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Southern Map? Good or Bad?

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Was this... Was this real? Was it finally? Had it finally ended? Had the madness of Vile, after all the madness he had wrought down upon the planetside, upon the people, upon my life and everything I found important... Was it truly all over?

I realized something important. I still had the heart in my hand. Oh my god... I actually had the meaty chunk of pulsating flesh, in my hand. Spurting blood. Leaking all manner of alien and standard fluids upon my claw. Realizing... After hundreds of years of battle. After three generations of madness and murder and wonton destruction... I had Vile. In body and soul.

I glanced over, just sitting down for a moment as the crashing Merkabah was breaking apart around me. Explosions. Madness and malfunctions were the flavor of the evening. And to make matters worse... I didn't know if he'd stay in there.

I got up, "devouring" the heart only to have it disappear into Huckleberry as I went towards the Spirit Trap. I looked at it in a skeptical sense. Hell, after everything we had gone through, a simple piece of technology and ectoplasmic binding seemed insulting. But hey... I got a good victory in. No. Not A victory. The Victory.

After thousands of years of existence, I finally euthanized my one, true rival. I had his heart, the only piece I'd ever need again to remind me of this victory, and his soul. Trapped. To a long, endless torture of listening to the same subliminal messages he forced the children of the world to endure for market supremacy.

And speaking of children, there were two kids to the right of me that were stark. I actually was shocked by this as I turned and proclaimed, embarrassed; "Aaah s**t! Sorry! Here let me just... Uh-" I avoided direct eye contact with the now pondering Roselyn, unsure I think how to really feel about this as I snapped my fingers and a few, metaphysical ribbons of soft cloth would begin to fold over her like a phantom cocoon of red and black. Then slowly a full dress would appear with even a little apple-shaped brooch on her outfits left lapel.

I coughed a little at this as I looked forward and down at the boy, a little less embarrassed as my hand extended outwards and layers of dust, or rather molecules from the remains of the platform began to rise upwards and wrap him a fine grey layer of cloth. Then more. And more. In fact, it took on more and more of an appearance of a robe that was tightly held to him. It had layers of red, and blue and it even all had vertical stripes like the suit he had on. Right now, it was just something that would be decent and warm enough for the kid. I mean...

Realistically I did just rip him from the soul-base of a dark god. Any normal person, plain and simple, would have been destroyed. He needed some... Comfort. For once in his short life.

Then I realized what was actually going on around me as I began to lift the boy up with a large series of little, hook-like tentacles that used the robe as a form of stretcher, only for him to be held in a duo of arms at my side and wrapped under my right oblique.

I reached down into my left pocket and withdrew my "Car Keys". And from the many little switches and gizmos found on it, I pressed at first one little button that opened a portal into the Bushel, on one of my private floors, and removed my glossy purple 1955 El Dorado Cadillac from the planet Earth back in Dimension E4R-7H.

I had it scroll in, the loose, dangling fuzzy dice and plush black padded seating adjusting slightly as it became longer. I laid the boy down, having it almost develop a full pillow for him as I made sure I got the girl inside of it.

I snapped my fingers and whistled at the vaguely familiar form of Jacob Reynolds. The former leader of the Cygen that was very much nude but at least he wasn't under 21. I kind of steeled my eyes away long enough for a pair of pants to magically grow around him and then sew themselves on without error as I opened the door for him.

"Hey man, we need to talk about some things." I said as I started up the engine. Then I realized something. "Wait... Where the ******** is Abyssin?" I actually was worried, I mean yeah, Abyssin was a fellow of meager importance at this point but still extremely competent a player in this whole debacle. I honked the horn a couple of times and raised my head around, looking for him.

There were also what appeared to be two... Small bobbleheads on the dashboard. One of the duo, was something that looked like a kind of mascot that was rotund, wore a white chefs outfit and was holding a burger above his head while the other... The other looked like a large dog with what appeared to be a small barrel hoisted around its neck that had some kind of writing on it.

I would rock the car and honk again. Yelling for Abyssin above the din of the facility crashing down.
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The solar child held onto Zieg tightly, sheltering him from Zane's intense strikes. He could only stare up at the boy who seemed like he was going to willing give his life to protect him. "You asked me why I protected him," he said through all the torture that Zane was throwing at him. "It's because I believe he can still be saved. But I'm too weak now to help him." He closed his eyes and felt the power reaining down on them as well as Taku's dwindling energy in sharp contrast. They were physically touching, which meant that Zieg's plan would work.

Through the contact Zieg gave what was left of his energy, drawing in the ambient heat around him as well to give the boy everything that he could. His blood slowed from the wound as his great heart stopped in his chest, having not enough energy to continue beating. It wasn't all that much, but it was something at least. "Don't die, kid," was all he said before he closed his eyes and faded away.

The world shudders
as darkness closes in.
I stand in its path
to fight for those that can't.
But at the end of the day
I slip into the crowd
as just another passer by.
No one knows my name
No one will remember my face.
I will fade into history
and only be known as 'The Hero'.
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Hitchin' A Ride

Jacob sat in the strange vehicle and looked around before turning towards Dylan. "I agree about a conversation. The Cy-Gen have the potential of being something better than what Vile intended. When I shepherded them on Echelon, I saw something miraculous. They could be a new race worth saving." As Dylan started honking the horn, Jacob spoke up further. "The systems stopped detecting Abyssin's signature as well as the Swan earlier. I also don't believe Legacy is here anymore. There was quite a bit going on that I couldn't fully monitor down in SHIP, but I know enough. Edmond and Howard, I can presume, took the escape pod I set aside for them. I think it's just us now, and of course the children." he looked down at the half-conscious Victor and Rosalyn who were in instinct cradling next to each other for comfort in the back.

A pillar from above in the ceiling of the Merkaba tore free and began collapsing along with others. The energy of the craft was all but dissipated now, and with Vile trapped in a state of near immortal death, Rosalyn no longer connected to the dying Cy-Gen based technology, the great ship of the Father Prime was collapsing of its own sheer eldritch weight and abstract architecture.

"Whatever you plan on doing to get us out of here Mr. Smith, I strongly urge you to carry on with it." A shattering fragment of the Core Chamber ceiling fell straight into the crystalline throne spraying its shards everywhere. A symbolic gesture of the weight of Vile's own schemes destroying his seat of power.
shadow fire19

Zero heard the sound of footsteps as he finished making something for Lizzy. He could hear her excitment as she ran upstairs to play with whatever Daich had given her. He came out of the kitchen to see all was quiet and Daichi was knowhere to be seen. "She must be upstairs." He thought to himself as he walked up the stairs to the second floor. Seeing the bedroom door was slightly open quietly opening the door he saw here rummaging through her things. He quietly leaned up against the wall and waited. "Enjoy your trip love?"

“Lips to lips, mouth to mouth, Comes the speaker of the shrouds..."

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Daichi Inabikari

Age; 36// Witch// Owned by Zero// Cruel, smart-mouthed, stubborn...

Daichi felt a chill, the type you feel when you think you're being watched. She did not look back or turn her head towards the door. She knew, the presence of her master anywhere. To the point where there was no need to see who It was, watching her. His voice, when he spoke made It clear that she was correct. "Hello" She greeted with a bored tone, not stopping with her packing of necessary things she needed. "I'm not here to stay." She spoke coldly. When her packing was done she walked passed him. Just one step away she stopped, handing him a book she pulled out her sleeve. It was a gift. She wasn't sure he'll like It but It was a sign she somewhat cared.


"...Suck in the spirit, speak the words, Let secrets of the dead be heard."


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Rin Y. Fukitsu

Looks 19// Mother Tenma, Father unknown.// Kitten Form// Demon Neko
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Rin let out a chuckle. He thought how cute Rose is trying to cheer him up. It make him smile and feel lucky to have her by his side. He grabbed her, pulling her into an embraced. "Thank you." He deeply kissed her warm lips. Once he let go he thought about the question she asked, where to go next. Distracted he felt a soft tug to his hair. Her gentle touch wasn't enough to provoke his tail and ears to pop out. "Let's continue where we left off." He said picking Rose off the ground. He carried her all the way to a near by inn. He rented a room for the night and placed her on the bed. "You said not to hold back my love, so I wont any longer." This time he was serious. He stared at her with full intention of moving their relationship to the next level.
Don't underestimate those holier than thou.

єммєℓιηє ινу §αвℓσ.

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Emmeline gave a sigh, they knew. Immediately the hospital had become Alcatraz. As the doors locked and the windows practically dissipated, Emmeline widened her eyes, not in fear, but more like curiosity. Time stood still around her and as the human patients were whisked away, Emmeline couldn't help but notice whoever was running the place must have reason for them, a small note that she tucked away.

Feeling trapped, Emmeline eyed each man that blocked her path, they all looked identical, all looked as if the humanity had been drained from them. She wasn't worried about the guns, only about hurting those who were wielding them. Before she could speak through her parted lips, the siren began to blare, Emmeline made no body movement that indicated she could even hear it. Her eyes did move though, flickered to the ceiling, or lack-thereof rather. She knew it wasn't real, not yet at least, not current.

It was beneath her that caused her stomach to churn. While her face depicted virtually nothing, her eyes were filled with love, sorrow, and hope. It was then that they changed, warped from the kindness they harbored to retribution and perhaps a tinge of anger. Looking Dylan square in the eye, she took a step toward him. Yet again, before she could speak, the Broodspider boomed at her, about her intrusion. Emmeline took in the scenes of the past, the fall of her Kingdom, it didn't matter, she'd lived it, images couldn't compare.

The harsh tone couldn't shake Emmeline's righteousness. As she watched the men below her, her attention slowly made its way back to the Broodspider. The taste that had entered her mouth was quickly removed, Emmeline held back the vomit. After the skin fell upon her, she allowed her wings the expose themselves, with a single flap up and down, the wind removed the decomposition. Holding up a hand, Emmeline spoke. While her voice was light and melodic, her tone was serious, "SILENCE! Your second-hand knowledge of that day will not allow you the right to speak freely. Bite your tongue." Should it work, the creature would become tongue-tied, sputtering its harsh words so that the insult would become laughable. As the scene around her vanished, her wings carried her.

Gazing right into the eyes of whatever gargantuan being stood before her, Emmeline's voice rang out with conviction. "Rest assured, your kaleidoscopic of horrors will not bring me to my knees. I will return, and when I do, you'll pray to whatever it is you believe in." And as if it were all a dream, Emmeline stood in the rain of where she'd first landed. For a moment, she faltered, vomit spewing from her perfect lips. Her eyes sprung a leak, knowing what he had shown her, he had done, or could very well do if he felt the urge.

Knowing he'd be keeping tabs on her, Emmeline screamed out the the sky, "DYLAN SMITH, YOUR REIGN WILL END. GOD'S WORK IS NEVER DONE." With that, Emmeline enveloped herself in her wings, taking her to a place many miles from Silver City. She would return, and when she did, She would be Victorious.

αηgєℓ σƒ gяα¢ισυѕηєѕѕ αη∂ ρяσтє¢тιση.
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That sound of a bullet ricocheting from a wall was what Varso had first thought he heard, the bandit whom had thrown the bottle that was pierced fell to the ground while Varso felt the shards of glass shatter over himself and the sand around him. This was indeed odd. Something he could sense only just due to the beating he had already gotten, it all went quiet for a moment before he swear he heard a muffled scream."Tch..." Coughing madly as more blood bellowed from his mouth he felt his clothes get colder as it stained more into now a fully soaked blood drenched jacket. The pressure on his lungs increased as he found it hard to breath from the thickening smoke, the sound of the horses and the vibrations of their galloping gave him the impression that they were being attacked. His eyes opened and the steaming insides of his organs started to ease off, but he saw it, that image of a females face flash before him...was it his imagination? maybe it was assassins....no...no...

"The witch?"

Varso's mind was filled with rage as he in his blinding rage mistook the girl for the witch he was seeking, she was known to be nearby but to attack this bandit camp? maybe she knew he was coming? maybe just maybe they were after him and not them... he watched as she grasped the blade, his eyes widened in fear that she would drive it deeper but no... "...grhmp". A small grunt escaped his dry sizzled lips as he watched the golden enchanted blade slide from his chest, in an instant he felt alot better. The burning had stopped. This girl had saved him? so she couldnt possibly be the witch...the rattling chains and fiddling around as she freed him left him to fall down on the sand, his blood splashing and staining it red. His body shook violently as he grasped the hilt of a blade that was handed to him, he was now on all fours as he listened to the words of the woman. She was right, that guy...Varso looked up at the man who was now running away was his. Breathing heavily his chest bulged and his muscles reverted and expanded a few times, his hand dug itself deep in the sand and pushed with all his might to get himself up on his feet. "I'll show you...you dirty land lubber....i'll show you...not.....to...mess with the Vice-captain.....the vice captain....OF THE NO QUARTER!!!!"

Running forward he staggered and swayed a little left and right, his spare hand that didn't hold the blade tightly was covering the wound in his chest. Two bandits approached him and swung downwards with their blades, without the holy blade in his chest he felt like he had a burst of energy....as the blades clashed both of them down on Varso's single blade he was dropped to his knees. They looked down at him and smirked, but Varso just laughed and looked up into their eyes...white souls swirled around his eyes as he grinned uncontrollably.


It was as if he had a spasm, his right hand pulled the sword from underneath theirs and he slipped to the right sliding and tilting the blade back upward he slashed and it cut directly across the first bandits face. The man's face peeled off completely and was flung into the face of the other...he twirled around and drove the blade directly through the bandits heart. Varso then let go of the blade, pushing his foot up and knocking the man down he quickly grasped his 6 shooter before he fell and without looking he then twisted his wrist and shot a bullet from the gun and it hit the man in the distance that was had been running away from him in the first place. The back of the knee was hit and he fell down to the ground screaming in pain as it splintered his leg, Varso didnt turn to that man but instead turned to a tent. He looked left and right breathing heavily as he walked in, rummaging around he found what he was after and walked out holding a lantern and curved sword.

"Here...your blade."

Flicking the lantern out to the left as he walked past the stabbed Bandit caused a small ghost to be released from it and wrap itself around the blade, Varso continued to walk toward the man that was clasping his knee in pain. The ghost had lifted the borrowed blade and flung it across back at the girl, hopefully she was skilled enough to catch it. The man in pain went silent as he looked up at the shadow that dropped upon him, the light of the huge burning camp made his shadow darker around him. The dry throat of the man gulped as he looked up at the bleeding demon Varso Del Ro, this was then followed by Varso raising his sword to the mans neck. 'oh oh you are so powerful I Im impressed, why you could go up in the world with such strength! I i i wasnt even really with these guys how about haha yeah how about you and I we work together yeah?....you can...you can work for me an-'.


Varso swung his lantern around and shattered it on the face of the man as he spun now facing his back to the man, souls and ghostly spirits bellowed out and ravaged the bandit along with his soul consuming him and eating everything inside leaving him a dry husk the lantern repaired itself with the consumed energy and stored what extra was left.

"Is what you call a very... back handed compliment."

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Majo Daichi

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Rose turned bright red and sat up on the bed slightly. Although she was 19 she was suddenly overcome with nervousness. Rin and he had been friends since they were kids so she turned an even brighter shade of red. Turning her eyes down slightly she fidgeted. "Nothing is going to be held back Rin?" She asked softly her breath shaky.
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Mercy simply swallowed and looked her dead in the eye, his lips started to move and he knew she would strike no matter what he said. She had every right to be angry, but if she knew the truth it would upset her. "My name, from what I have been called is Mercy. I am partially the man you speak known as Iban, but not completely. Nor did I steal him, he is still me....along with his son Alexander, Great grandson Markus and his Great great grandson Alanto. "

Mercy then sighed and brushed past her his body shifting to Iban as he walked past taking her hand and holding it as he took a few steps past her. She wasn't going to like the next part....

"The man you know as Iban died half a year back. Alanto as well, it is only because of the other two halves Markus and Alexander that he lives on inside me." Mercy squeezed her hand a little as his bulking Iban form then dissapeared, he let go of her hadn't and sighed. His head jerked up and looked in the distance..."You seem to trigger his memories in me, but for now at least....you can talk with him as we touch...."

Mercy did notice the drop in power of a certain man, that complete and utter collapse of power was just cut of, the warzone of Anadoria had finally became victorious? The Father Prime had been defeated. I can feel and hear that gloating d**k of a god from here, Dylan...once again you did your part in saving this planet....
Mercy looked behind him at Ember and gazed upon her glowing eyes. Maybe its the purification, but I can see that there is a reason to keep this world alive...because you yourself known that feeling too...even tho it hurts you deep down...its something you cant live without.

"Its love, its the innocent. The small fries that can't defend them self....Ember...there is a place we must go, I want you to be by my side while we are there. "
Omino Del Sonno
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"Uh..." she couldn't really imagine that Iban was dead but at the same time he wasn't. Because she felt him on her skin when she touched this man. At the same time though it was this odd sensation because it wasn't just Iban who she was touching. There was also Alex who she vaguely remembered and the other two who she didn't think she knew. But she couldn't just leave this man, she needed to know where this was going to go "Ok.... I'll come with you"
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Zero raised an eyebrow hearing Daichi say she wasn't staying. "Oh? You won't even stay for dinner?" He reached out and took the book from her. He studied it for a moment with a bit of excitment. It was a small journal that had been written by Ezio Aldatorie. He smiled and grabbed her hand before she could walk away. "You didn't have to get me this love. But since you gave me this now I have to give you yours." He said with a smile.
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I tall, burly man trudged through an ancient battlefield, his sandy blonde hair hanging in his eyes. His light denim vest bearing his nation's flag down his back helped him resist the harsh midday sun as he traveled. The sweat making his numerous tattoos shine and glisten in the light, their vibrant colors greatly contrasting with what little natural skin-tone could still be seen. The treasure chest on the back of his right hand, a mark of his conquests in his homeland, made him notorious to the point of exile. Now this man, Christopher Fronzak, traveled from place to place, looking for many things. Mainly revenge. But at the moment, what he really needed was a tavern or pub, he needed liquor.

ooc: Hello everyone, I haven't really been active since the original HvM, so keep that in mind because I have no idea what's happening.
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Heir of the Septhimana Clan, Magdelaine Septhimana, The Dhampire Princess

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When the robot activated Magdelaine sat in the floor in horror. This giant robot was something new to her. But it was something scary. As it activated and spoke, Magdelaine just froze in fear. Once it's hand went toward her, she snapped out of it and screamed in fear. She gets up and try's to get away. But as her fear rose, her power began to release. A few things began to float in the air but as her fear grew, more odd things began. Some of the items began to burst and break. A container of gas was one of those things. It comes in contact with a sparking wire and the whole lab catches on fire. Now Magdelaines fear turned towards the blames and soon enough more things began to explode.

"Oh no! Oh no! NO!!! Some one! Help!"

Soon the flames grew and turned blue showing that the flames have gotten hotter. Magdelaine collapses on the floor and began to black out from suffocation
Shadow the Nightmare Lord

Satan dove forward, barely snatching the blade before it fell into the hole, the dark haired man tried to pull it up but each time he would the blade just cut his hand. He looked down at Jon, looking around for someway to help him but he didn't see any. Finally he sighed after a few seconds and looked over the edge, heat spitting up and pressing against his face, Jon was barely above all of the fire spilling out of his laboratory. Doctor Satan decided to save him after pondering whether to let him fall or bring him up. The emerald eyes glinted as he rammed the blade into his arm with his right hand, it jamming deep in the bicep as he groaned. He pushed it deeper into his arm so it pushed out the other side, then grabbed the hilt of the sword so he didn't slice his hands open anymore. The palms and knuckles of his hands were sliced open, blood sliding down the hilt and dripping off of it, some of the blood going down the ropes.

He slowly started walking backwards, sliding Jon up inch by inch. Satan then turned and grabbed the rope, veins and muscles pushing to the top of his tight skin as he pulled with all of his might. With one quick jerk he forced the rest of Jon up out of the hole and onto the ground a bit away from the cave. The doctor looked at his arm, his mouth gaping as he clenched his teeth, taking a scalpel from his satchel with his right hand, the only one he could use at the moment and cut the rope near the hilt of the blade. The man kneels on the ground, cradling the wounded arm as the swords tip nearly pushed into the side of himself. He laid the scalpel down in the sand, gripping the swords hilt and trying to pull it out, but could not with just his normal human strength so he waited for assistance from Jon. Doctor Satan licked his dry lips, the blood had been oozing and he didn't even notice it from the rush of adrenaline, he had cut the nerves and multiple tendons in his arm by slamming the sword into it. His bicep pulsated with pain, as he looked over at it a few times. Blood had soaked his lovely shirt and was dribbling down his arm slowly, falling off the tips of his fingernails and into the sand.
Shadow the Nightmare Lord

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As the ghoulish man barked out how he was not part of Fleet Foot, the woman behind the tree began to leave as such Ki felt that do to how she failed to stay put he assumes she was just an innocent bystander passing by as such Ki replies to King with a glare, “very well I shall believe you for now but you shouldn’t linger less you wish to fight me.” Trying to bluff the thing, Ki tries not to show fear for he could senses the evil leaking out of this character and would prefer not to further tangle with him less he fears that he could not win in a strait up fight. “So shall we do as you say and end this right now or shall we continue in this pointless stare down, what say you?"

King didn't trust the man. Not one bit, but then again, he had better things to do then play around with a little boy. King sniffed with his 'nose' again "You don't even smell over a hundred. Respect your elders. Boy. Now, if I let you leave and encounter you in the future with you attacking me I'll regret not annihilating you. But, I'm trying to turn over a new leaf. Not kill everything I come across, but just kill most things." King said as he let his souls that were powering the beam on his finger dissipate. Swimming back up his finger and in his arm where they would lie there in wait to be used, screaming, wanting to be used so they could be set free. Little did the souls know that they would never be allowed to pass into the next world. King turned "I have more pressing matters to deal with nonetheless" said the entity of souls "maybe we shall meet later on. Tata for now" King said as he slowly went invisible, disappearing into the forest.

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