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Ladies and Gents, Boys and Girls of all ages! Welcome to Donatello's Cirque du Rire, the most wonderful performance you'll ever lay your eyes on!

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Welcome! You've found your way into Donatello's Cirque de Rire. I am the Ringmaster, Donatello - but you can call me Tello. I've created this traveling circus so that all those freaks- erm, excuse me, I mean.. so that the abnormal people in this world can have a home and show off what they've become. I welcome all!

It's the Victorian era, and for some reason, you've decided to join a circus. Tello is making a very large circus out of profit. He seems like a nice man, but he really isn't. He's twisted in every sort of way and he's willing to do whatever he can to get cold, hard cash. He's killed many and tortured more. If you piss him off, you'll be hanging in the butcher's cart. Beware!
Be respectful
No cybering
I am the almighty one here
Must be literate, but I don't want your life story. Just a paragraph or two.
No killing unless you have permission
The more descriptive you are the better
Be freaky!
I encourage romance
Take some hits
What Tello says goes. You can disobey him, but you'll be whipped.
Don't kill Tello. HE IS SUPERIOR bwaahhahaa yeah.
Cursing is aloud sometimes, as long as it's not in every sentence and you may not drop the F bomb.
Out with the cliche! Spice it up a bit smile
Three characters per person
Not all circus performers are female.. We need some dudes!
If your desired act is not in the description, you can make up your own and send it to me! Just.. No vampires/werewolves/sparklecrap/magicaljizz/witches/wizards because that's totally unrelated to circuses. ANY OF THAT KAY THX BAI
Tightrope Walker- Priscilla
Animal Tamer- Kaylin
Fire Breather-
Knife Thrower- Carlotta
Ribbon Dancer- Selene
Plain ol' Freak 1- Wren
Plain ol' Freak 2- Lita
Plain ol' Freak 3- Cheshire
Plain ol' Freak 4-
Clown 1- Charles
Clown 2-
Female Trapeze Artist 1- Charlotte
Female Trapeze Artist 2-
Male Trapeze Artist 1 - Aiden Jacobs
Male Trapeze Artist 2-
Strong Man-
Magician- Matthew
Character Skelly
Appearance: (anime pictures only please)
Age: (you can't be over one hundred.)
Act: (must be one of the acts given)

Username: mickeyc123
Name: Tello
Appearance: User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
Age: 22
Act: Ringmaster
History: Tello wasn't always so mean. He was an orphan living on the streets once upon a time. A young girl outstretched her hand to him, inviting him to live with her and her father. Her name was Charlotte. They fell in love soon after and got engaged. But one day, Charlotte's father came home to tell them that they were broke. There was a drought that killed all of his crops and there was no way to save the family. Tello was outraged. "You saved me, so I'm going to save you," he told Charlotte. He founded a circus at the age of 17. It was filled with people, very talented people. But nobody came. The money wasn't in his hands. He had an idea. Why not create a freak show? So he mutilated every one of his performers. It brought attention to the circus and soon bunches of people all over town came. Soon they found out what Tello had done, so he had to take Charlotte and run. Charlotte was stressed out. Her sweet little giggle hadn't been heard in months. "Don't worry, Char, we'll make another circus," Tello smiled. "A circus of laughter, just for you." He was blinded by love and greed that he didn't understand that Charlotte was afraid of him.
Relationship: Charlotte

Name: Charlotte
Appearance: User Image (My apologies, this is the last time I'm going to change her appearance xD)
Age: 18
Act: Trapeze artist
History: See Tello's history; Charlotte is blind in one eye, making it difficult to do her job. She loves her act as a flying trapeze artist, but she hates what Tello has done. She still loves him, though, no matter what.
Relationship: Tello

Username: TheStitchedHeart
Name: Carlotta
Appearance:[imghttp://i1201.photobucket.com/albums/bb359/GallagherGrrl/Decorated images/c58505e07f49a26601e2663ae86893a95b4-1.jpg?t=1332192847[/img]
Age: 19
Act: Knife-Thrower
History: Carlotta comes from a line of underground assasins, when she left the organization and went rogue. She needed a cover, thats when she found the circus. It was perfect and she would get paid for her talent, it was a amazing deal. Before meeting Tello, she had blonde hair, and until she died it light pink she looked just like Charlotte, except more womanly. Well, she still has her bright blue eyes to seduce her new object...or target.
Relationship/crush: She wants Tello and she won't rest until she has him.

Username: Cerulean_Moon
Name: Priscilla
Appearance: User Image
Age: 21
Act: Tightrope Walker
History: Priscilla grew up with two rich parents in a thriving town where everyone knew her and her strange love. It wasn’t her love of dancing that made her strange, in fact, her dancing is what made her popular with the other children and nobles. What made her parents worry and the town gossip, was the fact that she loved to dance in high places. Priscilla always had a love of heights and when she one day began to dance on the roof, she fell in love with that too. Her parent’s tried to stop her from dancing in high places, in fear she was going to hurt herself but as she got older, Priscilla began to disobey them more and more; her love for heights and dancing growing stronger each time she was told “no.” When she was 19 she left everything behind in search of a place free from rules. She found it at the circus and has been there ever since, dancing and walking on the tightrope, amazing all and with no one to tell her no.
Relationship/crush: No one as of yet

Username: Hatter ate your brains
Name: Aiden Jacobs
Age: 20
Act: Male Trapeze.
History: Aiden was always a freak, but learned to accept it when his mother made him to acrobats when he was young. Once he found this new place he has loved it ever since. Aiden is a sort of a charmer and loves to charm any woman that comes by. it is part of him. The male Trapeze artist is very good friends with his partner, but that is where it stops. He loves her and protects her like a sister.
Relationship/crush: No one caught his interest yet.

Username: Orgasmic-Memi
Name: Selene
Appearance: User Image
Age: 19
Act:Ribbon Dancer
History: A girl who was of weak health, Selene spend much of her life behind walls. She lived with mother who for large sum of doctor bills decided to not care for her child. Selene was very frail but very passionate in her hobbies. She tends to sing to herself and with her own effort she learned to dance. After one violent act from her mother, Selene ran away from home. As she felt weak and felt like fainting she felt a presence guide her into the circus she preforms. Till this moment she keeps many things to herself. She is slightly blind.
Relationship/crush: Not sure atm.

Username: OMG its lost heaven
Name: Charles Motin
Appearance: When not preforming.
Age: 23
Act: The clown
History: The Motin family was very rich and pratically considered Noble, both in actions and wealth. Charles is one of three children of the family, he was the second eldest of his brother and sister. At a young age Charles was put to work, most of the time it was to deliver messages to people-easy work- while his older brother worked in the family butcher shop. Charles was always a kind person, so when he would go out to deliever things he would spare some of his money to those in need unlike his mother and father. Out of boredom Charles taught himself how to juggle and all the usual clown jobs, his family disapproved of it and ended up disowning him. Charles, joined the circus at it's begining days, having seen the ring-master's dark side made Charles weary of him. Charles is always looking after the safety of his fellow carnies
Relationship/crush: He has feelings for a certain woman, but won't tell who it is. "Besides, that would ruin the fun!"

Username: Hatter Ate Your Brains
Name: Wren Ashcroft
Appearance: User Image
Age: 20
Act: Freak (Contortionist)
History: Ever since she was young Wren loved to bend her body in different ways. She wasn't good at singing, and she wasn't good at dancing, but bending she was amazing at. She lived like a gypsy, and continues to live like one.
Relationship/crush: Fire Breather

Username: Vinyl Amnesia

Name: Cheshire, simply cheshire

Appearance:User Image {
Age: Unknown

Act: Plain ol' freak
History: He has adapted to his life in the circus, being there since he was very small, and cursed by what lied within, he harbors vanishing skills; can appear or disappear at will, fully or just random parts of his body. Does this mostly for pranks; though it does come in handy in dangerous situations. Has a very keen sense of sight and hearing, especially at night. he's also very quiet and sneaky on his limbs. He however isn't that intelligent, so he happens to get spotted very frequently by passing by humans whom has the bravery to pass through his domain. Strangely he has an adverse affect on those whom look him head on, making the looker feel uneasy and even frightened, and in some cases, amazed.
Relationship/crush: None at the moment ~]

Bondaged Beauty
Username: Bondaged Beauty
Name: Lita Ramsey
Appearance: User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
Age: 22
Act: Lita can eat anything, from things from glass to razor blades and they don't cause her any harm.
History: Lita's parents were wealthy but neglective, she basically raised herself and once she was old enough to live on her own she left her parents without a word. Since then she has been traveling the world and has learned she has a unique talent for eating just about anything, bored with her travels she found a flier for Donatello's Cirque du Rire Traveling Circus and decided to put her talent to the test.
Relationship/crush: None.

Hatter Ate Your Brains
Username: Hatter Ate Your Brains
Name: Matthew Bathurst
Appearance:User Image
Age: 21
Act: Magician
History: Matthew grew up in the same streets as Wren. They were born both into gypsy clans and knew how bad things got. He knew he had to go to London in order to get his career of being a magician going, but at the same time he knew that leaving his family would mean he could never come back, but now he is looking for a job.
Relationship/crush: None yet

I Am zombie_slayer
Username: I Am zombie_slayer
Name: Kaylin Gabrielle
Appearance: User Image
Age: 22
Act: Animal Tamer
History: Kaylin is odd to say the least, she doesn't even know what she is. Like most of her kind, she was abandoned it was a trend that never seemed to get old. She was found by a lovely couple, who were to frightened to adopt her themselves. Instead they took her to the convent, hoping they could do something. She was pegged a demon by the sisters, not surprising with having feline ears and stripes on her face. Like most infants her eyes started out the dark blue, but turned the cats eye yellow they are now. Kaylin was never adopted, and found this hard to swallow. She ran away from the convent when she was 16, knowing she would be better off on her own.
Relationship/crush: None

Huggable Overlord Nyx
Username: Huggable Overlord Nyx
Name: Jinx
Appearance: User Image
Age: 17
Act: Jinx works mostly as an assistant of many talents, as her skills range from illusions to acrobatics, when performing in an act of her own the only real way to label it is being an entertainer.
History: Jinx was an abandoned baby, left in the streets to die. Though as fate would have it the circus was in town and they found the small baby. There was much debating before finally the circus chose to take her in to raise as their own. Jinx grew up happily, never really minding that she didn’t technically have parents. Of course living with the circus, Jinx has always been training with different acts, since a very young age and has been exposed to all kinds of bizarre things. She began doing shows regularly around five years old, being featured in different acts of many varieties. As she grew her skill did as well, Jinx trained every day, though in the perspective of the young girl, she was just having fun. Eventually Jinx became one of the star performers of many talents. Their humble little circus became quite famous for its joyful acts and dark intrigue all wrapped up with a little charm. It seemed though things weren’t meant to last forever. When she was sixteen, in the middle of a show tragedy struck, a great circus had a great fall. A few performers, including their beloved ringmaster died that day.
The circus performers did their best to stay together, but they all had to split up somewhat. It was then Jinx realized just how little she knew of normal life. The little circus girl knew nothing of a regular daily routine, only circus life. It made this new development especially difficult on her and she couldn’t seem to find a place in society. Luckily Jinx heard of another circus that still had use for new performers, so after getting the encouragement she needed from her very large family, she set out on her own to join the circus.
Relationship/crush: None quite yet~

Username: xxLadyBronxx
Name: Sasora Bron
Appearance:User Image
Age: 21
Act: Female Trapeze Artist 2
History: As a child she had undergone a mutation taking many of the genes you would find in the feline DNA. Her father having been a Scientist for a local lap had decided to start his own project using his own daughter as the subject, hence to process in how her mutation came about. Once her father had passed she was left alone having lost her mother when she was born she ran off unable to stand the idea of being the subject of anymore projects. She came upon Donatello's Cirque du Rire and decided to join having nowhere else to go using the genes she had been given to take part in the trapeze acts.
Relationship/crush: none as of yet

Username: Ivory Ruin
Name: Masky, or so he is called

Age: 17
Act: Plain ol' freak

History: His appearance under his mask is generally normal, however, he is rarely seen without it. He is extremely shy, and very unsociable. He hates to be stared directly at, so he often fidgets and moves quite continuously. His voice is soft and usually spaced out, although audible. Despite his gentle appearance, he's taken his share of lives in his time. He is quite skinny, yet muscular, due to the constant of force of his body to extremes. He always needed a refuge, somewhere he could simply live his life without fear...the circus.. yes.. perfect.
Appearance:User Image

Username: Pookie The Pirate
Name: Dinah Lensworth
Appearance: User Image
Age: 25
Act: Fire Breather
History: Dinah was different from the start. She was born deaf which had been a burden to her family and frustrating for Dinah herself. Over the years she had learned how to lip read and even mimic the way her family conversed. She could pull off a conversation with normal hearing people. To them she just sounded like some foreigner.

Everything changed when there was an explosion at the local textile factory. For the first time in her life Dinah could hear what everyone else heard, and she watched the flames as they licked up the building. She became obsessed with explosives and flames from then on, trying to regain what she felt that day. Eventually this earned her a job as a fire breather at the Cirque du Rire. She prefers to hide her disability, but it is known to Tello, Charlotte, and her good friend Gatsby.


Username: Pookie The Pirate
Name: James Gatsby (goes by Gatsby)
Appearance:User Image
Age: 23
Act: Clown
History: Gatsby was born into a well known blue blood family. He was raised to be a proper young stuffy gentleman, which drove him crazy. His parents found him a hopeless mess so they cut him off and let him into the real world to "find himself" and realize that home wasn't as bad as he thought it was.

Gatsby figured the circus was the best way to truly travel while earning some money. He loves to put smiles and blushes on all the pretty ladies' faces. His good friend is Dinah and his playful attitude is sometimes troublesome to others.

Relationship/crush:Any pretty face that passes his way

DATE: February 2
Time: 7:00

Be prepared to be picked up by the train station at 7:30.
Hey! We need dudes xD

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