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          So yeah, this is basically just a generic good versus evil rp. Like superfriends style or something. You know, hero versus villain only with a team sort of feel to it: team hero versus team villain.

          It's just a simple rp with a simple plot of team hero going off to save the world from team villain's evil doings, and team villain constantly trying to off team hero, and team hero constantly thwarting team villain, and all that good stuff.

          This is a rp made strictly for humor, amusement, and fun- and is not one that requires ten paragraphs a post to rp in. Instead of boring adv-lit fluff, this rp is more focused on fast-paced, action-packed fun.

          So if interested, feel free to continue. <3

          [OOC THREAD]
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          - Where heroes gather to save the world from slimy evil and disaster!

          The League of Heroes is like a strong devoted family, often spouting virtuous prospects like teamwork, trust, and companionship. The League base is stationed in the center of Liberty City, for all the public to see. They have fun stuff like jets and teleporters to provide escort all around the world. The hero base is very large and is kept nice and clean, with large statues and waterfalls and proud flags and glass floors and a huge control room and even a break room, and you name it, they got it. It's capable of housing five super-cool heroes, anyway.

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          - Where villains gather to cause chaos and destroy the pesky heroes!

          The Legion of Evil is like a crazy dysfunctional family, spouting things like betrayal, failure, and pathetic attempts at villainy. The evil lair is stationed deep within a hidden swampland, secluded from prying eyes. Like the League, they have means of transport too with fun vehicles and teleporters. The lair is dark and gloomy but is like the League in being able to house five uniquely silly villains, and having things like a control center and relaxing quarters. It may be a depressing dump at times, but they have some good stuff lying around too.
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          ~ [PROFILES]

          Inkwell (mansnoozie)
          Atlas (rage valley)
          Bastet the Hunter (Nekos and Cream)
          Judas (Why Not Zoidberg)
          Coinshot (KLTC)

          ~ [PROFILES]

          The Great Kaiser (Midnight Mona)
          The Jackal (obviouslylegit)
          Glitch (rett)
          Pulse (Curtsie) <-- (TO BE DEAD SOON LUL)
          Skully (Takarashi)
          Flame Princess (solardancer)
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      So I want everyone to fill out a form below and PM it to me. Title it FOR THE LEAGUE for hero profiles and FOR THE LEGION for villain profiles so I know what faction your character belongs to.

      * NOTE: I don't want incredibly lengthy profiles or anything. I mean, detail is good, but leave some room for character development later on, maybe? What I'm wanting is just a general, basic idea of your character. You can work off of that and develop them further if you want in the actual rp. <3

      [b]Basic Info[/b]: (Generic information such as their hero name if they have one, their real name if they have one and you want to share it, their gender, their age, their race, any strong details, or any general basic information you'd like to share.)

      [b]Backstory[/b]: (Every hero and villain has a backstory! How did they come to be? What is widely known about them? How did they get here and what's their purpose for being here now? Don't go overboard on detail or anything; just give us a general idea that we can work off of.)

      [b]Personality[/b]: (Every hero and every villain is unique in their own... special... way. What sets them apart from everyone else? What makes them tick? What are their quirks? What do they love and hate, what are some general traits, etc. Just whatever works that describes them.)

      [b]Powers/Abilities[/b]: (They wouldn't be heroes or villains without some sort of talent, now would they? What are their special powers or abilities or weapons? Skills and talents and other means of battle and generally being a hero/villain? Feel free to go crazy.)

      [b]Appearance[/b]: (Picture(s), description, or both. This rp accepts it all, so have fun with it and create a character of your very own design.)
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      Literacy. Pffft, let's just get this out of the way now. I expect everyone to be able to spell and use grammar correctly to the most basic extent. That's just standard rp lingo. Mistakes are expected and fine, just try to correct them when you see them. As far as a posting size goes, don't give us massive paragraphs of fluff every post, but still pop out more than a measly one-liner every post too, yeah? Don't go overboard or anything, but some detail would still be nice. Yup. I'm bringing moderation back into style. This is a fast-paced rp that works off of reaction time, so moderate yourselves with posting size. (This actually seems to be more of a problem than one-liner people, wtfffff)

      Activity. This is a fast-paced, action-packed rp that will be fast at times and then slow at times. If it's fast at times, we'll try to all keep up and wait on some or give characters an out. If it's slow at times, don't freak your s**t, the rp isn't dead, it will pick up again. Other than that, it'd be nice to be as active as possible and to communicate with us when you can't be on or will be gone for a while and all that.

      Godmodding. God, yeah, action-packed rp with powers and abilities, this'll be fun LOL. I trust you guys are mature enough to know what to do with godmodding. Basically just don't control other people's characters. Or if you do, get their permission first or allow room for editing or whatever. This is a lax rp, guys. Lots of action will happen, but let's keep it cool. Don't freak out if a little godmodding takes place, but don't totally take advantage of lenient godmodding either. I refuse to play mommy to anyone, so if a problem arises, work it out like civilized assholes or something.

      Characters. One character a person, ten characters in the rp, ten people allowed to join. Simple stuff. This isn't your standard hero/villain rp where everything is super serious. It'd be nice if you made characters unique and with their own special quirks or whatever. Just have fun with it!

      Dedication. This is a fun, humorous, awesome rp that I plan to go far. I'd like dedicated people to help me keep it living and to push it forward. Make stuff happen in the rp, do something that affects people, whatever makes it keep moving and exciting and fun. Hell, maybe the rp will even evolve into something with deep meaning and an incredibly moving symbolic outlook on the universe. emotion_kirakira But yeah, no, it's mainly just for the lulz. emotion_awesome
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      This is where I'll be posting current events happening in the rp. Oh no, the dam broke and is going to destroy an entire city?! Oh no, the villains have caused a volcanic eruption that will kill the endangered turtles?! Oh no, a group of innocent civilians have been kidnapped and are being held ransom?! SOMETHING MUST BE DONE, YOU GO DO THAT OKAY. Or just sit back and watch, I don't think anyone really cares at this point.

      The Legion appears to be plotting something diabolical! What could it be?!
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          (Because you never know when you might need that extra can of soup.)
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          (It's not like everything will remain completely useless in this world.)
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          (I mean, everyone knows toasters are not supplementary to blenders.)
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      And this, my friends, is where I shall be posting the rp status, which tells the glorious tale of what sate the rp is currently in. Isn't that just dandy? Anyway, bold and blue means in-effect and red and crossed out means not in-effect. Simple, no?

      OPEN (feel free to post)
      CLOSED (no posty yet)
      UNDER CONSTRUCTION (still workin' on s**t)
      ACCEPTING CHARACTERS (send in those profiles)
      NO LONGER ACCEPTING CHARACTERS (no more profiles)
      FULL (we full, no more room, go away, beg to join, whatever)
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                          ▰▰▰▰▰▰▰ C O I N S H O T
                                I HEAR YOU'RE PRETTY TOUGH

                                In the cold air of the predawn morning, her brown eyes peered out behind the glass eyepieces of her gas mask. Coinshot ran across the roof, her boots creating a dull racket on the metal. When she reached the edge, she jumped. For a moment she fell, before shooting up. Below her, the dropped handful of pennies launched towards the ally below, hitting the pavement with a sharp thud. Coinshot pushed herself up, away from the metal now anchored to the earth, soaring and alighting onto the next building. There, she began to run again, repeating the motion. In this fashion, she traveled the streets of the city in the dark of the early morning.

                                Some time later, the sun began to crest the horizon, spilling light among the skyscrapers. Coinshot made her way back towards the city's biggest library, home to both books and superheros. It had been a long night, and she needed some rest. The library was much closer than her dorm room at the university on the edge of the city limits. She could catch a few hours sleep there before heading to her weekend job. A hero could live on nothing but satisfaction of a job well done, but the very human Elisa Haust had to earn a living somehow. Hopefully she could catch some shuteye at the library before waiting on tables.

                                Coinshot landed on the domed roof of the library, grabbing hold of one of the many decorative spires to keep from sliding off. Dropping a handful of pennies at the spire's base, she pushed off of them and slid upwards, towards the flat skylight at the library's peak. There she paused for a moment to stretch and observe the sun, now just above the horizon. There was something different about today that she could not quite place. It was going to be very interesting.

                                ooc: Well, there's an opening post, then. It's early morning, and Elisa has just gone roof-hopping all night. Sorry about length.

                                User Image
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Judas...the hero?

Scotch felt his hands trembling as he pulled a black ski mask over his head. He let out a soft sigh as he stood on top of a roof bank. He'd left his room with the door locked. Had to have an alibi. Funds were running low and the city would pay him one way or another. The bank was backed up by the state or something. The same state that paid Heroes. No harm no foul. The state was backed up by the federal reserve. And once he'd spent the money it would stimulate the economy. So in theory he was still a good guy. He just hoped none of the league would bust him. In an instant he was inside a bank vault stuffing his backpack with cash.

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The Jackal

Location: The Docks

Even in broad day light, the wheels of evil didn't cease to turn. The cover of shadows weren't always necessary though. As far as anyone from an outside perspective could tell, the military was merely transferring cargo off a freighter. A large group of soldiers in berets and militant green were trotting back and fourth from a waiting diesel truck. Every vessel was fairly standard. That was the only real give away in all this activity. Through it all there was also a over bearing one eyed male. Trotting back and fourth and barking orders at any slacker he could catch sight of with that lone ocular. If this was the military picking up official supplies or cargo, then they would be doing so in military trucks, and vehicles. It wouldn't be a regular freighter, a standard eight wheeler, and a bunch of soldiers in uniform.

All the same, without much trouble at all, that diesel would get loaded up, and against public seat belt laws a hand full of the soldiers would hop into the back of the diesel. That strangely emotionless if not ill tempered male who seemed to lead this outfit would hop into the back of the truck as well. Where as the diesel itself would begin a legal speed limit drive into and through town.

In the back of the truck.

The Jackal himself was merely running fingers over a particularly over sized metal trunk. Best described as what bullet proof luggage must look like, it was this large case amongst all the boxes of cargo that the villain hovered over. After perhaps two to three minutes of merely staring into space, the Commander lifts his transponder watch on his left wrist up to his mouth, so he can speak a single ominous phrase.

"Summon the Legion... We are ready."

This was a call in to the Legion's communications base. An order to contact and summon all the members of the council. THE HEADS OF THE LEGION! The most dastardly and dangerous beings to ever come together over a shaky truce in the name of chaos in the history of our great city. Before the next sun would rise, the Legion would be on the move with their newest nefarious scheme.

And whatever it may be, the catalyst to their plan was currently on a truck heading across the city toward the swamplands under the supervision of The Jackal himself, and his personal guards.

/Cue dramatic effect
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                                      THE GREAT KAISER
                                      CYBERNETIC WARLORD



                                      Maniacal laughter echoed through the halls of the Legion of Evil's secret base, The Great Kaiser being one of the first to arrive after having received such a diabolical call to disorder. In his most fantastic moment of inebriated joy, electric green lights overwhelming his circuitry, he'd jumped upon the large meeting table of evil™, arms outstretched wide in enthusiastic gesture.

                                      "Today is the day, is the day, is the day~" He sang, dancing around on the table. "The day that Liberty City finally falls to its untimely doom! AHAHAHAHA~"

                                      Whether anyone else was there or not to listen to such loud babbling of chaotic claims was irrelevant to him at this point. All was going according to plan as far as he was concerned. The Jackal had summoned them, apparently with a scheme of his own in mind. It was perfect, his end of such account already arranged, awaiting nothing but signal to initiate. Whatever the Jackal's plan was in summoning them, soon that stupid Liberty City- the capital of the world thanks to those pesky heroes- would fall to evil, and make way for his own rise to power!
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                ✒ 𐌹𐌽𐌺 ▬▬▬▬▬

                            Inkwell, usually referred to in short as "Ink", yawned loudly as she awoke from her peaceful slumber. She groggily pushed herself into an upright position, dark blue comforter clinging to her body until gravity pulled it down. Her quarters, as one could see even through groggy, mostly-asleep eyes, was messy at best. It would be called a hoarder situation by most people, but Ink wasn't most people. A few stretches later and she decided to pull herself out of bed.

                            "It is still this early in the morning? I do not recall going to bed at such an early hour last night..." she muttered to herself, picking up her alarm clock. Not with her hand though, because that would be boring and typical. No, a thin tentacle of deep dark blue, nearly jet black, had snaked down her arm and reached out to pick up the alarm clock. The tentacle dropped the clock back into place atop an old dresser next to a broken music box that held fifteen paper clips, five film canisters (one of which was filled with samples of various shampoos), twenty-three nuts of various sizes, seventeen screws, six nails (one bent at a 120 degree angle), and a stamp.

                            With another chorus of yawns and cracking joints, she pulled the tentacle back up her arm, joining the rest of the ink stored in her body. Save her forearms, lower legs, and above her neck (save the area around her eyes, which was always covered with a hardened ink mask), the female's body was dyed nearly black with ink. No, if you poked her she wouldn't squirt ink like an octopus (unless she was in a rare playful mood), but cut her deep enough and she would bleed black, from the ink of course. To cover it up and appear mostly human, she put on a loose blouse and pajama bottoms. Look like a hero this early in the morning? That was silly.

                            Opening a small fridge she had in her quarters, she pulled out a fruit punch flavored drink pouch. She pierced the silver container with the included yellow straw and began to suck on the beverage, sitting back on her bed and turning on a CRT television that sat on a wooden crate at the foot of her bed. Just because she was a hero didn't mean she couldn't watch the news like a normal person. It was really the same thing every day: the League stops some sort of tragedy, the Legion steals candy from small children, and general fluff to pad it out and hide the fact that most of the events in this city revolved around the League and Legion.

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