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            Sidero took her sweet time making her way back to her den, she had back tracked a little and picked up the piglet, she had left some meat on the bones, and she was going to give the small remaining kill to the theta. The theta better thank her for her gift, because Sidero was not the type of female to bring anyone anything. Her hackles rose up as she neared her den, simply because of the scent of the alpha pup Kailani, but when broke the tree line and saw that the rat had gone, her hackles lowered themselves back to their normal state and she frowned. Damn I wanted to eat her too. she thought as she moved forward toward her den.

            Dropping the remaining kill at the entrance of her den, she looked inside and noted that the theta seemed to be relaxing, a deep growl ripped from her but she didn't say anything about it, Sidero was being moody and there was no real reason behind the growl. Her red hues locked onto her children who all seemed to be perfectly fine, and warm against the black pelt of the theta. Her tail curled around her paws after the zeta sat at the opening of her den and spoke to Béline. "I brought you something." her tone was flat, but with her forepaw she pushed the bones around to show her that this was now her's. It was a small token of respect from one elite to the other, and it was the best that the theta would get from the zeta as a 'thank you'.

            Sidero didn't know much about the theta but what she had learned from Aron from their brief "courtship" if you could call it that, was the Béline was once a warrior and apparently a pretty good one at that, however she got injured and it took her out of the ranks. Sidero wouldn't say much about that, even if she thought that becoming a provider from such a prestigious rank such as a warrior was quite a hard fall, but that was simply the zeta's opinion which she was allowed to have. Truth be told the only provider that she had any issue with was once her very own warrior, Layla but the stupid white female had given up her rank to be a pup sitter simply because, well honestly Sidero didn't know why but she always thought it was because she was too hard on the warriors and Layla couldn't handle the pressure.

            Clearly the snowy female at least somewhat respected the onyx one, as she had given the female her favorite part of any kill, the marrow that was within the bones. Any wolf that had been around Sidero when there was a kill could see that the zeta favored that part, and she hoped that Béline would count herself lucky. Granted she gave the older she-wolf the marrow because she had protected her pups, and tried to shoo away the alpha rat from her den. "You can get out of my den now." she snapped, until she thought about her warriors, she kind of wanted to know what they were up to, but then again she didn't. Soon enough her pups would be old enough to leave her den and move into the pup's den, then and only then would she would start training the warriors once more. Her ears flicked as she waited, digging her claws into the earth while she watched the older female.

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Igneous has once again found herself wading through water before coming back out and shaking her pelt out. She felt the air seep through her thick fur, making her shiver from the temperature difference of the water and air before turning back around to lap at the water. Iggy let out a tired yawn before turning back to the path she had been taking and going into a steady quiet walk. She watched the floor beneath her, making sure to avoid the crunchy leaves and sticks while also trying to listen to her surroundings. She must have failed somewhere when a noise of rustling bushes nearly made her jump out of her skin. A breath of air rushed into her lungs as she fur bristled and she went into all out war mode with teeth bared, all within the few seconds she took to turn to the Karam Niel wolf.[Kaylah]

She looked the wolf up and down before dropping her defensive crouched position to a relaxed stance. Sure it was forced relaxed, but the other wolf wouldn't know that. Without realizing it she started to narrow her eyes at the wolf as it questioned her. Sure, she was intimidated by the dominant wolf, but Iggy refused to show this, though she probably should have, she'd had this problem with authority from the get go. "Karam Niel? Is that who's pack lands I'm on? She asked, slightly looking up at the sky with a thoughtful look and a hint of sarcasm. Her tail made itself at home by her legs, not at all trying to be the dominant wolf here, but not wanting to full submit either. "Do you great every curious wolf this way? I can't imagine how you ever get new pack members." Iggy was avoiding the question while letting the fae come to the conclusion on weather she was a loner looking for a pack or not. If she were to asked why she'd had damp fur or smelt of water, Iggy would simply shrug it off and say she'd just gone hunting or something of the sort.

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Location:Wandering Karam Niel Land; looking for densite
Company: Kaylah
OOC:Nope not at all~! I needed something to do with her too c: when she'd done causing trouble here I'll have her trot of home-or running for her life- to go see the Omega of Mujihi =D

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            Kaylah looked at the female as she shifted in a split second from a wolf wanting to attack to a lowering herself to the earth. Something was wrong about that but the provider wasn't sure what it was and she sure wasn't about to start rattling off anything important until she learned more about this wolf. The provider didn't ease back on her stance nor was she stupid enough to fall for whatever act this wolf was trying to put on her. Narrowing her teal eyes she tried and pick up any scent from the grey wolf, but because of the water she wasn't quite able to pick up on aside from the stink of wet wolf. Her muzzle wrinkled once more and she growled at the she-wolf. Her ears flicked as the female spoke, "Yes Karam Niel." she said picking up on the sarcasm, and the way the female held herself wasn't one of an outsider.

            The tiny provider had known outsiders to be more shy and more willing to submit, this female however didn't seem wanting to let go of the control. "I don't but when new members of MY pack come into the pack, I am far more protective and more rude about the wolves that "find" themselves on our lands." she said not quite buying the little game the female was trying to play. Of course without a scent she had not clue that the female was from Mujihi nor did she know if she really wasn't an outsider. For all she knew this female could really just be a loner looking for a pack to join. Still with Lyra and Theo just having their litter she wasn't' about to just happily bring this female to an elite for joining of the pack, she would have to make sure that she was an loner, and truth be told Kaylah was not quite sure how to go about that. "Why are you all wet, this season going for a swim, is quite moronic." she said, her tone was a little dark with a hint of a snap in it. She needed to get this female to speak and open up, or maybe she should just howl for a beta or a gamma. Someone who would know what to say and how to get the information from an outsider.

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        "The things we see alters our life.
        I don't need to be fixed because I'm not broken.
        But i would like someone to care "

X x Lilianna almost dug her head into the ground when Kaireena growled at Loki, he was on thin ice. Allowing her ears to lay back apologetically curtly apoligized for his absent-minded behavior. "I am sorry Alpha Kaireena, if anything, I'm the cause for hisempty mind this morning." it was as simple as she could be without growling at her brother's stupidity herself. She understood she had set her twin in a foul mood when she'd snapped at him this morning, but that did not give him leave to ignore the Alpha. Then again, Kaireena did seem to be in a pretty foul mood already herself, she wondered what had set the poor girl off. Still, it was none of her business and it wasn't in her place to be able to defend her twin right now, perhaps later she should: not now. Shaking her fur out a moment, the silver fae gave a slight nod with the Alphaess' apology and headed Calon's glare, she would make it simple and quick then so not to upset either any more. "I was out scouting today and i came across a large buck, it was in the Northern half of the territory and i kept quiet so not to disturb it. I came back here as quickly as possible so i could let you know. I thought it would be good news in case you plan on leading a hunt later" there was hope in the fae's eyes as she wondered if she would be allowed to join, but she would not press the subject any. Still, with a little happy wag of her tail, she gave a curt nod to the Alphaess, she would leave only when dismissed.

She knew better than to piss off the fae any more, so when Kaireena would finally dismiss her, Lilianna would give another curt bow, submissively give the fae's shoulder a lick and turn and leave. Nodding politely to Calon as she did so, the fae would greet the others of the pack before moving over to her brother.
"You're in the doghouse my twin" the fae mused softly. Rolling her eyes, she gave her brother's forehead a lick between his ears and lay next to him as she began to clean his pelt where it had become dirty. It was a soothing motion as she built the bond for the day while her brother spoke to her. "I don't know Li. I've been having the same nightmares lately from our past. I just can't seem to shake them. And i didn't mean to ignore Kaireena it just sort of happened. I suppose this is what happens when I'm a little empty-headed in the morning" the brute would say. Attempting to lighten the mood, Li would shoot off with "When aren't you empty-headed? Hm?" her tongue lolled and she gave a slight playful nudge, earning herself back a knock to the face with her brother tail. Huffing slightly, Li shook her head out and yawned. Seeing her father Ekon returning from the forest, Li's ears perked. As he moved over towards the healing den, the fae couldn't help but notice Akilla standing there: one twin of the other KN twin sets. Looking to her brother, she finished cleaning the patches of dirty fur there whilst he seemed to brood about nothing in particular and then stretched. Standing, she told her brother she was going catch a rabbit and bring it to see their father and that he was more than welcome to join her. When he refused, she dipped her head and nodded. "Suit yourself, all the more fun for me" she said, her tail raising high as she trot off into the forest.

Hopefully she could actually catch something this time though. the previous two times she had been out to catch something small, the damn animal always had some sort of escape root or some way to trip up the smaller fae. Granted, with her lithe body, she was quick, but it was no match for the small confines of burrow of something of the sort. Even if she were to try and dig up the animal, the time it would take her would be enough time for the animal to find another way out of it's home. This time she wouldn't return home hungry and empty 'pawed'. Pardoning the horrible crack at a joke, Li began searching for something small. Her nose was to the ground and the air, constantly attempting to locate a small bit of prey and something that would be easy to catch. Let's be honest, she was no hunter, but she damn well tried her best, and that's all that mattered. Picking up the trail of a rabbit, Li followed it religiously as she kept her paw steps silent and unheard, the same with the rest of her. Soon enough, she would come across the plump little thing as it was laying down. The poor rabbits carelessness would cost it its life. Smirking lightly, the fae lowered herself down to the ground and bunch herself up, preparing her energy for the perfect moment. 'That's right, turn your head just a liiiitle bit more. And. Yes! You're minenow!' she thought to herself. As the rabbit turned its head to where Lily would be out of view, she launched herself forward. The rabbit would jump up and attempt to take off having noticed the sudden whoosh of movement, but it would just spell disaster further. As the little creature stumbled over itself, Li was atop it and clamping down her jaws over its neck. Triumphantly letting out a soft little howl, nothing that would really be heard, her tail curled upwards in happiness and wagged wildly about. Her ears lay back and she seemed utterly pleased with herself, coming back to her father with a nice looking rabbit would surely make him proud.

Little did she know, it was the mother of the bunny he had seen earlier. Picking her kill up, it hung limply from her jaws as she turned and trotted back to the den site. Soon enough the border came in view and then her father. Ekon was still with Akilla, but she didn't care, she was his daughter, not that she wolf, so she better damn well get more attention. Yes, Li could be a bit of an attention whore at times, but she was jealous when other wolves tried to impinge on the little time she ever had with her father. The two never had time alone, neither did Loki and he. Still, the other fae had been there first, so that would be the only reason she would tolerate this injustice. It seemed Li was in a childish state of mind. Coming up to her father Ekon, the pretty silver fae dropped the rabbit at his paws and allowed her tongue to loll from her mouth.
"I caught this for you. I don't remember when i've seen you eat last, so i brought you something." she cooed softly. Brushing cheeks with the brute, she stretched and looked at Akilla."Good afternoon Akilla." she said politely.

Turth be told, Li was starving herself, but she would always see that her brother and father had something to eat first. So when her brother had refused this morning to go with her, that had left one brute left to worry about. Plopping down onto all fours, Li allowed herself to be closer to her father, but not so close as to disturb his meal. She would set herself a few paw lengths away as she rest her head on her front legs. Watching the two, Li relaxed softly, a little more at ease with family around.

Word Count : 1,287

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          "The things we do alter our life.
          Some just need an ear and a shoulder.
          I can be whatever you want"

Loki was really having a bad day. First his sister had snapped at him, and now their Alphaess was growling at him as well. Loki had begun to rise and apologize to the fae, but her attention had already turned to his sister. Perhaps it was best if his sister stole their leader's attention right now, it would buffer her anger for the moment. Loki honestly wasn't quite sure what he had done wrong, he honestly hadn't seen her there considering he seemed to have been off in a world of his own. Still, he lay down once more where he was and thought about what he had done. Yes, he was in for it now, this he knew, perhaps later he could appeal to their leader's better nature, but until then, he would just sort of brood some more. It wasn't long before his sister came over to him, her size and stature much smaller than his, and as she told him of his hypothetical place within the pack, he rolled her eyes. He knew this already, couldn't she say something a little more useful? Still, as she sat next to him and began to clean his pelt, it soothed his nerves some and he could not help but spill his guts. "I don't know Li. I've been having the same nightmares lately from our past. I just can't seem to shake them. And i didn't mean to ignore Kaireena it just sort of happened. I suppose this is what happens when I'm a little empty-headed in the morning" and it was the truth. Loki couldn't help when his mind was elsewhere, only when it was currently alert would he know what was going on around him. Still, when Lily made her comment, the brute smacked her in the face with his tail, she deserved it. It was as playful as he could get with her right now.

The tables were turned as his sister attempted to soothe his nerves, and it was working. Giving a slight yawn, the male stretched but looked up at his twin when she rose. She wanted to go hunting for their father and she wanted him to go with her. No, it really wasn't happening. Wait, their father was up and about? Looking over towards the healer's den, Loki really wondered how he'd missed the male that would have had to walk into his peripheral vision: then again, Loki wasn't witth he program today. Well, he would have to get there now wouldn't he? Shaking his head no, he told his sister he didn't want to join her. "No offense, i really don't want to do anything right now" he gave a slight shrug of his front shoulder blades and set his head back down onto his paws. He noticed Russia as his sister paced off. Hadn't she scrutinized him earlier? Perhaps this meant it was time to get off his lazy furry butt and do something. Rising to his paws, the sleek brute paced over to the fae and dipped his head respectively. Good afternoon Russia. What is on the agenda for the day?" he would ask simply, also greeting the other she wolf there.
"Hello Amala. How are you two today?" he asked softly. Usually, the pack was used to his trickery, but today it seemed there would be no jokes to come. It was a little off for the brute, but considering the time of year being around the same time the rest of his family had perished, it wasn't uncommon. The brute showed enough interest so seem as though he really did care, but enough occasional distractions to also let them know his mind had previously been somewhere else. Loki would visit his father later, right now, he was trying to get himself further off his pack's shitlist which he had apparently put himself on without even a half hour of being awake.

Word Count : 651

OOC: Sorry for Loki's post being so short guys, i had been on a roll. But then i hit a blockage Dx
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                                                  She had been watching the careful exchange of words going on between Luna and Blight, but the longer she lingered, eavesdropping, the more she felt as though she were doing something wrong. She really didn't want to be punished. And she was attached to Blight. He was her savior. Her brother. Her lover. Her world. Her everything. Of course, she didn't exclusively belong to anyone. She had no mate. Her dedication to her brother took all of her time and emotions. She didn't want to see Luna move in on her brother. No. She knew, as long as Blight was happy, then that was all she could ever hope for, but the idea of someone replacing her was dis-heartening. Especially given a turn coat like Luna. She had had everything. An Alphaess spot. A mate. Maybe even pups. And yet, she had turned her back on her pack and had come to the Mujihi pack, and Aron had given her a position with a title. A position that meant something. That was something that had settled wrong among the omega. She wouldn't let her brother be with someone that proved her disloyalty plainly, but of course, she didn't get to make that call, now did she? No. She knew that she was not anyone who got to make decisions. She was simply the person who followed orders. That meant Blight's orders when he gave them. If anyone called, she came. And yet, sitting, watching and listening to her brother and this turn coat fae, made Bay turn tail and prance off as fast as she could possibly go. She wouldn't go to any of the main dens. No. Not if she could help it, but she needed to get away from this spot where she could listen to the conversation that she had no part in. She didn't belong here. She didn't know if she even belonged in this pack. But where was she to go? She was an omega. She'd always be an omega no matter where she went, wouldn't she? Her title would only follow her, like a ghost she would never be able to shake.

                                                  She hadn't known exactly where she had intended to go. She hadn't planned anything in particular, but when she smelled other wolves of the pack, her body tensed up a little. She was too close to others, and she was uninvited. She tread carefully, looking around. Hearing the sharp bark of a dismissal, Bay looked up to find Sidero. Bay had gotten too close to her den. Had the bark been to her? Bay looked up to Sidero for a few moments. Truly, the omega was dreadfully close to the den, around the backside. If the Zeta had not seen her yet, the wind would blow her scent towards the white fae, and she would be caught. Bay frowned deeply, looking around for a quick escape route. Anyway she went, she would be caught in a flash. Instead, she slunk low to the ground, approaching the fae, trying to give the den's opening a wide berth. Her tail was low, sweeping the ground as she damn near bellied around the white fae. When she was close enough, she looked to Sidero and bowed her head deeply, sticking her nose to the dirt. "I..I... I'm sorry Miss Sidero, ma'am. I... I wasn't paying attention to where I was going. I.. I did not mean to get so close to your den. I mean no harm to you, or your young pups. I.. I was just passing through...I wasn't going to run... you'd.. you would have found out when you saw me running away. I'm not trying to be a coward, but... I thought you might have liked my confession more then you liked my running away." She frowned, looking up to Sidero, trying to see what the Zeta's reaction would be? Surely, if there was punishment, Bay deserved it for not paying attention to where she was going. And surely, if the dismissal had been for herself, she doubly deserved punishment for coming up to Sidero after she had been told to leave. Bay was simply frozen stiff, unsure what would be happening to her, but knowing she was completely at Sidero's mercy, whatever course of action was decided.

ℓαss FROM THE ℓσω cσυитяч
BUT SHE ℓσvє∂ HIS ℓσя∂sнιρ SO тєи∂єяℓч
oh sorrow • sing sorrow
NOW SHE sℓєєρs IN THE vαℓℓєч WHERE THE ωιℓ∂ ғℓσωєяs NOD
ℓσvє∂ HIM
нєяsєℓғ AND ɢσ∂

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"Well those new members have to start somewhere before they join you pack right?" Igneous sarcastically said without missing a beat, but snapped her mouth shut afterward and mentally questioned her ability to keep her mouth shut. She berated herself and told herself it was time to cut the sarcasm if she wanted to learn what made the pack so excited. So that meant she'd also have to cool it on the not submitting thing. Iggy fought off an irritated huff as she relaxed a little more and lowering her head just a bit more and tried to avoid eye contact with the little fae so as not to irritated her further. "I was hunting." The sigh she'd been holding in came out with her words."And I hate having dirt and who knows what else in my fur. It's just gross. She said, pulling a face as she did so, because quite honestly that was true. After every meal Iggy would have she'd try and always make it somewhere to wash off the ickiness.

So, like I said, I was hunting and what not and then I heard some wolves nearby. Sorry if I disturbed you guys. I suppose if you don't want a wolf hanging around then I'll just be on my way again. Though I would like to have some kind of conversation with a real wolf. She said with a slight shrug somewhere in the middle of her sentence and trying to loose the sarcasm and sound sincere, after all it was a half truth. She was hunting....given she was hunting for the den site, but still! As for the 'conversation with a real wolf', well she did live with the Mujihi. Iggy wasn't quite sure anyone but the sitters and Zee were real wolves, the rest may have hailed from demons or something for all she knew. Especially the alpha. The fae looked at the wolf again, hoping she'd at least lead her close to the den site, then again why would she do that? Any smart wolf, at least in her opinion, would just run them off.

Not wanting to run back home she looked at the ground thinking of what to do next if the wolf did try and run her off. Would she hold her ground and fight? For what reason though? It would be a bad choice because the fae in front of her could just howl for re-enforcement and she'd be dead before she reached the border and she highly doubted any of her own pack would come to her rescue, or even hear her. The next plan would be to run away and come back, perhaps linger to loose any scent of where she'd been altogether. It's not like she was leaving Mujihi, but surely even if she was gone for a while and came back with secrets then the pack would stay off her case and let her be for a while until she made her next adventure out. Right then she made a decision that she wouldn't leave this territory until she learned something, and with her stubbornness she was bound to at least get some sort of information back. Whether she'd share all of it, just a few things, or nothing at all, was something she hadn't figured out yet. After all the pack didn't need to know everything she knew, right?

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Location:Wandering Karam Niel Land; looking for densite
Company: Kaylah
OOC:Iggy's getting herself into trouble o.o oh wait, I'm getting Iggy into trouble lol

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Aphrodite was quite taken aback by Wilton's question, and frowned as her vision lined up with his and realized he was comparing himself to Lavite. "Do not mistake size for strength, Wilton. No, I do not find you weak. Weak is when you give up, and you, Wilton, haven't given up. You've been trying so hard, and you've come such a long way. You've seen horrors that I can only imagine, and yet here you are. So no, I don't find you weak." She nuzzled him again then and gave his ear a friendly nibble. "And I would be absolutely delighted to call you my mate, Wilton. I don't know what this whole unworthy business is about. You are a remarkable brute." She gave him a soft lick on his cheek. "Come, you can come on my rounds with me and we can alternate between running and walking." She stood, have his scruff a playful bite, and trotted off.

After enjoying a good run and brisk walk, Aph was slightly disappointed to discover that they're pleasant time was about to be disturbed. The first scent that reached her nose was that of the sitter, Kaylah. Odd, what was a sitter doing so far from the densite? Hopefully a pup hadn't run off. Aph knew that Rau certainly liked charging off away from the den. The second scent to reach her was vague at first, but once they came closer to the pair, it began to develope into one familiar. Though it was faint, the guard could still clearly make it out. "Kaylah, what are you doing this far out?" She asked the sitter kindly, giving her a smile. Her attention shifted away from the fae before she could answer though, and landed on Igneous. "And what are you doing here, Mujihi wolf." Her body was stiff and her tail raised slightly. This Mujihi wolf better not be wanting to join the pack. Aphrodite didn't exactly agree with Fell being a part of the pack, but respected the alpha's judgement. She eyed the fae suspiciously, ready to chase the wolf away if she gave any hint to being a threat. With the brand new litter of Lyra's, Aphrodite was on high alert. If this wolf wanted to join, Aphrodite certainly wasn't going to let her just stroll right into the den. She wouldn't be surprised if the whole pack was made up of pup eaters!

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Raumo woke from his nap with a snort and a start. Shaking his head, flecks of drool went flying as he tried to clear his mind of sleep. There was something he was supposed to do after getting back to the den and sorting his stock..... what was it? It took a few moments for his mind boot up and restore his memory. Oh yes, he was going to bring Sidero some borage leaves. Great, that fae was in a right foul mood, and Raumo definitely did not want to put up with that. She was lucky it was Aron's pups that she bore otherwise she could get the damned leaves herself for how bitchy she was.

The old brute's joints creaked as he scrabbled to his paws, his back cracking loudly as he did so. Oh, maybe he had walked farther than he should have this morning. After retrieving the borage leaves, he headed for the zeta's den, preparing himself for the fight he was sure was going to ensue. Upon arriving, he found her chewing out the omega, Bay. Omegas, what a pathetic lot. Raumo had no time for omegas. he was surprised Aron even tolerated their presence. Raumo figured it was only a matter of time before one of the wolves killed her. Mujihi was no place for the meek. Just as he'd thought, she was in a cross mood, and the presence of the omega probably had only made it worse. Great, just what he wanted to deal with. Raumo almost regretted this rare act of courtesy. Well, rare towards wolves other than Beline. Continuing on, he set the leaves down before Sidero and gave her a curt nod. "I've brought you some borage leaves, Sidero. These will help with nursing." Hopefully she wouldn't go totally ballistic on him. Raumo was too cranky himself for that kind of disrespect.

Ooc: Short post :/ but let the arguing commence! 3nodding Word count: 312
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            The pretty sitter, still wasn't buying what this female was putting down, something was still off about her. That sharp tongue, soon enough would give her away. Kaylah was certain now that she was not an outsider looking for a pack to call home, oh no. Her hackles rose up as she growled darkly. "You are too sharp tongued to be an outsider, you have a pack go back to it." she said her teal hues locked on the female. "I don't care, you need to turn your tail around and return to where ever you are from." she said with her own sharp tongue, the provider was looking out for the pack as well as the newborn pups, granted the female still didn't know that she was from Mujihi or why exactly she was here, but she was quick and could see that this female, was trying to pull something in front of her eyes. She didn't like it and she would not allow her to move anywhere. Taking a step forward the provider snapped her fangs near the "outsider's" face. "Get out of my pack's territory now, she-wolf, or you will face the alphas."

            Kaylah gave the female a moment to think it over, but soon enough another of her pack showed up, this one a guard and in the provider's grumpy, stubborn mood, a dumb one. She had told the female her name then picked up on the fact that the female was Mujihi, If I get killed, I will return, blame you, and kill you myself. the provider thought as she growled at the guard. Kaylah was not in a good mood, and even if the guard was being nice, she still didn't like her, at this point in time, she would feel bad later but now she was in protective mode. "Well Aphorodite, this Mujihi, seems to have crossed onto our territory and because I protect my pack and take pride in my job, I wasn't allowing her near the den site. I don't trust her, as I don't trust my brother's choice on allowing the other Mujihi into our pack." she said her tone dark and rather mean.

            Normally Kaylah shied away from other wolves but with the litter just being born, there was no way, that she was going to move from this spot, with this now placed wolf. Clearly the she-wolf had been lost, and now she needed to turn her tail around and return to her pack, it would only take a howl and she was positive Roan or Calet would come running. Frankly Kaylah wanted to howl for one of them anyway, but she would wait and see how this wolf would react. It was also odd for Kaylah to voice something against her brother, she trusted Roan and his choices but allowing a Mujihi into the pack was something she didn't believe in at all. She doubted that Karam Niel would even be better because of a Mujihi was magically transformed into a good wolf. The thought made Kaylah snort, oh no, she believed that "Fell", or whatever his name was, was reporting back to Mujihi and planning on killing the pack. These dark thoughts, finally snapped the provider back to her world, she wanted to run and hide, but she already made herself seem big and bad, no packing down now.

            Looking back at ( Igneous ) she growled, her lips pulled off her fangs, "I will say this one more time, before I call for my alpha. Turn around and return to your pack, and do not return." she said, the provider's tail was still raised and this time she feared that perhaps the Mujihi would see through her, but she would not allow herself to look like she was getting nervous.

Stephy Says: She's a smart cookie, and then the fear comes back. xD
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                                The alphaess had heard her mate come up to her, and heard his snarl at the delta, she turned her head and looked at Calon. "Relax, love. I know it's annoying but sometimes wolves have their days. Once we get the hunt started I am sure the pack will ease a little." she spoke softly to the male. Kaireena nuzzled her muzzle into her mate's chest in her way to trying to get him to relax a little. She knew that Calon hated disrespect as much as she did but she wasn't totally sure that the female had met it as disrespect. At least Kaireena hoped that Amala didn't mean it in that way. Calon nudged her and her tail wagged a little, one of the two wolves that could just ease the alphaess just by being near, she was able to allow some of her anger go, of course she was still a upset, but the alphaess was able to take a deep breath and was not ready to bite the next wolf that pissed her off. Kaireena could tell that Calon was quite upset about Loki as well, this went back to what she said before and hoped he would understand. However she would keep her eye on the male, just in case he did slip up, and that way she would punish him, but until then she would just keep her thoughts to herself.

                                Turning her head back toward the scout, Lilianna, she had said something about her being the cause of the warrior's empty-mindedness. The alphaess could understand a little better and she would just have to let it go. She needed to focus on the hunt and getting the pack in order for the event. She wasn't sure what exactly they would be hunting but she had faith in her scouts and sigma, they would be able to track something. When the she-wolf reported that on her scouting trip she found a buck, the alpha's tail wagged. "That is wonderful, thank you for informing me as quickly as you did. If we need you, I will howl for you, until then you are dismissed." she smiled at the grey scout. After the female gave her respect and walked away Kaireena turned to her mate and nipped at his fur. "Well alpha, how I do believe it is time we gather our pack and get this hunt in the works. I am not quite sure how long the buck will be around, but I know we are going to need almost all the pack to take it down." she said as she stood up and rubbed her side along him as she headed toward a slightly elevated rock that she used as her perch.

                                Kaireena had hoped that most of her pack would want to come along on the hunt, she had spoken to a couple that wanted to go but she knew she would need more wolves to take down a buck. Waiting for Calon she sat and curled her tail around her paws, once he neared she winked at the male and lifted her head in a howl, it was the sound of a hunter wanting to get a hunt started, by now her pack knew her howl and would be able to tell from the sound that it was time to gather for a hunt. She didn't expect everyone to show up, but the wolves that did, she hoped that they would be ready for a big hunt and big meal if they were lucky enough to get the animal. Her tail wagged as the hunting party started to gather, the alphaess smiled at the wolves and once she thought no more would be coming she spoke to the pack. "Calon and I have been thinking, and we have come up with an idea to get the pack back together, and shove the past behind us. I know we have had some troubles, with Luna leaving, and the pack splitting up, as well as the rabies. What better way to work as a pack and over come the troubles then with a hunt?" she paused for a moment, her eyes were sparkling, this was what Kaireena loved.

                                She was a hunter, and hunting was her passion, her life. Yes she lived for the pack, and she had been busy so she had not been able to go on a hunt in quite sometime, but now the pack would work together and alongside with Calon, they would bring home the buck she was sure of it. "Lilianna, went out scouting and reported to Calon and myself that she had found a buck in the northern side of our territory. A buck is a dangerous prey, but if we all work together I have the upmost faith and confidence in us that we will be able to bring him down and bring him home. I want you all to be as careful as you possibly be. Amala, I hope you don't mind but I will be taking the lead in this hunt." she said as she looked at the delta, not that she had much of a choice, Kaireena wanted this, she wanted to hunt and feel the rush again. When the delta spoke up, she turned her head to her mate to see if he had anything to add, before she would start giving out placements and orders for the hunting party.

                                OutOfCharacter:Much better, not every Taichi has to go on the hunt, so if you don't want to, then your wolf doesn't have to show up. :3 I do need a list of who wants to be in the hunt, so please either pm me or post in the ooc so I know when I can post for her again and start the hunt. edited
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╠╣ Béline ╠╣

Staying quiet, she watched over the pups through half lidded eyes and made sure they were warm while they nuzzled into her fur. Keeping an ear towards the den entrance, she soon noticed when Sidero had come back. Her head turning slowly to look up at the white Zeta, with a short nod. Checking over the pups one last time, she wondered why Sidero had brought her anything. Though Béline would not question the fae about it at all, knowing it would only upset her. Slowly she lifted her sore body up off the den floor and made her way out of then, with Sidero rushing her the entire time. Finally when she was out she noticed the omega had stumbled upon the den. This caused Béline to raise her hackles and growl in a deep low tone, with teeth bared. "Thank you Sidero for the gift. Now allow me to get that foolish mutt away from here." Keeping her teeth bared at the omega, Bay, she stared her down and spoke to Sidero at the same time.

Béline watched Bay closely, only to have her attention pulled away for a moment by another scent. Raumo was getting closer to the den site, then again she didn't worry to much about the Shaman. Her teeth snapped together as she moved closer to Bay, warning her to move away if she wanted to live much longer. Stopping after only being a few feet away from the omega, she waited to see if the foolish wolf would leave or take punishment until she did run. Béline truly did hate when unwanted and untrustworthy guest got anywhere near any pups of Mujihi and this would not change for any wolf. If they were not meant to be there, then they shouldn't of dared to come so near and expect to get away with out a scratch. Her ears twitched slightly when she heard Raumo talking to Sidero, it causing her eyes once more to drift away from Bay and to the Shaman. It made since that he wanted to be helpful to Sidero, but of all the times to come deal with her. Well to Béline this would be the worst of them. In the end though she could only keep an eye on Bay and make sure she doesn't get a single hair closer to Sidero's den.

Picture Thanks To Hisyinphlay

Location:Sidero's DenCompany:Sidero, Raumo, & BayFeelings:Anger & DislikeThoughts:What is that mutt doing here
]Word Count:400 WordsOOC:Bleh, horrid, horrid post!
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      ___And you can’t fight the ↯{TEARS}↴ that ain’t coming.
              ____Or the moment of ↗↗truth↖↖ in your lies.
                  ___When everything seems like the ↺{MOVIES} ↻.
                              ______yeah you ↷bleed↶ just to know your alive.

                              KARAM NIEL SHAMAN;

                              out of character;

                                                                      Zana must be getting daft in her age or something as she hadn't noticed the gathering of the others. If she had she would have shooed them away immediately. However, the task was completed and was out of her paws, thanks to Ansel the pack's Sigma. The Shaman sent a smile his way as a silent thank you though that wasn't the only reason, of course. Ansel was a kind brute and not at all unlikable. There was that other thing as well ... what was that phrase the pups and yearlings were using again? Hard on the eyes? No, no, that wasn't it. It had something to do with easy and eyes ... oh, right! Easy on the eyes. Zana personally didn't fully understand why they were choose to use such a term but she supposed it was just the preference of one generation to another. In any case, the Sigma, Ansel, was quite handsome. At least, that was her thoughts on the brute. Of course, with all that had happened as of late, Zana regrettably admitted that she didn't know much about him. She would have to make time to change that as it was just as much her responsibility to know about the pack as it was Roan's. Speaking of, she should check in on the pups to see how they were faring. While they had been lucky to escape the white foam sickness, there were still many other illnesses that pups were prone to. Lyra's voice reaching her ears made them twitch and she returned from her thoughts to the task at hand. Picking up the herbs she'd brought, the Shaman slipped into the den with a kind and patient smile. She was used to antsy and anxious mothers which was part of the reason for the herbs that were placed at the Delta's paws.

                                                                      "Firstly, congratulations, dear. Now, let's get down to business so I can leave you with your dear little ones." Zana didn't waste any time. Putting a paw to one small pile of budding flowers, she began to explain what they were for,
                                                                      "These will help with milk production so the little darlings will most definitely get enough to eat. And these here," Zana put a paw to the other small pile of greenery,
                                                                      "Are to help with the anxiety you may experience. Now I will go look over the pups." She was sure to inform Lyra of everything she was doing, walking her through the procedure step by step to help lessen the anxiety the new mother must be feeling by having another wolf in her den. Zana hadn't been able to have pups herself though that wasn't to say she wasn't able to, she was young enough to still be able to have a litter though she would first have to take a mate. Frankly, most times those two things were at the farthest point in her mind but, like any fae, she'd thought about it from time to time. Eventually, she was finished and the Shaman smiled up at the other elite brightly and warmly.
                                                                      "Well, they look incredibly strong and healthy. Congratulations again, Lyra dear." With that, Zana bowed her head and took her leave, passing Theo and giving the brute a congratulatory nudge. "I believe you can go see them now."
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                                                      Theo remained at the mouth of Lyra's pup den, whining and yowling impatiently to be allowed in. He could hear some squeaks now, no doubt his children, and that only made him more restless. Were they okay? Were they in pain? Were they cold? Were they hungry? Why were they squeaking? Theo was a novice when it came to pups; he really had no idea what was going on. And him, being the worry wort he always was, automatically assumed the worst.

                                                      Oncoming paw steps caused the brute to raise his hackles and growl. He wasn't ready for others to come near his vulnerable mate and pups just yet. He didn't really figure out that he pretty much invited the whole pack to come with his morning rampage. He had acted out of his sheer excitement and anxiousness, and didn't really think the consequences through. Luckily, all the wolves who came to visit and congratulate him kept their distance. Ansel, Lavite, and Kaylah all came one by one to give their congratulations. Although, Kaylah stayed nearby for awhile and dropped a rabbit near Theo's paws. Theo didn't say anything to her, or anyone else for that matter. He didn't want to make small talk right now, he just wanted to see his pups. He'd always been a brute of few words, anyway, so most who knew him came to expect the silent treatment. The rabbit set near him went untouched--he was way too nervous and agitated to be hungry right now. Although, Theo wasn't ungrateful for Kaylah's gift. In a small glance, he silently gave the sitter a look of gratitude. He would give it to Lyra when he was able to. Luckily, the crowd was dispersed by Ansel before Theo got over his threshold. The zeta would have to thank the sigma sometime later.

                                                      The shaman, Zana came around then and offered Theo some words of assurance. Though the brute just spiked his fur and growled at her too, for being so close to his den. He wasn't happy about her trying to go see the pups, but he didn't stop her from going inside. Zana was the pack shaman... she would know when something was wrong faster than him or Lyra would. Even his overprotective nature couldn't make Theo not understand the logic to that. So the brute just laid there and growled away, giving the fae a nonverbal warning to mind herself around his children. If anything happened to them, he had both the means and inclination to make sure she was sorry.

                                                      Waiting for Zana to reappear seemed to take seasons. Theo continued to growl, huff, whine, and yowl anxiously as he waited and waited. The brute was pretty patient with most things, but apparently being away from his pups was one thing that he just couldn't stand. Soon enough Theo was rewarded when Zana returned, trotting out of the den merrily and giving the brute permission to see his children. The zeta shot up excitedly and looked like he was about to shoot into the den at top speed, but he hesitated, overcome with nerves again. This was a whole new thing for him--this father thing. What if he didn't do it right? What if he wasn't a good father? There was a lot of pressure, because these pups depended on him to teach them everything. If he messed up, he could mess up a life.

                                                      A few squeaks from his pups helped him get over his nerves and encouraged the zeta to move forward. With Kaylah's rabbit in his maw, he slowly wormed his way into the cramped tunnel of the den. It was a pretty tight squeeze for the big brute, but with a good struggle he was able to get to the den. For a good minute, he stayed with half his body in the tunnel half his body in the den, and watched his pups from afar. They didn't look like much at the moment--just slimy little lumps of fur--but they gave Theo a weird, warm and fuzzy feeling as he looked on them. They were his children, so they were automatically precious to him.

                                                      He deposited the limp rabbit to the side of the entrance and quietly padded closer to his family. It was then that he got a really good look at them and saw just how many pups he had. "Seven." He barely breathed the word. It was a full litter of seven. He thought that they'd only have three or four, but Lupen had blessed them with a huge and healthy litter. Theo felt pretty proud of himself and his reproducing abilities. This was defiantly bragging rights amongst the other brutes.

                                                      He examined each pup gently, taking in their individual scents and flipping them over to check their genders. A few of them weren't too happy about the handling, but Theo licked their big round heads to assure them that everything was okay. Four girls and three boys--a nice ratio, he thought. He definitely would have loved to have all boys, but that was wishing for the impossible.

                                                      Theo was at a loss for words. He looked up to his mate, down at his pups, and then up at his mate again. He really didn't know any sort of phrase that could describe the sheer amount of happiness and pride that he felt. The zeta was never really good with words in the first place. So instead he just let his actions do the talking and snuggled up to Lyra's pup-less front, donning a bunch of kisses onto her snout. "I love you."

                                                      He spent some time cuddling his mate and enjoying being with his new family, his head rested on her forepaws while his body formed a protective half circle around his pups. Together, his and Lyra's body made a nice corral for their children. Now at eye-level with his pups, Theo could really get a nice look at them. Every now and then he'd flick out his tongue and kiss a pup who wandered too close to his snout. "Have you thought of names?"

Penny for your thoughts? ~ <3
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Hearing his mother speak about the dang squirrel made Uranus grin as well as shake his head. "Ain't that the truth." the yearling said referring to the squirrel only being put on earth to humble wolves. Flicking his ears forward to better listen to Sable's words, the young brute listened to his mother's words as she spoke more. "Oh I plan to be a big strong brute, one that brings down big animals. Not small ones." Uranus said with a little more spirit then he had intended. At once he lowered his head and whimpered like a pup in trouble. "Sorry mother, the words came out faster then I could hold them in." Of course the young wolf would have to work hard to do something like that and he sure hoped he could bring down a big buck some day. He planned to train hard to become a warrior, even though he knew he had to have some qualities of a hunter and scout to help the process along. But training his body to be queit was a lesson, Uranus wasn't going to be able to master right away. Hearing Sable speak of Miki, caused Uranus to frown with sadness. Ever since her father died, he had seen less and less of her. Was it because of her heartache or was it because of something else? The brute wasn't sure what it was, but he sure hoped he could see her soon. Him not being able to play with Miki was actually starting to drive him a little crazy.

"I will be sure to tell her how much you miss her when I get the chance to see her."
Uranus said to Sable with a smile, though he soon noticed his mother was in a sad mood. He slowly leaned forward on his front toes and nuzzled her neck, wishing he knew what was bothering her. Hearing her once again speak to him, Uranus flicked his ears up and listened. "You could never crowd me mother. I love you too much and I will always be here for you as well." the young wolf spoke to his mother, even though his words were muffled from her neck fur. He wasn't sure how much he could actually be there for her, cause he wasn't really sure what was wrong with her. Pulling away from the beautiful red fae, Uranus couldn't help but grin at his mother's next words. "Yea and I bet I was a handful as well. I never wanted you to be out of my sight." He told her with a confused frown, soon noticing she was clearly avoiding his question that he had asked her. Hearing Sable sigh heavily, caused Uranus to frown with even more worry. He watched his mother lay down in front of him with a confused look plastered on his face. Was she actually ok? He really didn't think so and when Sable started to speak, Uranus listened closely. It wasn't every day his mother poured her thoughts out to him like she was now. This moment was really rare and he intended to hear every word. Getting that confused look off his face, Uranus studied the red fae before him with his curious brown eyes.

When at last his mother's voice faded away and she stopped talking, Uranus took a big deep breath. All that she had told him confused him and made him feel sad for his mom. Did she really feel that way about herself? She had given him a home, friends and many other wolves for him to call family. But most of all, she had given him a chance to live again. She was the best parent in the world and he would never want to change that. Finally being able to find the words, Uranus spoke in a hushed tone. "Mother you have given me everything and much more. Having you as my mother is something I will always be grateful for years to come. If you do find a mate and he makes you so happy, I will be happy and I will approve. But only if he treats you the way you need to be treated. Besides, I feel comfortable coming to you for anything. Your my mom...how I could I not feel comfortable coming to you for anything?" Uranus took a moment to clear his thoughts and gather his breath as well as give his mother a loving smile. He wasn't sure what to tell Sable about her being lonely though, cause he wasn't old enough to give her advice on that subject yet. "You have done right by me mom. But maybe you should just try being in the crowd instead of actually talking to the other wolves. Maybe you can try to better understand them." Again he wasn't sure what to say to his mother on that matter either. He wasn't scared to talk to other wolves and he wasn't scared of making friends. But giving someone advice just wasn't easy for Uranus to do either.

Seeing his mother blink her eyes repeatedly as well as shake her head, Uranus frowned. "Mother there is no need for you to say your sorry. Letting all that out helps the heart as well as the soul." He wasn't sure where those words he had just spoken come from, but he was glad he said them. Seeing his mother roll over on her back and then paw at his nose, clearly caught the yearling by surprise. Blinking his eyes rather fast like, Uranus stared down at Sable with a confused look on his face. It took him a moment to get in play mode and when he did, the yearling hoped his mother was ready to scuffle. "No need mother. I can fall over on my own." Falling down on top of her belly, Uranus tried to n** at her paws as well as her front legs. He was in full puppy mode at the moment.

((Man what a long post. Hope i got everything right.))
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As Phoenix carried himself through the woods, hoping to put some distance between himself and the fae, he found out that his taking off had had no effect, perhaps even the opposite. The female wolf was now running alongside him, several feet away, keeping pace with him as he twisted around trees and ducked under a fallen log that had just enough room beneath it for him to slide under.

Between breaths, he could hear her speaking to him, yelling over the wind in his ears. Was she still going on about Evana? She was almost as stubborn as he was. The difference was he knew when he was fighting a losing battle. However, he didn't even see this as a fight, but found it more similar to a flea causing him to itch. Why was she so determined? He'd already told her it wasn't her business, and besides that, there was nothing going on between Evana and himself. That thought, for some reason, caused a small ache in whatever sliver of a heart he had left. Unfortunately for the ivory fae, he only used it to fuel his rage which had been building with every step she took alongside him.

Between dodging trees, his cold blue eyes had glanced in her direction several times. During one of such moments, he'd been able to read her body, which told him exactly what she was about to do, which was make a huge mistake. As she shot forward to block his path, Phoenix only sped up, using the muscles that had been built and toned by years of being forced to fight to turn himself into a battering ram. Just as she yelled 'stop' he lowered his head and pushed off with his back legs, sending his body shooting straight toward her as if he were a missile seeking its target. The blow would more than likely hurt both of them, but he was willing to risk it to get her to shut up.

As their bodies collided, Phoenix's shoulder smacked hard against bone, which caused his body to flip around in mid-air and land hard on the dirt floor of the forest.

[Mujihi Beta]
[With: Layla]
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