Mia had a content smile on her face when Natalie went inside. However, as they began pulling away from the drive the weird feeling from earlier became stronger and closer. Her eyes looked out the window and saw a familiar figure, Marcus, but did not know the woman next to him. Why are they heading to the hunter's house, she thought curiously, did Marcus not learn the last time? They'll kill him on sight. Then the vampiress' eyes widened, oh no Natalie. Her eyes shot to Danny, "should I go back?" she asked him in a low tone, she wasn't sure if it was due to her sister, niece, or for the curiosity of what those two were thinking. Her eyes strayed back out to the front window, their house suddenly seeming to take forever to come into view.

Jeremy had his headphones in, he only briefly noticed the two out the window, but didn't think much of it other than they were taking a walk. On his leg he began drumming the beat to the song he was listening to. When the house came up and the vehicle stopped he simply hopped out, grabbing his bag and let himself in.

Genna's shoulders slumped, "no." Her answer was short and sharp before she turned her body to face the door as Natalie came back in. She watched her run to one of the front windows to wave bye to her friend and a light laughing smile crossed her lips as she shook her head some. "They can't be all that bad since they don't leave until she comes in," she told Lucio over her shoulder as she went towards the door. "Alright go wash up for bed I'm sure tomorrow you're going to have a bigger day," she smiled to her daughter. She fixed the curtains some before going back to the kitchen, "Lucio...I...." her voice trailed as she got a familiar shiver down her spine.