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Vampires , Werewolves, Hunters?

Vamps. 0.22222222222222 22.2% [ 26 ]
Werewolves. 0.15384615384615 15.4% [ 18 ]
Hunters. 0.30769230769231 30.8% [ 36 ]
Other? 0.31623931623932 31.6% [ 37 ]
Total Votes:[ 117 ]
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A slight bit of strain was apparent on Lucio. He was trying to keep himself a slight bit giddy so they could return to their old selves, but she didn't seem to want to hug him. What was going on in her mind? "You love me, don't you? Hug me, I don't bite," the hunter said with a small grin. His eyes rolled and a silent kiss found itself on her forehead before he continued to the fridge. "It's not that hard," he murmured under his breath. She did love him, right?

"Oh I bet you will," Danny said with a half smile. He knew she was joking, but it wasn't the kind of joke he enjoyed. Her life was put in huge danger. As they walked, he put himself in front of her and allowed her to climb onto his back.
"Oh haha," she rolled her eyes at his comment about biting her. Before she could say anything back however, he had placed his lips on her forehead, causing her to blush some and smile. "I do love you," she started to say strongly but added in a near whisper, "why do you think I couldn't kill you." She didn't want to add that part but felt like she needed to since it seemed as though he didn't believe her. A small sigh was let out before she looked him in the eye, wrapped her arms around him, pushing him back against the counter, and hugged him close.

Mia giggled a bit and then gleefully jumped on his back with the offer. "So I've wondered if there was like a trap door somewhere but," she paused looking around, "I'm not sure if I want to find it first or last because of suspense." She could help but laugh a bit at her indecisiveness. It was true though, it would be cool to find a trap door, but the longer they held out and looked at other things the higher the suspense and that possible disappointment wouldn't be so bad.
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O.G. Elder

Feeling her pin him against the counter revived every wonderful time they had shared together. Why couldn't this have happened earlier? His mind ignored the little bit she said earlier about killing him because it was simply focused on loving Genna. A pair of arms wrapped around her and kept the two of them close. "I love you," Lucio reminded, his tired green eyes looking into hers. This man had gone through a huge transformation of no nonsense hunting to lover just as Genna went through losing Jason and her two children. 'Children,' Lucio remembered. The hug tightened a pinch with the thought of her pregnancy.

Danny's hands helped hold her up as they traveled the mansion. "A trap door you say? Well, I think we'll have an easier time finding it as long as we don't look for it." Assuming there were traps. That would be fairly interesting and entertaining.
Genna looked at him, chin on his chest. "I love you too," she smiled, feeling him hold her closer and taking in his warmth. She turned her head and rested her cheek on his chest, her wrists gently resting on his lower back.

Mia nodded and laughed in agreement. "Well where to first cap'n?" she asked in a piraty tone, kissing his cheek before placing her head on his shoulder. "Shall we explore the attic?" she suggested, not really caring but figured it'd be somewhere.
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O.G. Elder

He continued to stand there with Genna, eyes closed and the moment void of any disturbances. Lucio's hand went to her chin to tilt her head so his eyes could meet with hers. "Thanks," he said silently before kissing his lips. This world would be impossible for him to bear had they not met up. Fortunately, they did, and life would continue.

"Aye, the attic." Danny smiled with the kiss on his cheek and lightly tilted his head against hers. 'I wonder if He will make me human...' he thought as a hunt for the stairs was made. Within moments, however, they were in the attic and exploring the dusty floorboards. "I wonder what we'll find here," he pondered aloud.
Pulling back a little bit, she raised a brow. "Thanks?' she questioned, "thanks for what?" A small playful smile came to her lips as she added, "thanks for saving your sorry a**?" Her tongue stuck out a bit before she gently kissed his lips. It didn't really matter what he was thanking her for, it could be sarcastic for all she cared, she was just content to be in his arms.

"Who are you talking to?" she poked him in the shoulder after sliding down and began looking around. Being nightly creatures, there was no need for illumination in the dark and dusty attic. The panels let in just the right amount of sunlight though to ward off nasty critters. "Think there's skeletons?" she laughed looking around and holding his hand.
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O.G. Elder

Eh, it didn't matter. Perhaps he could explain why he said thanks later, but for now, all he wanted was them to be together. The wonderful feeling of their bodies exchanging warmth was more than enough to discourage separating. That and the kisses they gave each other. Suddenly, a muffled rumble could be heard and Lucio sighed with frustration. Stupid stomach... why did it have to ruin the moment?

"Skeletons?" He laughed and added, "we're more likely to find a demon than that." Danny blinked with a realization: that was actually true. A small chuckle escaped with this and he continued to walk with her around the attic, opening various drawers as they went. "Think we'll find a trap?"
Genna enjoyed the moment, that is until an odd vibrator and gurgling sound was coming from her abdominal region. Her eyes closed as she started to laugh. "I don't think that was the baby," she pulled away from him to allow him to get something to eat. It was only natural, not only because it was him but because he hadn't ate since sometime yesterday morning.

Mia shook her head. "Don't joke like that," she sighed, there was one demon she didn't want to come across anytime soon again. "I doubt it," she shrugged about the traps, "bet we can find some old like dress up clothes..."
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His mouth opened to tell her to ignore it, but it started up again. Lucio sighed and pulled open the fridge so he could fix them both some eggs and bacon. Just a little something that they could enjoy together. "Could you get the toast, Love?" he asked with a bright smile. As long as they didn't run into any hunters or vampires, they should be fine... 'oh wait, the vampire council is after us, isn't it?' His body did not reveal this worry, since he didn't want it to get in the way of himself and Genna. Instead, he continued to work on the eggs.

Old clothes? Danny figured she was probably right and began digging into a chest to see what it had. Out came a nice military uniform from what looked like the 40s. "Are you finding anything, Beautiful?" he inquired, eyes still looking through the container for any other articles of clothing.
"I think I can handle toast," she laughed, "don't you think that you should switch me?" She poked him in the side as she passed, preparing the oh so difficult toast. Not being able to help herself she added in a childish voice, "you press this button right?" she asked pointing to the red button on the outlet.

Opening a trunk she gasped a bit. "Look'et" she pulled out a long, flowing, and ruffling gown. "Wonder if this was some high generals estate," she questioned out loud, putting the dress up against herself, laughing some at how poofy it was.
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O.G. Elder

Lucio's thoughts about the two councils broke with Genna's childish voice. He grinned a slight bit and shook his head, saying as an adult down to a child, "no sweetheart, you push the lever down." The meal he was preparing was given a few moments unattended so he could 'hep' the huntress. "You see? Put your hand right here and push down," he instructed, attention focused on the small lesson at hand.

"Hm... I wonder how it would look on you," he pondered, picturing them both wearing the formal clothing. That would make for a nice picture. Danny looked down to the uniform in his arms and considered tossing it on, but they did have a house to explore. 'I'll just follow her lead.'

(on another note, I was listening to a huge album mix and came upon this song. For some reason, I pictured Lucio and Genna's death.

Genna giggled, "you're going to burn your food if you don't watch it..." She motioned her head to the side towards the stove top, unsure of how high he had it but knew eggs didn't take long. A kiss was given on his cheek before she stepped away from the toaster and got some plates and utensils. "You seem in thought about something," she commented, unsure if she really wanted to know, then again that's what they had each other for, what they had to stay sane.

"Shall I try it on?" she asked with a small tempting smile. Without giving him a chance to object she removed her clothes and put the others on. "It's not like we don't have all entirety," she grinned deviously, coming from around the corner. She pinned her hair up in a loose bun and found some satin gloves to go with the dress. "So?" she twirled, "how do I look?" The ruby necklace he had bought her was placed against the ivory colored dress, the neckline like a turtle neck bringing out the color even more brilliantly, not to mention covering her bites.

[[don't say that]]
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Lucio thought about what she said regarding the food being cooked on the stovetop and immediately tended to them. Fortunately, none of it was burned. He managed to salvage them just on time, in fact. Scrambled egg and bacon was distributed between two plates with glasses of juice before he took a seat so he could respond. At first, he considered keeping it to himself. But history repeats itself, so he determined speaking his mind would keep them from getting into another rocky situation. "I was pondering about the vampire and hunter councils. What they plan to do and such."

"You look fantastic," he complimented, looking her up and down. Never before did he consider her wearing a dress, and with it on, Danny was simply surprised of how well it worked. And the necklace seemed to brighten her entire appearance effectively. "I suppose I should change into the uniform, huh?" With that, he removed his own clothing and slipped into the formal wear.
Genna smiled at the meal and waited for him to speak. Unfortunately, it wasn't really what she wanted to hear. "I see..." she mumbled, taking a bite of her bread as she pondered over what to say. "We'll just have to train harder," she said with a slight smirk before taking another bite. The council is definitely not going to be happy that he killed a fellow hunter, she thought while poking her eggs with her fork.

"So handsome," she blushed some, seeing him in a formal attire rather than his usual casual baggy clothes was quite different. "Hmm," she mumbled looking around, before walking over to a darker area and pulling out a very dusty, cob-webbed mirror. "We look like old timers," she giggled looking at the mirror.
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O.G. Elder

Lucio opened his mouth to suggest that he could take the fall for everything, but knowing Genna, it would be pointless. The huntress got what she wanted, and this was not something she would accept. "Train harder, huh?" he repeated with a small grin, "I guess that means more than practicing on targets." Against vampires, hand to hand combat was a lot more common. Against hunters, it was usually tactical, close quarters gunfights. So looking at those two, target practice wouldn't be very useful for them both. He took another bite of egg and thought about how lucky they were to still be alive. Alex, Brian, Jason, Dylan, perhaps William and Willow; so many people have disappeared from their lives. 'It will never happen again. Not to Genna, not to me, not to our children,' he thought, head turning to Genna, 'I will put everything I have into making sure she lives.'

Danny looked at the blush on her face with a smile. He loved it when she showed more than her uppity side. Sometimes, the quiet, layback Mia was all he really wanted. "I suppose we do," he agreed, spinning her toward him. As if going back a century, he knelt down and requested, "may I have this dance?" In a flash, he had pressed the play button of a rather old record player as it began with an old, early 1900s orchestral melody.

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