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Claire Barterstone
Master of LANCER

Location: Apartment complex
Possessions: Pistol, 10 Destructive Vials, Dracula novel

Walking down towards the gate, Claire took one glance into the book she'd been carrying. 'All the preparations are complete. This will be the Servant I get stuck with for the Grail War.' she thought. She prayed it wouldn't be the Dracula from the novel, but the man who came from the myth. The Impaler Prince would be of greater use than a Vampire who stalked around at night, unable to do much fighting.

Walking towards the gate, Claire glanced over, and noticed she was being watched by someone, no doubt another resident of the complex. 'something wrong?" she asked the girl who appeared to be waiting for Claire to say something or take notice of her presence.
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Master of Berserker

§Aleksandr Gregori Von Einzbern§

"The fools will never know what hit them."

Aleksandr took her first statement to be a kind of compliment, if nothing else she didn't outwardly berate him. 'It doesn't really matter much whether she likes me or not, although it would be preferable if she doesn't rip my heart out at the first opportune moment.' The young man thought as he replied, "I was born having a particular respect for the better sex." His father showed him the kindness of men. Him and Jubstacheit, that decrepit old b*****d.

Aleksandr made no move as Berserker took a step towards him, then gently brushed the burnt side of his face. The young man wondered what the sensation felt like, considering that most of the nerves in that side of his face were destroyed beyond repair. The physical therapy had managed to get him to blink, but full facial expressions were beyond him.
"Famous? Infamous? Such things are semantics. Your name and beauty will live on forever in your legend, Countess Elizabeth Báthory de Ecsed, Blood Countess."

The woman then withdrew her hand, although he could barely feel her drag one nail across his cheek. Though she apologized with no real meaning, the Einzbern replied, "There's no need to apologize. One cannot help themselves when confronted with the grotesque but be fascinated." After all, the rest of the Einzbern family regarded him like a walking sideshow carnie, even before the burns. Now he might as well start demanding pay per view every time one of his younger cousins would look at him with a kind of enraptured repulsion.

"Why would I summon such a distinguished persona such as yourself? To win of course. The Holy Grail War isn't a child's game after all, and if I'm going to have even the slightest hope of winning, I need as strong a Servant as possible." The young man then gave a normally pleasent smile that contrasted with his burns to make him look as if he had something ominous in mind. "That is why I wanted your aid Countess. I cannot hope to win this war on my own, considering my... Aleksandr took a moment so that he wouldn't spit the word, "..handicaps."

"Isn't that right, Countess?"

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ιsαια sєяgισ ɗє αngeℓιs
"In life you need one thing to survive: The ability to realize s**t happens. You step in it. Accept it, get over it and keep moving."

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                                          tab Finishing up the rather massive summoning circle, Isaia Sergio De Angelis couldn't help but step back. And no, it wasn't because he wanted to admire his work, rather it was because he had to in order to check for any imperfections. Despite originally not wanting to be apart of the grail war, the man begrudgingly changed his mind after finding out what or whom (in this case) his grandpa's plan B for the war was. Anyways, getting back to the present, the blond needed to check for any mistakes; big, small or even medium. After all, "One small mistake could end up killing you" as he tended to say - a statement that the man came up with during the hellish part of his childhood.

                                          Nevertheless, finding no mistakes with his work, Sergio headed over to a small table and proceeded to unwrap the most important item he needed from the cloth surrounding it. Once the blond completely unraveled the catalyst, he proceed to place it down right in the center of the circle. After that, the magus then stepped out of the circle with caution before taking out a pocket-knife from his pocket and cut his palm. The cut wasn't a lethal one but it was deep enough to let out the quantity of blood he needed for the special occasion. Though with a clear voice, the man began to recite the incantation. " Silver and iron to the origin. Gem and the archduke of contracts to the cornerstone. The ancestor is my great master Schweinorg.
                                          The alighted wind becomes a wall. The gates in the four directions close, coming from the crown, the three-forked road that leads to the kingdom circulate. Shut fill. Shut fill. Shut fill. Shut fill. Shut fill. Repeat every five times. Simply, shatter once filled."
                                          The circle glowed and a breeze flowed into the room but Sergio paid no heed to it and continued on. "I announce. Your self is under me, my fate(doom) is in your sword. In accordance with the resort of the Holy Grail, if you abide by this feeling, this reason, then answer. Here is my oath. I am the one who becomes all the good of the world of the dead, I am the one who lays out all the evil of the world of the dead. You, seven heavens clad in three words of power, arrive from the ring of deterrence, O keeper of the balance!" Upon finishing the incantation, the glow of the circle became near blinding -in terms of brightness- and began to take the form of the owner of his catalyst.

                                          Who's with Sergio?: My soon to be servantx。★ 。xSergio's current location: My penthouse; more specifically, the study (room) x。★ 。x Thoughts: I think I did this right. . .

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xxB E R S E R K E Rxx

xxElizabeth Bathoryxx
xx"I hear you, m y l o v e l i e s"xx

xxxxxC o u n t e s sxO f xB l o o dxxxxx

xThe noblewoman laughed at his words, and she wrapped one arm around her slim waist, setting the elbow of her other in the hand of the first, and cradling her cheek in the elegant fingers.
"You are certainly the flatterer, Mr. Einzbern, my Master. My girls would like you, I'm sure. Blood Countess." Berserker's lips curled into a grin that knew madness, even though it wasn't currently wrapped in the embrace of insanity. The fact that she repeated the phrase meant that she enjoyed it, and her eyes flashed as it rang in her mind.
"You are not so grotesque, Aleksandr. I do not find you repulsive. It is the others from your gender, the bastards who do not deserve the attention they receive. They are the repulsive ones. No, you are not grotesque, you are charming."
The Countess' smile softened at him, to something warm, and slightly scary.
"You speak of handicaps. What exactly do you mean by these? Of course, I will fight for you in your war, but I do wish to know what qualities hinder my partner." An elegantly arched golden brow rose as she asked the question, and her beautiful features grew serious.
Weiss Drescher

Master of Slenderman

Barely a sound registered in the apartment, the cluttered room wrapped in darkness. A young man crept back and forth, pale hands trembling as he bit at his lip. It'd been a long time coming, a half a year cramming his brain with every little bit of info his birthing had failed to give him. Hours spent up late, pouring over every book he could pilfer from the local library. Dates, locations, people, as much as his failing brain could take. He'd only scratched the surface, and even then it'd give him a chance...wouldn't it? His heart hammered against his chest as he gave his summoning circle another look-over. His mind had been falling apart, but even he could recall the basics of it all. The family had drilled it into his mind, he'd been forced to trace it until his hand ached. It was hard to say if the one sitting in front of him was correct, he couldn't remember every little detail, but his gut told him he was good. 'Course, not like he had much of a choice. Staying out of the Grail War meant that he'd be dead within weeks...indeed, even now Weiss wasn't 100% sure if he'd be able to keep himself together to even reach the end of this war. He'd been awake for only a couple hours, and yet already he found himself trying his best to stifle a yawn. He could feel his bones creaking as he slowly paced back and forth, limbs heavy. And, to be honest, it was only getting worse with each passing day.

A slight wince crossed the boy's pale features as he tried to brush the unpleasant thoughts from his mind, a soft sigh escaping his lips as momentarily turned his back to the circle, stepping towards the wrinkled old bed beside him. Cushioned by blankets sat what was to be the catalyst, a piece of the key to his survival.

A tape.

Encased within a slightly scratched plastic case, your average person wouldn't even give it a second glance. Even Weiss could feel himself hesitating for a brief moment before plucking it off the bed, holding it up in what little light remained within the room. Hard to believe that the Gruenwalds treated it as though it was made of solid gold. Wouldn't even let him come within a foot of it...small wonder that he even managed to steal it during his escape. Wasn't even anything good on it, at least from what he saw. About a minute or so of just some guy running about in a park...wasn't even any sound, though that may have been the crappy TV deciding to be weird.

Still, it was all he had to rely upon, right? Besides, even if the Gruenwald family were horrid people they at least had a passing knowledge of the War. If this tape truly wasn't a catalyst, he had a hunch that they would've known.

Of course, the question was...what exactly was it was going to end up summoning?

"Can't hesitate now," A slight quake in his words, the boy popped the case open and, with as steady a hand as he could muster, gingerly placed the tape within the middle of the circle.

"And finally..." Pulling a small pocket-knife from his, well, pocket the boy flicked open the blade and held the blade above his palm, pressing down with a wince. Letting a bit of the blood sprinkle upon the tape, Weiss tossed the crimson-stained knife back onto the bed...dabbing just a bit at the cut upon his hand.

He'd erected a boundary field to keep himself hidden, had put the summoning circle, and had gotten the catalyst ready. All that was left was the chant. Taking a slight step back from the circle, and making sure to take a rather deep breath, the boy closed his eyes and racked his brain. Alright then, here was to hoping he'd get this.

"Silver and iron to the beginning, gem and the archduke of contracts to the cornerstone. The ancestor is my great master..Sch...schwi..."

Oh dammit


...close enough...

"....the alit wind becomes a wall. The gates in the four directions close, coming from the crown, the three-forked road that leads to the kingdom circulate. Shut fill, shut fill, shut fill, shut fill, shut fill.."

That was five times, right?

Apparently so, a slight glow beginning to run through the circle. His heart leapt as he saw it, though the boy tried his best to keep the rest of the excitement buckled down as he continued on with the chant. He couldn't afford to get sloppy now.

"...repeat every five times, simply shatter once filled. I announce, your self is under me, my fate is in your sword. In accordance with the resort of the Holy Grail if you abide by this feeling, this reason, then answer. Here is my oath,"

Even with the window closed, Weiss could feel a slight breeze ruffling at the curtains as he continued on with the chant, the young man trying his best to ignore the chill it brought on. He was almost through.

"I am the one who becomes all the good of the world of the dead. I am the one who lays out all the evil of the world of the dead. You, seven heavens clad in three words of power, arrive from the ring of deterrence, oh keeper of the balance,"

Even with the mistakes he had made, the chant seemed to have gone through. The light from the circle was nearly blinding now, and through half-closed eyes the boy could just barely make out the humanoid form. But..

His eyes widened a bit, braving the discomfort. There was something off, something wrong.

"What in the hell..."
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Master of Berserker

§Aleksandr Gregori Von Einzbern§

"The fools will never know what hit them."

She called him her Master. Aleksandr wasn't sure if it was meant in jest or not, but for know he would regard it as a good sign. The nature of her smile might have been unnerving to those of a more squeamish nature, but the young Einzbern had been prepared for that in summoning this Berserker. After all, he was dealing with a woman that had murdered about six hundred fifty girls in her lifetime.

"You are too kind, Milady." Aleks said as he gave a wane little smile. Mother had always said that he was a handsome young man. Before Wilhelm had taken that from him, as well as her. Before he'd been turned into this scarred cripple. The young Master tightly gripped the head of his cane as he thought of it, his knuckles turning white at his exertion.

"During my younger adolescence, my father", Aleks spat the word like it was venom, " and I had a disagreement about how he treated Mother." There was a certain something about the way that he spoke the word, like a kind of reverence. Like he was slightly timid to say the word aloud. "Anyways, we fought, he shattered this leg, which is why I need this." The young man indicated his cane."And made me blind in this eye as well as set me on fire. I apologize beforehand for having to saddle a Servant of your caliber with such a crippled Master." The Einzbern then gave an apologetic bow. "I hope that you'll still be willing to have a wretch as myself as a Master."

"Isn't that right, Countess?"

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                Despite his sarcasm and joking tone, it didn't seem to phase the long tempered demon at all,"Fragile and elegant creatures!" Indra corrected with a proud grin, "Without women, I'm sure you men will be like struggling cavemen! Besides, maybe being in the kitchen wouldn't be so bad as long as there is sweets and cake! But..." Suddenly, the demon's cheerful attitude changed into something more dark and serious, "I'm only here to help you win the Holy Grail War." With so many success in getting her revenge, she had confidence in herself that she will win but by the looks of this man, he seemed to be doubting her power. His question had broken her dark side into something an immature side. Was it the way she looked?

                "How rude! Do you judge a book by it's cover? No wonder this room is so messy! Are the books even touched?" In her days, there were many beauty who were burned. The ugly were considered to just be normal villagers. Indra knelled down and leaned forward to her eyes connected were with his, "Ja! I am Indra Saalbach. Call me Indra, or beautiful lady." With a wink, she placed her hand over her chest and tilted down her head, "Schön euch zu treffen majestät!"

                ((OOC: Translation is "Nice to meet you majesty" I hope it is right...LOL))


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"Sees me"

From the circle on the ground, there bubbled up some sort of profane sludge. It started in a pool, liquid, thick but dull in its brackish color. Very soon, tendrils, thin tentacles, almost strings, rose from the puddle of offensive liquid. They rose towards the heavens, defiling the space around it, mocking the universal forces that feebly attempted to govern it. The tendrils gave way to thick tentacles as they rose well above seven feet up. The sound of them was as silk rustling, if but a grim mockery.

Then it phased out. It was as if there was an error in the programming. It disappeared for a second, almost as if it was poor video quality. It came back almost immediately, but flashed again a few more times. Finally, the tentacles reached somewhere around nine feet tall and started to expand outward. The tentacles coalesced into one thick trunk with two more long tentacles arching upwards on either side. Immediately, all movement ceased.

It stopped for only a few seconds, but refused to let anyone breath who took in the horrible sight. Then, in one quick flash, the tentacles shrank. The height didn't change, nor did the length of the two to either side diminish. It was as if the sludge was drying, but the form only slimmed and took humanoid shape.

Before the magus stood a profane figure. Nine feet tall, but thin to the point of being emaciated. Its (his?) arms outstretched and its (his?) head tilted upward. A feeling of eerie calm permeated the room, but it was not from a feeling of safety. If one could put it into words, it would come out closer to a feeling of the impending end, but that the affected felt closure over the fact. It was as if death was acceptable.

The limbs were long, if still thin, but the strangest, most out of place part, was the suit. It was a dark grey pinstripe suit, with a sleek black tie. On his large feet were shiny black shoes, or at least they were. They looked as if their wearer had worn them while walking about in the forest, even if the rest of the suit was pristine. Even if that was the most out of place feature on the figure, it was most definitely not the most disconcerting. Where there should have been ears, there were none. Where there should have been eyes, black as night, there were simple indentations. Where there would have been a mouth, full of flesh-tearing teeth, there was nothing! This figure was faceless.

It slowly lowered its arms and the feeling of calm was replaced by whatever emotion one would feel upon seeing this, panic, perhaps. It stretched slightly, limbs almost literally doing so. It tilted its head, still tilted upward, to the side to pop the joint. However, instead of a pop, there elicited a wet crack, as though the figures bones were breaking. It did this two times, one for each side.

Its head returned to the first position, tilted upward. Then, in one swift move, its head whipped downward. If it had eyes, they would be staring straight into the magus's soul. It clasped its hand politely in front of it, as if waiting, simply staring at its master

"Fund yu... Frever"

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                  This war...if you wish to win it...
                  Strong powers, push my back ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ Tsuyoi chikara senaka osarete
                  The scenes whirling around▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ Gururu mawaru keshiki ga
                  I don't know what's happening▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ Nani ga dou toka wakaranai no yo
                  I wonder why....▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ Doushite ka na


                xxxx Silver blinked. Usually, when people wave hi, you aren't supposed to ask 'something wrong?' right...?...or at least, that's what she knew of. The green-eyed made blinked in confusion for a second. "Oh, no, nothing's wrong, I just wanted to say Hi since I don't think I've seen you around here before....?" she raised her hands, making small motions to clear the small confusions with a small uncertain smile.
                "Here you go miss." Silvara blinked momentarily in surprise and had the pizza shoved into her arms, balancing the change on top of the box. Then the delivery man just sped off. Well, wasn't that a bit rude...not to mention awkward being alone with one pizza box in her arms. She must look like a glutton right now. Sighing a bit she turned back to the woman.
                "By the way, my name's Silver." The younger girl shifted her position to cradle the hot pizza on one arm, reaching her other hand out in an attempted handshake.

                ((BLAAHHH sorry it's short, post-mathematics stress syndrome. haha)

                  ...follow me.
                  It's the first time since I was born ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ Umarete hajimete na no yo
                  This territory ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ Kono ryouiki
                  Don't get scared and look forward ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ Kowagarazu mae wo muite
                  Come now ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ Saa
                  Let's step forward. ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ Fumidasou
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The man was in a dark room holding his hand out as a small stream of blood came from his wrist. He stood rther tall and was quite muscular. Strange shades for his hair and several assorted jewelry gave a strange feeling from any viewing him. The circle was almost perfectly drawn not the slightest bit of a blemish. It was also drawn in his own blood but for a reason. This reason was quite simple but it would remain unknown. According to the Mages Association he was a criminal and they had no idea the grail would select him. In fact the idea hasn't even crossed their minds yet. As the circle finished he withdrew his hand and the blood ceased. He smiled playfully. This was going to be great fun for him. On top of that he had found something that rather interested him. He would be able to summon someone that he might very well be the descendant of. On a piller just on the other side of the circle rest a sword that was roughly 8 feet long. It was a bit rusty from age but completely solid. What wa this precisely only a few would know. This was once the sword weilded by Beowulf against the demonic Mother he slew in his own story. "Fill, fill, fill, fill, fill, Repeat five times but when each is filled destroy it." He paused for a moment as the circle drew in light and the reguired vitae energy thrummed from his blood. "A base of silver and iron. A foundation of stone, and the Archduke of Contracts. And my ancestor, my great master, Shweinorg. A wall to block the falling wind. The gates at the Cardinal directions close. From the Crown, come forth and follow the forked road to the kingdom. Heed my words. My will creates your body, and your sword creates my destiny. If you heed the Grail's call, and obey my will and reason, then answer me! I hearby swear That I shall be all the good in the world. That I shall defeat all evil in the world. But let thine eyes be clouded with chaos. Thou, who art trapped in a cage of madness, and I, who doth hold thy chains! You, Seven Heavens, shrouded by the three great words of power, come forth from the circle of inhibition... Guardian of the Scales." As he finished the Circle billowed the whole room with power and light temporarily blinding him. Still he held his hand straight as the feel of his vitae being used still stung from it's palm where a small seal on his body was. This was a seal of Blood Sorcery but it was his to use as he felt right.

He watched carefully as the light dimmed and he came back to his senses. smiling yet again but not like a madman, rather like someone drunk in happiness and glee.

Master Of Berserker
Claire Barterstone
Master of LANCER

Location: Apartment complex
Possessions: Pistol, 10 Destructive Vials, Dracula novel

Claire sighed slightly, as the girl stated nothing was wrong. In other words, she wanted to waste Claire's time. Even so, Claire didn't wish to appear unfriendly towards the other people of this city. As such, she simply nodded. "I see. Then it's a pleasure to meet you." she stated, a small smile crossing her face. However, the smile, as well as her interest, was a facade. Summoning her Servant was all that sat in her mind at the moment.

Before she could say more, a Pizza Delivery man arrived, and thrust a pizza into the girl's hands. As they drove off, Claire glanced at the pizza, and shrugged. "Sure you can finish all that?" she said, sarcasm in her voice. Hearing Silver announce her name and extend a hand in friendship, Claire decided to shake her hand, and introduce herself as well. "I'm Claire Barterstone. And yes, I did just move in." she said, answering Silver's question of why she hadn't seen Claire here before. "In fact, I'm new to the whole area. I don't suppose you could show me around sometime?" she asked, still remaining calm and kind. 'A guide around the city wouldn't be too bad an idea. Even with a map, I've very little time to view the city and whatever vantage points I can acquire.' she thought to herself, imagining to use the girl as no more than a tool for the time being.

((She's somewhat like Kiritsugu, but with some actual sense of honor.))
Weiss Drescher

Master of Slenderman

The boy's eyebrows nearly disappeared past his hairline as he witnessed the gruesome display occurring right before him. As the tar-colored liquid appeared, as it bubbled and swished about upon the summoning circle, as it slowly slowly rose and expanded...thick tentacles emerging from the noxious goop. Weiss wanted to step away the scene, but his feet wouldn't even budge, glued to the ground. He could only watch as his servant took shape before him, the pillar of sludge seemingly hardening. Globs of it were disappearing with each blink he took, like there was some kind of invisible sculptor chipping away at it, until finally a humanoid form stood before him. With one final blink, he finally found himself staring at final result of his summoning.

It...he...he didn't know what to think. What stood before him was no animal or beast. And while it wore the clothes of a human, a pristine suit coupled with a pair of slightly scuffed dress shoes the articles felt like they served only as a mockery instead of an attempt at blending in. Long, spindly arms stretched outward...a pale visage, free of the usual features one would expect of a human face, stared(?) ahead. An otherworldly tinge clung to the room, and to Weiss it was hard to imagine that he was still stuck in his cramped little apartment.

But even with whatever the hell he was witnessing, Weiss didn't move. Not because he couldn't, his legs were no longer numb, but because there was no compulsion too. He didn't feel any sort of malice coming from this creature, and to be honest the boy almost felt...calm, calmer then he could ever recall feeling.

It didn't last.

As soon as the creature had lowered its arms he felt as though he'd been hit by a sledgehammer. What he was witnessing suddenly dawned upon him in full force, his breath getting caught up in his own throat as a strained gasp escaped his lips. He could feel its attention upon him now, the eyeless face set right upon his own. The boy stumbled back, nearly tripping over his own two feet he gave himself a bit of distance. It hadn't moved yet, hadn't budged, and even though he knew that it shared a contract with him that sickening unease didn't leave him. Widened eyes shot towards the door, just a bit away from him. He'd be able to reach, he'd be able to escape. But...

His attention refocused upon the...thing, careful to avoid its invisible gaze. He...dammit all, he couldn't. This was his last chance, he coudln't...couldn't back out now. Even if his servant had seemingly crawled out of his darkest nightmares.

Trying his hardest to keep himself from bolting to the door, Weiss took as of a steady a breath as he could muster. "...who..." A moment of hesitation, "...are you my servant? Who are you? What's y-your name?" Could it even answer him without a mouth? And even if it did, Weiss had trouble imagining that such...human concepts would apply to whatever this thing was.

Was it just him, or was it getting even colder?
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      I am Berserker

      I serve Kaer'lic Sunn Wett. I am Beowulf.

                                                  The building began to rumble and shake with the activation of the summoning circle activated. The the flash of light was soon followed by a sudden crash as dust and debris filled the ground within the area just aside from the circle itself, close to the sword itself. The magic had called forth a servant and was somewhere within the now dimming light and dust. Something could be seen just in the center of a mess that was caused. The object looked like a dark ball of metal if one were to look at it without thinking. The metal mass slowly started to show motion, slow twitches at first but this started to grow to something more as it began to rise. It looked like a machine starting to activate. The humanoid figure rose in a hunched over posture from the small crater in the broken floor. As the figure filled itself out, the pitch black armor stood in full, the helmet looking more like a human's skull than anything else, its mouth region covered by the armor from the chest that hit it well.

                                                  The monster that stood as the light finally dimmed and the dust started to settle, the figure slowly let its head turn as if to make sure it was somewhere or was looking subtly for something. It finally let its attention fall onto the young man and slowly let its foot rise up and then come down to step out of the small crater it had made upon its summoning to finally stand at its full height which seemed to tower as it finally let a voice emit from the helmet as it was the voice of the servant "Who...are you?"

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    Do Not Pray! If you pray, your hands will close together, you will not be able to fight!


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"Sees me"

The tall figure looked down upon the boy, unmoving as it waited for him to cope. Assassin waited for its master's word, any word at all. What he got wasn't surprising (although little surprised Assassin), so it obliged as best it could. It wanted to answer its master in the most coherent way possible, but it had been eons since it had a mouth with which to speak. Instead, Assassin simply nodded.

Although, to the other questions, those that couldn't be answered with a nod of the head, Assassin slowly took a its hand and tapped the place where a mouth would have been on a normal creature, signalling the inability to speak. Although, if it came to it, Assassin could manifest a mouth, but it had been so long, its voice would hardly be more comforting than the silence it provided now.

Assassin didn't see the boy, but was in a different sense, fully aware of its master. Its master was nowhere near the nine feet that it was, which didn't matter to Assassin, since it didn't really have joints to get sore from tilting its head downwards. Its master had white hair and red eyes, which was unusual, which if anything, was how Assassin preferred things.

It noticed its master work away from it, but the fact didn't fully bother Assassin. It was used to mortals running away, after all, this was a large improvement, especially for one that was to command it. Assassin didn't move any closer, though, as it had seen this particular species come to be, so very few knew them like Assassin did. That was a huge advantage for it, knowing just what lurked in their nightmares. They had changed over the years, but their fears remained ever-present, if the form continued to change.

What Assassin had to do now, was simply wait. One could get used to the fires of Hell, given enough time and the demons that crawled within. It would have chuckled at the thought, if it had been able, but it lacked such a reflex. Assassin entertained the brief thought of adding such things for the benefit of its master, but quickly dismissed the idea. After all, terror and madness where his domain, not joy and comfort. Those he would leave to his master.

Suddenly, Assassin realized that it hadn't really been paying a huge amount of attention to its master during that brief thought process, but luckily, he hadn't been away long. So, Assassin waited for more word from its master.

"Fund yu... Frever"

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                                              ••Sophie Farron••
                                              Master of Saber

                                              Sophie stood in the middle of a mystical circle drawn in front of her, prana infused jewels placed at strategic points around her with an ancient rusted katana in her left hand while her right was held in front of her in a fist, a drop of blood falling on the circle, making it glow as she closed her eyes and chanted, "I hereby propose. Thou shalt come under my command, and thy sword shall control my fate. Abiding by the summons of the Holy Grail, if thou dost accede to this will and reason, answer me. I hereby swear. I am all that is good in the eternal world. I am the disposer of evil in the eternal world. Thou, clad with the Great Trinity, come forth from the circle of constraint. Guardian of the heavens!"

                                              User Image

                                              "I've got a Rune for that!"

                                              User Image

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