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                                              The day was still fresh, considering the sun had risen into the sky not long ago. Dew mingled on each blade of grass, causing it to be wet beneath wolf paws that pounded onto the ground with each step. It was just like any other morning, was it not? A quick run through the territory was a regular routine for the beta; allowing him to take in each and every new scent, whether it be wolf, bear, or rabbit. Hopefully there would not be the scent of a bear, though the run through the area was beneficial to knowing the pack was safe, regardless of where they were. It was his job - to keep the pack safe, alongside the beta fae that would be beside him, and beneath the alphas that ruled over him. Even before this rank, though, Calet was always doing his best to keep things together. To make sure everyone was taken care of, not harmed, and overall happy. With age, comes wisdom. And with wisdom comes happiness. Well, at least, that's how Calet saw it.

                                              But perhaps the run was more than just knowledge of the surrounding area - perhaps the beta did this out of a way to exercise, as well as a way to soothe his mind. Coming out so early allowed his limbs to be stretched, but it also allowed him to prepare himself for the day. There was knowledge among the pack that cubs were to be born - brand new to the world, and needing all the care in the world. Each and every wolf would play their part in helping the new family, though the parents would do most of it, of course. Still, a cub was a cub, and every wolf needed to keep in mind that not only the parents were to protect and nurture the newborns, but the other wolves would, too. Granted, the mother may not let others near for a while, and it may even be hard to play a part in taking care of newborns with an overprotective parent, but soon enough they would calm down, and the cubs would need to see the world. Need to experience the pack. Need to live.

                                              The beta prepared not only his body, but his mind for the day. He would need physical and mental strength to get himself through the times. He was not entirely old yet, but he was not young, either. The male had a few more years before being marked as what they considered an 'elder', even though he was not fond of the name. Still, it was inevitable that age would catch up to him. But for now, he was fine. He had a job to do - and that job at the moment remained scouting the area.

                                              Soon enough, he finished. His scent was marked all over the brush in the territory, as he had made sure to take in every scent he came across. If something seemed dangerous, he would follow it - but this morning seemed quite safe. There was no scent of bears, or bucks, or anything that could cause harm to the pack and its incoming cubs. And with that small amount of satisfaction, Calet was quick to head back to the pup densite, where he was sure he was just a tad late for everything, even though he was hoping he was not.

                                              As soon as he even grew close to Lyra's den, the scent of blood and newborn filled his nose. He crinkled his muzzle a little, though more toward the distaste of the birth smell. It was not his favorite, but then again, who actually liked smelling that sort of thing? Still, it did not cause him to move away, but instead slow down his run until he was on the outskirts of the area; taking note of all of the bodies that surrounded the mother and her birthing cubs. Calet could only imagine how irritated the parents must be, though he took no action to guide the other wolves away. If things were to get tense, such as the parents wanting everyone to leave, the beta would step in - but for now, he remained on the outside, and just kept looking in.

                                              Taking in yet another whiff of the situation, it brought the beta into reality of his own life. Being five years old, he had yet to take on a mate. Yet to even try to court a female. Well, that was a lie - there were plenty of times he had attempted to court... but they never went well. Even during his younger years, the male was quite unfamiliar with the opposite sex. He was awkward with them; different. He would stumble over his words, forget what he was saying, and overall become extremely nervous. When it came to normal conversation, that was not the problem - but once the beta showed interest in a female near him, it was obvious. And it was bad. So, it seemed he did have reason to not have mated, or even taken a mate yet. Though, some may say otherwise.

                                              Sighing lightly, the beta glanced around before taking a seat where he was at; plopping his rear down onto the wet grass and watching from afar.

                                              I'm with no one,
                                              Near the pup den.
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            The snowy zeta growled as her claws dug deeper into the earth under her paws. Her nose picked up the scent of the theta and she snarled at the black female. "Took you long enough, I am going hunting. Protect my pups, keep them warm but do not feed them, even if they are hungry, they should stay asleep I just fed them." her voice had an underlying tone of pure evil. Béline never saw Sidero when she was pissed and in killer mode, and the zeta doubted she would want to see such a thing. The zeta finally went to stand up but the theta spoke and she snarled at her.

            "Well no s**t, I wasn't giving you an option I was telling you to watch my pups. If something happens to a single one of them I will take it out on your tail. Understand?" She spoke her red hues locked onto the golden ones of the theta. Her snowy tail was raised in dominance, Sidero and Béline were technically on the same level, they were leaders of their ranks but Sidero viewed warriors as far more useful then the providers so she just assumed she was better and was willing to put that on display. She should be nicer toward the theta but she knew the black female would protect the pups no matter what so it really didn't matter if she got mean or not.

            The zeta's ears picked up on the sound of paws coming near as well as the stench of one of Aron's other pups, this one born toward the fallen moronic alpha female, that was dead thanks to the alpha male. Her hackles rose sharply and her lips pulled off her fangs as she glared at the small pup. The zeta looked down at the invader and wanted the female gone. "Show some damn respect rat, it's zeta Sidero, now get lost, before I return and eat you and not my kill." she growled, her den was suppose to be hidden and it wasn't clearly so now she would have to dig out a new one and move her three pups. Sidero truthfully didn't want to even go hunt now that the other offspring of her former lover was here but she needed to for her pups. Ignoring any comment the pup could have said and went back to doing what she needed to do.

            Standing up and poking her head back into her den she gave her three pups a final lick and then moved out of the way for the female to get into the den, the zeta waited until the female was in the den and curled around her pups before she gave the female one last killer look before she shook out her snowy pelt and then got to her paws and walked off. Her tail swaying as she went now that her pups were okay, she went toward the river for a quick drink then she turned away and went into the deep part of the forest where the boars usually stayed. Picking up her paws she took off in a trot and after a short run she arrived where she found the best boars. Her ears flicked as she listened to the surrounds, her nose wiggled as she sniffed trying to scent out something weak or dying for her to easily kill.

            Lowering herself down she sniffled and waited until a piglet crossed her path, wasting no time, the zeta sprang out and locked her fangs around the animal. It squealed and called attention to her, a very angry male with tusks came running over at her. The zeta growled but she dodged the animal carrying away the squealing piglet, she closed her sharp fangs around the animal tighter until it went limp. Her tail raised up in dominance even though the boars didn't understand the gesture, they understood she was bigger and she already killed the piglet. No need to do anything about it now, she snorted as the animals went back to their business.

            Turning and leaving the wolf started on her way back to her den, she got half way there when she lowered herself to the earth and started to eat the animal that had been squealing and living just moments before. Ripping the meat off the bones, she happily ate the meat of the piglet. Sidero's maw and face got coated in the blood of the animal that was living a few moments before. Licking the blood from her maw she tried to clean herself up the best she could, she finished her meal and then once more started toward her den.

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It was cold. Everything just felt so cold. They couldn't see of course. Being that they were just born and all, but they could sure as right feel. And what they didn't feel was the warm comfort of their mother anymore, but the strange and chilly atmosphere of the outside world. It caused the lighter of the two pups to cry. See - Oslo and Galena were twins. This wasn't just because they came out from the same litter at the same time, but it was one of those natural phenomena's you were, even if they were male and female. Being twins though, didn't meant that they were all naturally the same though. Galena - the female of the two was much darker in color, taking on the appearance that she was going to grow to perhaps be an ebony in color. Something also not yet known to the outside world, was that this female was going to be a heap to watch out for. She had the courage and determination of her father, and the will of a boar. Making the female a touch force to be reckoned with if tested. She would of course boss around her other siblings every chance she got and would attempt to win the favors of her parents as much as she possibly could

The second of the twins would be the lighter in color brute who's name was known then as Oslo. Oslo would be more of a timid sort of wolf. His personality being that he wanted to be liked and to hang with the rest of his older siblings and try to prove himself - but never able to muster up the courage to do anything. Even as it being so - he will soon tun out to be a great fallback plan to anyone in trouble. His lighter coat for now could go anywhere as he aged and the adult coat slowly came in, but those eyes would always set him apart from any other. The deep, innocent look you'll probably always see within them. Already though - these two distinct personalities seemed to be coming into play. After they were born - of course there is the race of trying to find the most appropriate n****e for them to suckle on. Immediately, Galena found herself climbing over her siblings - not only trying to find the tit with the most milk to provide for her, but also the warmest spot along her mother's body. The dark pup really didn't have a care in the world who she was stepping or climbing on - as long as it meant that she got where it was she wanted to be. Unlikewise - Oslo seemed to have fallen behind and found himself at the back, near his mother's back legs. It wasn't as warm where he was, but at least there was milk and it was a semi cover from the harsh elements that he didn't want to have anything to do with at this point in time.

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When Calon approached his mate, he really didn’t think she would react the way she did. Of course, he didn’t announce himself and just rubbed himself up against her. Her reaction was just defense and she almost sunk her fangs into his flesh. He backed up with some confusion but chuckled softly when he realized she was just caught off guard. “Easy there.” He licked her maw softly. “It was truly my fault though. I know better then to sneak up on someone. I’m good, hungry as you can tell.” he gave a smile as she had nuzzled against his chest and chuckled when his stomach growled loudly. “I am very hungry and a hunt will be great. I’ll join you and the hunters.” He gave a smile and wagged his tail softly, but he padded off in a different direction for a moment. He just wanted to check to see if any hunters were up and around and bring them over to the small group that would be forming around the Alphaess.

He waited a few moments, hesitating and then he approached the group. He was hesitant because he was still new at all of this. He knew that some of them weren’t agreeing with him being Alpha male, but he hoped soon he could prove himself to them. He cleared his throat a little as he approached the group and gave a smile to each of the wolves standing there. “Hello gang.” He said casually and moved to the side of his mate, but he remained standing. He was excited for the hunt and to get some fresh meat for the pack. He gave a short wag of his tail and he stood with his posture high and tail held rather high. He wasn’t purposely trying to display dominance but it was there. Hey, he was still getting used to things! Its going to be awkward for a bit!

He looked towards Akilla and he nodded softly. “She could be of use. As long as she stayed clear, we don’t want any injuries.

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                                          Ansel looked towards the scout and smiled softly towards her. She was a hard worker and if he hadn’t of become Sigma, she would have been the next to be picked. He nodded towards her and complimented her work “Good, I’ll let the hunters know and maybe even Roan or Calet.” He nodded towards her and took his leave. Searching for prey was just another job for a scout. They had the keen senses and swift movements. They provided a lot for the pack, but Ansel would never say the provided more then anyone else, cause that would be untrue.

                                          The sigma turned for a moment and caught sight of the Beta. Calet seemed a little depressed, or really into his thoughts but Ansel wasn’t approaching for that reason. Dipping his head towards the Beta the male gave a quick smile. He was being respectful but that didn’t mean he shouldn’t be polite. “Good morning.” He said and he slowly took a seat next to the brute. He glanced towards the den and chuckled softly “Kinda makes you want your own eh?” He snorted of course just playing, but in a way speaking the truth. Seeing the joy that the new pups were bringing to Theo and the excitement only caused jealousy to run through his mind. He wanted to be happy like that, but he also feared that if he ever did get mated – they would die like his family had. Those were thoughts that haunted him everytime he got close to a fae.

                                          Ansel sighed softly and was quick to change the subject to something else. His two toned green eyes shifted around a bit before he spoke. “So, Sable did an early morning scout and found some prey. I wanted to bring that news to you or Roan. Possibly a hunt could come out of it?" He nodded towards the forest. If he was turned down that would be fine too. “And if not, then is there anything you wish me to do? I’m free at the moment and I don’t mind giving you a hand with anything.” Scouting didn’t need to constantly happen so Ansel was ready to do something a little more productive.

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                              Meesha shot a rather digusting glare towards the Luna when she made the comment. If the little princess could, she would rip her throat out and bring it right back to her father. Oh wouldn’t he be proud. Lately, Meesha had been going through the phase of constantly wanting to shed blood. Maybe it was just her lack of family time with her busy father. The white fae snorted and watched the ebony fae take off. Who did she think she was? She growled lowly and rolled her eyes when the Sigma suggested she go back and prepare for a hunt. “I’ll go back when I’m called. Im not going to stand around the densite like a useless rat.” she growled and stalked away. If there was one thing she hated, it was others trying to boss her around. Honestly, she only listened to her Delta and her father. No one else, maybe Sidero because she held somewhat respect for the sadistic fae.

                              Meesha rolled her eyes slightly and then started to make her way back to the densite. Maybe she could start the hunt? Since the Delta was no where around. Yeah! She could prove herself then! As she moved through the forest her nose picked up the most digusting smell ever. Kenyon. She snarled lowly and changed her direction. She hadn’t bugged him at all yet in the last few days. So today, she would. She hated him and wished he would just drop dead somewhere. He stole her attention from her father, and she wanted revenge for it. She was daddy’s little girl and when he came into the mix.. she was pushed aside. The white fae snarled as she emerged from the bushes towards the black brute. She growled lowly to announce her presence then she spat at him. “What are you doing out here, getting ready to leave the pack? Good riddance!” she chuckled and her tail flicked up and down. She was ready for a little brawl, as was common between the two.
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                                Taichi's alphaess smiled when the zeta agreed to come along on the hunt, but she was taken back when the zeta spoke out of line, and requested the injured hunter to come along. The alphaess's brows furrowed and a growl left her throat. She knew the snowy female and that the hunter and zeta were friends but that was a little off hand, and showed a lack of respect for the alphaess. "I do believe, I have spoken on the issue, I'm sorry Akilla but I will not risk your life for a hunt, when we have more capable wolves." she said looking at Akilla then once more at Russia. Kaireena was once a hunter before she became alpha, she knew the feeling of the hunt and knew what Akilla must be going through, wanting to hunt and help the pack but she would not risk her hunter's life for this.

                                Kaireena's ears flicked as she hear paws coming toward her, when she turned her head she growled darkly at the incoming male. Comanche and Kaireena had a history and the female was not happy by his past actions and he was still working on gaining her trust back. She looked down her muzzle at the male as he dipped his head in respect for each female but lower for her, she rolled her honey hues and looked at him. "Hello Comanche." she said before the hunter spoke up about the hunt again. A dangerous growl left her throat as she looked at the hunter, "I said no, do not bring this issue up again. Do I make myself clear?" she said with a growl, "If she wants to be apart of this hunt she will have to speak to me about it." she said, Kaireena wasn't about to pick one sister over the other, that was not her goal nor did she want to do it. Both females were wonderful hunters and she treasured both of them.

                                The female's tail flicked as she waited for one of the three wolves to say something about Akilla joining the hunt, but before any of them had a chance, she heard her mate's voice and she turned to face him. Her tail wagged a touch as she nuzzled into his chest fur, she watched him and smiled, the male was still learning how to handle being an alpha of the pack and she was doing the best she could to help him ease into the transition. Luna had left the pack before helping Kaireena so she had to learn it on her own, well that was totally true, she had her beloved sister to help her. Speaking of her sister, it wasn''t like Valkyrie to sleep in so long, her head turned as she looked toward the den to see if her sister was coming out with her mate.

                                Calon's words shocked the female and she turned her head quickly toward him, "Calon, I already said no, but if you think she could be of use.." she started and then looked at the female hunter, "Speak to Ekon, if he says you are okay to hunt then you can hunt with the pack. If he says no then do not bring it up again please." she said. Kaireena hated going back on her word but her mate was ranked above her slightly he was right, as long as she stayed clear she should be fine, still Kaireena wanted the shaman to check her out. She was sure the batty old male would just send her to the hunt without thinking much about it. Shaking her head she stood up, her tail raised in dominance and annoyance. "You all have a little before the hunt if you want to track something or get ready. I will howl shortly." she said as she bumped her mate and licked his muzzle before she turned and headed back toward the den.

                                OutOfCharacter: Sinder, I have to finish Ekon's profile, so you can say he is in the healer's den. I will take it from there.<3
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            Kenyon stood up his hackles raised and his fangs exposed when the moronic female showed up. The b***h had an issue with him, because he was the better offspring, even though he was not an actually offspring of Aron. He knew that she was jealous but truth be told, he wanted nothing more then to return to Taichi and murder the snowy b***h on his way out but to do that would risk Taichi, and from his counting the pack was tiny enough, thanks to him once, he wouldn't do that again. So his return to Taichi would have to wait until the pack gained numbers, and got stronger, then he would attempt to return to Taichi and get the new alpha, one that was a hunter when he was a pup, Kaireena, he thought her name was. From his scouting, he learned many things about Taichi and was quite proud of the new alpha.

            Meesha spoke and spat at him, pulling him from his thoughts, her saliva missed him and because he was bigger he lifted his tail up and looked down his muzzle at her. "Well look what the feline dragged in, if it's not the lowest life form in Mujihi." he said and chuckled at his own joke. Clearly Meesha thought her words would hurt him, but they didn't he let them roll right off his back. She asked what he was going, then said something so moronic. His tail curled up in dominance and he smiled a deadly smile at her. "Well no wonder Aron likes me best, at least my nose and eyes work. I was eating dumbs hit." he spat at her, he knew she was trying to push his buttons to start a fight but he wasn't going to let her on her own terms, hell no. He was going to attack her on his terms and in his way.

            "The little lost puppy wants to fight? You think you are going to win? I was trained by Sidero for a year until you decided to want to try to be a warrior, so I moved on, now here I am a hunter and you wormed your way into my rank. Can't you be original Messha? Must you always follow me? Aron won't love you anymore because you're trying to be me, nor will you ever get a rank by following me. Get a brain and get lost...again." he said, his words were dripping with poison and the got darker and deeper as he spoke, now he was trying to get her to attack him, and with her short temper, he was use his speech would do the trick and if not then he would attack her.

            His body tensed up as he stood there, his bright green eyes locked on her black ones. She was a spitting image of Aron, but a female and not as skilled or deadly. Lately he noticed she was getting more violent and perhaps she would go to Sidero and learn how to fight. Sidero was one of the most deadly and dangerous wolves in the pack, and if any one could change Meesha's mind from being a hunter to a warrior it would be her. For once Kenyon didn't want to have to watch over Meesha's tail and make sure the little "princess" was okay, which Aron had made him promise to do. Of course it was ages ago and he doubted the old wolf remembered it, but until he left Mujihi he would keep the promise.

            Turning his attention back to Meesha he waited for her to make her move, he knew her better then she knew herself most days. It came from the time when they were young pups and then yearlings, when he started to hate her, she still loved it. It wasn't until she turned three did she realize that he hated her, and it took her long enough. Now that she knew she pretty much thought she could control him and push him from the pack. Kenyon found what she was doing just to be annoying and useless, he would leave on his terms and at this point in time, it was not the right point in time for him to leave Mujihi to return to Taichi. His ears flicked as the wind blew between the two wolves, once closer then real siblings, now hated.

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We also have a NEW Hunting system. Please familiarize yourselves with it, as I expect to see it being put to use.
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                                              xxxxxx>> >> ☯ At the sound of Kaireena’s response to her going hunting made her cringe. Akilla lowered her body down under the Alphess’s growl and her ears went down in submission. She did not mean to get the others in trouble; she just wanted to do her job for the pack. But the greyish female knew her Alphess was right, she was a very wise fae and would always do whats best for the pack. As Kaireena spoke to Comanche and then growled at him to a soft whine escaped her muzzle then she nudged the brute to quiet him. I did not mean to offend my alphess, I was just trying to help in any way possible.” The sound of yet more paws coming towards their small group caused Akilla to raise her gaze only to drop it suddenly when she saw who it was. It was Calon their Alpha male. She had not gotten the chance to get to know the Alpha and was wondering how he would react to three wolves speaking out of line with his mate, their Alphess.

                                              Her heart almost skipped a beat and Akilla’s furry ears rose up in shock. Did he really just say she could be of use even though her shoulder pained her. Swallowing hard she dared to glance up at the two Alpha’s in awe of their stature and rank. The hunter in her was dying to get out and help she had not been able to since her sister attacked her. When the Alphess turned to address her mate she was even more shocked to see her take back her statement. When Kaireena’s yellow golden eyes fell upon her she lowered her head and hopeful eyes to the ground once more. She now had to find Ekon, she was unsure of who this was, another Akilla had not had the opportunity to get to know yet. Oh thank you Alphess you do not know what this means to me, ah well… maybe you do.” She dipped her head slightly in gratitude and the with her body still lowered headed for the healers den. Akilla paused looked back to Comanche but then her urge to hunt overrode her urge to help. Quickly the female set out for the healers den for a male named Ekon.

                                              Freezing suddenly as the wind caught a familiar scent a low threatening growl stirred in her stomach. Coming from behind a large tree was her twin Akia with a wolfy smile upon her face.

                                              xxxxxx>> >> ☯ Come now sister, that’s no way to greet your twin, now is it? You wouldn’t want a matching badge of shame on the other shoulder now would you?Akia said her head lowering slightly as she spread her paws, as if she were preparing to attack her sister again. Then the fae snorted and walked past Akilla only snapping at her twins other uninjured shoulder. “Watch your back sis I will be coming for you soon….”

                                              xxxxxx>> >> ☯Akilla snarled and wanted to attack her sister but knew it would not make anything right; she would let the elites deal with her.

                                              xxxxxx>> >> ☯ Almost instantly Akia’s body language changed as she approached the others. Her body went into submission, low, her ears back tail down, as she came up to the Alpha’s she quickly licked under their chins before backing up.I would humbly request joining the hunt you have proposed, I am more of a skilled hunter than the injured wolf there and wish to take her place.” Her body language said one thing while her eyes were devious and excited with spite.

                                              xxxxxx>> >> ☯ Akilla’s own forest green eyes grew wide her breath caught in her throat she couldn’t be shocked she knew her sister was known for doing this to her. Shaking her head Akilla kept on for the healers den, the Alpha’s had said if the healer cleared her she could hunt. They wouldn’t go back on that would they?

                                              OOC: Taichi hunters....

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                                                  Sable dipped her head, “thank you, I would appreciate that Ansel.”her words were soft and polite. Her red furry ears perked up as the sound of another wolf approached although by scent Sable knew it was her son Uranus. Turning to him she nuzzled into his fur affectionately. “Good morning my son, how …” her words stumbled as she saw the look of disappointment in his eyes as well as a hint of frustration. Sable lowered her voice and turned her back to Ansel giving Uranus her full attention. “My son what is troubling you this morning?” She worried her being gone so early this morning may have bothered him. The red mother did not wish to wake her growing son so she left without disturbing him. Giving his muzzle an affectionate lick she urged him to tell her what was wrong.

                                                  “Did something happen this morning while I was out, or did I upset you by leaving this morning and not telling you good bye. I did not want to wake you. You are growing so fast and so big I felt you needed your rest.” Sable’s ears tilted back slightly in worry, she wondered if there was a rift between him and his friend Miki or someone else in the pack. Her long reddish tail curled around her, but her ears couldn’t mistake the words Ansel spoke to the Beta Calet. She wondered if Ansel would take her credit but was relieved when he did not. Truth be told she did not know the male very well and wanted to change that. When her head turned to look upon the Beta to gage his reaction she was slightly taken back. This brute was quite handsome his black mask of fur upon his face made him all the more attractive to her. She had heard he was not like other brutes who were confident who felt bigger and better than the fae’s. This brute was one she would like to get to know too but feared his rank would get in the way of that. Sable always respected her elites and at times found it to be a barrier between wolves. Hearing the subject change her light blue eyes caste down upon the ground and then back to her son Uranus once more full of warmth and love as she looked upon her son. She wished she could give him a father to look up to and be proud of. Sable knew her son loved her but also knew he was missing a role model, someone he could talk to about male issues. Her shoulders sagged slightly under the weight of all her let downs. First the fact she seemed unapproachable, then her lack of friends, as well as her in ability to come out of her shell, unable to find a mate or a father for her son was another weight added. “Forgive me my son I was trapped in my thoughts, please tell me what bothers you. “she said kindly before nudging him gently under the chin with her nose.

                                                  ooc:512, Oh sable you put too much on yourself...
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                                      Early morning scouting was always a fun way to relieve stress. It was also a great way for Blight to speak with his.. 'companions.' Alone. This time, the one who seemed to visit him was one of his deceased younger siblings. It was interesting, now that Blight wasn't to afraid of anyone of them anymore. The young fae that he had killed so many moons ago pranced around him, nipping angrily at his limbs. She was much smaller than him, almost the size of a yearling. He and Bay had grown, due to still being alive, but his dead siblings never did. Blight danced back and forth, dodging her vicious attacks, even though he knew he wouldn't be able to feel them. Even still, he found it odd when they were trying to attack him. "C'mon, Jezebel. You try that every time. Cut it out. I said I was sorry, you twit." He stated with a hint of an irritated growl. "I'm going to keep doing it until you die!." She retorted bitterly and continued to n** at him. Blight said, closing his eyes and trying to make her disappear for the moment. Over time, it had become easier to block out ghosts, but sometimes when he wasn't focused on keeping that barrier up, they still popped up.

                                      When Blight reopened his eyes, Jezebel was gone for the moment. "Good riddance." He huffed. All these dead wolves sometimes took a toll on the scout, but one wolf Blight was actually looking forward to see; his mother. Since he had found Bay and found out that his mother was dead, Blight had been waiting to see the fae. A part of him hated her for making him so what he did. In his eyes, she was the reason he was having such a difficult time in life. At the time, it had been frightening, he had even feared her at one point in time and was truly afraid she would try to kill him. But also, a part of him loved her. It was his mother, after all. But, that was a very small percentage. With a sigh, Blight deemed it time to began heading back.

                                      Upon entering Mujihi's densite, the scout glanced around. There didn't seem to be much going on, really. Not even the alpha was out and about, from what he could tail. Then again, it was fairly early in the day. Even the full moon was still shining bright in the sky. Blight's bi-colored orbs shifted around the densite and landed on Luna. The ebony fae was seated all alone, which Blight noticed that she might have preferred. It was interesting how the fae how downgraded from being an alphaess to a lowly warrior. She could have at least tried to hold the rank of gamma, or Zeta, but unfortunately she did not. Before the brute knew it, he was headed toward the fae's direction. "Luna." he stated softly. "How is it going from Alphaess to a warrior?" Blight really wasn't trying to annoy her or anything, but was truly curious. "Losing a rank like that, most wolves are killed. Are you glad you're alive, then?" he asked.

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L u n a

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『•"Eyes like temptation, Dark as night, vengeance in her heart. Such a beautiful tragedy ." 』

"Something is pulling me, I feel the gravity of it all"

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                                                Luna's ears flicked as she remained alone within the densite, she looked about the den-site for a moment before staring back out in front of her. The large ebony fae was now hard to read, it couldn't be defined is she were angry or neutral but, lately taking down the Taichi was on her mind more then ever that wretched pack took her everything from her and killed her own mate in cold blood which caused another growl to form within her throat as she slowly lowered her front half down as her paws crawled across the ground to lower her frame to a laying down position. As she thought the one wolf came across her mind again Rantus the one whom was responsible for her mate's death as well as her losing her son Kenyon Luna wanted nothing more then to rip the throat from that beast while the pack fed upon it. She snarled softly as she laid her head between her paws, her eye-lids closing over her teal hues once more, as Luna dwelled in her thought's her mind came across her Zeta Sidero she wondered how the female was doing and how long she would be out for Luna wouldn't lie and say she wasn't eager to get back into training, all this laying around was starting to make her stir crazy. Another thought that crossed Luna's mind was the position she wanted, she wanted one rank that was higher..and once it was available she planned on trying for it and that was Beta..she knew Eve had it and didn't plan on challenging the fae for it for she had no problem with her, she would just patiently wait until it somehow became available and within the time she waited she would be able to prove herself and her true potential even more.

                                                As Luna laid within her thought's she heard heavy paws approaching her from behind which caused her ears to flick but, she did bother to move or even get up the ebony fae was not as social as she once was, often times she paid no mind to other wolves besides her zeta Sidero and her alpha Aron, soon enough she heard a male's voice which was asking her the ever famous question about leaving her alphaship and being a warrior. A growl escaped her throat as she raised her head and lifted her massive frame to it's paws, why was everyone so ******** interested in that? or the fact she was once a Taichi alphaess but, had left to join Mujihi?. Slowly Luna turned around with raised hackles only because she didn't know whom it was who was behind her but, her teal eyes soon picked up vision of Mujihi's scout Blight she snorted softly before listening to the rest of his question before her tail flicked behind her and she gave a light growl at the thought of that lowly pack "Why is it, everyone is so interested in me leaving Taichi for Mujihi?.Leaving the alphaship of that wretched pack was probably the smartest choice I had made..." she then listened to him state how most wolves were killed which caused her to chuckle within her mind, she had much battle experience as well as intelligence and did not plan on letting anyone kill her let alone anyone in that worthless pack plus she knew Aron also saw how having such a long reigning alphaess could benefit him and the pack death was just not in Luna's cards as cocky as that made her sound.

                                                Her teal vision looked to the sides for a moment before looking back to the scout in front of her, she gave a shake of her neck before answering his next question "Aron knew, how well he was benefiting by gaining myself within this pack...I know Taichi all to well...and plus this rank of warrior is only temporary.." she pawed at her muzzle a moment before lowering her hind end to a sitting position before looking back to the scout "And what of you?...how are the scout's doing?" Luna honestly didn't care much about the other ranks besides the one she was in nor, did she really care about the other wolves in the pack but, Blight hadn't annoyed her yet so she had decided to perhaps sit and talk for abit until she was needed elsewhere.


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            "i have screamed until my veins collapsed
            ive waited as my times elapsed
            now, all I do is live with so much fate
            ive wished for this, ive bitched at that
            ive left behind this little fact:
            you cannot kill what you did not create

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                            ive gotta say what ive gotta say
                            and then i swear ill go away
                            but i cant promise youll enjoy the noise
                            i guess ill save the best for last
                            my future seems like one big past
                            youre left with me cause you left me no choice

                    Faylen licked her maw, cleaning any water clinging to her fur off. She turned fully towards Luna and trotted a few steps towards the black furred fae. A laugh made its way from her, “I’m not one of those mutts, now am I, Luna?” The question was rhetorical, but she didn’t expect to get an answer from the wolf anyways. Faylen heard the voices at the same time Luna did, but she paid no mind to the young bickering wolves. Faylen used to have to deal with this all the time, it was something she had learned to tune out a long time ago. Faylen lazily followed after Luna, anyways though. She had the same opinion as Luna, but felt no need to add in her own two cents. The ebony wolf looked to have enough of them others and turned her attention back onto her. “Same to you, Luna.” Once she was gone, Faylen’s gaze was turned to Lykaon, who had just greeted her.

                    Faylen looked at him for a few moments before she finally spoke, “Good morning also, and I was, as you should have been. Scouts do more than just spy, you know. Especially the Sig-ma.” Faylen teased? Really, she wasn’t sure. Being social with Mujihi members wasn’t one of Faylen strong suits. She wasn’t bad at it, though. Faylen still has some of her nature ability to make friends, even if it is slowly getting rusty. “Anyways, I have to go find Hramn. See you later, Lykaon.” Faylen padded past the Sigma Scout and into the bushes with the full intent to hunt her guard down. Maybe she could harass him into doing another round around the territory.

                    Faylen traveled for a bit before she caught the familiar smell of Hramn. It lead her right back to the den site, specifically near the sitters den. She slowed her steps, making them quieter and she crept forward. He was sleeping. She could tell just that from here, even if a tree was blocking her full view of him. He was just a bundle of fur from here, but as she got closer his body became more defined. Faylen kept her pace quiet as she approached him. She manage to get right up to him. This made her narrow her eyes. Yeah, this was slightly suspicious. Hramn may be a wolf that sleeps frequently, but there was no way she could just sneak up on him so easily. Or, at least that is what she thought. Faylen planted her butt onto the ground before she lifted her paw then brought it down, whacking Hramn across the head. “You’re sleeping again, Hramn.

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                    SSOOC: I am Sho Sho character jumping xD
                    SSSSWith: HARMN.
                    SSSSSSWord Count: 443

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          Hearing Comanche walk up and greet them, Russia sighed with relief. She dipped her head in greeting to him, though kept her eyes on the alphaness. The white fae was glad her friend was up and about, though she couldn't help but growl a little when she saw him sit down beside Akilla. Knowing she had no right and then again she did to growl at him didn't much matter to her anyhow. She didn't see Comanche as anyway but as a friend, but damn it he could at least greet her as one. When Akilla started to speak to Comanche and then the alphaness, the Zeta listened. Akilla had a really good point about what she could do on the hunt, but Russia would hate to see the hunter get hurt. Then hearing Akilla say something about her sister still being around the pack caused Russia to growl lowly. The fae didn't like the other twin Akia at all and she meant to let her know. That one was to mean to her sister as well as others and the first chance she got, Russia wanted to snap at her. She didn't even want Akia on the hunt, but then that wasn't her say, it was just how she felt.

          Flicking her ears forward when someone cleared their throat, Russia noticed the alpha male decided to grace everyone with his presence. She dipped her head in respect to him, though she didn't have as much respect for him as she did Kaireena. Besides she didn't really trust the Alpha male just yet, but that didn't mean she wouldn't respect him. He was their alpha so she had to respect him either way it went. Russia raised her head and nodded when Calon said hello, soon turning her attention back to the Alphaness. It was then turned back to Calon when he said Akilla could be of some use to the pack on the hunt. Well at least he supported the green eyed hunter going on the hunt. Now all they needed was the alphaness's approval. Looking over at the Alphaness once more, Russia noticed her smile but then it turned into a frown, followed by a growl. Oh man that isn't good. Russia thought to herself as she heard Kaireena growl at her, which then caused the Zeta to whine and lower herself down a little. "I'm sorry Alphaness. I didn't mean to speak out of turn. It won't happen again." Her ears lowered sadly and she couldn't help but whimper when the Alpha female began to speak to Akilla and her. So that was a no and there was no changing it. Hearing Kaireena growl dangerously at Akilla, Russia hunkered down and whined all the more. She didn't like being growled at by the Alpha fae or hearing her growl at anyone else. It was scary.

          After all that was said and done, Russia raised back up on her hunches and watched as Kaireena shared a tender moment with her mate Calon. Watching the two brought on a sadness to the Zeta's heart that she thought wasn't there. Then it all turned wrong again when the brown colored fae began to speak again about Akilla not being able to join the hunt. But thankfully she said if the healer thought it was ok for the hunter to join, then she could. Russia gave Akilla a smile, but it quickly faded, not wanting the Alphaness to see her joy encase she got in trouble again. She looked over at Comanche wondering what he was thinking on the matter, though she turned away when the Alphaness and Alpha male shared another tender moment. Hearing Kaireena say they had a little time to their selves, Russia stood up and was just about to walk away from the small group when Akia came towards them.

          As soon as the other twin lowered herself into submission, Russia growled. She was pathetic. The white fae no longer wanted to be here as long as Akia was around. Eying her with a grin, Russia then moved away from the group but not before she snapped her jaws at the golden eyed huntress. Even though the Zeta knew she might get snapped at by the Alphas, snapping at Akia was well worth the risk. She wanted to get away from the group then even though she wished someone would come talk to her. Picking out a nice spot near a shaded tree, the Zeta sat down on her hunches to wait for the Alphas to call the hunt.


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