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Reken Pendragon

Reken rode a top of his white horse. The horse was an ice elemental. Particles of ice dust flew off its mane and tail. The horse's size was outside the normal range adding to the horse's presence. He was headed towards an outpost that was near the barrier. He was going there to see an old friend from his past. He pulled back on the reigns to slow his horse to a stop. His friend was their to greet him with a smile. Before he could even leap off of his horse he was stopped. "Lyn?" Reken questioned his friend as she stood there with a grim look on her face. "Reken, the reason I sent for you so urgently is because the war is about to start again. The troops lay in wait for the fall of the barrier. They have even brought the Wings of Bahamut here. I hope you and Aria's people are ready. You must hurry to their aide ! I shall remain here and try my best to supply you with information !"

Reken pulled hard at the reigns. His eyes were trained on the barrier. It was still there, maybe he would be able to get there before the fighting started and send Aria some sort of warning. Those thoughts were quickly quelled when the barrier shattered. With in moments the sky went black and he knew what the cause was. He did not even have to whip the reigns for his horse to know to go even faster. When he got to Aria only a few moments later he could already hear the cries of war and see flames, lightning, and ice from the dragons being rained down upon the unsuspecting people of Aria. This wave would be followed but the ground dragons with foot troops within the coming hours. He cursed himself for a moment but readied himself for the task at hand. He needed to help push his own people back or, at the very least, help hold them off while everyone else escaped.

His horse covered itself in armor of ice it conjured itself. Reken patted his partner "Are you ready, Kouje"? The horse let out grunt and stamped his hooves on the ground before charging in. Reken readied his spear for combat. When he entered the city people were running and the guards were defending them, but they were already scattered and in disarray. He expected this and was not phased by this. Reken and Kouje charged towards a dragon who had his back turned towards him. Leaping off Kouje Reken landed on the back of the beast and climbed towards the rider who was oblivious to him. Reken ran the rider through. He had wounded the rider enough to put him out of battle without killing him. The dragon, now aware of the unwanted person on its back, turned its head and blew fire out of its mouth.

Reken slide from the dragon on to the ground dodging the fire. He then preceded to stab the dragon in its exposed underside piercing the heart. The dragon's bode fell lifelessly onto the ground. It was there that Reken saw a woman who was obviously the intended target. A knight, whom had seen what Reken had just done, landed behind Reken with a loud thud and cursed at him for felling his comrade. Kouje came alongside Reken and pierced the dragon through its chest with a massive icicle.
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Aura smirked at her mother’s comment. Her eyes wondered to the noble woman that eyed the former queen. There was definitely a wanting glint in her eye. Some woman had no shame. She returned a smile Lenore and let her take the lead across the dance floor. She actually was grateful her mother was over protective fore once. It appeared motherly instincts had kicked in.

“Is it that noticeable?” She asked now curious if anyone else caught onto the bad chemisty. Aura thought she was being proper enough to make it appear she had a tiny bite of interest. Well, at least make it look like she was trying. She listened to her mother as any good daughter would do. It was nearly impossible not to keep a smile on her lips with the cheerful mood in the air and her mother’s giggles. “I am starting to believe no suitor will ever meet your high standers Mother.”

“Roland is trying to do what he things is best for me.” She began to defend her brother. “I am not getting any younger.” She reminded her mother after all she was well past the age her mother was when she got married. Aura began to browse the table of flood while Orbo grew weary of entertaining children and returned to Aura’s side. He never allowed her to wonder very far from it.

“It is… just, as you said, most men of high nobility are like Sir. Bastion. They seek tittles and more wealth. At first they are different than the last. I try to see something more in them.” She picked out a fresh apple off the table. “In the end they are all as shallow as a frog pond.” Aura took a bite of the apple and swallowed properly before continuing with a low sigh. “I am growing bored of this game.” She confessed.

It was then Aura fell deathly quiet. Her eyes wondered past her mother and further ahead where the small kingdom ended. There was a blue flicker in the sky, then the barrier fell. “Mother…” She breathe out what could barely be considered a whisper. She watched in horror as the stars were engulfed by an incoming darkness. Panic began to travel through her body. This was not supposed to happen. How could this happen? The barrier was indestructible. Her father had given his life to make sure of it.

There was a long eiry silence that fell upon the city as the song ended and the people of the town realized that the barrier had fallen. Something was coming. Aura squint her eyes to see what it was. Was that?... Dragons! A flame shot down from the sky with a whistling sound as it fell down upon the village and caught the bakery on fire. Screams of panic replaced the air. More unnaturally colored fire balls broke through and the sound of lightning crackled in the air.

After the initial shock wore off Aura took action. “Go to the castle. Find my brother and tell him about everything you have seen. The barrier has broken. Tell him to send out the Fangs of Fernir immediately. They are the only ones who will be able to push back the Wings of Bahamut.” She ordered to a knight who had been on guard by the stage. “Right away M’Lady.” He bowed his head in respect then rushed away to fetch his horse. Aura then turned to her mother. “Go with him to the Palace. You will be safe there. ” Aura retrieved her staff from her back and began to run against the crowd before her Mother could make a big fuss. “Do not worry. My personal guard will protect me.” She called out behind her to help reassure her mother that she knew what she was doing. She was right. Four armed knights ran along with the princess while Orbo predictably was gliding at her side.

The dragons were a lot closer now. The only light was from the torches and building burning. Their screeches echoed over the city striking fear in the Arians. Aura had to send these overgrown lizards out of the sky or soon there would not be much left of this city. With her staff she sliced the pole through the air sending a razer of wind up and cut one of the dragon’s wings. The dragon fell but the small victory came with the price. Neighboring dragons began to come down as well. It was no longer just an aerial attack.

Aura had knocked three riders from their dragons and had clipped two more dragon wings before she heard a man’s cry of pain and an earth-shaking thud come uncomfortably close behind. The princess turned to see a dead dragon and a knight a warrior with the most beautiful horse she had ever seen as a fighting companion. They were strong and seemingly fearless. Most importantly they just saved her life. Aura was wide eyed when she realized that fallen Knight and sleigh dragon could have attacked her. Where were her guards? She took a glance around. They were a little preoccupied fighting off more of the Vyrll that she had clearly angered.
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                              Tirtariel "Tir" du Aldaelwa
                              The High Elf

                              Speaking with :
                              Location : Aria, the capital city
                              OoC : Sorry for a bit long post. Needed to catch up where the action is. For other characters only the last three paragraphs are actually something they might notice.

                              xxDawn is just a heartbeat away,
                              xxHome is just a sunrise away,


                              As Tir, a blonde elf, walked into a portal of her own make the world started to whirl around her as she crossed dimensions. She saw glimpses of different dimensions through the green hue of the portal before she arrived to her destination, to the world of the mortals. As Tir arrived to the other side of the portal it closed quickly after as it was only one-way gate which had now fulfilled its function.

                              For a short while Tir felt disoriented from passing through dimensions since this was the first time she had done so but it quickly passed and her eyes finally focused at her surrounding. She got an unnatural chill as she became aware of her surrounding because everything seemed so quiet and dark. It was so very dark and cold as if the sun had not set upon the land for very long time. Tir was greatly shocked by this discovery because it was nothing like the books had described to mortal world to be. It should had been lush world with amazing wonders, not this dead land. It felt sickening to be in such location in which even the spirits of the nature didn't reside.

                              After the initial shock about the state of the land Tir's ears perked as she heard somethings or somebodies moving some distance away, couple of miles away if she wasn't completely mistaken. Her ears were sharp even for an elf whom had natural sharp hearing. Tir's curiosity got better of her so she decided to go see what was happening and she wanted as dar from this dead land as she could. It was simply repulsive to be just standing there and certainly what ever was ailing this land couldn't reach every corner of this world. With that she started to run towards the noises.

                              It didn't take long before the source of noises came into Tir's sight as she noticed a large force of humanoids and dragons moving across the land. In the distance she also noticed emerald green land which was much closer to the world which books had described to her. She stopped her run before she reached the world beyond these dead lands because she noticed that a barrier was standing in her way. Before Tir managed to completely drop her speed the barrier cracked and disappeared. That was quite lucky because the barrier had seemed rather strong and in this spiritless land she wouldn't had even a chance to break it or open a pathway through it for herself.

                              While the sudden breaking of the barrier seemed odd Tir didn't waste even a moment to hesitate to go away from the land she was in. As soon as she set upon a proper grass she felt presence of the spirits washing away the horrible experience she had had when arriving to this world. A small soft smile appeared on her lips as the warmness of this world filled her but it quickly washed away as she saw what were the intentions of the army which had gathered to the other side of the barrier not long ago. They were attacking a city! With than in mind Tir rushed towards the city.

                              It was only a short moment, since high elves were much quicker than any human or even a horse, before she arrived to the city which had fallen under attack. Since she didn't know who was the good and who was the bad in this situation Tir decided to just stick around and watch how things evolved out of simple curiosity. She never had seen such large scale attack before so she figured that it would be interesting to watch if nothing else. Elders had said to her many times that she shouldn't meddle with affairs of the mortals since it could only bring more trouble. Let mortals solve their own problems.

                              As Tir walked through the streets of the city it seemed she had attracted attention of a dragon as one started to fly towards her and breathing fire. Well who could blame that an elf would catch an eye of any intelligent creature with their unnatural beauty. "O spirits of wind and fire help me avoid this harm." She muttered with her melodic voice and the flames of the dragon split into two before reaching her, landing to both sides of Tir as the spirits of the nature fulfilled her request to them.

                              Tir's sky blue eyes focused at the dragon with spark of cold anger within them. She found attacks against her rather irritating. Her left hand reached her sabre's hilt, which had been named Caunwen, rather quickly and drew it single graceful swipe. She took a step forward with her left foot as she faced her enemy sideways as she had been taught. She pointed the blade of her weapon towards the dragon as she kept her arm as low as possible she could while standing slightly bend so she could allow her feet to be as relaxed as possible.

                              "O Iluvatir, the lord of the winds, heed my call and enchant my weapon to reach my enemies." Tir muttered another spell and wind started whirl around her sabre's blade like a small tornado. When the spell was in effect the high elf made her first strike as she made an upwards slash. Normally such attack wouldn't reach an opponent so far away but with the spell Tir had requested a sharp wind flew from her sabre towards the dragon cleanly cutting through its scales and flesh along with its raider. Without more delay the beast fell from the sky dead without a question. The blood of the dragon stained now the streets of the city.
                              Strengthen my heart in times of sorrow,xx
                              Light the way to bright tomorrows.xx

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Reken Pendragon

Reken went over to the woman and put a barrier over them. Kouje came and stood next to the woman. "Stay with Kouje! He will watch your back". Reken dispelled the barrier and walked a few meters away. He sheathed his spear unto his back and then placed his arms at his sides with the palms of his hands facing parallel to the ground. Fire came from his hands and proceeded to lift him from the ground at great speed.

Once he was airborne he created more fire from his feet to help stabilize him and create greater thrust. He flew towards the first dragon rider he saw and landed upon the back of the dragon. The dragon, in response to the landing, let out a roar which caused the rider to turn and notice the new addition to their flight. Reken quickly drew his spear as his opponent came at him with a short sword drawn. Reken thrust his spear at the knight who blocked his blow with his sword and pushed the spear away to the side so he move forward.

The knight was greeted with another quick slash followed by a thrust which connected with chest. Reken pushed the impaled knight over the side and quickly climbed to the reigns of the dragon. Reken pulled himself into the saddle and pulled at the reigns. The dragon blew fire and started wildly flying around. Reken thought this might happen so before thing got too out of hand he stabbed the dragon in its heart.

Reken hated himself during every moment of this fight. Why did he have to fight his own people? Why were they attacking Aria again when they had a majority of the land? Was this fate? Was he cursed to be forced to fight his own people?. These were the thoughts as Reken pushed away from the dragon he had just slain. With a heavy heart Reken continued to fight because he knew that the actions of his people were wrong. The enemy was ruthless and seemingly never ending. The more he killed the more of the enemy came after him. He needed a plan to push them back or they would take this territory and use it as momentum to attack the next. He was giving it all to buy the people below him time.

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