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"Ugh, I can't believe mother is making us WALK to this ******** camp. It's bloody miles from the gate!" Deimos grumbled, trudging along at the same slow pace they'd agreed on almost an hour ago. It was a miracle they had made it this far without fighting, lighting things on fire, or blowing things up. They meaning himself and his twin, Spawn. His real name was Phobos, but since the Greeks gave up their religion and stopped offering him sacrifices his nickname became more prominent. Deimos grumbled under his breath at the stupidity of such things, completely missing what his brother said.

"You stupid idiot, we're here already! Ooh, and the counselors are hot. Think-"

"Don't even think about it. That one's got an air I don't like," Deimos replied, squinting into the sunlight at the entrance to the camp they were forced to stay at for the entire summer. Indeed, the counselors were both young and pretty, but one was a phoenix. At least, that was his assumption. Spawn probably wouldn't care, though...

And sure enough, the other demonic twin sped ahead, a determined look on his face. Fangs flashing as he smiled, he game a short bow. "Why hel-lo there~. I assume you're our welcoming party, yes? I assume you two have names just as beautiful as yourselves?" Spawn asked, winking.

Deimos sighed, shoving his brother as he got close. "I'd apologize, but that would encourage him. I'd suggest ignoring him, that's what everyone else does." Might as well provide a warning in advance if their mother hadn't already. His brother needed a warning label stamped to his forehead. Then he wouldn't have to bail out his brother whenever he did something stupid like this.
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User Image As soon as Pheo could see the two boys she lept forwards shouting back to her fellow counselor as she dashed off "I'll take care of these two, you just rest up until the rest arrive!" Not waiting for a response she sprinted, jumping and fluttering her wings as she eagerly went to greet the twins.

The girl flared her wings to stop before she ran too far, deciding to meet the first two campers halfway; seeing Spawn speed up to meet her she grinned excitedly at him. Barely even batting an eyelash at Spawn's flattery she extended a hand to the nearest boy (Spawn in this case) and introduced herself "You, young man, can call me Counselor Pheo," she stated in a cheerful, yet somewhat no-nonsense tone. "That back there is my associate Cylista, she is the girl's counselor and camp lifeguard."

"I will be the boy's counselor and camp nurse at this wondrous establishment!" A sharp nod ended her statement and her excitement continued to mount as the second twin approached; her fingertips had small orange flames forming on them, she didn't even notice the fire as she offered her hand to Deimos. "Thanks for the warning, but don't worry, I can hold my own pretty well." The girl winked playfully, seeming confident in her own abilities.
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User Image "Associate?" Cylista came behind the excited pheonix quietly and calmly sprayed the fire girls hand with a light mist to take out the flame. Her bare feet were barely touching the ground as she greeted the young men. "I'm sure Pheo would be happy to show you to your dorms. Tonight we're having out welcoming camp fire, I'd be happy if you'd join us." A bright smile came across the fairy's face and with that she pointed the way for Pheo to direct them to the dorms.
"Oh, so you're the nurse and she's the life guard? Mm, I will definitely be seeing more of you two later," Spawn replied to Pheo, disappointed at the lack of feedback. Oh well, he wouldn't give up that easily. If he was going to be stuck in this hell hole for three months he was going to make sure he made the most of it. Dark-green eyes glared at Deimos as he interrupted, slugging him hard on the shoulder. "You're ruining this for me," he hissed under his breath, gaze returning to the female before him. They didn't seem that much different in age oddly enough.

Deimos shrugged off the punch, instead gazing warily at the flaming hand. "Yes... We will see, however." The flames themselves wouldn't have been bad, if they didn't reek of holy magic. He was feeling the effects and he was nowhere near them! Ugh, how he loathed phoenixes some days. Even as the flames were put out, he refused to shake her hand lest it burst into fire again.

"Campfire?" They asked in unison, perking up slightly. They shot each other dark smirks, already plotting how to best ruin the occasion or use it to their advantage. In the end, chaos was their main goal even if the plans were completely different.

"I assume you'll be there as well, my lovely lady Pheo?" Spawn asked, taking the hand originally offered his twin. Bowing again, he lightly kissed her fingers, smirking at his brother. Deimos, on the other hand, rolled his eyes. "Come on, idiot. Stop flirting and let's go. Oh, by the way, there's another kid sleeping under a tree somewhere along the path. Not sure when he'll wake up," Deimos casually replied as he walked past them and into the camp, vaguely heading off in the direction of the boy's cabins.

Spawn sighed and shook his head. "Another day, m'dear. I better go make sure he doesn't get lost. I hope to see you again at the campfire this evening. Later." And like that, he was chasing after his twin, the two arguing as they wandered off.
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User ImagePheo smiled sheepishly at Cylista, a sort of apology for her excess excitement that needed constant supervision. Frowning ever so slightly when Deimos refused her hand she tilted her head, not seeming to understand the conflict between her holy fire and their demonic blood. Despite this, Pheo seemed in good enough spirits to put up with Spawn's blatant flirting, even playing along slightly as she allows him to take her hand, resisting the urge to light it as he kissed her fingers.

The girl turned to Cylista and seemed to also perk up when she mentioned the campfire as if she had forgotten it until right that moment. Her eyes lit up before she turned to Spawn and, in the best official voice she could manage, told him "All counselors are required to attend the introductory campfire." dropping the tone she returned to her peppy, excitable self "There'll be introductions and hotdogs and s'mores!" she chimed happily in a sing-song voice.

Finally registering that look they had in their eyes she paused for a moment "I'm also in charge of lighting the fire and keeping it under control, so you two better stay out of trouble." She watched the twins for a moment before trotting off after them and cutting in between them to lead the way "I'll happily direct you to your cabin and make sure neither of you lose your way." she comments suspiciously and keeps an eye on them as she walks towards the boys side of the camp.
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User ImageTaking his time to get to Camp Phantasmagoric, Caprin moseys in and out of the grass that lines the pathway leading to the front gate. He chirps occasional hellos to the squirrels and birds in the trees as he sees them and grins gleefully when they respond.
While looking across the road at a cardinal pecking at some seeds he trips over his own feet, no, a log?
The boy glances behind him and sees a large reptilian tail. Jumping slightly he quickly scrambles to his feet. Following the tail with his eyes, he finds that it's attached to a naga boy who appeared to be passed out or resting. "H-Hello? Are you okay?" Caprin whispered and nudged the boy's shoulder lightly, timidly.
Seth blinked his eyes open, yawning and stretching as he sat up. How long had he napped for? The sun was still out, so probably not that long for his standards. Lilac eyes looked around, searching for who or what possibly disturbed his nap. Not five feet away stood a sheep-y person. Sheep? "Sheepy? D'joo wake me up? Is nap'ime over?" he asked drowsily, yawning again. Sheep-boy was the only thing nearby that was looking at him, so it had to be him, right? He glanced at his bags nearby, noticing they hadn't been disturbed and his little friends had left. Probably were hiding in the tree above him.


Deimos cursed under his breath as Pheo raced after them, barging ahead of them. "Way to go, a*****e," he hissed, shooting a glare at his twin who returned it in full force. Well there went their planning session together for the time being.

"Not my fault idiot. At least we have a good view, so shut your trap and stop whining," Spawn replied, rolling his eyes.

"It is TOTALLY your fault! How is it MY fault? I'm not the one flirting with anything in a skirt!"
"I'm not the one that comes up with the shitty plans and gets us into this kind of crap!
"Oh really? Name ONE plan that actually worked. I still remember that plan you had five years ago with-"
"Oh come on, how was I supposed to know that would happen? It's not like I expected-"
Expected what? TO BLOW UP A BUILDING? To light it on fire? Or to give away our position and get grounded for a year? Which didn't you expect? Deimos snarled, shoving his brother. "I was pulling debris outta my a** for weeks after that!

"Well if you had BEEN THERE that wouldn't have happened!" Spawn snarled in return, shoving his brother back. In that instant, the two dropped their bags and tackled the other. Each twin fought to try and pin the other, matched almost equally.

((Yay! Been around 5 minutes and a brawl! Whoot! XD))
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User ImageUser ImageCaprin smiled slightly at Seth, the sleepy lilac eyes and overall cute-ness of the boy made him chuckle a little. "I'm actually a goat... anyways... You probably shouldn't spend all night out here... if you're going to the nearby camp we could walk together or something?" His statement sounded like a question.
Reaching down, Caprin offered a hand to Seth still smiling softly as he waited for a response. He was smiling partially because Seth was too adorable to not smile at and because meeting someone so early on promised a fun time at camp.


Listening carefully Pheo didn't try to subdue the slowly rising tension until the discussion about their previously planned failure came up. She turned around and walked backwards slowly "Hey boys, cool it." Pheo said calmly, but was 100% ignored by both as they continued to argue. "HEY, guys, cut it out!" She exclaimed a bit more forcefully as Deimos shoved Spawn.
Within moments she watched the two fall to the ground, fighting. She expected that they did this often but, it wasn't allowed in the camp and she wasn't about to let two kids break the rules under her watch. I said... She lit her left hand, holding a blue flame in her palm, "Cut. It. OUT!" her right hand caught fire. Both hands were burning much more intensely with a higher concentration of holy magic than before when her fingertips caught fire.
"Fighting is NOT allowed on the campground!" She barked and threw one of the spheres of fire near them as a warning shot. Despite the fact that it had nothing to burn, the fire remained lit on the dirt for a solid fifteen seconds before slowly sizzling out.
Relighting her hand she would be forced to set their feet or tails alight if they didn't stop. And she was almost looking forward to doing so if they continued to fight.

((Five minutes down and she's already threatening to burn campers! biggrin ))

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