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You walk though a forest just outside of town and come across a mansion. You decide to open the doors and you beging to walk in. As soon as you step in the door close behind you. You try to open the door but it will not open so you decide to see if any one lives here. You then come across a boy but not just any regular boy a vampire. What happens next?? That is up to you...........

Rules: (yes there are rules)
-Yes to Romance but no cybering.
-you can cuss, just don't have a whole sentence full of them
-NO god modding
-If you've read and understand this at either the beginning or ending of your post have burning_eyes there.
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Beloved Gawker

Vampire Descriptions:

Appearance Age:
Real Age:

Human Descriptions:

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Beloved Gawker

Appearance: User Image
Personality:kind,shy,extremely jumpy,and polite.If she gets mad though watch out because she's rarely in any other mood other then depressed and cheerful.
Likes:Gothic Rock Music and anything else gothic
Dislikes:Being scared and jumpy.Along with horror movies.
Appearance:User Image
Personality:flrity,fun to be with, likes to have friends and be social.
Bio:...(dont have one)
Likes:cute boys, strong boys, rough boys,....boys, boys, boys,
Dislikes:mean girls, stuck up girls, rude girls.....you get my picture.
Username: OnoxZero
Name: Onox
Appearance Age: 20
Real Age: 219
Appearance: User Image
Personality: A fast talker, doesnt care much of anything
Bio: He has lived for a long time, 200 of his years were spent preying on human girls.
Likes: Blood. Young girls.
Dislikes: OLD PEOPLE.
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Jessie had been walking around for at least three hours since twilight time and so she was looking for cover since it had just started to rain."Just my luck,"she said continuing on her little trek.She found herself at the door to a mansion and decided to go in since it appeared to be empty."Hello..."she called entering some and was about a good 5 feet from the door,"Is anyone here?"The door suddenly just slammed shut behind her making her jump a good two feet off the ground.She then looked down the hall lit with candles."lovely,"she happened to say a little in aw.
"Are you lost" A voice called from what seemed the ceiling. "Do you know that you are trespassing" the voice said from behind her this time. A figure appeared in front of the girl. "So, I'm waiting." The figure said as the candle lighting had finally showed his appearance.
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Jessie had been taken a bit by surprise and took and instinctive step back."Yes I'm lost,and I'm sorry I thought no one lived here."she said noticing a very noticeable height difference.[damn my shortness/i]she thought.
Sahara kept walking through the woods. Hopeing she would find somewhere where she could just relax and get away from all the stress back into the city. As she kept walking. A mansion came into view. "That will be a nice place" she said lowly as she started walking towards it. Unaware of who or what was already inside. She sighed as she lightly knocked on the door, but still allowed herself in. She looked around but didn't say anything. "Wow"she said in amazement of the beauty of the place.
"It's all right, i didnt mean to scare you." The man said as he turned around and started walking up some stairs. After getting up a flight of stairs he turned around. "You do want a place to stay right, well hurry up and follow me" he said "Well if it aint another one. You girl, if you want to stay follow us." He adressed the girl who had just entered.
Name:Zak Ashell
Appearance Age:16
Real Age:362
Appearance: My avi, but more human looking.
Personality:Quiet,reserved,loves to flirt,music lover.
Bio:Zak ran awy from home at the age of 16 to be frebut soon after was bitten by a vampire and turned.
Dislikes:Stupid people, liars
*Sits in the rafters of the mansion smoking a cigarette.*
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8,250 Points
  • Somebody Likes You 100
  • Friendly 100
  • Object of Affection 150
Username: Yoraha
Name: Triste Verloren (Treest vur-lore-ehn)
Appearance Age: Early 20s
Real Age: 426
Appearance: Looks rather normal, for a vampire. He's quite tall, a little over 6', perhaps. He has blue hair that just barely goes past his ears, and it almost covers his eyes. His eyes are a mix of several shades of blue; light blue, dark blue, and really dark blue. The colors almost sparkle and swirl around his pupils. He has huge raven-black feathered wings sprouting from his back which are more than big enough for him to fly.

Triste wears a long-sleeved black shirt, tight-ish black pants, and a long brown Overcoat made of a very soft, thin, yet strong material. Although he is 426 years old, he looks incredibly young, he looks like he's in his early 20s.

Personality: Spiteful and resentful, he dislikes any kind of company, dead or alive. For quite some time he hated feasting on blood, and turned to drinking Falseblood instead. But after a fight with a certain girl, he realised how tasty blood could really be. wink He prefers to feast on criminals and people who really won't be missed.

Bio: When Triste was 22 he and his Girl Friend was enslaved by a powerful Vampire Ancient. Triste was eventually turned into a vampire but his captor ripped his girl friend's jugular right out of her neck, killing her. Triste was able to escape from his captor's tomb, but being a Vampire he could not return home, so he fed only on the blood of animals in the wild. He hated it, he hated having to feast on blood for the rest of his immortal life.

Triste had 2 Girl Friends since his first one, but one dumped him and the other was eaten by a Werewolf, a common way to die on his planet. And neither of them were aware of the fact that they were dating a Vampire. (Sounds like a horror movie, huh?)

Likes: Solitude, Stalking just to make people paranoid, giant fruit bats.
Dislikes: Other people, other vampires, the girl he fought with some time ago who calls herself the Mad Miss Maraha.

*Cough* I'll join in a second.
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Beloved Gawker

Jessie had decided to follow knowing that he seems nice/kind.What's the worst that can happen,she thought to herself walking not too far behind Onox.She could've sworn she had caught the smell of smoke.
Appearance Age:19
Real Age:2 mill
Personality:Shadow is calm at night but during the day do not ******** with him.
Bio:Shadow was the first and last owner of the mansion.
Likes:nothing but girls and blood

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