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The five posts are a must read

Please we beg of you to be semi literate and use detail post's
I hate when someone goes and 'appears' if your going to appear make it dramatic
Tell us what your character looks like, don't say in Out Of Context it looks like your avatar

The sound of streams and babbling brooks fill the air in this place of peace, tranquility, a place of love and magic where anything
can happen. This is the Garden… it was built after Gaia hosted it’s 9th Annual Ball, as many good thing’s it had came to an end.
Not wanting the magic to die a statement was made by Lucas… it didn’t have to end, that gave way to plans and
ideas. It seemed none of the people at the Garden wanted it to end as they banned together, they had vowed to make a garden
that was eternal and with every one helping stood a beautiful lush green sanctuary for all of them. Filled with many flowers, trees
and all other kinds of vegetation almost as far as the eye could see.

All whom visit can stay at the villa as a guest upon the founder’s of the Garden as it was even built by them, a personal spa
almost with out all the servants and are given the bare essentials. A kitchen big enough to cook for an entire army, but everything
is fresh, or grown in the vegetable and fruit portions of the garden. They sit behind the villa as the founder’s pick from it often, they
fill the fruit bowls in every room and make many things from the ripe fruits. The rest is often traded with farmers for fresh meat, or
sold in market… to pay the bills. The main garden has lantern lit pathways at night as it was built in front of the villa, it’s size is
massive and ever growing with help.

Still like all garden’s it has an attraction and it takes place at night in the Lunar Garden, lunar flower’s bloom in the moon light and
glow like the moon it’s self. It is said to be the largest collection of lunar flower’s anywhere, but in this place of love and romance…
many flowers hold different meanings. With mountain’s off in the distance and a flowing river at the edge of the garden, stairs lead
down to a wooden patio along with a large dock for those who love to swim. It does not allow fishing off the dock, but for those
fishermen and women a path was put in place. It leads not only to the fishing spot, but also takes you into the camping grounds of
the area.

So enjoy the many things Eternal Garden has to offer and enjoy your stay in what we here like to think is our little piece of
paradise. Our accommodations give you a nice queen size bed to sleep in with lights and a radio, now we do not have television
seeing as getting it out here would be next to impossible. How ever we do have other means of entertainment as we do throw
parties often, but we will continue to work on new things to do as well in the mean time enjoy what we have.


Part 1 - Introduction
Part 2 - Thread Founder's
Part 3 - Time & Weather
Part 4 - Explanation On Posting
Part 5 - Rules
Part 6 - Banned People List
Thread Founders List
Weather & Day Cycle
This is how it works... every day look at the chart, the cycle of day will last an entire 24 hours, so if you get online and your
posting it's morning when it's only hours away from the night cycle your gonna get called on it. If your just posting and you've been
online all day, it's not my fault. It will change over around 12am GMT -05:00 Eastern Time (Us & Canada)

Now to avoid issues with two same day cycles the following weeks will be set up as so week One and Two

cool temperatures with fog patches

Week Cycle A

Monday day time
Tuesday night time
Wednesday day time
Thursday night time
Friday day time
Saturday night time
Sunday day time

Week Cycle B

Monday night time
Tuesday day time
Wednesday night time
Thursday day time
Friday night time
Saturday day time
Sunday night time

The current week is in bold
Explanation on how an opening post should work

I know most of you know how a semi literate rp works, but this is for all ones who don't and we expect to know what you are with
your opening post. We take everything from wizards to Alchemist characters, but I will address the Vampires players now. You
can be weak in the sun and drag your feet till night, just no sparkling please and thank you (Only Alex Lewis Armstrong can pull it
off.) Please No Werewolves as well, Lycans as well... there is no such thing as a controlled beast. Another thing... create your
own character being original and adapting different aspects from a character is easier to bear, we love meeting actual characters
and giving us something we haven't seen on television.

When writing a post please do more then just a sentence, give others something to work with. I don't mind actions *karate chop*
and stuff, but specify in detail was it your characters right, or left arm and rested against the wall as they kissed someone. Give us
all you got... however we do prefer "quotation marks" and as you might have guessed no character biography, so get posting once
you read everything.

As for old school battle system, it's not decided by dice roll it's your reaction to the poster that's fighting you, whether you dodge...
counter or block what is thrown at you. This being said God Modding is not acceptable... damage is important to sustain in battle,
mind you we have veteran role players and even healing properties aren't able to repair everything still unless you plot out the
death of a character with someone. It's not preferred... but is acceptable, just no gruesome deaths this is the garden after all.
Eternal Rules

No bumping

Follow Gaia Rules

Romance Is Expected

Keep It PG-13

No Cybering
(Keep It Between The Two Of You)

No Bullying Someones Character

Fighting Is Not Encouraged

No Auto Hitting If It Happens

Old School Fighting Battle System
Banned List
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-It is currently night time and opening post-
Lucas the white haired Wizard was tending to his lunar flowers as he talked to him self and said, "my aren't my babies beautiful tonight... even with out a moon." He held his staff over the garden and made them glow, they bloomed as if the moon was out... just to generate energy. He felt bad for using his power like this, just to keep the lights on in the villa for everyone else. Still making this place with all of them was his idea and they all seemed nice, but at least he was alone in such a place of beauty. His scarf loose around his neck as his face remained shrouded in the darkness of the night, it was here in his place of comfort that he found peace in the world of Gaia.
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Jira stepped into the meadow, her coin bright eyes glittering with the soft glow of the flowers. Her layers of desert clothing were devoid of sand now. She had stayed longer in Gaia than she had planned, but she enjoyed the cool hush of the garden. The green was new and interesting to her, so were the smells of healthy trees and the sounds of animals.

Her long pointed ears twitched at the sounds of the crickets, the many earrings bouncing. She was dripping in jewelry, her neck, wrists, ankles, naval and right nostril all had gold on or in them. It only served to make her eyes more noticeable. Her fiery red hair barely graced her shoulders, but parted around her horns that topped her off at six feet tall. She was a slender creature, and lean, her bust was average at most, the loose layers all but hiding that one feminine clue.
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Watering his flowers Lucas went about his duties in the garden as he looked around, his staff held the weight as he sighed. "I really with for the moon to come out..." he softly said while finished taking care of his flowers, he'd put the watering can down before taking a jaunt into the orchard behind the villa. Everything was still growing at a good rate and with no one around he took two peaches, he'd eat one now and save the other for later... it was a long night with no moon. It was a perfect night to slack off and get some more rest and so he returned to the villa, he'd sneak to his room and passed out for the night.
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Quietly, slowly, he walks out of the building and onto the path towards the garden. In tow, is his little companion. His black, blue eyed partner walks behind him, eying the lush plants around the path. "Even the pathway is nice" Ralebe thought to himself. The pair walked up the stairs and finally entered the garden. "Ok Vorel, go play if you like." As soon as he said those words, the cat shoots off to the side and jumps in out of the bushes. Ralebe heads towards the nearest bench and sits down, while keeping an eye on his cute companion. He smiled at her antics, watching her run around the garden. He sighs, and tilts his head up, looking straight up at the night sky. He reflects back on the events of the ball, and wonders when will the next occur.
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-I feel like hell... and it's practically lunch time-
Lucas finally rolled out of bed finally as he started fixing his appearance, but forgot about his bed head. The messy white haired wizard made his way down to the kitchen before giving a stretch, he let out a small yawn and rubbed his eyes. He'd take a seat at the table and put his head down, it would seem with all the sleeping he was doing that he was still tired. His green eyes closed once again as he started to doze off, it was like he was totally drained... as he slept slouched over on the table.
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It took Kalys but a moment to realize where he'd found his person. In the midst of the day as it where, he could only contemplate the beauty of the garden. The roses that glew at night had seized doing so, at the very least in his eyes, and let the other flowers upstage them. It is clad in red decorated cloths and sporting a staff of flames that the Solar wizard walked the ground. One could not be too careful, even where it during a walk of tranquility.

His long, straight white hair and golden eyes demonstrated his racial features, he was of a superior nature. The decorations of his cloak also demonstrated his stature; being a first class high warlock, the highest rank a spellcaster was permitted to possess. A confident smile on his lips and a relaxed expression on his face completed his image, his ring-clad hands concealed by the sleeves of his vest.

Perhaps you would come to wonder what a man of his stature did in such a, let it be said, trivial place? He could not tell you himself. To be perfectly honest he had been sent here by his latest error, a spell gone wrong that sent him into the present dimension.
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After long hours walking in circles, Melody was feeling exhausted and hopeless. She was sure that she was on the right track; the visions she had were clear, this was the same forest she had seen in her mind. But, if nothing was wrong, where was this house she had been looking for? Was it just her imagination? Perhaps this was just an empty forest, and there was no such place... Perhaps those magical flowers she had seen... weren't real...
Mel sat on a rock, covering her purple eyes with her hands. She convinced herself she wouldn't give up, since there was an insistent voice inside of her saying that she had to find that place. In search of some tranquility, Melody grabbed the guitar she carried on her back and began to play a song nobody had invented yet.
Submerged completely in her music, it took her a few minutes to discover the presence of a little being staring at her with amazed blue eyes. "What is this cat doing in the middle of the forest?". Melody stopped playing the guitar, and the black cat started running away. Some kind of instinct told her to follow the animal, although it wasn't wise to go too far away because she might get lost... The cat was moving fast through places completely unknown for Mel... "Wait! what... where... this trees... that stone... it can't be... this is... This is it! The place I was looking for!" Mel couldn't believe her eyes. It was exactly like the house she had seen in her vision... it was there, in front of her! She was taken to the right place by a cat... did that mean it was someone's pet? Was there someone living in that house?
Melody didn't doubt it. She walked towards the entrance of the house, smoothed her skirt down and, anxious, knocked on the door.
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Muttering softly at the knock Lucas said to him self, "just five more minutes..." and yet with a pause opened his right eye. He'd glance around what little he could see and sighed, he'd push the chair back and walked towards the entrance. He would open the door with a half awake look in his eyes and messy bed head, "welcome to the villa" he said behind his scarf. His right hand scratched the back of his head as he pulled the door wide open with the left, but he'd close his eyes and started to nod off standing up.
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Staring at the half-asleep white-haired man, Melody didn't know what to do next... She pushed her fingers through her hair and mumbled a nervous "He- hello?". She received no answer. The small cat was still running around her feet, so she got an idea. Coughing a bit so that the man would wake up, she said... "Excuse me sir, I've.. I've come to your house because... wait, I can't tell him I saw this place in a vision... I , I've come here because I found this lost cat in the forest, and I thought that it may be yours... well... is it? What she had just said made her feel foolish. But, with any luck, he wouldn't remember that short 'dialogue' for long, being in the state he was.

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