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Mobile Suits: Large two legged war machines that ended the age of the normal soldier. The normal soldier once was the key to victory but now it all depended on the skills of the pilots of these massive machine that donned the name Mobile Suits. The main battlefield for these giants was space where the Earth Alliance was at war with the seperatist group that dominated the space colonies, The Space Alliance of Independent Collonization Treaty(SAICT) were the name they went by. The current Mobile Suits of the era were no where near the capabilities of the old models and so groups began excavations on a massive asteroid field known as the "Remnants" it was the final battle place of the first Mobile Suit war and many of these destructive weapons still remained in tact buried under the asteroid rocks. In this war what side will you choose? why will you fight? you decide.
((This is an all Era Gundam RP so don't feel restricted to one era your free to use any mobile suit you decide))
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7. Keep it PG 16, this means no cybering it's down right sad and disgusting if you must take it to PMs. Romance is good, violence is a must but cybering is a GTFO offence.
8. PM to let me know if your leaving the RP, don't just randomly vanish it makes you look stupid.
9. Don't post in the RP unless accepted, if caught doing this you will be banned from joining.
10. Ok so Newtypes are something rare within Gundam but there seen enough to seem rather constant, well to stick with Gundams original intentions, if one wants to be a Newtype they must awaken to the state much like Amuro Ray.
~Profile Skeleton~

[size=9][b]Gaia Name:[/b]
[b]Character Name:[/b]
[b]Allegiance:[/b] (EA or SAICT)
[b]History:[/b] (Everyone had a past so don't just put three words. I want 5 lines or more even someone with amnesia could do this I swear)
[b]Appearance:[/b] (anime pictures(use damn urls!) or detailed descriptions please)
[b]Mobile Suit Name:[/b] (It's code name and model number please. E.G: MSZ-010, Double Zeta Gundam)
[b]Mobile Suit Appearance:[/b] (Please put images in urls)
[b]Mobile Suit Weaponry:[/b]
[b]Special Armaments:[/b] (this would be something excavated from the Remnants, unless the entire suit was from the Remnants as well)
[b]Mobile Suit History:[/b] (How the mobile suit was made, why it was made, any previous pilots, or battles. 5 lines minimum)[/size]
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~Accepted Profiles~

Gaia Name: Brock-Maister
Character Name: Xerin Valence
Age: 25
Gender: Male
Allegiance: SAICT
History: Xerin was born into a family of militarists. His father before him had died as a general and he grew up being raised by his mother alone. During high school graduation he became a Mobile Suit mechanic for the army so that he could follow his dreams of being a mechanic without following in the actual foot steps of the rest of his family. During an excavation of an old Mobile Suit Xerin was assigned to repair the suits cockpit. During the repair workings a group of Earth Alliance Mobile Suits attacked the excavation site and with his only option of dying in the suit or flying it to aid the losing miner guards he chose to become a military dog. Closing the cockpit hatch and taking control of the Mobile Suit he flew off to aid the minors... luckily it was a requirement for mechanics to know the layout of the cockpit control system of a Mobile Suit and Xerin easily re-wrote the Operating System(OS). After the fight Xerin was scolded by the officer in charge of the excavation but was also drafted into the military as a Mobile Suit pilot and instead of being given the current mass produced grunt suit he was allowed to keep the suit that was excavated.
Appearance: Xerin
Mobile Suit Name: ZGMF-X25A Gundam Fate
Mobile Suit Appearance: Fate
Mobile Suit Weaponry: Six Super DRAGOONS, Beam Rifle, Cloaking System, Two Beam Sabers, Missle Launcher, "Voiture Lumiere" Wing system.
Special Armaments: GM-Striker Beam Spear
Mobile Suit History: The ZGMF-X25A Gundam Fate was built during the first Mobile Suit war as part of the "Invincible" production line. It was created with it's sister mobile suits the RX-78-2 Gundam, the ZGMF-X25B Gundam Legacy and the ZGMF-X20A Gundam Strike Freedom. The Gundam Fate was a multi range typed mobile suit that was going to be used to lead the effort in space. It's pilot was a one Kaworu Higune who was an ace pilot for the SAICT during the first Mobile suit war. Unfortunately Kaworu was killed during the final battle at the Remnants and the Gundam Fate became buried within one of the thousands of asteroids. During the beginning of the second Mobile Suit war it was excavated by a SAICT Excavation Team which was attacked by the Earth Alliance during this excavation. A young mechanic Xerin Valencia was in the cockpit making repairs at the time and eventually was piloted by this young mechanic. The Gundam Fate has been with Xerin ever since.

Gaia Name: x-Chibi Shinigami-x
Character Name: Alice Clayflower
Gender: Female
Allegiance: (EA or SAICT)EA
History: Alice grew up in a loving family, but the first Mobile Suit war destroyed that for her. It destroyed her home and her lifestyle. She swore she would one day put an end to all this war. That's how she ended up becoming a pilot for the Earth Alliance. She joined right after she graduated early from high school. She was so advanced in her skills they made her a pilot at a young age. everyone she has come into contact now refer to her as "Kid"
Appearance: Alice
Mobile Suit Name: XXXG-01D Deathscythe
Mobile Suit Appearance:Deathscythe
Mobile Suit Weaponry: Beam scythe. Buster shield and machine guns in the chest
Special Armaments: N/A
Mobile Suit History: Made during the end of the first mobile suit war. The gundam was far to advanced for the normal pilot at the time, so they put it in storage until they could found the right pilot for it. Its never seen war before until now when they gave the mobile suit to Alice. She is the only one who knows how to pilot it, because of the upgrades specifically designed for her.

Gaia Name: Ninja Rikimaru27
Character Name: Cato Mashimoro
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Allegiance: EA
History: Saw the countless wars of past and also studied them as well. He always wanted to see space and fly in it as well. Also, when he was around 10 years old, his father was in the EA, and was a great admiral in the EA Command. But in the battle of Aprilius One, his father died on the attack, and Cato was devastated by this that he was convinced to join the EA. That is why he joined the EA because they fought for peace. He joined when he was 16 and passed ahead of his class. He is a great pilot of his Gundam.
Appearance: Cato Mashimoro
Mobile Suit Name: GAT-X103 Buster Gundam
Mobile Suit Appearance: GAT-X103 Buster Gundam
Mobile Suit Weaponry: Semi-Full Auto Blaster Rifle, High Beam Beam Rifle. An energy sword.
Special Armaments: Unsure
Mobile Suit History: Mass Produced after the first Buster Gundam was built and the war ended. The first massed produced Buster Model Gundam was Buster Dagger, which is Cato's model Gundam. His Gundam is a different color than the Dagger originals, he has EA colors on his Gundam and his own symbol on it's shoulder which is Red Dot with a Katana in the middle vertical ways.

Gaia Name: Mango McCrazy.
Character Name: Pirandello Kruger.
Age: Around twenty-five.
Gender: Male, presumably.
Allegiance: SAICT.
History: Pirandello is something of an anomaly in that he is an ace pilot, and yet is completely insane. Though he has a full recollection of his past prior to his apparent insanity, he refuses to discuss the matter with anyone, even his friend Xerin. Pirandello suffers from severe insomnia, and acute Schizophrenia, which he claims is only subdued when he is piloting his beloved mobile suit, Kharn's Hammer. Despite being mentally unstable, Kruger has proven a capable pilot, and a steadfast ally under fire, dodging death time and time again in daring feats of heroism, though he is seemingly unaware of the danger he puts himself in on the battlefield.
Appearance: Pirandello practicing his dancing.
Mobile Suit Name: MS-06R-2c ZAKU II High Mobility Command Type; Kharn's Hammer.
Mobile Suit Appearance: Kharn's Hammer.
Mobile Suit Weaponry: Beam axe integrated with a power fist, a HUGE ******** CHAINSWORD, a single missile pod, dual hidden wristblades.
Special Armaments: The HUGE ******** CHAINSWORD.
Mobile Suit History: Kharn's Hammer was found by a completely sane Pirandello some three years after his enlistment with the SAICT, a rusting, battered hulk at a thus far, undisclosed location. Over time, Kruger developed the belief that the machine was actually alive, and was in fact telling him what to do. As time went on, his sanity waned completely, and young Pirandello became wholly attached to the machine on a mental scale. Previous battles have been numerous and perilous, though the retrofitted ZAKU has somehow survived against all odds, finding itself constantly refitted with newer, deadlier implements of destruction by the overly obsessive Kruger.

Gaia Name: xX Neku Sakuraba Xx
Character Name: Danny Menardi
Age: 23
Gender: Male
Allegiance: SAICT
History: Danny was born from a long line of pilots and mechanics going as far back as the first space capable suits were made available. He has been in essence training since he was in diapers, although some 100 years before he was born his family was disgraced when his ancestor killed an important person in the governments. With his family never able to recover their once great name they live as one of the poorest families in their place of residence. Danny soon turned to thievery and tricks to be able to get a thrill from piloting suits. Which is how he came in contact with his current suit, stealing it from an old man’s garage. Danny can be a bit of a loner but once he warms up to some one he will start with the jokes and become a fun person.
Appearance: Danny Menardi (not exactly main stream anime but I drew it and it works)
Mobile Suit Name: XXXG-01D2 Gundam Deathscythe Hell
Mobile Suit Appearance: Gundam Deathscythe Hell Custom
Mobile Suit Weaponry:2 x vulcan gun, fire-linked, mounted in head; 1 x beam scissors, stored in recharge rack on rear waist armor, hand-carried in use, sensors, range unknown; active cloak beam deflection barrier and stealth system; 2 x hyper jammer ECM suite on backpack; self-destruct system
Special Armaments: Long range sniper rifle salvaged from a completely different suit and worked to be suitable with the Deathscythe Hell
Mobile Suit History: This mobile suit was created during the first mobile suit war but was never used due to the stigma the suit’s design of a demon from hell. The first pilot of this mobile suit died in a training exercise due to the strain the suit put on the users body. The creator of the suit decided to put it in to storage until a suitable pilot could be found but no one was ever able to pilot it until it was stolen by Danny. This suit was created for stealth missions deemed too dangerous for normal suits to complete with out being caught. Even so, it has never been tested in live battles.

Gaia Name: Zimdragon
Character Name: Vincent Immori
Gender: Male
Allegiance: SAICT
History: Vincent was Born on the Earth, in North America, but he can't remember a lot about it. He moved to a space colony at the age of seven so his time on Earth was relatively short compared to his time in seeing as he is now twenty one. He lead you average life friends, family, school, until the war broke out. He Loved the Earth from his early Childhood there, but he didn't want to EA to destroy his new home, so he signed up for the SAICT army along with a few of his friends. He rose quickly seeing as he had some natural combat abilities, and was selected to be the pilot of a new suit. He dosen't like to fight really and try's his best to avoid battle zones, and enemy units. Most of his superiors thinks that makes him weak, but Vincent prefers his kindness.
Appearance: Vincent Immori
Mobile Suit Name: GN-007 Arios Gundam
Mobile Suit Appearance: Arios MS Mode, Arios Fighter Mode, GNHW/M Arios MS Mode, GNHW/M Arios Fighter Mode
Mobile Suit Weaponry: GN Twin Beam Rifle x 2, GN Beam Saber x 2, GN Beam Shield(GN Field) x 2, GN Vulcan x 2(Fighter Mode only), GN Sub-Machine Gun x 2(MS Mode only), Optional GNHW/M equipment - GN Beam Rifle, GN Booster Unit-the booster unit mounts High speed Booster, GN Missile Launcher x 12, GN Missiles x 12 (per salvo)
Special Armaments: N/A
Mobile Suit History: Apparently this unit was secretly developed along side three others by captured scientist off an unknown organization. However many events left factor abandoned along with the suits and data. They where developed for the next generation of combat. This suit was found and put to use by the SAICT. It's data and technology was download and the SAICT choose top pilots to through an elite elimination process to be the pilot, one was selected, Vincent Immori. The whereabouts and status of the other three units are unknown.

Gaia Name:iEpicallyRuleYou
Character Name: Larissa Nadelle
History:Larissa had always been "one of the guys". Her mother had died giving birth to her, leaving her the only girl in the family. Larissa has five older brothers and a military obsessed father. Her father insisted that she would join the military like her brothers. She has incredible aim and isn't afraid to kill or die for what she believes in. She keeps to herself and normally works alone. She laughs bitterly at the thought of love and friendship. Who needs it when you've got your mobile suit?
Appearance: Larissa
Mobile Suit Name: Mobile Suit Gundam ZZ
Mobile Suit Appearance: Mobile Suit Gundam ZZ
Mobile Suit Weaponry: High-Mega Cannon located in forehead, double-barrel high beam laser, 2 beam long-sabers, 2 back mounted missile launchers.
Special Armaments: N/A
Mobile Suit History: This suit was given to Larissa after her previous one was destroyed in battle. She hates this strange new Gundam, but lives with it. She doesn't know anything about how it was made or why, because no one will tell her. It was said to have one previous pilot who was killed in battle. However, Larissa thinks otherwise. There is a strange atmosphere in the Gundam, and it sometimes sounds like its trying to say something...

Gaia Name:Object 279
Character Name:Johnny Ridden
History:Johnny grew up as an orphan never knowing where he came from or who he really was besides his name. At the age of 14 he started to sneak out into space and just wonder threw the vast emptyness of it all. At the age of 18 he found an old Mobile Suit and started to work on getting it running. It wasnt long before the millitary found out and drafted him and placed him into a Mobile Suit pilot. Luckily they aloud him to pilot the same mech he had been working on.
Mobile Suit Name:MS-06Ss Zaku II Commander Type
Mobile Suit Appearance:MS-06Ss Zaku II Commander Type
Mobile Suit Weaponry: 2x3-tube missile pod mounted on the legs,4x60mm vulcan gun 2 on each side, ZMP-50D/120mm machine gun drum-fed, H&L-SB25K/280mmA-P Zaku bazooka, heat hawk Type5,
Special Armaments:Arm shield that can be held by left hand or attached to the left arm
Mobile Suit History:I was on a ship flying threw a asteroid field when I came across a white intenna sticking out of the rock. I went in for a closer look when I found a hidden Mobile Suit. I was able to open the cockpit when I found it just had a chair with mirrors all around it.(360 cockpit) So I loaded the rock up and reported it as research so no one would know of what I found. I then spent the next few mouths working day and night getting it to work.

Gaia Name:Hyakunin Giri-Kyoso
Character Name:Alexander Leon
Allegiance: SAICT
History: Alexander had come from a poverty cursed family. His father and mother, who were abusive and horrible, were killed in a skirmish due to mobile suits. Alexander was taken in by his grandfather, Dante Leon. His grandfather fought for earth as a well known pilot among his squadron. Alexander was then brought under his wing at the age of 8 to learn everything about mobile suits. During his years he honed his skills and eventually became at par with his grandfather. At the age of 18, Alexander joined the SAICT and began to fight for the colonies due to his grandfather's sudden illness and death, hoping to honor his last wishes.
Appearance: Alexander is 5'9 of height. His skin is a natural medium tan and his eyes are a dark brown hue while his hair is midnight black and lengthy as it somewhat veils over his eyes. He usuaully keeps his hair down but will sometimes keep it in a short ponytail. On his left ear is a dark black small hoop earing, his only accessory.
Mobile Suit Name:OZ-13MS Gundam Epyon-Spec A Custom
Mobile Suit Appearance: OZ-13MS Gundam Epyon-Spec A Custom
Mobile Suit Weaponry:Beam sabers, Retractable heat rod, semi-auto beam rifle, shield on left forearm, grapple claws above each hand
Special Armaments: Enhanced wings provide greater shielding range, along with missiles
Mobile Suit History:Alexander had found the remains of Epyon in space on a trip with his grandfather. Once all pieces were found he noticed that many were demaged beyond repair. Alexander had given up on completing it once he found it impossible. Before Dante died he had finished it while adding new features, thinking of it as a goodbye gift to his only grand-son. This new model is far different than the original model in functon and capability yet Alexander has not yet mastered its true potential.

Gaia Name: Brock-Maister
Character Name: Lady Valya Grace
Age: 27
Gender: Female
Allegiance: Leader of the SAICT
History: Valya was born into the royal family that controlled some of the space colonies and soon enough became the elected family to be the leaders of the colonies when they became a seperatist faction from the EA. Although Valya is rather young she became a valuable leader after he fathers death. She is a smart tactician and great all round leader as she focuses on what's best for the SAICT and the civillians living in the colonies.
Appearance: Valya
Mobile Suit Name: MSN-04B, OZ-18MSK, MS15Fs
Mobile Suit Appearance: Sazabi Type-B, Epyon Kaiser, Gyan Pre-Production Marine Type
Mobile Suit Weaponry:Sazabi Type-B: beam rifle, two beam sabers, laminate armour, 380mm hyper bazooka, Shield.
Epyon Kaiser: Mega-Cannon, beam sword, 2 heat-rods.
Gyan Pre-Production Marine Type: Beam-Lance, missile shield.
Special Armaments: N/A
Mobile Suit History: Valya being the leader of the SAICT had three mobile suits built for her useage and all of them became equally feared weapons on the battlefield. They were built to specialize in different areas with her Gyan being perfect for oceanic combat, her Epyon being perfect for melee and artillery and finally her Sazabi Type-B being a great figure head and all-round mobile suit. Valya although most people disapprove of this tactic has been seen on the front lines of battle many times and has also almost been killed as well.

Gaia Name: xX Neku Sakuraba Xx
Character Name: Gene Hawkings
Age: 28
Gender: Male
Allegiance: Leader of the EA
History: A noblemen of a great militaristic family on Earth, Gene grew up with battles on the brain. His parents pushed him to become leader and that’s just what he did. He used to be kindhearted but that all changed when the fighting began. He didn’t like that he had to kill people but he got over it after the destruction of his home.
Appearance: Gene Hawking
Mobile Suit Name: XXXG-00W0 Wing Gundam Zero, GF13-009NF Gundam Rose, JMS71 Nobusshi
Mobile Suit Appearance: Gundam Rose , Nobusshi, Wing Gundam Zero
Mobile Suit Weaponry: He uses the weaponry that came with the suits
Special Armaments: N/A
Mobile Suit History: The Wing Gundam Zero was a prototype suit that was never really put into battle until it was tested many ,many times. And even then it came with a warning about the pilots health. The Gundam Rose was salvaged from under the sea outside of France. The Nobusshi was a gift from the republic of Japan.

Gaia Name: Psycho Fox13
Character Name: Vick Donzar
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Allegiance: Earth Alliance - EA
History: Vick Donzar lived on the moon... at least until he stumbled upon Gundam Destiny.

Vick was an A+ student at the University of Tranquility, located on the Sea of Tranquility, studying robotics. One day, during a field trip to a museum of ancient mechanics, Vick looked out the window of the transport and had seen, what seemed to be, a hand sticking out from the surface of a crater. He quickly took out his GPS and logged the location of where he saw it so that he could return and check it out. Apparently everyone else was too buys talking amongst them selves to notice and there was no way Vick was going to alert everyone about his findings.

After the trip and after Vick arrived home, he prepared himself to uncover the hand. He grabbed a space suit, and a portable mining laser that masqueraded as a shovel (his own invention). Vick got onto his lunar cycle and headed for the city's gates. He used his I.D. to get through the gates and onto the moon's surface.

Once he arrived at the point he marked on his GPS, Vick proceeded to dig up the buried monster. After about eight hours, he was able to get into the cockpit. Almost out of instinct, Vick turned on the Gundam; it's monitors displaying "ZGMF-X42S Destiny." The whole gundam was pretty much damaged save for the right arm, right leg, and thrusters. Vick fired up the thrusters and, with the help of the arm and leg, pulled himself out of the crater.

At this time the moon was governed by the Earth Alliance and had a major base upon its surface. The base saw the gundam on radar and dispatched units to check it out. By the time they arrived, Vick was standing, with the aid of the thrusters, and had seen the recon group. Vick began to panic, what would they do? Would they kill him? Would they make him a prisoner of war? Well Vick didn't know what to do besides lock the OS and open the cockpit with his hands up. There he was captured along with his new-found Gundam and taken back to base.

Thanks to the speech classes that he was required to take, Vick was able to persuade the government to enlist him into the army and make him the pilot of Gundam Destiny. They stationed him at a base on Earth and now he, and his fully repaired Gundam, are about to finish their battle training and move onto the front lines.
Appearance: Vick Donzar, Pilot Suit
Mobile Suit Name: ZGMF-X42S Destiny Gundam
Mobile Suit Appearance: ZGMF-X42S Destiny, ZGMF-X42S Destiny Gundam Extreme Blast
Mobile Suit Weaponry: 2 x MMI-GAU26 17.5mm CIWS, fire-linked, mounted in head; 2 x MX2351 "Solidus Fulgor" beam shield generator, mounted on wrists; 2 x RQM60F "Flash-Edge 2" beam boomerang, mounted on shoulders, hand-carried in use; MMI-714 "Arondight" anti-ship sword, stored in right wing, hand-carried in use; M2000GX high-energy long-range beam cannon; stored in left wing, hand-carried in use; 2 x MMI-X340 "Palma Fiocina" palm beam cannon, mounted on palms; shield, mounted on left arm.
Special Armaments: N/A
Mobile Suit History: The ZGMF-X42S, code named "Destiny," was created as a multi-role prototype Gundam. With its large anti-ship sword and the high-energy long-range beam cannon, the main role of the ZGMF-X42S was anti-airship. The Earth Alliance created this Gundam to rival that of the Invincible line of Gundams the SAICT had created. Unfortunately this Gundam never got out of it's prototype phase due to the abrupt ending of the war and the theft of the experiment.

The original pilot, Zora Higgans, piloted this Gundam for the Earth Alliance, but lost it to a much younger rebel, who had stolen it. The young rebel, who's name is unknown, was an incredibly talented pilot despite his age. He said that he "fought for peace" and was a bothersome enemy for both sides. Although it thwarted a few major plans for both sides, the ZGMF-X42S Destiny was finally shot down during the battle at the Remnants and was never seen again. The Earth Alliance believe it burnt up in the Earth's atmosphere since it had no re-entry gear equipped at time of disappearance. Conspiracy theorists believe it didn't burn up, but actually crash landed on the moon. Nobody has yet to find the remains of the ZGMF-X42S and have given up searching for it.

The Earth Alliance scrapped the ZGMF-X42S as a failed experiment and has removed all of the data concerning the ZGMF-X42S from it's databases. Most people believed the reason behind the abandonment of the ZGMF-X42S was because it was stolen by a child and the army couldn't face the humility. There is currently only a few old generals and veterans who remember the ZGMF-X42S Destiny.

Gaia Name: Ryukosay
Character Name: Hononichi, Ryukosay
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Allegiance: EA
History: Ryukosay was always interested in past war technology. He would always be watching the news on the latest an greatest news on weapon systems and defenses. This road one day led him to become a part time junk dealer. Not an illegal one but one that roams around space looking for spare and damaged equipment. This was a good idea at first but when the Gov. started looking in the Remnants. Ryukosay knew there was weapons of untold value and money. So soon he was always out there hoping to find something useful, and intact that could be sold so he could start his own weapon developing program.But after months of searching nothing came up. So he ended up joining the army and with a little bit of their data he finally found something valuable, A almost perfectly persevered MS.
Mobile Suit Name: GAT-01A1+AQM/E-X03, Launcher Dagger (It's code name and model number please. E.G: MSZ-010, Double Zeta Gundam)
Mobile Suit Appearance:Launcher Dagger
Mobile Suit Weaponry:
-2 x "Igelstellung II" 40mm multi-barrel CIWS, fire-linked, mounted in head
-2 x ES01 beam saber, stored in hips, hand-carried in use
-2 x 12.5mm anti-infantry gun, fire-linked, mounted in feet;
-"Agni" 320mm hyper impulse cannon, power rating unknown, mounted behind left arm, hand-carried in use
-combo weapon pod (120mm anti-ship Vulcan gun, 2x 350mm gun launcher), mounted on right shoulder

Special Armaments: Nuclear Power Plant (acquired illegally from junk dealing businesses of several try's to get a working one)
Mobile Suit History: The launcher dagger severed in the past war. Ryukosay found it among the Remnants using some of the EA's data Ti was perfectly intact and was never use in combat due to the ship it was beginning carried on, engine exploded by an unknown cause. It intended pilot was supposedly killed by the explosion , so it was abandoned. While the other MS took off to fight, the war or get onto another ship.

Gaia Name: Auto-Fox.
Character Name: Flint Hobten.
Age: 18.
Gender: Male.
Allegiance: EA.
History: Flint Hobten is a young scavenger who once lived in the peaceful colony cluster of Oberth. Near Oberth was a large First MS War battlefield, and Flint made his living collecting scrap metal and old technology from the wreckage there. One day, he bought himself an EMS-06 Batara Mobile Suits from the former Jupiter Empire. He used the suit to further his scavenging career, and eventually equipped it with weapons (having previously stripped them under penalty of law, and for practicality reasons) to fend off competitors.
However, one day, SAICT attacked the Oberth colonies, destroying many of them and leaving Flint without a base of operations. Homeless, Flint met up with the retreating EA and offered his services as a mercenary.
Appearance: Flint.
Mobile Suit Name: EMS-06B Blitz Batara.
Mobile Suit Appearance: EMS-06 Batara (appearance and specs prior to modifications).
Mobile Suit Weaponry: 1x 100mm Machinegun; 1x Heat Hawk; 1x 180mm Anti-Ship Cannon; 1x Scattering Beam Gun, mounted in head beneath mono-eye track visor.
Special Armaments: None.
Mobile Suit History: The EMS-06B Blitz Batara is a fairly basic Mobile Suit that, in years past, has been the workhorse of the remote Jupiter Empire. Flint acquired his at a "fire sale" of surplus equipment after the collapse of the Empire shortly before the start of the current war. He used the fairly basic but versatile little Mobile Suits for scavenging missions into the debris fields of old battlefields dating back to the First MS War, where he collected curiosities and valuable scrap to sell.
The scrap business became increasingly competitive in the months leading up to the start of the current war, with governments racing for all the old technology they could find and demand at an all-time high. Flint modified his Batara's limited weaponry to better ensure his survival. Having removed the Beam Shield and most of the machine's Beam Weapon capabilities to simplify its upkeep, Flint replaced them with kinetic equivalents. He equipped the suit with a 100mm Machinegun, Heat Hawk, giant custom Anti-Ship Cannon, and a single Beam weapon, a head-mounted Scattering Beam Gun for close range attacks and a melee "finishing move".

Gaia Name: Gundam Ami
Character Name: Ami Tomanaki
Gender: Female
Allegiance: Earth Alliance
History:Ami was born in a military family setting. She was named after her mother but her name is spelled with an I instead of a y. Her parents were both high ranking officers in the Earth Alliance and had been lucky enough to survive the first Ms war. Naturally she toke after her parents and wanted to be in the on the front lines in an Ms like her dad and mom. So it was a good thing her parents enrolled her into an military academy, where she could go after her dreams. Now that the second Ms war has come up she has finally gotten her chance to pilot a MS, and not all to soon because the earth has become a battle field itself.
Mobile Suit Name:GX-9900, Gundam X
Mobile Suit Appearance: Gundam X
Mobile Suit Weaponry:

-Satellite Cannon, mounted on backpack, hand-operated in use, powered by ultracompact fusion reactor
-Large beam sword, stored in recharge rack in backpack, hand-carried in use
-4 x vulcan gun, fire-linked, mounted in chest
-vulcan gun, mounted on backpack over left shoulder
-Shield buster rifle, hand-carried in buster rifle configuration, mounted on left forearm in shield configuration, can be stored on backpack storage rack;
Special Armaments: None
Mobile Suit History:
Gundam X is a surviving MS from the first Mobile suit war. It was made was made for Amy Tomanaki, sometime during the first MS war. It has seen many battles and has been completely rebuilt twice. The first time when, it was almost completely destroyed just before the final battle of the first MS war. Its second reconstruction was when, Amy Tomanaki decided to give it to her daughter Ami Tomanaki. Ami Tomanaki, decided that a moon powered weapon wasn't going to be on much use, and made the Satellite cannon powered by the fusion reactor.

Earth Alliance Roster

Leader of the EA - Gene Hawkings - [xX Neku Sakuraba Xx]
Alice Clayflower - [x-Chibi Shinigami-x]
Cato Mashimoro - [Ninja Rikimaru27]
Larissa Nadelle - [iEpicallyRuleYou]
Vick Donzar - [Psycho Fox13]
Ryukosay Hononichi - [Ryukosay]
Flint Hobten - [Auto-Fox]
Ami Tomanaki - [Gundam Ami]

Space Alliance of Independent Colonization Treaty Roster

Leader of the SAICT - Lady Valya Grace - [Brock-Maister]
Xerin Valencia - [Brock-Maister]
Pirandello Kruger - [Mango McCrazy]
Danny Menardi - [xX Neku Sakuraba Xx]
Vincent Immori - [Zimdragon]
Johnny Ridden - [Object279]
Alexander Leon - [Hyakunin Giri-Kyoso]
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As of now Gundam: Path of Fate is owned by the guild Gundam: Fate of the Unknown Heroes. If one wishes to join the guild from this Roleplay here is a great place to show your a good roleplayer and will pretty much be automatically accepted to the guild. but if your just checking the thread and want to see what it's like then come on and check.

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---Army Organization---

Earth Alliance Mobile Suits
GAT-04 Windam: The Windam, a mass-production Mobile Suit that was built a few months before the beginning of the Second Mobile Suit War. It serves as the main work horse for the Earth Alliance and has been garrisoned through-out the fleets and bases of the Earth Alliance.

GAT-01 Strike Dagger: The Strike Dagger serves as a support unit for the Windam. Carrying slightly less firepower and of course is a lot cheaper to build. Serving under the Windam pilots, pilots of the Strike Dagger are usually new recruits, academy students or grunts of the Earth Alliance military.

RGM-79 GM: The GM is a Mobile Suit designed for all purposes with an easy frame the GM has come to be known as the basis for most Earth Alliance Mobile Suits and it's design has even been used in the construction of Gundams in certain cases.

RGM-79[G] Mass-Production Type Gundam: The Gundam is a Mobile Suit that was found in the "Remnants" during the Earth Alliance's first excavation. After scavenging a Mobile Suit that resembled the RX-78-2 Gundam they found that it came with data and blueprints on how to mass-produce it and soon it became a Mobile Suit in the Earth Alliance's main defense fleets.

Earth Alliance Ships

Agamemnon-class: The Agamemnon-class warship serves as the Earth Alliance's flagships. Being commanded by the admirals of the Earth Alliance fleets. These very powerful warships have been known to instill fear in SAICT units. A group of 8 Agamamnon-class warships also served at the defense fleet of the Solaris-space station before it's capture.

Magellan-class: The Magellan-class serves as the fleet guard for the Mobile Suit carriers of the Earth Alliance. Constantly being thrown into the field of fire as they hurry to protect the Mobile Suit carriers so that they may deploy there assortment of Mobile Suits before being slaughtered.

Columbus-class: The Columbus-class ship served as a troop, supply and equipment transport for the Earth Alliance early in the First Mobile Suit War. During the war however the Earth Alliance found that it needed a way to get large amounts of Mobile Suits to different locations if it was ever going to win the war, in the end the remade the Columbus-class to become a Mobile Suit transport which has served the Earth Alliance even after the First Mobile Suit War.

Juneau: The Juneau a Nanabuluka-class special warship in the Earth Alliance. Serving as a Mobile Suit carrier and special-operations ship it served in the 8th fleet up until the first battle of the Second Mobile Suit War where the fleet was almost completely wiped out. The Juneau has last been seen in pursuit of the Earth Alliance's lost leader Gene Hawkings.

SAICT Mobile Suits

MS-06F Zaku II: One of the main work horses of the SAICT. Using resources found on the planet Mars the SAICT developed the Zaku II as an all-purpose Mobile Suit, despite it's specialist crafting the Zaku II doesn't carry the power to use beam weaponry other than it's heat tomahawk.

AMX-011 Zaku III: The secondary work horse of the SAICT. An upgraded version of the Zaku II that has been built to use a generator that allows it to use beam weaponry. With even stronger armour and enhanced thrusters that came from the Zaku II High Mobility Type's battle data, the Zaku III is a foe to be reckoned with and has been cause of many victories for the SAICT.

ZGMF-1017 GINN: An early unit developed by the SAICT for combat on the Earth Sphere during the First Mobile Suit War. After the war the GINN was re-fitted for work as a worker but when tensions rose and the second war broke out the GINN was brought back as a combat unit and serves on the front lines for the SAICT.

MSM-03C Hygogg: The Hygogg is a special prototype amphibious Mobile Suit that was developed by the SAICT to prepare for a special operation. After the Hygogg was completed they were shipped aboard stolen Agamemnon-class warships and sent to the Solaris space station. The Hygogg is built for stealth and under-water combat and is the first of it's kind from the First or Second Mobile Suit war... the SAICT has kept it in complete secret so that the Earth Alliance don't find out.


Nazca-class: The Nazca-class is a warship newly designed by the SAICT as a flagship/Mobile Suit carrier. Built to easily out run most of the Earth Alliances warships it seems to be the perfect command ship or at least the SAICT believe so.

Archangel-class: The Archangel-class was built by the SAICT as a defense ship. Used mainly for heavy escorting or base defense it is a heavily powerful craft and there has only been 40 known created ships. One of these serves as the personal craft for Lady Valya Grace the leader of the SAICT.

Chivvay-class: The Chivvay-class was created as a supply vessel for the SAICT but when they encountered the Earth Alliance's Magellan-class they decided to have the ships refitted as a guard ship. Outfitting it with weapons and higher grade engines it serves the role of defending the fleets of the SAICT.

Ifrit: An upgraded Nazca-class warship that serves in the SAICT's 4th fleet. It was assigned to the Fracca Team until the Fracca Team was killed by the Earth Alliance forces in the first battle of the Second Mobile Suit War. Now the Ifrit serves as a command vessel and carrier for the stolen prototype Deathscythe Hell and famous Fate Gundam.

Emergence: An Archangel-class warship that serves as Lady Valya Grace's. Built with stronger armour under supervision of the generals of the SAICT as they didn't want there reckless leader to foolishly be killed while in transit some where. With the addition of enhanced engines it can fly faster than the other Archangel-class vessels in the SAICT.
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Events Of Notes

2330 AD: The first Mobile Suit is created.

2334 AD: The seperatist faction SAICT is formed.

2335 AD: The Soviet Union becomes part of the Earth Federation and the Earth Federation renames itself the Earth Alliance.

2338 AD: The Earth Alliance and the SAICT adopt the Gemini Erie(GE) Calender.

1 GE: A terrorist group attack the SAICT home colony of Solaris with a nuclear missile.

2 GE: SAICT blames the Earth Alliance for the attack and declare war on it. and the First Mobile Suit War begins.

3 GE: In a desperate attempt to over power the Earth Alliance the SAICT start the "Invincible" Production line. Creating the first Gundam-class Mobile Suits.

5 GE: The Earth Alliance create the GENESIS Colony Extermination Cannon(G.C.E.C) and destroy the SAICT Exos Colony.

8 GE: The Earth Alliance invade the SAICT asteroid super fortress Hendo-Murdas. During the fighting the Earth Alliance fire the GCEC, destroying the fortress as well as ending the lives of 8,000,000,000 lives of Earth Alliance soldiers, SAICT soldiers and civillians.

9 GE: Hendo-Murdas' ruins are renamed the "Remnants", the EA and SAICT sign the Remnant Treaty, ending the war.

15 GE: Lord Erand Grace dies from a disease that formed in space known as F Type Cancer.

20 GE: the Earth Alliance becomes hostile believing the SAICT is weak with the loss of it's leader and prepares to launch an attack.

22 GE: An excavation project for Mobile Suits begins in the "Remnants"

23 GE: Lady Valya Grace becomes the leader of the SAICT. Gene Hawkings is elected as the new leader of the Earth Alliance.

3rd June, 24 GE: The First Battle of the Second Mobile Suit War begins.

5th June, 24 GE: The First Battle of the war ends in victory for the SAICT, the Earth Alliance begins a retreat to the spae colony Wel'Qean. Lady Valya Grace is reported to have been seen on the frontlines.

9th June, 24 GE: The SAICT capture the Earth Alliance Space Station Solaris and prepare for it's Operation Cold Front. Gene Hawkings leader of the Earth Alliance has been reported captured.

10th June, 24 GE: Lady Valya Grace has been reported to have awakened as a Newtype. The Eternal Freedom Gundam is reported destroyed and it's pilot an unknown ace killed. The Ifrit and Emergence head for Polaris.
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Xerin Valence
SAICT Ensign
repairing the Gundam

Xerin was typing about on the cockpit keyboard. Checking the Fate Gundam's maintenance data and random other things such as the OS and power reserves. "Hey Xerin get outta the cockpit and let us get to work already!" Shouted a disgruntled mechanic. Xerin moved the keyboard back to it's stationary position and climbed out of the cockpit to the large elevatable bridge that was used for repairs on the chest of Mobile Suits. "Alright, just be careful with her she's not some ZAKU" Xerin said to the mechanic before leaving the hangar. In the pilots locker room he began getting undressed. Taking off his pilot suit and putting on his uniform, the blue uniform was only for pilots in the SAICT, red indicated ship staff and white were for the higher ups.
Jack is on reconissance after his last mission making sure they did not miss a single target or enemy. Nothin showed on the scanners through the asteroid feild. Debris from the enemy mobile suits and ship were floating through space as he searched the asteroids. "Theres nothing here......nothing but debris." Freedom stopped and floated for a while as they waited for a responce from the ship.

The ship started to coast slowly through the asteroids with caution. "We have nothing on our scanners either. Go ahead and come back to the ship, mission complete."The captian told jack as the stopped and opened up the landing bay for the gundam.

Freedoms eyes flashed on as Jack said. "Roger, mission complete rtb." The thrusters on freedom flared and fired as he flew back to the ship and landed into the landing bay.
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Xerin Valence
SAICT Ensign
Watching his Friend

After getting his uniform on and making sure it was ok he closed his locker and turned to the observation window. Walking over to it he stared out to the Fate Gundam. "Sure messed up how we met eh buddy?" Of course he was really only talking to himself as the Gundam couldn't respond of course. With a sigh Xerin left the pilot locker room and headed to the mess hall. Getting a cherry cola from the vending machine and the chef's special of the day from the chef. Xerin sat down at one of the benches in the mess hall to eat.

((Ova chicken could you make sure to check spellings over before finshing posts and rtb would be in full capitals since RTB is an acronym for Returning To Base))
Jack took off his helemet and carried it with him to his room. He sat down on his bed for a cupple minutes until the capitan called him.

The capitan's face appeared on screen after the beeping noice ceased."Jack we need you up to the breifing room as soon as you can."

"Roger that I'm on my way."Jack grabbed his helemet and walked through the halls to the breifing room. With him was other mobile suit piolets. He figured it would be another mission that he would have to do even though he just got back.

The capitan walked up to the stage as a image of an enemy ship appeared on screen. "Congrats on completeing your last mission. Now we have a new mission from Genral Rebel himself. Our mission is to intercept this ship before it is able to reach Genral Rebel's forces." A cupple images of mobile suits and a cupple gundams showed on the screen. "We have reason to believe there will be mobile suit resistance and it is rumored that they have recovered some gundams recently. I am sure that you all can complete this mission. We are 10 minutes away from the target, get to your mobile suits right away. Dismissed." The capitan walked away as a few piolets patted Jack on the back and ran to their suits.

Jack walked to the door where the gundam hanger was. He put on his helemet and the door opened, his gundam was the only one docked with this ship, for now anyway. He walked the catwalk to the chest of his gundam and walked in. The hatch on Freedom closed and Jack typed a few things on the keyboard next to him and the screens lit up on Freedom. Jack waited on stand-by as the other mobile suits launched. This was normal for him so he was used to it. Then after 5 minutes he launched and waited in space to hear that his comrads attacked the ship.

((sorry i'm gonna attack you now lol))
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Xerin Valence
SAICT Ensign
Eating Dinner... Exciting!

Xerin was nice and relaxed as he ate the food. Putting down the fork and turning his attention to the cola, he lifted up the can opened the cap and took a large gulp down. Within a few minutes the large battleship mess hall was filled with other mobile suit pilots who had just returned from patrol missions, "Hey Xerin how was your mission earlier?!" A girl shouted and it almost made Xerin jump out of his skin. "Dammit Sally don't do that..." He complained.

((One easy solution is to download the Google toolbar it gives you a spell checker... cause I can see quite a load of mistakes still. I'm a spelling Nazi I know >.<
How can you attack me? you have no idea where I am))
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((I'm gonna have to ask you to re-write most of that post for a couple of reasons.
1. It's god modding because you found my ship when one you don't know where it is(it could be at the bloody SAICT home colony for all you know)
2. I haven't even detailed what style of ship it is and only said that I was in a ship in my last post
3. Your autohitting the ship and controlling when it's alarms go off. Personally I wouldn't mind the ship being hit right away as Mobile Suit class ships were never exactly fast))

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