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            Concept: Rhea Valente - This is a reboot of a mix of various old wolf roleplays of mine. The name has just stuck!

            Owner: Rhea Valente
            Moderators: Yoshimi_Kitten, Pirates Ballet
            Literacy Level: Literate / Lazy Literate
            Status: Open and Accepting

            Archived Links:
                  original Run With Me created 4th May 2009: [x]

                  second wolf roleplay, Silver Coal, created 21st February 2007: [x]

                  my very first wolf roleplay, Lupine Wars, created 30th June 2006: [x]

            The lands upon which you walk belong to Ajax, a strong, young wolf who has taken Alphaship of the pack known as Archon. Archon's territory is vast and beautiful, untouched by human civilization. The mountains and lakes are both stunning and intimidating; but this is their home and the land is very bountiful. Life can be hard for the wolves who dwell here, but they are hardy and fast learners and their pack is already thriving as they step into a new year.

            Already Winter is fast approaching, and among the constant threat of cold and hunger, a pair of mountain lions are getting too close for comfort... New threats have been unearthed in a routine wide patrol, and the pack are on edge. Numbers need to be boosted and their ranks strengthened if they are to stand a chance at survival.

            What does fate have in store for the sons and daughters of this pack? You decide.

            OOC Thread . Profile Thread

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            Introduction | Territory | Thread Rules | Pack Law | Ranks | Ceremonies | Overview | FAQ | Banners & Affiliates
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Our territory is large and bountiful, expanding almost 50 square miles over various terrain and landmarks. At a full sprint, it would take even the most fleetest of foot well over an hour to cross from one side to the other; which can make it troublesome to defend at times. However, it is a beautiful landscape with much to explore, see and do. This is our home.

The Main Den Site

The pack's Main Den is located up high in the mountains in the north of the territory. The steep incline and the rigourous climb it takes makes it an exercise for those not used to climbing the slopes of the mountain. The incline flattens slightly as the dens come into sight, the plateau being home to a circular formation of large rock caves surrounding a clearing. It houses several dens along its face and a separate cave at the very back, with a path leading up to the slightly elevated den is where the Alphas of the pack reside. Among these dens are the Pup and Kappa dens, as well as a few other smaller, private dens for all others of the pack. The soft grass and rocks off to the side is the perfect place for all wolves to gather when pack meetings are called, gathering to hear what the Alphas have to say.

Archon Main Den Site
(click for larger image)

User Image

The Pack Dens

The Pack dens are all the other dens that are within the large rock formation that makes up the main dens. The Alpha den is located some way off from the other dens to provide privacy. Within the main formation you can find the Kappa and Pup dens, as well as those private lairs for others. Some are not occupied at all and some are full of wolves.

The Kappa den is for the Kappas alone and store many of their herbs and medicinal plants. Usually only injured wolves may stay the night within the Kappa den along with the Kappa themselves. The Pup den is for Upsilon wolves and Pups only, though some clingy Iotas have been known to rest within it after they have outgrown it. It is a warm, secure place for the pups to sleep in and for their caretakers to watch over them.

The Mountain

The mountain is the land on which the denning site is based. These Northern mountainous regions are also a guiding line, marking one end of the territory. Several other mountains surround the denning site making up the northern valley, and crossing these regions can take days with harsh weather and dangerous climate. Only a small valley slips through these mountains, creating the easiest way to cross the mountain ranges by following the river that flows through it.

The River

Flowing down from the Mountains is the River, which flows south through the length of the territory, cutting through the land and fanning out into the ocean at its end in the Southern part of the region. Dangerously rapid in some areas and shallower in others, the river gives life to those residing within the territory, providing a main source of water.

The Great Forest

A large evergreen forest rests at the base of the Mountains and expands along the west of the territory. Large and thick, it can be a daunting place to those with little or no knowledge of the territory - young pups and Iotas are often warned to stick to the main paths for fear of getting lost in the trees, never to be seen again. For those older wolves - Deltas and Sigmas - it is a vast hunting area, providing food in bountiful amounts - deer and boar dwell within the trees, lingering in the shadows for safety.

The Hunting Grounds

Open plains can be found in the centre of the territory, on both sides of the river. The ground is uneven, with large slopes and boulders jutting out across the grass - clumps of trees and hills scattered about - giving plenty of cover and room to chase the large herds who pass through as the seasons come and go.

W e a t h e r
Cool . Overcast . Damp

T i m e

S e a s o n

S e a s o n s . R u n

Autumn: Present - Thurs 31st October
Winter: Fri 1st November - Sat 30th November
Spring: Sun 1st December - Tues 31st December

B r e e d i n g . S e a s o n
Mon 18th November - Sun 7th December

Please read the rules on Breeding [under Pack Law] for more information.

R . I . P


M a t e d . W o l v e s


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Introduction | Territory | Thread Rules | Pack Law | Ranks | Ceremonies | Overview | FAQ | Banners & Affiliates
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          By joining this roleplay you have chosen to adhere to these rules to the best of your ability. These rules will be amended as and when necessary, so please do check them occasionally. Not that it needs to be said, but we will all act within accordance of the Gaia ToS at all times.


          Do not stretch the page, bump or advertise here, nor should you quote unless the post you are replying to is further than a page back. You are allowed a maximum of six characters. You are a wolf. There are absolutely no human-wolf crossbreeds, werewolves, magical powers or godly abilities. No purple coloured pelts/eyes, wings, markings, or wolves as big as a house etc.

          An image of a real wolf only is permitted for your characters. No anime, illustrated or CG wolves. As for cross-breeds, they may be accepted depending on how plausible they are. A wolf-dog, for example, is not going to be as fast/strong/skilled as a pure-blooded wolf, so please take into consideration your character's personal flaws and limitations when designing them.

          Use the OOC Thread for OOC, that's what it's there for - do not post pure OOC in the IC Thread!


          Romance and violence are both allowed and encouraged, again within Gaia ToS. However godmodding/powerplaying is not allowed. Auto-dodging/hitting should be decided with whoever you are fighting with, and killings of adult wolves should not occur without permission. Pups, Iotas, sick or injured characters, however, are able to be killed by an adult should the situation arise. If there are any problems, please come to me. Respect one another. This means waiting for your RP partner to post instead of simply rushing things along and leaving people behind. However, if you have been waiting a week or two for a response, you may move your character on!

          Please at least skim-read other people's posts. If you don't, someone could post to you and you may ignore it.

          Do you have to have a fancy post layout? No, but feel free to go mad. Please ensure the graphics do not dwarf the text. You're here because you can write. Not because you can code. As far as I'm concerned, your ability to code is in no way a reflection of your ability to write. If you can code - good for you! But I don't care how fancy or basic your post style is, I only care about the written content of your post.

          Do you have to bold speech? No. Do you have to bold the name of the character(s) you're referring to in your post? No. Do you have to align the text or shove your text over to the right wit a load of lists? No. Do you have to write in a specific font size? No. Will I kick you out for not quoting whoever it is you're replying to? No. These are all personal preferences. As you're expected to read everyone else's posts anyway, and hopefully you are subscribed to the IC and OOC Threads, you'll be up to date. Quoting therefore is not required, nor is bolding/highlighting important information. Do not feel you have to do this, but if it is your preference to, then I do not mind. I certainly won't be doing anything other than bolding my character's speech.

          Do. Not. Teleport. We have a fairly detailed description of the territory explaining it's size and where certain locations are. Therefore, if your character is at the Main Den, for example, being guarded, and there is an event happening at the other side of the territory, you cannot run out of the den (ignoring any guard or other characters that may be present to stop you) and suddenly appear at the lake just in time to stop/see some event or other taking place. Nor will your character have knowledge of events they were not present for, even if you, the roleplayer, does know.

          Your Rank is your duty. If you are part of the Guard, your specific Rank is where you excel; you will have little to no knowledge or training of another Rank unless you have been explicitly trained by someone with such knowledge. An example of this is a Zeta warrior would not be able to heal or tend to the wounds of an ally unless explicitly taught how to by a Kappa. This goes for all regular Members, Iotas and Pups; whom have had no training.


          I'm expecting a minimum of two posts a week if you are a low ranking character, or three+ posts per week if you are higher ranking. Otherwise your character(s) will be killed off/deleted to free up ranks for other, more active members. This is especially true if you are part of the Elite/Guard; you need to be online at least every couple of days in order to enforce your rank. Please remember that you must be at least three years old to be a full part of the Guard, and at least two years old to be considered to be an Epsilon. Your Epsilon training normally lasts a whole year, unless you excel/have more frequent training etc.

          If anyone leaves the roleplay, or is banned for the wrong actions, their characters leave with them.

          The crux - no posting in over a month without prior notification, I'll assume you have lost interest and will remove your character(s).


          You must have mastered the basics of the English Language - specifically being able to write grammatically sound text within the past tense in third person format - in order to be accepted into this roleplay. You must also be able to spell and punctuate reasonably well; please use online checks if need be. If this is something you are not comfortable with, please do not apply.

          Not knowing the difference between, "they're," "there" and "their," as well as, "where," and "were," "bought" and "brought" and so on is either ignorance, laziness or stupidity. These are three things I do not want near the roleplay.

          *I'm sure we're all past using these* As for length, I'm not that fussy. You must write something for others to go on, and that's really all I'm worried about. There is no word/sentence/paragraph limit or minimum, but use your common sense. A one-liner isn't going to cut it, nor will twelve pages of mindless drivel. Be concise where needed.


          Include any cat emote that you like with your profile submission so I know you have read and accepted these thread rules. To join, the skeleton and rank availability can be found in the Profile Thread. It is to be completed and sent in a PM to me with, "Run With Me Fae," or, "Run With Me Brute," as the title, respectively. You must send all your profiles to me, regardless of whether it is your first character or your second/third character as I will still need to view and accept/reject any new profiles.

          When applying to the roleplay for the first time, please double and triple-check your submissions! Proof read them for obvious errors and typos. If your application is littered with errors, it will raise concerns as to your calibre of actual writing and I'll be unlikely to accept you, even if your character is amazing! If I do have any concerns regarding your writing ability, I may ask for a sample.

          The skeleton can be found in the Profile Thread, along with Rank Availability. Do read the existing profiles to make sure your character is not a carbon copy of another! Please remember that you cannot choose to be an Elite Rank. If you fit the bill, you will be appointed to be one within the roleplay.

          Please note that when you submit your profile, Gaia PMs may alter the coding. Do not worry and do not change it! It posts perfectly fine!

          User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

          User Image

          Introduction | Territory | Thread Rules | Pack Law | Ranks | Ceremonies | Overview | FAQ | Banners & Affiliates

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Each pack has it's own set of rules, laws and codes. These are ours.
Disregard them at your peril.

L A W S . O F . A R C H O N

  • Your loyalty should be solely to the pack and the Alphas.
  • Respect and obey the Alphas at all times.
  • Respect and obey your superior ranks.
  • If called for a pack meeting or an audience with the Alphas, you must attend unless a suitable excuse can be given.
  • If you wish to take a mate, you must gain the permission of the Alphas.
  • Respect your own ranks; you are obliged by your duty.
  • The strongest wolves have the highest ranks; fights are pitted to determine individual strengths.
  • Weakness is tolerated, not accepted.
  • Being promoted/demoted can and will happen.
  • Continual rule-breaking will lead to demotion and banishment.

    User Image

    H U N T I N G

  • If you are hungry and want to kill something you can.
  • However one wolf can not take down a full grown deer, you'll have to stick to little things like rodents, rabbits, etc.
  • The highest ranked wolf calls the shots unless they decide to nominate someone else to do it in large hunts.
  • Wolves very rarely go for the jugular; they do not have the strength of larger predators like lions. They run their prey down and rip open it's sides and belly to kill it. Once the animal falls down then they grab it's muzzle to suffocate it.
  • Highest ranked wolves eat first while the lower ranked wolves wait for their turn. A higher ranking wolf may give a lower ranking wolf to eat at the same time, however, though this depends on their mood and such.

  • You may hunt a maximum of THREE times within a 48 hour period. To hunt, you must roll FOUR ten-sided dice.

    Elites and Deltas must roll a 4 or higher for a successful hunt.

    The rest of the Guard must roll a 6 or higher for a successful hunt.

    Members and Iotas must roll an 8 or higher for a successful hunt.

    One you have posted hunting your prey, with the dice roll included, you can continue on to post the result of the hunt.

  • In Spring and Summer, when food is plentiful, at least one of the four die must hit the number required for a successful hunt.

    In Autumn, at least two of the four die must hit the number required.

    In Winter you must have three of the four die to be successful. This allows for skill and difficulty.

  • During group hunts, the lead wolf will roll all four die. Regardless of the season, the lead wolf must roll 6 or above on two out of the four die for the group hunt to be successful.

  • If you fail on all three of your hunting attempts, you will not be able to hunt again due to fatigue and prey movement.

    User Image

    B R E E D I N G

  • No whirlwind relationships, please.
  • You must be at least two years old to breed.
  • If two brutes like the same fae, and she cannot choose (even after recommendations from the Upsilon and Alphas) then they may fight for her.
  • You are allowed a maximum of six characters, which means you technically could mate two of your characters and also RP as the pups, but you're not going to get any interaction out of it, and may well be RPing by yourself.

  • If you are two years old, the maximum litter you can have is four pups.
  • If you are three, four or five years old, the maximum litter is six pups.
  • If you are six years old, the maximum litter is reduced to two pups.
  • At seven and eight, you may only produce one pup.
  • No wolf nine years or older can breed.

    Wolf Couples
  • . No yaoi/yuri couples, I'm afraid. Only male x female wolves can mate or produce pups.
  • If you wish to have pups, make sure you have them within the breeding season, and have the permission of the Alphas. Pups born without permission will most likely be killed or outcast along with either of the parents.
  • By Autumn, the pups should be talking and learning to hunt; far more independent than their newborn stage.
  • If your character falls pregnant, they must remain so for seven days, and must fall pregnant within the breeding season. (So your character could fall pregnant on the last day of the breeding season, your pups would be born seven days late.) No exceptions.

  • If you choose to have pups, you (the mother, and to some extent both parents) will choose the number of pups to have, their names and their genders.
  • For the first two weeks (IRL), pups may be roleplayed by the parents/mother. If after, no-one can be found to RP them, they will die. The only exception is if the parent(s) have enough free characters, then they may continue to roleplay as their pup as an extra character.

  • For the first two weeks, and played by the parents or not, the pups are fairly helpless; their eyes are opening, they're learning to talk, walk, eat etc. After the two week period, they are no longer newborn, and considered "pups."
  • They will eat regurgitated food and soft meat. When they begin to eat meat, they are moved to the Pup Den and watched over by Upsilons while their parents are hunting or fulfilling their duties.
  • Pups have priority on anything killed, regardless of their low rank.
  • Pups can develop hierarchies among themselves during this time.
  • Upon reaching Iota age, they can then begin joining in with other activities such as hunting practice and fighting practice. Those who show most aptitude may be invited along to the Iota Graduate when they reach maturity at two, and be considered to become an Epsilon and receive formal training in their field.

    User Image

    F I G H T I N G
  • Fighting can and will occur; it is a part of wolf life, and a way for individuals to establish dominance and hierarchies.
  • Fighting for a mate can occur. This must be brought to the attention of the Alphas.
  • In a fight; you WILL get hurt.
  • Fights may continue until the Alphas or other higher ranking wolf steps in to stop it, and declare a winner; or until one fighter submits.
  • Fighting to the death MAY occur.
  • If you don't want to die in a fight; submit or run.

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    Introduction | Territory | Thread Rules | Pack Law | Ranks | Ceremonies | Overview | FAQ | Banners & Affiliates

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                There are many Ranks within the pack. Should you have any queries, please feel free to ask in the OOC, PM me or send me an email.

                User Image

                E L I T E

                The highest Ranked wolves whom everyone looks up to. They are split into the Alpha wolves and Beta wolf.

                Alpha Wolves
                The leaders of the pack, one male and one female. They own the territory, and with the assistance of their Elites and Guard, protect their land. They carry out most of the big decisions, and can promote or relegate any wolf to any level of their pack. Alphas will always have final say in everything, and are obeyed by all members of the pack at all times. They create rules and boundaries for the pack and decide on ranking, courting, breeding and accepting and/or rejecting new wolves. They are usually the only breeding pair, but when food is plentiful, they will allow others to produce litters. They also can banish a wolf from the pack if they feel it necessary. Occasionally, Alphas may call Formal Group Hunts, or pack meetings.

                Beta Wolf
                The Beta wolf is chosen directly by the Alpha to be their Key Adviser, and take Alphaship whenever the Alphas are not present. They report only to the Alpha pair, and are second-in-command. The Beta has a say in punishment for disobedient wolves, and often cases of these are brought before them, if deemed too small for the Alpha, or the Alpha is not present. The Beta can also accept/reject new wolves and is usually in charge of assigning mentors for the Epsilons and Tau wolves, before reporting back to the Alpha. The mate of a Beta wolf can also assist with some of these duties, but usually retain their original rank.

                User Image

                User Image

                V A N G U A R D

                These wolves are charged with the safety of the pack and are the main, aggressive force in times of danger. The Vanguard is split into three ranks, and usually report to the Beta, who will relay information to the Alpha pair. The Vanguard often travel far and wide to complete a multitude of assignments, and will mix ranks depending on what is needed. Usually they are away from the main den unless resting or reporting.

                The strongest and most aggressive part of the Vanguard, Zetas are the warriors of the pack, charged with defending it against any aggressors in the front line. They often accompany Sigmas on border patrol and will be the first to be sent into battle should the need arise. Usually made up of brutes of a strong, muscular build, though there can be faes present, Zetas rarely live beyond five years due to the nature of their rank.

                Deltas are the primary hunters of the pack, specialising in different prey and group hunts as well as solo hunting. They work closely with the Sigmas and provide food for the entire pack. Often they are away from the Main Den while they are out hunting, and are invaluable to the survival of the pack. There is often a good mix of faes and brutes who are Delta wolves.

                Sigmas are the eyes, ears and paws of the pack. They are usually smaller, lighter and faster than most wolves, and are the scouts and trackers. Often they are sent on patrols to re-mark the territory and report back to their superiors of any prey or enemy movement that may have been spotted. For this reason they often work closely with both Deltas and Zetas, and are often accompanied by a warrior when going on long scouting missions or staying on watch. Sigmas are also the messengers of the pack; where howling is not a viable method of communication, Sigmas will fetch wolves and carry messages swiftly for the higher ranks. This is especially essential when in the midst of war.

                User Image

                User Image

                S A F E G U A R D

                Also ranked highly are the wolves who make up the Safeguard. Usually they remain near the main den to provide protection for pups and other young or weak members of the pack. The Safeguard tends to mingle a lot more with the lower ranking wolves, and so are often the first to turn to if there is a problem.

                Kappa Wolves
                Like the Shaman of the pack, these members can heal almost any injury or illness with the right tools and herbs. Greatly looked up to by most members of the pack, pups especially, they are invaluable, especially after large territorial battles or fights for dominance that leave wolves injured. Often they take on young, intelligent wolves as an Epsilon, or Apprentice. Kappa wolves can often spend years working out which herbs and plants can be used for which injury; and often they help young, new mothers with their first litters should any assistance be required. Most packs usually consist of one or two Kappa wolves.

                Upsilon Wolves
                Usually a she-wolf or wolves, the Upsilon rank describes the pack's main pup-sitter and match-maker. There may well be more than one wolf of this rank, but it is usually filled by mothers, or older wolves that have lost their ability to fight, hunt or track. A well-respected wolf, the Upsilon wolf often has a patient, calming personality; used to dealing with temperamental personalities. Upsilon wolves can see mothers after they have had their litters, and hunt for them while the mother watches over the pups, or vice versa. When the pups are no longer newborn, mothers often take them to the Pup's Den, where the Upsilons can look after the season's pups en masse. Upsilons are also match-makers and know all about courtship. Often if a fae has several admirers, or even the other way around, they can go to the Upsilon's for advice. Of course, the strongest wolves get to produce pups, therefore the Upsilons are good in seeking out the best traits and often help Alphas on who should be given breeding rights. Most packs usually consist of two or three Upsilon wolves.

                User Image

                User Image

                S U P E R I O R

                Those of a Superior Status are wolves who have shown potential and strength, and are on their way to improve themselves and their status. The pack begins to see them and respect them, treating them a little better than they would their peers.

                Epsilon Wolves
                Epsilon is the rank given to those wolves of two years old or more, who are training to be a part of the Vanguard or a Kappa. They are assigned a mentor by one of the Elite wolves, and will train for as long as it takes to be a formally recognised member of the Vanguard. This can be anything from one season to a whole year. If one does not complete training within a year; they will fail and not become a member of the Vanguard. Normally this rank is given to those Iotas who become two years old at their Graduation; though normal pack members can apply for this rank, too. Those who wish to become an Epsilon must apply to one of the Elites. It is not easy to become a member of the Vanguard, but with strength, dedication, determination, intelligence and skill; one can.

                User Image

                User Image

                M I D D L E

                Middle status wolves make up the majority of the pack; usually these are wolves with little ambition or no skill to attain any of the higher ranks. They enjoy the benefits of the pack and have few responsibilities within it, enjoying a life of relative peace and safety.

                Pack Members
                Members are either Iotas that just turned two, wolves that recently joined the pack and are no longer Taus, or former Psis or Omegas. These adult wolves have a minimum age of two, and are sexually mature; they can have a mate and breed. You can also become a Member if you were demoted in rank by the Alpha(s) for the wrong actions. Members don’t have many social freedoms, but they are free to do as they wish as long as they show proper respect to those above them and obey the pack’s rules.

                Iota Wolves
                Yearling wolves. These are wolves who have just turned one, through their puphood have learned the basics of pack life; hierarchy, how to hunt, fend for themselves and so on. Depending on the parenting, and the strength of the individual pup; some are now easily able to look after themselves, and wish to rise in the ranks. Common goals for Iotas is to become part of the Vanguard. Iota wolves would be the wolf equivalent of teenagers; and here is where their characters truly develop and shine through; now they have learned a little about their environment.

                One of the lowest ranking members of the pack, though its usually only the Alpha's who produce pups - however any other wolf may, with their Alpha's permission. Pups are adored by the pack and despite their low rank have many social freedoms as they learn the ways of the pack. All pups are considered equal with the exception of the very few born without permission. Psi Pups are gernerally ignored or bullied by the others as they are the lowest of the low; shaming themselves and their parents by their very presence. Too young to hunt or fend for themselves, they bring joy to all members of the pack, as they learn and fit into their natural hierarchy.

                User Image

                User Image

                L O W

                Wolves of Low Status are generally avoided by the rest of the pack, and often bullied or teased by those of higher rank. At worst they are bullied or attacked, at best ignored. Members of Low Status have usually shamed themselves in some way, continually broken rules or commited an unforgiveable crime, however sometimes they are simply new wolves that the pack does not know or trust fully.

                Psi Wolves
                These are wolves who were former pack members or members of the Vanguard or Safeguard and have been demoted for the wrong actions. Not as low as the Omega wolf, but it is a great dishonour to be placed in this rank. If one acts selfishly; or does something without permission and is caught, one may be placed into the Psi rank. Often these are wolves who breed without permission and are not killed or exiled; or those who eat continually before their superiors; disobeying their superiors, or general acts of selfishness after warning. To be in this rank, one does not have any say; nor are they treated with much respect and are generally avoided or ignored by the other wolves for fear of being stigmatised. Often wolves in this position end up as Omegas or are eventually chased away or killed off. One can, however, be promoted to pack member if they prove themselves; though if they were formerly a member of the Guard; it is unlikely they will get their rank back except in exceptional circumstances.

                Tau Wolves
                The rank all wolves are given whom just joined the pack. They are of this rank and are "under assessment" by the Elites of the pack. It is during this time a more suitable rank within the pack hierarchy could be selected for them, or, if they are seen as troublemakers, they will be chased away from the pack. Technically, they have the same social freedoms as Omegas, though if they act respectfully, the Alphas will often promote them to a higher rank; even if it is just Member. There can be any number of Tau wolves, though the period a wolf will remain in this rank is usually not very long.

                Omega Wolf
                The lowest possible member of the pack. They eat last at every kill, and are subservient to all other members of the pack. Often the wolf in this position is in bad favour with the Elites, though they can be promoted based on the Alpha's choice. They are the last to eat and often sleep separate from the pack; there is an Omega's den some distance from the main den. Being singled out for torment isn't unusual and most of the time the higher ranks will allow it. Sometimes they are put in charge of watching the pups if the Alphas deem them trustworthy enough, and there are no free Upsilons. Omegas are always one step away from banishment and must work hard to prove themselves to the Alphas in hopes that they will remove the rank of Omega.

                User Image

                Introduction | Territory | Thread Rules | Pack Law | Ranks | Ceremonies | Overview | FAQ | Banners & Affiliates

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    Wolves are highly sociable creatures, and there are many events within the calendar which brings even the most distant animals together. There are events and ceremonies that many look forward to in times of peace, with many more being created year on year!

            Pups Presentation Ceremony

            {Elite wolves must attend, parents must attend. Optional for other members.} (Autumn/Winter; Main Den)

            All pups are presented before the Alpha(s) in age order; oldest first; and much of the rest of the pack; a little before winter; when food is still plentiful. Pups are expected to state their name, their parent(s), say what possible ranks they'd like to be in future; and swear their loyalty to the pack and Alpha(s). During this time, the Alphas and Elites can make a head count of their pack; asses the pup's personalities; see characteristics developing early on, and generally get to know the youth of the pack. The ceremony is designed to bring the pack together in unity; focusing on the future. The pups. There is often a great deal of food; and all ranks below the Alphas may eat whenever they like, and at the same time. It is a day of peace and unity; rather like an informal gathering. It takes place in the large clearing near the top of the mountain; just outside the main den.

            Iota Graduate

            {Elite wolves must attend, wolves seeking promotions must attend. Other members not permitted.} (Spring)

            In the second Spring following the birth of pups, these wolves are no longer yearlings, or Iotas, but considered adult wolves. However, these wolves now have a great opportunity to get themselves promoted, and really show off in the eyes of their superiors. All Iotas soon to be two years old are taken to the Eastern part of the territory; where they may prove themselves. Each individual is given an hour to prove themselves. They may be given an hour in which to hunt and bring back as much game as they can - to be promoted to Epsilon. Or they may spar with one of the Zetas; if they show they have potential, they can be promoted to Epsilon. For those that wish to be Sigmas; they are given a scent to track and a stretch of territory to patrol. There are general tasks to improve the speed, stamina, strength and ability of the youth of the pack; honing their skills so they become a valuable asset to the pack. For those Iotas, now considered adults, who fail in their tasks or do not attempt them; they will simply be Pack Members. The tests are not only for Iotas; but for any members who wish to be promoted and tested. The tasks last a few days; from when the Alpha's howl to call it, to when they howl to end it. Results will not be decided or discussed until the Elite Status wolves discuss and bring their decisions together at the Meeting later that Spring.

            Wide Patrol

            {Elite members and Sigmas only; unless called.} (Spring, before meeting; outside territory borders, though meet at Main Den beforehand.)

            The Alphas and possibly Elites will explain to the Sigmas the boundaries of their Wide Patrol; what they're looking for and suchlike. This will vary from year to year, and those it affects will be told when to meet, where, and other important information.

            General Meeting

            {All Elite status wolves must attend, and it is advisable for all other members.} (Late Spring; Main Den)

            The meeting is called and held for several reasons. For those Iotas now promoted; it is a time for the pack to formally recognize their skills and new ranks. Those Iotas not promoted will obviously have no mention of their promotions. Promotions and possible demotions are illustrated here, so each wolf who attends knows of their peers' status. A short while before the Meeting; the Sigmas will be sent out on a Wide Patrol; out of the territory a short way. They will return, and their report on weather, hunting, predators and other information will be told to the pack. Any wolves with any problems or queries may then bring these to the attention of the Alphas.

            Challenge of the Hunt

            {Any may attempt.} (Early Summer)

            A game of fun and testing skills; it is a chance for the Deltas to show off, and others to show what they can do. They are given a patch of the territory where they must hunt as much game as they can; earning points for each killed. The one with the highest points at the end wins the challenge, and the prize... This event lasts over several days, depending on how many have chosen to enter; though you get only one run at this. If you show real talent here, you may be elected for promotion to Delta.

            Challenge of the Fang

            {Any may attempt.} (Summer)

            A contest, often between males though it is not unheard of for faes to compete. Several sparring matches where the first to draw blood on a certain area of the body; or pin one's opponent; or reach a certain location before your opponent, etc; depending on the rules for that particular match; wins. It is a fun and very challenging few days for all those who compete; and very entertaining for those who don't. A more intense version of this is what the Epsilons undergo during their training; this lighthearted event is more for fun; though any real potential that is seen may get you elected for promotion to the Guard or an Epsilon.

            More to come...

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    User Image

    Here you can find a list of characters' status and ranks for a quick summary. For full Profiles, please view the Profiles Thread.

    Pack Count: 22
    Males: 8
    Females: 14


            Alpha Ajax ((Rhea Valente))


            Zeta Tacio ((Rhea Valente))
            Zeta Ligeia ((Amaterasu_Ammy))

            Delta Theta ((Rhea Valente))

            Sigma Sidra ((Yoshimi_Kitten))
            Sigma Rain ((oOo-Lovely_Dream-oOo))


            Kappa Zahara ((Rikasha17))

            Upsilon Arald ((Crunch Buttsteak))


            Zeta Epsilon Aryn ((ii R a y))
            Zeta Epsilon Draca ((beastmistress13))

            Delta Epsilon Soturi ((FLiGHT L E S S SPARROW))

            Sigma Epsilon Faolan ((ladyofthekastle))

            Kappa Epsilon Zan ((ii R a y))


            Member Haris ((Rhea Valente))
            Member Eira ((beastmistress13))
            Member Tio ((KeatonIshTak05))

            Iota Sorriah ((Rhea Valente))
            Iota Zeff (gataki_xx))
            Iota Daeva ((a m r i t a cogito))


            Tau Marishka ((Amaterasu_Ammy))
            Tau Serrin ((Asilit))
            Tau Amnesia ((Pirate's Ballet))

            User Image

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    Any questions or queries, feel free to post in the OOC or drop me a PM. They'll go here if they're relevant so everyone can use this for reference. 3nodding

    Right.... so... this is a wolf role-play, huh?
    No s**t, sherlock.

    I'm a wolf! *bark bark pees on your leg*
    This sort of n00bish behaviour will result in banning and you being made a laughing stock of. It's a realistic wolf RP - meaning no powers, wings, curses, blessings, breathing fire, turning into a human, part-humans or anything of the sort. If you wish, you can be a hybrid, say, part-wolf, part-dog or fox etc. As long as it's plausible, it'll probably be accepted.

    What's the deal with ranks? How does the system work?
    Check the ranks for more information. It's very simple; Alpha is at the top. They run this pack. Under them, there is the Beta; the second-in-command and adviser. Betas help the Alphas deal with new wolves, punishments, help agree on promotions, demotions etc. Then there are the Vanguard - some are fighters, some are hunters, some are trackers. You also have the Safeguard where there are the healers and pup-sitters. Under the Guard are the Epsilons, the younger apprentice wolves who are training to be a part of the Guard. Regular members come next, rank equal to the Iotas, or yearling wolves. They're not old enough to be adults, but they're not pups either. Pups are next; fairly self-explanatory. Psi are the third lowest rank; wolves demoted for the wrong actions end up in this dishonorable rank. Then you have Taus; these are new wolves, those recently joined the pack. If you are a Tau, you are under examination, almost; working out your strengths and weaknesses and where best you can fit into the pack. The Omega is the lowest ranking wolf.

    Oh I get it... so, I can be promoted and demoted then? How?
    Good behaviour will put you in good favour with my Elite and I; bad will put you at odds. Do very well and you're more likely to get promoted; same works the other way. If you're a trouble-maker, you're likely to be punished and demoted. Wolves can also fight each other for rank, and it is not unheard of for open challenges to be made.

    Do we get our own packs?
    Possibly, eventually.

    Can I be a lone wolf?
    I'm still thinking on it. Not on the offset, no. If you commit a crime so outrageous it should end in your death or banishment, then you may well be exiled from the pack... But wolves are pack animals, they thrive on companionship. As wonderful a history as that emo-wolf trained by humans to kill and walks around with shackles and blood red eyes is.... it isn't natural. Lone wolves, by nature; don't last long. Least not so close to a pack's territory.

    Could you tell me where the best place to start? I'm not sure where anyone is?

    Anywhere you want. The territory is vast, and there are many members. You could check the OOC and ask where people are, or strike off on your own and hope you bump into someone.

    Why cant we choose to be an Elite? I'm literate and my character is great!
    Elite ranks are very high ranking; they answer only to the Alpha; all members of the Guard and the rest of the pack must respect and obey them. I will therefore be very choosy in who I allow to be this rank. Not only in the RP, but the Elites will help me run the thread; as the ranks get more full as the RP progresses, I will have a better idea of who to appoint.

    I want to be the Alphaess.
    Good luck. You'll have to 'woo' the Alpha in the RP, as you would if you wanted any character as your mate. Same reasons as with the Elite. I've probably not RP'd with you before; and while I will agree you are literate enough to join the thread; you need to have a good, well-played character in order to rise in the ranks, or have Ajax select you as his mate.

    Okay so I'm part of the Guard. What exactly do I do?
    You shouldn't really be asking! So best to brush up on rank information before you choose one or post in character. I'll break it down.
    Sigmas are the scouts and trackers of the pack. They are selected due to their speed and stamina. They may patrol the borders, re-enforce scent marks and check old or abandoned dens to make sure nothing untoward has made it's home there. Due to the fact that Sigmas are NOT fighters, these patrols are often done in pairs or with an accompanying Zeta. Sigmas also keep watch; selecting high areas where much of the boundary can be seen, they watch for intruders and prey movement; particularly large herds. Much of the Delta's largest hunts rely on the Sigma's information. A Sigma must ALWAYS be up-to-date with movements within the territory, for the Beta or the Alpha's may ask for a report at any time. Of course, Sigmas may also be training any Epsilons in their rank.

    Deltas are the hunters of the pack. They work very closely with the Sigmas and based on Sigma's information, they can plan attacks on large herds for pack hunts. Deltas are essential as they are the wolves with the most knowledge and experience of large hunts, and the pack relies on them to keep the meat coming in. If meat is scarce and the Sigma's report plenty of prey; the Deltas will be brought into question. Especially with pups, Deltas must make sure that no-one goes hungry. Often, Deltas will spend much of their time away from the main pack den unless they are waiting on a report from the Sigmas. They will often spend much of their time during the warmer months training up the Epsilons for when food is scarce over Winter.

    Zetas are the warriors of the pack. They also help enforce pack law and are often a great aide to the Beta and Alphas. They help police the pack when no other superior ranks are present, and are charged with being the first defense against any threat to the pack or it's territory. If a Sigma reports intruders; humans, bears, dogs, other wolves; and it needs an aggressive response; Zeta's are the ones who will strike first. Often alongside the Alphas; though the Alpha presence is not always required. In times of peace they often isolate themselves and train; they also train up the Epsilons. A Zeta's life-span is not always very long. Very few live past five or six years due to their dangerous rank, but there are those few who surpass the others.

    If you would like a break-down of your rank here, please PM me or post your request in the thread.

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    Please help yourself to one of our banners. Post them in your profile, journal, signature, your own threads and sites and advertise! ^,^

    Also available are links to other amazing roleplays you should definitely check out! 3nodding

    Here is the link to Pax Britannica's HQ Graphic Shop - Starbucks & Shakespeare, who were responsible for the fabulous graphic in RWM!

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    U P D A T E S . A N D . I M P O R T A N T . I N F O R M A T I O N

      This post will be a recap of events that have happened so far; any rank movements, seasonal and weather changes, births, deaths, alliances, threats etc. It will also list any characters that need to post, if someone is waiting on them. It will also post characters that are currently alone and looking for interaction.

      I will update this myself, but if I have missed anything, please post in the OOC or PM me and I will update this. 3nodding

      I'll post in the IC and OOC thread every time I have updated this. Unfortunately there is no way of quoting everyone in the roleplay, but if anything in particular is related to a roleplayer, I will quote them there. 3nodding

        Season: Autumn
        Time: Day
        Weather: Dry

        Near the river, Alpha Ajax and Zeta Ligeia relax - Ligeia brings him news of a recent skirmish. Sigma Sidra approaches Alpha Ajax and Zeta Ligeia with a recent scouting report.

        In the Great Forest, Tau Ariyana has gotten too close to a wild boar and is now in trouble, and has let out a distress howl, calling for help. Alpha Ajax instructs Sigma Sidra to fetch Kappa Cyo, in case he is needed, and leaves with Zeta Ligeia towards the Great Forest and Ariyana's aid. Sigma Pandora and Zeta Marrock also run to see how they can help.Sigma Rain hears to howl as well, and heads towards the Great Forest, also. She is the first on the scene and engages the boar.

        As the others arrive, Ajax instructs Pandora and Rain to take Ariyana back to the main den, while he, Ligeia and Marrock drive off the boar. Ajax successfully kills the boar, and instructs the two Zetas to search the area in case there are any others lurking nearby.

        While Ajax waits for the Zetas return, he is joined by Delta Sorias and Delta Jakar, who were responding to the howl for help. Sorias mentions something about a hidden valley within the territory. Ajax instructs Jakar and Sorias to help him drag the boar back to the den sites as food. The two Deltas quarrel, and Sorias leaves against orders. Ajax and Jakar drag the boar back to the den.

        Kappa Cyo, having been summoned by Sigma Sidra leaves the dens and heads towards the forest, where they come upon Ariyana, Pandora and Rain. He advises her to drink and looks over her injuries.

        When Ajax and Jakar arrive at the densite with the boar, the Delta excuses himself and leaves. Omega Faolan sees the return of the Alpha, but does not approach.

        Meanwhile, Zetas Marrock and Ligeia have encountered dozens and dozens of boar in their search. The boar are incredibly aggressive and attack the wolves. The two Zetas are slightly wounded, but manage to lose them in the trees before heading back to the dens, gravely concerned about the sheer number of boar and their behaviour.

        Alpha Ajax calls a pack meeting to start immediately.

        Season: Autumn
        Time: Night
        Weather: Raining

        The wolves of Archon begin to congregate at the main den, chatting amongst themselves. Some have heard of the events of the day. The return of the Zetas is longer than expected, as is the return of Ariyana, Cyo and the Sigmas.

        When the Zetas return, Ajax gets their report before relaying to the pack their findings as the meeting begins. The Alpha decides a wide patrol is needed to work out the cause of the boar's behaviour. Sigma Sidra and Zeta Tacio are to lead one half of the patrol each. Sigma Rain will also go along with Sidra. He instructs everyone who was involved with the boar to seek out a Kappa.

        Delta Sorias challenges Alpha Ajax after the meeting, when the Alpha opened the boar and began to eat. The Alpha reacts aggressively and Sorias backs off. Sorias grabs some meat for fellow Delta, Theta and converses. Sigma Pandora verbally attacks Delta Sorias for his behaviour, before leaving the den with her brother, Zeta Marrock. Delta Sorias leaves soon after, as the rain begins to fall more heavily.

        After the meeting, Omega Faolan speaks to Zeta Tacio to register her interest in coming along on the patrol. Ajax agrees and promotes Faolan to Sigma Epsilon.

        Eventually, Kappa Cyo returns with Ariyana and the other Sigmas. Ariyana does not seem injured so Cyo returns to the Kappa's Den to rest. Unknown to the others, he passes away in his sleep that night.

        Kappa Epsilon Zan tends to everyone's injuries throughout the night and into the morning, and those going out on patrol rest as much as they can before they move out.

        Much further away, three lone faes enter the Archon territory at different points and under different circumstances. Serrin, an Iota, is larger than most and has escaped from a human research center. She has the psychology of a pup and no skills to speak of.

        Amnesia, an adult wolf, has survived an attack by a mountain lion, and is fleeing its grasp. She manages to lose it near the river, and is currently regaining her strength and her bearings.

        Marishka, also an adult, has recently been banished from her birth pack after a stained past, and is looking for pastures new.

        In response to the boar threat, Ajax requests the wolves remain at the den site, or do not travel far into the territory to remain safe. He hopes to know more when the patrol returns.

        Season: Autumn
        Time: Day
        Weather: Raining Lightly

        Iota Sorriah decides to go against her nature and leaves the dens to hunt. She is unsuccessful, but picks up the scent of Serrin. Intrigued, she tracks her down and has offered to show the new fae how to hunt.

        Sigma Sidra and Rain and Zeta Tacio and Sigma Epsilon Faolan finally move out. Zeta Epsilon Aryn has decided to sneak along, and so follows Sidra and Rain on their half of the patrol. She is discovered by Delta Epsilon Soturi before she leaves, who does not try to stop her.

        Aryn follows Sidra and Rain for a short while, before becoming distracted by a new scent. She follows it and spots one of the two mountain lions that have taken up residence within Archon, though she does not know what it is.

        Zeta Tacio and Sigma Epsilon Faolan come to a stop by the edge of the Great Forest. Tacio smells the mountain lion, but as he has not encountered one before, does not know what the scent is.

        Iota Daeva heads down to the river, and Delta Epsilon Soturi goes to speak with her. The Iota requests some hunting lessons from the Epsilon, and Soturi agrees.

        Back at the dens, Upsilon Arald is summoned to Alpha Ajax's den. Ajax speaks to him about taking a mate, and that he is curious about Sigma Epsilon Faolan in this regard. Arald offers him council and voices his concerns about the boar.

        Delta Theta approaches Kappa Zahara for help about his lack of appetite. Before he can describe his concern, they note Kappa Cyo has passed. Theta advises her to stay away from the den and rest as he goes to inform Alpha Ajax.

        Zeta Epsilon Draca and Pack Member Eira play-fight outside the Alpha's den, as the Epsilon is mentored by Ajax himself. At Theta's message, Ajax requests the Delta takes Draca and some other Epsilons to hunt to keep them busy and their minds off any threats. Ajax requests Arald offers comfort to Zahara, before he seeks out Zeta Ligeia to help him bury Cyo. The Kappa Epsilon Zan comes along to help with the burial.

        Posts we are waiting on

        Sigma Rain - Sigma Sidra is leading the patrol and needs a post from Rain.

        Iota Daeva - Delta Epsilon Soturi has offered to show her some hunting techniques.

        Tau Marishka and Tau Amnesia are currently alone and could do with some interaction!

                    Last updated: Sunday 29th September 2013

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