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In a medieval world plagued by Yoma, humanoid shape-shifters that feed on humans. A mysterious group, known as the Organization, creates human-Yoma hybrids to exterminate Yoma for a fee. The public refer to these warriors as "Claymores," alluding to their large swords, or "Silver-eyed Witches," due to their silver eyes.

Character/Creature details:
Humans, Claymores, Awakened beings,
Yoma, Creatures of the abyss.

Combinations such as 1/4 Yoma in humans
or 3/4 yoma, are allowed, but Pro's and Con's are needed.
Male Claymore's reach Yoki limits sooner for reasons
only known by the non-Claymore members of the Organization.
Remember the Organization experiments on new things
all of the time, so send me a message with your idea
for approval.

Please add an introduction to your characters.
Add how they became what they are presented as,
and add what they're special skill is, PLEASE! Notify if your an offensive or defensive type as well.

Rubel the dispatcher for the Organization has
cancelled the job sending the rank one Claymore
to Teo village. (No Clare encounter to allow new story)
The Organization has been producing a lot more warriors then normal.
But they have been foolishly creating awakened beings unaware that the candidates
they have been using have been poor choices.

You already know basic ToC rules
and that you should not be rude to others.
So that's that LETS HAVE FUN!
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Teresa of the Faint Smile is so named as she has no apparent technique or personality trait—only her faint smile. Though she can sense Yoki flow in her opponents, allowing her to see they're moves before they actually happen
Teresa is never seen using more than 10% Yoki in battle. But she still defeats opponents using more Yoki.
She uses the traditional Claymore sword.
Rank 1 of the Organization's Claymores

Teresa joined the Organization not of will but because she
had nothing nor any living family and was sold to the Organization
by those she trusted.

Offensive Type.


Name: Alistair
Age: 23
Race: Human
Offensive Type

Alistair started off as just a young boy, running through towns, stealing food to survive.
His parents both died by the hands of a Yoma. He sulked for a week until he finally got over the death. One day while hiding from angry shop owners, he encountered a Yoma. He fell on his butt and backed away. The Yoma lunged at him, and he thought his life was over, but he opened his eyes to see a woman with a huge sword slay the Yoma before him. Before he had time to thank her, the girl fell, dead due to major injuries from the Yoma. He exited the alley and found everyone staring into the alley way. Every talked about a Claymore and pointed at the dead girl. Then stared at Alistair, thinking he was a Yoma. They all then avoided and hid from him. He went into the alley and grabbed the woman and her sword and carried her to an open field and buried her, then shoved the sword at the head of her grave as the stone. He then went back to his old house and grabbed his father's sword and chainmail and left the town to train to be able to fight off Yoma like a Claymore.


Eris Loveguard
Age: 22
Race: Claymore

Intro: Born into a wealthy family, she was granted her every wish. But one year when the small town within the walls of her family's land got snowed in, a Yoma infestation grew, unnoticed by the townspeople. One night, Eris fell asleep in her bed, just like any other night. She awoke in the middle of the night to loud screaming. Tiptoeing out of her room, she witnessed the gruesome death of her parents and their servants. She fled through the servant's entrance and hopped a horse out of town. The only reason she survived the snowstorms was the chance happening by of a Claymore, who took unusual pity on the girl, and dumped her at the next village. A fire in her soul, Eris sought out the Organization, determined to discontinue the destruction of homes, families, and entire towns.

Weaponry: Her Claymore is her primary weapon, though when confronted with more difficult enemies, she uses throwing needles tipped with a deadly Yoma poison.


Name: Mona
Race: Awakened Being. (Abyssal One) Former Rank 1 two generations ago.
Age: Older than most but appears to be in twenties.
Back-story: Mona was a an oddball. She joined the Organization willingly. She'd lost everything from friends and family to her purpose in life. She thought by joining the ranks of Claymores, she could protect everyone. Going through those experiments was hard but she managed to survive. She quickly rose to the ranks of being the number 1. However, in a battle against an Awakened Being, she released over 80% of her Yoki and awakened as a result. She went haywire and escaped from the Organizations' attempts to kill her. She took control of the Northern region and her Yoki has almost disappeared. She's still alive of course. Recently, she's had a number of Awakened Beings invade the North. Luckily she has a human form and can easily blend within the crowd who think of her as a normal person.
Weaponry: Nothing. She only fights when needed to. She was an offensive type.
Hmm I think ill make an antagonist for a change of pace, im tired of always being a hero twisted
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Teresa was on her way to Teo village when Rubel the Organization dispatcher stopped to let her know that the job in Teo has been cancelled, and that there is a group of Yoma said to be terrorizing a town nearby called Doga, "Those people in Doga have been struggling for some time now, being surrounded by desert and no other towns wanting to go out there i'm surprised any of them are alive at all really" said Rubel with a smirk.
Teresa then headed towards Doga with no remark for Rubel.
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Alistair walked around through the streets, passing by several caravans, and merchants. He encountered a random wild wolf which lunged at him. Alistair rose his sword just in time to guard against him. He then slashed at the wolf just strong enough to cut into the head. Wolves are always easy to kill, so it doesn't take much talent to kill one. He sheathed the blade and continued into a nearby town to stock up on goods.
Teresa reaches the desert town Doga to see it full of towns people, she walks through the main gate and notices the kids and townsfolk going inside they're homes as they stare at her in fear. "I believe this town is under a Yoma infestation and that a contract has been made to have the threats eliminated right?" Teresa asked two of the men from the town who had stood in the courtyard. The two men replied "Oh no miss, there aren't no Yoma here anymore." They smiled and turned away. Teresa appeared in front of them as they turned and the two in a shocked voice said "How is that pos--" interrupted the two men turned out to be Yoma in disguise as the top part of they're heads fell to the floor. "That makes two of them" Teresa said as the villagers were screaming murderer from they're homes.
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Alistair walked around and stopped, noticing the villagers running and screaming in fear. Others were yelling murderer. "Murderer? Better check it out." He said as he ran through the people and stopped to hide noticing a Claymore. He hid behind some crates, observing the woman, analyzing strength, speed and technique.
Teresa stood over the two bodies she just killed as she spoke up to the town " I was sent here to end a Yoma infestation, I know there are more, I know where you are, and you can't hide. Show yourselves now and ill give you a chance to fight." said Teresa as 14 men came out from the alleys and homes and surrounded the Claymore. "You can't kill all of us you filthy silver eyed witch!" The Yoma yelled as they all broke out of they're human forms. All at once the Yoma lunged at Teresa, but she stood there untouched by the group effort of the Yoma's attack. "How did she dodge all of us?" The Yoma questioned as Teresa began walking towards the loud mouthed monster.
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Alistair watched and analyzed the woman, as she quickly dodged all the yoma effortlessly. "Whoa, is this really the agility of a Claymore?" He questioned himself as he continued to observe the battle.
Teresa grabbed her sword as she approached the talkative Yoma and swung her blade what looked like one time but deceiving to the eyes the Yoma fell to shreds. The other monsters then ran towards her swinging they're razor sharp claws just to have all of they're hands sliced off faster then they could process the dismemberment. One of the Yoma that appeared took off in a diff direction then the others still armed with his claws got swiftly kicked in the head and tossed into some crates near one of the civilians. Teresa noticed the human and knew if the Yoma killed him she would be held responsible.
The Claymore quickly turned around and ran through the thirteen Yoma swinging her blade in a fluid motion to her footwork. The group of Yoma turned they're heads to Teresa when all of a sudden they're heads and torso's fell to the dirt leaving a pile of limbs and entrails. The last Yoma arose and looked to the human licking his lips, "One last meal before I die hahaha" The creature said as he reached toward him quickly. The Yoma's arm fell off before he could grab the civilian "What!?... Oh... damn." the Yoma spoke as a blade then stuck straight through his head dropping the scum to his face.
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Alistair watched the battle unfold, amazed by the speed, and power of the woman. He ducked as a Yoma was kicked towards his direction and raised his blade in order to defend himself as the yoma launched itself at him, only to get destroyed by the Claymore before it could have it's last meal. "Thought I was a goner there." He told himself. He looked at the woman of slight fear. "T-thank you for s-saving m-me miss." He stuttered.
Teresa looked at the stranger and said cold and calmly "I was just doing my job". Teresa then walked up to the door of the town banker and told him " A man in black will be here to collect the fee, give the payment to him". The Claymore then looked towards the towns exit and started to walk away from the banker and towns folk who had came outside after the Yoma were slain. "Sure glad the real monster is leaving now" the villagers spoke to each other with no gratitude of being saved.
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Alistair nodded at the cold remark of the Claymore. "No wonder people are so cold to them. They are just as cold as a yoma. Though these ungrateful civilians are much colder." He said quietly, almost ready to draw his blade at the civilians but then he might be slaughtered as well. He sighed left the village as well after doing some business with the town merchants. Then made a tent not far from the town and went to sleep.
Teresa had only made it four miles out of the town when she noticed one of the guards from the town had been following her. "Stop right there witch!" The man said as he walked up to the Claymore. "Ive just about had it with your kind showing up and making a mess in our towns. Your no different then the Yoma you monster!" the man spoke as he drew his spear at Teresa. "Go ahead and strike me you sorry excuse for a protector of your people. I can't kill humans and your really not worth the effort" Teresa said as the guard thrust his spear through Teresa's stomach and shoulders.
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I shall know you, secrets
by the litter you have left
and by your bloody footprints.

Eris blinked up into the sunlight, shifting the needles in her sleeves. She was on her way to a village just outside the desert surrounding Doga, named Shoten. She'd heard number one had been sent nearby, though Rubel hadn't released much more information. She always wondered how he managed to be so many places in such a short amount of time.

Casting the thoughts from her mind, Eris continued her trek. She was taking a slant direction, which would pass about two miled from Doga. She tended to avoid villages, like most of her kind. They weren't wanted unless there was a mess to clean up. 'Such hatred. We've all given up everything to save these people, and all they repay us with is disgust.' Eris spat on the ground and quickened her pace.

OOC: Sorry I took so long, guys. I go to bed early, and my bf was throwing a bit of a fit.

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