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Hearing Akilla greet him, Comanche turned his head towards her and smiled. His eyes were always instantly drawn to her forest green eyes no matter how hard he tired to look at other parts of her. The hunter's eyes were her best feature by so far, or so he thought. Then hearing Russia growl at him from where she was sitting, caused Comanche to raise his brows. He only gave her a grin, which in fact earned him another growl. Comanche's ears then picked up on the sound of someone else growling at him. Did he just have a bad aurora around him today? Of course the alphaness had every right to growl at him, but weren't they passed this already? He had promised her his loyalty, wasn't that enough? But no Comanche knew it wasn't. He knew he had to earn the brown colored fae's trust, and no one said it was going to be easy. Looking over at Akilla once more to make sure she wouldn't growl at him, he then brought his eyes back around to stare at the Alphaness as his friend spoke about kaireena gathering wolves for a hunt. Even though Akilla's words caused him to frown, he didn't dare voice his opinion on the matter of her joining the hunt. He didn't want to make the huntress mad at him, but he didn't agree to her going on the hunt. He cared to much about her to let her get herself even more hurt then what she already was. Comanche knew Akilla's shoulder still hurt her, but who was he to tell her what she could and couldn't do. It wasn't his place to her no or yes and he sure wasn't going to force her to stay here.

Hearing Akilla say something about her sister Akia, Comanche growled darkly. He had a bone or two to pick with that female and he wasn't going to be nice about it either. It was a very good thing she chose to stay away from them for as long as he had. The guard didn't know if he could contain himself if and when he saw her again, but for the sake of not getting kicked out of the pack, he sure would try. Hearing Kaireena growl dangerously at someone, Comanche snapped out of his thoughts and turned to look at her. He blinked his eyes kinda confused like until he saw Akilla cowering down before the alphaness. That must mean the Alphaness wouldn't allow Akilla to join the hunt. Comanche tried to hide his relief but it was clearly shown on his face as he looked down at his friend. Out of the corner of his right eye, the guard caught sight of Calon, their new alpha male coming towards them. Comanche noticed the male hesitate before he walked up to them and soon wondered why. Was Calon scared of them or something? The brown colored brute knew the alpha male was new and all but he shouldn't worry so much. Kaireena chose him above all the other males, so she must believe in him.

Bowing his head in respect to Calon, Comanche smiled back to the brute. His ears then perked forward when the male spoke on Akilla's behave of her joining the hunt to Karieena. Great, now look at what you did...The guard growled to himself. He didn't like the idea of the alpha male approving Akilla's request on joining the hunt even though she was hurt. Damn him..
Turning his golden gaze back to the Alphaness, Comanche half prayed she wouldn't allow Akilla on the hunt. But once her words reached his ears on the matter, the guard frowned and shook his head. Damn fae..She's growing to soft in the heart. Akilla speaking to the healer was actually a good thing, but then again it wasn't. Hearing his friend thank the alphaness, Comanche had a change of heart as well. At least she would find out if she was fit to hunt again.

Comanche smiled to himself, soon deciding to give Akilla a wink. If she wanted to hunt that bad then he would smile and encourage her to go. He liked seeing her all happy and giddy. Watching the fae walk off to go to the healers, he then noticed her look back at him. A smile touched the corners of his maw when she then turned away and headed off again. Comanche's face then dropped into a frown when he noticed Akilla once again stop. "Why.." It was then he saw Akia come out from behind a tree and approach her sister. The brute couldn't pick up on the words Akia was saying to Akilla but whatever she was saying, Akilla didn't like. Watching the hated Huntress approach the Alphas, Comanche had to stop himself from lunging at her. Right now wasn't the time or the place to confront her about what she had done to Akilla, but he would soon. More soon then later he hoped. Not wanting to see the evil twin anymore, Comanche got up and followed after Akilla once the Alphaness dismissed them. He hadn't even saw Russia snap at Akia, before trotting off. "Hey Akilla wait up." the guard called after her. He wanted to go with her to the healers den and find out what the shaman would say about her shoulder.
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I've come a long long way, i've made a lot of mistakes.. but im still breathing.
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      Oh life had been tough for the ebony fae. She had grown up and lived along side her family and only her family for most of her life. Now what was she supposed to do? They were gone, and they had been for quite sometime.. but she just can’t let go. She wakes up every morning in hopes that they would come pounce on her soon after. Her dreams were constant reminders of the times she missed dearly. How she was managing to continue on, she had no idea. Was it the passion to live or just the will to seek revenge for the murder of her family? Calla would never know. She was not a violent wolf, but if she ever came across those wolves who took away the one thing she loved – she would show a dark side that no one, not even herself has witnessed. Now despite her depression it was very clear that she couldn’t live on her own any longer. Her bones were beginning to show through her thick pelt and her hunger caused her pain. Being a loner only lasted for a short time and recently there had been no game around for her to try and hunt. A pack would support her much better then herself.

      She was pretty brave, as every other outsider. She had to introduce herself to a pack that could potentially just view her as a threat. It was a big step for her as she has no idea about how life in a pack truly works. Was there a system they had to follow? Was there superior wolves? She didn’t have a clue. All she knew was that a pack was something that almost every wolf truly needed. Why? She could only wish she knew that answer.

      That being said, today was the day she would start showing herself around the one pack she had taken interest in. Karam Niel. Today seemed to be the perfect day, to her anyway, but maybe inside.. an outsider would not be so welcomed with the arrival of new pups. She was hoping to make a good impression today, and possibly get a head start into being trusted in the pack. She had faith that she wasn’t going to mess up, but she still worried in the back of her head.

      Her paws crossed onto the territory of Karam Niel and she knew it would only be a short amount of time before someone came and found her. She knew she could be attacked, or disrespected but she would just have to deal with it if this was something she truly wanted. Her ebony pelt sat flat against her skin and her ears twitched back and forth at every sound. Would they think her odd colouring was a disease? Oh Lupen.. all these possibilities of them not liking her were very overwhelming. She thought to much negative about herself. She looked towards her white coloured paw and remembered about what her mom used to say about that. It was her lucky paw and her mother told her she was a very special female and whenever she needed some luck.. just think back to what her mother always talked about. The female let out a soft sigh and a slight whine before moving farther into the territory. She stopped, knowing to respect boundaries. Now it was just the waiting game.

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>To Be Loved<

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I'll Never give in, I'll Never give up, I'll Never look back, And never think twice

xxThe large white brute shook out his coat, the sun was shining down on him in fallen patterns, disturbed by the tree's leafy branches. There was dust swirling around within that, disturbed recently. Aron's tongue flicked out to lick around his blood stained muzzle as his orbs scanned the horizon, his head then darted back down picking up his kill. He has stirred up quite a bit of commotion catching the damn jack rabbit, the b***h had better be appreciative. Aron and never before had to go to such lengths to catch a female's eye before. They were always so receptive to him, Evana's reluctance completely baffled the brute. Beyond baffled, it frustrated him to no end, now she was the unattainable prize, that he desired, the more she refused him the more he wanted her. And what was worse was that it seemed the fae was playing mind games with the brute, that was Aron's job! Sometimes she showed interest and other times she didn't. Aron could not figure out the difference between the to times, he did not understand at all why a fae would behave this way. Aron shook his head, ruffling the ivory fur of his chest as another through crossed his mind. The fae had been showing an awful lot of interest in another brute recently, what Evana found interesting in the newly appointed Sigma Lykoan was completely beyond him. The brute had little to no remarkable abilities in Aron's mind. He was an exceptional scout, great nose and set of eyes on him, but his battle abilities were null. Heck the brute was smaller than Eve herself, what kind of puppies would he produce? Nothing worth while, not like Aron's well built offspring. Couldn't Evana see the results within the litters he has sired so far? How could she not want to have offspring with him?

xxUpon spotting the familiar multi-colored pelt, Aron changed directions to come up behind her. As Aron passed he slid his pelt besides hers and dropped the kill directly in front of her before continuing forward. The brute rounded and laid down on his stomach, he began to lick the blood from his paws almost ignoring the fae before him. "I brought you breakfast...enjoy..." His tone was almost off hand as if he didn't care if she refused the offering. He didn't feel much like trying to court the fae this morning, catching the quick and tricky little meal had been more than enough to take whatever energy he'd had right out of him. He continued to clean his fores and mews of blood, but cautiously he peaked from the corner of his eye to see if the beta female approved of the jack rabbit.

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                                      Blight sat and waited patiently for the ex-alphaess, Luna to answer his previous question. When she finally did, he allowed his multi-hued orbs to slide away from her for the time being, pondering her statement They fell upon the horizon, in the direction where the pack, Taichi was said to lay. Leaving Taichi was apparently the smartest thing she had ever done. Blight couldn't help but notice how right she was. Taichi didn't seem like much of a threat to Mujihi. Maybe they were, maybe they weren't. Blight wasn't to keen on the whole background story of the three neighboring packs, nor did he really care to find out. Either way though, as Blight saw it, Mujihi surely was the more beneficial pack. At the rest of Luna's answer, Blight brought his attention back to the fae. Casually, he slipped his head downward, tilting it a bit, just enough so that he could lift his hind leg to scratch an itch on his neck. "Well, seems to me the better choice would have been trying to team up with Mujihi to take out that damned Karam Niel pack." He countered. The scout finished up his scratching, and shrugged.

                                      "It's basically just me and Sigma Lykaon scouting this place." Blight answered. "Not much going on. I highly down one of the neighboring packs are stupid enough to set foot on Mujihi soil." He suddenly began to grin. "We'd surely rip 'em to shreds!" Blight shouted spilling a bit of drivel onto the ground beneath him, feeling quite confident of his answer. The scout didn't care to much about the other packs. As far as he was concerned they were just wastes of space and time. It wouldn't be long before Mujihi claimed Taichi and Karam Niel territory as their own. The brute's body shivered with anticipation as he suddenly started to burst out in laughter. Just as soon as the laughter started, it suddenly stopped with Blight glaring at Luna in an almost challenging way.

                                      The brute's silver eye started to twitch lightly, and in his vision he could see a bright white light forming. "Awe. Not this s**t." He thought. He continued to stare at Luna but what he was seeing, wasn't Luna at all. Again, Jezebel his dead sibling, was paying him a visit. "You thought you could get away that easily?" Blight huffed. "Leave me alone, before I kill you again." he spoke to the young fae, who seated herself right by Luna. Of course, Luna wouldn't be able to see or hear who he was talking to, because it was all in his mind. Blight suddenly began to snarl at the fae, causing his fur to spike all the way down his back. The scout stood, staring down at what seemed to be nothingness. "Right. Just like you had always planned, Blight. You were always mother's favorite." "Listen here, you little mutt. It wasn't might fault." "Right." Jezebel coiled her tail around herself, looking at Luna and motioned to her. "Is this the new b-tch you're going to try and court? Bay won't like that very much, Blight. You're disgusting."

                                      Blight snapped his jaws at the ghost, forcing her to hush up before turning his gaze to Luna blue eyes. "Back to what I was saying before I was so rudely interrupted." He shot a glare at an empty space, where Jezebel was still seated. "What was your reason for leaving Taichi, anyway? Why betray your pack?" "Like you betrayed your family?" "Shut up." He growled, looking toward Luna. "Go on."

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regular "quotes" would be a ghost talking, which no one can hear or see besides Blight.
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                                                    Spring. It was a marking of a new year and most importantly, new beginnings. To Evana, spring was always pure, light and welcoming. The smell of morning dew was always it's freshest in the spring. There was new flowers, and new life blooming. Truly an extraordinary time, and Evana hated it. She much rather preferred the hard baring cold of the winter nipping at her muzzle and when everything was dead. And to top it off, winter brought no thunderstorms, instead snowstorms and blizzards. Those were things Evana could handle wit ease. Ocean-kissed orbs pierced the lake, watching it's slow, barely noticeable movement. She came to this spot often now, but she rather enjoyed it much more when it was frozen over and covered in thick blankets of snow. One of the many memories she had at this place was when Aron first seeked her out here. She had been livid with the brute because their former alphaess Seishi was a completely air head. Who knows, there might have been a bit of jealousy back then. Either way, he had seeked her out to kill a fae that the Karam Niel alpha, Roan had been allegedly getting close to by the name of Leah. Evana had complied and murdered the b***h in cold blood and made her son, Kadzait plant the body between Taichi and Karam Niel borders in order to frame them and hopefully start a war between the two packs. But that, had been many moons ago. Good times, they were. With a sigh, Evana turned her body so that she was no longer facing the water head-on, and instead had her left side staring at the clear blue waters.

                                                    A sudden change in the air caught Evana's attention. The fae had always been one to be completely aware of her surroundings, and last she had checked she had been completely alone. She had the feeling of someone coming near, though she didn't panic or move from her spot. She simply waited, remaining absolutely still and listening for sudden movements. In due time, massive paws could be hear padding the ground behind her, and just by the thumping patterns on the ground, she could tell immediately who it was. Aron. The alpha wasn't exactly the lightest brute, and with he spending so much time around him since she had joined Mujihi, she had grown to learn the different signs to knowing when the brute was approaching her. Like, perhaps, the sounds of his voice, or his snarl, or the way his paws hit the ground compared to other wolves she had come in counter with. Evana had grown accustomed to learning these simple things in order to stay alive.

                                                    The beta female's attention remained forward as she kept her back to the brute. In the corner of her eye, she could see his massive frame coming up beside her, and moments later his pelt brushing against hers. The smell of a fresh kill quickly prickled her nostrils and she flared them. When Aron came into view, her eyes shifted to lock onto his as he dropped the kill in front of her. How odd. Aron had been courting her for quite some time now, but e rarely ever went out of his way to bring a kill to her. Hell, for as long as she had known the brute she didn't ever recall him bringing a kill to any of his faes. Did this mean, that finally she had surpassed all the other bitches that he had ever been with? Was she finally getting through to the ivory brute that she was absolutely nothing like the passed failed mates he had had before. She was much more complicated, and much more valuable than anyone else that he had ever f-cked or dreamed about mating with. This bought a bit of pleasure to the fae, though none of it showed in her body language. Evana did have some unspoken feeling toward Aron and was flattered that he had decided to court her, but she wasn't going to give in that easily. She was not just some sex machine like he treated all his past mates just for pups and then move on to the next. No. If they did become mates, she would make sure he would know that he was forever indebted to her and there would be no more mates after her. She would be the permanent alphaess and they would be mated for life. That is, of course, if he didn't give in before she actually gave up her silly mind games and gave in to his tactics.

                                                    Evana's icy blue eyes bored into Aron as he began to groom himself, licking away the rabbit blood. "I see." She commented, not moving an inch to eat the meal. Instead, she continued to suspiciously watch him, laving an eyebrow to quirk upward. Her tail coiled itself around her paws and she finally looked away, turning her head to look at the lake. "Kadzait." She stated suddenly, completely out of the blue. For a while now, Kadzait had been a part of Karam Niel family. He was precisely planted into their little pack as a Mujihi spy and they had foolishly accepted him, just as planned. The last she had heard of him was when they met up once, a long while ago, and he had briefed on quickly on how he was quickly being accepted into the pack, and even befriended a young female; a healer novie by the name of Minnie. He also informed her on other information, like Roan taking on a new mate by the name of Marissa, in which she in turn informed Aron but other than that, she hadn't seen the brute in quite some time. "When is it that we will take over Karam Niel and retrieve my son?" Evana blue eyes fell upon Aron again as she waited for an answer. Kadzait was her only son by adoption and more importantly, her little prodigy. She raised him with the skills of combat, proper hunting and scouting technique and trained him to be not only cunning, unfeeling, and ruthless, but a very own spy. Though she often showed very little care for the young brute, she really did feel as though he was her own. Evana didn't talk about it much or say it often, but she worried for the brute. Sure, she had taught him that if he was stupid enough to get caught and get killed that it was his own damned fault, but that didn't change the fact that she cared. As the months grew on, Evana was growing somewhat impatient and wanted her son back at her side.

                                                    "I've never told you this, but I miss my dear boy. I want him back." Evana's tone suddenly turned warming, welcoming. One Aron would probably know as lustful. She stood, moving closer to the make, rubbing her pelt against his and doubled back, laying beside him. "I have no other son to fill the void of him being gone. Unless.." Evana's massive frame leaned into Aron's as she nipped at is pelt. "..there's some way to replace him." She cooed toward the alpha. Hopefully he could get her drift. She was talking about pups. Meaning, mating. In reality, this was just another mind game, to say the least. He wanted her. She knew that. And she wanted him. At the moment, she was surely playing with fire but hell, she didn't care. Evana shifted so that she would be able to lick under Aron's move, taking away the extra blood that he had missed. When that was done, she moved to the kill he had brought her, proceeding to devour it.

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So, Spring had finally come. Too bad. He was hoping that the cold or the new plague that had broken out would have taken care of the Alpha of their pack, Aron. In time, his end would come. For now, Phoenix was glad he'd been able to reacquire his former rank of Beta. It'd taken a while, and a lot of planning, but finally he'd been able to do it. Now the only one above him was that psychotic ivory wolf that seemed set on nothing else than obtaining Evana as his mate. Phoenix snorted at the thought. It seemed the two had been deepening their relationship, which got under the brute's skin for some reason. It wasn't just the fact that he didn't like the idea of his counterpart being promoted to a rank above his own, there was something else about it. For some reason he just didn't like the idea of the two being together. Unfortunately, it seemed that the Alpha was too strong to give in to the disease as so many other had. Of course, it was to be expected of such a feral wolf as Aron.

At the moment, Phoenix was out in the forest, attempting to keep himself isolated from the rest of the pack. He wasn't one much for socializing, and anything he could do to keep himself from watching Aron attempt to mount Evana was time not wasted. Gathering food for himself was always productive as well.

However, there was also another nuisance that had been added to the formula - the sitter known as Layla. It wasn't really that Phoenix didn't like her, it was that he didn't like any wolves in particular, and she seemed to think he wanted to make friends. Throughout his life he'd had no need of friends. In fact, he hardly even knew the meaning of the word. He'd been alone his whole life, save for the few moments when he was tossed into a fence with another hound that was as hungry for his blood as he was for a leg of lamb right now. Needless to say, it caused trust issues. Honestly, it would be better for the ivory fae if she would just leave him alone and let him be. He was content where he was. He didn't have to talk to any other wolves unless they had major issues or he had to give an order. Most of the problems were handled by the gammas. All Phoenix wanted was for the rest of the pack to stay out of his way, and for Aron to somehow cease to breathe so that he could obtain the title of Alpha and have no one telling him what to do. The only reason he'd even joined the pack was because he wasn't stupid - he knew he would need one to survive out here. Someone to help hunt the food and an army to provide protection from the other packs. The reason he'd chosen Mujihi over the others is simply because Aron came to him first.

As he was thinking all this over, the scent of blood filled his nostrils. It was a familiar smell, and one he welcomed. It meant there was food nearby, and that it was probably already dead or dying. An easy target. Unless, of course, it was food for another wolf.

Padding as quietly as he could through the forest, he headed toward the aroma. He soon realized that he had been right, it was the kill of another wolf, and the one he'd just recently been thinking of - Layla. He made no attempt to hide his presence as he approached, though she still didn't seem to notice him until he was almost right ontop of her. The only reason he'd even considered joining her was the fact that he may be able to get a free meal, though it seemed that the portions would be small, even for her. Perhaps he could get her to help him take down something a little larger. Of course, he would take the majority since he was the beta, but he would leave her some for herself and the pups.

"Layla. That kill seems a little small to share with the pups, don't you think? Follow me and we'll find something a little more sizeable." He'd learned it was a little easier to get the others to listen to you if you acted like you were trying to help them instead of simply yelling orders at them. As he was waiting for her response, he lifted his nose to the air and began to sift through the different smells, looking for a wild hog or deer in the area. He wasn't a fantastic hunter, but he figured the two of them should be able to take down something worth while.
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Finally, the cold had left along with the epidemic. They'd lost a lot of wolves to the foaming madness. Some were his good friends, others he hadn't had the chance to meet. A lot of the younger and elder wolves seemed to have gotten hit the hardest. He wondered if the other packs had suffered the same losses. He hated to see any wolves die of such a thing, even the dreadful mujihi. Why such a thing had happened, he wasn't sure. Some believed it was the work of the other packs. Something they had devised to bring down the Karam Niel's numbers so that they were easier to attack. Dozer, however, didn't believe in this theory. It was just something that happened, a coincidence. How would the other wolves ever of come up with something like this? He just hoped this new litter wouldn't be affected. The outbreak seemed to have come to a stop, so hopefully they would be alright.

Speaking of the new puppies, Dozer wished he could be there to see it happen. He loved pups, and seeing them born was always a miracle in his eyes. Unfortunately, he was the gamma now, which meant he needed to make sure the den was safe for the new arrivals. He'd lost his position as beta because he had helped out the Taichi female before. When Roan had found out that he'd risked his life to save a Taichi pack member, there was nothing the Alpha could do but carry out the orders he had set in place. If it had happened now, when they were so close to a truce, perhaps it wouldn't have caused such a problem, which is probably why he'd managed to get promoted back to gamma.

For the moment, he was conducting a perimeter check. Of course they had normal guards, but he had to make sure each one was doing what they were supposed to, and that everything was as it should be.

It was during this check that he noticed a new scent. He stopped, lifting his muzzle to the air as he attempted to distinguish the new smell. From what he could tell, it was a lone female. She had to be close to the border, but he couldn't tell if she had crossed over or not. It wasn't one he remembered from being of either of the opposing packs, which meant she was probably a loner. Of course, he could be wrong and she could be a new recruit of either one, or he could have just missed her before. Either way, he needed to know why she was so close to their border, or if she had crossed over.

Without thinking twice, the massive brute started toward the origin. His large paws rumbled through the forest as he ran, jumping over fallen logs and ducking under low-hanging limbs. The scent seemed to stay in one place, she wasn't moving. It didn't seem as if this fae was attempting to hide her scent, or her presence, which meant this was either a trap, or she just wanted to be found. Whichever the case, he was about to find out.

It didn't take him long before the smaller, ebony female [Calla] came into view. His large amber eyes locked onto her as he slowed to approach, coming to a halt several feet away. He wanted to make sure that if she attempted to attack he wouldn't be taken by surprise.

"Hello, my name is Dozer, the Gamma of Karam Niel. May I ask why you have entered our territory?" Keeping his other senses sharp in case of attack, his sight remained on her as he awaited her reply.

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                                              Calet remained staring off in the direction of the den, though his mind was elsewhere now. Well, sort of. He thought back to his family that he'd had once before - no, not cubs and a mate, but the family of his brother, sister, and parents. It often saddened the beta to think of such a thing, as he knew that life for him and his brother was a tad rough when they were younger. Having to take care of their sister was hard, as they were too young to do so - but they managed, at least for a while. Their parents had died not long after their sister, so it was mainly one thing after another just piling on top. And from the day that their sister had died, the two brothers despised one another...

                                              Hearing a light 'good morning' sent in his direction, Calet jumped a bit from being startled. He blinked a few times, bringing himself back to reality and turning silvery eyes in the direction of the wolf beside him: Ansel. The beta cleared his throat some before turning his eyes back to the direction of Lyra's den. "Good morning, Ansel," he replied, nodding his head to the sigma for a second. He was surprised to see the other male at the moment, though mainly it was because he hadn't expected anyone to actually approach him. Calet wasn't by any means anti-social, and in fact was a complete gentleman. But with going into a light daze, he didn't expect to be interrupted. Then again, it wasn't a bad thing, because it kept his mind into the here and now, rather than into the past.

                                              "Mm, yes, it does. Those two deserve a wonderful family, though. I am just glad to see them happy." Allowing a smile to cross his muzzle, he glanced over at Ansel before looking forward again. The thought of it all, though, made Calet yet again droop some. He sighed silently, more so at the fact that he was slightly wishing to find someone as a mate. He wasn't getting any younger, and the females seemed to be staying the same age - which meant he was doomed. Besides, he wasn't the greatest with the opposite sex... even if he did find a potential mate, his awkwardness around them would destroy the entire thing.

                                              With the topic being changed, Calet nodded his head again in acknowledgement. "I see. Well, in that case, we might as well gather a group to go on a hunt. That way, the new parents can eat so they can feed their young, and the rest of the pack won't be starving." Bringing himself to stand, Calet tipped his nose into the air and took in a deep sniff a few times; as if trying to catch the scent of others. Though, after a moment, he turned his gaze back to the sigma and gave orders. "Go ahead and assemble a group to hunt. I will go find Roan and see if he wants to join or not. When you get everyone, have them meet up near the densite and we'll get going." With that, the beta dipped his muzzle to Ansel one more time before turning and beginning to trot off. However, after a moment, he turned back around and spoke once more. "Oh, and Ansel? Try to get most of the others away from the newborn cubs. I can imagine Lyra will be overwhelmed with so many people around her." And once more, he turned, but this time he actually did leave. He would go find the alpha, invite him to a hunt, and whether or not Roan decided to join, Calet would take the hunting party out.

                                              It didn't take long for Calet to make his way to where Roan and his family were. The beta approached slowly, keeping his tail low and his head down a bit; only to show enough submission to the alphas as needed. "Roan," Calet called out, settling his eyes on the alpha as he approached. "I am gathering a hunting party, as Sable found some prey earlier. Would you like to attend, or did you have other plans?" The invite was kind and gentle, though Calet showed no emotion toward it. If the alpha did not want to attend, there was no harm in it - he understood. But he did want to invite the others, just in case.

                                              I'm with Roan, Marissa,
                                              Near the densites.
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                Willow was curled up in the main den, tail covering her nose as she slept next to other warm bodies. Her leg or lip would twitch every now and then, a clear indication that she was dreaming. Of what? Of her twin brother, who was still alive and doing well in life. That he had survived his illness and was doing even better than before; got a little more meat on his bones and continued his rank as Sigma. Next, little Litonya, the pup that she had and Jorhi had found with that outsider, Niyol, appeared. In a way, it was almost like they were a small family. The twins and a pup, who was almost like a little sister. All was well. Too bad it was just a dream. Her twin had actually died from the illness a while back, not long after they had reunited. She had spent so much time searching for him, only to lose him again. This time, it was for good. The one bright side that she had, was that she had found Litonya. Ever since the pup had been accepted into the pack, Willow had looked out for and bonded with her. Litonya felt like a little sister to her, and she'd do whatever she could to care for the cub. She didn't want to lose her.

                When Theo started to yell and shout like a mad a wolf, the scout quickly woke up from her dream and opened her eyes. She looked at the entrance of the main den, head raised high and ears perked to show that she was alert. What was wrong? Was something going on? Her brown orbs stared at the brute who was making the ruckus with his loud announcement, and it took her a good couple moments before her sleepy mind registered what was going on. His mate, Lyra, was going into labor, which meant that he would finally become a father. Her tail wagged with happiness for the brute. Though she had never really met or spoken with him, he seemed like a nice guy. Surely he would be a great father. She wondered how many pups would be added to the pack. Surely no more than three or four, right? At least, that was Willow’s guess. No matter the number, she hoped that all the pups were healthy and strong; not sickly like she and Jorhi had been, for that only caused trouble and worry. But both Lyra and Theo were strong and healthy parents, so surely their pups would be the exact same. Besides, she was sure that Litonya would love to have some new friends.

                Finally standing up, Willow quietly made her way out of the main den; carefully to not step on or bump into any wolves who managed to sleep through Theo's loud announcement. If they managed to do that, then surely they must be tired enough to need some more rest. Once she was out of the den, she shook off her coat to rid any dirt that may have clung onto her fur. After that, she pointed her muzzle up to the sky for a few moments, enjoying the spring time feeling and sun warmth. It was nice to have the warm weather back. Lowering her head back down, Willow wandered over to the side before she laid back down. Well, so much for that. Noticing that her fur still seemed to be a bit dirty, Willow began to groom herself. She'd go out or speak to Ansel afterwards. She cared about her hygiene and having clean, pretty fur, after all.

                ((Bleh :/ ))

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                                                              - - - - - - - - -
                                                                        Marissa smiled happily as Roan defended Theo, silently enjoying the affectionate cuddling. She'd never had a mate before, but the cuddles and affectionate gestures were something that she'd taken to easily, and greatly loved. "Oh I'm sure, and it's so wonderful that he's so excited." Roan's boasting of the pups hadn't gone unnoticed by the white fae, and it made her heart swell every time he showed how proud of them he was. "I think a walk first is an excellent idea." She enjoyed the last moment of silence then. And it was just that. A moment. She chuckled as she realized Rau was not nestled next to her anymore, and the slight flick of her ear let her know that he was silently padding behind them. She could almost count down his attack, and giggled as he tackled and climbed all over Roan, then craned her neck over so that she could lick the little russet pup. The way Roan played with the pups delighted her, and she wasn't worried in the least when he began mouthing the little red pup. "Good morning Rau." Smiling warmly, she turned her attention to Lane then, who had suddenly spoken up. "Yes, of course we'll go on a walk." She gave the little white pup a lick then, delighted to see that he was excited for the trip.

                                                                        Ashley walked in then, quietly giving 'good morning's to the pair. Her smile changed to one of understanding, warming her eyes. "Good morning. Ashley, dear, you can call me Marissa if that's more comfortable for you." The white fae had taken to Ace and Ashley as quickly as she had to Lane and Rau, but she feared the yearlings weren't warming up to her nearly as quickly. She didn't want to push them, understanding that it would take time for them to get used to it, but she hoped that they would like her as much as Rau and Lane liked Roan. "Good morning, Ace." The young brute seemed to be uncharacteristically down, but then again he had been lately. Marissa hoped she wasn't part of the source. She hadn't expressed her fears of the young wolves disliking her with Roan, and probably wouldn't. If he decided to talk to them about it, it might make things worse. She decided that if things began to digress, she would talk to her mate about it and they could come up with a solution together. "It would be wonderful if you could both join us." Her voice was warm and sincere, for she truly hoped the two would decide to tag along. Marissa could sense the slight tension that hung in the air when the whole family was together, and she'd do whatever she needed to help that dissipate.

                                                                        Marissa's attention was pulled away from the family as Calet poked his head into the den? A hunt? Oh, how Marissa's paws itched to give chase to some big prey, like an elk. She had duties to attend to near the den, though, and wouldn't have time for a hunt. Not that she had exactly been invited. The alphaess was discovering that she often was too busy when a big hunt was called, and hadn't been invited to as many as she had in the past. Oh well, she didn't particularly mind, since she loved the role she played in the pack now. She wouldn't bring up the plans to Calet before Roan had the chance to speak, she didn't want to sound like she was saying no for him. She knew how exciting hunts were, so she wouldn't blame Roan if he decided he wanted to go.

                                                                        Location: Alpha's den - - Company: Roan, Rau, Lane, Ashley, and Ace - - Action: Cuddlin some more - - Word Count: 643 - - ooc: Augh, I hit such a dead end with this post :/ was hopin for a higher quality post this time.

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『•"Something is calling me, I feel the gravity..of it all ." 』

"Taichi's Loyal Delta"

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                                                Tree branches fluttered as the birds raced through them chirping away as they were busily readying for the new spring season, the light sunlight that broke through the trees shone itself upon a timber-russet colored fae causing her to stir during her sleeping slumber as her eye-lids slowly slid back to reveal crimson colored hues. The eyes in which she bore were crimson due to a pigment mutation from birthing complications during her mother's labor, her mother was unhealthy both physically and mentally and so, Amala never brought her up much nor her previous life or pack at all. Slowly the Delta lifted her head with a loud yawn that ended with a whine before she glanced around the almost seeming empty den of Taichi, the pack was once so large and filled with lives of wolves and pups but, then Mujihi attacked, Luna left...and the sickness broke out, all of these things led to more then half of their wolves being extinct but, the bright side of this was Amala had gained the rank of Delta which she had tried so hard for so long to gain and she continued to prove to her alphaess Kaireena she made the right choice by choosing her as Taichi's Delta. Once she got herself fully awake she gave a rise to her paws and then a long stretch as her joints popped from being stiff for so long and then she was moving forward from her sleeping spot in order to go search out any other pack members as well as her own fellow hunter's.

                                                Soon enough she saw a small group gathering and they were speaking of a hunt, her ears flicked seeing one of her hunters Akia speaking of a hunt, she snorted softly hearing how she wished to re-place her spot, honestly she was growing tired of this bickering the two were doing. Slowly and respectfully Amala came up upon the scene as she bowed her head to Kaireena her tail flicking behind her before crimson hues looked to her hunter beside her "Perhaps...both of you should sit out if you cannot quit bickering like children, Akia..." her words were calm as she stared at her hunter for a few moment's then looked back to her alpha's "I also wish to join this hunt alpha's..please call me when it is ready" slowly Amala turned her body away but, not before shooting a glare towards Akia and then heading off as her ears perked up seeing her fellow elite, and also leader of the hunters Russia her ears perked up lightly as she approached and sat a few feet away to the side of the Zeta before curling her tail around her paws. "Greeting's, Russia...how are you fairing today?" her voice was yet again a calm soothing tone as she glanced about the den-site ears flicking as her torn ear gave a light flick, since she had nothing to do until the alpha's called for the hunt she figured why not throw out some casual conversation?

                                                {Bleh x.x, anyways welcome Taichi Delta!<3}


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    Karma Neil Pup

    Birth was a natural thing, the body's natural way of bringing a new life into the World. Newborn pups were one of those lucky creatures that are born into this World. Life on the inside will never prepare a pup to be ready for the outside. However that's how instincts kick in.

    A small multicolored tan pup was born the last of seven to Lyra and Theo. The cold was to much for the small pup to handle, trying to move towards her mother for warmth wasn't easy either and soon she just laid there not wanting to suckle. Some pups need time to get a hold of things, birth was a stressful thing not only for the mother but also for her children as well. It might cause worry for the little pup didn't want to get food despite being so very hungry but the cold caused her to shiver. Her body shook all over. When an animal gives birth, it's natural instincts upon birth was to separate the baby from the sac, lick the pup clean and nuzzle it to nurse. This was something that might need to be done with this little pup. She couldn't see, wolf pups like most animals are born with their eyes closed and blind. Due to the cold weather she couldn't smell her mother's scent very well. She shivered, no noise to be heard. Then all of a sudden the little pup managed to over-come the fear of the unknowing, to take instincts into our own hands and she suddenly wiggled her way towards what she thought would be mother. She was right when she began to shake her head against the female's n****e then she latched on and rather quickly. She drank for a few minutes and would delatch, then continue to suckle once more. This process was new and would take some time to get the hang of it. Soon the little pup got her fill and curled up nice and warm against her mother's stomach and fell quickly to sleep.
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    I've come a long long way, i've made a lot of mistakes.. but im still breathing.
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        Calla had know idea what was going to happen to her. For all she knew, she could be chased right out of Karam Niel’s territory or be brutally attacked. She just hoped that it would go smoothly and play out exactly how it had been doing in her head for the last few days. The ebony wolf paced back and forth growing very nervous. Her ears laid back against her head and her tail tucked slightly underneath her. She had never been to social able as she wasn’t raised around anyone else other then her family. The ebony fae froze dead in her tracks when someone approached her slowly. She didn’t put up any defense and instead she lowered herself onto the ground slowly. She was basically laying on her stomach in submission towards this unknown wolf. What was he going to do? Would he just tell her to leave? She panicked a little.

        When he stated his name as well as something else followed by a question of his own, she let out a sigh of relief and it seemed as if he meant no harm. She raised herself a little and then nervously replied to the large brute. “I er.. wish to join the pack.. I guess? I’ve never done this before.. its all so new. I assume whatever this ‘gamma’ thing is you are – is of high superiority?” She sighed softly, just a bit confused. “Dozer was it? I’m Calla..” She pawed at the ground nervously and then she turned her head away in act of shyness. “I feel like a fool, like I am the only wolf on earth that doesn’t know what pack life is like” she chuckled trying to ease tension that was slowly building. She was trying to hint at him that she had never been in a pack – but she was also trying to hint that she was indeed no harm to him or his fellow pack mates

    OOC : <3.
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                                                    Cold. It was cold. Blinking golden orbs into the sunlight that burned down upon her fur, Bay took in her surroundings as cold. It wasn't terribly unusual, of course, given that they were in the early season, yet, on a day that was clear and bore sun through the sky, she wanted to know why it was so cold out. With a soft groan, the omega forced herself to sit up. No one had been by to bother her yet, and by the looks of the sky, it was probably around mid day. It would be highly unusual to not have some kind of request directed or snapped at her yet, even if it was only from her brother, Blight. She had not seen him since the day before, when they had gone to sleep for the night. If there was no one to place such demands upon Bay, she would enjoy the time she had to herself, which probably wasn't much. The cold was probably just from the day. She didn't go near the dens, figuring she'd be unwelcome in their presence. The wolves of the Mujihi Pack, her own pack, were strong and vicious creatures. Bay was an omega for a reason, and would not easily seek out punishment. She wouldn't go near the dens unless Blight were to coax her inside insistently. If Blight permitted her to enter, then she would be safe to enter. After all, Blight was her savior. He was everything. He was the very breath of life itself, which was another contributing reason to her status as an omega. She knew the alpha, Aron. She knew to obey his commands, just as any Blight would give her, yet, her true allegiance was sold only to her brother. No one wanted an unruly wolf in their pack, and it was a miracle Bay was allowed to remain on Mujihi lands at all, but of course, any command she was given, she did diligently, even if they weren't directed from Blight. Her brother had told her to fit in and behave herself, and so she did. She was a perfect little worker. A perfect member. Any command was completed in a timely manner. Her only problem was allegiance, and the fact that she took the blame for Blight when he did something displeasing to the alpha. After all, Bay had been saved by her brother, so was she not to give her all to save him in return?

                                                    With a flick of her tail, the omega stretched her paws in front of her, looking as though she were bowing to the noon time sun. She parted her jaws in a yawn, allowing her tongue to loll from her maw for a moment. her ears flicked, trying to pick up the sounds of wolves that could be nearby. Catching no one in her immediate area, she put her nose to the sound. Should she even bother seeking someone out? Wouldn't they just scoff at her, and shun her? No one wanted to speak with the omega unless they desired something from her. It was stupid to think that someone, besides Blight might actually even want to converse with Bay. She kept her tail low, trying to warm her legs as she followed the scents of those in the Mujihi pack as they crossed over the land, traveling in the direction which their owners had passed. her ears perked, catching the sound of voices. She wasn't exactly sure who they were, until she caught the sound of Blight's voice. Her tail took on a small sweeping motion, staying close to her back legs, but moving in happiness all the same. The sound of another voice was present as well. The voice of the warrior Luna. Bay stopped in her tail wagging, padding gently closer, just so she could see the two, but not so much to intrude. She hand't been invited, so she would not presume that she would be allowed to even listen to the conversation. Yet, she was doing that now. Eavesdropping. She backed up a few paces, her ears moving back, submitting to the air, and the error of her ways. She could not linger here, not with Blight talking to Luna in the circle of a conversation Bay was not welcomed into. She sounded a soft whine before she moved on. Blight could find her later if he so desired. Or, if he had sensed her, he could call her back. Else wise, she would simply go on, walking aimlessly about the territory until she was told to do something. That was her job anyways, wasn't it? To be readily available for anyone who needed her, no matter how horrible the job. She was no better then a common slave. The lack of having to make decisions was all the freedom she needed. Someone would instruct, and she would act. that was all she ever needed to do.

    ℓαss FROM THE ℓσω cσυитяч
    BUT SHE ℓσvє∂ HIS ℓσя∂sнιρ SO тєи∂єяℓч
    oh sorrow • sing sorrow
    NOW SHE sℓєєρs IN THE vαℓℓєч WHERE THE ωιℓ∂ ғℓσωєяs NOD
    ℓσvє∂ HIM
    нєяsєℓғ AND ɢσ∂

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    ╠╣ Béline ╠╣

    The snarl from Sidero was nothing new to Béline, if anything it was quite normal for an elite mother to take their anger and stress out towards her. At times she would snap back at them and remind them who was doing what for who, but with the Zeta Béline figured it best to just ignore her at this point. Watching the mother give her demands of the pups care, she only gave a nod when it was meant to be given. Par usual Béline had spoken something to Sidero that upset her once more, though at least the Zeta didn't attack her for it. No instead she asked if Béline understood what she was trying to get across to her. "Yes Sidero, I am merely here to protect the pups from any other wolf besides yourself and to keep them warm while you hunt. Nothing more is to be done by me." With her demands basically being said once more as Béline repeated them so she could remind herself this is all she was to do.

    Staying quiet, her head turned to see Kailani had wandered over to Sidero's den. Her own hackles raised some towards the pup and a small hint of fangs peeked out from under her maw. Even if Sidero did have this covered, Béline did not trust anyone around the younger pups. Mostly because she knew it wouldn't take much for them to be injured or worse killed. And Béline would not ever allow a pup to die by another wolf's hand unless it was by the alpha's or it was after she died trying to protect it. Soon Sidero had checked her pups one more time before heading off to the hunting grounds. As Béline watched her go, she soon moved in front of the den and looked back at Kailani a low growl escaping her throat. "I suggest you do get lost." Standing still for a bit longer she watched Kailani, making sure she didn't come closer at the least. After she felt it was safe to go into the den, she did just such.

    Crawling down into the den, Béline counted the pups making sure all three were there and breathing. With all three heads accounted for and all sides rising in falling with breath, Béline curled herself around the pups. When doing this she made sure her eyes watched the den entrance, not trusting Kailani to leave. Her head lowered to touch the floor of the den, the injured leg starting to act up once more. It hopefully would soon calm enough when the herbs Raumo had given were able to take their full effect. Staying quiet she let the pups sleep against her black pelt, knowing all to well the white balls of pup fur looked so bright and able to be seen against it. Keeping an eye on the entrance she let her head rest completely on her paws now, deciding she could rest a bit until Sidero returned. Then again knowing Béline's luck she would be half a sleep with the Zeta returned and yelled at for it. Perhaps something along the lines of; 'Your sleeping can allow a wolf to sneak up and harm a pup!', the thought caused her to snort as a soft giggle would come from it.

    Picture Thanks To Hisyinphlay

    Location:Sidero's DenCompany:Ulfric, Ahriman, & KylynnFeelings:Sore & TiredThoughts:No sleeping on the job.
    Word Count:565 WordsOOC:N/A

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