to her touches and removed her hands. She wouldn’t want to end in the dog’s digestive system.

                                                She didn’t realize she was outside the iPod. Eva looked down at her bare feet. She moved them. More like wiggled her toes. This was all new to her. She was allowed to be out of the Ipod and do these kinds of things. What else she can do? Oooh~ so much to discover.

                                                Her feet touched the cool surface of what it looked like a desk. Eva rubbed the sole of her naked foot a few times it. It pleased her receptors. Cool. Refreshing. She was going to save all this information for a next time. This world. What is it? So many sounds, scents, and textures she never been exposed to before. Her little discovery moment was shattered by yaps coming from a nearby furball. Her ears were buzzing after the dog finally decided to shut up.

                                                The dog seemed eager about something. It jumped down the chair it was standing and down to the floor it went. It had a rough landing, but it was to recover from it before it began to run in circle. Fritz yapped some more, wanting for Eva to get down as well. Eva walked to the edge of the desk. She looked down to see how far she was from the floor. From her perspective, it looked like a big fall. Challenge accepted. She stood a few step backs before she leapt from the edge. Her body began to descent like a feather. Thanks hovering program. She had her knees pressed together to not show any intimidate parts to the dog. The dog continued to yap and yap until Evan touched floor. The woman let out frustrated scoff, “Do I have to walk beside you? I want to hover, you know? ” Fritz answered her by simply yapping some more and waiting for her to follow her. Fritz wanted her to be by it side when it started the tour. . Eva threw her arms in defeat, her eyes rolled, and her mouth released an ‘ugh’ sound. Then again, her feet could once again enjoy the cold feeling of the hard surfaces.

                                                Then again, Fritz was excited and so was Eva. However, Eva wanted to do it her way. She wanted to check the computer beside her iPod, but it seemed a tour of the place was more interesting than checking a treasure chest full of information. Eva could have been able to use that information to know more about her surroundings. The tour wasn’t that bad after all. Some areas of the apartment were neat and smelt nice, while the bedroom in the other hand…was a mess and had a strange smell that Eva didn’t want to discover yet. She feared if she find out it would damage her circuits. After what it seemed an eternity the tour ended. " I kept telling you throughout the tour, that it was not necessary. I appreciate the tour and the ride, though...” Eva murmured . Fritz offered Eva a ride on her back during the tour. At first it felt extremely weird for the fur to brush against her naked legs. She then found a better position to sit on the dog without hurting her. Eva petted the flat area between the canine’s pointy ears; a please smile planted on her tiny face. Hey, at least she doesn’t have to walk anymore. “This is a stupid question,but do you really live all alone in here? Her eyes looked every giant thing located in the room. Perhaps the dog’s owner liked to spoil Fritz a lot to the point of getting Fritz a place of its own. “It don’t matter anymore, owner Fritz. I am here to be by your side and perhaps ask for a few things in exchange!” Eva rubbed her hands evilly. Oh yes…this owner wasn’t going to be bad after all.

    User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

    xcurrent energy level:OK [██████▒▒▒▒] 60%


    xwith: Fritz, the little furball (owner?).

    xlocation: Sitting on Fritz's back. Inside an apartment. Fritz's crib?

    xmood: Amused and delight

    xthoughts: I can't believe my owner is a dog! At least Fritz seems to have a lot money.

    (( GAH, horrible post is horrible orz. I loathe intro posts e o e...))

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