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User Image Will "Slven" Casteel

As Will walked to the training ground, he spotted a girl with a bow and a quiver heading the same direction as him. He smiled, maybe he could practice deflecting projectiles today. as he walked he was trying to convince himself to speak to her, but was struggling with it as always. he only manage to get out the word "hi" before his personality failed him as it always did
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User Image Clarise was walking towards the training grounds when she heard someone say hi to her and turned to see a boy walking in the same direction as her. "Hello." she said with a polite smile "Are you going to train as well?" she asked.
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Honest criticism means nothing: what one wants is unrestrained passion, fire for fire.

Jacob mulner

That same young man could be found snoring on the beach in his surfer outfit, he had a great time at the party, and managed to pass out then and there. he got a snore stuck in his throat and bolted up. he gave a moment before laughing wildly at him scaring himself. he stood up and brushed himself off, he couldn't remember what happened last night, he knew he hadn't done anything bad, as he didn't wake up in someone else's cabin. but he wanted to figure out what had happened. Jacob just shrugged, already getting over it and started wandering back to his cabin. he couldn't help but wonder what had happened to Marina, he remembered he was talking to her before he passed out. but he paid it no further stress. once he got to his cabin he took a shower to get all the sand and any leftover air from the party. soon he noticed his head was killing him, he hadn't been that drunk had he? once finished with his shower he got out some clothes, his trademark red shirt and casual black jeans. when he was fully dressed he went to the mess hall and got a tray of food. he put a little into the fire to offer the generic thanks to the respective gods and also an apology to his mother for, acting like he had last night, the fire didn't go out, so that was a good sign. he yawned again and took his food outside, eating it on a seat in front of the, now smoldering and dead, bonfire on the beach

There may be a great fire in our hearts, yet no one ever comes to warm himself at it, and the passers-by see only a wisp of smoke.

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User ImageShilo smiled as he sat down. She quickly made him a plate then handed it to him. She made herself a plate as well. She sat down next to him, "Do you want coffee or juice or anything to drink?" She smiled then munched on a piece of bacon. When he asked her she bit her bottom lip. "Yeah. One of the best days of my life I've had in a long time." She smiled then kissed him gently. She lingered for a moment then smiled. She never imagined this when she came here. She bit her bottom lip as she thought of her daughter. She missed her like crazy but she was here, trying to make her life better. She smiled at him and shook those thoughts from her head. She ran her fingers through her hair then sipped her coffee.l "After breakfast can I take a quick shower?" She smiled then leaned over and kissed him gently.
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Lillian gave a sigh of relief after she woke up the following morning, Jackson wasn't there. She did a catlike stretch before rolling out of bed. Grateful to be alone. She shuddered as she remembered when the demon once decided to stay until the morning, awkward She yawned as she stepped into her shower and felt herself being blasted with cold water. Lillian shivered slightly before raising her body temperature high enough to create steam in contrast to the water. She leaned on the tile, submerged in her own thoughts.
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Daughter of Poseidon

Outfit: Look at the picture. She's wearing exactly what the picture shows. her clothes.
Height: 5 feet 6-7 inches
Hair length: 7 1/2-8 feet long

•°o.O O.o°• •°o.O O.o°• •°o.O O.o°• •°o.O O.o°•

Kai sat bolt upright in her bed as she woke up from her nightmare and clutched her chest. She looked at it wildly and saw blood covered her top, and the room was a battlefield. She screamed, closing her eyes and shaking her head. When she opened her eyes, her room was back, the blood was gone and her shirt was once again pure white. "Oh, god..." she said, laying heavily down against her pillows again. "What the hell was that dream? I guess I must really want to fight people, huh..." she wondered, her breath still coming in ragged gasps,
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Adonis decided to go to bed after Aphrodite left. He was tired and he had to wake up early in the morning.
Adonis woke with a start, he looked out his beddroom window and simled he had about thirty minutes until the sun rose. Which meant he was right on time. Adonis slipped on a pair of loose white shorts before grabbing a matching while, handbag. It's not a purse, it's a satchel. Indiana Jones has one. He opened his window and stood on the ledge reaching for the fruit of the pomegranate tree that grew next to his window. He suspected it had the blessing of Aphrodite, since the fruit wasn't supposed to be in season. Once the bag was filled to the brim with fruit he jumped out the window and began running in the direction of the forest. Adonis had a pretty strict morning routine, every morning he woke up before sunrise to go to the lake and practice his Tai Chi for two hours. After which he would run around the edges of the camp, a four mile run which he did three times before running through the forest and arriving back at the center of camp. By that time the fruit he had picked was almost gone, his routine worked up an appetite. He did a handstand as stayed walking on his hands on his way to the weight room. He was perfectly balanced as he began walking on his finger tips. Ignoring the pain caused by his body weight and pressure on his fingertips he arrived in the weight room. He spent two hours working out until his muscles were silently screaming for mercy. Due to his routine he looked more like the god of war himself from the next down. Adonis reached into his satchel looking for more fruit, he had eaten the entire supply He pouted a bit as he walked towards the cafeteria. He was dripping with sweat, his skin showed clearly through his sweat drenched white shorts. Not that he noticed as he sat down at the Aphrodite table. Too exhausted to grab a tray, he gave a passing demigoddess a pout and puppy eyes which instantly turned into a pleased smile when the demigoddess came back with a tray full of food, "That you so much!" He said gratefully before stuffing his mouth with food.
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User Image Will "Slven" Casteel

Will nodded and said "Yupp, i go at this time every day, would you like to train with me?" he asked her with a smile. If she trained with him, Will knew he would find it easier to talk and also he like to see if she would be willing to let him practice dealing with projectiles.

(sorry, family things are getting in the way of me replying)
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Marina Daughter of Dionysus

Marina wokeup in her bed feeling refreshed. She sat up quick in her bed and gave her back a good crack and her arms a good stretch. Wow that was fun... she thought as she started toward the shower, trying not to step on the random people on the floor. She figured her siblings invited some people over to crash, either way she did not remember, Marina only knew that she got really drunk like usual. The cold water did not bother her this time, in fact it felt kind of good. Once she was done she took her time putting on her clothes. She decided to wear a black halter top with a pair of blue jeans and black sneakers. Being the daughter of the wine god was good for her advantage, she never had to worry about hangovers and often laughed at others who did have them at the time. Marina decided to keep her hair down for the day and don't bother putting it up. As she walked outside the sun hit her face hard that she took a step back for a second. "Well hello to you too sun." she said as she started toward the mess hall. Once inside Marina randomly grabbed food to put on her plate, she did not care what she was putting on the tray as long as she could eat it. She sat down at the Dionysus table and just like her everyone els at the table was wide awake talking about the two parties last night. She did not say much for once and just ate, and nodding to some people if she had too. She laughed a little bit also, but nothing too extreme. Some of her siblings made fun of her saying that the parties wore her out, which wasn't the case. Parties never wore her out.

“The definition of a balanced diet – a drink in each hand”

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Pagoni wandered aimlessly around camp after he had cleaned himself up, his back was still hurting rather badly which was putting him in a sour mood despite his efforts to be positive. He was dressed as he usually was; pants, coat, bare feet. He sighs and decides to walk past the Aphrodite cabins wondering what the after math of the party looked like. He also reminded himself that he would need to speak with the sculpting teacher soon.
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User Image "Sure." said Clarise with a smile "My name is Clarise." she said introducing herself "What's your name?" she asked with a kind smile.
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User Image» ------------------------- яуи{ kαtαяínα-яαуηє } mααstínα
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxitkekkyu ísn’t ít σkαч thαt í kíllєd тнeм all? Aη∂ thє mє whσ чσu hαtє-؟
xxxxxxxxxit'skekkyu ιѕη’т т.н.ι.ѕ αℓѕσ ¢.α.ℓ.ℓ.є.∂ our ∂ є м ι ѕ є؟
x x x x x x x x x x x x k e k k y u x௰hεṉ ⓐ ¢.є.я.т.α.ι.и вєℓσνє∂..ωσяℓ∂ ωιℓℓ....
x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x k e k k y u x[ V . Λ . П . I . Ƨ . H]

              Sapphire eyes surveyed the room that she was assigned to. She looked around the room that she had been practically staring at for the past few hours. She had been awake for a while, wanting to know what the voice from yesterday really wanted. It seemed to be rather annoying but calm at the same time. She stood up to get ready for another antisocial day at the camp. She didn't really have anyone to talk to, which that being managed to never let her forget. The demigod was used to it though, it had been that way all her childhood, she had only an insane parent to talk to as her father would neglect her very existence.

              She had her dress on and ready to go as she slowly put on her shoes, The day was just beginning and it wasn't a total loss just yet, as she had assumed every other day. The door swung open as she held her scythe in her other hand. She knew for a fact that the day was going to be different, something brighter and much more enjoyable about the day. She got up and walked out of her cabin and started off feeling a bit better about herself, not knowing exactly why she felt this way.

              A male was aimlessly walking and she just beamed a smile, hoping that maybe she would make a friend. She just felt luckier, like everything was going to be better. She kept walking knowing that she had to talk to some teacher that day but she didn't remember, maybe there would be another strike of luck where she would meet them in coincidental circumstances.

              Walking into the mess hall she looked around and got something to eat, more or less drink. She had a glass of juice and then rummaged a piece of bread for herself before returning to a table, that she occupied the end where no one was sitting near. She looked at the other end of the table and saw other people. It seemed that her luck turned into nervousness as she noticed that the others were conversing, she knew she would panic if she were asked to join. The voice returned again, telling her that they didn't care that she was there, she was just a thing in the background as she usually was. It was true, but she didn't want to always be just "that girl that goes here." She wanted to be worth something, something more than she currently was.
              Theme song: Mozaik Role- Megpoid

              Out Of Condoms:
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Japhrimel had spent the past coupl of days in the cover of the forest, He had growen sick of the people in camp, His white eyes shifted from side to side, Large pawed feet clawing at the ground before he took off back towards the camp, He moved with the wind, His speed reaching impecable limits, Japhrimel was becomming stronger, Soon he would be able to use his skills to his advantage. Japh stopped a mere ten metres away from camp as his body shifted, Muscles shortening under tough skin, A coat replaced with caramel skin, White eyes replaced with green and four legs replaced with two.

He found his stash of clothes which hehad hidden in a bush, He slipped on his jeans and then his jacket, Leaving it open as his body temperature had not yet cooled from his run, He made his way into camp, Green eyes cast toward the ground, Noone would have noticed his absence anyway he thought to himself lifting his head, He made his way to his cabin and took a seat on the deck, Flicking a cigarette from his pockett he proceeded in lighting it.

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Stellamaris Odair

Her Outfit

Stellamaris wrapped herself within her own arms as the echoes of the voice within her dream filled her mind. Her eyes were wide open now, and her body gave a violent shiver as she pulled the covers on the bed further over her. It was obvious that Stellamaris had no urge to get up but she did, she most likely had a class today. Not that it was going to be a challenge. Everyone was tired and hung over from Adonis's party. She had left early, but not before she saw who was there. Aphrodite, and she had been beating herself up about not going and talking to the woman, who played such a strong role in the ruination of her life. Then again maybe it was for the better that she hadn't. Even though the goddess of love did owe her a apology, Stellamaris knew that she would have been able to resist the urge to strangle the woman to death, to smile as the last of her godly breaths flew sadly from her lips. Still, Stellamaris was angry with herself for not confronting her even if it was for the better.

With raven hair still lightly wet from the late night shower she got up, and made her bed. Afterwards while dreaming wistfully that the day would be splendid she got changed from an old baggy T-shirt into an appropriate outfit. Today, she let her hair loose, and as she took out the ponytail it fell like a cascade down past her shoulders, like a waterfall streaming down gracefully, pushing her hair behind her shoulders, Stellamaris rolled her neck she was ready for the day. Sighing she spritzed some sweet vanilla scented perfume on, not to much at all. Stella was somewhat of a minimalist, and with that she sauntered into the cafeteria.

Stella felt as if her eyes were decieving her as she saw all the demi-gods and demi-goddesses. These were all people like her people who had inexplicable powers, people who in dreaming of controlling such powers came here. And now at this single moment they were all united within a single room. Was she the only one who reveled in this? Stellamaris was so thankful to be here if there was a headmaster that she knew of she would sure kiss there feet if they asked her too. Here she could let down her gaurd, or so she was told. Here she didn't have to be so damned strong. And so with that and a muffin she sat quietly down in the back of the cafeteria, watching both people she recognize and didn't recognize pass by.
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Japh was distracted as a raven haired beauty made her way into the cafeteria, His acute vision zooming in on her flawless figure, He would stand his hands on the railing, Ciggarette hanging from his mouth as he absently puffed at the cancer stick, He watched the sway of her hips, The creamyness of her legs made him want to jump from his current position, A low growl emitted from his lips as he remembered the ways of these people, In his home land you needn't worry about having no woman to share your furs with as there were plenty and they were all willing, In his home land he meant something...Here he was nothing.

Japhrimel shrugged off his negative thoughts and headed towards the cafeteria, His barefeet silent against the ground, His arms hanging loosley at his side, He entered the building, Glowing green eyes scanning the crowds of people reting onthe woman with beautiful long hair and mesmerizing eyes "G'Morning maam'" He would say bowing, One of his hands reaching out to gently grab hers as he bought his lips to her skin, Japhrimel was a sucker for a beautiful woman, He was also a gentleman and he had respect which didnt go astray.

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