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        » roleplay by: Breathe Disaster
        » theme: Modern Werewolves
        » literacy: Semi-Literate to Literate.
        » MODS: Breathe Disaster, Gawdz0rz, Stephy Goes Rawrr, Stellaluna Skywind, Sabael.
        » Graphics: Stephy Goes Rawrr.
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Not Accepting Any Loners
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                              Many years ago, man and wolf had lived in peace. They left one another alone, and respected the others needs. However, soon enough, the humans became greedy; and it was one human that had taken the greed too far. He'd shed the blood of more than one wolf out of rage, for the fact that the wolf was 'stealing' an elk. An elk that the man was not intending to hunt. It was then that an elder placed a curse upon one particular human group. The elder had a tie with the wolves, having been around them for most of his life. He studied them, learning of their ways, and ultimately had created a bond with the creatures No one knows exactly how the elder managed to place this curse upon the humans, but there is a possibility that he had ties with Lupen, the wolf Goddess.

                              All of this began in the small town now known as Hale.

                              Whether the cursed men liked it or not, they now had the second form of a wolf. However, there was free will, meaning they were able to shift whenever they wanted. But there was one catch - when the full moon was up, their shifting was inevitable. Some had come to cherish this gift and enjoy it, while others resented it beyond belief.

                              The curse was passed down through bloodlines, though it did tend to skip generations on rare occasion. Soon enough, the now ‘werewolves’ had spread across the world, unknowingly making their population bigger by breeding and whatnot. Generation after generation, the traits were passed down, as well as the new founded traditions and a very important rule: absolutely no human was to know about their abilities.

                              It is now 2012. Technology has increased immensely and things have drastically changed from the first time the wolves had become cursed. There are very few living werewolves left, as recently most have been disappearing. Many of the werewolves have found their way to the town of Hale, back where their cursed roots began. The town is ruled by one pack, The Bane Pack. This pack has been able to keep their secret from the humans for a very long time. They went to school with the humans and even worked in the same places. Needless to say, they had done this for years on end.

                              A little over five years ago, a pack that called themselves The Cheveyo Pack moved into town. They wanted to take over, knowing that they had originated from this town, like every werewolf had. The Bane Pack was not going to give up their ownership of the town, of course... and this is when the chaos begun. A four year feud raged out.

                              The fighting and disputes that occurred between the packs had drawn some human attention. This caused casualties between both packs, as well as the human race. Recently though, things have died down between the two. The packs have stayed silent, only glares shot at one another on the most intense occasion. The chaos came to an abrupt stop when the Cheveyo packs Alphas had suddenly disappeared.. and then not even two days later their bodies were found. Of course the Bane pack was blamed.. but it was not them, despite the Cheveyo packs beliefs.

                              The Beta had to step up in order for the Cheveyo pack to continue on. She has kept her decisions quiet about what she might do as she seeks revenge. Despite all the chaos, the two packs came to one agreement. Hale would be labeled as a safe zone. The younger wolves attend school together, and the older.. they are employed together. The hate for each other still runs strong but the treaty of the town stands stronger. Though scuffles tend to break out, no one is allowed to be shifted within the town or the pack who committed the crime must surrender their lives.

                              The packs aren’t the only problem though. Something wicked is stirring in the shadows, and both packs have no idea what they will come to face. Will they join each other? Or will the hate between the two families rage on? And will there be a discovery as to who is targeting the wolves?

                              Fate has its twists and wicked ways. Who will you join?

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                              Recent Updates

                              Pepper and Osiris have become mates. On the night of their celebration the two packs fought harshly. Injuries and deaths were handed to both packs, but it only got worse as a new enemy known as Dr.Hale kidnapped pack members.
                              For months the packs looked for their lost ones, with no traces.
                              Adam and Valkyrie have become mates, making both packs have both female and male alphas.
                              Its been three months since members of both packs have gone missing, thanks to Damian one of the few loners, most of those captured returned home. There were deaths and even some horrible things inflicted on these members. See Deaths for those who have died
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                              If you are joining, you are expected to follow these rules, if you do not there will be consequences. I only give two strikes before removal.

                              • [] General
                                  - what I says goes. If you have suggestions, please PM me directly. Respect my decisions, and I apologize if you don't like them
                                  - that also goes for mods, please respect and listen to them
                                  - follow gaia's TOS and mine.
                                  - be respectful of all our members. Disrespect will not be taken lightly.
                                  - becoming a mod is not easy, if you wish to become one you will need to work for it
                                  - if you are taking an important role in this roleplay, and then decide to leave, I have rights to continue with your characters plot. Know this when you are joining.
                                  - the ooc is there for a reason, please use it. roleplay related things are allowed in the ooc part of your post, just don't be asking "hey whats up dudes" in it.
                                  - do not expect to come into my roleplay and boss others around
                                  - I can add any new rules that I want. If i do, the new rules will be in red for about two weeks, and announcement in the ooc page will be made.

                              User Image

                              • [] Posting/Character
                                  - this is a literate roleplay. I am not strict on the grammar or spelling, just don't 'p0st lyke t4is' and do not constantly have outrageous spelling mistakes.. there is spell check.. please use it though i understand it happens sometimes.
                                  - Referring to the post above - all posts must be 400 words or more, but posts can't always just be 400-500, i want you to strive for more. If posts are constantly 400-500, there will be warnings.
                                  - FONT SIZE must be either 11 or 10!
                                  - please respect everyones characters, and if you have a problem with something, notify me rather then confronting them and starting drama. I will help you deal with it.
                                  - please make your posting pretty, just avoid very bright colours that i cannot read. There must be a picture of your character within your post, and the name, pack and rank.
                                  - characters should be original, and not 'god-like'. God modding is forbidden and there will be a system set up for fighting/hunting and such.
                                  - Inactivity is something that bothers me, if you know you are going to be away, please inform me. If you are absent and haven't posted for a week, I will send you a PM. After that PM you have another week before your character is moved to 'absent/terminated'. If you do not return within the third week, your character will be killed off. If you don't want this to happen, i suggest you let me know. Even if you are going through a rough time, or school has gotten busy, let me know so im not killing off characters that will return! I am pretty good with this, and I don't expect you to post every single day, though i would like 2-3 times a week.
                                  - you are limited to four characters at the moment, if you wish to have more, please PM me. Please take one high rank and the rest lower ranks, though if you want two high ranks, please notify me and i will make a decision. You CANNOT have two loners as your two characters.
                                  - when mating is occurring, please follow the breeding information, and courting can be posted, but the actually mating process.. you know the drill ~ time skip. Sexy Sexy time makes for good drama, i don't mind that occurring.
                                  - Werewolves. They aren't like the twilight ones, sorry. They are the form of a normal regular wolf. They have no special abilities other then to talk as a wolf (through the mind), even to the humans, but that never happens. In human form though, sometimes the fangs can be shown and their eyes can change to resemble their wolf forms. Their hearing and sense of smell is also enhanced when in human form.. but nothing else. Please also refer to 'behaviours and information' * please use "Italics and quotation marks when speaking in wolf form" other then that, in wolf form they must act like a wolf. (Whines, barks, nudges). Human talking should just be "Like this", with a different colour.
                                  - Your current rank does not necessarily mean you will always keep that rank. Throughout the roleplay if i see fit to promote you or demote you, i will speak to you.
                                  - Characters of 17 or older should have a job, check with me to see whats available.
                                  - In your post, please BOLD other characters names
                                  - No acceptions. If you post, and roll but dont fill it out within two days, i will take it down and you will be forced to re-roll, not matter what your number was. Aside from that after three post removals there may possibly be a 'removed from roleplay' headed your way. Its easier for me to do this then to hound all you guys which doesn't seem to work very well.

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                                  • [] Profiles
                                      - Reserves and Profiles are to be filled out completely and sent to Breathe Disaster. They must follow all rules within the profile skeleton and here in the rules.
                                      - Send Reserves in Titled "Follow your Heart", also add a heart somewhere in your profile.
                                      - Profiles "Name - Pack - Rank", just so it is easier on me
                                      - Real photo's only for both human form and wolf, no wings, off coloured eyes, or odd colours [example, no rainbow, pink or purple animals].

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                                      Black List
                                      - tubercular skies
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Dangerous Lunatic

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                              This is a rough idea of what everything looks like, i know its not the best but it gives a good idea.

                              Hale - The Town
                              "Click Here For Map"

                              o1. This is the school, from kindgarden to grade 12. All werewolves attend school, and it is normally enforced upon the elders to make sure that the younger wolves are attending. Just as the adults are to work. Both pack attend this school.
                              o2. This is a floral shop. Owned by the Cheveyo werewolves themselves, there is plenty of them working there. The healers of Cheveyo often have a job here.
                              o3. This is a doctors office/hospital it is many stories.
                              o4. This is a daycare, run by humans once again, though there are werewolf employees. Often the younger ones who can't stay at home are sent here. The providers often have a job here.
                              o5. This is a bar, run by the Bane pack, though they have opened it up to the Cheveyo to join.
                              o6. This is the gym, no one knows who owns it as the owner is rarely around. Both packs use this at free will. There is also an underground part to this, were in wolf form they can train, though Cheveyo and Bane have different parts, only those of the same pack may enter. Most warriors work here, as personal trainers.
                              o7. Town information office, always abandoned. The youngster of the Bane pack have claimed the upstairs as their secret hide out.
                              o8. This is a security office, for the gates that is forbidden to cross.
                              o9. Police station, the chief of police is also the alpha of the Bane pack. He has hired some Cheveyo, but most are either human and a select few from his pack.
                              10. Hotel. This is owned by a hotshot human, and this tends to be where some members go to get away from the pack and what not.
                              11. Factory. Run and owned by Cheveyo. No bane members have been known to be hired there.
                              12. This is they way to a 'volcanic research base' though no one but employees, who are strictly human are allowed to go there. Its fences off, and watchmen with guns are always watching. There is no way in, so don't expect to go in there.
                              13. Abandoned house, the Cheveyo kids have set this up as their own hide out.
                              14. Meat shop. Run and owned by a human, but most hunters from both packs are employees.
                              15. Hunting shop, co-owned by both the Cheveyo and Bane back. This is one thing they agreed on. To humans it has all the hunting needs, but in the back room.. theres a whole other world. There is training and pin-points on good deer herd, for both packs to feast on. Again most of the hunters either hang out here, or work here.
                              16. Automotive Garage. Bane pack owns it, but Cheveyo has been hired frequently, to keep things fair.
                              17. Road to Bane pack territory
                              18. Road to Cheveyo pack territory

                              "Click Here For Map"

                              o1. The town of Hale. Neutral zone for the wolves, though this doesn't mean that scuffles won't occur.
                              o2. Bane pack territory. - Click for mansion image
                              o3. Dakari Mountains. They are filled with dangerous slopes and predators. Humans venture out here for fun, wolves stay clear of it. Only those that want to prove they are brave go there.. though it is asked that they do not travel alone. There is said to be an old wise elder living up there.
                              o4. "Volcanic Research Base' Though this volcano has been inactive for years, there is still a working base at the bottom, no wolf can get in, no one knows how. (Try this and its god-mod) Humans work here each day.. but there seems to be more and more activity.
                              o5. Lake Aurora. It is shared by both packs, and a great water source. Most packs camp around it and occassionally, when there is a 'peace meeting', the packs will meet at the border.
                              o6. Cheveyo pack territory. - Click for mansion image
                              o7. Lush green forest, or open land. Humans hunt on this, and the wolves wander on it.
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                              High Ranks

                              • [] Alphas
                                  • These are the leaders of the pack. The Alpha male is more likely to be more dominant then the female. The pair are almost always mated, and loyal to each other. They are highly respected and make the rules and enforce them in the pack. They decide whether or not to allow other wolves in, or when wolves may have pups. They make the promotions and demotions and keep everything in line.

                              • [] Guardian ***
                                  •This is a position that is only known in the Bane pack. It is something that has come to be a rare position given out. The last 20 years, no wolf has been able to gain this rank, though one has succeed now. This rank is known to be given to the toughest wolf, one who knows smarts and skills. They hold authority over everyone, and sometimes even overpower the Alpha. It is rare to see a rank like this, but it is given out of tradition and religion that this person was hand choosen by the wolf god 'Lupen' by birth. Power says it all, and everyone will respect them.

                              • [] Betas
                                  • These are the wolves that are second in command. When the Alpha are not around, or are busy these are the two wolves in charge. The Betas are chosen by the Alphas and are to be respected almost the same. The Betas can make certain decisions, but mostly will ask the Alpha for advice. They are trusted by the Alpha highly and most pack members. Normally the Beta pair is mated, but not in all situations.

                              • [] Gammas
                                  • These are the wolves highly respected by the pack. They have done something heroic or very brave to earn this title. They hold little power though, but they may deal with the younger wolves of the pack. They normally will accompany the Delta on hunts, and they will do scout trips aswell. They are a very active person, doing alot within the pack.

                              Honoured Ranks

                              • [] Delta
                                  • Leader of the hunters. Normally the most skilled hunter in the pack. They will most likely have a scout and hunter background.

                              • [] Iota
                                  • Trusted pupsitter, in charge of the other pup sitters. They are the most trusted 'nanny' to the Alphas, and have been a provider for a while.

                              • [] Zeta
                                  • Leader of the Warriors, most likely the most skilled warrior, but not always. Normally very close to the Alpha Male.

                              • [] Sigma
                                  • Leader of the Scouts. Normally older and has been of scout rank for a while. They will accompany the Delta on hunts, to help scout for prey. If they are unable to attend the hunt, they will likely send one of their scouts.

                              • [] Char
                                  • Main Healer, normally older and wiser. They have been of healer rank for a while, and are trusted with the lives of their pack.

                              Basic Ranks

                              • [] Hunters
                                  • A group of wolves, lead by the delta, that will provide food for the pack.

                              • [] Warriors
                                  • The fighters of the pack. They are more aggressive then the others, and will protect the pack with their lives. Normally dominant fights occur within their group.

                              • [] Providers
                                  • Caretakers of the pack. When the parents of pups are busy, they are in charge. They are the packs own little 'daycare'. They are normally trusted members. They watch wolves from ages 0 - 12

                              • [] Scouts
                                  • The watchers of the pack. They are trained to observe and report. They scout the outskirts of where their pack is, making sure no intruders are around.

                              • [] Healers
                                  • The nurses and doctors of the pack. Normally they are the smartest and know a lot about the plants growing around the town of Hale.

                              • [] Elder
                                  • They are the older wolves, normally 50 years of age or older. They are storytellers and provide stories of bravery and courage to the young ones. They are normally very close to the Alpha pair. They are highly respected as well, and normally submission/respect is shown to them by everyone.

                              • [] Pack Member
                                  • Average member, have no speciality rank, just do whatever they can to help the pack.

                              • [] Novies
                                  • They are 14 years of age or older, and are training to become one of the guardian ranks.

                              • [] Yearlings
                                  • Age of 12. They don't have such a 'tight leash' as pups. They are normally rebellious and will cause trouble. They tend to be very curious.

                              • [] Pups
                                  • Less then ten years old. They are born to a pair in the pack, not often accepted if they are found by the pack. They tend to be adventurous making work for the providers hard.

                              Low Ranks

                              • [] Branded
                                  • They have done something wrong, and are almost close to being run out or taking the omega rank. They are in the position until they redeem themselves.

                              • [] Omega
                                  • Demoted from any rank. This is the worst of punishment. They are basically the packs chew toy. In rare cases there may be two omegas.

                              • [] Outsiders
                                  • Those wishing to join the pack, but have not been accepted. They will be placed as pack member once accepted, and if they wish to pursue to guardian rank they must prove themself to the leader of the rank they wish to be of.

                              • [] Loners
                                  • Those that will probably never join a pack, though interact with them anyway. Sometimes they keep their identities secret, other times they are not afraid to show themselves. They normally live in the hotel.
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                              All your werewolf needs ~

                              • [] Shifting
                                  - These werewolves are able to shift whenever they wish, though it does take a toll on them. Their bodies crack and twist in order for them to take shape and this will take a lot of pain tolerance. Shifting also shreds your clothes, so prepare to have naked people running around after.
                                  - The only time they have no choice for shifting is when they are stuck in wolf form on a full moon. They cannot shift from dusk til dawn.
                                  - They should not be shifting infront of humans.
                                  - Shifting does not occur until the age of 11 at that point though, they still look like pups, then yearlings at the age of 12.

                              • [] Hunting
                                  - Werewolves hardly hunt, though if they do it is for a special reason, or just for the taste of animal blood.
                                  - Common food for them is; Salmon - Elk - Deer - Rabbit
                                  - Be wise when you hunt, one wolf alone can not take down a deer, let alone an elk.
                                  - Hunts are normally run by the Delta
                                  - When in human form, the werewolves like to cook meat, and have a tendency not to really want to eat veggies, but do anyway.

                              • [] Mating
                                  - Theres a difference between sex and mating in this roleplay.
                                  - Mating is when you are bonded to the other character, and have chosen them as your mate
                                  - Sex, is just sex.
                                  - To become mates you must go through 'courtship', in other words - Flirting, Dates, Hanging out. becoming mates can't just happen over night.
                                  - There doesn't need to be a build up to sex, like there is for becoming mates. Sex all the people you want, if your character thinks wrongly of it, good - it adds twists.
                                  - This is the one area that has huge plots and drama within the roleplay - take it to your advantage.
                                  - It is forbidden to have sex with the enemy pack, or a human for that matter. If you are caught, punishment will be given.
                                  - The Alphas will make mates official, until then they are just a 'couple' (this does not include given permission to have pups with each other yet)
                                  - You may not have pups/become pregnant without permission from the Alphas. If you do, there maybe be harsh punishment.
                                  - Once your Character has become pregnant you must roleplay a month in real time.
                                  - Plots and twists with this are always accepted, just PM me and let me know!
                                  - When pups are born, they are stuck in human form until the age of 11. There is normally 1 pup born at a time, rare occasions its 2.
                                  - If a male mates with a female human and gets her pregnant, she will die giving birth. If a male human mates with a female, the child will most likely have no relationship with the father, but both mother and child will live, though consequences within the pack will be large.
                                  - The Alpha must approve of all pups, when they are born. If unhealthy, they have the right to remove the child.

                              • [] Submission
                                  - Submission is normally shown when in trouble, or you are in the presence of a higher rank.
                                  - Higher ranks, may give bites to the muzzle and ears, or even pin other members to prove their dominance. Please use your rank wisely, if you do not, I will demote you. In human form, submission is shown by avoid eye contact or admitting wrong. Being respectful is another one.
                                  - Lower ranks may be punished if they do not submit.
                                  - Omegas are the 'punching-bags' of the pack, they are prone to being attacked at random, please note if you choose this position.. you need to be up for having your wolf brutally attacked. They will have a defensive system, but their chances will be low.
                                  - Punishment will be determined by one of the 'High Ranks'
                                  - Dominance is normally displayed by a raised tail, or holding yourself high.

                              • [] Traditions
                                  - The biggest tradition between two packs is the 'peace-meeting'. Peace meetings happen once a month. This is were the packs will get together and bring kills for one another. They will spend time with each other, though normally it doesn't last long. Anyone who dares starts a fight will have their fate decided from the opposite Alpha. This is were many wolves have been chased or brought to death.
                                  - Another tradition is bringing a kill to the Alpha upon his first borns birth day. Kills are also normally given when someone has been promoted.
                                  - 'Howl Rally' - this occurs when exciting news / bad news is brought to the pack. They will all join each other in a howl.
                                  - Keeping the secret safe is a huge important tradition.
                                  - On every full moon, there is a blood giving. The werewolves will each bring a kill to the ceremony that occurs. Normally at these ceremonies sexual hormones are running strong, meaning wolves will be on edge. There is a dance, party and everything you can think of.

                              • [] Religion
                                  - Lupen is known as the 'Goddess' of wolves.Described as a pure white wolf, white eyes and all. This is the wolf that guides them to do the right decisions in life. They often pray to her, together or alone. Some think that by praying, their curse will be lifted.
                                  - Loule is known as the 'Devil' of wolves. He is described as pure black, with piercing red eyes. He is known to stalk young ones in their sleep.
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Click the pictures to see whats available and whose who.

User Image User Image User Image
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                              • [] Hunting
                              ____________• Using the Random Number 'Post Action' You will do as followed:

                              FIRST you must have the scout/sigma roll, or whoever is scouting the prey they must put 1-2
                              1 - Found Prey
                              2 - Didn't Find Prey

                              **You will have two tries; if you get a two both times, it is a failed hunt

                              -if you are the Delta, Alpha or Beta with hunter background you will put 1 to 3.
                              1 - Light Hit - You are injured
                              2 - Light Hit
                              3 - Injured prey badly

                              -if you are a Hunter you will put 1-5
                              1 - Miss - you are injured
                              2 - Hardly a Hit
                              3 - Light hit
                              4 - Light hit
                              5 - Injured Prey

                              -if you are a Pack Member you will put 1-8
                              1 - Miss - You are very injured
                              2 - Miss - You are injured
                              3 - Miss
                              4 - Hardly a hit
                              5 - Light hit
                              6 - Light hit
                              7 - Light Hit
                              8 - Injured Prey

                              ** Loner will roll the 1-2 to find prey, and then they will roll 1-8 / After Five misses, its a failed hunt

                              • [] Fighting Against Others
                              ____________• Using the Random Number 'Post Action' You will do as followed:

                              -if you are the Zeta, Alpha or Beta with Warrior background you will put 1 to 3.
                              1 - Miss
                              2 - Light Hit
                              3 - Pin/Hard Hit

                              **The Higher ranks will determine when to stop the fight. If you want and have agreed with the other character, you may stop when they role a 3.

                              -if you are a Warrior you will put 1-5
                              1 - Miss
                              2 - Hardly a Hit
                              3 - Light hit
                              4 - Light hit
                              5 - Hard Hit

                              -if you are a Pack Member you will put 1-8
                              1 - Miss
                              2 - Miss
                              3 - Miss
                              4 - Hardly a hit
                              5 - Light hit
                              6 - Light hit
                              7 - Light Hit
                              8 - Hard

                              **Please know when to end a fight, make it fair. If i see anything like cheating or making it unfair to the other, i will intervene. Loners will roll 1-8 if they have not stated a warrior like background in their bio.

                              • [] Fighting Against NPC Human
                              ____________• Using the Random Number 'Post Action' You will do as followed:

                              -if you are the Honoured Ranks or higher you will put 1 to 3.
                              1 - Miss
                              2 - Light Hit
                              3 - Hard Hit

                              -if you are a Any other you will put 1-5
                              1 - Miss
                              2 - Hardly a Hit
                              3 - Light hit
                              4 - Light hit
                              5 - Hard Hit

                              **NPC's will have their own defensive system, please not that NPC's will be the ones to know when to end the fight, if you have any trouble with one, please PM me.

                              - NPCS you will put 1-6
                              1 - Hardly a Hit/Flee
                              2 - Hardly a Hit/flee
                              3 - Light hit / Choose whether to flee or not
                              4 - Light Hit / Choose whether to flee or not
                              5 - Light Hit / Can't Flee
                              6 - Hard Hit
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                              [size=10][i]Username[/i] ~ [color=darkviolet]Rank[/color] ~ [b]Pack[/b] ~ [b]Link to character in wolf[/b] ~ [b]Link to character in human[/b] ~ [b]Posting Samples[/b][/size]


                              [size=8][b]PACK HERE[/b][color=white]___________________________________________________________[/color][b]RANK HERE[/b][/size]

                              [size=10][b]N A M E[/b] : [color=postingcolor]Name Here[/color]
                              [b]A G E[/b] : [color=postingcolor]Age[/color]
                              [b]G E N D E R[/b] : [color=postingcolor]Male/Female[/color]
                              [b]M A T E[/b] : [color=postingcolor]Mate?[/color]
                              [b]F A M I L Y[/b] : [color=postingcolor]Relations?[/color]
                              [b]W O L F[/b] : [color=postingcolor]Wolf Form URL here[/color]
                              [b]P U P S[/b] : [color=postingcolor]Pups?[/color]

                              [color=postingcolor][b]P E R S O N A L I T Y[/b][/color]
                              Personality Here, One Paragraph Min.

                              [color=postingcolor][b]L I K E S[/b][/color]
                              likes; here; like; this; please.

                              [color=postingcolor][b]D I S L I K E S[/b][/color]
                              Dislikes; here; like; this; please.

                              [color=postingcolor][b]B I O G R A P H Y[/b][/color]
                              No less then two paragraphs.

                              [b]C A R[/b] : [color=postingcolor]Car URL[/color]
                              [b]B E D R O O M[/b] : [color=postingcolor]Bedroom URL[/color]
                              [b] O T H E R[/b] : [color=postincolor]Anything We Missed?[/color]

                              [align=center][b][size=10]USERNAME HERE IN CAPS[/size][/b][/align][size=18][b][color=indianred]━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━[/color][/b][/size]]

                              ** profile inspired by Stephy Goes Rawrr. Big thanks to Pandie Wolf for helping out with recoding the old ones!
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                              R E L A T I O N S H I P S

                              PepperOsiris <3 Mates
                              AdamValkyrie <3 Mates
                              AdamAkela ~ Father to Akela's Baby - he doesn't know.
                              ShaylynnKeith ~ Forced to mate by Dr.Hale. Shaylynn is now pregnant.

                              F A M I L Y

                              Adam → Felice (Siblings)
                              Osiris → Valkyrie (Siblings)
                              Stephanie → Dylan (Siblings)
                              Osiris → Zahra (Adopted father to adopted daughter)
                              Pepper → Chloe (Siblings)
                              Mace → Damian (Siblings)
                              Reese → Travis (Siblings)
                              Xynos → Xaviar (Siblings)
                              Joshua → Charlie (Siblings)

                              D E A T H S

                              Cache (Bane Outsider) - Killed by Nico
                              Samantha (Cheveyo Scout) - Killed by William
                              Evening (Bane Zeta) - Killed by Xynos
                              Pholita (Loner) - Killed by Dakota
                              Artemis (Loner) - Died Suddenly
                              Cricket (Cheveyo Pup) - Killed by Mace
                              Eli (Bane Scout) - Killed by Min
                              Nico (Cheveyo Beta) - Killed by Dylan but said to have run off
                              Danny (Cheveyo) - Killed by Dr.Hale
                              Leesa (Cheveyo) - Killed by Dr.Hale
                              Kylie (Bane) - Killed by Dr.Hale
                              Whinry (Bane) - Killed by Dr. Hale
                              Keith (Bane) - Killed by Dr.Hale
                              Maxine (Bane) - Killed during Fight
                              Alyce (Bane) - Killed during Fight
                              Alexander (Bane) - Random Death

                              K I L LxxL I S T

                              if there is no 'to be killed off' beside one of the characters names, that means someone is free to kill them. Just PM about it

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{Updated September 23rd / 2012}

                              ____________• Fall
                              ____________• Chilly and Clear Skies
                              ____________• October 13th, (Friday).
                              Time of Day
                              ____________• Late Afternoon
                              Next Full Moon
                              ____________• October 13th (Today)
                              Next Peace Meeting
                              ____________• October 20th
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                              o8/06/2012 ~ Hale opens!
                              o8/10/2012 ~ Gawdz0rz becomes a MOD, for her hard work in helping me and Hale!
                              o8/11/2012 ~ Wonderful new graphics done by Stephy Goes Rawrr
                              o8/11/2012 ~ Stephy Becomes a MOD, for her hard work in the graphics and helping with the odd things!
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                              User Image

                              User Image
                              For all your graphic needs

                              User Image

                              User Image
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Dangerous Lunatic

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