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((guys im having trouble seeing any posts i can only view it if im sending a reply on the recent posts bits below for some reason when ever i load up the page on the the top half of it loads up and all i can see is the tool bar and my avatar))
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xxxxxƤrince ℛichard ℛeinheartxxxxx
Ƒor Ƥeace Ąnd Ӊarmony

Richard sighed quietly under his breath when she mentioned she didn’t want to worry him. Looking at her as she traced the blessed markings on his face and reached up placing his hand softly on top of her. It didn’t bother him her touching the markings on his face, she was the only one she probably even trusted to touch them. The problem he had with others touching it was encroaching on his personal space. Closing his eyes he took a deep breath before letting it out slowly "I’m more worried about you health" he said opening his eyes to look at her.
Hearing her next words he pulled back his hand from hers and looked away for a few moments before looking back at her. "It’s too late to go back now; the people would think I’ve betrayed them. I lost that chance too long ago" he said with lowered eyes but with a soft expression being stressed and worried.
"There’s nothing anyone can do about it right now, it’s in the council’s hands" he said getting to his feet as he heard a knocking on the door. "My brother would make a better prince but the people fear him, unless that changes there’s nothing I can or will do" he said making his way over to the door knowing it would be Amara with their breakfast.
However, when he opened the door he found Dezmon as well as Amara which caught his off guard for a moment. "Well this is a surprise, I expected one and found two" he said with a smile laughing quietly.

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i a m n o t a l o n e , j u s t l o n e l y . . .
█████ █ █yummy!Can you not see the she wolf in my closet?

┄┄┄❝Do you judge me for the pet that I am not?❞┄┄┄

━━━━━ ━━━━ xx
It didn’t take the Beastmaster long to get the needs of the domestic animals taken care of. The dogs had been feed, a little intimidated by the large white wolf, but feed, and the doves tucked back into their cages. The horses had their feed and the fish took care of themselves in their little pound, but it helped to throw them some dried flakes. The ducks benefited from the dried pieces of bread the small women threw, if they weren’t being chased around by Trouble.

Melvira ran a hand through her white hair, sighing with relief that she had gotten the majority of her tasks done, with no help from the other servants. No matter, she did only what she was instructed to and what she was tasked to do. Trouble cast a long look at her master, whining softly under the rope that was around her mouth. The large wolf took a paw at the rope, trying to get the irritating fibers off her sensitive nose.

“Stop that.” Melvira chided, slapping the wild animal’s nose, her teal eyes glaring at the wolf. “I will have none of that. It is for your own good. We wouldn’t want you thinking you could dine on every animal here. It would put me out of a job; so, no more funny business.”

The small women glared one last time at the wolf before returning back to her job. The domestic animals had been taken care of, but now it was time to feed those pesky dragons. Yes, she knew there where Dragon Lords for that reason, to take care of the dragons, but she still felt responsible for them. Se had been at this job longer than they have worn their title. If they didn’t want her help, they were going to get it anyways.

Before she took off to the Dragon Fields, Melvira went over to the servant’s entrance to the kitchen. She would need a couple of dead lambs or pigs for the dragon’s meal. The newer servants, the ones that had only begun working there for maybe a month, year, or even a week, were a little put off by the women’s appearance, mostly because of the wolf ears and tails. Trouble stayed outside with the promise that she would be given one of the dead things Melvira was bringing back. The small women knew who to go to, wasting no time with the fuss of going through other servants. She directed the two ladies who were a lot younger than her, but looked a lot older. They brought out the meat and tied it to the back of the wolf, which they had grown used to being around.

With the meat strapped to the back of the wolf, the two hurried to the field, not wanting the meat to spoil before they reached their destination. It wasn’t a long treck to the fields, but it took awhile because Melvira was fending off her hungry familiar from eating the meat intended for the dragons.

“Now stay here, I don’t want you scaring the little ones. It’s bad enough that the meat smells like you now.”

Melvira slung the dead animals over her tiny shoulders, struggling to carry the meat to where the dragons normally gathered to eat. She didn’t see anyone specifically that she could call out to help her, which was a little frustrating. Finally, her blue eyes landed on the tall back of a large man.

“Hey, you with the hair come over here and help me with these things.” She called out the man, though she called out such a general term, she could’ve been talking to anyone.

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Tipsy Lunatic

At last, following a great Exodus from the meting hall a single man emerged,head bowed deeply to himself as he walked along, clearly deeply lost in thought. This was the man the visitor had been waiting to speak to. This was Prince William indeed.

The visitor would approach the Prince quite boldly, and, once he stood in front of the young royal, barring his path forward to draw the young man's attention, would speak in a gravelled baritone voice whose tones William had not heard in several years.

"Hail, Sire," said the cloaked man, using a the moniker normally applied to a King, one hand setting itself along the edge of his cowl, "I hear that you've been having some trouble with your brother lately. I would have thought the two of you would have grown past this... sibling rivalry long since! Ah, but the two of you never could quite get along... still, I also hear that the leader of your armies has yet to declare himself for you, leaving you without any save yourself to command your forces." At this the man threw back his cowl revealing a smiling, scar-covered face the Prince had not seen for years, that of the princes' former tutor, the Savage General, Thorne.

"I thought I might offer my services in that regard."

Thorne, Former General
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Dangerous Phantom

((guys im having trouble seeing any posts i can only view it if im sending a reply on the recent posts bits below for some reason when ever i load up the page on the the top half of it loads up and all i can see is the tool bar and my avatar))

Since you won't reply to my pm's (or perhaps you can't), you should chat with us in the ooc thread for this page. That's where you can post out of character like this. When you post there, tell us what web browser you are using and what version it is. Is it up-to-date? Do you have updated Flash? You should also have javascript and cookies enabled in your browser. Chances are most of this stuff is okay and you were just experiencing something temporary. Also tell how long you have been experiencing this issue.

Link to ooc: click me
Alnark de Smerkch
Grand Majestic Mouth of the Clenchtooth
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Alnark led his advisor and the two Tooths out into the castle grounds, eager to learn more about this place they were visiting. As they travelled, they came upon the Dragon Fields, and spotted a nearby knight. Alnark placed his hands behind his back, and decided to sate his curiosity.

"You there, Sir Knight," he called over jovially. "How about informing a few well-travelled, culturally ignorant visitors as to the purpose of these so-called 'Dragon Fields'?"

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

The assassin watched as the four rats left the interior of the castle - it was his job to remain in the shadows behind Alnark so that no 'accidents' would befall him wihtout the entire Clenchtooth Clan being made aware. The simple truth was that Alnark may look like he trusted these other races, but when you grew up having to kill your older brother in battle, trust was a difficult emotion to cultivate. He scurried along the battlements on all fours for stealth and speed, stopping only briefly to peruse the note Quintis had teleported to him during the meeting. That adviser was sneaky - that entire room had believed him when he said he was sending an update on the meeting to the rest of the Clan, when in fact he had sent the assassin the following orders -

"Assassin - our meeting with the Athlem Royalty has ended in flux. We will not have confirmation that our presence in the city is legitimate later today. The brothers are clearly divided and this may present them with a competitive opportunity. This means that, even if only through disingenuity, one of them may stand to exclude us. The only solution is to determine which of the brothers is more likely to speak against us, and stop them. The knight known as 'Sir Corin' (or so he was referred to in the meeting) appears to have a disdain for us - kill him at once, and discover to which prince his allegiance lay. Slay any others that may object to our presence here.

Rats and Morality over Family and Power.
The Chief Adviser to the Grand Majestic Mouth of the Clenchtooth, Quintis."

Beneath this message lay a magically transcribed image of Corin in black ink. Rolling up the parchment, the assassin scurried to the underside of the wall, using his claws to remain attached the ceiling, and entered the hallways. After a few minutes of searching, he saw the knight fitting the description, helping a wounded female (who seemed to have a slightly 'off' smell) into a room with a surgeon. The knight waited outside the room to stand guard, and so the assassin moved into position above him. Drawing a dagger, he leapt from the ceiling at Corin to attack. But disaster of disasters, the female re-emerged as he was making the attack.
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OPHELIA katsa affine

                                          ❝ Everyone soon left, one by one. She realized this minutes later as she looked up and realized that she was the only one left along with a few other people but other then that, the room was pratically empty. She quietly excused herself and back into the hallways, wondering once again if there was anything to do. She thought of exploring the castle or meeting new people but they were probably already busy with something else. In the end, she decided to check out the weaponry room. She had to ask several servants and maids before she could find the room for she wasn't accustomed to this castle yet. She reached the weaponry room and opened the door, weapons of all kinds were layed out on tables and hung on walls. She was impressed by the varieties of weapons and soon understood why Athlem was rumoured to have great weapons.

                                          Picking up a sword that seemed almost similars to hers, she took her own sword from the cloak and compared them both. They were almost the same except for the hilt, for hers were more detailed and the other one, plain. She swung both swords around and practiced with both in her hands, nearly knocking down a row of axes. She laughed quietly and set the sword down, she decided she would come later when she finds someone to spar with. She left the weaponry room, closing the door behind her. She was tired. Her eyes were near closing on her and she felt just too dizzy. Looking down the hallways, not a single person was there and probably no one would walk through this hallway for it is too far from the important ones. She didn't bother to ask for a room, so out of plain tiredness, she leaned her back onto the wall and slid down to the floor and sat there with her legs crossed. Her dress was quite long so it didn't matter whether or not people could see her undergarments for there was no one and her dress was simply long. She closed her eyes and her head tilted forward, her blonde hair covering her face as she slowly went to sleep. ❞

                                          {{ooc : Major writer's block. I think it's the weather, rain does not help me think and instead makes me drowsy. :<}}

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Flynn Marlin

"I'll be honest with you," Flynn said, gesturing with an arm for her to follow him out of the dining hall, "castles are built for mostly...utilitarian purposes." It was true. Despite its elegance and grandeur, the palace was better to look at from the outside. Maybe that was true of everything the nobles touched. They had the Midas touch in reverse. "That being said, there's rich histories between the stones, I'm sure. If that sort of thing floats your boat."

He led her out of the hall, rolling his sleeve back up as they walked down a hall. Flynn had really had enough with grand histories and all that scholarly nonsense. As nobility -- whatever that meant -- his youth consisted mostly of dusty old men making him read dusty old books. He didn't take to it, except in the capacity that he was forced to. He could recite the history of the kingdom from its foundation to the current day, but if you asked him what any of it meant he wouldn't have an answer. His knowledge was mostly memorized, not learned.

"How I see it, the palace is divided into sections. Utilitarian, political, residential. I'm sure you're already familiar with the residential parts, so we'll skip that part of the tour," the guard explained with the didactic pace of the dusty old men he so loathed as a child. "I'm sure the utilitarian holds little interest to you, unless you're hiding talents as a seamtress or cook. And, I'm sure the political doesn't really hold much weight for you, considering what I know about you already." He gave her a look up and down. No, this girl definitely did not strike him as the type to sit pleasantly in the court of the king, which was fine with him. He would rather solve his problems with the tip of a rapier than the tip of a tongue.

Flynn led Abigale up a winding set of stone stairs until they exited into the cold air of that particular tower's parapets. At that elevation the gentle morning breeze blew like the winter winds of the mountains to the west. He squinted into the wind as he his blew across his eyes.

"By far this is the most interesting place in the entire palace," he began, leaning over the half-wall surrounding the spire, "From here you can see the entire city." Athlem rolled out along the countryside in all directions, surrounded by white walls, save the outlying hovels of those who could not afford the price of safety. Had he not sold his sword to the machinations of the kingdom he might've been living outside the walls. There was certainly an irony to it. To afford security he had to take a job where he risked his life every day. Well, at least in theory.

Health: 100%
Location: Castle tower

((Probably my only post today, I've got plans. BIG PLANS.))
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Dezmen Castel

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unbidden dreams
creep into my mind,

flashes of heat,
pulses of flame

A single Red Rose to turn the tide

Dezmen smiled at the sight of Richard and walked up to him and patted him on the shoulder "Im sorry I wasn't there this morning for training. What did I miss?" He sensed something was up. He bet it was his brother, his brother always put him on edge. He could tell his smile was off.

A single Red Rose to make one die

storming my mind
like summer rain

I slowly wake
in a tempestuous state
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Amara VonKlause
Phoenix Knight

Amara glanced sidelong at Desmon when the bonde appeared, but said nothing beyond a short greeting. She was a bit too concentrated with the task at hand, not to mention that the hairs on the back of her neck were prickling, something that seemed to happen whenever danger was near. However, that happened often nowadays, with the kingdom and princes so divided. She bowed in respect to both the prince and to Lady Cathleen, as did the small maidservant that had accompanied her with the food for the royal couple. The maid set the covered dishes down on a small side table nearby, curtsied to the pair once more, the hurried out of the room back to her duties in the kitchen. Amara sensed tension in the air and wondered what Cathleen and Richard had been discussing before their interuption...but it was not her business, so she did not ask.

As it was her duty to guard the pair, Amara did not leave once the food was delivered, instead taking up a spot near the door, should trouble come knocking. She was thinking over the results of the meeting with the Clenchtooth Clan and what the council would say - in Amara's opinion, it would probably not bode very well. They were rats, vermin (or at least, that's how she was certain the nobility of the council would view them), and had a feeling that their chances of being allowed into the city were slim. It was really too bad, in her opinion. They seemed civil if not friendly, and their actions indicated no ill intentions. It seemed that Alnark had just wanted what was best for his people, and what leader didn't strive for that?....correction, what good leader?

"Your Highness, if I may," she asked Richard, "What are the chances of the council allowing our visitors to enter the city? Alnark mentioned that some of them were ill, it seems to me that the supplies that they need are essential to their survival." Mutely, she hoped the council would surprise her and allow them in; she hated seeing people judged merely on appearence.


Outside the castle in the sourtyard smithy, Nicholas carefully lowered himself in a chair, rubbing absently at his bad knee. It ached dully, but that was nothing new. Ever since he had broken it in a bad fall from a horse, it had ached, thanks to not healing right. He'd been working all morning, repairing some noble's personal armour that had been damaged during a tournament, and had just sent his apprentice off to deliver it to the man, who lived on an estate just outside the city walls. When the boy returned, he had been babbling like a mad-man about some strange, rat-like creatures camped outside the city. Nicholas was thinking about that now as he rested, the former border guard wondering if they were a threat.

Well, Nicholas thought as he carefully stood up once more, Best way to find out is to see for myself. He prided himself on being an excellent judge of character, thanks to years of experience. Besides, he hadn't left the castle in ages and was going just a little bit stir-crazy. He made his way to the castle stables where the horses of both noble, military, and civil use were kept. A greying mare looked up from her feed as the blacksmith approached, nickering softly at the man. Smoke had been Nicholas' faithful companion for many years, even after he had retired from the guard. "Feel like a jaunt out of town?" he asked the mare as he scratched her velvety-soft nose, earning another soft nicker from the horse. He took that as a yes and soon, both Nicholas and Smoke were on the road leading away from the city, passing by the strange clan's campgrounds. Interesting, Nicholas thought as he watched the few that he could see.

Nicholas VonKlause

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▫—(•·÷[ Prince William Reinheart ]÷·•)—▫

"Servus Ad Fata..."

"Da me dormientes sine somnia..."

The True King


William continued his walk through the halls, until he came across a strange sight. A woman sleeping in the halls. Moving closer, he saw it was Ophelia, one of his people. He sighed, walked over to her, and kneeled down so they were on a face to face level. "Ophelia." He said calmly, tapping her shoulder. "No offense to you Miss Ophelia, but I don't believe it's polite to sleep in the halls." If he was given the ability to sleep peacefully, chances are he would be willing to fall asleep in the center of the most busy hall if it meant he never had to have those horrible dreams ever again.
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xxxTalissa Fairs Reinheartxxx

                                Talissa had awaited outside for her husband. She was no use in the political matters anyway. All she was good for was a simple translator and that was rarely needed at times. She saw William exit the meeting room and remembered he mentioned the walk earlier. Talissa wondered if that was still going to take place or not. And she really wanted to check on the Dragon hatchery at some point during the day now that both lords were there. "William, dear. Are we still going on that walk around that castle?" she asked.

                                Out Of Carthage: I don't have much to work with...I apologize

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xxxxxƤrince ℛichard ℛeinheartxxxxx
Ƒor Ƥeace Ąnd Ӊarmony

Richard looked at Dezmon when he asked about the training earlier in the morning; well the time he did train was much earlier than he normally had sessions. "I trained before the arranged training time, I can’t say it went that well " he said before noticing the maid servant who had arrived with Amara. He then stepped aside to let the maid into the room before gesturing the two of them to come into the room once the maid had gone. With all of them in the room, it didn’t help but make him think of a sleep over but he knew it wasn’t time to remising on the past.
Hearing Amara’s question he hummed in thought turning to the bed sitting next to Cathleen leaving her some personal space. "Considering he knew the King it will help the cause along however no doubt there will be questions and inspections, there’s no knowing whether we will be affected by the same illness is contagious" he said thinking calming after the overwhelming mix of feelings he had in the room.
He didn’t suspect Alnark of doing anything other than to help him people but there was one thing they didn’t know. "We have no idea what kind of terms the king was in and Amara I stopped you to stop treating me formally out of public view" he said having the delayed thought that she’d called your highness.
Letting out a quiet sigh and all his thoughts jumbled back up in his head which he knew was down to stress that had gradually been building up and had hit critical when his life had almost been taken. "I may trust people a little too much but, in order to get someone to trust you an action must be made" he said looking at Amara knowing he didn’t have the exact answer, and doubted even his brother had. "What did you think of his Amara?" he said wondering why she’d brought it up.

User Image
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Noble from the Forest of Ascetic

⊹⊱⋛⋋ ⋌⋚⊰⊹⊹⊱⋛⋋ ⋌⋚⊰⊹⊹⊱⋛⋋ ⋌⋚⊰⊹⊹⊱⋛⋋ ⋌⋚⊰⊹

He sat outside the room on a bench under a window of sorts. smiling he began to take ideas of what he had seen in the castle and structure it into his ideas over a landscape. He grabbed at the idea of placing some white rose trees, or maybe red in the front lawn leading to the house. Maybe add some Hellebore's beside the steps, in the shaded areas of course. He tensed when he heard her complain very loudly for a second then relaxed back against the wall.

A few more minutes passed he was standing next to the door now, waiting for her to come out, when he caught an off smell, something weird smelling like sewage mixed with rotting food. Crinkling his nose he hoped it wasn't Lady Arcadia's arm making the smell. Still looking toward the ground he saw a stir in movement as the door opened and something dropped over him. "What the hell!?!?" He yelled as he felt the thing grab for him. As he fell he saw Lady Arcadia's face with a shocked expression. Throwing whatever was on him off he felt the cold steel of a knife slice across his shoulder. He was pissed now seeing it as one of those filthy smelly rodents. " GUARDS!" he yelled as loud as he could feeling the pain of the wounded shoulder. " Lady Arcadia would you please get the surgeon." He looked back at the rat, " Why have you come after me?!? I thought that your people were supposed to be on terms with the kingdom, but now that someone has seen you, what are you going to do? It seems to me that if either prince heard of this, your people would suffer from it especially the ones that are sick, and might I add that as easily as it seems daylight is not the best approach for an assassin, now is it. Vous rongeur dégoûtant." He spat in the rats direction trying to stay away from it, hoping that when it tried to attack at him again he would be ready.

⊹⊱⋛⋋ ⋌⋚⊰⊹⊹⊱⋛⋋ ⋌⋚⊰⊹⊹⊱⋛⋋ ⋌⋚⊰⊹⊹⊱⋛⋋ ⋌⋚⊰⊹

{Out Of Cappuccinos: Does this seem alright...? }

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▫—(•·÷[ Prince William Reinheart ]÷·•)—▫

"Servus Ad Fata..."

"Da me dormientes sine somnia..."

The True King


William turned, it seems two familiar faces came at him at once. One was his wife, and the other was a person he hadn't seen in years. For the first time in who knows how long, William had an actual, genuine smile appear on his face, "General Thorne. It's been a while." He turned to his wife, and held out his hand in Thorne's direction. "Talissa dear, this is... An old friend of mine." He turned his attention back to the man, "It would be my honor to choose you as my General, I'd wish to discuss this further. My wife and I were planning for a walk around the castle, would you care to join us?" He was still smiling, a rare sight indeed, he prayed his wife wouldn't object, he hadn't seen his old mentor in years.

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