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Welcome to the City of Darkness. No one remembers what its true name is, or even how long ago it was last referred to its true name, at least a good 120 years have passed, but even that is not a certain thing. Nowadays its simply called The City of Darkness. Why is it called The City of Darkness, you may ask? Well I shall tell you. Within this city, all races of the supernatural has taken over, shutting the outside world out from within. They want the humans to themselves; for food, entertainment, and their own perverse pleasures. All documentation on the city's history has long been destroyed and the only history that remains is what the supernatural allows for us to know. Even knowledge of the outside world is considered taboo and any human caught trying to leave, or even give promise, hope, to the populous, disappears. This is where you come in. Are you a human fighting to leave day in and day out, even though you have never seen the sun or a blue sky because of the blanket of clouds that always hovers over the city? Or are you a member of the supernatural, seeing the city as a paradise for your kind? What path will you choose and how will it effect the future of the City of Darkness.

Locations of Interest

Club Bloodlust ~ The most exclusive club in all of the city. It is ran by the more powerful of the vampires. Other sups can be found here as well, but it is vampire territory, at the heart of the city. Humans normally come here to forgetJay their worries and to dance the night away. Humans that come here, also are aware that they may be bitten by a vampire. Its an 'enter at your own risk' when it comes to humans.

Jay's Diner ~ In the slums, located on the east, of the city, this is where most humans go for a bite to eat. Jay's hamburgers are famous here, although with no farm land in sight, what the hamburgers are made of is unknown.

Le Brooke Theater ~ Plays, operas, and musical are often played here. This is located in the southern part of the city, occupied by the lycan. The theater is a thriving artistic institute and a treasure to the lycan, whose own howl is seen as a thing of beauty to them.

Shadowbane Library ~ On the west side of the city, this library is owned by demons and magi. Magi, although simply humans with magical talents, have a truce with the demons of co-existence. The library is used by both so that they can always increase their knowledge. The two more intellectual of the supernatural, they do tend to butt heads with the vampires and lycan.

As the story grows, more locations will be added. Whats in the west side of the city is still unknown.
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~Follow Gaia's ToS
~Romance and violence is allowed, but lets keep it PG-13
~Semi-lit to lit only and third person only
~No god modding. As rpers, I should not have to explain what that is.
~Please only 2 characters tops per rper
~No auto hitting, no puppeteering another's character
~Use only the profile skeleton I provide and please fill it out correctly.
~No killing off another's character unless you have their permission first.
~The profile skeleton is in the Profile's thread. Fill that out, post it then you are in.
~There will be NO sparkly Twilight fairy vampires. If I see one, they will be auto killed.
~Vampire drink blood, demons feast of souls, and lycan eat flesh. Any other supernatural can get greedy with the food supply, keeping it from the humans.
~There is an underground human resistance, so those playing human can feel free to join that.
~Since this is going to be a rather large rp, I hope, I would like for everyone, in their posts, to state where their character is located and who with.
~Will add more rules as I see fit.

There are a few NPC's that are available to be played if anyone is interested.

The Don of Club Bloodlust: a male vampire that has nothing against using all his charm and power to get what he wants. He loves the taste of blood. A business man.

Ja'Nara's Demon Master; he has a barbaric physical attraction. Ruthless and cruel, he runs a good part of the area around the Shadowbane Library.

Jay: Owner of Jay's diner. He is neutral and for the right price will provide a wide range of information. One of the few that knows the truth, but keeps it to himself, unless the information is paid for.

As the rp moves along, there might be more NPC's but for now, these are the main ones. Feel free to take one of these NPC's over and i shall take the character off this list.
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In the deepest basement of the Shadowbane Library, Grand Librarian, Jereth Alexander was deep in study like usual. All magi or demons that also worked at the library knew not to bother him when he was like this. Since the loss of his little sister, he had became ice cold, not allowing anyone close to him, particularly demons.

The low glow of the candles danced across the walls, leaving shadows in many areas. With the many shadows that were present, a demon could, under normal circumstances, easily enter. However, with Jereth's deep hatred of the vile creatures, he had set up an alarm that would go off the moment a demon was even near the room. He would honor the truce between the magi and the demons, but that did not mean that he would allow them near him.

For the last five years he had done almost nothing but studying. He had no social life to speak of and really only stopped his studies to sleep or attend meetings with the high magi council. Some of the things he had managed to learn would be puzzling to many, as it was believed that the outside world was an endless desert and any that left the city would die of hunger and thirst. That fear alone was enough to keep anyone within the walls of the city. But, what he found was not what he was looking for, it would not save his sister from her pact.

Location: Lowest level of the Shadowbane Library
With: No one
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Ruthless Mage

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Varian Greyson

Varian sat at one of the tables in the well lit diner. Why he always came here was a mystery to him. It usually drew him here and he needed to come here. He didn't bother with the facts.

He was trying to shake the feeling of death he got from a mission to deliver a letter to someone at Club Bloodlust. It wasn't a nice place to be if you weren't a vampire. And lucky Varian he was as human as they come. He had made sure he did everything to make himself look unappealing to them but that wasn't a very good deterrent.

He had been told several times as he stepped inside that he looked too good of a meal to be passed up and that they wanted him to join them in a private room.

He knew what that meant, that meant he was going to be used as food. He had seen it far too many times over his time here in the dark city. He felt like he needed a bath to rid himself of the stench of the place. Old blood was not a pleasant smell.

Varian slowly lifted the cup to his lips and shivered slightly as the hot coffee warmed his throat and tried to shake the feeling that something bad was bound to happen to him today.

Location: Jay's Diner
With: Self
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Ja'Nara stood in the middle of her Master's main hall as she closed her eyes. She had to do as he bid, or the child before her would be slaughtered before her eyes. She hated the demon for tricking her all those years ago. If she had known the handsome man that was offering her the strength she needed to save her best friend was a demon, she would have much rather died trying to save her friend then accept what he had offered her.

As the drums started to beat, she allowed herself to get lost in the music as her body took over. Swaying her hips, moving her small bare feet, she moved in sync to the music resonating from the drums. She had to ensure that her Master was pleased with her performance, or the child's death would be on her hands. Although demons were more intellectual then vampires, they still had a knack for taking pleasure in the pain and misery of others, and her own Master was no different.

The demon that was playing the drum, started to beat it faster, urging her to dance faster and with more energy. She did not miss a beat as the drums picked up tempo, but she was starting to get exhausted about an hour into her dance. She opened her eyes, looking into her Master's to try to tell if he was at all pleased and by the looks of things, he was.

When the drums stopped, she fell to her knees, as if the whole thing had been rehearsed. She could feel that the soles of her feet were starting to blister from the carpet she danced on. She never received any medical treatment, as her Master bid her to heal herself with her own magic. Kneeling on the floor, she waited for her Master to give his next command.

Where: Master's Main hall
Who with: Master, a little girl, and several others.
OOC: As soon as someone puts up a profile to play as Ja'Nara's Master, I can post again as her.
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Sparkly Phantom

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Alyssia Beaumont
I'll help you out...

Eyes wide and hands moving quickly, Alyssia covered the screaming man's mouth with her delicate looking hand. "Shush, you can't scream! Please." The injured man stared at her bloody hand on his mouth, inhaling the scent of his own blood as he tried to nod to her. She slowly moved her hand away from his mouth, worried that he was going to cry out again. When he didn't make another noise, she grabbed a piece of rag. She passed it to him and told him to roll it up and bite down on it to keep himself from screaming. He nodded as he did what she said, biting down harshly on the rag. Alyssia once more got to work on stitching up his side. The man came to her in desperation. He was in a fight and his opponent pulled a knife.

Dark eyes looked about as she tried to keep completely calm, thus giving the man a sense of security. If she could make him feel safe than he would most likely not scream out too much and thus call her master down to them. However, it seemed his scream had caused some trouble at least and she froze as the sound of creaking ceiling sounded. She froze, staring at the ceiling where her master lived above them. She looked to the man with wide eyes and he bit down harder on the rag, trying to keep from panicking. They stood completely still as they listened. Eventually the sound vanished as it seemed her master went back to whatever he was doing. She sighed and looked at the man with a shy grin. "I think we are alright now." The man nodded and she quickly got back to work on finishing up his side.

Upon finishing the final stitch, she pulled it tight before pulling the knife free. She tied the thread and cut it free. "That should do it. You should be careful. The stitches will pull loose if you strain too much." She gave him some rags to tuck against his side for the day before helping the man to his feet. She escorted him outside the building and quickly closed the door. She sneaked back to her sheets. She dropped down in them, exhausted. She had been working on that man for awhile and it always seemed to drain her more whenever she worked without the consent of her master. She wasn't too fond of going behind her master's back but he wouldn't allow her to work on humans. So she closed her eyes to take a small nap. It would only be a little bit of time before anyone would come in for help, she hoped.

But don't ask me to fight.
Disconnect and self destruct one bullet at a time. What's your rush now, everyone will have his day to die
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Down In the outskirts of The City of Darkness, lays Willow Sky. Tucked up In her apartment. Today, Willow really Is not In the mood to annoy Vampies, No. Not today. Maybe tomorrow? Yes.
There In the corner of the window barred apartment,Is Willow. Fiddling about with her Machine guns, making sure there Is Infact, enough ammo to last her until her last scavenge hunt within the city.

But time Is approaching fast, oh yes, And Willow knows this all to well. Turning her head slightly. Willow glances at the clock, which Is nailed onto the wall. Taking another drag on the cigarette. Willow blows the smoke around her persons. Hiding her scent from the vampires.

Anyway, placing her Machine guns into there holsters which is around her hips. Willow takes a deep breath, and places another ciggy into her mouth.

Show time
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Aline walks into Jay's Diner, her long, baby pink hair pulled back into a ponytail. A few strands had fallen loose, framing her heart shaped face. She sees many humans here in the diner. She always felt quite nervous when around them, most don't like her. She feels sorry for them and a bit sorry for herself. She missed being friends with humans, that's how she grew up. Human parents, human friends, human everything.

Aline sighs and plops down onto one of the stools and orders some orange juice and a burger. She was glad she looked so normal in her beat up jacket, black t-shirt, ripped jeans, and hand-me-down biker boots. She knows she is not normal though. Beneath her clothing is a layer of fire-resistant armor designed to keep her from being nude if ever she loses control. Someone brings out her food and drink, she smiles and thanks them graciously before digging in happily.

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