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It is the year 2357 and our solar system is strewn with conflict and war. The weapon of choice being the AMU or Armored Mobile Unit, a humanoid robotic weapon. With the advances being made in all fields of science and also with the discovery of ancient alien over-technology on the moon the AMU comes in many different forms with many different names. Also as a product of human evolution and in some cases genetic or biological manipulation human's have begun to diverge into almost completely seperate races and develop many interesting traits. The recent introduction of refugee alien people has changed the dynamic even more.

Just as our Solar system was approaching something that looked like peace it was thrown back into war by the looming threat of alien invasion. Recent breathroughs in the study of datacores from the Ta'Vite refugee ship show that the supernova that wiped out their planet had probably been caused by another alien species, an advanced war-like species. The data showed that if that was the case then this unknown species would arrive in their own solar system within the next hundred years. This information was deemed classified and only known by the leaders and other important people of each faction. They direct their individual pawns to fight for their own reasons.

Xenophobia, predjudism, and ignorance has led to many conflicts between the manjor factions with each vying for resources and power. The Earth Federation has the lead on manpower with it's billions of people spread over the surface, they have been known to cause the most conflicts due to their vaunted need to assert supremacy. Mars was settled many years ago as the Martian Conchord and is well on its way to full terra-form, known for their fierce independence and legendary toughness they fight hard to keep what they have. The many colonies that dot space out past the asteroid belt are comonly known as the 100 worlds and it's people known as Spacers, rumours of genetic manipulation programs and bio-engineering run rampant and due to the small amount of contact with outsiders are viewed as very mysterious. Alien technology was disocvered on the moon and because of that the moon has evolved into a complex of research labs and weapons manufacturers, their near monopoly on advanced AMU technology has allowed them to stay neutral despite their close proximity to the Earth Federeation, they sell technology to all factions. Somewhere in the solar system sits an artificial planet, never in the same place twice, on this planet is the Kingdom of Farrah. Farrah was made and settled a long time ago by a group of wealthy scientists who dreamed of their own utopian world, many fear modern day Farren's for the near telepathy shown by almost all of the Farren citizens. Last is the Ta'Vite an alien refugee species that came to our solar system escaping the destruction of their own from a supernova. By the time their single refugee ship had reached our solar system they had devolved to a more primitive species. With no homeland of their own and a less advanced mind they were enslaved to be pets, servant's, and bodyguards. There are very few who actually consider them people at this point.


-Intruoduction //You are here
-How to Submit a Profile
-Our Story so Far
-Worlds Layout
-Announcements Regarding Posting
-Banners to attract new roleplayers
-Location of all roleplay characters
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-I, Asakura Yukino am the Leader of this Forum. Rules are subject to change and some can be added down the line if they are needed. Profiles may be sent to me, but K4M1-kun, and [ Bumblebee Wax Stain ] Are now completely in charge.

-Other moderators:Corvosier, [ Bumblebee Wax Stain ], K4M1-kun, Leon_Redir

-If you are just now joining us, you may only have ONE CHARACTER! After awhile and you have shown that you are active and have RP'ed well with your one character, you may be given the chance to create a second

-The max number of characters a person can have is THREE. No more than that unless you are controlling an NPC character which the max is FIVE in TOTAL. You can not make a NPC character without the permission of two of the three Moderators.

-You must be Semi-literate to literate in posts. No one liners, four to five sentence minimum. Writers blocks are acceptable but it does not need to occur time and time again.

-No Godmoding! Meaning your mech or ship has weakness no matter what you put on or in it. You get hit once in a while or more often and your attacks don't always hit.

-Cursing and swearing is fine but keep it to a minimum. It is understandable in character to get mad but keep it low or censor yourself like 'F**ker, Sh*t'

-Please use "" for speaking, and no text speak or ** for actions. I also prefer third person but it's not required.

-They invented the period (.) and comma (,) for a reason. Please use them correctly.

-As you can probably tell, this is a long term roleplay. Do not join if you're not planning to be in it for the long run.

-Before you submit a profile for a Mecha/Ship, it will be view over by one or all of the other moderators for flaws.

-Posting guidelines are as follows: post at least once a week, if I see you're posting on day 6 of 7 repeatedly, I may PM you and ask for a reason. This goes for in character or OOC.

-I will delete profiles if I feel you are not posting enough to keep up with others who are waiting on you.

-If you are going away for a couple days, PM me and let me know ahead of time so I can warn the other roleplayers, it's common courtesy.

-No one is permitted to kill anyone without the roleplayer's permission. This of course has its exceptions, if you are in a fight and you are put into a position where you can run and live, take it. If you do not, you will die, you can not use the rules to further yourself in the RP. If I have to warn you more than once I will tell you to edit your posts. If you do not comply you will be removed from this roleplay for failure to comply with the roleplay rules and you will die.

-It is encouraged to evolve throughout the Blasted Stars RP and as such, adding changes to both your character profile and your AMU/Carrier over that time should reflect that change. Just make sure to reply to one of the moderaters the changes you are going to make and they will approve them so you can go and add it. If you are caught adding things to your profile without consulting the mods or myself, you will be warned and it will be removed till its cleared.

-Remember, not everyone has to be an AMU pilot. You could be a scientist, a mechanic, or a busboy. Really, as long as you stay involved with the rp you can let your mind wander just so long as you make sure not to OverPower your character, just like the ships and mechs, everyone has their weakness.

-Questions on any of these rules, PM me and ask.

-Title the PM "Blasted Stars" and include an Role-Play sample, please.
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Profile Skeleton

[color=Your colour Here][size=18]Pilot Profile[/size]


[size=24][b]Your character name here[/b][/size]

[i]"Your character Quote here" - Who said the quote[/i]

[b]Username:[/b] [i](Self-Explanatory)[/i]
[b]Character Name:[/b] [i](First and Last)[/i]
[b]Nickname:[/b] [i](A nickname that other people in the RP can call your character, try not to go overboard)[/i]
[b]Affiliation:[/b] [i](Which faction you belong to or neutral)[/i]
[b]Position/Rank:[/b] [i](Mechanic, Lieutenant, Captain, Doctor, King/Queen of Farrah you get it[/i]
[b]Squad/Team:[/b] [i](If you have are part of one)[/i]
[b]Race:[/b] [i](Normally the same as your faction but with good enough story can really be any of them. If your character is a Ta'Vite they would not belong to a TaVite faction but one of the others)[/i]
[b]Age:[/b] [i](How many years your character has been alive for, keep the number reasonable. Enhancements do not make you immortal or young forever)[/i]
[b]Gender:[/b] [i](Male or Female)[/i]
[b]Cybernetic/Bio/Genetic Enhancements:[/b][i] (Any enhancements that set you apart from other people. These are given in the tech list)[/i]
[b]Special Skills/Abilities:[/b] [i](Computer whiz, advanced hand-to-hand combat training, telepathy in some cases, anything that they're good at)[/i]
[b]Appearance:[/b] [i](A description of what they look like, what they often wear, things they have on them. A picture will also work.)[/i]
[b]Bio:[/b] [i](The meat and potatoes of the profile, the important events and important details that make your character who they are)[/i]
[b]Personality:[/b] [i](A rundown of how your character acts, their mannerisms, a piece of their mind)[/i]
[b]Important Possessions:[/b] [i](Things they own that mean something to them)[/i]
[b]Anything you would like to add:[/b] [i][/i][/color]

[color=Your Colour Here][size=18]AMU or Carrier Profile[/size]


[size=24][b]Your Model Designation and Mecha Name Here[/b][/size]

[i]"Your Quote about your mecha here" - Who said the quote[/i]

[b]AMU or Carrier Name:[/b] [i](Model designation and name. Eg. Gezhringer MKII Type-S or Gezhringer Custom or MP Valkyrie Type-G)[/i]
[b]Size:[/b] [i]Ultra-Light, Light, Medium, Heavy, Super-Heavy; Keep in mind that more weapons means the weight is higher no matter how many thrusters, it will be slower and thus able to be struck more often[/i]
[b]Class:[/b] [i]Flier, Infantry, Intel, Melee, Ranged, Stealth, Support, Tank; What is the main object of your AMU/Ship?[/i]
[b]Environmental Specialty/Exclusivity:[/b] [i](Ground, Sea, Air, or Space and Specialty or Exclusive. Only one specialty please. Specialty means your unit works best in that environment but may operate in others and exclusive means your unit can only operate in that environment such as an aircraft carrier boat or a tank on tracks. Your unit may also have a secondary specialty such as a forested area's, desert area's, or asteroid fields. Eg. Air Specialty, Ground Specialty (Forest), Sea Exclusive)[/i]
[b]Offensive Tech/Weaponry:[/b] [i](A description of your units offensive tech and weaponry. The devices your unit uses to attack and otherwise wreak havoc with)[/i]
[b]Defensive Tech:[/b] [i](Any technology your mecha uses in a defensive capability)[/i]
[b]Other Tech:[/b] [i](Any technology or devices your unit makes use of that doesn't fall squarely into the last two categories, such as propulsion technology or PSI feedback systems or even alternative control methods)[/i]
[b]Appearance: [/b][i] (A description of your mech/ship's appearance or a picture)[/i]
[b]Style:[/b] [i](A brief description of your mech's fighting style or the way it overall works)[/i]
[b]Modules:[/b] [i](If your mech has different modules that are swapped out to change the equipment outfit.)[/i]
[b]Manufacturer:[/b] [i](Who made your Ship/AMU? Which faction or group)[/i]
[b]Other:[/b] [i](Anything my absent mind has no doubt left out)[/i][/color]

Squad ?: If you would like to be in a squad say so here with any other requests of the sort. If you don't have people in mind already then I will place you with other people of your faction.

The Profiles listed here have been transferred to a seperate private thread in an attempt to reduce clutter. No profiles to be posted until they are approved by myself. No Expections!

Click here for profiles
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Members Chain of Command:
Asakura Yukino: Thread Mod Leader
Corvosier: Original Thread Mod
[ Bumblebee Wax Stain]: Co Leader
K4m1-kun: Co Leader (All Villian's are automatically sent his way before approval by myself.)
Leon_Redir: Co Leader

Our Profile Layout Page

The Compendium Status, Polls, and Misc.

These two pages were set up by Co Leader Bumble! He did an amazing job to make the information more smooth. Thank you Bumble!

The Official Faction/Character Head Count

Counts Total
Mars: 3(3) 6
EF: 6(2) 8
Farrah: 3(5) 8
100 Worlds: 6(2) 8
moon/industry: 3 3
other: 10 10
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Our Story so far

Our Past is Behind us, our Future is now
The Mother Thread that Cor developed, feel free to glance at any or all of it to get an idea of the plot development we have going.

And Our Squads

100 Hands Regular Forces = 100 Worlds - Natalie Casters

Red Rangers = Martian Concord - Roderick Witter, Richard Arthur Ravencroft, Sydney "Cid" Sullivan,

Magnus Coalition Corporation = Farrah - Artemis Lemont Roucheford Albrecht Konrad Von Magnus the 1st

Lunarian Repair Committee = The Moon - Earth Federation - Alena Harrington

Kaiser Project = 100 Worlds - Melena Tomoe, A.D.A.M.

Ultor AMU Corporation = Martian Concord - Kanna von Helson

Extraterrestrial Extermination Squadron = 100 Worlds - Aurela Celeste, Zeph Kemplar

The 100 Hands Special Assault Team = 100 Worlds - Zelgious Leon Rideout

Jagdpanzer = Earth Federation - Cornelia Nuvema, Gin Yamada, Katherine Wenling, Serafina Starfall, Thomas Prime

Martin concord R&D = Martin Concord - Almara Hatriko

Ferran Advisory Committee = Kingdom of Farrah - Elemdore Asmodeus

Earth Federation Prototype Team = Earth Federation - Alain Gerste

R&D Detachment = Earth Federation - Therian Barton

Silvana = Martian Concord - Alexander Davis, Mi Ray Blystone, Jamie O'Neil

Cat-Girl Space Pirates = Ultor AMU Corporation - Charlotte Le'roux, Melissa Xancross, Emile Victoire Beringer, Layla Lockheart
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The Farrah/100 Worlds war has Offically BEGUN
The first battle of the offical Farrah/100 Worlds war is concluding.
The sneak attack on the Martian Conchord convoy by the Earth Federation is about to occur.
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Earth Federation
Same people, different era. Most of the earth has been unified under the Federation by the year 2357. Each country governs itself mostly independently but answer to the Federation government which only meddles in national policy if deemed an international security concernt. Due to their arrogance and their beleif in their own manifest destiny the Earth Federation has spent most of it's recent history over the last couple centuries trying to bring the other factions back under the federation fold for the ' greater good ' of course. Because of this most of the other factions view the Federation with hostility. They hold the largest military in the solar system although because of it's massive size it has become disorganized. Their is a large variety of AMU's in use in the Federation Military, they are however on average of a lower quality than the other faction's AMU's due to the stagnation of most of the Federation.

Known as Terran's in polite conversation but called Feds or Earthlings as a slur. A Terran has the potential to be good at any of a variety of things, they are known for their flexibility and adaptability. They come in all different skin and hair colours and due to ancient genetic manipulation unnatural hair and eye colours are just as common as natural ones. The personality of your common Terran comes in all different varieties just like everything else about them, they do mostly all beleieve in the inevitability of the other factions falling under their wing as it used to be

The Terran Military is mostly made up of Mass-Production Valkyrie MkII AMU's, which are a very versatile AMU that is easily customizable. The standard outfitting of the valkyrie is an M15 assault rifle and a beam sword. They also make use of the air-to-space Raven jet and the Heimdal tank. The standard outfitting of a Raven is a front mounted beam cannon and air-to air small missiles and the standard outfitting of a Hiemdal is a heavy mounted cannon armed with explosive rounds and a coaxial machine gun.

Martian Conchord
Mars was settled for terra-forming in 2052 and as such was the first place besides earth to carry human life. Due to the tyrannical rule of earth over the mars mining and terra-forming operation a revolt was eventually staged. Since then they have been an independent colony with a socialist government. Mars is a harsh planet to live on, it is like earth in most respects with almost all of the same plants and animals, only 30% of the planet is conolonized. The terra-form state of mars is not complete yet and because of that it has very extreme weather patterns and receives alot more radiation from the sun, most life on mars has been engineered to or evolved to adapt to these conditions including the humans. The Martians are normally only concerned about one thing, keeping their independence, they fought hard to get it and that same drive is still int them to keep it. This is important for their survival as mars mines and exports important metals and elements needed for modern industry.

Known as Martians, the people of the Martian Conchord are a resilient and tough people. They have been altered to push along their adaption to the harsh environment. They have a dark tanned skin colour and bright bleach blonde hair normally. Your common Martian is normally rather tall and the males sport a thick strong physique while the females have a more wiry muscle structure. Their skin has evolved to be resistant to radiation and extreme temperatures and even weak beam weapons, they're organs are also specialized to make the most of very little resource and nutrition. Martians tend to be stubborn and live shorter lifespans than the average human.

The Martian Military makes use mostly of heavily armored artillery AMU's, their mass produced troop is the Minotaur AMU, but they also supplement it with Titan Hovertank which is customizable to be a a heavy fighter jet, or a heavy space fighter. The standard outfitting of a Minotaur is a two arm mounted machineguns and two-twinlinked heavy beam cannons mounted on the shoulders. The stanrd fitting of a Titan is a heavy mounted twin-linked beam cannon.

100 Worlds
The collection of colonies known as the 100 Worlds has always been a romantic mystery to the other people of our Solar System. The first few colonies were founded in secret after the failure of mars. Elite members from each world power and their families made-up the original 5, Orion, Vilentte, Calcia, Sellica, Ur. The large travel time between the Colonies and Earth made it easy for them to secede and form their own coalition. Delegates from earth arrived one day to gather taxes and news from the colonies and were ordered to turn around or be shot down by the cosiderable defense grid. Ever since then the Colonies have kept contact with the outside to a bare minimum. They quickly spread and founded more colonies although there aren't actually 100 as the name implies. With the veil up they were free to practice their own morals and soon they turned to genetic manipulation and beio-engineering to make humans 'better'. In their arrogant view of their own supremacy they beleive themselves to be the only ones capable of protecting the solar system from the impending invasion.

Spacers as they are known come in an even larger variety then earthlings. High class spacers can appear physically however they want, their advanced bio sciences make it possible and fashionable to alter yourself in fantastical ways, skin colour changes, anthro-mixes, all kinds of fun stuff. The lower class spacers are genetically designed to be good at a job and are stuck in niches in an advanced class system for the most part. They often have faster reflexes than most and make great pilots. Because of their advanced genetics they commonly live to be twice the age of a regular human

The 100 Hands as their military is known places an emphasis on mobility and speed, and as expected mostly uses space specialized AMU's. Their mass production model is the Avian 12-E53 a fast AMU capable of transforming into a flight mode. They don't make much use of Jets or Tanks. An Avian's standard outfitting is a beam rifle and a beam saber and they normally have overcharged engines and light armour.

The Moon
A series of research labs and weapons production companys/plants cover the colonized section of the environmentally sealed facilites. After discovering the Alien artifacts below the surface of the moon the scientific process sped up even more. Now most advanced AMU's or any sort of military technology comes from the moon. Mostly neutral companies of all kinds run these facilities researching, making, and selling their finds to the different factions. A council of the most influential companies rules the moon and enforces a very strict no hostilities law. Any Faction that breaks this law and tries to bring the armed conflict to the barren surface of them moon is penalized heavily in technological trade in addition to invoking the sever anger of their own respective faction. Because of this law espionage is the main form of combat on the moon. Each faction has an embassy located on the moon. Ta'Vite slaves are a common site on the moon.

Their is no particularly dominant race on the moon as the companies normally hire from every faction. However, those born upon the Moon's surface may consider themselves the members of the other factions to which they are born, or Lunarians if they wish to maintain neutral status.

Each company and facility maintains it's own private security force, normally of some of the most elite and well payed mercenaries in the Solar System. They also make extensive use of Ta'Vite slaves.

Kingdom of Farrah
The Kingdom of Farrah exists on a travelling artificial planet that is never in the same place twice. It was founded by a mix of Terrans and Spacers, the founding group of people were often considered eccentric and the resulting kingdom is obviously influenced by that. It is a monarchy with hereditary rule, the eldest son or daughter of the royal family receiving the spot of King/Queen. This normally happens upon death but it is not uncommon for an old or uncaring hereditary heir to pass on the rule. Under the Royal Family is the Chamber of Lords, a council made up of a representative from each noble family. The msot distinctive trait of the Farrens as they are known is their Telepathy. A result of a freak breakthrough in now taboo genetics created the potential for a weak form of telepathy in the subjects. Because of the empathy this bestows upon the general populace ( as even the most common subject normally shows some empathic ability ) they are the only faction to disdain the slavery of Ta'Vite. Although their is a huge social gap between the nobles and the common man, the normally peaceful and fair ruling of the higher class means the peasant is never unhappy with his life. The Kingdom of Farrah fights in the Inter-Solar war to bring peace upon all of the other factions by diplomacy or by force if needed. Farren's are known for their intricate arts and their widespread practice of ancient martial arts (unarmed and armed). Duels to the death or not are a common way to solve a dispute in the Kingdom of Farrah.

A Farren is almost exactly like a Terran in most respects, especially appearence. The mind is the only difference, as previously stated almpst every Farren has telepathic ability. It is nothing approaching full-blown mindreading, more of a sense of mood and emotion. This is more pronounced in the noble classes where some strong telepaths/empaths are even able to read the occasional surface thought or communicate telepathically with other strong telepath/empaths. This ability makes the most common person an extremely gifted diplomat and as such Farren social interaction is very complex. Most Farren's think in a deeply philisophical manner and as a strange side effect of their genes live to twice the age of a regular human. Most Farren's have a very strong moral compass.

The Farren military or The Citadel as it is called places a large emphasis on melee focused AMU's lightly armored or heavily armored. Their mass production AMU is the Falchion, an air unit, weaponry is normally decided by the pilot. Becuase of their telepathy almost all Farren AMU's are outfitted with a PSI feedback system that links their mind with the A.I. of their AMU's (often called PSI-AMU's). Because of this link they often refer to their AMU's as if they were living things. There isn't really a stanard outfitting for the falchion.


The Ta'Vite can't be considered a faction because they are broken up, scattered, and stuck in slavery. They lack in the intelligence department in comparison to the other races, simply not having the capacity anymore to deal with complicated technical or logical problems. This is probably due to their advanced adaption abilities. A Ta'Vite's DNA is not concrete but in a constant state of flux. They adapt to the enviroment around them changing themselves physically in response to stimuli. Because of this they have never had to reason out solutions to their problems they just appear. They will regenerate quickly from injuries, adapt anti-venoms in the blood stream to deal with poisons, change skin colour, many different things. They have been broken so thoroughly that they do not even show a drive to escape from slavery, they seem to beleive it is where they belong. The Kingdom of Farrah has attempted to establish a free Ta'Vite Enclave on their travelling planet as a start to freeing them but there is still a very small free Ta'Vite population and they have no idea what to do with that freedom. Physically the Ta'Vite look just like human's ( unless their adaption has changed something physically visible about them ) as a product of their adaption from living with humans for so long, they are normally shorter though and their skin colour and pattern is always subject to change.

Racial Traits & Qualities

- Only faction fluidly trained in Naval & Underwater Combat.
- Well trained in Land Based combat.
- Largest army of all factions.
- Cheap AMU production costs.

- EF is universally hated by all non-Earthlings.
- Fledgeling soldiers are ill equip for Space Combat.
- Lower quality AMU design as a result of weighing quantity above quality.

- Most specialized in Space Combat out of all Factions.
- Most specialized in Low-Gravity Combat of all Factions.
- Not heavily militaristic, considered a safe living environment, abet somewhat reclusive in the grander scheme of things.
- Most mobile AMUs

- Trumped significantly by Gravity.
- Trumped even worse by Water.
- Not heavily militaristic, the spacers are ill-prepared for a scenario of all out war.

- Telekinetic
- Trained well in all terrain situations, though they specialize in none.
- Higher standard of living than other factions.
- Longest lifespan of all races.

- Prone to insanity, shell shock and other mental aliments.
- Not physically hearty as a race.

- Most physically hearty of all races.
- Well trained in Gravity, Space and Low-Gravity.
- Best Heavy-Type AMUs

- Trumped by Water.
- Despite physical heartiness, short lifespan.
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Announcements About Posting

Please don't make me use this, its incase someone is unable to post, you shall pm me or message me and I will leave a note here for all to see.
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Jump Times

Earth to Mars - 18 Hours
Mars to Asteroid Belt - 6 Hours
100 Worlds Jumps to Jupiter - 32 Hours

Non Jump Times

Earth to Mars - 2 weeks
Mars to Jupiter - 4 weeks
Mars to Asteroid belt - 4.5-6 days depending on location
Asteroid End point to Jupiter - 3 weeks 1 Day

The jump gates are a bunch of satelites that throw a ship so far. Because the subspace field does create resistance, only ships are able to use the gates, AMU's cannot.

Also, the only military use the gates see is the 100 Worlds Gates, which the Military Council uses for patrols.

Tech Log Version 5.0

Faction Tech
[All Faction Tech is Defensive in nature, and all units have a Faction Tech]

E.F. > Reinforced Framework – All EF designs must be rated to withstand impacts from orbital debris, resulting in increased kinetic resistance in all EF models.

Martian Concord > Thermal Control – Years of fighting with the EF have made the Martians skilled at fending off thermal attacks. All Martian designs have increased cooling capability and are more difficult to cause overheats in, allowing their reactors to be pushed harder without risking a meltdown. They also have smaller than normal heat signatures on T-RADAR.

100 Worlds > Precision Motion Systems – The 100 Worlds has perfected motion motion and control using modern methods. Because of this, the motion systems in all 100 Worlds designs have a lower EN cost, and are more responsive.

Kingdom of Farrah > Exotic Processing – The seemingly useless decorations and excessive designs of all Farran models serves a hidden purpose. The armor of all Farran designs have higher than normal resistance to beam and all plasma attacks. NOTE: This bonus is lost after extended exposure to these damage types, meaning beam machine guns and phased plasma throwers become more effective as time passes. Once the armor has time to cool down, the bonus is regained.

Bio Tech

Gene Manipulation – Originating within the 100 Worlds, this field of study contains both genetic rewriting via artificial retro virus’s and the splicing of animal genes into human DNA. Most Spacer’s have their DNA modified several times in their life, though those who are not from the 100 Worlds find the costs of doing so multiple times somewhat prohibitive.

Neural Translation – Enables a computer to understand neural signals as it would input from any other device. Largely used by the Iracar of the 100 Worlds, it has seen other uses

Telekinetic Abilities – A genetic ability of unknown origin that is the main stay of the Kingdom of Farrah. The abilities of all psionics are little more than surface level empathy, although particularly strong individuals have been known to read minds and stun enemies.
Telmarose Injections – Enables the extension of the life of those receiving it indefinitely. Still in prototype stages, it is costly, but enables both eternal life and fast healing without the risk of cancerous cells.

Bio Mechanics – Technology that uses specially designed cells to replace motivators in machines. While resistant, the cells cannot survive exposure to vacuum without shielding. While the cells are capable of healing damage, they require more resources to do so than their nanite counterparts.

Life Support – This is a staple for all aspects of modern life. Stations and large vessels use bio engineered algae to recycle air and purify water indefinitely, while AMUs, smaller ships, and some mining stations use mechanical versions. Space suits use a combination of air filters and catalystic purifiers to provide upwards of 48 hours of air, and use heat generated by the catalyst reaction to prevent the body from suffering vacuum exposure.

Prosthetics – Mechanical replacements for limbs and organs, this tech is used to either replace limbs lost to traumatic injury when cloned replacements cannot, or will not be applied, or to boost the physical capabilities of an individual beyond the range of genetic alteration.

Medical Nanites (Bio Foam) – A type of medical application used for serious wounds, either by first responders and normal people, and largely used by soldiers in the battlefield. Simple to apply, the foam will seal wounds and allow normal bodily function, provided no major damage was done to vital organs. In the case of severe trauma to organs, it can slow the time it takes for an individual to die, but cannot prevent death. Application is easy, simply point nozzle of Bio Foam canister towards the wound, filling the wound until the foam reaches the skin. Then use the self-applying patches attached to the canister to wound and hold for several second. The foam will last for about four hours, after that, it must be cleaned out and re-applied if proper medical attention is not available. Used by all factions, developed by the Lunar Factions.

Flux Injections (Ta’vite DNA/RNA Infusion) – The key to making the Farran Supersoldiers what they are. This is an isolated strain of the Flux Gene in Ta’vite DNA that is inserted into the human genome via reverse-engineered 100 Worlds Retro Virus injections. Success is heavily dependent on subjects pre-existing mental and genetic composition, and even highly compatable candidates can fail to survive the process without warning. While the infusion allows the subject to adapt to any number of environments and situations with ease, the unstable nature of the Ta’vite DNA will eventually destroy the subjects mind and body.

Control Systems

Digital (DIG) – The most commonly used control type, it is the AMU equivalent of power steering in 20th century vehicles. Is able to be hacked, but as far as AMU systems go, it’s easier to overload it with electricity. Boasts faster reaction times than the older mechanical systems, but at an increased energy cost and decreased cooling ability.

Mechanical (MCH) – The oldest of the control systems, it directly translates effort on the pilot’s part into action from the AMU. Requires some amount of strength to use. Cannot be hacked, although it does require constant cleaning to keep from freezing up. Slowest reaction time, but isn’t as prone to overheating and tends to stand up to damage a little better.

Neural Interface (NI) – Uses Neural Translation devices to control the AMU, resulting in the most control of any system. The unit doesn’t use normal AMU controls, instead making the user control the AMU as they would their body. This means a greater deal of training on the pilots part, as well as an ability to enter a certain type of mindset. As such, it is largely used by the Iracar of the 100 worlds and few others. The system works for both input and output, allowing the AMU to relay information directly to the pilot, and the pilot to control all parts of the AMU through the NI.

PSIONIC (PSI) – Requires a Psionic pilot to use, this system has control and reaction times surpassing all but the Neural Interface. Mostly used by the Kingdom of Farrah, it is considered by most the crowning achievement of control systems, as it does not require as much time and effort as the NI to use.

Overclocking – A common practice amongst ‘do it yourself’ pilots. Overclocking is the removal or tweaking of safety features for increased performance. Usually an increased energy cost, along with extra heat, are side effects of Overclocking. Maintenance becomes even more crucial to an overclocked system.

Defensive Tech

> Armor

Composite Armor – Lightweight plastic based armor that provides decent defense against all damage types, but does not excel vs. any. Fairly cheap, with good cooling properties and ECM resistance.

Metal Armor – Good vs. Kinetic damage, but weak vs. Beam attacks. Metal has been the standard armor for generations. Some types offer a little protection against ECM attacks, but most do not.
> Steel – While easy to produce, steel armor is best suited to heavier AMUs, as it takes quite a bit of it to be effective. Offers no ECM resistance.
> Titanium – Lighter and stronger than Steel, Titanium is easily four times as expensive. Mostly used in lighter AMU’s where it is effective for both combat and cost. Offers no ECM resistance.
> Depleted Uranium – Expensive, heavy, and extremely effective. Disperses heat better than most metals, allowing it to withstand beam attacks more effectively, as well as offering superior kinetic defense. Its dense nature means it has a higher resistance to antimatter weaponry, but at the expense of speed and agility. Normally only fitted to Heavy and Super Heavy AMUs where its weight isn’t as much of a concern. Offers slight ECM resistance.

Ceramic Armor – Good vs. most, weak vs. antimatter, pulse. Based off traditional tank armor, it is comprised of corrugated layers of metal and composites. Can only be fitted on heavy and super heavy AMUs, as well as ships.

Energized Plating – Good vs. Kinetic, Beams, Explosives, Weak vs. Electric, EMP/EM, Phased Plasma. Based off old stealth field tech, these plates transfer force from one side of the AMU to the other, allowing it to pass without doing a majority of its damage. Like shields, it can be overloaded, and is not capable of having function restored if compromised.

Beam Coating (Passive) – A state of the art tech, uses energized plating to scatter and disperse both beams and plasma. Its threshold is not unlimited however, and eventually the beam coating will melt off after being hit enough times or with a strong enough force.

Plate Shielding (Reactive) – Small shield generators are built into the AMU’s armor, creating shields similar to armor plating. Requires a lot of power, but is designed to have less of a drain than active shields. Only fitted on heavy or larger AMUs. Provides defense comparable to heavy-grade armor, but suffers the same weakness against EM bursts and EMPs as other shield systems.

Stagger Plating (Ship ONLY) – Armor system that uses containment fields to hold disposable armor plates away from the side of the ship, taking the blow from missiles and reducing the impact strength of other attacks. Because the plates are disposable, they are usually made of lightweight and inexpensive materials, and abandoned after a battle.

> Shields

‘Aural’ Shield System (Reactive) – Creates a cloud of charged particles around the AMU, which respond to energy, be it from kinetic weapons, beams, or even high speed impacts. Fairly costly as far as energy consumption, the design is one of the older, but more reliable techs. Tends to dissipate easily, as the system is capable of enduring about 2/3 of what normal shields can withstand. As the system is so old, it does have some flaws, weak vs. Grav, Pulse, Electric. The system’s design prevents it from being used in a specific area of an AMU or ship, as it envelops the whole thing, and does not work with field based technologies.
Weak vs. Pulse/Gravitic/EM & EMP/Electricity

Beam Shield (Active) – A solid state energy shield comprised of an energy ‘weave’ that protects against both ranged and melee attacks. Does not block kinetic attacks, and does not posses enough physical presence to affect physical objects. Fairly low energy cost.
Weak vs Pulse/Gravitic/Kinetic/Pierce/EM & EMP/Electricity/Plasma

Kinetic Shielding (Reactive) – A wall of force that reacts based off the impact strength of the weapon being used against it. Strong attacks are deflected, but weaker, or slower attacks can break through. Cannot be activated at the same time as beam shielding.
Weak vs Pulse/Gravitic/Beam/EM & EMP/Electricity/Plasma

Pulse Shielding (Active) – Utilizes a pulse generator to create an impenetrable shield. The energy drain is tremendous, preventing the system from being used for any length of time without a heavy duty generator.
Weak vs Pulse/Gravitic

I-Field/Deflection Technology (Active) – Similar to how a stealth field works, this system can bend the path of photons and low-grade beam weaponry. Requires a considerable amount of power, and cannot be used with other field based technology.

Shield Drones – These small automated machines are at the heart of all deployable (also known as disposable) shields. They produce a series of overlapping shields, but are usually slow due to their limited power supplies, preventing the user from moving at full speed. The drones are fairly fragile, a strong enough impact to the shield can actually cause them to overload and detonate.

> Stealth

Chameleon Pigment – One of the lowest cost stealth systems, this type is optic only. Applied as a paint to the AMU’s surface, it allows the unit to roughly mimic background colors and shapes.

Stealth Plating – Energized plating that transfers light from one side of the AMU to the other. Advanced versions allow thermal masking, but at an increased energy cost. All types of Stealth Plating require the user reduce speed in order to maintain an effective cloak.

Cloak Field – Advanced stealth field that operates at a small distance from the unit, masking both thermal emissions and optical appearance, but at the highest energy cost of all stealth tech. As with all stealth systems, offensive and defensive tech cannot be used while the field is active. High quality systems do not require an extreme reduction in speed. Cannot be used with other field based technology.

Heat Sinks – Used to mask a unit’s presence from Thermal-RADAR, the heat sink stores heat within alloy reservoirs, preventing the heat from radiating from the unit. Extended use can cause life support failure, so pilots are recommended to use caution.

Non-Reflective Design – Used by fighters and drones, as well as some transformed AMUs, the design prevents RADAR emissions from bouncing off the unit. Lowers the unit’s defensive capabilities.

> Other

Anti-Missile Weaponry (Reactive) – Uses any combination of flares or small caliber beam weaponry to distract or destroy missiles locked onto the AMU

Holographic Imaging (Active) – Used by the Rapier AMU’s decoys, creates look alike copies of the AMU or other models to confuse opponents.

Nanite Repair System (Reactive) – Prototype repair system used in the AMU Fin, not currently available to the mass market.

Motion Tech

> Small Motion (AMUs)

Hydrogen Thrusters – The standard thruster design, lowest cost of all thrusters, but also the lowest force generated.

Cold Hydro-Jet Thrusters – Advanced thrusters that prevent missile lock on by using a cooled propellant. More costly than standard hydrogen thrusters, with only a minor increase in force produced.

Dual-Cycle Thrusters – Thrusters that compress and fire the propellant twice, resulting in more force for a slightly higher cost. Only usable with hydrogen thrusters. (Standard and Cold Jet)

Gravitic Drive (AMU) – Uses Grav tech to move an AMU on a multi-directional plane of motion with a single piece of equipment. High energy cost, but tends to produce a lot of force, without needing to maintain a vast array of thrusters. The heavier the AMU, however, and the longer the system takes to start motion without causing a power spike. (Some Medium AMUs/Heavy and Super Heavy AMUs)

Pulse Thrusters – Uses a Pulse Generator to power the movement systems of the AMU, highest energy cost, but also the highest speed.

Plasma Thrusters – Advanced thrusters that are posed to replace hydrogen thrusters in all modern AMUs. More costly to use, but produce considerable amount of force.

System Purge – The AMU detaches equipped systems via low yield explosives. Designed to increase speed and dispose of empty weapons mounted to the unit.

> Large Motion (Ships)

Gravitic Drive – Uses Grav tech to move the ship and repel AMU’s. High energy cost, but tends to produce a lot of force. Fitted on larger ships to ease the burden of the thrusters and augment acceleration capabilities.

Antimatter Drive – Used in ships, heavy, and super-heavy AMUs. A standard Newtonian rocket that uses antimatter instead of fuel.

Pulse Drive – Only fitted on ships, it is a short burst use only, but can propel a ship faster than any other known means of transportation

Afterburner – This speed-enhancing tech add additional fuel to the thruster at the end of the process, right before the nozzle opening. Enhances speed at an expanded fuel cost.

Hydrogen Thrusters – These massive behemoths work on a completely different set of mechanics than their AMU based counterparts. Designed to provide even, yet responsive acceleration while remaining many times more efficient than their smaller cousins. Ship thrusters use Afterburners instead of a dual cycle for increased speed.

> Motion Control

Inertial Dampners – Prevent pilots of AMU’s from being exposed to extreme G-Forces. An ancient tech, it is implemented without a second thought in most AMUs, and is the origin of modern stasis tech.

Stasis Tech – The same tech used to store bodies and antimatter, this weaponized system prevents movement in an area and slows down time for those effected. Currently fitted to the Prototype AMU Fin. It is also part of the technology that allows inertial dampeners to work. Scientists have been studying the phenomenon known as ‘Stasis Webs’ for years, as the energy’s ability to ‘slow’ time seems to extend its own life span.

Gravitational Anchor – A type of grav drive that fixes an AMU or ship in one place, preventing enemy attacks or recoil from sending the unit flying out of control. Increases damage taken from physical attacks, but can make defenses more effective if used properly.

”Freedom” Motion Augmentor – A prototype new system that envelops the unit in a frictionless, high frequency energy field. While offering no added defensive value, the field prevents air currents and water from affecting the unit. Also provides a slight resistance to weaker Stasis Webs.

Power/Generator Tech

> Power Sources

Fusion Reactor – Fitted into all modern AMUs, it provides a near endless supply of energy, but only so much at any given time. Larger generators can bear larger loads, but require more cooling.

Fuel Cells – Antimatter or Plasma Containment Cells that provide limited, auxiliary power to an AMU. Older mechs run off of these, and thus are limited to how much they can do before needing to be refueled.

Antimatter Reactor – Based on older tech, harnesses volatile antimatter to produce energy. While capable of reaching higher energy levels than the more reliable Fusion Generators, it is VERY susceptible to damage, and can engulf the entire AMU in a ball of energy if compromised.

Power Core Flooding – This system is risky, but for some, the benefits are worth it. When activated, the system fully opens the hydrogen ports leading into the core of the Fusion Reactor, flooding the reactor with fuel. The result is a dramatic increase in both power production and heat emissions. As with any systems that directly affect the power core, prolonged use can result in a critical meltdown.

Deep Core Injections – The most drastic power output enhancer, this system uses a micro particle accelerator to inject small traces of antimatter into the center of the fusion reactor. If not calibrated correctly, the system can misfire, resulting in more energy than the containment field can control. This system cannot be used for as long as other power production enhancers, but produces far more energy.
> Energy Containment/Transfer
High Energy Capacitors – These power most systems that have a limited supply (Such as energy shields) so they don’t blackout the AMU and send the reactor into a critical meltdown.

Photo-Voltaic Cells – These cells, which contain a mixture of contained pre-processed photons and an attached charge pack, serve as ‘ammo’ for Beam Weapons. They reduce both the generation time of a beam cannon and its energy cost, and are commonly used on heavy beam weapons and rapid fire beam weapons.

Deuteron Beam Transfer System – This system, which is still in market testing by the E.F. is capable of remotely recharging capacitors and beam generators of deployed AMUs, though it cannot refuel Fuel Cell Dependent AMUs. Can also provide a temporary boost in available power to AMUs with extended contact.

Direct Energy/Particle Feed – Used with energy weapons, this system allows the weapon to draw the required resources from the AMU instead of an Ammo Pack. Hazardous material feeds line the tubing with an incredibly strong magnetic containment field.

Plasma Coils – These highly volatile containment cells store huge amounts of supercharged hydrogen, the basis for both fusion reactors and plasma tech. Serve as ‘batteries’ for ships and colonies, should something happen to the reactor, these provide emergency power.

Stasis Cell – This containment cell provides the stasis energy needed for large scale containment cells and as an ammo source for stasis weapons that don’t use their own stasis generator. Modified versions of stasis cells are used in stasis grenades and missiles.

> Base Components

Grav Generator – The generators used in all gravity manipulation devices. They drain a large amount of energy to use, but do not tend to overheat, making them a reliable choice for high power assault mechs.

Beam Generator - A descendent of Laser technology, beam generators produce and deploy the particles used in all beam tech. From shields to swords, rifles to SPAZER shots, all use some form of beam generator. Fairly low energy cost makes beams one of the most common techs one is likely to encounter. Some of the more powerful beam generators compensate their energy cost by using Ammo Cells that contain a pre-processed mixture.

Pulse Generator – Powers all Pulse Technology, which is reverse engineered from alien artifacts found on the moon. Insane energy cost prevents the tech from being casually mounted to AMUs despite the unparalleled results.

Stasis Generator – Produces Stasis Energy, either for weapons, inertial dampners, containment cells, or, as most space vessels are known to do, store and transport perishable materials. Stasis tech doesn’t have a large energy consumption, but is very slow to generate. Scientists have been studying the phenomenon known as ‘Stasis Webs’ for years, as the energy’s ability to ‘slow’ time seems to extend its own life span.

Antimatter Generator – This device produces the antimatter needed for many types of weapons and power production systems. It does so by rapidly smashing hydrogen atoms in an artificial vacuum and separating the antimatter components from the matter remnants. The fastest antimatter generators process several hundred trillion atoms in a matter of nanoseconds. The process requires quite a bit of hydrogen, but does not consume as much energy as one would think.

Sensor/Computer Tech

> Sensors

RADAR – Standard radar that shows the location of objects of size comparable to the AMU. High quality models can pick up small objects and/or distinguish between friends or foes on the radar screen.

LADAR – Light based sensor system, uses ultraviolet pulses to create maps and detect enemies. Most mines and traps use this to detect targets.

Diagnostic Scan – A system that allows the AMU to perform a detailed self-scan. Not fitted into most AMUs for cost and energy supply reasons. While most AMUs can perform a basic self-scan, a diagnostic scan reveals everything about the AMU, right down to armor and structural integrity.

Remote Scan – Advanced system that allows a pilot to scan an enemy AMU within range. The amount of information available is limited, and takes time to perform, but is often equipped to scouts. Remote Scan’s capabilities are limited by the AMU’s database, but it is capable of identifying weapon systems, armor types, energy activity (Hinting at things such as I-Fields or shields), energy potential, and advanced models can predict motion potential. The more information a Scanner can produce, the longer the scan takes. Advanced models can be ordered to prioritize information types, while cheaper, and less EN intensive models must complete all scans before they produce data.

EN-RADAR – Prototype radar system that reads energy instead of mass. Reverse engineered from alien artifacts, it has yet to be implemented in an AMU or ship.

Thermal-RADAR – A fairly common system, that operates much like normal RADAR, only it reads and shows thermal emissions. Thermo-Optic camouflage does not show on this system.

F.O.F. (Friend or Foe) EM Tags – Every unit in the battlefield produces an EM signature. Militaries use this to I.D. their units, and most modern systems have some form of friendly fire block, preventing homing weaponry of the same faction from accidentally locking onto an ally. Spies and Pirates will use these measures to their advantage, often pilfering the EM ID off of destroyed or crippled units.

> Filters

Visual Filter – Enable the pilot to observe what is going on around the AMU. Night vision is standard in most models. Advanced models auto-adjust against glares and blinding effects.

Thermal Filter – Uses Thermal Imaging to spot opponents, and can be used to detect some cloaked enemies.

Ultraviolet Filter – Allows normal humans to see Ultraviolet light, and is used to detect LADAR systems. Allows advanced night vision without needed additional light sources.

Energy Filter – A visual filter reverse engineered from alien artifacts. Similar to thermal imaging, but views energy instead. Copies can only detect basic energy types, while original artifacts show life energy and kinetic energy.

RADAR/LADAR Filter – An advanced filter that allows the user to use the RADAR/LADAR equipment aboard their AMU to create an echolocation-like imaging system. Use of this filter requires high quality sensor tech be outfitted to the unit, and drastically reduces the effective range of said systems while in use.

Sniping/Zoom Filter – This tech uses an additional camera, either on a gun or attached to the AMU/Armor upon installation. It appears on the visual screen as two overlapping circles, which move to mimic the movement of the gun. (For the Sniping Variant) The area where the two circles overlap is zoomed in, much like a scope would do, complete with crosshairs. The zoom filter has replaced the need for binoculars in most infantry, and utilizes a rectangular shape, complete with range finder.

Augmented Filter Feedback Not standard in most models, this application allows an AMU with basic scanning functions to provide feedback on the main visual device, instead of storing it in the system’s computer. Normal forms of feed back include target temperature, target speed, target mass, target energy rating (Requires tech derived from EN-RADAR and EN Filter), wind speed/direction (Planetside), current EM Particle levels (In space, usually in locations closer to the sun), and Faction of EM ID.

Scan Filter – This Filter is used in conjunction with the Remote Scan Technology, it allows the user to see the elemental makeup of objects around them. While only able to provide rough estimations, and riddled with flaws, this tech has the scientific, mining, and military communities very excited.


Wave Canceller – Long range transmission cancelling device which also cancels many visual systems such as radar targeting. The Prototype version cannot shut down AMUs, but is a more portable version equipped by the 100 worlds transport ‘Avalon’. Standard models are the size of 20th century sports stadiums, and can shut down AMUs.

EMP/EM Burst – (Electro-Magnetic Pulse/Electro-Magnetic Burst) The most common type of ECM, it is of limited effect against mechanical control systems, but if strong enough, can force an AMU to reboot. EM Bursts are weaponized ECM based off of the principal behind an EMP, but in a concentrated and directed form.

ECM – (Electronic Counter-Measures) From jamming to overloading sensors, all units designed to disable opponent’s systems are ECMs. Common types consist of EM emissions, EMPs, Viral attacks, and core overload tactics.

ECCM – (Electronic Counter-Counter Measures) These are systems and hardware routines designed to hinder the efforts of ECM attacks.

Viral Routines – Advanced computer programs designed to wreck and hack the computerized systems of an opponent’s AMU. Fairly unreliable as advances in computer protection programs have progressed to an unprecedented level in adaptability and complexity.

RADAR Damps – Commonly fitted to freighters traveling through hostile territory and scout drones, this special EM field causes all objects within its area of effect to disappear from RADAR charts. The more expensive versions are capable of masking thermal signatures. The system’s high energy cost means that it can only be deployed for a short while.

RADAR Scramblers – An older ECM tech based off a prank performed by junior officers many generations ago. While no longer requiring an object be placed in front of the RADAR emitter, it turns a single positive reading into many positive readings. High quality versions are capable of making false readings that stop and move, and can even emulate patrol formations. There is no T-RADAR scrambler available on the market, but in the ever growing arms race between factions, who is to say it isn’t being developed.

Multi-Point RADAR Scans – This ECCM tech, which usually uses several surveillance drones to augment the capability of a ship’s RADAR system, is one of the few ways available to bypass both RADAR Damps and Scramblers. Because modern RADAR systems are so advanced and require so much power, the drones are usually left unprotected. With the proper equipment, the role of the drones can be performed by AMUs in the field.

> Computer Systems

Targeting Systems – these are used to predict enemy AMUs movements, making shots vs. moving targets easier, as well as locking onto enemies for missile launchers. The two components of a targeting system are Motion Prediction, which uses VI calculations to predict an opponent’s movements based off of a number of variables, and Trajectory Analysis, which uses information (such as wind, gravity, and shot dynamics) to adapt to almost any circumstances.

Portable Terminal – Computers have become small enough to be wrist mounted, and have replaced cell phones and laptops, often using holographic interfaces. The variety in shape and function of these units is limited only by the imagination.

A.I. – (Artificial Intelligence) A computer program that is able to learn, develop, and evolve. A.I.’s are limited and restricted by most governments due to their hacking ability and tendency to become rampant. An A.I. is capable of feeling emotions.

V.I. – (Virtual Intelligence) Similar to an A.I., a V.I. is limited in ability and function. Most cannot experience feelings, and will not go rampant.

Smart RADAR/LADAR Tagging – This computer program filters through the results of a RADAR or LADAR scan, identifying each result. The system is advanced enough to tell the difference between a drone, an AMU, and an asteroid, but is fairly easy to fool. The filters can be altered so the results favor any particular type of object, greatly aiding in search and rescue missions.

Weapon Tech

> Melee

Containment Edge – A special type of containment field that allows the control of materials that would be harmful if exposed to the weapon, while still allowing said materials to come into contact with the opponent being struck. The most common example is an Antimatter Edge, which uses a trace amount of Antimatter to increase a melee weapons penetration capability. Requires a particle feed from the AMU to use.

Discharge Edge This weapon is an oversized version of the stun weapons used by security forces. Releases several hundred thousand volts of electricity on impact, this tech has a huge energy draw. It is designed to combat shields and energized plating.

Explosive Body – A unique tech fitted to Zeph Kemplar’s Guardian unit. This tech charges particles into a hyperactive state and fires them in a compressed short-range burst, shearing through armor and pushing the user back. Easily capable of piercing through even heavy armor, the super short range of this tech requires the user place themselves within easy reach of their opponent’s weaponry and limbs. A signature of this tech is that the force of the impact directly corresponds to the force the weapon produces, and as such, it is fitted to the hands and feet.

Heated Edge – Similar to Plasma Vapor tech, but with an opposite approach, this tech heats up the melee weapon being used, instead of the opponents armor. Requires that the weapon using it be made of a metal capable of reaching incredible temperatures without becoming brittle.

Impact Augmentor – This tech uses the effect of a micro gravity drive to increase the impact strength of melee weaponry. Cannot be used with non-solid weapons (Beam/Pulse) and has a moderately high energy consumption.

Kinetic Melee – Melee weapons comprised of steel or new age variants. Cheap to produce, but limited in effectiveness, these units are considered backup weapons for all but a few units.

Plasma Vapor – Used in conjunction with Kinetic weaponry, this tech uses vents that release phased plasma in order to heat up and melt opponent’s armor. Increases overall damage and piercing ability.

Pulse Weaponry – Extremely high energy cost melee weapons that create a spiral of super-charged condensed particles that rip apart anything it comes into contact with.

Remote Manipulation – This tech uses a combination of containment fields to hold a solid weapon at a short range from the wielder. Usually used by industrial AMUs to manipulate remote saws and dangerous materials, the system’s ability to deal damage to structure and armor alike should not be ignored.

Solid-State Energy – Most energy based melee weapons use a tech known as Solid State Energy to give them form. This tech is descended from the same technology that Beam Shields use. Other energy melee weapons use a concentrated stream, not too different from a thruster, only more intense.

Vibro Weapons – A variation of kinetic melee weaponry, it vibrates at a high frequency to increase cutting power. While it adds penetration and damage to the weapon, it does have drawbacks. Particularly dense armor can cause the weapon to damage itself, and if the weapon becomes caught, the vibrations can cause the weapon to act as if it was made of a more brittle material.

> Kinetic Ranged

Antimatter Rounds – A variation of kinetic ranged weaponry, the bullet serves as a containment cell for a trace amount of antimatter, which is released upon impact. Insanely expensive, even high end mercs tend to avoid using these on anything less than heavy and super heavy AMUs. As with all Antimatter weaponry, the weapon creates a signature bright white flash on impact.

Canister Rounds – Large containment rounds used with railguns, grenade launchers and tank cannons. Can be loaded with a variety of shot types, and even a shotgun style blast.

Containment Rounds[ Antimatter, Plasma/Incendiary, NO2] Kinetic bullets that are designed to break upon impact, releasing their contents. The NO2 rounds release liquid nitrogen, making armor brittle for a short duration with enough exposure.

Discharge Rounds[Stun, EMP, Explosive] Kinetic bullets that are designed to release energy on impact without shattering, like a Containment Round does. The stun version is largely used by infantry and MPs.

Flechette Rounds – Two part round that is made of a copper based heated exterior and depleted uranium rods on the inside. The density of the copper exterior keeps the semi-solid material from separating in atmosphere while keeping the uranium rods hot.

Gauss Accelerator Augment – Fitted on weapons that use traditional gun designs to increase range, accuracy, and initial velocity of a Solid Shell round. Requires a power source, but doesn’t draw as much energy as a purely Gauss based weapon.

Gravitic Accelerator – The strongest type of linear accelerator, it’s energy drain is to high to rely on Fuel Cells alone. Gravitic Accelerators offers superior range and power over the strongest railguns, while also allowing some models to have firing rates rivaling traditional Marksman Gauss Weaponry.

Linear Accelerator – Both Gauss weapons and railguns are advanced versions of ranged kinetic weapons. Gauss weapons are faster firing, but railguns are more accurate. Railguns produce recoil while Gauss weapons do not. The difference between the two is a Gauss Accelerator uses a series of magnetic coils to fire a ferrous cored slug at high speed, and a Railgun uses one or more ‘sleds’ set on a superconductor rail to throw projectiles.

Solid Shell – Modern Solid Shell projectiles are ferrous (any material that reacts to magnetic fields) cored and caseless, using crystalline propellant to reduce weight and waste. While largely considered an outdated tech after the rise of Beam Weaponry, Solid Shell weapons are usually preferred by those fighters preferring to see physical damage as they fight.

> Energy Ranged

Beam Weaponry – A series of weapons descended from LASERS. Melts armor instead destroying it with physical force. Use Photon Cells or a Direct Feed for ammo.

Concussive Plasma – Semi-stable energy that becomes extremely volatile when removed from its containment field and explodes on contact. Has a fairly slow fire rate because of the need to generate the plasma slowly to prevent premature detonation. Like phased plasma, it bypasses most shields, but is not capable of extreme damage like Beam weapons are.

Gravitic Weaponry – Uses a grav drive to crush opponents, powerful but with limited range

Mega-Beam Weaponry – This tech’s name is a little misleading. While similar in appearance and usage to a traditional Beam weapon, Mega-Beam weapons don’t require a Beam Generator. Instead, they are actually working versions of Tesla’s particle beams, and are a stream of super condensed, super accelerated particles travelling and near light speed. The weapon is still affected by beam shields, however.

Phased Plasma – Semi-stable plasma weaponry that acts more like a gel than a solid bolt when fired. Burns and melts armor instead of breaking through, taking time to become effective. Its ability is lessened when used underwater.

Pulse Weaponry – High energy cost that translates into high damage output. Rips apart enemies, but drains energy faster than any other weapon system developed to date.

SPAZER Weaponry – (Spread LASER) This tech creates a multi beam spread attack, similar to a shotgun’s blast. One of the most common anti-missile weaponry types.

Wave Tech[Sonic, Microwave, EMP, Pulse] A system that works at a limited range, but generally has devastating results. The sonic variant only works in atmospheres or in water, and the microwave variant is rendered useless when submerged. Microwave weapons superheat enemy AMU’s and burn infantry into ash. Prolonged exposure to the weapon is required for results. Pulse wave tech is weaker than standard pulse weaponry, but can be used in a ‘smartbomb’ style attack.

> Explosives

Antimatter – Explosives that use antimatter to evaporate matter on impact and then release a large burst of energy.

Thermobaric – An explosive that uses a combination of extreme heat and pressure to deal damage. Turns the very atmosphere into fuel, and can exceed even a nuke in force, without the risk of fallout.

Nuclear – An age-old weapon, this type of explosive is apocalyptic in force and has leveled entire cities. Use against colonies and planets is considered taboo, so this weapon is mostly used in space.

Standard – High yield explosives that produce a lot of force. Most are either crystalline or plastic, and will not detonate when exposed to fire.

EM – While one of the weaker types of ECM, EM explosions are one of the most reliable, although they cannot do more than cause static in sensors and filters.

Multi-Purpose Explosives – This tech, which is currently in pre-deployment phase, is designed to offer combatants a wide range of tactics on the battlefield. The MPE, which are contained within a spherical case, are capable of serving as timed or triggered explosives. They can be thrown like grenades, and are outfitted with a gravitic lock (Requires a small charge from AMU/Launcher to activate) to stick to opponents and surfaces. They can also be set to act as proximity mines, using their gravitic locks to attach to opponents who get too close, and use a LADAR targeting system, which they also use to act as proximity bombs, detonating when something passes through a choke point or other tactical position. Their last use is for breeching. The MPE are capable of acting as shaped charges to blast an entry point through armor. The units suffer from smaller than normal explosive capability, but are surprisingly compact.

Mines (Anti-AMU) – These small, agile explosives are easy to mistake for abandoned missiles, except for the fact that they don’t have a primary thruster. Instead, they are designed to have an unmatched range of motion. Deployed by ships and outposts, these mines are largely ineffective against other ships and large structures, but are deadly to AMU pilots, especially in large numbers. Use a combination LADAR and F.O.F. Tagging system to detect targets.

Mines (Anti-Ship) – The term ‘mine’ dates back centuries before the first space flight. Modern mines are not at all like their ancestors. They are equipped with thrusters, navigation, and can be controlled from a ship or out post. Anti-Ship Mines are the size of small AMUs, and are used to attack rushing opponents or orbit a vessel to keep opponents at bay.

Stasis (Explosive) – Usually considered a support weapon, stasis explosives generally create a large, but short lived stasis web. Are incapable of dealing direct damage due to the fact that any shrapnel based explosions could destroy the stasis cell at the center of the missile, preventing the stasis web from working.

> Missiles

Straight-Fire Launcher – This type of launcher uses missiles with no tracking ability. (I.E. Rockets) Typically more powerful than normal missiles, preferring explosive capability and impact strength over tracking ability.

Swarm Launcher – Uses smaller, lower impact missiles fired in rapid succession with little to no lock on ability. Capable of bombarding entire areas at once.

Multi Launcher – Capable of locking on multiple missiles to multiple targets and fires up to a limited number at once. The more accurate models average about two locks at a time.

Vertical Launcher – The preferred model for long range firing, most heavy missiles are fired this way, as the mounting supports for a standard model launcher of this size would break with the first shot.

Spread Missiles – The missile is a two stage system. The first stage is either a long range carrier or a short range high tracking carrier. The second stage is a deployment of micromissiles loaded with armor piercing heads and high yield explosives. The second stage typically has little or no tracking ability.

High Tracking – These missiles are best used at short range, as they tend to use most of their fuel following their target. High quality models force even the fastest fliers to the edge of their abilities.

Long Range – Missiles designed for support ability without requiring the weight and cost of a ballistic missile. Used to attack ships and carriers from a safe distance. Power and range at the cost of tracking ability.

Ballistic – Large missiles carried by ships, heavy, and super-heavy AMUs only. The nuclear warheads, antimatter bombs, and even plain explosives contained within these weapons give cause for any human to fear. These missiles are deployed in limited numbers, as even one can level a city.

Torpedo – A ship vs ship weapon, smaller than a ballistic missile, but stronger than anything fitted on an AMU. Limited tracking ability with a focus on armor piercing.

Impact – These missiles are a variant of the High-Tracking model. When the missile locks on to a target and gets close, it injects a trace amount of antimatter into the main thruster, exponentially increasing the unit’s speed and impact force. This increased firepower comes at the cost of overall hit rate, with even advanced models seeing no less than a 17% lower hit rate over a standard High-Tracking Missile.

> Other

PSI Weaponry – Offensive PSI amplifiers used to cripple enemy pilots. Do not work well against other Psionics and tends to become unstable when used against them.

Stasis Web – A support weapon that slows down matter. The larger the mass, the harder the object finds it to move, but nothing can really shrug off the effects of a stasis web. Those subjected to the web describe the feeling as trying to move through water, as if suddenly submerged. Missiles are rendered nearly useless, usually using up their fuel supply to try to compensate for the field’s effect, but bullets can still manage to inflict some damage. Plasma weaponry (Concussive/Phased) is slightly affected, taking on a more comet-like appearance and losing a good deal of their mass over longer shots. Beam weapons, however, are still effective. The effects of the web linger for several seconds after the web dissipates, (longest known duration of a non-maintained stasis web was three minutes, forty-five seconds) preventing those affected from ‘slingshotting’.
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Map's will go here for 100 Worlds, and eventually Farrah.
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“Lieutenant Thatcher? Come with us sir.” The two men had knocked and entered the room without quite being noticed, and now stood saluting on either side of the doorway. Kevin's mind broke away from its considerations and he rose, briefly returning the salute. “Good afternoon gentlemen. Let's not waste any time shall we?” And with that the three men left the room and hurried towards the briefing room.

As the three men made their way down one of the corridors that ran along the outside of the building, they met a man in a captain's uniform, the appointed wing leader, and field commander of the mission. The distant roar of one of the hundred thousand ton capacity orbital lifters returning to earth forced the two officers to raise their voices to greet each other, as they headed towards the briefing room with its waiting colonel.

As they spoke to one another, the shipyard high above, with its much more powerful radar equipment passed a note to the vast base below that they were tracking a weak, intermittent signature. It appeared to be on a trajectory that would terminate some thousand miles beyond, but in line with the base. There followed a conversation between operators that proved inconclusive, the object in question being invisible to the ground radar. Superiors were contacted, and it was recommended that one of the units patrolling within the upper atmosphere move to intercept and get a better look. Two minutes later, orders were issued and one aerospace craft was on its way.

A little while later still, and the two officers found themselves standing outside the doorway that would open onto the slightly darkened briefing room. They were of course on time almost to the second, in the typical military fashion these days. They were greeted with civil formality upon entering, but with a certain restraint, the new addition being something of an unknown quantity to the colonel despite his service record, whereas Thatcher and the captain had never set eyes upon the man before, let alone been introduced. They sat down in the front row of seats, giving the newcomer a quiet 'good afternoon' by way of a cautious welcome.

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