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~Dimmu Borgir~

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Welcome to the town of Borgir. This town lies within a large, unexplored forest and doesn't even exist on most maps. However, rumors of its existence have spread far and wide. These rumors often include the promise of hidden treasures and ancient artifacts, which has caused several travellers to wander to their deaths in the vast woodlands trying to find the town. Those who do manage to make it to Borgir's gates are often disappointed, for they are forced to become sacrifices or saved to be sacrificed later.

You see, there lies a massive, sinister castle at the town's center which many townspeople never dare enter. It is said that some of the most dangerous creatures reside within the castle and have threatened to go on rampages whenever they do not receive human offerings. Nobody is sure if these rumors are true or not, but there does tend to be more turmoil whenever it takes too long to find a sacrifice.

Unknown to most of the humans in town, there are creatures that you would normally see in the castle living amongst them in secret. To keep the peace, a disciplinary force made up of both humans and non-humans has been created. They usually patrol the town, dealing with things that aren't human and protecting the townspeople from the castle dwellers' attacks, much like a special police force. Tired of how things are, the townspeople are thinking of revolting, even more now that news is spreading that the tyrant that rules over the castle has left his daughter in charge while he is away.

Are you going to be a townsperson thinking of revolting, a resident of the castle causing chaos, or someone unrelated to either side entirely? How will things turn out? You decide.

1. Follow the Terms of Service.

2. No cybering, time skip before it gets too far.

3. PM all profiles to me, Victorique, and title them: "Resident" if your character's already staying in the castle, "Townsperson" for those living in the town (but not the castle), and "newcomer" for those new to the town.

4. Romance and violence are both encouraged but keep it within what's allowed in Gaia.

5. No killing or controling another's character without permission from the person in question. Also if you want your character to be killed you can just ask someone.

6. As long as you avoid one-liners, you can have your post whatever length you see fit. Try to give the others something respond to at least though. Also, absolutely no text talk or 1337 speak.

7. You don't have to do this, but it would be great if your posts have the name and picture of your character. If you want, you can add other details to your post style, just don't over do it.

8. If you are going to be gone for a certain amount of time or are quitting please let me know.

9. I would like you to post at least once every four days or so. If you don't post within 14 days of your last post, without some kind of notification of being away, your profile will be deleted.

10. No godmodding, meaning your character can't be invincible. Play to make a story not to "win" a battle. If you want, you can plan the outcome of your fight with the person or people you are fighting with.

11. All species are welcome but for certain species it would be great if you specify important details. (For example: If you're a vampire do you explode when exposed to sunlight or do you just get severe headaches? Anything like that.)

12. Technology will be somewhat modern but no vehicles, rocket launchers, bazookas, missiles, or large explosives. Small bombs are fine though.

13. Most importantly, have fun.

(Do not post until your profile has been accepted.)







Occupation: (Optional. Examples: Maid, butler, guard, chef, innkeeper, disciplinary force officer, mercenary, doctor, nurse, etc.)

Bio: (A few things about your character like their history and why they are at the town or castle.)

Other: (Anything important you want to add that isn't covered already.)


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<Asuka Steinwald>

The sun was starting to set as Asuka was in the middle of mending a sword that was broken in half in one of the attempts to fend off an attack from the castle. A conversation outside took her mind away from her work. There were some townspeople outside the window murmuring to each other about how they might get attacked as soon as the sun set if they don't find someone to offer as a sacrifice. From what the blacksmith could tell between the sound of her hammering away at the sword was that there was a small group of three or four people heading to the gate hoping to find a last minute sacrifice. It sound s like they might be willing to sacrifice one of our people if it comes down to it. She thought slightly worried as she set the hammer down and took a look at the sword she was mending. "...This is..."

While she was distracted by what was going on outside she had accidentally mended the sword wrong. The blade now resembled a boomerang rather than a sword. She merely shrugged her shoulders and set the blade down. "It looks like I'll have to make another sword for them now." Asuka sighed before getting to work on another sword. The thought of joining the townspeople was tempting but she had to at least start on the new sword before night fell or she might not be able to finish on time.

(Feel free to puppet some of the townspeople if you'd like)
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Shirtless Werewolf

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Eliade lazily sat just outside the castle's entrance, letting her eyes wander about as the townspeople scurried every which way. Entertaining as their panic was, the shaggy-furred dog groaned at the reminder that she would have to actually try guarding the castle this time around. Sheesh! Why is it that they've been trying to attack us since master left his kid in charge? The dog reluctantly brought herself to her paws and lifted her head to howl loudly; a noise that served as a warning for anyone who would dare approach the castle as it echoed throughout the entire town.

"There, see if they have the guts to pull any stunts." She muttered quietly to herself, keeping her voice low enough that any nearby townspeople would mistake her words for a growl. Despite her current grouchiness, she really didn't mind humans, at least not in the daytime. In the daytime they were perfect angels, often petting her or feeding her, but for some reason the violent ones came out after sunset. Sure, they had every reason to be scared for their lives, but that didn't make the dog's job any easier. Rather than laying back down, she stayed on her paws to be ready for a trespasser.
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User ImageAlexander Robinson

Alexander walked along the road into the small dark town surrounding the castle that was looming up into the oncoming darkness. It was almost sunset and Alex was hoping to reach the inn in town before it hit. He has yet to establish a foothold yet and didn't want to be running around the woods before being known. He came close to a forge which he peered in for a few moments. It was rudimentary, but functional. The worker inside was focused and skilled that much could be seen, He walked the slight half block further to the obvious inn. He stepped in as casually as he could. His role was that of a traveling woodsman trying to write a book. He was gonna play it as best as possible. He took a seat at the bar and started talking small talk to the bartender.
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Shirtless Werewolf

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Form: Full Crow
Location: Flying above the town
Condition: Healthy
With: Nobody

~William Relius~

Will had been wandering the forest for some time and was starting to lose hope in finding the town. Perhaps the rumors were nothing but lies after all. However, it wasn't long before some lights could be seen from afar, probably some people lighting their houses before the sun could fully set. "Well, well!" He considered simply approaching the town, but then he remembered that nobody he had spoken to had ever been to the town, meaning few people likely returned. I should scout the area first, he decided, wasting no time in morphing into a crow and taking flight.

As he flew over the town, it became apparent that turning into a bird first was a good idea. From what he could tell, there were some people gathered at the town gates and several people whispering some nonsense about sacrifices. Not a good combination, to say the least. Hmm, looks like I'm not the only new one. He changed direction and perched on a lamp post to stare at the inn where one man walked in. The crow's eyes gleamed in anticipation of a fight to enjoy watching.


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W ȉ ȵȶȅяs

Keep your eyes open
So here you are, two steps ahead and staying on guard
Every lesson forms a new scar
They never thought you'd make it this far

With: No one
At: The Blacksmith's
Thinking: I need a new weapon
Condition: Perfectly Healthy

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Sighing as her black boots kicked against the forest floor, Sierra emerged from the forest unto a town. She was thrilled that she had managed to maneuver through her destined path before the sunset. She wasn't terrified of the night but she always had to watch her back even more so in the night. Touching her current weapons, she noticed that the tips were slowly becoming dull and she grumbled to herself about needing a better weapon. Sierra couldn't help but notice that the townspeople were currently speaking about a sacrifice. Being curious was one of Sierra's downfalls, unfortunately. It normally got her in a lot of trouble.

Deciding to figure out what the townspeople were speaking about later, Sierra slipped past the people quietly, not before noticing that the town had an inn where a bird was currently perched. Shaking her head and realizing she needed her weapons, if the sound of the townspeople didn't say all, so she ventured to the blacksmith's that she had seen. Her two most important weapons were held close to her, just in case someone decided that she was the next sacrifice. The two daggers had been stolen from the town before this one but the bag of poison had been all her's. Entering the blacksmith's, she was relieved to find it open and stepped in, noticing a girl working on a blade. "Hmm, that could prove to be useful," Sierra thought, getting her thoughts together so she could easily steal.
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User ImageAlexander Robinson

The bartender was uptight and kept looking at the door as Alexander was talking to him, after asking for a room and flashing a few coins made the bartender relax a good deal, but it didn't stop him from looking at the door. Alexander took a new seat by the fire and sipped on his beverage taking stock of the townspeople. There were a few who were armed and kept looking at his weapons which he held close. A good majority though kept their faces down in there drink wallowing in sadness. The castle here had apparently been doing a toll on them,and his guess it wasn't easy.
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Shirtless Werewolf

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Hmm? Eliade lifted an ear when she noticed the humans' tone had become more optimistic. They were no longer fretting over whether or not they would find a sacrifice, but instead they were trying to come up with a way to bring the new sacrifice over to the castle. Normally all they needed to do was go around and say that the town was suffering because of a tyrant in the castle, and that they were waiting for a hero to go and free them in exchange for the riches in the castle. That alone was usually enough to get most newcomers too go straight into the castle willingly, especially the heroic types. Come to think of it, I'm surprised they haven't gotten one over here yet. Shaking some dust out of her fur, the dog turned around and entered the castle to give Lorelei an update.

"Hey Lorelei, some new food just entered the town and those townspeople are taking their sweet time bringing it. Want me to go get 'em?" She called out once she was safely inside the castle and free of anyone who could listen in.
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<Asuka Steinwald>

At the sound of the door, Asuka looked up from the sword she was forging and glanced over at the entrance. There, stood an unfamiliar girl who looked a few years older than herself. Wiping the sweat off her brow, the blacksmith got up and walked over to the girl. "Welcome." Lining the walls of the shop were rows upon rows of weapons from swords and axes to guns and daggers. There were a few weapons that were hard to tell what they were. Along with repairing weapons she also sold them as well. "How may I help you?" Her face betrayed the surprise she felt seeing someone unfamiliar in her shop while the town was in a frenzy looking for a sacrifice.
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~ Saol + Athnuachan ~

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Saol walked down the dark halls of the castle, listening to the sound of her shoes echoing through the emptiness. She wondered where her masters were. She stopped beside a window and looked out over the town below. The sun was setting, and there was the usual rabble commencing down below. She had no comment for the activities of the townspeople. Apparently, she used to be one - not that she remembered any of that. All that she knew now, was that she was to serve her masters. She enjoyed her work, anyhow. And it was her masters who gave her life - life again, that was - and she was grateful to them.
She made her way down to the bottom floor of the castle where she saw Eliade calling out. 'New food', Eliade referred to it. That meant new people, which would no doubt end up at the castle by nightfall if the townspeople had any sense. Eliade was correct, however, they were taking there time it seemed. "I would be able to fetch it too." She chimed in, speaking to Eliade. She politely gave a small curtsy to the Black Shuck before continuing. "I may be able to have them come more willingly." Though she didn't doubt Eliade's ability, Saol did reckon she could get the food to come more calmly then they may have been coming with a large dog. That was, if Eliade was planning to even bring them in one piece.
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User ImageAlexander Robinson

Alex smiled softly as the villagers were obviously dropping hints about the castle, it's riches, and artifacts. How they were just siting there waiting for a competent warrior to just go in and take them. It was nonsense. Their voices were strained, the stories to rehearsed, and it was obvious they were trying to bait him into going. He came here with a good head on what was already happening, he wasn't going to get played. He dropped a few hint to the people talking about him writing a book and only being here to explore, not the artifacts and riches to be had here. This seemed to despair them and it set the ones with weapons into firmer set shoulders. It appeared that they might try to force him to go. He smiled into his drink and then shook his head. No he wasn't here to brawl his mission was more subtle. He stood and went upstairs to take the lodgings he had procured. He left the window open though and sat in the corner his sword on his lap and his revolver in hand. As the last rays of sun touched the horizon he blew out the candle making his room completely dark.

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