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Interesting Genius

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Interesting Genius

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                    When the wars finally stopped there were five countries left. Their names had long since changed from years and years of bloodshed. So they had taken on different names, names that embodied each country and its main strength.

                    Endurance, Precision, Determination, and Magicka.

                    There was also Brutality. But it was the country that lost.

                    The four created an alliance that eventually was called paradise but relations grew thin. In order to strengthen their alliances, a deal was struck to unite the rulers' children in matrimony, but things went terribly wrong.

                    Brutality had heard about their plans and of course had their own agenda. In a single, bold militant move, brutality marched a small army into endurance and slaughtered everyone at the allied meeting. Each countries most important court members were slaughtered allowing Brutality to invade each country and place paradise under military occupation. Fear is rampant. Soldiers patrol daily, extorting citizens by stealing, raping, and murdering whenever it strikes their fancy. Some small uprisings have occurred but they were rapidly squashed. Only one city remained free. Haven, the capital of Magika remained hidden from Brutality due to a magical barrier that was constantly maintained. Here there grew the resistance, headed by the sole surviving child of paradise but it was not long before Brutality placed them under siege. Though they could not see the city, they were able to find and cut off supply lines. As the brutality army seemed to wither in the desert a traitor appeared. The former prince of Magika betrayed his people and gave the army the key they needed in order to enter the city but it came with an unforeseen price. They unwittingly set off a magical bomb that destroyed nearly the entire army and all of the city's occupants. Haven is now overrun by twisted mutations while news has yet to reach the outside world.

                    This is the world you live in now and though it was only a couple of months ago that paradise had existed, it seems like a distant memory. No help is coming.
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Interesting Genius

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                    Back when the world first began, there was magic.

                    However, over the centuries, magic began to recede in the wake of new and improving technology. It seemed like a struggle, between the modern and the old. The more technology there was, the less magic there was. Without magic, technology reigned supreme and these magical men and women were just normal humans. As generations became birthed into a time without magic entirely, magic's signature taint became dormant inside of certain humans, sleeping in the presence of technology.

                    Until the 21st century.

                    The exact date on when the first magic wave occurred has been lost from decades ravaged by wars and bloodshed. But magic came back with a vengeance, continuing its long-fought war with technology. And, in the end, magic won. Technology as we knew it failed decades ago in lieu of magic, and the modern countries of the world - frantic and panicked with the loss of power - fought amongst one another until most of the knowledge about the modern world had been lost. Names like "Russia" and "Germany" and "Saudi Arabia" had no consequence anymore; they faded as the countries faded, lost in the bloody battles that ravaged the world.

                    Slowly, methods from the past when technology wasn't there appeared in the present. Horses were used for transportation, and the new way of communication became postage and letters instead of emails. Swords and bows were the way to kill people, for guns simply refused to fire. It was like the whole world lapsed back into a medieval period, only seasoned and spiced by the punctuation of magic...which more than made up for the technology that had taken centuries to discover and achieve.

                    After decades - maybe centuries, for time, too, had been forgotten - the fighting died down, leaving only five countries fixated on an unspecified continent (the name had been forgotten) standing. The countries became named after their sole redeeming feature which had gotten them through the bloodiest battle - and only battle - that anyone could remember. First there was Endurance, whose people never seemed to run out of energy. Then there was Precision, whose people never seemed to miss their target. After that came Determination, whose people never seemed to be dispirited by even the thought of death. And also Magicka, whose people had grasp over magic that went beyond a minor ability.

                    Lastly there was Brutality, whose people's lust for battle and blood was unquenchable. Though over the years the reason for fighting had been forgotten, this country was solely responsible for keeping the wars going; its people just wanted to fight, and they did not give a s**t why. They just wanted to fight. Finally, the alliance between the other four countries - named Paradise - crushed Brutality down. Brutality's anger and rage at being stopped still simmered, as did its lust for battle and now they seem to have won.

                    Paradise is no more. It has been cracked, broken, trashed.
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Interesting Genius

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                    Brutality: The largest country. The southernmost country. Bigger than Endurance and Precision combined. Nothing is known about Brutality because if you go there you won't come back. The people are ruthless. Their culture is very primitive and elitist. Those who are weak are eliminated. Those who are strong are just. Brutality soldiers are hunting anyone who held power over paradise as well as Prowlers.

                    Paradise: Though the government is now under brutality's rule, rumor has it that one or two of the previous royals have survived. There is an underground movement of people flocking to Haven, which is the city with the least amount of influence from brutality. A rebellion is on the rise and a child of paradise stands poised to lead it.

                    Silhouettes: At one time this underground guild was the most feared and talked about brotherhood that existed. It's members were all trained from a young age and placed in groups of four to operate in all circles- one from each country of paradise. Thieves, kidnappers, con artists, they did it all. But sometimes one bites off more than they can chew. Upon getting involved with the politics of paradise, the also marked themselves on the radar of Brutality. This guild had been dissolved by the prowlers and most of it's members are dead.

                    Prowlers: The name of prowlers are only whispered among silhouettes, for their sole purpose in life it to hunt them. The children are stolen from Brutality and in doing so, deny them of their birthright to participate in agnesoo. Once you have been taken you belong nowhere. At one time the prowlers and the silhouettes had been under the same umbrella corporation and the two sides were used to balance each other. The divide has been fairly recent. Brutality approached the Organization and offered them a sweet deal. In exchange for loyalty and service, prowlers would become an elite force in the new empire with birthrights returned ad they agreed. Since the invasion, the prowlers nearly wiped out the silhouettes per Brutality's request. By now they should be bathed in glory and riches but Brutality betrayed them and now they carry bounties on their heads. Most of them are in hiding.

                    Silence: The silence are Brutality's elite warriors. Taught not to think for themselves or feel anything, they are tools to be used.


                    A Shaman deep in the swamps of Determination poisoning the water.

                    Someone is speaking anti-brutality sentiments in public and stirring up the people in the north.

                    Visions are speaking to a child quickly becoming known as 'The Oracle'.
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Interesting Genius

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                    1. Read ALL of the rules – Most important rule.
                    2. Respect my word. Don’t argue with me: I don’t like it, and you won’t win.
                    3. You can send your profiles to Anika Nyame. Please use real pictures no larger than 500 high x 700 wide. Also send in a reserve photo that is 300 x 170 to put on the front page.
                    4. Collaborate with your fellow RPers! Work together for a better RP experience. PM one another, talk in the ooc, just get it done as a team.
                    5. No godmoding, powerplaying, or other douchebaggery.
                    6. Type sensibly. I shouldn’t even have to say this, but write like you’d be writing a novel. I don’t want to see any of this in your post: * - [] ( ) :: +| No blinding colors. At all.
                    7. Decorate your posts however you WILL NOT stretch the page. If your format is larger than your posts, so help me...
                    8. Be creative! Do you have an idea? Please throw it at me! If you have input for the plot, or an event that you want to see unfold, or even a special way you’d like your character introduced, please share it with me via pm or even in the ooc! I’d like to think that over the course of this RP we’ll all become friends, or at least friendly with one another. So please share your ideas. I want you to feel included! ^^
                    9. No cybering. You’re welcome to discuss what happens during sexual scenes in PMs, but skip over it in the thread and don’t give us too many details about what happened.
                    10. No extreme gore. This is a war-time RP and I expect there to be bloody fights. I’ll be damned if I’m not going to describe fights blow for blow. But if you’re slaughtering NPCs try to keep the descriptions to a minimum. I don’t really feel like reading 8 paragraphs of your character fighting with inanimate objects.
                    11. I require you to be capable of writing 3+ paragraphs in order to join. You should know that everyone else writes anywhere from 3-6 paragraphs per post, depending how much action there is. You should be able to keep up and I RECOMMEND that if you join you should at least be able to write substantial posts that are 2-3 paragraphs long. This isn't a requirement, but you should look at a random page and see what the posts are like. If you know you can't keep up, don't join. It's as simple as that.
                    12. Don’t hit it then quit it! This is a long term RP and I’d like to see it live through to its end with all of its original players intact.
                    13. Life happens to the best of us. I understand. If you can’t post, all you have to do is let me know and then excuse your character someplace where it won’t interfere with the rest of us continuing to RP. On that note, I would also like everyone to submit a general availability for posting. For ex: I am unavailable Wed through Fri.
                    14. If you don’t post for three days (without informing me) you’ll get a warning. If you don’t respond within 24 hours of that warning you’ll be removed from the RP and your char will be killed or replaced with a new player. There are NO exceptions to this rule! Absolutely none: I’ve got zero tolerance for flakes. I understand that there are extenuating circumstances, but you know when you can/can’t post, or if you don’t feel like posting, so just say something! I'm really quite understanding… BUT I'm not about to sit idly by while your absence kills my RP.
                    15. If you haven't posted in a while, I WILL stalk your posts. If you're absent for a long time and you're still active on gaia (chatting, posting in other RPs) don't be surprised if I kick you out.

                    Rules borrowed from Minty Strumpet
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Interesting Genius

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                    Reserve Form:
                    [list][list][align=center][img]http://i654.photobucket.com/albums/uu262/change-of_heart/bannerthing.png[/img][/align][align=center][color=white]____________[/color]❝ ★ [size=15][b]FIRST[/b] [i]Last[/i][/align]▰▰▰▰▰▰▰▰▰▰▰▰▰▰▰▰▰▰▰▰▰▰▰▰▰▰▰▰▰▰
                    [list][list][list][color=white]xxxxxxxxxxx[/color]⇣⇣▉ ▉ ▉ ▉ [size=15] ⊱ [b]「ROLE」[/b] [size=8] gender: gender[/size]
                    [align=center]「TRAIT 1」》「TRAIT 2」》「TRAIT 3」 [/align]
                    [size=10] Put a short character description here. [/list][/list][/list][/list]

                    Profile Format:

                    [align=center][size=17]i t ❜ s[color=white]_[/color] I M P O L I T E[color=white]_[/color] t o [color=white]_[/color]s t a r e[color=white]_[/color] a t [color=white]_[/color]s o m e o n e [color=white]_[/color]y o u [color=white]_[/color]h a v e n ❜ t [color=white]_[/color]m e t 。。。

                    。。。s o_ M E E T[color=white]_[/color] m e ,

                    ❝ [size=20]F I R S T[color=white]_[/color] [strike][color=black]M I D D L E[/strike] [color=white]_[/color] L A S T[/size] ❞[/size][/align]

                    [size=16]w e ❜ l l[color=white]_[/color] s t a r t[color=white]_[/color] o u t [color=white]_[/color] s i m p l e 。。。[/size]

                    [size=15]① n a m e → [size=14]NAME.[/size]
                    ② a g e → [size=14]AGE.[/size]
                    ③ g e n d e r → [size=14]GENDER.[/size]
                    ④ r o l e→ [size=14]ROLE.[/size]
                    ⑤ n i c k n a m e s → [size=14]NICKNAMES.[/size][/size]

                    [list][list][list][list][list][list][list][list][size=16]n o w[color=white]_[/color] t h i n g s[color=white]_[/color] g e t[color=white]_[/color] h a r d e r 。。。[/size]

                    [size=15]ⓐ h e i g h t → [size=14]HEIGHT.[/size]
                    ⓑ w e i g h t → [size=14]WEIGHT[/size]
                    ⓒ h a i r[color=white]_[/color] c o l o r → [size=14]HAIR COLOR[/size]
                    ⓓ e y e[color=white]_[/color] c o l o r → [size=14]EYE COLOR[/size]
                    ⓔ t h e[color=white]_[/color] e x t r a[color=white]_[/color] s t u f f → [size=14]TATTOOS, PIERCINGS, ETC, IF ANY[/size] .[/size][/list][/list][/list][/list][/list][/list][/list][/list]

                    [list][list][list][list][list][list][list][list][list][list][list][list][list][list][list][list][size=16]t h e s e[color=white]_[/color] m a k e[color=white]_[/color] m e [color=white]_[/color] s m i l e 。。。[/size]

                    [size=19]☑ [size=14]LIKE[/size]
                    ☑ [size=14]LIKE[/size]
                    ☑ [size=14]LIKE[/size]
                    ☑ [size=14]LIKE[/size]
                    ☑ [size=14]LIKE[/size][/size][/list][/list][/list][/list][/list][/list][/list][/list][/list][/list][/list][/list][/list][/list][/list][/list]

                    [list][list][list][list][list][list][list][list][list][list][list][list][list][list][list][list][list][list][list][list][list][list][list][list][size=16]i[color=white]_[/color] c a n n o t[color=white]_[/color] s t a n d [color=white]_[/color] t h e s e 。。。[/color][/size]

                    [size=19]☒ [size=14]DISLIKE[/size]
                    ☒ [size=14]DISLIKE[/size]
                    ☒ [size=14]DISLIKE[/size]
                    ☒ [size=14]DISLIKE[/size]
                    ☒ [size=14]DISLIKE[/size][/size][/list][/list][/list][/list][/list][/list][/list][/list][/list][/list][/list][/list][/list][/list][/list][/list][/list][/list][/list][/list][/list][/list][/list][/list]

                    [list][list][list][list][list][list][list][list][list][list][list][list][list][list][list][list][list][list][list][list][list][list][list][list][list][list][list][list][list][list][list][list][size=16]i[color=white]_[/color] a c t[color=white]_[/color] l i k e [color=white]_[/color] t h i s 。。。[/size]

                    [size=19]✪ [size=14]PERSONALITY TRAIT[/size]
                    ✪ [size=14]PERSONALITY TRAIT[/size]
                    ✪ [size=14]PERSONALITY TRAIT[/size]
                    ✪ [size=14]PERSONALITY TRAIT[/size]
                    ✪ [size=14]PERSONALITY TRAIT[/size][/size][/list][/list][/list][/list][/list][/list][/list][/list][/list][/list][/list][/list][/list][/list][/list][/list][/list][/list][/list][/list][/list][/list][/list][/list][/list][/list][/list][/list][/list][/list][/list][/list]

                    [list][list][list][list][list][list][list][list][list][list][list][list][list][list][list][list][list][list][list][list][list][list][list][list][size=16]i ❜ m[color=white]_[/color] t h e[color=white]_[/color] b e s t [color=white]_[/color] a t 。。。[/size]

                    [size=19]✧ [size=14]STRENGTH[/size]
                    ✧ [size=14]STRENGTH[/size]
                    ✧ [size=14]STRENGTH[/size]
                    ✧ [size=14]STRENGTH[/size]
                    ✧ [size=14]STRENGTH[/size][/size][/list][/list][/list][/list][/list][/list][/list][/list][/list][/list][/list][/list][/list][/list][/list][/list][/list][/list][/list][/list][/list][/list][/list][/list]

                    [list][list][list][list][list][list][list][list][list][list][list][list][list][list][list][list][size=16]i[color=white]_[/color] f a i l[color=white]_[/color] e p i c a l l y [color=white]_[/color] a t 。。。[/size]

                    [size=19]✦ [size=14]WEAKNESS[/size]
                    ✦ [size=14]WEAKNESS[/size]
                    ✦ [size=14]WEAKNESS[/size]
                    ✦ [size=14]WEAKNESS[/size]
                    ✦ [size=14]WEAKNESS[/size][/size][/list][/list][/list][/list][/list][/list][/list][/list][/list][/list][/list][/list][/list][/list][/list][/list]

                    [list][list][list][list][list][list][list][list][size=16]b a c k[color=white]_[/color] t o[color=white]_[/color] t o u g h[color=white]_[/color] q u e s t i o n s 。。。[/size]

                    [size=15]ⓕ f e a r → [size=14]FEAR[/size]
                    ⓖ w i s h → [size=14]WISH[/size]
                    ⓗ s e c r e t → [size=14]SECRET[/size]
                    ⓘ l o v e → [size=14]CRUSH[/size]
                    ⓙ g o a l → [size=14]GOAL[/size] [/size][/list][/list][/list][/list][/list][/list][/list][/list]

                    [size=16]i ❜ m[color=white]_[/color] a[color=white]_[/color] FACTION [color=white]_[/color]c h i l d 。。。[/size]

                    [size=15]⑥ c o u n t r y → [size=14]YOUR COUNTRY AND HOW IT AFFECTS YOU. [/size]
                    ⑦ s k i l l s → [size=14]BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE SKILLS YOU POSSESS.(BE PREPARED TO EXPLAIN WHY)[/size]
                    ⑨ p r i m a r y[color=white]_[/color] w e a p o n → [size=14]MAIN WEAPON[/size]
                    ⑩ o t h e r[color=white]_[/color] w e a p o n s → [size=14]OTHER WEAPONS[/size] [/size]

                    [align=center][size=17]t h a t ❜ s[color=white]_[/color] M E [color=white]_[/color] i n [color=white]_[/color]a[color=white]_[/color] n u t s h e l l 。。。

                    。。。C R E A T E D [color=white]_[/color]b y ,

                    ❝ [size=20]U S E R N A M E [/size] ❞[/color][/size][/align]

                    Coding adopted from Misandry's Capturing Paradise.
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Interesting Genius

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The Shaman
The Speaker
A Silhouette
A Prowler
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Interesting Genius

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User Image

                    The snowy kingdom

                    Crazy unpredictable.

                    10:00 pm.

                    Widely varying
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Interesting Genius

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User Image

                    T h e _C o n t i n e n t

                    Huge, expansive, though it remains unknown exactly which continent it used to be. This is where all five countries are located, all of them having a decent amount of space between them. They would be relatively far and unreachable from one another if not for the highway system left behind by the old world that was destroyed; following these pathways, horsemen have easy access from one country to the next, even if the trip may take a fortnight or two. No real distances are known; measurements as well as time were lost when the old world collapsed.

                    E n d u r a n c e : It is the second-largest country and lies westernmost on the Continent. Its landscape is dotted and dominated with woodlands and ancient ruins of castles from a world even before the old world. It specializes in combat and fighting, and its people in general are by far the most proficient in battle. It rains quite a lot all year round and the temperature is consistently pleasant; as such, it is always, always green.

                    D e t e r m i n a t i o n : By far the most watery landscape out of all of the countries, Determination lies easternmost on the Continent, though still close enough to Endurance for an alliance to be possible and even beneficial. Its landscape is dotted with marshlands and swamps. Determination is known for its buildings and for taking on huge architectural projects that most would give up on within hours and it's major capital is loosely referred to as the floating city for it seems to have been built directly over water.

                    P r e c i s i o n : Slightly smaller than Endurance, but not by much. The northernmost country, Precision is a rocky, mountainous region whose temperatures are cool at best and frigid at worst. This country is mostly covered in snow, and ties with Magicka for the "harshest landscape" award. Unlike Magicka, though, the people of Precision only have what little magical items they can purchase to keep themselves comfortable. They specialize in any type of craftsmanship or weaponsmaking or blacksmithing; the products produced from Precision are the best one can find anywhere.

                    M a g i c k a : Set in a landscape that would not be inhabitable if not for magic, Magicka is completely saturated in the use of the arcane arts, relying on them for day-to-day life. It lies just in the middle of everything. It is the smallest country, but debated to be the most powerful in Paradise. There was originally no water on its desert landscape, but invoking on magic, its residents have created manmade oases that never, ever run out. Around the cities lie invisible barriers that keep the worst of the heat out and make living in a city a comfortable experience; even rainfall is invoked using magic. Magicka is the richest country because it enjoys a monopoly in the business of imbuing objects with magical properties and selling them to other countries at ridiculous prices. They need that money to exist in the desert, though, so no one begrudges them the costs. Besides, the enchanting they do is superb...feylanterns, magical carpets, firestarting embers, even the rare enchanted weapon. Their capitol is so magicked it looks to be unreal; it's called H a v e n and is the closest to true paradise you will ever get. It's filled with magical plants, streams for the residents to play in, and the whitest skyscrapers you will ever see. However, it too is enclosed by an invisible barrier of magic, and so the desert encroaches on Haven in all sides; if you take one step out of Haven you will immediately be hit with the blistering hot of Magicka's climate...hence why most of Magicka's people stick to the cities...

                    B r u t a l i t y : Southernmost country. Most do not know what lies within but those who do know that it is a very humid and wild place. It is filled with strange beasts, poisonous plants, and a wild, almost savage people that live deep in the jungle but it is the most ruthless of all for those who enter can die in more ways than all of the other countries combined.
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Interesting Genius

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User Image

                    THE STORY THUS FAR!!!

                    Chase and Sky (who know each other by their aliases, Cailan and Crystal) tried to snipe Princess Alisair (head of the resistance) and Aaron (ex silhouette turned body guard) from the rooftop of a building across the way. Brielle caused them to miss. The prowlers were eventually outnumbered and taken into custody.

                    Aaron whisked Sky away for an interrogation but became blinded with rage and nearly killed her. Alisair met with Brielle but did not trust the woman and sent her on her way. Aaron left to cool off and was eventually approached by Brielle. Alisair went to speak with Chase. Chase spots sky's birthmark and realizes who she is. Alisair shows up and has Sky transported to another cell. Chase and Alisair have a nasty exchange.

                    Blu is attacked in an alleyway and Jake comes to her rescue. They spend the evening getting dinner and drinks.

                    Xander and he feels sorry for Sky and starts healing her. She steals the keys to get out. Chase is able to grab Alisair escape. Xander offers to help lead them out if they take him along thinking he can save both Sky and Alisair. Chase deceives him and agrees. Chase gets away with Alisair, sky's energy runs out and xander takes her home.

                    Aaron spends time with Brielle and Basir but Basir recognizes Brielle and freaks her out so she takes off. Aaron visits a healer to have his arrow wound treated which takes most of the afternoon and returns to hq. He goes looking for Alisair and realizes the prowlers have been released. A search party is formed. Chase beats alisair to the brink of death and she's rushed underground into the "Heart of magic" *a cavern where the magic of the world spawns and runs off like underground rivers or 'veins' to other parts of the world.) The substance seems unstable. Xander spends the night working on sky. Chase comes across Brielle and threatens her into assisting him.

                    The prince of magika was actually alive but he was captured and assumed to be dead. He chooses now to reveal to the princess of brutality how to get into the city and bring down the barrier. When dawn breaks they take one of the underground rivers to the heart and proceed to slaughter the mages who channel the magic through their bodies and into the barrier. The blood shed causes the magic to go wild and everyone is transported to a new world.

                    SIDE QUEST!!! - Renaissance England-ish

                    So the heart of magic goes ape s**t and everyone is transported.

                    Sky lands in a dragons nest, chase in the horde. Sky gets covered in some goo that mixes with the magical exposure and makes her immune to dragons fire. Chase lands in the treasure room and finds a sword and a dragon. They manage to slay the dragon by working together. Power up for Chase and Sky. A new member arrives in a flash of light, Walton. After some hostilities, they all agree to a truce. Walton assists Chase in getting Sky out of the cave and uses her real name. A patrol finds them and escorts them to the castle and they are heralded as dragon slayers and put up in the castle. Sky confronts Walton in his room and Walton reveals it was Chase who used the name. Chase overhears the interaction and disappears. Some days pass and Sky harasses Emi as the girl is dressing her for the ball. Walton is called to contain the situation which results in a surprise kiss. Sky throws a fit and he leaves. She eventually heads down to the ball.

                    Xander and Blu land on a pirate ship and they convince the captain to let them stay until shore and they work for food and board. During dinner some guy tries to pick a fight but Blu intervenes. As a result, her face is cut. Xander offers first aid since his powers are tapped out from Sky. Blu eventually sleeps but when she wakes Xander is gone. After an extensive search, she finds him in the captains quarters at the side of a beautiful red haired woman. He does not recognize Blu and she assumes the woman has put a spell on him. The captain spots her and a fight begins but a sea creature attacks the ship. In the madness, Blu steals a few items off his person (awesome item drop for Blu)

                    Brielle and Jake end up at the castle. Brielle is mistaken for the princess. Brielle runs into Jake and realizes hes from haven and sets up a con by naming him a body guard. A very influential lord requests a private audience. After a battle of wits and tongue, Brielle leaves Julian's presence and faints in the hallway. Jake thinks its a good idea to carry her into a random room and barricade the door shut. The castle goes crazy over the missing princess and the two are woken by guards breaking the doors down. Jake is nearly arrested but slips away into town. Lord Julian soon hears wind of the incident and makes sure that the rumor spreads like wild fire that incites some riots the next day. His father uses the social pressure to secure a betrothal between Julian and the princess that will be announced at the ball.

                    Jake and Blu eventually meet up and rent two rooms at a homey inn. After Jake stirs up some s**t, Luca arrives in a flash of light. Blu is happy to see him and Jake is hostile at first, which doesn't help when Lord Julian arrives drunk. Luca uses his powers to calm the situation but it has an unforeseen affect. Jake earns them an invite to the ball. Over the next day and a half, Luca and Blu become somewhat close, both ignoring a developing attraction. The three steal some garments from a clothier and attend the ball together where they split up upon arrival with plans to meet back in an hour and a half.

                    Meanwhile, in the graveyard. Alisair finds herself in a crypt that she can't get out of. Basir appears near a hag who transfers some kind of dark magic crystal into his chest before disappearing to dust. As soon as that happened, the graveyard came to life and things started to rise from their graves. Aaron rescues Alisair from the crypt then saves a young woman from bandits. Emilia offers to house them and invites them to the ball. Emi spends the next day and a half making dresses while her new friends rest.

                    THE BALL:

                    Walton and Blu run into each other and are having a much needed discussion about something in their past. Alisair spots Sky and gets scared. Luca spots Aaron and Alisair and discretely informs them of his presence before making his way over to Sky, whom he knows as Raye. Xander arrives with the red headed woman and the pirate captain and their presence sets off one of the items Blu has. Blu ignores it. Luca challenges Sky to a dance and makes a steamy show. Kaelik, (a haven channeler who's been hiding as the queen's assistant) requests Walton's help to break up the scene and get Sky into something appropriate. Aaron escorts Alisair outside and meets up with Luca and Blu. Jake tries several times to speak to Sky but she's not interested and he wanders off. Sky is offered new clothing by Kaelik and changes while Kaelik coyly interrogates her and Walton. Basir is approaching the castle with an undead army at his back. Luca finds the baby dragons are causing trouble in the gardens and tries to elicit help from Blu and Aaron. While the three are distracted, Chase kills Alisair and slips back into the shadows. Sky spots him and tries to jump through a window on the third story. Aaron and Luca begin to fight each other. The undead army attack the ball. Walton prevents sky from jumping and Kaelik realizes he can channel magic out of her body. Luca calms Aaron with an electric impulse that triggers and endorphin dump and he begins to make out with Blu. Kaelik uses Sky to trigger their return to Haven.


                    Haven is no longer what it once was! The surge of magic has polluted everything. The environment is unpredictable and the people/animals/plants have all suffered a variety of magical poisoning. The players from themselves in an environment that is very difficult to survive in. Some new characters have joined. We meet Kaoru who is the actually real prince of magika. Henry was his body double. He is suffering side effects but sees it as a good change. He comes across Allyson,(new char from brutality who went in with a reconnaissance party and is now the sole survivor) and Kaoru saves her. She sleeps for a day and awakes just before Luca is transported back. Kaoru brings them into the safety of the national bank. Currently they are getting to know each other. Allyson is abut ready to lave and Luca was injured upon arrival and healed by Kaoru's pets.

                    Xander Jake, and Sky all arrive at an apartment complex. Sky is out cold. Xander and Jake attempt to save her and take on a pack of mutant dogs but are about to bite the dust when a baby dragon appears. It chases the pack away and bogarts Sky's body. Xander and Jake calm the beast enough to transport Sky up to the penthouse which seems secure and un-ravaged, unlike most of the lower level apartments. Alecto (new char. Brutality's General) has been camping out in a church and coming to terms with her own mutation. They go in search of food and are drawn by Jake's noisiness. They sneak up to the penthouse and manage to slay the baby dragon before the others are aware of their presence. Sky wakes and climbs out the window while the men are distracted.

                    Walton arrives in HQ, finds Sky's personal affects, takes them, and faces off with a nasty beast. He gets injured and is found by Vincent(another new char/brutality soldier/ second reconnaissance party, also sole survivor). Vincent offers aid and the two exchange some information. Walton leaves and heads to his apartment. He meets up with Sky a floor down and they agree to a truce. They swing by Sky's place to equip and head to the bank.

                    Blu and Aaron continue to make out after being transported, getting hot and heavy and not caring about the scenery change. Basir interrupts them to let them know of impending doom and Aaron makes a hasty dodge. Blu gets injured but takes the beast down. They come to an agreement and work together with plans to stop by the raven to equip some weapons and then hit headquarters for some medical supplies and healers. The state of the city hasn't quite sunk in. They head toward the Raven but are separated from Basir when a horde or giant rats attack. Vincent provides assistance. They get patched up at HQ and then find a small army of mutants marching toward the building with a short man leading them. He offers them a choice. They choose to leave.
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Interesting Genius

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                    Current Characters:

                    User Image
                    ____________❝ ★ SKYLAR Deleon
                          xxxxxxxxxxx⇣⇣▉ ▉ ▉ ▉ 「PROWLER」 Gender: Female

                          Coldblooded killer would be a good way to describe this one. There is no love in her heart nor sympathy to be given for anyone or anything. In this world where it's kill or be killed, the only thing that makes her feel alive is the heat of battle and the occasional adrenaline rush. Rules and orders never go well with Skylar and she is always toeing the line with her superiors, but since she is one of their best operatives there are certain things they will overlook. It's a careful balance of getting the job done and doing what she wants. A partnership has never been attempted since she exited training and the idea of teaming up with someone leaves a foul taste in her mouth. There is nothing she would want less than having a sword at her back while she faces an enemy in front.

                User Image
                ____________❝ ★AARON Sorrel
                      xxxxxxxxxxx⇣⇣ ▉ ▉ ▉ ▉ 「SILHOUETTE OF PRECISION」 Male

                      He's the one you want to make sure not to mess with in the Silhouette gang. Unfortunately he is the only one left to be messing with. The Silhouettes trained him from infancy how to fight, and he knows how to fight with every single weapon there is that still works: longbows, crossbows, swords, axes, maces, knives, all of it - even a few styles of martial arts. His precise nature launches him from dangerous to deadly, and he is basically the Silhouette who is relied upon when things go horribly wrong and people need to die. He's got a raging temper that, when unleashed, is almost impossible to calm. He's outspoken and sarcastic, and a bit reckless because he's so confident in his abilities. Since the death of his team members he has become more focused and sullen and likes to keep busy.

                User Image
                ____________❝ ★ XANDER Cruz
                    xxxxxxxxxxx⇣⇣▉ ▉ ▉ ▉ 「KNIGHT OF PARADISE」 gender: Male

                    Xander is a knight from the fallen kingdom of Determination. He is determined to help turn the tide against Brutality so the rightful heir can re-claim their territory. His family is alive somewhere, they must be. When his efforts have proven successful he will seek them out. Until then he has rallied behind the Princess of Precision and seeks to make the resistance as strong as it can possibly be.

              User Image
              ____________❝ ★ Jake Armitage
                    xxxxxxxxxxx⇣⇣▉ ▉ ▉ ▉ 「Mercenary of Brutality」 gender: Male
                    「Charming」》「Witty」》「Quick to Anger」

                    Witty, jaded, and used to killing with charm. These are traits that become well understood after a meeting with me. With nothing left to lose in a world with little left to give, his survival is his priority. A survival he must endure long enough to see judgment brought upon the deserving. He fights, sword in hand with grace and style like a painter laying out his greatest masterpiece. At an early age he witnessed his family die by the orders of the ruler of Brutality. Although he is now a mercenary, he hopes to one day see the demise of those who perpetrated that injustice so long ago.

              User Image
              ____________❝ ★ Luna Davenport
                    xxxxxxxxxxx⇣⇣▉ ▉ ▉ ▉ 「SILHOUETTE OF PRECISION」 Female

                    They think she died. It's probably for the best right? But she somehow managed to survive, whoever or whatever was watching over her, kept her safe that day. Because they think her dead, Luna has had to keep a low profile. She's been busy, but she's been careful. Who wants to die a second time? She doesn't know if there are any others left, she hasn't exactly been looking, but she's kept her self strong, because only the strong survive. Her favored weapons are her Nodachi (She never goes without it), and she specializes in a form of Hand to Hand combat meant to break bones and disable and opponent.

              User Image
              ____________❝ ★ Kaelik Malifeaux
                    xxxxxxxxxxx⇣⇣▉ ▉ ▉ ▉ 「Prodigy of Magicka」 gender: male

                    A less than humble son of the greatest nation in paradise. Kaelik is proud of his heritage and not afraid to say so. An intelligent braggart, he does not hesitate to show off, and then gloat about it; however, most of his act is to make up for his stature, and the fact that even his supposedly great nation was unable to stand up to Brutality. Beneath it all is a man of reliability: quick to act, quick to trust, and fiercely loyal.

                User Image
                ____________❝ ★ WALTON Nyne
                      xxxxxxxxxxx⇣⇣▉ ▉ ▉ ▉ 「SILHOUETTE OF ENDURANCE」 gender: male

                      Bump into Walton in a street, and you'll most likely be missing something next time you check your pockets. Now you see him, now you don't. Walton was always described as someone to arrive on his own time with an uncanny ability to make himself, and things disappear in the blink of an eye. Trained from a young age, Walton's true home was the darkness and his mentors saw this. He was once one of the Silhouette's best thieves before the Prowlers came to eliminate them. When they did come, he was nowhere to be found and was presumed dead with the other members of his team. While he has long since lost anyone out looking for him, Walton can't help but look behind his back every now and then, fearing what lurks in the darkness with him.

                User Image
                ____________❝ ★ ALLYSON Deleon
                      xxxxxxxxxxx⇣⇣▉ ▉ ▉ ▉ 「General of Brutality」 gender: Female

                      Some say she was bred to lead, some say she's just a loose cannon others just call her a nightmare. But nobody could deny the ruthlessly efficient way in which Allyson runs things from her daily routine to her own army. There is little known about Allyson's life prior to her joining Brutality's military and that was the way she wanted to keep it. Her time climbing the ranks was not easy but she wouldn't have had it any other way. She seeks to crush the enemies of Brutality down to the last soldier, believing even one could be the continued spark of rebellion.

                User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
                ____________❝ ★ Luca Rominov
                      xxxxxxxxxxx⇣⇣▉ ▉ ▉ ▉ 「Relentless Resistance」 gender: Male

                      Luca was once known for his endearing generosity and unyielding passion to better the living conditions of humanity while he worked as a doctor in Magika. This innate charm was the reason why many accounts of his etiquette were used as guidelines for those who knew him. We all know, however, that many innocent people were affected by the dark times to follow. It is because of unspoken tragedies of the Brutality invasion that changed Luca into the person he is today. Currently, Luca is nothing like the glowing icon of compassion that he once was. Instead he tossed aside emotional ties in order to take necessary precautions to assist the resistance’s aim to remove Brutality influence from the countries. Luca makes his personal contribution by devising and putting to action strategically calculated methods of assassination and warfare. Mercy no longer applies, and those who wish to make a change must turn a deaf ear to the moral dilemma that defines murder as a crime. People must die to ensure the lives of many.

                User Image
                ____________❝ ★ Alecto Sinclair
                      xxxxxxxxxxx⇣⇣▉ ▉ ▉ ▉ 「BRUTALITY PRINCESS」 gender: Female

                      Born from the fires that mold savage steel and raised by the bloodcurdling screams of the weak. Her name alone is a catalyst to an insatiable fear bent on consuming its host’s frail soul. With the available resources provided by the royal family, this young girl was tutored in the arts of killing every day of her life. Now, given her masteries, it does not matter what weapon is available to her, or lack thereof. What remains true is that death would breathe down one’s neck if they would ever found themselves challenging her authority. Now, after claiming the crown, the rain of fire and brimstone awaits those who resist her political influence or unmatched military prowess.

                User Image
                ____________❝ ★ VINCENT ST. ROSE
                      xxxxxxxxxxx⇣⇣▉ ▉ ▉ ▉ 「A DOG OF BRUTALITY」 Male

                      Cold to the core, right down to the bone, ice in his veins. He doesn't know what emotion is, it doesn't exist, it's just another sad excuse for humans to use for their own disgusting weakness. He has been 'conditioned' out of all his emotion, his care givers called it Silence, and right from the womb, he was given only what he needed to live, and that was all. They consider him a Killer of Killers, and when the Prowlers can't get the job done, he is dispatched to 'Handle' it. Vincent prefers hand to hand combat over weapons, but he's been trained classically in all weaponry, though if he needs to use a weapon, he prefers short knives over heavier bladed weapons, however he is especially proficient with Bows.

      User Image
      ____________❝ ★ KAORU Kaistal
            xxxxxxxxxxx⇣⇣▉ ▉ ▉ ▉ 「HIDDEN PRINCE OF MAGICKA」 gender: male

            He is the one you'd never expect to make it in the world. The one you'd never bet upon. And the one they hid away. Who could show such a Prince to the world? But he's the one that will surprise you in the end. The one you shouldn't have turned your back on as they did. His dreams were small and simple until....that day. But he isn't like other people that succumb to harsh realities and wallow in despair. He will adapt before you do. Much to your chagrin. Life has been cruel, Magick has been kind. Or should that be the other way around?

      User Image
      ____________❝ ★ Marcellus Chancellor
            xxxxxxxxxxx⇣⇣▉ ▉ ▉ ▉ 「Oracle」 gender: Male

            Marcellus life has provided him many visions and at first as a young child he thought nothing of them, but as he grew he realized that they came true. Around this time Marcellus began to try and stop these visions or prophecies from coming true. Although sometimes when something has been set in motion, its hard to stop. Marcellus had saw the war come, and he still blames himself for being unable to stop it. As he has blamed himself for countless other visions he has failed to stop. Lately a certain face has been haunting his dreams but he doesn't know why or what for. Maybe if he finds it something will change.


      User Image
      ____________❝ ★ CHASE Lockehart
            xxxxxxxxxxx⇣⇣▉ ▉ ▉ ▉ 「PROWLER - MISSING gender: male

            Let's just say this is not the man you want to meet in a dark alley as you make your way home in the middle of the night. He could kill a man for absolutely no reason at all and never lose any sleep over the whole mess. In his own mind, he's practically a god and if a person loses to him in battle then he resolves that they didn't deserve to be alive in the first place. He holds no sympathy or compassion in his heart for the lives of his victims and believes there is no room for weakness in this vicious world. You are strong or you die and it's as simple as that to him. If he had his way, Chase would probably go on a bloody rampage and rid the world of those he has deemed undeserving of the hearts beating within their chests. The organization keeps him on a tight leash, though, and limits who he can kill to the hit lists that they give him. He lives for the fight. The feeling of holding someone else's life in his hands and looking into their eyes as the light fades from them is the only thing he has found to be truly satisfying. Participating in brutal battles and murder are his favorite ways to pass the time. While he can, he's not one to rush either of the activities because he finds it much more enjoyable to draw it out and watch his opponents suffer. He's never had a partner before because he doesn't think he needs one. He is the perfect prowler and the fact he is being put on a two-person team is an insult to his skill. He's almost certain that his partner will only get in the way and that he could do the job better on his own.

      User Image
      ____________❝ ★ EMILIA Grace
            xxxxxxxxxxx⇣⇣▉ ▉ ▉ ▉ 「Lady」 gender: Female

            Lady Emilia Grace (Emi) was humbly raised by her merchant widower father. Her mother died of influenza when Emilia was merely a year old. Emilia was spoiled by her father and she, in turn, lavished love and affection on him. She grew up on a very large cotton plantation, and knew very little of the real world. Her father was often away on business, and though she helped with the bookkeeping, her father said traveling was far too dangerous. Thus, books became her best friends. She is very smart, having read and reread a library full of every book her wealthy, doting father could buy her. Recently, Emi began learning the various ways her father's cotton was used: Linen, lace and the many amazing creations that came from them. She proved her value to her father when her handmade gowns became all the rage in their area. Now she is off to learn more of fashion... and what it is like outside of her small town and loving father's embrace.

      User Image
      ____________❝ ★ ALISAIR Darling
            xxxxxxxxxxx⇣⇣▉ ▉ ▉ ▉ 「DAUGHTER OF PRECISION - DECEASED」 gender: female

            Miss Perfectionist, that's what she is. Or was until some time ago. Before the Brutality uprising, Alisair was the Daughter of Precision, a place where perfect simply wasn't good enough. It doesn't take her more than the first try to get something exact, but if it doesn't go well the first time, she'll work herself to the bone to get it exact. She's wickedly smart, though very quiet. Some people might describe her as 'weird', but that's only because they don't understand her brand of genius. No matter what she keeps a cool composure, rarely losing objectivity of the situation. Then again, what was before almost all the Royals from all the countries had been wiped out. Witnessing everything she knew and loved being burned to the ground changed her, and the once innocent princess turned into a cold hearted fugitive. But, instead of hiding away, she decided to fight. Believing that she was the sole surviving Royal, Alisair started up a new rebellion.

      User Image
      ____________❝ ★ Julian Westman
            xxxxxxxxxxx⇣⇣▉ ▉ ▉ ▉ 「LORDLING」 gender: Male

            Lord Julian of the Western Sea is not a man to be trifled with. He has ears everywhere and no one is safe from his power-hungry desires. He wants nothing more than to rule every bit of land and sea he sees. He cares not for ruling over subjects, he simply wants, no needs control of every aspect of the universe. Lord Julian is handsome, charismatic and intelligent - He always gets his way. Anyone who tries to question him loses their tongue, or worse. The Lord of the Western Seas does not get his hands dirty. He has men scattered all over the land to make sure his desires are always fulfilled, while keeping him safely out of harms way. Many assume Julian is responsible for hundreds of terrible crimes, but no one can prove it.

      User Image
      ____________❝ ★ BRIELLE Rivani
            xxxxxxxxxxx⇣⇣▉ ▉ ▉ ▉ 「THE DOUBLE AGENT」 gender: female

            She's the girl who always has another card to play and an ace stashed up her sleeve. This young lady is no stranger to twisting the truth whenever it suits her fancy and she has crossed almost every guideline set down to control her. Brielle never had a strong, authority figure in her life to teach her silly things like responsibility or proper manners, since her father was a vagabond and taught his girls exactly how to live by bending the rules. Ever since she was a little girl she has been batting her eyes, lying through her teeth, and coercing what she wants out of people by almost any means necessary to her survival. On his deathbed, it was her father's wish that both of his daughters settle down in Melleborne, the capitol of where they were born, but unfortunately this didn't seem likely since a life of swindling on the road was all they had ever known. However, when the war first broke out between Brutality and Paradise, the girls decided to try and make it to Determination to wait it out since the roads had become unsafe. They didn't make it, of course. On the way, they were detained by soldiers from Brutality. Her fate was sealed. Brutality has blackmailed her into spying for them by threatening to harm her sister, whom they also held captive, if she refused to obey. The only person she was devoutly loyal to was her sister and so she agreed. They brought her to Haven, the heart of the rebellion, and tasked her with the assignment of bringing it down from the inside by any means necessary. If she cannot break their spirits and convince the leaders to admit defeat, then they will kill the only family she has left and then hunt her down as well.

      User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
      ____________❝ ★ BASIR Graye
            xxxxxxxxxxx⇣⇣▉ ▉ ▉ ▉ 「PARADISIAN OF MAGICKA」 gender: Male

            Laid-back, easy-going, and one of the nicest people you'll ever meet, though sometimes his lack of a filter gets him into a bit of trouble. Typically calm and chilled out, he is one most people find comfort in and seems to be one of the people you can tell anything too. Fueled by his desire to escape the cold shackles of poverty he moved from his small countryside town in west Magika to Haven. Thankfully due to the blood of Magika running through his veins, he found himself born with a particularly useful Magical Taint, especially for the times such as these. A listener, a watcher, and an assassin, he runs his "Man For Hire" business from within an old abandoned church which he calls 'The Raven' due to it's gothic architecture and stained glass ravens adorning the walls of the cathedral. Eager to help, for the right price or the right reasons, he always aims for success.

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