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Vampires , Werewolves, Hunters?

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Werewolves. 0.15384615384615 15.4% [ 18 ]
Hunters. 0.30769230769231 30.8% [ 36 ]
Other? 0.31623931623932 31.6% [ 37 ]
Total Votes:[ 117 ]
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Light seemed to blur above Jason as his eyes struggled to open. He could feel something, he could hear something... Suddenly he jumped, a semblance of life shot back into him as the doctors watched to see if the defibrillators did the trick. Everything started to go dark as his eyes began to close again and the whining of another charge getting ready began to fade out.

It was just to be a normal night. A reprieve from all their fights and worries of death on the 'job'. He'd found love in Genna and a friend in Alex, both of whom had nearly met their end several times. Along their hunt he'd made the acquaintance of another group of hunters: Lucio, James, Elliot and Brian. Helpful in getting his friends and himself out of tight spots, they proved valuable allies and Jason was more than thankful that they'd helped save Genna's life.

Even with all their help though, death would still come to visit them. James found himself the victim of a new vampire in town and as it happened, things began to go south. Jason took the fall for the Hunters actions when police arrived at the shoot-out between the hunters and a riled-up group of vampires, he'd be put on trial for withholding information.

It wasn't enough though, that he could be locked behind bars. But the last thing he recalled before being hurried into the back of a car was the blaring headlights of a vehicle and the sound of gunshots. The stone-cold asphalt beneath him and the sharp pain in his chest. All that led to this moment was a blur before his eyes. He woke up again, hearing just as a flat-line was regulated, the doctor trying once more to jump-start his heart.

Jason began to smile as he started to feel cold, the sound around him getting dull. The vision before him began to blur as his eyes refused to see and a once proud heart slowly began to give way. Everyone around him had played their part and before it all he was assured their would be no trace...no mistakes. Maybe it was just him...

...But it felt like a good day to die.
--Zanna Morso

•Must post at least once every 3 days or your profile WILL be deleted unless you have PM-ed me about it ahead of time. thank you.
•Follow Tos etc.
•No power playing etc.
•Send profiles to me,if I except it you can post it in the profile thread. Here.
•This is a literate RP so use good grammar and type out at least 6 sentences per post.
•Swearing is aloud jut don't go overboard.
•No cybering.
•"Quote" when talking and Italicize when thinking.
•I can add change rules.

Pure Blood Vampires [3]

Most powerful and feared.
Only need to feed 5-6 times a year.

Vampire Council [total of 7]

Make the rules and keep the order.
Only need to feed 2-3 times a month

Lords and Ladies of the Lands [must be pair 6]
Govern over certain parts of towns, there has to be a lady and lord together. Not just a Lord of a land or Lady of a land.
Only need to feed 1 time a month.

Master Vampires [4]
Can control New born vampires and usually have a coven.
Only need to feed 1-2 times ever other week.

Vampires [unlimited]
They can control themselves, and are free to roam around cities.
Only have to feed 3-4 times a week

New Born Vampires [unlimited]
Lowest on the chain, are usually the target for hunters. Rely on their anger instead of using their heads.
Violent and always hungry

•All of them can come out in sun light, but the New Born and the Vampires don't really like bright lights.
•They are undead but they do bleed, breath, sleep, and eat human food.
•They have a fast healing rate.
•You can only kill them by beheading, burning, certain types of aloe metals, and drowning.
•They regain strength after they drink blood and it helps them heal.

Hunter[2 groups of 5 or less and 9 loners]
These people usually work alone or in small groups, they don't follow the rules or regulations of the council and will kill just about any vampire they come across

Hunter council[10]
Make and enforce the rules, they themselves don't usually hunt unless they have to.


Specials receive orders from the council but don't have to follow the orders. They are allowed to follow their own path.

Hunter leader[6]
They command the squads but have to take orders from the council.

Hunter squad[unlimited]
There are 2 to 5 people in a squad and they have to follow the leaders instructions.

Hunter trainee[unlimited]
These are the lowest and have to have a 'master' to train them.

•All but the 'Hunter' only kill vampires that are on the list. Or that have committed the crime.
•Hunters can kill vampires without permission from the user, but you must give them the chance to flee or fight back.

Profile Skeleton:
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[b][size=24]•••About me[/size][/b]
[size=18]•Name[/size] type here
[size=18]•Age[/size]type here
[size=18](if vampire) •Real Age[/size] type here

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O.G. Elder

Lucio sat in the waiting room, his heart racing and hoping that Jason wouldn't give up on the five hunters. He, Elliot, Brian, Genna, and Alex. It was just too early for Jason to die. While the doctors and nurses ran in and out of the swinging doors, trying to save Jason's life, he began relating this incident to the time his friend James died, turning their small group of four hunters into three.

Elliot was looking out the window, expecting both of them to arrive at just about any time. He began reviewing the whole incident in his head, thinking about where it all started. A speeding vehicle had come and shot at Alex two or three times. It continued driving and Lucio took off after them. He and Brian got Alex into his car and drove him to the hospital, where they let the professionals care for his injuries. Elliot sighed and knew that things probably wouldn't work out so well.

Brian drove Jason's car to Genna's apartment. He remembered just a few minutes after Lucio got back from the pursuit that Genna and Alex didn't have a car to drive to the hospital. As he drove, he called the two hunters to get to the sidewalk so he can drive them immediately to the hospital.

((sorry, I haven't made a proper roleplay post in a long time. I'm kinda rusty x_X))
Genna stood waiting, tears streaming down her cheeks. Stay with me Jason if only for a moment longer. She couldn't wait any longer for the car nor Alex to come, she had to see him. Her feet thumped on the sidewalk as she ran towards the hospital, she had a gun on her side just in case, but she didn't much care for that. Those sons of a guns were going down if they ever crossed paths with her. She ran with all her might, being glad for once in a very long time that she was a hunter being able to run for long periods of time. Tears, however, blurred her vision but she was determined to get to him. She saw the red lights of the hospital in a mirage-like view. Jason, she thought, I'm coming...
camomatt's avatar

O.G. Elder

Brian got to the apartment. The lack of Genna made him wonder if she decided to run there or stay inside for some reason. He looked to see where Alex was, waiting for him to get into the car. Meanwhile, Elliot saw Genna nearing the hospital, although she was quite a ways away. "Hey Lucio, Genna's here," Elliot informed, turning around to look at the hunter.
Genna entered the vicinity of the hospital and slowed to a jog before finally walking into the one place she hated most. She breathed heavily and tried to make sense through her tears what was what. The female hunter dropped to her knees with her face in her hands, and just cried, shaking her head. "You b*****d," she mumbled, "you promised you'd never leave me..."
camomatt's avatar

O.G. Elder

"They didn't say he has died," Lucio tried to reassure Genna. He knew Jason didn't have a very large chance of living, but he knew that you could never make something final until it came. He looked through the emergency room doors, disappointed that there was another set of doors keeping them from seeing what was happening in the room.
Alex cursed fluently and violently under his breath as he ran. In his haste to follow Genna, he missed Brian idling in the car, normally he would have noticed the car right away but he wasn't thinking straight now. He was fit and didn't mind running, but it was pretty far away and she had a head start. Still breathing lightly, he sprinted quickly towards the hospital, shoes pounding against the pavement, now in full view of the hospital. He burst through the emergency room doors, and saw Genna sobbing, and Lucio trying to comfort her.

Immediately assuming the worst, he dropped down next to her and put his arms around her. "It'll be alright, I'm gonna go check out how he's doing ok?" he said soothingly in her ear, releasing his grip gently and standing back up. With a feeling of dread, an inexplicable twist in his guts, he pushed through the doors to the operating room, despite a sign that specifically prohibited anyone but hospital staff from entering. What he saw confirmed his worst fears. Jason was dead. He could tell from the way the doctor looked, and the flat-line on the monitor. With an anguished sob, Alex smashed his fist into the closest wall, his eyes stinging with tears he wouldn't let fall. The wall cracked slightly, but the pain in his hand did nothing to ease his internal suffering. Those bloodsuckers will pay for this. They will pay.
Through the tears the huntress glared them down. She got up, tears stopping in there tracks...She felt nothing, just dead herself as she walked down a corridor. She went into the ladies room and wiped away the tears and composed herself the best she could. Taking a good long look in the mirror at nothing in particular she sighed and walked out. Genna walked to the front desk and nearly demanded the receptionist, "let me go back and see him...Jason Willows." She had to hold herself back from simply doing what Alex did, but kept looking towards the doors. Any day now lady, she thought angrily in her head while tapping her fingers on the counter top.
camomatt's avatar

O.G. Elder

The two hunters watched as Alex burst through the swinging doors and Genna went to the receptionist. After a moment, Lucio followed Alex to find out for himself. As he followed Alex, he could feel the tension in the air. He didn't even need to step in the next room to know that Jason was dead.

Elliot, on the other hand, was just putting together the pieces. He stepped outside and paced, throwing out some people who may have done this and where they may have gone. Yes, he was distressed by the death of Jason and he did want revenge, but if he was going to get it, he needed to know where to find it.

Brian found Alex following after Genna. It seemed that there was no use in trying to get them into the car. They were probably too eager to know if Jason was dead or alive: enough that they wouldn't stop for Brian. He made an effort to calmly drive back to the hospital.
Genna attempted to wait patiently but seconds went by and the receptionist just looked dumbfounded at her and the doors that Alex busted through. "Argh!" she exclaimed and followed Lucio and paused behind him. She bit her lip as her adrenaline rush was dissipating. She closed her eyes for a second to compose herself, taking a deep breath and brushed passed Lucio through the doors. Barely even noticing anyone else the lover went to Jason. She didn't listen to the doctors telling her to keep away nor the machinery telling her that he was gone. Gently she let some tears fall down her cheeks. "I love you," she whispered to Jason as she laid her head on his chest...
Taking his hand off the wall, Alex's body registered no pain, even though he knew he would feel it later. His thought's swirled in his head. How could this have happened? We were supposed to watch out for each other and I let this happen. I wasn't there for him and this happened. Unable to express his grief any other way, he let the other fist smash into the wall as well, in roughly the same spot. Letting that hand fall to his side, knuckles bleeding, the doctor looked like he wass about to call security. He turned and simply walked out of the room. Ignoring everything else, he walked through the double doors. Everything was definite now and his vision cleared. Someone was going to pay in blood for Jason's death, whether it be his or a vampires.

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