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Finally able to get into a sound sleep, Hramn became oblivious to what was around him. Even the wolves that may have past him while he slept would have gone unnoticed and not cared for. His body stayed a bit more curled up then normal, only because he was using the tree trunk as a was of protection. It was because if he stayed close to the size of the tree trunk, he hopefully wouldn't be stepped on by careless or just plain stupid wolves. A soft growl escaped him as a dream went through his mind, pictures of his lonely pack life before Mujihi seeming to be on a reel that spun in front of only his eyes. The sight of his past caused his body to tense, the claws digging into the dirt as he did. Soon though they passed and he was once more in a peaceful state of mind as well as a peaceful sleep.

When Faylen came up towards him, he knew nothing of it. If anything he was fast a sleep and probably look like a large ball of fur. Though even then he wasn't expecting to happen with what had happened right after Faylen came close to him. A white paw was brought down on his head, it feeling like he was hit with a hard whack. Growling lowly he let his eyes slide open until they could clearly see the Iota in front of them. He fell silent and forced his body up in a sitting position, his head ducking below her's in respect. Staying quiet for the first few moment, Hramn thought of what needed to be reported to his superior. It soon came back to him and he looked towards Faylen directly before speaking. "Everything was fine last night and no scent of intruders where around the near by area. Though I stayed closer to the den last night, not wanting to allow anyone to get near it. It seems also the rabies has completely disappeared from the area, thankfully on that one. But all and all ma'am there is nothing of real concern to report." Once he finished he let out a soft yawn, his body still trying to wake up completely.

Though moments after he gave his report, he ended up laying back down on the ground. This time his paws extended out while he laid on his side and started to drift in and out of a light sleep. With another yawn escaping his maw, his feet and legs pushed out that much farther away from his body. His eyes open only long enough to get one last look at Faylen as he spoke. "If we are done now, may I take my nap Faylen?" Once he finished his words, his eye lids slide shut once more and he was trying to keep himself awake long enough to hear Faylen's reply. But it wasn't an easy task to be done and soon he had failed it and was fast asleep once more in front of Faylen. The long night of patrolling had caught up to him and staying awake after it was damn near impossible for Hramn. Though if Faylen pushed him into doing it, he would find a way to make himself alert enough to appease to her wishes. Not that they would truly matter to this lazy brute any more then they already did at this point, which is not much. Still he slept soundly, not even sure if Faylen was still near and about to whack him once more or if she had left and allowed him to rest.

Location: [ Just Outside The Sitter's Area ] // With: [ Faylen ] // Feeling: [ exhausted ] // Thoughts: [ Sleep is good ] // Word Count: [ 605 Words ] // OOC: [ Hope this is okay Lady ]
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Get in my way, all you can do is pray...Stand in firm, lie down and learn...I am like no other you will know.

Chewing away at the small bits left of the rabbit meat, laying on the ground as she did. Her teeth tore away a small bite once more, enjoying the meal that she had gotten for herself. If anything the white fae was quite proud that she even caught this small meal for herself and didn't need anyone else's help to get it done. Pausing in her meal she glanced around feeling as if something or someone was near, but nothing could be seen nor smelled at that point. In a way she shrugged it off and went back to her meal, deciding it wasn't worth the worry of it. If anyone was around they would be dealt with accordingly when they showed themselves. Tearing another bite from the rabbit she chewed on it slowly, savoring the taste of victory. After she finished that bite, she had licked the blood that started to cover her maw. She didn't want them to stain red. after all she wasn't that sadistic with out reason.

Going to take another bite, she froze for a second the scent of the newly reappointed beta male filling her noise. Ignoring the scent she went back to eating, not to concerned about the brute causing her much trouble. And soon he was already closer to her and clearly in sight if not hovering above her. Her body rolled slightly towards the side to show her submission towards him and even her eyes darted away from his own. He spoke first and brought something up about going together to find food, it causing her to wonder if he had gone mad. Layla may of been a warrior before she moved to sitter, but she was never good for hunting. Her hyper personality and constant need to play made her quite troublesome for the pack to catch anything. Though he also brought up the pups, it bring her mind to a more mature state. Shifting her body to lay on her stomach she glanced towards her small meal of a rabbit, knowing all to well she would love more then that to eat.

Looking up towards Phoenix her tail began to wag a bit with excitement. "I would love to Phoenix, but are you sure you really want me too." Her mind always wandered back to the fact she was so puppish, which is why many times she would stay with the pups so easily. They didn't mind her want to run and play and act as foolish as they did. Lowering her ears in shame as well as her head, she forced herself to stand up completely. But her body was kept lower then Phoenix's knowing upsetting a high rank in Mujihi was a stupid and foolish idea. Tucking her tail she stayed still while staring at the ground, it not calming her nerves at all as she waited for Phoenix's answer. Part of her even wanted to try and run away or perhaps just disappear from the area. It was as if Phoenix and her had drifted farther apart since he was promoted back up, then again it may be she feared even trying to much to be near him now. Evana was the other half of the betas and Layla couldn't nor would she ever try to take on a wolf like her.

It hurt her to even think that Phoenix wanted her, but she also knew Aron also was after Evana. Which meant in the end Phoenix was sure to lose, the thought of that gave Layla a mixed feeling of happiness and sorrow. If the brute had lost it meant she had more of a chance, but she also felt sorry that he didn't get who he truly had wanted. As her thoughts swirled between Phoenix and the problems he had with Evana and the fact she wanted him as her own mate, she soon completely forgot the brute was right in front of her. Glancing up she saw his dark coat once more, it cause a slight wag to start in her tail. Which she was quick to stop it, in fear she would look like a fool once more. Deciding she couldn't hide her voice anymore she spoke to Phoenix in as calm as a manner possible for her. "Phoenix, forgive me for saying this." Pausing she looked towards the brute, her eyes showing her sorrow. "But I think it is best for you to give up on Evana already. I don't want to see you hurt like this, because she will not become your's." Her eyes soon diverted away once more as she got about half way through her voicing of thoughts, the fear of being attacked for them becoming all to real now. Her body tensed to ready herself for punishment, knowing most would give it to her for talking so freely about a matter she had no right in. Though at the same time Layla was a bit happy she could finally tell it to him, even if he never could accept her. At least he wouldn't keep trying for someone who would never accept him in that way.


Location:Mujihi TerritoryCompany:PhoenixFeelings:Scared but HappyThoughts:I had to tell him the truth
Word Count:859 WordsOOC:Poor Layla XD
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She's the Scout. He's the Warrior.

══════════════ ⇝ ⇒ ⇢ ⇨ ➸
        "The things we see alters our life.
        I don't need to be fixed because I'm not broken.
        But i would like someone to care "

X x It was time to get up. The cool morning air had begun to roll through and the silvery fae began to stir, ultimately disturbing her brother who was curled up with her. Ever since they were pups, the two had fallen asleep next to each and tonight they happened to fall asleep like this. Since the silver brute was laying on his smaller fae twin sister, he would be woken up as well. As light goldish yellow eyes opened, the fae huffed in displeasure of being awake so early. Still, as her ears lay flat against her head, she had the strangest urge to get up and beat her brother for no apparent reason. Perhaps it was the fact he was lightly snoring in her ear, or the fact the past few nights, the brute had accidentally kicked his sister and woken the poor fae up. This had occurred multiple times throughout the night and it made Lilianna wonder if her brother was having nightmares again. As she stretched her front paws forward, she knew she had to get moving soon or today would be a very unproductive day."Get off me Loki before i beat you senseless" she growled, meaning what she said. Li wasn't a very pleasant wolf in the mornings, and since she always had to be up early, most wolves had just learned to steer clear until she had come back from surveying the perimeter.

As her brother reluctantly and confusedly moved his head, the silver-pelted fae stood and stretched. It was a long needed movement as she felt certain bones realign and certain joints loosen from their previously locked state. As Li faced the den entrance, she glanced back over her shoulder at her brother and sighed seeing her brother fall back asleep. Shaking her head, the fae proceeded from the den and then paused to scent the air. There were a few other wolves about early this morning, but it was mostly quiet which was the way she liked it. Padding over to the forest and one of her favorite trails, it was about time the scout went out to survey Taichi's territory and report anything strange or suspicious. Most of the time, there was nothing to really report, however, today there would be. There was prey on the territory and it was something pretty big. Lowering herself to the ground, the somber wolf very carefully crawled forward until she could peer over one of the hills on their land. It looked to be a buck, and one well off in size too. this was a find she would need to report right away if they wanted any chance in taking it down while it was still on their land. Moving her small frame in reverse, very quietly, the scout stood and began to sprint back to the den.

The afternoon had been approaching, and as the fae whipped through the forest, sidestepping overgrown branches and leaping over a few felled limbs or deadened logs here or there, Lilianna would arrive back at the den site breathing a little heavier through her nose. The fae seemed to be determined, but there was still one thing she needed to do first before she sought council with one of the Alpha's. Moving back to the den, Li was searching to see if her brother was still asleep, and sure enough, there he was still curled up on the ground. Growling, Lily thought it rude for her brother to have slept so long when the rest of the pack was wide awake and up and moving. Oh he will learn this time she thought to herself and smiled something dark as best as a wolf could. Growling deeply, the fae butted into her brother, letting off loud growling bark right in his ear good enough to startle him awake. Leaping backwards, she snarled at the brute
"Wake up you lazy piece of fur. Everyone else is moving and preparing themselves for the day and you've yet to even make your presence known to the fact you're alive! I swear, all i do is babysit you sometimes.". She had noticed how Loki had jumped to protect himself, and as he bare his teeth at her, she did the same until he backed down. That's right, she wasn't in the mood today, and he knew better than to argue with her when she was in one of those moods.

Yep, plain and simple, she was being a b***h today. Apparently, despite the fact the twins were so close and loving towards each other, there were still days here and there where they got tired of the other or just annoyed -today happened to be one of those days. Not really giving her brother a chance to defend himself, the shewolf turned and trot out of the den with her head lowered and her ears back in agitation. Her hackles were raised until she came to the outside of the Alpha's den where she would compose her demeanor and make herself seem a little smaller than what she was, though still confident in herself enough for respect. It smelt as though Kaireena had been through not that long ago, so she would try here first. "Alpha Kaireena, may i have council with you?" it was just the usual way the fae addressed and of the three higher ranks. No matter how many times Kaireena would tell Lilianna not to address her that way, it was how her father had taught her to show respect and loyalty, and since that was very important to her, she never really listened.

Li noticed her brother come up alongside her and move forward to lick her maw, an apology from earlier which wasn't really necessary since it truly hadn't been his fault. Still, she accepted it and bumped her muzzle beneath his jaw in an alternate show of affection before giving him a look of 'Wait for me outside' before he would leave. This seemed to be how the two's disputes always went, the demeanor changed between them very quickly and they almost always seemed to friends no matter how nasty of an argument they got into. Today was no different. When she would be finished giving her report to their Alpha, then she would go out to meet her brother, until then, the scout waited patiently outside the den tunnel.

Word Count : 1066

══════════════ ⇤ ⇦ ⇐ ⇜
          "The things we do alter our life.
          Some just need an ear and a shoulder.
          I can be whatever you want"

For the past few nights, Lo's sleep had been all but peaceful with his constant nightmares here and there. It would be nothing medicine from the Shaman could help with as they'd been through this all before when they were yearlings. Both the twins had these constant occurring nightmares, though he was more active in his sleep than Li would be. It wasn't surprising that Lily had begun to be annoyed with her brother's constant twitching and abuse while he slept. Hell, when she did it, he got mad too! It was only natural to be fed up with the other. Still, as his sister woke and then growled at him, Lo was barely in the realm of the conscious when he heard her. /making a slight whimper nose as he did register her threat, the brute removed his head from his sister's warm body and laid it on his paws after curling up around himself once again. So he was tired, could you blame a wolf for that? Especially since his sleep had been disrupted by his dreams and the fact it was so damn early in the morning. That was another thing that annoyed him; how early his sister woke up. It killed his sleep each time she would make him get up just because she wanted to get up. He was not a wolf designed for early mornings, more like early afternoons though there were times when he was up earlier than most of the pack.

Still, from there, the brute slipped back into his dream state where his nightmares would fade for some short time before coming back again. It was an atrocious scene really, what he was dreaming of. He was picturing the scene he had almost two and a half years ago. He was standing there with his sister, Lily, as they looked upon the bloody mess that was there family. Their mother and three other siblings were brutally murdered, the mess so vibrantly burned into his mind as their corpses lay before him. Soon, it all spiraled out of control. Lily faded from existence and Loki soon became his pup self when he had been all closed up and his sister had been the outspoken one. The killer was there then, and closing in on him. It was a dark figured and Lo couldn't quite make out the outline, but it was closing in with red eyes. And then..

Lo was woken up brutally during a night terror by his sister. There was some sharp growling bark in his ear and a force that knocked into his side and that was enough incentive for the brute to jump to his paws, slightly disoriented, but still growling and baring his teeth in response. Sooner than later, Lo realized what his sister was saying and then took notice of the time. Despite the fact Lo was much larger than his twin, he would back down; the brute wouldn't give his sister the knowledge of his nightmares though and really wouldn't argue with her either. She was in one of those moods today and it would take a little bit to bring her around. Still, before he could truly say anything, she was gone from sight, leaving in one of her infamous poses of agitation and leaving Loki to his own devices. Stretching, the wolf yawned and allowed his tongue to momentarily loll from his mouth before he would shake out his fur. It was already afternoon, the start of a late day and one that might not go so well if action wasn't taken accordingly.

Trotting at a lazy pace from the tunnel he had been in, the brute came upon his sister waiting outside the Alpha den. Had she found something? It seemed so considering she had just requested the presence of their pack leader. Still, this did not stop the male from moving over to lick his sister's maw affectionately and show her that he was sorry even if he didn't know what he was sorry for. As his affection was reciprocated, Loki was able to ease up some, and from the look his sister had given him, this was something she wanted to do alone. Heeding his twin's wishes, the brute moved outside to lay down under a tree not that far from the main den tunnel. Laying his head upon his paws, the brute huffed as the sun would occasionally glint of his sleek fur. The boy looked bored, and considering everyone seemed to be doing something and he seemed to be doing nothing, he would stay out of their way until told what to do or until his sister came to find him.

Word Count : 783

OOC: Woooo! I finally have post for the twins!~ I'm such a slacker though.
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While waiting for his mom to get unbusy, Uranus thought about the little devil squirrel and what he could have done differently to catch him. His tail thumped the ground beside him with annoyance as he thought, though it didn't make a difference. The black yearling really couldn't think of any better ways, so growling with anger he turned his thoughts to better ones. It was then he felt his mother nuzzle him affectionately, so in return he moved closer to her and buried his face in her chest fur, nuzzling her back. Keeping his nose buried in her red fur, Uranus listened to Sable as she asked him what was wrong. He wasn't really sure how to put all his frustration into words but he would try for his mother. Pulling back away from her, Uranus then felt her lick his muzzle. The presence of his mom made the yearling feel better, but that still didn't change the fact that he couldn't catch a small squirrel.

"I couldn't catch the damn squirrel I was after this morning. I'm to loud when I walk through the forest and I can't seem to be quiet when I walk. And I haven't been able to see Miki yet." The growing brute had to keep himself from growling, but it wasn't easy. "Then the little critter had the gall to turn around and bark at me once it got away." Uranus said referring to the squirrel. His ears then flicked forward upon hearing his mother speak more, though they went back in sadness as he listened to her talk. Dropping his gaze from her to the ground and showing signs of shame, Uranus whimpered. Did she think he was mad at her? Of course he wasn't upset that she had left him this morning. He clearly understood she had to do her job and he wouldn't have it any other way.

Still keeping his gaze to the ground, Uranus spoke, "I'm not upset that you left this morning mom, I got up the moment I knew you were up. I also know you have your duties to the pack, so that isn't an issue." Looking up at her slightly, Uranus tried to hide his sadness. It was then his turn to lick Sable's muzzle. He loved his mother and he thought no female was better then she, no matter who the other fae was. Seeing Sable turn away from him and look over at the beta and the head scout, Uranus actually grinned. He really wished his mother would find a mate and give him a strong father figure. Besides that, he wanted his mother to have pups so he could have little brothers and sisters. But with her being the way she was, that didn't look like it would happen any time soon. Maybe he could change that though. Uranus thought maybe he could give his mother a little nudge towards the single brutes in the pack. He wanted her to be happy just as much as he knew she wanted him to be happy.

When his mother looked back towards him, Uranus saw the love in her eyes that he knew she had for him. Returning the look, the yearling then noticed she sagged her shoulders slightly, as in sadness. This caused him to frown with worry. Tilting his head to the side in confusion, while giving his mom a worried look, Uranus wondered what she was thinking. He didn't know this side of his mom and to tell the truth, it was starting to scare him. She wasn't suppose to look worried or feel sorry for herself. She was strong, true, and very stubborn to say the least. Not having a mate shouldn't make her feel any less about herself. Those things took time, or so Uranus thought. He didn't know much about the ways of relationships but he knew enough or again so he thought. "Mom are you ok?" Uranus asked, not bothering to answer her question that she had asked him. He had already told her what had bothered him. Now he wanted to know what was bothering her.
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Viktor laid stretched out on his side, his large body taking up a generous portion of the back of the den. He'd patrolled late the night before, and was now passed out in a big heap of wolf and fur. That was, until Theo came bursting into the den to announce the arrival of his and Lyra's pups. While Viktor was glad for the couple, he didn't want to hear about it at dawn, especially after last night's trek. So after the zeta left, he let his head slump back down and tried to drift back into a slumber. Unsuccessfully. With a grunt, he sat up then, a little irritated that his sleep had been interrupted. No matter, it was an important occasion, and come to think of it, Viktor was pretty hungry. So, the big brute clamored to his paws and left the den.

Pickings were a little meager, so Vicktor decided he'd wait until later in the day. That would give an ample amount of time for all of the faes and pups to eat. He may look rugged, but manners mattered. So he headed off to the stream for a cool drink and maybe a refreshing dip. His homeland wasn't nearly as warm as here this time of year, and Viktor's thick pelt was killing him. He may have been young when he was taken, but he had been plenty old enough to remember what it was like, and to keep his thick accent. Occasionally he'd mutter to himself a little in Russian, but the brute was sadly discovering that he was losing his native language. After taking a dip and a few cool drinks, he returned to the den. "Good morning, Vil-..... Wehl......ehem........ Good morning." He said in his thick accent. 'Willow', came out in a sort of awkward space between 'v' and 'w' as Viktor struggled to properly pronounce her name. The brute thought he sounded stupid, of all the faes to catch his eye and interest, it had to be the one whose name he couldn't pronounce? He wasn't exactly Conan when it came to the faes, either. He didn't have the natural charm and charisma that his brother had. No, he was much more rough around the edges, and often seemed indifferent around his female counterparts. He was really making an effort at seeming interested and.... nice?... with Willow though. Thank Lupen Conan wasn't nearby. He'd never hear the end of it.

OOC: Poor Viktor XD Just to clear a few things up, he doesn't "know" that his homeland or language is called Russia/Russian. Obviously, since wolves don't have names for stuff like that. But he does know some Russian still and has a very thick accent.
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            L I T O N Y A
            KARAM NIEL PUP

                      Litonya's little form wrapped more tightly around itself once the heat that Willow had been giving off was no longer available. The pup was slow to wake. Instead, her tail drew up over her eyes and nose, keeping her warm and also keeping any light away while her tired body kept on resting. Litonya had for some time had trouble sleeping. Ever since she had been born death had followed her. It had caused her to be abandoned quite a few times. And now that she had come to this pack, now that she was here with these nice wolves, just days after her arrival, a plague sets in. Feelings of guilt and loss had taken the young pup, for she had both blamed herself and mourned having to leave the side of Niyol, her old traveling companion. Nightmares had fed on these negative feelings and as a result the pup was often up at nights; tired or fighting sleep. She didn't speak of it much. Instead, she came to find Willow whenever possible, sneaking out of the warmth of the sitters' den to find the wolf that had been looking after her since she came here. Litonya had no idea how, but Willow made things better. Made the pup feel safe. Everything was okay with Willow near.

                      Blinking, Litonya raised her head and yawned, turning her half-lidded eyes toward the spot beside her. Willow was gone. Probably already awake. Instead of troubling herself to go and find the wolf that she had begun to treat as a sort-of "big sister" figure, little Litonya got up onto her own paws and groggily began to head back to the warmth of the sitters' den. Perhaps if she lingered long enough, someone would wake to feed her. Sitting at the mouth of the den, Litonya began to clean herself off as she did just that. Wait.

                      ooc crap post and a temp. layout
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                                                  Bharati had grown used to mornings on her own. The silence, especially after the epidemic of the foaming-mouth crisis, had become the norm and she was far from wanting to dispell it. After all, she had learned of silence and isolation from the old healer Basil. The old fae with the wonky eye that saw spirits had inadvertently (more often outright intentionally) that other wolves could only be trusted to muck things up. They broke silence, picked fights. They were better off to be left to themselves. And Bharati had taken up heeding the healer's advice.

                                                  Most mornings she was by herself, checking over the herbs; double or even triple counting them, making sure there was enough, going out to find more and so on. She busied herself with anything other than her packmates. Her newfound interest in isolation had brought her to go out only late in the night, when the moon above her would be her sole companion, save for a passing scout or guard who was easy enough to ignore. The charcoal fae had taken up the habit of not sleeping, or at least sleeping rather little, and for a time she actually believed that it made her in-touch with spirits, as Basil had been.

                                                  But that was stupid, childish nonsense. Bharati had not developed an eye and ear for another realm. Rather, she had gotten her hands on some bad meat that night, and had of course been anything but used to so little sleep at the time. Her 'spirit seeing' soon passed, along with the bad meat.

                                                  Plants in her mouth and feet quickly and excruciatingly silent, Bharati tip-toed around the edge of the dens like a thief. Her eyes fixated on the dwelling designated for the healers and her posture low. She was trying to draw as little attention to herself as wolfishly possible, hardly in any sort to stop and strike up a conversation with another wolf. She was interested only in healing others as fast as possible and then sending them on their way, far from her. A lifestyle she had picked up from Basil.

                                                  When the herbs dropped from her maw Bharati jumped as if they had smashed into the earth with the force and sound of a clan of boulders, trumpeting their having been felled like birds before she froze, glanced around, and backed up to begin the tedious task of picking them back up and finding new room for them in her already overflowing maw. Bharati, though clumsy and quick to damage plants in the beginning, had become rather skillful at collecting plants. Where her teeth used to hinder her; crushing the herbs and letting them bleed out and dribble down her throat, she began to use them as grooves in which to gently store more of the stalks or leaves. Her tongue had learned to lift them gently into her jaws, and she no longer gagged at the taste of that which she used to heal. As Bharati finished picking up her wares, she glanced about once more before returning to her walk back to the healers' den at a markedly slower pace. She was in no hurry to drop her herbs again.

                                                  ooc temp. layout
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                                                    T H E xxxxxxx B R A T T Y xxxxxxx Y E A R L I N G

                                                    Ashley, being a smaller fae and younger than her brother Ace, stumbled slightly when he rubbed against her. Mostly she had not been expecting it, and was therefore just a tad thrown off. As soon as she realized what her brother was doing, however (or at least figured out who was touching her) the sleek black fae perked up and resumed where she had been standing quickly enough that she doubted if she had even teetered in the first place. "Ace!" She chirped rather gleefully, as if she hadn't seen him in months. Really, she somewhat had not. Her brother had seemed so busy lately, and so upset. Ash hadn't had to slightest idea how to make him feel better though. He seemed too distracted when she tried to pry (in a loving, concerned, sisterly way!) and so she had left him be. She didn't seem to be the one he wanted to confide in, and that was fine, she supposed. Although really it bothered her like a nagging case of fleas.

                                                    Now that her father had greeted her as well, and had topped it off by calling her 'princess' Ash was all around beaming, glad for the attention she was getting and rolling in it all the same. She chuckled at her father, still practically dancing on clouds that she was finally getting the attention she deserved, from almost everyone that mattered. "Don't be silly Papa! You're still plenty of fun when you don't have to be the big powerful Alpha all the time!" She gave an almost sheepish smile to Marissa, feeling just a little sorry that she could hardly utter the word 'mother' without difficulty. She didn't want to seem like she hated the fae. In fact she couldn't find anything wrong with her. She just... wasn't any of the mothers Ashley had in the past. Maybe there was something wrong with the black yearling, since she was having such trouble bonding with new wolves.

                                                    The young fae gave a quick smile to her new adoptive little brothers, knowing Rau would be too preoccupied with disentangling himself to reply whereas Lane was most likely too shy. Then, she turned back to her bigger brother. "A walk sounds nice doesn't it? You and me and Papa and Marissa and Lane and Rau? A whole family morning. Then you and I can go hunting! Won't that be fun?" She spoke quickly, excited that Ace had given the day to her. She was determined to be as greedy with that day as she could without being too selfish. The whole-family aspect of the day was just as tantalizing as having her brother to herself, and so she hoped that she would be able to have both. After all, Ashley had never exactly disagreed to being called 'spoiled'.

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K A R A M xxxx N I E L xxxx T H E T A xxxx S I T T E R

                                            The Theta smiled, seeing right through her mate's attempts as easily as if he were a guilty pup. She was flattered by his eagerness to have her at his side, just as much as she knew she was eager to be at his. And besides, the fae needed little convincing. Her most trusted provider would be there already, and Sitka knew how perfectly Kaylah would be with the newborn pups. Besides, the whole pack seemed curious for the turn-out of the new pups, and of course the shaman would be on her way to Lyra and Theo, if she was not there already. Everyone had it covered, and it seemed Sitka hardly would have to lift a toe that morning, if Lavite would even have let her. So she smiled and nodded, instead of protesting. She knew when she was not needed.

                                            “Thank you, dear, you are as sweet as ever, always looking out for me.” She gave his snout just one more lick. “You are right. Breakfast first is a wonderful idea.” She complied easily with his wishes, leaning over the carcass that her loving mate had caught and killed for her, beginning the task of stripping it of its fur in order to get at the meat of the dead animal. She paused only to remove some of the fur from her own maw and to answer her mate. “Oh I doubt they'll have need of me. It is as you say, the shaman is already there and another sitter is on her way. Silly me would just be in everyone else's way.” Her teeth sunk into the animal and she pulled away the muscle, skin, and fat of the bite. She chewed her food so that she would not choke and felt the satisfying sensation of the hunk of meat dropping into her stomach. She took several more bites in this way, providing her stomach with something to do and eat other than itself before she raised her head and licked her lips. “Have you eaten as well?” She did not want to polish off the carcass in front of him if he too was hungry. She was more than happy to share.

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                                          It was an odd sensation. These foreign feelings. It hadn't been so long ago that Ace had admitted his feelings to her. He liked her, and he meant like, liked her, liked her. Minnie had never really giving such feelings a thought. Ace had always been a close friend to her, every since she and him escaped from the human holding facility and made their way back to Karam Niel. They had pretty much been inseparable up until well, he told her how he really felt. Did she feel the same way? It was interesting, really. The butterflies in her stomach when she saw him, did that mean she felt the same? What about the way her heart raced whenever he was near? How unstoppable her tail was whenever Ace spoke her name and the innocent smile that always formed on her face whenever she got to lay next to the three-legged brute. Were those feelings the same feelings that he had for her? It was confusing because, well, she didn't have tose feelings for just one brute. In reality, she felt that way about, not only Ace, but Kadzait as well. Perhaps, that is why Minnie believed that she probably didn't have the same feelings for Ace as he did for her. Because those feelings she felt toward him, were also felt toward Kadzait. It simply meant she liked them both equally, as friends, right? It had to be. Of course, it would be easier to speak with someone about the way she was feeling, but who? Sure, she trusted certain wolves in Karam Niel, but who would truly understand? No one. Right.? Maybe.

                                          Minnie lay quietly away from the main den. When she had first moved into Karam Niel, she used to sleep faithfully next to Ace in the alpha den, along with Alpha Roan. She often looked to him as a fatherly figure, but that all soon changed. With Roan getting a new mate and all, things just seemed a little off. she no longer felt like she was a part of their longer family. She felt a little outcasted and not as "in-the-looop" as everyone else. That's when she stated spending her night in the far corner of the main den, alone, for the most part. Ace used to join her but that soon changed as well. Around the time when Kadzait came into the pack. It seemed the closer her and Kadzait got, the farther Ace and her friendship drifted. She regretted it, and wished that it didn't have to be this way, but it just seemed that's how time was playing it out for the pair. Minnie had gotten the vibe that Ace was jealous of the time she spent with Kadzait but it was only because she saw it as an opportunity to make a new friend. Minnie had been feeling quite lonely around the pack but when Kadzait came along he made life a little bit more enjoyable again. Not to mention, his mysterious demeanor always kept her curious and wanting to know much more about him. That, and she wanted to make him feel at home too. It wasn't easy coming into a new pack, and she knew that feeling all to well.

                                          A yawn escaped the crimson furred fae's muzzle as she glanced around the densite. She had chosen to not sleep in the main den and prefered the night's sky over anything. it made her feel a little more at piece and closer to her long lost mother. Minnie's silver orbs rested onto Willow's frame as she exited the main den and went over to a place secluded to herself. When she proceeded to groom herself, Minnie began to contemplate going to speak with her or not. Maybe it would be wise to make another female friend, seeing as how all her seemed to grow distance or disappear all together. Minnie pushed herself to her paws and slowly started over toward Willlow. She kept her frame somewhat low and non-threatening as to not frighten the female or give her the wrong idea. When she was finally close enough, she sat down by the fae and coiled her tail around her paws. "Good Morning, Willow. How was your sleep?" She asked sweetly, truly curious if the female had slept well the previous night. She had known many of the wolves around the pack to be losing sleep due to all the losses they had had over the past season, but maybe, hopefully, things were starting to get a little better. Minnie took notice of the guard who was now present as well and nodded to him as well. "Good morning to you too, Viktor." Minnie dipped her head respectively to the higher ranking wolf.

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Russia sat with her back to the pack, having no real interest in seeing who was out and around at the moment. Instead she was content on surveying the area around the den for any signs of prey, even if she didn't know what she was looking for. Her ears were pointed towards the forest as she listened to the sounds of the nature, while her golden eyes scanned the area around her. The Zeta was no hunter or scout, but she hoping to just hear anything that sounded like prey moving about out there in the forest. Only good thing about a warrior going on the hunt was that they could use their size to bring down a deer or something a little smaller then a deer, or so she thought. Russia really hoped she had some qualities of a hunter or scout, her not wanting to disappoint the Alphaness while the pack all hunted. So instead of interacting with the other wolves, she decided to look and listen to the images and sounds around her. But those ideas were soon put on a hold when her ears picked up on the sounds of someone approaching her from behind. Looking back behind her as well as to her left, the white fae watched the head of the hunters, Amala sit down a few feet away from her.

Russia hadn't expected someone to come over and talk to her, let alone another elite so she wasn't really sure how to react at the moment. Blinking her eyes, the Zeta stared at Amala with a rather confused look on her face. It was then she heard the other fae greet her and ask her how she was fairing. Soon thinking she better say something back and not wanting to seem rude, Russia smiled kindly at the delta and answered her. "I'm fine. How about yourself?" she asked, while turning away from the forest to face the delta. Getting in tune for the hunt would have to wait awhile longer then she would have liked, but that was ok too. Having someone to talk too at the moment didn't seem all that bad and with Comanche running with Akilla, Russia needed to get out and interact with other wolves of the pack. Besides that, Comanche said she needed to work on her interacting skills. Well here was the perfect time to work on those. "Are you excited about the up coming hunt?" Russia then asked the other she-wolf, while taking the time to run her eyes over the rest of the pack, soon spotting Loki. Narrowing her eyes some, Russia stared at him a moment, before turning back to Amala. She would go talk to him later, right now she was talking to the Delta. She wagged her tail rather excited like, not really realizing she herself was excited.

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                                The alphaess looked at the hunter as she spoke, and she nodded, "Akilla, I do understand, I was a hunter like you, you should remember we hunted together many of times. You should also know why I don't want you hunting with a hurt shoulder. You have seen what happened to injured hunters that go on hunts, they get hurt or worse killed. You are a prized part of my pack and I will not stand by and let you get hurt for a hunt." She said her tone had softened toward the female she had not meant to get snappy but it was her nature to protect the pack and keep her wolves safe. Turning her head toward the zeta who also apologized and she nodded her head toward the snowy female. "It's fine, remember I gave you the rank zeta I can take it away." she said a little coldy, but she was just driving her point home, she knew the zeta would keep that in mind the next time.

                                Kaireena's mate came over and over stepped what she had put had said and when he explained why she understood but she was still upset by it. She didn't like her mate over stepping her, it hurt her feelings and made her seem less like an alphaess, she had ran the pack alone and she was much used to it so now that she wasn't the highest power in the pack she had to get used to it. She shook her head and went away from her mate after a bump and a lick, she loved him even though he did hurt her.

                                The alpha heard a voice and she turned her head to feel a tongue at her chin, the alphaess was in a bad mood as it was, but it was a respect thing, so she took it without much sound from her throat. The twin of the injured hunter spoke up and the wicked tone the far used added fuel to the fire. "You may come on the hunt Akia, but your sister may be joining as well. We are a pack, and on hunts we must work as one unit. Remember that." Kaireena said sharply, she knew something was going on between her two hunters and honestly she didn't care, they were sisters, they would figure it out or get one killed. She would be there to punish the one that lived, the alpha left it at that, she turned and went back to her spot in front of the den site where she called for meetings, and just spent most of her time when she was at the den site.

                                She started toward the den but soon, the pack's delta Amala came over to the twin hunters and finally her, Kaireena had assumed the delta was going to go, and the fact the female asked sort of upset the alphaess even more only this one made her mad."Amala, that is your job as the delta, you come on all the hunts. Unless you don't think you are fit to be the delta." she growled at the delta. Of course the female moved away and ignored her words which only set off the alphaess more. A deadly growl left the brown female as her temper started to get the best of her. Knowing the feeling she took a deep breath and pushed down her temper.

                                She sat down, and not even a second later one of her scouts came toward her asking to council with her. Kaireena looked at the pretty grey female and nodded, "Of course Lilianna, please go on." The alphaess kept sitting, her tail curled around her paws and her head held high. Kaireena noticed the scout's twin brother and she rather annoyed that he didn't heed her any attention. Her lips curled off her fangs and she growled at the male, he walked away and her temper finally snapped. The alphaess kept her mouth shut and she huffed, and thought about how rude Loki was, but sometimes it happened, every wolf had a bad day as was evident by Kaireena's little bad mood, for now she wouldn't do anything about it, but she would keep her eye on him, just in case he decided to act disrespectfully toward her.

                                Kaireena normally wasn't in such a bad mood, but her hunger was getting the best of her, and she needed to run to let out some steam. The alphaess knew she would feel better once she was able to run off her tension and temper. She knew she would be fine once she started the hunt or at least got ready for it, she was still waiting for her sister to come out with her mate so she could ask them if they wanted to join the hunt. She sighed as she gripped at her composer, "I'm sorry Lilianna, what did you want to report to me?"

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                                                                xx It was really nice. To finally be a part of Karam Niel without anyone judging him. It was honestly a bit more tricky than Kadzait would have thought. No one ever found out that he was once part of Mujihi and that he was sent for malicious purposes. If there was a wolf god of secrets - Kadzait would definitely be preying to it the entire time. What made all of this hard though, was the fact that Roan held no trust for the black brute and made one of his guards watch his every move around the pack. He did his best to show his good alignment. That there was nothing malicious that he was planning. Which - in a way was the truth because the first thing that he was planning on doing was make sure that he was accepted. Which meant doing everything good and helpful that he possibly could. It took quite a while for him to finally rise through the ranks - but he apparently gained someone's trust that got him to the position that he was now in. Which, he didn't have any bad feelings with this because it meant that he was closer. He was able to walk around the densite without an overly egotistical, brutish thug of a pupsitter following him around. It was almost degrading in a way for the brute. Either way though - not that was all over and Kadzait knew that he wouldn't have to deal with Conan in the same sense any more which was exactly what he wanted.

                                                                xxWalking slightly around the outside of the den, Kadzait didn't have any particular thing in mind that he was going to do. According to his own orders from his adoptive mother and the Alpha of his real pack, Kadzait's motive was to just gain information to give to Mujihi. Which, he recently had been able to get a meet with his mother and spill the details of what had been happening within the pack. The fact that they had a new Alpha female - was very important information. Meaning that their morale would be higher within the pack. Already, Kadzait saw that the numbers were growing. Another thing for his home pack to be aware of. Not to mention that a litter was just had, meaning the pack at the moment might be a little distracted. Or at least, that's half of what he figured about it. Continuing to trot around the area, Kadzait thought on about the information that he spilled to Evana. Some of it was about Minnie A healer novie within the pack that Kadzait knew very well that the Alpha's son was attached to. It wasn't exactly the move that he was told that he needed to do, but it was more of a personal thing. The brute - that never showed any emotion had fun toying with others. Doing things that would cause inner turmoil with the others around him. It was exciting and intriguing to him to see what would exactly happen with their reactions. Chaos was a fun thing within the parameters of wolves and their silly emotions.

                                                                xxSpeaking on Minnie though - Kadzait noticed a familiar flash of color to his left eye and turned to noticed Minnie seeming to talk to Willow and Victor around. Walking up to them, Kadzait's gait changed, his tail wagged and a smile formed along his maw. To anyone looking at him directly - it could be seen that he was happy to come up to this group of wolves. Though within his own feelings - he knew exactly what his plans were for this particular greet. Kadzait always had everything planned out in a situation before he went off and came into the area. Directly heading to Minnie's side, Kadzait rubbed along her for a second. "Hey guys. What's going on over here?" he asked in a rather cheery tone actually. His eyes moved to Minnie as he gave her a small wink and added smile. His eyes wandered towards Willow and Victor for a moment before adding up. "I hope I'm not interrupting anything by the way. Seemed like this was the place to be." he said again, with more of what they would now know as his happy and go lucky voice. In this pack, Kadzait wanted to be seen as a helpful individual and always happy and looking at the brighter side of everything. But again - what little actually knew was that it was a guise.

                                                                [color-navy]OOC I need to fix his picture still. Make him a full member.
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                                                        Oberon had woken up early and gone off on his own. Why? Well, why not? It let him get in his morning walk and run, along with some alone time. Hey, it was nice to get away from Mujihi every now and again. It gave him some quiet time and it let him not have to deal with some of the idiots in the pack. It was nice to just have silence. Besides, being out let him see how some of the prey and herds were doing, and where their locations were. Though they did have some food at the kill pile; he knew that they ought to go out either today or tomorrow. With Sidero and her pups, they’d need to keep the kills updated and fresh a bit more. If not for the pups and future of Mujihi (along with Aaron and the other members of the pack), then it was for Sidero and her bitchy attitude. The last thing he wanted was for the zeta to get in his face and b***h about how he wasn’t doing his job. Of course he would defend himself and his hunters, but it wasn’t like he could do much other than speak. He’d prefer to resort to violence with a fae who had recently had pups.

                                                        Not noticing that he was being watched and followed, Oberon snarled loudly when he heard someone yell his name, not even registering who’s voice it was. His whirled his head around, muzzle wrinkled and lip raised to show his fangs. Was he startled? Yeah, perhaps a bit. Though, when he spotted Pamuya running at him, his lip lowered and his snarl died down to just a growl. Grah, this fae. He liked Pamuya, he truly did, but he just wasn’t used to her playful antics all the time. Oberon had never been the playful type of wolf. Bracing himself for her attack, the brute stood still and strong when she finally landed on him. Could he have moved out of the way and dodged her attack? Probably, but he didn’t. He figured that Pamuya would keep trying to tackle him until she got a hit, so he figured that he might as well get it over with now. “Yes, yes. Now get off,” he growled, and nipped at her side to get her moving quicker. Once she finally got off, Oberon sat down and let out a soft huff as he glanced at her. “What are you doing here?” he inquired, not realizing that she had been searching for him. His voice was still laced with a growl, but at least he sounded a bit nicer than before.

                                        ooc Oh goodness I'm this guy again >.< Crappy post u.u

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