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After a few mintues the waiter comes over with their drinks and the bread kitty had asked for. "Thank you" kitty said with a smile then the waiter left them. "So... how do you like the place so far..." she asked him then took a sip of her lemonade.
Rensa took a short sip from his drink then answered,"Well for one thing, it reminds me a lot Italy. Sort of brings back memory."
Kitty smiled "Yeah its nice here I like to come here every so often." Kitty then put her drink down on the talbe. "This is actlly my normal talbe too..." she said with a small giggle. After a moment the waiter showed up with a trey. "Here you go my lady... here you are sir your spaghetti and meatballs...would either of you like some fresh cheese on top..." the waiter asked and waited to hear back from them. "yes thank you!" kitty said she took a sniff of the food.
Kitty smiled then picked up her fork and started to get a bite ready. Kitty started to eat her food it was wonderful.
Rensa took up his fork, started twist it the spaghetti, and took bite. As he chew he had a curious look on his face.
kitty looked over at him and smiled. "How is it" she asked him then put another bite in her mouth.
Rensa stared at the food. "It...... it taste....GREAT!!" Rensa started to continue eating his then stopped and said,"It taste almost as good as the ones in Italy."
kitty smiled then finished her plate off. "Yep its just like being over in itly isn't it?" she said then whipped her face. "Are you having a good time?"
"Yea," Rensa said as he finished eating,"This is-" Rensa stopped himself. He just realized at that moment that Kitty turned the tables on him.
"this is......what... what were you going to say no need to be shy Rensa!" kittty said with a smile on her face.
"This is.......... well, great." Rensa finished as he put his plate aside. "So, you ready to go."
"Yeah where to now? back home or what?" kitty asked as she started to get up from her seat.
"Okay." said Rensa as he got up from his seat. "How about we go-" And right then at that moment Rensa stop, his eyes changed and he twisted his head so that his cheek would have only been grazed by the bullet from the haze of gunfire that went through the restaurant.
gonk Frantically Rosario searches around for some blood pouches in her refrigerator. Finding one with demon labeled on it, she stuck the straw threw and brought it over to Riku, who was still on the floor.
"What the....?"

Riku says thanks im sorry that had to happen. But usually since i drink human blood i need a little Demon blood as Riku is drinking the Demon blood. I usually have demon blood on me so sorry if i scared u Riku looks with embarrassment

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