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Mia's body shook with the cool feeling of Danny's breath against her neck. "I said, leave me alone," she growled shoving him, only to manage moving his arm, pushing herself further away from him, than him away from her. "Get out of here Danny," she snarled in a warning tone. Sure she couldn't do anything but at this moment she was fighting for her life, both from blood loss and potential future loss. The vampiress' breathing slowed, she had to focus on resting, her vision was blurry but she could see and feel that her limbs were cold, what amount of blood she had left was going to her organs, she could feel the warmth in her abdomen. Her eyes finally closed, no longer being able to fight against herself to keep them open, am I going to die again? The one who said he loves me and would protect me is the one who kills me? Her arms rested at her sides, he needs to protect me now more than ever, she thought taking another slow, shallow breath through her parched lips. This is all my fault, she repeated to herself time and time again, each time getting more hazy as her body forced her into a reserved mode, almost as though she was comatose.

Genna smirked at him straightly as though she wasn't messing around. "It's not like you're going to eat it," she lowered it some more. Slipping it down a little more as though it was hanging from a thread. The huntress shrugged, "I could always make or buy another," she tossed it into the air above the trash, walking away from it to allow it to fall in. I really doubt I'll eat it, she thought to herself as she went back into the fridge to grab a drink.
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Oh no, she wasn't really going to throw it away, was she? Lucio would not allow this blasphemy, he could not. Within an instant, the vampire had appeared at the trash bin, holding the snack. It had not moved more than an inch since she let go of it. "You're right, I'm not going to eat it..." he admitted with disappointment. Or maybe he would. After taking a bite from it, the ex-hunter sighed and let the food drop into the trash. Taste buds were non-existent in his world.

'Get out of here, Danny.' With those words, the reminder sparked in his mind. This was Mia, the one he vowed himself to protect and love. Danny quickly retreated from the bed and put his back to the wall as to not hurt her any further. "I'm so sorry," he whispered, shaking his head at himself, "I... I tried to tell you not to let me drink that blood." He felt his hands shaking with fear of her dying because of him, but she should have enough blood to live... that's what he had calculated earlier.
Genna made a hmph sound as though to say, that's what I thought. Why am I acting this way? she questioned herself walking back to the couch opening her beverage. The dog stepped out of her way before curling itself at her feet once she sat down. Before she took a sip she paused and then sighed, setting the soda on the table. Stupid caffeine and tasting good, she thought, grimacing as she leaning her head back on the couch, closing her eyes gently while resting a hand on her stomach.

The vampiress wanted to tell him that it was all her fault. It wasn't his at all, it was only in his nature, she was the idiot that gave him the blood. She laid there still though, not being able to express her thoughts to him. Not being able to let him know that he hadn't completely taken her life. She had shoved him away, and while she knew it was best to do until she had more strength she didn't want to be away from him.
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It tore Danny to be away from her. It took every ounce of strength in him to not return to her side and remain laying with the vampiress. "I'm sorry," he apologized again, keeping his back to the wall. He looked at the wall, wishing there was something that could restrain him should his mind change about holding away from Mia. Unfortunately, there was not. A sigh of pain was given and he lowered himself to where he was sitting. The least he could do is make sure nobody else got a chance to hurt her.

Lucio watched as the huntress sat herself on the couch. His eyes drifted her hand briefly before he closed the gap between them and took a seat beside Genna. Whether or not she was comfortable with him nearby, all he wished was to be close. "So what are you going to name it?" he asked, quickly adding, "the dog, I mean." Looking back, he couldn't recall them giving the pet a proper name.
Her body couldn't take it any longer, it forced the vampiress into a slumber. Her mind was blank and her body was limp. Every so often she would get a light tingling sensation, but otherwise she was numbed as she slept.

Genna's body went rigid as he sat next to her. He was a vampire, she was a huntress, she couldn't help it. On top of that her maternal instincts told her to get away from the threat, whether or not it was true. "I'm going to be sick," she commented, getting up and nearly running up the stairs. While it was true that she did go into the bathroom, she also just had to get away from him. After brushing her teeth she crawled into bed, curling into a ball, wrapped in the sheets. What am I going to name that dog, she thought as her eyes closed.
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What was Lucio supposed to do? It was so hard to tell whether or not she loved him... 'at least she didn't try to kill me.' She made threats, yes, but didn't put an end to his life. The vampire felt a bit hopeless without Genna and laid on the couch. Everything they were running into was an obstacle, but what made it so hard for the huntress to get through this one? This ex-hunter was the one with the problem, yet managed to jump over it with little difficulty. 'It'll smooth out,' he determined before falling asleep.

"That was boring. Consider yourself lucky, hunter, that it wasn't a vampire that turned you into what you are." Even the devil was benevolent at times, it seems, for the curse would be lifted upon his wake.
The night's rest seemed to take forever. The weakened vampiress' eyes barely peaked open as though she could feel the sun coming up too. "Danny?" she called coarsely. Propping herself up on one arm, she pinched the bridge of her nose with her other. "Feels like I have a nasty hangover," she commented leaning over the side of the bed some.

The huntress rolled in her sleep and off the bed, landing on her knees with a thud. "Ow," she breathed looking at the floor through her fallen hair. A sigh escaped her lips as she saw no accompanying lump on her bed. Lucio...she thought, grasping the edge of the bed to help her up before slowly dragging her feet to the staircase.
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(Edit: February 14th)

Danny had been sitting on the other side of the room, barely managing to fall asleep with knowledge that he could have killed her. Throughout the few hours of sleep he grabbed, however, he only dreamed that she had died. The vampire's eyes cracked open and saw Mia alive. Sickly looking, but alive. "Mia," he said silently, rushing to her side. "Oh God, I'm sorry. I'm sorry about everything." His fingers brushed over her cheek to ensure she was at a good temperature... she was once again cold. A vampire.

Like the vampire, Lucio got some sleep. How much sleep? Enough for him to not even notice he had returned to his human self. He lifted himself off of the couch with the sound of a thud and ran up the stairs to see what it was. Instead, he met up with Genna at the base of the staircase. "Are you alright?" he asked with worry.
Genna looked at Lucio and that his skin once again had color in it. "Um," she raised a brow, a confused look on her face. Was it all a dream? she asked herself. "Yeah, I just got shitty sleep," she commented. Taking a pause she asked, "are you alright?"

Mia held Danny close to her, the devil had almost got what he wanted. "You shouldn't be the one apologizing," she said, sadness in her voice. She wished that they could get back at that evil being, but there was no way, and as long as they could still be together with minimal torture, the vampiress felt no need to possibly pursue and get killed trying to go after the devil.
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"I'm as good as a vampire can get, I guess," Lucio responded. It seems he hasn't caught on yet. He smiled and placed a hand on her shoulder while saying, "I'm just glad you're alright." His hand lifted and began walking down the stairs so he could get a glass of blood. They stored blood packs for Brian in the past, so he should be fine. As a glass was poured, the hunter began wondering what he was going to do about Genna. Would she adapt to him being a vampire?

As much as Danny disagreed, he just wanted them to get back into their everyday life. Or as regular as being a vampire can get. "Have you explored this mansion yet?" he inquired with curiosity. Maybe they would find some old text, maybe a piano and other little things.
Genna nearly stuck up her nose when she saw the packet of blood. Wait did he just say vampire? her eyes widened and she fled down the stairs after him. Once again her bow was in her hand and she whacked him on the top of the head. "Are you crazy?" she asked pointing to the glass with her weapon, taking a few steps back. The devil on her left shoulder however seemed to whisper in her ear to let him drink the blood and teach him a lesson. The huntress grabbed a knife off the counter and cut her arm a bit.

Mia looked him in the eyes and shook her head. "I thought about it but figured it would be boring and I have all the time in the world to do that," she shrugged a bit.
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Lucio was about to take a drink from the glass of blood he had poured, but he was whacked on the head with her bow. "Hey!" he argued with a slight bit of frustration. But he found out why she did this as soon as she spilled her own blood. At first, he had backed away to keep himself from lunging at her. However, there was no instinct to take her blood anyway. After some silent seconds, he felt with his tongue for the sharps and found nothing. "What the hell?"

Danny nodded in agreement. Perhaps it would be a little boring... what could they do as vampires? A finger tapped against his chin with the thought and he simply decided to keep himself beside the vampiress. Her company was plenty.
"Perhaps if we walk slowly," she smiled trying to cheer him up, holding her hand out for him to take. "I just figured doing it by myself wouldn't have been very entertaining, but together it should be fun and we can take all the time we want." She pushed herself off the bed with her free arm and made it to the doorway. "However," she smirked, the tips of her fangs playfully showing, "I did miss my speed even in that day."

The huntress shook her head mumbling, "boys are so oblivious..." Unfortunately, this hadn't been a dream as though she had hoped but he was back to a human. She didn't know how, and wasn't really sure if she wanted to know, but he was Lucio again. That thought alone caused her to smile yet her eyes went to the ground some.
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Lucio noticed she was still bleeding and retrieved a fresh towel from one of the kitchen drawers, then tending to the cut. "Is it possible we can just maybe hug?" he asked, grinning a slight bit as the arm was covered, "or are we going to live like roommates?" The makeshift bandage was finished being applied and he sighed out of relief for multiple reasons.

Her hand was taken and Danny followed beside her. The mere sight of Mia brought the reminder of how close to death he had put her, causing him to frown. However, a playful smirk crossed her face and spread to his as well. A kiss was placed on her lips and he walked them out of the room, responding with agreement, "mortal speed is quite frustrating."
The vampiress laughed a bit, "especially when you have no choice." She teasingly punched him in the arm and said before sticking her tongue out at him, "you know I'm not going to let you forget this..." A wink was given just to make sure he knew she was pulling his leg.

Just hug? she thought looking up at him a bit sad, though giving him a thankful smile for fixing up her arm. Does he want to live as just roommates? Was all she just went through last night for them to take a step backward? These questions swam through her mind. "Umm..." the huntress was speechless, she went to move her arms out to hug him but didn't know. She knew she loved and wanted to be with him, but now was unsure if he still returned those feelings.

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