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          "i have screamed until my veins collapsed
          ive waited as my times elapsed
          now, all I do is live with so much fate
          ive wished for this, ive bitched at that
          ive left behind this little fact:
          you cannot kill what you did not create

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                          ive gotta say what ive gotta say
                          and then i swear ill go away
                          but i cant promise youll enjoy the noise
                          i guess ill save the best for last
                          my future seems like one big past
                          youre left with me cause you left me no choice

                  Faylen doesn’t have a good track record with keeping mates (or potential mates). Out of the three that she has had, every single one of them have met the same fate. She really thought she could keep Brutus. The fates had a different idea. Brutus’ death was fresh in her mind still no matter how hard she tried to block it out or how long ago it was. She wondered what Taichi did when they found their substitute alpha dead. The smell of blood covered her own scent, hopefully. She didn’t need to be framed for another murder. Faylen’s life was already a steep enough slope. She didn’t need to add a few more inches to the incline, no matter how painful Brutus’ death was. She had to continue on like nothing had changed or that little bit of love she had felt was just withering away and that was hard enough.

                  The Iota padded through the earlier morning dew as she patrolled the outskirts of the camp. She could smell every wolf that had been in and out of camp from last night till this morning. Most scents were faded, but a few told her that some wolves had left the den site. There were no signs of any abnormal scent so she widened her search. Faylen wouldn’t patrol to far from the camp. Just far enough to make sure no unwanted company had been looking in on them while they were sleeping. So far, the scents were all their own and this made Faylen’s job that much more easier. Soon, Faylen straightened out her patrol path and headed towards the river.

                  She would be getting a quick drink before she hunted Harmn down. Faylen already knew that he patrolled at night and would be coming back to camp to sleep. She found a satisfying pleasure in waking him and then harassing him about doing his job when she was well aware that he had already done it. That was for later however, for know she would be pushing her way through some bushes and making her fur damp with the little water droplets that cling to the foliages leaves. The mud of the bank felt cool between her paws and she dipped her head to lick up a few gulps of water.

                  Glancing to the side she spotted Luna, former Alphaess of Taichi and one of the reason Faylen was in Mujihi. The ebony fae’s pelt was slicked back and shining, hinting that the warrior had taken a dip a few minutes before Faylen’s arrival. The white wolf felt a sick satisfaction that Luna has fallen so far and even more so that it was a fall that almost mirrored her own. Faylen lifted her head to look at Luna. “A nice morning to be lazing about, wouldn’t you think Luna?” Faylen asked her as she turned away from the river, ready to leave as soon as she deemed fit. Faylen and Luna have had very minimal contact since the warriors arrival into the pack. Faylen had been outraged when she had learned about it, actually. The feeling has sizzled down and Faylen is learning to accept that the former alphaess is a part of Mujihi, just like she did with Kayle.

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                  SSOOC: Faylen is coming to get Hramn next >D
                  SSSSWith: LUNA.
                  SSSSSSWord Count: 544

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        ℳujihi ჷcout

        Wandering about the forest was about all a scout was good for now a days. Always on the look out for outsiders or intruders that may bring harm to the pack they called home. And it would be the same for Lykaon as it was for every other scout or Sigma in any pack. Search through the forest for trouble or even for a source of food for the pack to eat. And now Lykaon was doing just that searching for trouble in the surrounding area near the main den area. Picking up a slow jogging trot he took in the scents of the area, it all exciting him in a way. The smell of freshly growing grass and pine furs growing taller and taller with the season. His tail wagged with happiness and he continued to move his gate across the forest floor, the soft feeling of dirt and grass under his padded paws.

        His head was held high to take in the wind swept scents, wondering how far he had gotten before he caught wind of other wolves. His eyes darted around in search of the fur that owned each scent, his eyes soon falling on a black pelted wolf{Luna}. Keeping his distance from her, he could easily tell it was Luna the warrior. At the sight of her Lykaon was quick to leave the area in fear of being talked to by a fae, worse off one he barely knew much about. At least with his scouts he knew somethings about them, though it wasn't much at all. Sadly his shyness had kept him at bay and at easy, but now he must get over it or pay by losing his Sigma. Looking over his shoulder he made sure that Luna was not following after him, not sure what he would do if she did. It wasn't that he hated the wolf or feared her in general, it was all faes that were troublesome to him.

        As he kept his eye back on Luna he failed to notice he was headed straight towards another wolf. And because of this he suddenly was stumbling over a white pelted wolf{Meesha} and laying on the ground looking at the sky in confusion. Quick to get to his feet with hackles raised, in fear that he had stumbled into an intruder, Lykaon looked towards the white wolf{Meesha}. It was then he noticed that the wolf he hit was a member of his pack and a fae as well. Backing up slightly his hackles lowered and his body became more relaxed. A stammer of words soon to leave him, as he tried to confront Meesha. "Wha...What are you doing out here. Sha...Shouldn't you be with Oberon and the rest of the hunters?" He tried his best to be strong sounding, but it never did help when he questioned a fae that he stumbled over his words. Standing up straight and hold his head higher, he tried to prove his higher rank and show he didn't mind the fact she was a fae. This was all Lykaon could do really to convince this fae he wasn't fearful of her.

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        Location:Near the River Mujihi TerritoryI'm With..:MeeshaFeelings:Nervous & UneasyThoughts:I can't look weak...Word Count:530 WordsOOC:N/A
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        K A R A M xxxx N I E L xxxx T H E T A xxxx S I T T E R

                                                  Comfortably nestled up beside her mate, Sitka had hardly stirred throughout the night. The usually light-sleeper had thoroughly been exhausting herself between training Ace, spending time with the other sitters, watching over the remaining pups of the pack, and assisting Theo in attending to Lyra, whenever she could. Her paws had been hurting from all of her running around, as well as her knees. In fact her recent tendency to busy herself like a bee had caused her to drift easily and sleep heartily. Therefore, she was spared from Theo's frantic rampage about the dens... for a time.

                                                  At the sound of her name being shouted, an ear twitched and consciousness slowly began to drag its tendrils across her. Her body filled with feelings from the world around her. The phantom of an ache in her front paw, now rested. The dryness of her throat, though not unbearable. A coldness at her side. Lavita must have moved from the den sometime that morning. Sitka let out a huff of a breath, groggily replying to the expectant father though he had no doubt moved on to find his mate by now. “I'm right here,” The fae grumbled rather sleepily, “I'm coming.”

                                                  Her eyes were unwilling to meet the light, but as soon as they were open she found herself lucid. Sitka rose, stretched, tested her legs, all before exiting the den she shared with her mate. Here, in the open forest of the den area, she stood in the hinted chill of the morning. The forest was quiet with slumbering animals, save for the birds who sang songs from the higher branches of the trees. The sun was barely over the horizon; it's heat far from reaching the dwelling of the Karam Niel wolves.

                                                  The theta yawned and shook out her pelt. Her two strong jaws separated in a yawn, and by the time she was primed and ready for the morning to bring about the start of a new day, Lavita appeared.

                                                  Sitka smiled at the sight of him, giving her tail a soft wag as he came closer. She stepped toward him, coming to meet him, and licked under his chin and upon the side of his face lovingly. “Good morning.” She hummed, well aware that soon she would have to be on her way and after Theo. “How did you sleep?”

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        Iggy lay dejectedly around the densite. It'd been a while since she'd join the pack and she still questioned why she did join and whether staying was a good idea, but she'd never leave her best friend Zephyr. The young fae sometimes believed the only reason she had stuck around was to stay with the brute and because she knew she needed a pack to survive. Not to mention leaving the pack meant she'd never be able to show her face here or risk being killed, heck if she even tried to leave she'd have to be quick about it. The gray and white wolf shook her head to try and rid the thoughts from her head. If any of the wolves -especially Aron - they'd surely at least punish her for it.

        Decided she needed to go for a run the wolf got up and stretched her limbs before darting into the forest. This was something that helped her easily forget about everything except the forest around her and simply being a wolf. She was born to run and be free, to let nothing stand in her way for wolves were top predators here. Sure there were mountain lions and bears, but wolves are envied by even humans. Soon enough Iggy's thoughts were once more at peace and she could think straighter. When she arrived back at the densite she was much more vigilant to things around her. Her eyes roamed the area, finding each wolf immediately knowing their names this time. With their names she knew which ones to dodge and which ones would tolerate her.

        She skirted away from most the wolves, passing by the sitter's den in the process. Iggy remembered a time she used to want to be a sitter, but then a pup went missing and she saw what happens when the sitters don't listen to Aron. Iggy didn't wish to be on the alpha's bad side so she would find a different spot within the pack. For now she was pack member, but soon enough she'd find her place in the pack, that is only if she doesn't steal Zephyr and run for the hills. Surely they could survive? Perhaps make a pack of their own? Iggy let her thoughts end there as she quickly cause on to where her thoughts of her best friend were going, she didn't think he'd want to even have pups with her, so why would he want to start a pack with her? Suddenly feeling depressed she wandered the densite like a lost puppy. She didn't want to admit that she was looking for him, just like she didn't want to admit that the feelings she was having lately were more than just friendly feelings. She shrugged off any oddness and just blamed the spring air.

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        Location:wandering the densite
        Company:the pack
        OOC:Yay~! Fang's back~! -latches onto rp- I shall never let go! c: oh and hopefully my pictures aren't too big, they weren't cooperating

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                                                          T H E xxxxxxx B R A T T Y xxxxxxx Y E A R L I N G

                                                          Ashley had taken to rising early each morning. When there was light in the forest but no heat. No sun to beat down on her black coat, making her uncomfortable when most other wolves were just slightly warm. The eve of the day's life was also the bridge between sleeping and being awake. A time where reality and dreaming where closer together. A time which Ashley particularly enjoyed. For it was when her imagination was at its peak.

                                                          Now, coming back from her morning stroll, water from the river dripping from her muzzle, she was lost in thought as she always was when she found herself alone. Unfortunately, she was found rather quickly. Ash nearly stumbled over when Theo came thundering through the den site. Startled and confused, the yearling fae quickly lost and regained her footing before putting her thoughts back in order. "Hey watch it!" She shouted before his words hit her.

                                                          His pups were coming. Lyra wasn't going to be pregnant and cranky anymore. She was going to bring puppies into the pack. There were going to be more pups around.

                                                          Ash frowned, reminded of her own adoptive siblings. It was too far to say that she hated Lane and Rau. After all, they were cute even if they were noisy sometimes. But she had gotten used to being the baby. She had played the part for so long, being the apple of her family's eye (at least in her mind, which was the way things should be anyway) and now what was she to be? Third best out of three? After all, Ace was going to be the second with his promising skills as a sitter coming along. And her new brothers were obviously the stars of the show. But what of Ashley?

                                                          Pouting still, Ash lowered her posture and idled off into the bushes, deciding to take a looped path around Theo's path of crazy, though it may take her more time to get to where she was going. Eventually, however, she found her desired destination and was glad to see Theo had moved on. The ebony fae glided across the forest floor without making so much as a crinkle in the leaves. She ducked her head into the Alpha den, glancing about at her new step-mother and step-brothers. "Good morning Papa!" She grinned, reveling in the fact that she was at least the only daughter, even if she wasn't the youngest anymore. "Good morning Mari--Mother." She still hadn't quite gotten used to addressing Marissa as her mother, though she was making an effort. She had been the adoptive daughter of so many faes... By now it was hard to become attached to them without fear of their death in some way, as morbid as it sounded.

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                                                Sleeping soundly was something Ansel wasn’t entirely used to. He finally had gotten sleep as it seemed the horrid disease had fallen. He hated it, every since he was a pup he hoped that the foaming nightmare wouldn’t return.. but it just so happened the last few weeks were filled with death and despair. Ansel had been promoted to Sigma, and it was a very big honor. Normally this time of day he would be up doing rounds, but today – since he had enough scouts, he decided to sleep in a little. The brute was peacefully when all the sudden his ears caught the words “THEY’RE COMING!” Of course, his ears didn’t exactly hear the whole sentence. He shot up on all fours. Was it an attack? The Sigma was quick to scan the area, only to see a very hyper, bouncy Zeta running around. What was going on? He watched the male all the sudden move very quickly towards one of the pup dens. Oh boy. Ansels tail wagged and he stretched out realizing quickly what was happening. “Ohhhhh~” He cooed softly. He sniffed the air and then he let out a small yawn. This was wonderful. Layra was finally giving birth and Theo would be a father. It was wonderful news to the pack. His green toned eyes glared at the male who was helplessly laying outside the den. Ansel couldn’t wait for the day when he would be a father.

                                                Having pups meant that he would have to be extra cautious when scouting. It was a scouts job to make sure that no one got into the territory, with new pups it was an even more serious job. He moved with caution towards the Zeta, and stood a good ten feet away from the den and the Zeta himself. “Theo, you scared the hell out of me. I thought we were being ambushed.. but its worse then that.. We are going to have mini you’s running around” He chuckled of course joking with the Zeta. He dipped his head slowly towards the new father. “Congratulations.” His tail wagged behind him and he gave another respectful nod before taking his leave. He had no business to be around the pup den, as he didn’t want to make Layra mad or agitated. Ansel’s eyes scanned the area as he snorted softly.

                                                Ansel glanced around and his fur bristled a little. His eyes caught sight of atleast one of his scouts. Sable seemed like she had just gotten back from scouting, good he could talk to her and see if she had any reports. He moved towards her and smiled, his tail swaying slowly. “Have you been out already?” He gave a smile and glanced back towards Theo something told him that the Zeta would be a bit tied up for a the day.

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        Och, what a nice day. Too bad it would be ruined soon by the waking of the other wolves. Raumo padded through the forest, a clump of herbs hanging from his muzzle. The old brute had gotten up early to pick some plants for his stock before the other animals got to them and ate or ruined them. He rarely slept in anyway, so what was an hour or two earlier? Pausing to collect some more herbs, he let his dull blue eyes wander, searching for anything else he might need before returning to the den. When another plant caught his eye, he growled at the rabbit about to chomp down on it and lumbered over. He didn't really need any more of these for his stock, but that's not where they'd be going anywhere. Arranging it in his bundle, he turned and headed back to camp.

        Raumo supposed he should head over to the dens with the pups. Just to make sure none had gotten sick over night and to save him a trip. When he came upon the sight of Beline, he decided he ought to go ask her directly. Ya know, so he wouldn't have to wake the pups and listen to their whines. When he came upon the fae he changed his stride, spotting her leg, and promptly and loudly tripped over the dark fae. A few daisies went flying from his bundle, landing nearby, which just happened to help with pain. When he rose he shot a glare at the theta and grunted. "Lazy fae, you're in my way! You just gonna lay around all day! Look at what you made me drop. Some wolf in pain could need that later." His raspy voice rose dramatically as he chewed Beline out. Then, with a huff, he gathered his remaining herbs and plants and lumbered away, leaving the daisies where they landed.

        After returning to his den, Raumo immediately began sorting his findings, pulling out any plants that were no longer good and cleaning up the area. The old brute liked having a clean and organized space. He wasn't about to be responsible for a wound getting infected because he had bad plants with his good plants or scraps laying around. After finishing that task, he settled down at the den entrance and surveyed the pack. It wasn't long, though, before the old geezer was asleep, drooling and snoring loudly.

        Ooc: Meet Raumo, and his secret affections for Beline :3 hehe
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        Pup of Karam Niel pack


        Life for Tobi had been warm, cozy and serene with his other pack mates for several months, but little did he know today was going to be very special. He couldn't see or hear anything that was about to happen, but he could feel and he felt movement and then a brisk cold shot what he would learn was air. He whimpered and whined. Of course he couldn't hear this, but he could feel it in his throat so it must have been happening. Despite the coldness he was now exposed to, Tobi soon felt the warmth of something along his scrawny coat. It was comforting even though he had no idea what it was.

        Crawling, or rather, barely crawling Tobi tried to get closer to this warmth. His thin pelt nestled against another and he felt his paw touch the softness of this pelt. If he could, he knew he would try to crawl completely inside this fuzzy warmth. He felt the pelt his little white body pressed against rise and fall rhythmically. Tobi still couldn't put his paw on it, but there was something about everything this warm body did that was soothing. It was all familiar somehow. Suddenly he began a much higher pitched whine as his stomach began to feel uncomfortable. This was a feeling he had never truly felt before and Tobi wanted it to stop. Perhaps the warm being he was snuggling against would put his stomach at ease, but despite all these new sensations his mind continue to wrap around what was going on. Where was he? So far this did not seem like a good place. He was cold, hungry, and had no idea what was around him. His whining became more constant as he became more anxious and hungry. He was, however, a little less cold now that he was surrounded more fully by the warm coat of his caregiver.

        My story is unwritten.
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                  Kaylah, the smallest of the adult wolves as curled up in the pup den, alone. Now that Marissa was mated to her brother, Roan, she took her pups she was alone aside from the other providers, which was no fun for Kaylah she much enjoyed the pups far more then the adults. The female was already awaken when she heard the frantic shouts of the zeta, the little female shook her head and smiled at the new father. Clearly he was a little excited, and this was the very reason that Kaylah was still awake, she knew that the delta was nearing her time of delivery and she could not simply wait to see the beautiful pups, she knew that it would be quite sometime until the delta allowed her near her pups but the provider figured she could be of some use for the female.

                  She grabbed a rabbit she had freshly killed for this very moment, it was for either Lyra or Theo, whoever wanted it really, plus it was a bit of a gift to congratulate both of them. Kaylah was a sweet wolf and she really hoped that neither would get offended by her gift. Getting out of the den she shook out her dark coat and followed the scent of the zeta deep into the forest. When she neared Kaylah cleared her throat softly just to let them both knew that she was nearby. "I hope I am not disturbing. I thought I could be of some use." She said after dropping the rabbit near the zeta's paws, her ears lowered as well as her head. She was showing the proper respect for the new parents as well as the elites.

                  She kept her distance from the birthing den, she knew mother wolves and their new born pups, but if she was needed, she was within a few wolf lengths. Kaylah had been there for a lot of births and normally the mother's just liked to have her nearby because she was so fluffy as well as she listened and provided tips for new mothers as well as veteran mothers. Either way, she was here and ready to help if need be, her heart knew that the delivery had gone just fine and from the sounds of it, the new mother was sleeping away.

                  Kaylah was only a provider but she was quick on her paws and could help if she was really needed or if she was shooed away that was okay too. New pups in the pack made her heart kick up a little, she was very much excited by this very idea. Her tail wagged as she thought about getting to play with the pups when they were older of course as well as helping to teach them fun things when their parents were out doing something. Kaylah backed up a few steps before she circled the earth a twice before laying down. She spoke softly to the zeta, "If you need anything, please let me know. If I can help, I will be honored to do so." her tone was soft and truthful she hoped that the male wouldn't take it the wrong way, like that she was trying to take over. Kaylah was simply being Kaylah, willing to help and excited about pups.

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                                    Well, she proved it again. Meesha had outlasted the rabies that took a hit on Mujihi. She felt proud that she lived through it. Why? Well, she was the Alphas daughter! She was proud of every little thing she accomplished. There was one thing she wished had happened. That all her little siblings and even Kenyon had died. Why? She didn’t like them very much. She was very determined to come out on top, and show her father that she is the only pup he needed.

                                    Of course, maybe somewhere down the line – if one of her siblings prove themselves to her.. she might be reluctant to bite her tongue and become ‘friends’ with one of them. Anyway, being the little princess she was, Meesha was up early and out and about. She had become the rank of a hunter. She hoped she could make her father proud in this rank. She wanted to become a warrior, but the rivalry between her and Kenyon caused her opinion to change a bit. She became a hunter to rival with her adopted brother. Why? So she could prove to Aron she was totally better then him.

                                    Meesha wandered around the densite for a bit, and then decided she should go to the river. Her white fur bristled and her odd black colored eyes narrowed as she arrived there. Her head dipped down and she began to lap up water when suddenly someone ran right into her side. She growled and snapped her body around to fact the intruder. Well, it seemed it was the Sigma Lykaon. She huffed and rolled her eyes. “Watch it Sigma” she huffed and watched him carefully. “Oberon hasn’t called me, so I can do whatever I please.” She growled a bit just to get the point across. By no means was she trying to be disrespectful but her anger was on edge today. The white fae looked towards Luna and then towards Lykaon. “Why are you stuttering, something got your tongue? You know, you shouldn’t be so afraid, it won’t do you good with the rank you hold.” she snorted and chuckled softly.

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                                                    It was nice and warm, like it always was here. For as long as she had been aware of herself, Asella had only known warmth and the presence of other little warm bodies round her. When there had been more room in here, she and the others had kicked and rolled. But now, things weren't as spacious as they had been. Asella was roused from her light sleep by the feel of her home contracting around her. She didn't like the feeling and wriggled in the little space she had. Suddenly, there was more pushing on her and then more space to move. The pup felt surprised. This happened a few more times and then the contraction around her grew larger. She felt like she was being squeezed hard and then -- huh?

                                                    What was this? For the first time in her life, Asella felt cold. This was not the only first, however. There was also a feeling to take in a deep breath, like she had practiced in her old home. But when she obeyed what her body and the warm thing touching her and making her feel better were coaxing her to do, the breath didn't bring in warm fluid, only something dry and weird feeling. Blind and deaf to the world, Asella felt some vibration thingy leave her throat just as a familiar scent reached her nose. It smelled of her home that she had just left. Immediately, the pup scrambled clumsily to the warm area of the scent, her nose instinctively seeking the nourishment the warm scent would provide.

                                                    No word came to her mind to describe what had been touching her earlier, warming her body, but she knew that she was safe where she was. The warm body, big and really fuzzy feeling, would protect her. She cuddled close to it, mouth open and felt surprise when instinct kicked in and she latched onto something. Woah! Warm something flowed into her mouth, yummy and plentiful, and her body knew what to do immediately. The pup suckled hungrily, delight in the new something she had found. What other new things could she discover here?

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        ______________User Image__________ was the F i r s t born, but I’ll be the last to ⓑ a c k down.

        User Image It was time. The agitation felt in prior weeks by Lyra had all been in due need as the pups adjusted themselves within her womb. Their mother had gone through much lately with the litter so constantly restless and testing the limits from within for which they could stretch her to. Literally and mentally. With the pups being a week past due, their extra time had been spent mostly conserving their energy for the moment her body could handle itself with their birth. After all, there were seven pups, and she was a small fae at that! Their poor mother! The warmth within the womb could never truly be recreated outside the wolf body due to circumstances that can only be achieved within a host, but their mother's fur would serve them just fine against the cold floor of the birth den. As each day progressed, the consequences of the pups remaining within Lyra's body would affect her during their birth as they still continued to grow, even if just minutely at that. Every centimeter mattered in the case o any small fae. The weather wouldn't aid much to this, but Theo had dug his mate a nice outcropping away from the general win shift through the territory for the very reason and hope it wouldn't become a wind tunnel; in reality, the pups wouldn't get to really experience their first bit of climate until they could take their first steps outside the den.

        User Image At last, the eager parents' waiting had ceased as Marrok was the first to apparently decide to be born. As Lyra's contractions began, Marrok was determined to make a safe pathway for his litter mates even if he didn't know what the hell he was doing. The first was always the hardest to birth, be it the litter itself or the actual pup, and poor Marrok had the pleasure of being both. As Lyra settled into her den, the real fun was to be had as his father was busy waking up the rest of the wolves in a sheer nervous panic. What was to be expected from a brute who knew nothing of labor and birth? Poor Theo. Though, right now it was more like 'poor Lyra. as she was experiencing her first litter. It didn't take long before all the pups were born, the time span between each wasn't that long, giving their mother just enough time to clean the previous one before she would have to repeat the process all over again. Seven healthy pups, and a tired mother later and Lyra was finished to revel in the love she could possibly feel for each pup. It was an overwhelming sense, what the mother could feel, and the pups too for that matter though they didn't know quite yet that they were feeling it or could for that matter.

        User Image Each pup took turn to suckle and have their fill, Marrok being the first to nestle up and paw against their mother's stomach, a very quite whimper escaping his mouth now and again as milk dribbled down his jaw and all over his fur: something mommy would have to clean up later~ When the pup had had his fill, and since there were more pups yet to find a spot to nestle against, it was only fair that some instinct drew the newborn away from the direct touch of his mother to settle behind his siblings.

        User Image Trouble had already begun as Lyra began to rest, falling asleep before she could realize what would happen. In the process of his litter mates trying to nuzzle up against their mother's stomach to suckle, Marrok had been jarred and bumped a little bit aways. In order to prevent further injury, it was only natural the wolf puppy would try and get aways, yet in the process he was going the wrong way. Heading towards the mouth of the den, little feeble paws carried the decent sized pup no more than a foot or two away before his body had expended its energy for the day. A hopeless search for the warmth again had brought Marrok farther than he should have been even if it was such a short distance. Still, it did not prevent the blind pup fromfeebly raising his heavy head and letting out a soft few distant whimpers that would fall on sleeping ears. Perhaps the sound would carry outwards, perhaps not, it was such a far distance to the mouth and Marrok was naturally quiet - and now cold and distant from the rest of his family. Shivering, the pups tail naturally folded towards the male as his cries and whimpers would only get louder with time.

        OOC: 783 words strong, and here is our first pup~
        « w h e r e : birthing den. » « w i t h : his family yet separted just slightly. » « f e e l i n g : Cold, lonesome but loved »

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                                    ______yeah you ↷bleed↶ just to know your alive.

                                    KARAM NIEL SHAMAN;

                                    out of character; First Zana post since forever : 3

                                                                            It had been one long, hard, gruelling and punishing winter. Despite her best efforts, Karam Niel lost many, many brethren. That had been the hardest winter of her life, so far at least. Not just her, of course, but for everyone within Karam Niel experienced the hardship of such loss. But when a door closes, another one opens and time marched on. Eventually, the snow melt and the first blossoms of spring began to make themselves known. It was Zana's personal favourite time of the year. It was warm enough for the pack to get more active, grass began growing taller, stronger and healthier. Of course, there were flowers everywhere, something the Elite enjoyed very much. And, her favourite thing about this time of year was the new life it brought. Not just within her pack, either, but all around. It always felt like mother Earth was being reborn. In a way, she supposed that's what was happening though it was probably more like awakening from a long slumber.

                                                                            Speaking of waking, the Shaman's ears twitched as paw steps went past her den. Lifting her head, she yawned and almost went back to sleep but decided against it. After all, this was the perfect time to gather herbs. Getting to her paws slowly, she growled lightly, feeling stiff all over. She certainly wasn't a yearling anymore. Ooh, she felt all creaky. Stretching down, the Shaman yawned again, her toes separating a bit before she stretched out her back legs, feeling a crack. Oh yeah, that was the spot that had been giving her problems lately. Once satisfied and stretched, Zana took her first steps of the day, heading out of her den. There wasn't anymore snow, that she could see, and there were birds beginning to wake for the day. It was the perfect herb gathering season. That's just what the fae trotted off to do, too. She had to restock her supply, after all, and she was nearly out of everything.

                                                                            However, upon her coming back to the densite and heading back to her den, she found Theo in quite a panic. Her eyes widened a little when she heard the news about the pups. She had witnessed many births in her years and had many a panicking father to deal with. Quickly dropping the herbs she'd gathered, Zana picked up the ones she would need and followed the Zeta's paw prints to the den. It didn't take her long but the run had certainly worn her out. She REALLY wasn't as young as she used to be.

                                                                            "Easy, Theo, the pups are probably just suckling right now." Zana explained over the herbs in her jaws, "Lyra dear, it's me, Zana. May I come in?" She'd learned over the years to announce herself and really make herself known and intentions clear.
        L u n a

        User Image

        『•"Eyes like temptation, Dark as night, vengeance in her heart. Such a beautiful tragedy ." 』

        "Something is pulling me, I feel the gravity of it all"

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                                                      Luna flicked her ears as she laid peacefully and silently, her eyes remained close as she listened to the rushing waters before her along with the noises that the creatures of the forest made during their harvesting's. As Luna thought she had found peace it was soon interrupted as Lykaon came onto the scene, she lightly lifted her head giving a show of her fangs as a snarl crept up within her throat as a sign to show him she was not wanting to be bothered with at the moment once the other wolf was out of her sight she soon laid her head to rest again, only to be yet again awoken by a voice. As Luna lifted her head, her teal eyes spotted Faylen a wolf she had known all to well, the white wolf was once a sitter beneath Luna at her time of reign among Taichi but, due to a pup's death Faylen was banished from the pack..., the ebony female stared over at the once ally of hers before slowly pushing her front half to a sitting position before she spoke softly "Yes..it would seem so, not as if those lazy mutt's are doing much anyways.." she snorted softly before staring back out at the river. What she had spoken was true, the pack was growing lazy and pathetic, they bitched about everything and would have been better off with the disease killing them off, at least then they wouldn't be in the way and taking up space.

                                                      Soon enough Luna turned her head to the side and away from the white female as heard voices of bickering, clearly her quiet escape was becoming quickly not so quiet and crowded as the morning began, and wolves began to arise and awake for the day. As such this caused a growl of annoyance to escape the female's throat before she turned her gaze towards Meesha and Lykaon listening to the pair try and pick at the other, Luna snorted in disgust before arising her massive frame to her paws and shaking out her sleek ebony fur "Neither of you will hold your ranks long, acting like bickering pups..." and after that remark she gave her tail a flick before turning her body away from the pair and back to Faylen as she walked up beside the guard "It seems...to have gotten quite crowded, seek me out later if you wish to speak" her tone was soft but, held no emotion to it as she brushed passed the white female, Luna did not wish to be crowded by the other mutts although for some reason she never minded Faylenbut, these other wolves which were now gathering was starting to put her mood sour and so she began to head back to the den-site.

                                                      After sometime of walking at her own pace the large female arrived back on scene within the den site, her teal eyes scanned over who was up and about but, she did not spot the higher ranking wolves around and figured they were still fast asleep. As Luna's heavy paws sunk within the soil beneath them her ears flicked as she had spotted a few familiar faces here and there but, did not care to socialize within them and so she sat herself outside the warrior's den and wrapped her ebony tail around herself as she watched over the rest of the pack.


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