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K A R A M xxxx N I E L xxxx T H E T A xxxx S I T T E R

                                            Sitka finished the breakfast that her mate had so kindly brought to her. Too cleanly to leave what little remains were left open in the den site, Sitka took the useless leavings into her teeth, letting it dangle from her maw as she and Lavita trotted to the kill pile where she left the bones for another, in case a pup decided to chew on the bones or an elder wished to suck on the marrow left within them. Stepping away from the heap of incomplete carcasses, Sitka nuzzled under the white brute's chin and together they headed off into the woods for a walk. Sitka and her mate stayed side-by-side the entire way, the multiple colors of her coat mingling with those of his as they loped through the forest's trees. They paid little attention to where they were headed, their thoughts only on idle chatter and enjoying one another's company.

                                            Eventually the two stopped near a quiet stream, most likely left-over from melted snow trickling through the forest. Sitka peeled away from her mate's side, the brute close behind her as she dipped her muzzle toward the shallow ground water and began to lap at it. He came up beside her for a drink of his own and the two drank in an almost silence, the forest providing all the sound they needed. Birds sang, squirrels played, and the breeze whispered through the growing leaves of the trees, otherwise pushing the foliage left on the ground from the past autumn. Sitka's ear flicked as she heard a rustle in the bushes. She lifted her head just enough to turn it to the side and watched as a rabbit quickly bolted from one bush into another, most likely in an attempt to escape the indifferent predators it had caught wind of. Sitka returned her attentions to the stream, dipping her tongue back into the cool water. She filled her belly before drawing away, licking the drops from her maw.

                                            Nudging Lavite; who seemed slightly distant, they headed away again, unknowingly drawing further and further away from the safety of the Karam Niel territory. But of course it never occurred to them that something could happen to them out here. Sitka was a sitter, a wolf who never had much reason to venture far from the pup den. She had little real world experience outside of the comfort of Karam Niel. Even Lavita, who had once traveled long and far before coming to Karam Niel, had grown so comfortable with the safety of this forest and the pack he had come to belong to that he allowed his guard to remain down. And so the two continued along through the trees and the shrubs.

                                            I don't actually know who's going to attack them, but feel free to get a little violent with Sitka.
                                            It's probably more realistic if she walks off with some injuries as well smile
                                            (So have a field day!)
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                                      Blight's multicolored orbs continued to rest upon the former ebony alphaess as she spoke of Karam Niel and Taichi. Apparently she thought Taichi as no threat, and Karem Niel as an even lesser threat. The brute eased himself onto his haunches, remaining silent and listening intently on what Luna had to say about her leaving Taichi. When all was said and done, Blight really didn't care much about her little sad sap story of them taking her mate. In his eyes, she still looked like a traitor and a possible threat to Mujihi. "I see." He stated simply. His eyes narrowed as his silver one began to twitch uncontrollably. That's when his sister began speaking again. "At least she had somewhat of a reason to betray her pack. You, brother, on the other hand, killed us all out of no where." Blight growled at the spot next to Luna. "You shut the hell up." The fae silenced herself long enough to allow Blight to commence his conversation with Luna once more. "If I were Aron, I wouldn't have let you set foot into Mujihi. I mean, you haven't even proven yourself worthy of Mujihi status." Blight's tail thumped lightly against the ground. "You should kill one of your pack members in cold blood. Now that.. that would be something worthy of allowing you to join Mujihi." He began to chuckle at the thought. "Of course, you would suggest something as idiotic and slightly psychotic as that. Her going back to slaughter one of her former pack members is suicide, and you know it.." "Precisely.." He beamed happily. "She needs to prove her worth , though if she wants anyone to believe her in this pack. I'm only trying to help her succeed."

                                      Blight stood, pacing forward toward Luna. He began circling around her, his tail swaying from side to side lazily. At one point he got close enough to take in her scent, as well as rub his pelt heavily against hers. "How 'bout it, toots?" He asked, stopping only when he was beside her. He turned his head slightly to stare at her, taking in every movement trying to indicate her discomfort or anger. "I'm sure killing one of those wretched mutts will earn you some cookie points in Mujihi, as well as.. I don't know.. settle any bones you have to pick with Taichi, no?" Blight sat beside Luna, disregarding any courtesy of personal space. His brown belt blended in with the fur of her ebony pelt as he awaited an answer. "I'll accompany you. I'm sure if you killed one of them in front of me, and I told about it, anyone would see that you're clearly Mujihi material. My word has heavy weight around her." He grinned. Blight liked to think that whatever he said was highly trusted and taken into consideration around Mujihi. He was well known in the pack and highly respected, or so he thought.

Ghost chat that one else can hear or see.

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                                                    Evana remained pressed quite closely to Aron. She wondered just what was he thinking. For a long time, he seemed to just be staring at her, perhaps skeptically. Did he not like her flirtations? Was he suddenly not fond of her showing affection toward him. This was very rare, since Evana often came off as a sort of bland fae, simply because she wasn't intent on showing too much of her emotions to anyone else. Only certain wolves, like Kadzait and Aron, got to see certain parts of her. Maybe, this was why Aron hadn't yet made a move.. Or maybe, he knew her true intentions. She was toying with the brute. The fae was in a rather playful mood at the moment, and her favorite game to play was, [******** with Aron's head.' It was an amazing game, really. Sometimes she'd show interest, sometimes she wouldn't. It all seemed to be quite frustrating to the ivory brute and Evana always sought out great pleasure in the brute's frustrations, well.. only when she was the source of it all.

                                                    Unfortunately, it seemed she wouldn't get to hear Aron voice his opinions on the things she had just said, and did, seeing as how they were interrupted by Lykaon, the Mujihi Scout. Evana had been showing a bit of interest in the brute. He wasn't entirely her type, but he was an interesting target to have as a love interest. She was sure, that whatever she asked, he would most likely do. Evana's interest in Lykaon wasn't out of lust though, or the interest in having him as a mate. No, it was to get back at Aron. It could be called another one of her games, in fact. Aron spent all his time lusting over various females in the pack, impregnating them, and then moving onto the next one. This was something that worried Evana, and was perhaps another reason why she hadn't accepted his invitations to become his mate. She refused to be treated like any of his other mating fails, and demanded respect. But, Aron was a hardheaded brute and sometimes you had to take different measures to get something through the head of a brute like he. She couldn't simply demand respect for him verbally, no. She needed to show him that respect was all she would stand for. And Lykaon was her key to showing him. She used the brute to make Aron jealous. She knew as well as anyone that Aron's arrogance was an easy card to play. Aron couldn't have her, and in turn, it made him want her more. That's exactly what she wanted and now she pretty much had him eating out of her paws. It was all simply apart of the master plan.

                                                    Aron was quick to reprimand Lykaon for basically ignoring him and asking for her to go scouting with him. As Aron launched himself at the Sigma, Evana was hit with a bit of debris that rose form Aron's paws. The fae snorted as she casually turned her head away from the incoming dirt and allowed it to simply his other places along her pelt. After a moment or so, when everything settled once more, Evana stood, taking the time to groom her pelt clean. She allowed time for Lykaon and Aron to exchange whatever else words they had to say to one another before speaking once she was finished putting her pelt in tip-top shape. "Come now Aron, don't be such a grouch to our new sigma, hm?" She padded toward both brutes, circling around each of them so that her pelt brushed them both. Evana moved away before sitting down and coiling her tail around herself. "Sure, Lykaon. I'll come with you scouting. Perhaps, we can stir up a little trouble in Taichi, or Karem Niel." She stated calmly.

                                                    Soon enough one of Aron's accidents appeared and sat beside him, remaining quiet. She stared at it, wondering why it decided to come all the way out to her secret spot near the lake, and why it hadn't greeted it's superiors properly. There was A Sigma, a Beta, and an Alpha present before her and yet she hadn't opened her tiny maw to greet either of them. How .. rude. Evana expected Aron to reprimand the pup for it's actions, but she wouldn't be surprised if he didn't. Nonetheless, the presence of the pup pissed her off. Just another reason why she constantly refused to claim herself as Aron's mate. There were so many of his little pups running around, and deep down Evana wanted to kill every single one of them. She wanted them all to have a slow, painful death, just as she would do each and every one of their mothers if she ever got the chance. Anger, and a bit of jealousy began to radiate off the fae as she stood once more, eager to leave Aron with his shitty pup. Blue orbs flickered toward their Alpha. "Perhaps, we could finish this talk later... If I still feel up to it." Her tone had switched in an instant from being somewhat warm, and alluring to the one she had always used when she was around others. Dark, cold, and a bit condescending. For a moment, Evana wondered if Aron even picked up on her sudden mood change. Did he ever notice that whenever one of his pups showed, or former mates, that she suddenly became less interested him and quickly moved away? Maybe, maybe not. It probably didn't even matter to the brute. Evana looked toward Lykaon. "Let's go." She stated and began walking, without much else more to say.

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Sho, Kisa - they aren't at the densite, btw. They are at a secluded area, near a lake. x]
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Sadly Lykaon was never wanted around by the alpha of the pack, more so when Evana was close by. It was perhaps because Evana showed interest in Lykaon, then again he was the one being tugged along and hoping for something that would never be. In the few moments after arriving Lykaon had managed to get himself in trouble with Aron. The teeth sunk in few only a bit, but the pain still shot through his body because of them. A loud yelp left him and he darted away a few feet when the teeth released him. His body was low to the ground with tail tucked and maw being licked in fear. Oh how Lykaon managed to upset Aron was beyond him, sadly for him it was probably only going to get worse. A whine escaped him as he tried to speak towards Aron, never able to keep full eye contact. "I...I am sorry Alpha." His body did shake some with fear, but he also tried to hide his fear some as well.

His ears perked up slightly when he heard Evana speak, it a thing of hope to the brute. In a off handed way, to him at least, she was trying to protect him. Letting his eyes dart towards the Beta before they went back to the ground. The tail wagged across the dirt when Evana agreed to come with him, it meaning he could also get away from Aron's teeth sooner. Slowly getting up in his stance, being sure to still show submission to both the elites over him, his eyes saw the little pup come and sit next to Aron. Kailani was not one he dealt with often, then again he never dealt with many of the pups in Mujihi. Not until they were at least a year old. His attention was soon pulled away from looking at the pup to listening to Evana's words towards Aron. Though he would never say it, he did wonder what the two of them were talking about in this secluded place.

The orders to leave from Evana startled Lykaon, his eyes and mind to focused on the thoughts floating around in his head. Looking towards Aron for a split second before lowering himself and turning away, wanting to get away as fast as possible. Following close to Evana's side, knowing well enough to keep his head behind where her shoulder would be. To him it was a way to show the stronger more elite wolf would be in charge and leading them where ever they pleased. Lykaon always was a weird one about how he showed respect, more so with the faes then the brutes. His ears flicked back to see if a sound could be caught by them, though he would not stop unless the Beta female did. Letting his ears move forward so they might listen to Evana, he tried to stammer out some words. "Ta...Taichi wa...Would be...Fa..Fun ta...To mess with." Letting his eyes looking up towards Evana he wondered why she showed any interest in a brute such as himself. It wasn't that he was weak for feeble minded, no it was more he would probably never be able to hold a normal conversation with any fae.

Curse this fear, that was all Lykaon was thinking about now. And because of those thoughts he was more then likely going to miss at least some of what might be said by Evana. With a soft snort he cleared his nose from the dust Aron had stirred up earlier. It causing him to sneeze all the same afterwards. Pausing in step he wiped at his nose and maw, trying to get it to stop feeling tickled. After a short time it was gone and he moved to catch up with Evana, not wishing to be left behind. Keeping his head low he wondered if he should be trying to talk with this fae. Then again what was there to say, it was a beautiful day, no that would be so cheesy. It really was going to be quiet between them the entire time they would be scouting, Lykaon just knew it.

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Location:Mujihi TerritoryI'm With..:EvanaFeelings:UnsureThoughts:Should I be talking?Word Count:700 WordsOOC:Bleck!
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                                                    Was it bad of Aron to get so much enjoyment out of the pain of others, even if they were members of his pack, elites to say the least? Probably. But none of that matted to the brute, as Lykoan's yelp hit his ears he was filled with a sense of enjoyment and pride, causing pain to others even minor such as this was enjoyable. And watching him cower and shake in fear, haha what a pathetic little coward. It was then that Aron's one and only pup, that had the capability to do so, came up and sat beside the brute. What a brave little pup, the alpha had to admire her moxie, it was common knowledge that many members of the pack did not like little Lani, simply because of her mother. Of course no one was stupid enough to lay a paw on one of Aron's sires.

                                                    Aron couldn't help but notice the look Evana gave his offspring as little Kailani joined them. It gave the brute a bit of hope, for what other reason would Evana hate his pup so much besides if she desired it to be her own? Little did he know that was probably only the tip of the iceberg. Did he consider the fact that it was the loathed Seishi's pup too? Nope. Did he consider the fact that little Lani was playful and annoying like most pups? Nope. Full of himself as he was, the only logical reason for Evana to despise his pup so much was; envy. Which suited the brute just fine. Aron's mews were still risen slightly at the fool hearty sigma, who had neglected to acknowledge his alpha the first time, he sure as hell noticed Aron now, as was rightful. Aron's tongue flicked out to lap at the sides of his mews reflexively, as he listed to Evana speak, he payed no attention to the whelp of a brute at her side. But Evana's words curled his stomach, and had his eyes narrowing. The b***h was defending the scout? What the hell alternate reality did he just fall into...

                                                    "Fine... You do what you want fae." He had to emphasis the word, and thus his superiority over her for simply being born male. Aron got to his feet bumping little Lani who had been leaning on him in the process. He rolled his massive shoulders and shook out his pelt. "I am going to do something worth while..." He turned to leave. Nudging Kailani, in what was probably a rougher than necessary, manner, but that was Aron, the puppy would be used to it by now. "Come Lani, I think it is time to teach you to... kill." Surely this would be a great way to get out the Aron's pent up frustrations as well. The large brute padded away knowing his pup would totter along after him.

                                                    It surprised Aron slightly that he only had one puppy left from this litter, there had been 3 born, but 2 were lost during the winter. He supposed only Lani had retained enough of his genes to persevere. Ako had been weak from the beginning, Seishi babied him far too much. That puppy had never really stood a chance in Mujihi, it was probably better for the poor thing to have died early on. Fierce on the other hand had been a bit of a surprise, he'd been strong for his age, he'd lived up to his name, and yet he wasn't strong enough to overcome the sickness. Well at least the pack still had the small Kailani, she was the strongest of the litter, and would hopefully retain no qualities of her mother's madness. Aron would keep a close eye on the red pelted miscreant, though he wouldn't look forward to killing her if she developed her dam's crazy.

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            Lane grinned and his tail wagged happily when his father said that they would be going on a walk, which also got the agreement from his mother. He was delighted to hear that they could go, mainly because it would let him spend some more time with his parents before they were off doing alpha stuff, which he was still adjusting to. He was used to having his mother almost always by his side, and ever since Roan had become his father that had changed. Now she was usually busy tending with alpha grown up stuff so he couldn’t cling to her side like he used to. It was a disappointment, but he was getting used to it. So long as he got to spend some time with her throughout the day and still snuggle with her in the mornings after everyone woke up, he’d be pleased. “Morning, Daddy,” he repeated after receiving a lick to the brow, and returned a lick on his chin. Next came a kiss from his mother, and the ivory pup leaned into her warm fur as he nuzzled her body. “Morning, Momma,” he murmured before resting his head on her. He wanted to get a bit more of his cuddle time before the little family went out on their walk.

            Looking back at his older siblings who had stepped into the den, Lane’s head rose back up as he looked at Ace when the brute greeted him back. He gave him a small smile as his tail gave a few short wags before he dipped his head down and covered his muzzle with his paws, ears slightly lowered. What was he supposed to say now? He knew that he should try to get to know Ace and Ashley better, but he just didn’t know what to say or do when they were around. Thankfully the attention was turned to their father when he invited his older siblings to the walk, which his sister was quick to take up. Maybe it was a good thing if they did come along. Maybe it would help the ivory pup to get used to them and try to talk to them a bit more. Even if it was simple “how are you?” at least he’d be one step forward to the goal, no matter how little it was. Suddenly Rau started to loudly and repeatedly declare that he had to go to the bathroom, and Lane’s brows furrowed as he watched his red pelted brother. Did he have to make such a big deal about it? Though, now that he thought about, the ivory pup suddenly realized how heavy his bladder was feeling. Shifting to his side, Lane laid his head back down on his mother’s body. He could hold it.

            At the abrupt sound of another wolf’s voice Lane’s ears flattened as he pressed closer to Marissa, green eyes nervously glancing to the new wolf. Oh great, another stranger. Well, at least this one wasn’t loud and shaking his parent’s body like the last one. Upon hearing the new brute invite Roan to a hunt, Lane’s lips immediately formed a frown as his brows knitted together. But his father was going on a walk with them… Couldn’t they make the hunt and prey wait until they were done? “Momma,” he whispered as he looked up at Marissa, face filled with confusion, “Aren’t we going on a walk?” he inquired, voice still low and quiet. He knew that it was up to Roan if he wanted to go or not, but the pup didn’t want his father to leave! It was supposed to be a family walk, which meant that he had to go with them, right?

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                                        ooc: sorry it took so long, i was a bit confused at the order c:

                                        Calon patiently awaited his mate to go organize the hunt and get a move on with it. He simply just stood there, slightly nervous, as wolves started to gather. He has only been Alpha for a short time and he was still on a trial basis with the pack.. well more of he needed the pack to accept him fully. His mate accepted him, he understood that but he didn’t want to hold this rank if the pack hated him. He looked to his side at his mate and gave her a slight nod and smile as they continued to wait for a moment. It was then that Calon listened to his mates orders and was a bit shocked that she wanted him to lead the hunt. That was a surprise, but he knew it was his time to impress the lot. He took in a deep breath composing himself for a second and then his eyes shifted towards KaireenaI would love to lead the hunt.” He tail wagged slightly and he looked to the others. He turned his head to the wind and noted its path. He didn’t want to go with the wind just yet, he wanted to go against it to find prey, that way the scent would be easier to pick up. He nodded towards everyone and his voice boomed a bit. “Lilianna and Charr keep close to me, the rest of you follow behind. I want everyone as silent as possible.” He nodded and motioned the two wolves to follow him, though is mate was welcomed to join with the trio.

                                        His eyes were focused forward and his paws touched the ground lightly. He knew how to hunt, but it was different now. He was of a higher rank, and that meant he had a lot more proving to do. He needed to keep himself calm and collected, for no one but his own sake. He glanced to the side to make sure the two wolves were following and he kept moving forward at a decent pace. His ears wear forward, nose slightly to the sky and tail wagging in the air. Oh it was great to be doing something that exerted energy. He loved to run and he would be doing a lot of that during this hunt. Slowing his pace and changing direction at the scent of some deer he looked towards his mate and simply nodded. She should have picked up the scent by now as well. He halted rather quickly and gave a motion to the pack to stay back. He didn’t want to many of them creeping forward, that would be a huge risk. His body slid close to the ground and he used as much as the brush could cover him. His eyes fell upon the herd instantly, and the buck seemed to be busy eating away at the lush green grass. This was perfect, it seemed nothing would be disturbing them anytime soon. He backed up slowly, careful to not make any noise. He turned once in the clear and looked towards the two wolves who would do the most important step. “Alright, it your turn. Be cautious and weary of where you are running them. Be swift and careful. Go now.” He nodded towards them and gave a slight wag of his tail. It was in their paws to get this hunt going correctly. “As for the rest of you, you know what Kaireena has asked, get in position and await my cue. Myself and Kaireena will go then the delta, remember your orders, be careful and watch for his antlers and hooves.” He nodded towards the group and looked towards his mate giving her a smile. He could do this, it was all easy. He moved and waited for the moment to strike out and grab the buck.
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Still playing with his mother, Uranus had no idea that Miki was about to tackle him from behind. The young brute had just pulled away from mother's iron grip when he was tackled to the ground by an unknown force. Uranus landed hard on his chest with a loud yelp, thus having Miki pin him to the ground by her half laying on his back. Her pinning him, didn't at all dampen his playful spirit once he found it was her who had tackled him. He was actually use to the one being on the bottom when they played rough. The young fae always seemed to pin him no matter what he did. It was all fun and games to the young brute anyways. He was just glad Miki had showed up to play either way it went. Oh how he had missed playing with her. Uranus then growled playfully when she spoke, before rolling over on his back to push her off. "Hey let me up." the young brute tried to bite at her huge paws, but it was no use, she had him pinned good. Once she started to n** at him, Uranus tried to n** her back. It was then he felt her lean forward to grab hold of his left ear.

When Miki gave his ear a playful tug, Uranus tied to act like it hurt him. He yelped like he was in pain, hoping she would fall for it, but alas it would appear she wouldn't. He soon felt her weight being lifted from his body and then watched as she backed up and sat on her hunches, while her tail wagged. Quickly rolling over on his side, Uranus was about to lunge at Miki, but he noticed his mother move away from them. He watched as Sable slowly walked out a little towards the forest as she listened to the sounds of the evening, but Uranus couldn't understand why. Does mother see something out there in the forest? the black yearling wondered as he got to his paws. Of course he knew his mother was a good scout and if she thought something was out there, then he really would believe her.

Moving closer to Miki, Uranus Watched every move his mother made, he soon began to think even darker thoughts. But Sable didn't say a word to him or Miki as she moved a little forward into the forest. He looked over at Miki with worry all over his face as she looked at him in the same manner. Both wondered what Sable was staring at, but neither moved just yet to follow her. They didn't follow after her, until the red colored fae started heading deeper into the forest, leaving them behind. Uranus had no idea where Sable was going, but he wouldn't leave her side if she told him to leave. Both yearlings left the safety of the den to follow along behind Sable as she took them deeper into the forest. They soon walked on either side of Sable as they moved deeper into the forest and further away from the KaramNeil densite.

((Left it open for the wolf to come and find them. Also autoed Miki and Sable away from the den like I was told. Hope my post is ok.))
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                                                                The winter had been cold and cruel Rantus found. The disease that had threatened the original two packs before had made a reappearance and more than a few of them had been wiped out. His pack was already few in number and after the plague had taken its toll Taichi’s numbers lowered even more. But his pack held out, and to compensate what they lacked in quantity was made up in quality – everyone worked hard.

                                                                He had always been a wolf of routine, so every morning he could be found awake and ready before the sun was even out to get started on the day’s tasks. He took it upon himself to scout the territory, though lately the borders were quiet and most days nothing could be found out of the ordinary but he remained ever vigilant.

                                                                It was still dark as he stood at the highest peak in the territory overlooking the whole of his pack’s land. His back faced eastward and he watched as his shadow was shaded onto the paper-white snowy ground. His lungs seared with the rise and fall of his chest as he breathed in the still freezing spring air, his muscles aching with the amount of running he had already run. The sun was hardly up in the sky, yet he had gotten so much more done than most wolves had before even getting out of bed.

                                                                He was an aging brute and the weather affected him far more than it had ever done in his youth but he would be damned if he ever let something so trivial such as the cold be the factor that restricted him in any way. He lived according to a gold standard and he would keep to it for as long as possible. The temperature had dipped overnight but with the rising sun came a soft, orange glow that warmed his fatigued muscles and he turned to have the light cast over his face. It was dawn of a new day. Time to head back.

                                                                By the time he returned it was well into the day and he found the densite mostly empty. There was a hunt going on and he chose a sunny patch to rest in while he waited for the rest of the pack to return to receive any orders.

                                                                [OOC: back in the game]

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Iggy woke with a start, her whole body jerking. She hadn't remembered ever falling asleep! She looked around with wide eyes, but found nothing had changed around her. The same wolves that had lingered before were still there. The grey fae lowered head onto her paws, but her eyes still darted about. She was restless and was nervous that she could possibly still hold the scent of Karam Niel, though surely if she did someone would have confronted her. For good measure leaned to the side and completely rolled in the dirt. If one would be watching her from a distance they'd think she was back to her old puppy tricks of playing around and amusing herself. After flailing on the ground for a bit she got up and shook her fur out before deciding that she should be social now. If she continued hiding from the wolves and sulking from her badly planned 'secret mission' then the wolves may become suspicious. She trotted around, go to prime spots that would have a lot of Mujihi scents and lingered, like she'd done with the strong scented animals to quickly get rid of the enemy wolf scent.

One of these spots was the sitter's den, but she didn't linger here too long. Layla had the scent of wolf blood all over her and she was a little wary around her. Iggy herself had yet to kill a wolf and doubted she ever would be able to, but she knew some day she'd have to. To prove her worth to the pack she'd have to do something. She just hoped her plans of spying would be enough, though deep down she knew that wasn't going to cut it. Iggy looked once more at the red stained sitter before running off in the oppisite direction. It seemed the white fae had her own personal dark aura that made little Iggy want to tuck tail and run. She young wolf huffed as she walked around. She had no clue where everyone had gone off too, and really she hoped she wouldn't find out. As she walked her eyes caught Béline and she decided talking to her might not be such a bad thing. She didn't seem to be busy.

The young fae cautiously walked up to the healer's den and looked down at the elder wolf. "Hello Béline." She said and lowered her head to bow respectively to her superior. Iggy didn't mind showing respect to her and was very willing with it, not biting her tongue and just going through the motions. "How are you this afternoon?" Okay, so it wasn't quiet afternoon, but it sounded better than saying 'how are you this noon'. She sat beside the dark wolf, completely forgetting her morning's events and let her eyes wander around the pack once more, although they were mostly attracted to Layla. She couldn't help but be worried about the fae, she'd always liked her and didn't seem to be too corrupt by the pack that she lived in. But seeing the bloody wolf now she was starting to doubt it.

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Kize looked to Romulus and nodded her head in understanding. Of course the two couldn't wander, they were outsiders now, or more correctly loners. Kize didn't really wish to join the pack and had full intentions of just stopping by to say hello to old friends, possibly helping them in any way for old time's sake, before being on her way once more, and she meant to take Relic with her. The older fae looked beside her at the impatient young wolf. She was wagging her tail eagerly and looked like she was about to go frolicking through the den site. She sighed, hating to have to do this, "Relic, you need to calm down and stay by my side." She said, ephisizing the last part to her. She looked at her with a defiant gaze and Kize was beginning to think it might be now that she would leave her, but no. Her gaze changed to that of resigned and she lowered herself to the ground with a long sigh. "Okay mom..."

Kize's gaze lingered on her adoptive daughter and moved as she spoke. "I suppose we should have howled first before just walking into the den site. That was my own fualt, I wasn't thinking clearly. Bad manner's and old habits I guess." She shrugged in an off handed way. Honestly she hadn't meant any harm, but even she was eager to see old friend. She looked around the place with a depressed look. She couldn't linger here long, she wouldn't let herself. She had places to be....a wolf to meet. Though surely....for that sake of Relic...she could stay a while and at least pretend to be interested in joining. She heard a whine from beside her and she looked down as her daughter spoke and she sighed. Of course it was boring out there, with no pups to play with. Once again Kize was guilty for dragging the poor pup off on their own, but it had to be done for the sake of their safety! She wouldn't let Relic die from such a thing.

Location:Taichi den site; outskirts
Company: Ekon, Relic, Romulus

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Relic's eyes darted about the pack, her mind completely restless. Yes, she was a lazy wolf, but right now she had so many things she wanted to do. There were so many places she wanted to see, like retracing her steps as a young pup and just remember what it was like to be in a pack. The only pack she clearly remembered. Her tail was wagging and she looked absolutely ecstatic to be where she called home. She completely ignored all conversation around her as she put her weight from one paw to the other. She looked to the rest of the pack, seeing some move out for a hunt and she couldn't wait to go on her first hunt with a true pack. But then her daydreams came crashing down with her mother's voice. She glared at her mother with a defiant look. She'd kept her from doing so much over time they'd been gone, and she knew it was for her own safety, but wanted to just go. Relic wanted to run with the pack, to be with them again, she didn't understand pack wolves enough yet to know that they had done the wrong thing of walking into the den site, this was her home and that's all she saw. But if she were to do this she'd have to fight with her mother to get what she wanted, and that in itself was too much work and too much of a hassle, she might as well just stay here by Kize's side like a good little wolf and wait. resigned, she laid down and sighed as she spoke. "Okay mom..."

She lay her head on her paws and brought her eyes up skyward to looks at the males in front of her. She felt her mother's gaze on her as she spoke and tried to ignore it. For a minute she seemed to space out, but she was really listening and out of no where began adding her own opinion. "It was boring out there. I missed it here." The young wolf sulked, whining as she spoke. Her eyes drifted to the side so she just stared conveinantly at the sitter's den where she could remember being in when her mother was away. That had been fun, being with the sitter. She wondered if the same wolf was still sitter or if the wolf had been claimed by the dreaded disease too. Relic sighed as her mind wend deeper and deeper into a depressed state, at least before she shot right back out of it with the thought of the alpha returning after the hunt and hopefully then she could have the freedom to roam. After all the wolf she remembered to be Romulus said they could talk to Kaireena about it. Just that thought alone made her tail start to thump the ground and she looked up to the adults with a much more alive look.

Location:Taichi densite
Company: Kize, Ekon, Romulus

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                                        ✴ Orphaned Pup of Karam Niel ✴

                                                Deep within the belly of the Sitters Den lay an onyx colored pup. His chest rose and fell slowly - a sign that the pup was sleeping. In his sleep his legs twitched and a small whimper escaped his throat. After a few minutes the whimpers grew in volume and came more frequently. He was having a bad dream - a night terror. Finally, after a few minutes of crying out in his sleep the young pup awoke and did so with a jolt. The pups body sprang up, his chest heaving, and his golden eyes wide with fear. "Sitka?" the pup called out in between labored breaths. "Kaylah? Esarosa?" came his shaky voice again. It seemed he was in the den alone. Usually the pup would run to one of the sitters, or in his eyes his mothers, for comfort. He would confide in them, tell them about his awful dreams. But, it seemed he would not be able to do so today. Everyone was out and about, doing their own thing. The pup didn't blame them though. He was often used to being left alone. It was a feeling he was familiar with, being alone. He had grown accustomed to the feeling ever since he had lost his family.

                                                Crow was the pups name and it fit him rather well. His ebony pelt was sleek and shiny like that of a crow. His eyes were not black and beady, but were a beautiful golden color. Crow never questioned his name, all of his siblings were named after birds - well at least they were before they passed. Crow was born into a litter of four, he was the second born. He had two sisters and a brother. His eldest sister was named Dove for her white pelt and peaceful nature. His youngest sister was named Raven, because she shared Crows black pelt. And finally his younger brother was named Owl. Owl had been known for his abnormally large eyes. Then there was his mother - a wolf he never knew by name any other name rather than 'Momma', but he missed her terribly so. His family had passed two months ago, and Crow was five months of age now. His family had been killed off by the vicious disease leaving Crow an orphan to be raised by the pack. But, that was months ago and Crow had done a rather good job of moving on. Even though he had mainly moved on, he still had terrible dreams of them leaving him every night. It seemed the night terrors would plague him endlessly for the rest of his life.

                                                After looking around the den for a few moments, Crow rose to his shaky paws and shook out his pelt. Then the pup stretched his body out in an exaggerated fashion. Finally, he let out a massive yawn. His jaws parted to reveal his milky white teeth which were surprisingly sharp. "Better go find the others!" he exclaimed to himself and set out to find at least one of his mothers. Despite the tragic events that had happened to the pup he still had a bright and friendly disposition. The young pup bounded towards the entrance to the den, his thick tail wagging with every leap. "Kaylah!" he called loudly as he reached the mouth of the den. The sunlight made the young pup cringe backwards, his eyes had not yet acclimated to the harsh light. But, that didn't stop him from pushing forward. "Sitka?" he called again, his voice ringing through the air. The pup wanted to find someone to play with or at least spend time with. Although he didn't mind being alone, he much rather preferred the company of others. "Hel-lo!? Is anyone there?" Crow dragged out his call, hoping someone would respond soon.

                                                OOC - Introducing Crow~! He is a temp character :3 Feel free to interact with him~!
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            Karam Niel's fluffy sitter's beautiful teal eyes were locked onto Aphrodite's, her hackles were still raised up and honestly the sitter looked funny, she looked as if she was a yearling standing up to an adult wolf, but both of them were adults. She was in her head strong phase and she wasn't going to do anything but keep true toward her words. Once the guard spoke and told her why she had growled the female snorted, "I may not spend must time with the Mujihi wolves, but I do know that in a pack like that, once you leave you will die. Perhaps when he is walking around the boarders, his pack will come for him and kill him on the spot." she said darkly, Kaylah found herself almost hoping that would happen to the male. It was a little scary for her to be so dark but she truly didn't trust the male and wanted him out of the pack.

            Her ears flicked as a questioning tone was used but no question was actually asked, nevertheless she decided she would explain her reasoning, "I was with Lyra and Theo when I caught the scent of the Mujihi, I came over to keep her from learning about the pups and possibly harming someone." Her words had lost some of their heat and she saw a frantic and almost instantly shift in the way the female was acting. With a shake of her head she spoke, "No honey I haven't." she said softly as her motherly instincts kicked back in on hyperdrive. She watched the guard move around and around and a soft whimper left her maw. Kaylah making a decision to follow the guard she did just that. When the female found her mate, the sitter's heart broke. oh no.. she whimpered and went toward the guard. "Aphrodite, if you need me honey, I am at the sitter's den. Come by and speak to me. I'm sorry for my attitude earlier." she said softly and licked the female's head.

            Kaylah figured it was time for her to go back to the pup's den and see if any of the pups needed her. The small sitter took off at a run to get back to the den site in no time at all, as she neared she heard a loud call for her, and instantly she kicked it up faster. At the edge of the den site she stopped and padded forward and she looked at the black pup hearing him shout at himself to go find someone. The fluffy sitter heard her name a final time and she shook her head, "Yes yes darling. I am here." she called back softly as she stepped closer and closer to the den. The poor black wolf had been though so much but yet he was still so loving and friendly. "How are you my darling?" The fluffy sitter pawed at the male as she laid down to pull him close. She started to clean and groom Crow in a very motherly way.

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