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                                                  It seemed as though staying near the den, instead of running like a coward had been a hug miscalculation on Bay's part. She should have just gone and faced Sidero's yells, knowing that the large, snow fae wouldn't leave her den. But no. Bay had stayed, trying to prove she wasn't a coward. Trying to own up for her mistake. If she was going to be an omega, she could at least have been a brave one. that was the thought that had gone through her head, only to prove fruitless in the long run of things. She was an omega. It didn't matter if she was brave, or a coward, or even fearless and ruthless as the rest of the pack. It wouldn't change her station. She was still an omega, and she couldn't do much about that. She was at the mercy of the entire pack, and that was where she would remain. Blight was the only one that made her feel like more then the nothing omegas were supposed to be, but the reverence she held for Blight didn't make her feel like she deserved more then she got. She was an omega. Les then pups that couldn't open their eyes. Less then outsiders that came onto the territory. hell,s he might be less then every other wolf in the close by territories, other pack and all. If Aron had seen b[Luna as an asset, and she had come from Taichi, then there wasn't much hope for the golden-brown omega at all. No. Bay was stuck where she was, doing what she did, and playing to everyone else's commands.

                                                  It seemed as though Sidero had not desired to hear Bay speak at all. The snowy fae's maw was over Bay's own, shaking her head twice. Bay's eyes widened a little in surprise, but when she was released, she only pulled her tail closer to her legs. Sidero's words of retort simply reminded Bay of her station, and how stupid she had been to even go against the grain in explanation and apology. The mockery, wrapped in the beautiful ribbon of threat was only able to process a moment in the omega's mind before Sidero's body moved forward, and the snowy fae's teeth found a good chunk of flesh, right by Bay's tail and rump. The omega gave a yelp of pain and surprise. She didn't fight it, letting Sidero enact her punishment as she pleased. When Sidero released the chunk of flesh, Bay moved immediately back form the den, and the other wolves who looked over her as if she was nothing more then a nuisance. It might be true that really, that's all Bay was to everyone else. The omega drew her tail close, refusing to look at anyone of the remaining wolves' eyes. She didn't want more punishment for stupidity. She didn't want to be stupid anymore. She shouldn't have even left the rock which she had slept on the night before. It had been a bad idea. She had been practically looking for trouble that she had no need for.

                                                  With a fierce shake, and a second look to everyone else, Bay inched further back. She hadn't been dismissed, but she was certain Sidero's release probably meant that the snowy fae wanted her gone. If no one else spoke up about wanting her to stay, Bay was more then happy to high tail it away from Sidero's den, and to go back to her rock to await whoever wanted her next. If it was Blight, she might just appreciate that gift of reprieve, but she didn't know exactly who would call on her next. She inched further away, keeping her gaze low, but trained on the wolves around Sidero's den. Once she was under a cover or trees, or the other wolves turned away, she would bolt happily to freedom. Truly, her rump hurt, but she'd be fine soon. it wasn't as if she hadn't endured more wounds than this. And certainly, this punishment would not be her last.

ℓαss FROM THE ℓσω cσυитяч
BUT SHE ℓσvє∂ HIS ℓσя∂sнιρ SO тєи∂єяℓч
oh sorrow • sing sorrow
NOW SHE sℓєєρs IN THE vαℓℓєч WHERE THE ωιℓ∂ ғℓσωєяs NOD
ℓσvє∂ HIM
нєяsєℓғ AND ɢσ∂

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Raumo watched as Bay crouched before Sidero, stuttering as she tried to explain herself. What was she even still doing here? She should have turned tail and ran as soon as she realized she was near the den. The old brute wasn't surprised as Sidero clamped her maw over the smaller fae's and gave it a good shake, nor was he was she decided to go a step more and gave her a good bite on the rump. He was, however, when she only took it that far. For how much of a psycho Sidero was, Raumo expected her to be more harsh. Oh well, Raumo supposed he was glad she didn't. He really didn't want to have to patch up the omega. His ears flicked back as the white fae's scorching glare was directed towards him. Great, now it was his turn.

"Oh, I don't know, maybe the fact that I am the SHAMAN, and it is my JOB." Raumo's gravelly voice was raised a little, but he didn't yell. Not like the stupid fae. "Do we have to go over this every time I come by? I know you don't like asking for help or leaving your pups, so I'm just bring you some fresh herbs, in case you need them later." He spoke to her as if he was scolding an errant pup. Really, the fae should be grateful he even cared about the welfare of her pups. "What in Lupen's name is your problem? You really think anyone is going to mess with a litter Aron sired? Let alone the healer? Really Sidero, you should know by now that no one messes with what belongs to Aron. There are plenty of examples to show that." The old brute knew he'd hit a nerve with that one, and knew that'd he probably pay for it too. He could still hold his own, though, and wasn't afraid of upsetting the b*tchy fae.

"Now, if you're quite done now, I have more important things to do than stand around and listen to you b*tch. Like patching up the omega." If that little jab didn't trigger an apoplectic fit then Raumo didn't know what would. Really, Raumo didn't want to nurse the small fae's wounds, but he knew Sidero wouldn't stand thinking Raumo considered the omega's wounds a higher priority than whatever rant the white fae had coming his way. But he really did want to get out of there. "Lupen knows you faes aren't smart enough to take care of yourself." And with that, he turned and padded away, not even flicking his hears back to listen for her attack. The fae wouldn't know that he'd be able to tell she was about to attack without seeing or hearing her, so his back was safe. For now. He stole a glance at Beline, his expression softening and a slight smile lighting his features, letting her know that his words were meant for Sidero only. As he neared the omega, he motioned with his muzzle for camp. "C'mon Bay, let's get those wounds cleaned. Wouldn't want you catching crazy too." His words were loud enough for the zeta to hear, one final jab. At a closer look, he could see that the omega's wounds really weren't all that bad, and probably hadn't even broken the skin or were very deep, but he'd still treat them all the same.

Ooc: Sorry for skipping Bay! Word count: 570
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Just as Comanche reached the outskirts of the main Taichi area, his ears picked up on the sound of Kaireena's howl for a hunt or a meeting, he wasn't sure which. He couldn't really hear her howl that well, due to the fact that he wasn't that close to the den anymore. Coming to a quick halt, the guard's ears flicked forward to better listen to the area around him as well as out ahead of him. The brute wasn't concerned about the alphaness calling for a hunt or whatever she was calling for, he was more worried about finding Akilla. Comanche wasn't even sure he was heading in the right direction that he thought Akilla had gone, but he sure meant to find her. Seeing a rabbit dart across his path, Comanche shook his head with amusement. His golden eyes watched the little cotton tailed critter run into a hole in the ground, before looking up towards the sky upon hearing a hawk screech. Comanche wondered if that's what got the rabbit moving, but he wasn't worried about that either. The brown brute really hoped he wasn't getting lost either and really he thought he was. He wasn't a tracker or a scout, his parents had raised him to be a warrior even though he had become a guard. But to Comanche they were pretty much the same thing. But that didn't stop him from wishing he had some of them good fine qualities of a scout or hunter.

Damn them for wanting me to grow up to be a warriorbeta! Comanche swore as he scanned the area once again. Get a grip ole fella. Your not suppose to be like this. This isn't your nature. Your the calm one.. The brute spoke to himself with a chuckle. Oh yea? How am I suppose to be calm when I'm lost? He said to himself with a snort, while rolling his eyes. Comanche's tail wagged slightly behind him as he started to move off again. This time he headed in a different direction then when he first started out, even though he had some how gotten himself turned around. He was actually heading back towards the den, but him being so absorbed in his thoughts, didn't know this. Keeping his ears forward and eyes peeled, Comanche soon learned he was going in circles. Why had this happened to him? Walking pasted a nearby stump that he had actually passed twice the guard quickly spotted Akilla coming towards him just as he was headed towards her. How could he have missed her? He should have been able to spot her but alas he hadn't. Quickly breaking into a run towards the green eyed huntress, the same determined look came across his face once again.

As the guard neared Akilla, Comanche saw her sit down and hang her head, which caused him to nearly stumble over his feet. Was she alright? He wondered. He really hoped she was. Besides, he had worked up a big speech in his brain and seeing her the way she was, quickly made the words he wanted to speak vanish. This kinda made him feel bad, but he felt she should feel bad as well. He really didn't like how she had talked to him after he had defended her to Akia and Lily but seeing her with her head down and tail tucked broke his heart. Coming to a halt a few feet from the huntress, Comanche studied her for a moment before planting his rear in the dirt. "Are you alright?" He asked just as his voice broke, but he quickly recovered. "Akilla..I..I." the brute stopped talking and looked away from her in embarrassment. If he had been a human, his face would have been as red as a fire truck. He wasn't good at confessing his love to a fae and really he hadn't ever felt this way about another wolf before. "I love you Akilla." Comanche finally said the words, though he had said them really fast, that he wasn't sure she had even heard them. Looking back at the fae, the brute waited to see what she would say back to him.

((Sorry it took so long..))
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xxxRome thought about Val’s suggestion of what they could today only for a few seconds. It was something he enjoyed and also something he knew would make Valkyrie happy. It was a win, win situation. He smiled at her, “ I would like that.” He said then gently licked her cheek. Val took it then run up to her sister and greeted her, Romulus followed slowly behind, keeping his tierd pace (even if he had been ahead of Val before hand, he was still tierd). He waited behind, but was still within a few feet of his mate and her sister. Matter of fact, Val and him were rarely far from each other. Rome bowed his head respectfully to the alpha pair before greeting them, “good morning.”

Romulus listed to Kaireena give out orders for the hunt. It looked like they had everyone they needed. There was little doubt in his mind that Val would be going, but he wasn’t feeling up to a hunt, to tierd still. It was a petty excuse, but they didn’t need him stumbling around like a lost pup because he was still trying to wipe sleep from his eyes and limbs. Rome saw the Alphess looking briefly somewhere and quickly following her gaze. Ekon was dealing two wolves. After a moment he recognized Kize and then Relic. When Kaireena teased him he found no offense in it and simply let out a laugh, “I guess I’m just feeling extra last today. I’ll be staying behind. You should go though, Valkyrie, if you wish. I’ll be waiting to go swimming with you when you come back.” He smiled at his mate before standing and trotting in the three wolves directions.

As he approached he nodded his head to Ekon. His gaze landed on the two in thought. He was not completely sure how to go about this. Hostility was of the question. Kaireena herself had seen the pair and did not see it as an immediate problem to address. He also knew that they weren’t a threat. Point A was how they were acting, extremely calm, even with their situation. Romulus decided just to picked back up on Kize’s inquiry, “It is, but we’re still strong. The pack is actually about to leave on a hunt. You’re welcome to stay here and wait for the Alphas to return, if that is whom you wish to speak too.” and by ‘here’ he meant the edge of the den site. They may be no threat and had been Taichi members, but they still left. He couldn't just allow them to waltz right back into the camp (even though they had already almost done exactly that). He needed Kaireena's and Calon's executive decision.

                                                                          SSOOC: bleck........FAYLEN is next.
                                                                          SSSSWith: EKON, KIZE, RELIC

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          "i have screamed until my veins collapsed
          ive waited as my times elapsed
          now, all I do is live with so much fate
          ive wished for this, ive bitched at that
          ive left behind this little fact:
          you cannot kill what you did not create

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                          ive gotta say what ive gotta say
                          and then i swear ill go away
                          but i cant promise youll enjoy the noise
                          i guess ill save the best for last
                          my future seems like one big past
                          youre left with me cause you left me no choice

                  Hramn got a laugh out of Faylen once more when she found him walking along side her once again, “you’ll get over it, I’m sure.” Faylen nudged him back by bumping her shoulder with his. This behavior made her reminisce of her times with Kheppa, the light hearted wolf she had met all those months ago. The Iota caught where her guard was looking and followed that path herself. She tilted her head to the side also at Layla’s condition. She was compelled to investigate, seeing as Faylen considered Layla to be a sort of friend, but Hramn caught her attention completely, making her forget about her urges by almost knocking her off her feet. Faylen made a noise in protest.

                  I’m not being slo- Hey!” Faylen yelled at Hramn as he took off. She picked up her pace to catch up to him. “Yeah right!” Faylen kept her pace to where she was just barely at the brutes heels. If anyone looked at this out of context it would probably look like she was chasing him out. Only it was much more light hearted than that. Faylen could say she was enjoying this morning with Hramn. As they hit the woods, Faylen slowed down her pace. He would have to stop at some point and Faylen would be waiting for that. When she noted his slowing she silently veered off into some brush thick enough to camouflage her snowy pelt.

                  She crept along stealthily, making sure to keep him in her sights at all time. She had to hold back a giggle at his disappointment when he looked back and she wasn’t there. If only he knew. She moved till his back was too her before moving forward and surging through the bushes to tackle him. Their bodies collided and they rolled before she pinned him. She laughed, “Pinned you.” Faylen looked at him for a second, before a grin spread across her face and she gave him a sloppy lick across the face. In her defense, the white fea had grown up with mostly boys. “Now you gotta catch me” Faylen said before leaping off of him and taking off towards the same curvy river where she and Luna had spoken earlier. She was making good ground too. She could already hear the water.

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                  SSOOC: boop
                  SSSSWith: HARMN.
                  SSSSSSWord Count: 386

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                                                              Oberon was relieved when Pamuya got off of him after one last n**. He just wasn’t use to playful actions and situations; no matter how many times Pamuya had bounced and tried to engage in play with him. It just never clicked with him. When Pamuya backed down and showed submission, or at least to him it looked that way, his body eased up a little more. Good, hopefully now she would calm down and continue on with their day. Yes their day; as in him and Pamuya and the however long time that they would be chatting with each other. He honestly didn’t mind the huntress being with him. She was a pretty fae (though he wouldn’t admit that even to himself) and most of the time it was nice to talk and be with her, so long as she wasn’t jumping up on him. When she admitted that he wanted to see him, the delta’s brows briefly knitted together, “Oh.” Why did she want to see him? Was something wrong? Was there some mangy brute harassing her? His fur bristled at the last idea. For whatever reason he was protective of Pamuya, for she was one of the sweeter faes in the pack. Besides, the idea of her being with another brute or flirting with him always caused a small spark of anger in him. “Is everything alright?” he finally asked.

                                                              When Pamuya wagged her tail at him, Oberon let his tense body relax once more. Well… Maybe nothing was wrong after all. Perhaps she just wanted to chat with him or something. That seemed reasonable. Besides, now that he thought of it he doubted that the fae would have bounced on him if something was wrong. Just as he was about to offer a quick wag of his tail back, which would hopeful ease the tension in the air, he paused when Pamuya tucked her head even more. Wait, what was that for? A confused frown came to his maw when she excused herself and left, obviously growing more and more lost in the situation. First she was playful and bouncing on him, then she sounded upset, then she was wagging her tail and looking happy again, and now she sad once more and leaving. Grah, faes were so confusing and emotional. Just another thing that he didn’t get. Letting out a soft huff, Oberon lowered head and ran his paw over his muzzle to scratch it. It was his way to quickly think something over, like at times when a human pinches the bridge of their nose.

                                                              After a couple seconds, he lifted his head and let out a bark to get Pamuya’s attention. “Pamuya, you don’t have to leave if you don’t want to,” he informed. This seemed to have caught her interest because she soon turned around and started to head back to him, seemingly pleased about what he just said. Once again her attitude had changed in a mere second. He knew he’d need to watch what he said around her for the day or else he’d have a repeat of her being depressed and leaving. Oberon opened his mouth to add something, but quickly shut it when he realized that it may not be the best thing to say to Pamuya. Saying “we can talk so long as you don’t jump on me” probably wouldn’t be a smart idea. “Let’s just walk, alright?” he finally said. There. That didn’t sound bad… Right?

                                              ooc Bit of auto was allowed c :
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        ╠╣ Béline ╠╣

        When Sidero lunged forward towards the Omega, her body tensed even more something about it bothering her. Though she stayed quiet and let her eyes drift towards her friend the shaman, Raumo. Stepping back she moved away from Sidero, not wishing to get the fae's teeth in her own hide. As she moved away from Sidero she tried to get closer to Raumo, deciding she would get away from the area in general. Pausing as she heard Raumo call out Sidero in a way, it bring a smile to her insides. Béline thought it was about time someone spoke up to the Zeta, then again she would never do it. Shifting herself to move past Raumo and Bay, her eyes glanced over the Omega before she let out a soft low growl. Even if she didn't like what Sidero did to the poor fae, she also never liked the fact that a wolf could allow themselves to become so low.

        Heading back towards the den site, her ears went back to catch what Raumo said. '...catching crazy too.' The thought a lone made her to snort with a giggle, her pace picking up at the same time. Though instead of heading towards the sitter's den, she made her way to the healer's den to wait for Raumo and Bay. She had things to say to Raumo anyways, so it wasn't like the trip was that much out of the way or out of line. A slow but steady paced trot carried her across the area to Raumo's healer den, where her eyes scanned over the area. She always liked coming here, perhaps it was because the scent of Raumo filled the air and put her at ease. With a sigh, she laid herself on her stomach and let her paws lay across one another with her head resting on top of them. Staying quiet it she waited for Raumo to show himself with the Omega.

        Picture Thanks To Hisyinphlay

        Location:Healer's DenCompany:No OneFeelings:ContentThoughts:He is so brave....
        ]Word Count:328 WordsOOC:N/A
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        H R A M N

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        The sudden attack startled him quite a bit and worse so when they rolled about with Faylen ending up on top and pinning him to the ground. A whine escaped him as her laid under her, it not fair that he was being beaten by a fae. Pawing at her when she run her tongue across his face, it leaving a line of slobbering drool. But before he even had a moment to complain she had yelled out for the chase to continue you. Then her body weight was off of him and she was dashing off down the pathway. Flipping himself over on his stomach and pushing his large body off the ground, he took off after the fae. It taking him a bit to catch up to her, well at least to where he could see her ivory body moving about in front of him. "Slow down cheater!" Hramn yelled out to Faylen, it not fair at all that she got a head start.

        If anything to Hramn it wasn't fair that he was losing to a fae, even if it was his superior. Chasing her towards the river that ran through the pack lands, he managed to gain little ground between the two of them. Sadly it would do him no good to try and get closer to her, for he knew it wouldn't be possible to catch the quick footed fae. So slowing his pace he darted off the path and ran towards the river over brushes and downed logs to try and get closer to the river while staying out of her sight. Looking through the flashes of trees as he ran he caught a few glimpses of Faylen's white fur, it meaning he was doing good. Looking a head of him once more he saw the river bank coming up faster and faster, though it meant nothing at the time.

        Once more his eyes searched for Faylen, the fae now out of his sight. Scanning the area a head of him and around him, he looked again and again to try and catch any sign of the white pelt. Nothing was able to be seen and before Hramn knew it, the river bank was right in front of him. Skidding as he tried to slow down he found himself unable to stop in time. And thus his body fell into the water of the slow moving river below. It causing him to cough and hack as water tried to fill his mouth and lungs. Growling he swam to the bank, his body soaked already as he dug his claws into the back and started to pull himself out of the water. Once out he shook out his fur and looked around for Faylen. The fae was going to get it this time, Hramn was soaking wet and she was no where in sight.

        Location: [ The River Bank ] // With: [ Faylen ] // Feeling: [ Angry ] // Thoughts: [ Where is that fae!? ] // Word Count: [ 497 Words ] // OOC: [ Poor Hramn XD ]
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        A loud bark caught her attention and caused her to pause and look back at it's holder. The brute saying she could stay with him if she wanted too, it cause her tail to wag with excitement. Coming up to him as he spoke about them taking a walk, her tail only wagging faster with happiness and excitement. It seemed Oberon was finally starting to understand her, but she worried if it would last long or was a fluke. Rubbing her head under his chin and neck, she let out a playful whine before she spoke. "A walk with the almighty Delta would be great, Oby!" Licking his maw playfully, she started to trot circles around him to excited to stay still for long. "So where does Oby want to go? Huh? Huh?" Pushing her nose into his body in several spots along his side, it nothing more then gentle prodding nudges. "Come on Oby let's go!" Pushing her entire head into his shoulder she tried to get his butt moving on their adventure.

        Suddenly she took off running, while yelling towards him at the same time. "Catch me if you can Mister Delta!" As if she giggled at the end, her feet carried her across the fresh grass and dirt ground. Though she never went far enough to get out of his sight if he didn't follow after her. In the end she ended up pausing about hundred or so feet away to see if the brute was coming after her. With a howling like whine she called out to him. "Come on silly, you can't lose to a fae you know." She loved teasing Oberon the most out of all the brutes and it brought her the most happiness. With her tail wagging once more she watched the brute for a moment, before taking off once more down the trail. At this point if he didn't follow suit then she was out of sight and heading towards a hide away she knew about. Even if it wasn't that big of a secret from the rest of the pack, it still was her favorite place to go to get away from everything. And she wanted to share that with Oberon now.


        Location:Mujihi TerritoryCompany:IOberonFeelings:Happy & ExcitedThoughts:I hope he follows me...Word Count:372 WordsOOC:N/A
        A m a l a

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        『•"Something is calling me, I feel the gravity..of it all ." 』

        "Taichi's Loyal Delta"

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                                                      Amala sat quietly beside the fellow Zeta warrior of their pack as her ears flicked lightly as she watched all the gathering wolves that had wished to join the hunt that was soon to begin she nodded softly as the white female answered her question "Glad to hear it...I am well myself just trying to get these hunters to behave" the delta was growing abit tired of the sister hunters childish little fights and she wouldn't put up with it much longer she didn't really know how much longer the alpha herself would either. Soon enough the brute Loki approached he gave a light greeting into which Amala gave a simple nod, she didn't know but, certain wolves she didn't know to well and when she didn't know a wolf very well she just didn't feel like associating with them let alone dragging into a conversation with them either. The large female let her gaze drift away from the pair of chatting wolves as she scanned over the rest of the pack that was around and watched as Akilla headed over to the shaman as she was directed to do, Amala gave off a light yawn as she arose to her paws shaking out her pelt lightly as her tail flicked up a few times behind her she respectively gave a nod to her fellow elite before turning her body away and departing from the chat the two were indulged in.

                                                      Sure enough Kaireena had called for the rest of the wolves to gather up for the hunt, the young female perked her ears up as she trotted through the crowd of wolves weaving her body in and out of the crowd before taking a place in the front of the gathering wolves, she yawned softly before shaking her pelt out lightly and then taking a seat as she wrapped her tail around herself. Her crimson hues looked about as she watched the wolves gather up to the alpha's call, she listened to her alpha speak of being lead hoping the delta didn't mind "Not a problem, Alphaess" her voice was calm as she nodded, truly she didn't mind not leading this hunt but, she would still make sure to keep her hunters within line she glanced over seeing the sigma approach she tilted her head, he seemed very familiar but, whom he was Amala just couldn't place she figured she may ask after the hunt but, for now her focus was on the alpha's and the soon to come hunt.

                                                      |This is s**t...but, I am just recovering from a three day flu so, forgive me|

                                                      {Bleh x.x, anyways welcome Taichi Delta!<3}


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                                                                                                User ImageRau growled ferociously, well, as ferociously as the small pup could muster, at his father. It didn't seem he was at all bothered by the fact that he was inside Roan's mouth. Instead, he used his paws to try and push him off, growling and, eventually snapping his small jaws at the retreating muzzle. He panted a bit with the effort, though he didn't stop squirming. Eventually, he managed to pop himself out and scampered over Roan again, this time managing to balance himself on his father's large body and braced himself on his front paws that were currently resting on the Alpha's face. He was going to get those ears! It was all fun and games anyways to the little red brute as his tail wagged with excitement.

                                                                                                However, the games were suddenly needing to put on pause as Rau stopped, eyes widening a little bit. There was that familiar feeling. One that would require them to leave the den and soon. Leaning forward, he lowered his voice and said,
                                                                                                "Dad ... I gotta go potty." He stated, leaning back to be able to look his father in his good eye before nodding, a serious look on his small face. He could probably hold on for a little while, long enough for his and Lane's parents to get up but if they took much longer, Rau was afraid he might burst. It was then that he slid down his father's body until his paws reached the den floor and he scampered over to Ace, his tail wagging. He quite enjoyed having a big brother and perhaps he would be able to take him out to go to the bathroom. Jumping up and down like a rabbit, little Rau attempted to get his brother's attention. "Ace! Ace! Ace! Ace!" The rusty red and still fluffy pup shouted as he bounced though the bouncing quickly stopped in favour of a whine. Oooh that bouncing hadn't been a good idea. "Ace! I gotta go potty! I gotta go!" He wasn't bothering with being quiet now and if he didn't get a response from his brother, which he didn't in about thirty seconds, he scooted over to Ashley, tripping over his paws and running right into one of her legs. "Ashley! I gotta go potty! I gotta go!"User Image

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                                                      xxxMilk production? Lyra hadn't even considered that to be a potential problem. She had so many little mouths to feed, what if it was?! Oh gosh, what if she was an unfit mother, who couldn't even produce enough milk for her puppies. Lyra's nose wrinkled as she sniffed at the offered herbs, the fae had never been fond of eating greens no matter their purpose. Perhaps because it made no sense to here that those little leaves could create such an effect in her body, the science of it was a mystery to her, practically myth, but she trusted the shaman enough to know that she knew how to do her job. At least the Zana had thought ahead that milk production might be an issue, she ignored the little twinge of emotion at that thought. It wasn't quite anger, but simmered around the edges of that. But why would it anger Lyra that Zana had thought she might not be able to produce enough substance for her offspring? The delta fae shook the thought off, it was probably just those protective hormones screwing with her head. She also swallowed the absurd growl that curled her throat as the healer examined her puppies.

                                                      xxThat intense panic that had been building peeked as the shaman looked over the little ones. Would there be something wrong with them? Lyra's heart felt was it was being torn a million different ways just waiting for the judgement, she felt like she was at a tribunal waiting for the outcome of whether they would live or die. Her ears were down as she fretted over it. Thankfully Zana didn't keep her waiting long, though the seconds ticked away like minutes to the fae. The panic receded and sweet relief took it's place and the health of her little family was confirmed. It was all she could do to not knock Zana over as she curled back around her pups feverishly licking their little bodies. Lyra didn't speak to the shaman, there weren't really any words that could express that she was greatful, but that she didn't want the fae near her darling pups anymore, without coming off rude. Thankfully Zana seemed to sense this and exited the den giving Theo rights to enter.

                                                      xxxIf it hadn't been for the simple fact that Theo, Lyra and Zana would not have fit in the den Lyra was sure the zeta male would have barreled right on in regardless, as she listened to his impatient yowls. Lyra watched with a look that was a mixture of anxiousness and love as Theo hesitantly entered the den. The smile that had been so close to Lyra's mews all this morning was back. She had forgotten that she was angry with the brute the second he was there, how could she be angry with him? He had given her everything, he'd given her the world; with these seven little precious beings. Lyra giggled like a little fae again as Theo planted kisses on her snout. She couldn't help this perpetual state of euphoria, the world could be burning down around them and it wouldn't matter, Lyra was happy. Her world had never felt more complete.

                                                      xxxHer ears perked as Theo asked a question she hadn't quite been expecting. Names? They had discussed names for the little ones before hadn't they? But she couldn't remember them now, they were all so precious and just there, the thought of naming them hadn't even occurred to the awe struck fae yet. But she was struck by a sudden inspiration, knowing Theo he would approve. "How about you name the males, and I'll name the females hmm?" the suggestion fell like a sigh of admiration of her mews. It wasn't a matter of hogging names or anything silly like that, Lyra simply new Theo would favor males, because he was male himself and it had long since been apparent that faes confused and confounded the brute, even the miniature ones.

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                                                      The yummy something filled the hungry pup's belly quickly and she was happily content, though not to pleased with the lingering cold about her wet fur. She felt something nudge against her side lightly and recognized the scent as belonging to someone she had shared her old home with. Another nudge came from the opposite side and a quick sniff clarified this new being as the exact same thing. While she didn't appreciate them crowding around her at first, Asella quickly realized that their little bodies brought her extra warmth and snuggled closer to them both, mouth unlatching from the source of delicious drink so that she could relax in the dark silence that she knew and sleep.

                                                      Before she could drift off to dream of the crowded world she'd left to come to this one, something cold prodded her gently and she felt that weird vibrating thingy come from her throat again. She was sleepy! She wriggled some, soundlessly communicating that she did not want to be touched right now. But the cold thing only touched her and sniffed her for a little bit before moving on to somewhere else. Asella snuggled down again, huffing just lightly as she curled up into her usual position and began to head off to sleep again.

                                                      Moments after she'd reached that point, however, the fae was once more interrupted. Another cold thing, with a different scent from the first, sniffed her and flipped her to her back. A vibrating thing went through her throat again, this one stronger to express her upset at being disturbed. In response, a warm, wet thing touched her head and a scent sort of familiar washed over her. Suspicious but slightly reassured, especially when it let her be, Asella, for the third time, decided that she would sleep. She shifted some and sighed, feeling full and at ease. She would be fine for a while. At least, until it was time to eat again.
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              ___And you can’t fight the ↯{TEARS}↴ that ain’t coming.
                      ____Or the moment of ↗↗truth↖↖ in your lies.
                          ___When everything seems like the ↺{MOVIES} ↻.
                                      ______yeah you ↷bleed↶ just to know your alive.

                                      KARAM NIEL SHAMAN;

                                      out of character; Very blah Zana post ; v ;

                                                                              A sigh came from the Shaman's maw. It seemed like things were really picking up now, especially with Lyra's new litter now born. Hmm, she should pop by to the Alphas to give the pups a check up. After the sickness that took so many, Zana had been making a habit of checking on everyone, particularly the pups since they were so small and their bodies were much less immune to sickness than the adults in the pack. But she had no real reason to bother anyone right now so she just walked and observed the behaviours. Everyone seemed fine, a bit excited for the turn of the seasons and the birth of new pups, but fine nonetheless. So, since her supply was fine for the most part, the Shaman simply wandered around. Soon, she stumbled upon the birthing den that Lyra was occupying. Her old eyes picked up the new mother's niece, Kyra. A smile tugged at the Shaman's maw as she recalled how small the fae had been. Coming up, she sat down next to the silvery white warrioress.

                                                                              "You know, Kyra, I remember when you were that small. You were the fluffiest little pup I'd ever seen and such a pretty colour. Even from day one you were a handful though I can hardly believe so much time has passed. You're all grown up."

                                                                              Yeah, she was probably being a little, well, like she'd been visiting memory lane lately. Zana sighed slightly, shaking her head a bit as she looked around before resting her golden eyes upon the now warrioress that she'd known before she was born. It was certainly worth everything that she went through with expectant parents then overprotective ones. She'd dealt with everything from sniffles to serious sickness and even the death of pups which was always hard. No matter what, though, Zana always loved her job.

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