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❝ Welcome to Arcadia ❞

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Welcome the magical land of Arcadia. Where dreams really do come true.

Remember to read through the first page. Everything vital will be found on it.
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Literacy is expected in all in-character posts. If you have trouble with spelling, consider switching to a browser that will check your text input for you automatically, or typing your posts in a word processor. Try to write not only correctly, but well. As long as you're willing to improve, you're welcome. I don't expect paragraphs, but 'you' is not spelled 'u.' No chat-speak please, and actions should be written without any of the following symbols: // ** --

• No unnecessary bumping.

• No god-moding/Auto hitting/Power playing. Remember to let your opponent land some hits, not everyone can suddenly go super sayain and be Kenshiro with his death touch. Play fair. And if you don't know what those are please ask. It is all about everyone having a equal chance to have fun.

• Follow the Gaia T.O.S

• Please refrain from flaming and/or trolling in this thread. It goes against the Gaia T.O.S and if you do see someone flaming or trolling do not feed them. Have a thick skin and control your temper. Trolling doesn't deserve a response, and please don't validate anyone's idiocy by letting it get you riled up. Just go about your business like normal until a mod bans them.

Separate IC and OOC. This is a role play and hangout, so please separate your IC and OOC actions. You may use another font color (fonts that are not too bright are appreciated!) or brackets, for example.

OOC drama should not be dealt with here. Please take any problems you may have with a player into a PM and handle it there.

No advertising.

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The Setting

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The heart of Arcadia is a bustling plaza where travelers and merchants alike convene. Arcadia can be reached through any realm by stepping through a natural ring, though knowledge of its existence is more available in some realms than others. Upon arrival, you find yourself deafened by the hustle and bustle of Arcadia's busy plaza. You are standing in a ring of fragrant flora in one of the many flowerbeds of the realm. There is no concrete here, only glossy white marble with veins of glittering gold. In the middle of the plaza is a fountain the size of a small building, two marble figures standing back-to-back in the middle, one male and one female. The male is dressed smartly and the female wears very little, a set of antlers atop her head.

Creatures of every race and creed gather here, some from familiar mythology and others so unique that no text has captured their likeness. Taking in your surroundings you notice that the plaza is surrounded by large stone walls and arches. You are in a castle, but it is not a cold, dead thing. The castle is received by the earth, which bestows life upon the motionless stone. Arcadia is a warm place.The temperature of this Eden is a constant and pleasant warmth which carries the scent of various flora and fauna throughout the plaza.

Outside the castle walls lies a forest. Lore would have you believe it were enchanted by nature. This has been neither denied nor confirmed as no one ventures past the castle's walls. Bad things happen to those who enter the forest, and many perils await those who do. Not to mention the dangerous rebels who are rumored to live there. Besides, who would want to leave the castle anyway?
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xxxxxxxxThe Legend of the Beast

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In every Eden, no matter how perfect it may seem, lies a snake. Though Arcadia is thought to be a Utopian refuge for every race, somewhere deep under the realm lies a sleeping giant who emerges once every thousand years. Lately there have been small tremors in the earth. Those who have done their homework fear these tremors to be the beginning of the beast's awakening. It is rumored that the beast wakes when the balance of nature has been offset. Most consider the tale of the beast to be nothing more than legend, but others remain uneasy as the legend behind the monster hints at the realm's inevitable destruction, should the beast truly awaken. The tale itself is shrouded in mystery, and not much is known of Arcadia's actual history.

Now, Arcadia's biggest concern are the rebel forces. Sightings have been more and more common at the forest's edge. There has been a lot of unease in the castle lately, and the people have been demanding answers about the rebel forces and life outside the castle in general. Only the Royal Guard have permission to leave the castle, and they are sworn by blood oath their loyalty to the royal bloodline.
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People to Know

Those who were born into good fortune, or fought tooth and nail to rule the masses.

Queen: Desdemona - Vitiate
Princess: Sindria - -xI Ender Ix-
Princess: Zara - Arcadia Fae

Castle's Head Maid: Ronchiki - Epic Maki

Arch Mage of the Queen: Lillian Harper - Lillian Harper

Guardian of the Princesses: Bishopp - Bishopp Arumat

Royal Guard
Those who serve the ones in charge.

Captain: Jack - Jack_McLoughlin
Second in Command: Rogar - Roilvn Whiro

Rebels include any organized or unorganized group who is not royalty, that opposes the royalty of Arcadia.

Those in the middle of it all.

The Fallen

Gone, but never forgotten.
Former Queen of Aracadia: Lani
Former Prince of Arcadia: Ender
Former Queen of Arcadia: Vanity

*If you're interested in a title, PM Arcadia Fae please and we can talk about it*
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☆Ⓜoderators of the thread.

Direct questions here. If you really need to, PM complaints or inquiries, but read the first page first.

Mrs.Bunni/Arcadia Fae
-xI Ender Ix-

⋙ Other People to Know

Idol Ni-Tan, for the amazing formatting of the thread.

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Thread Announcements

10/4/2012 - Open

Role Play General Information

- It is morning in Arcadia and the weather is clear.
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Links In

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Links Out

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Link to Arcadia OOC
Link to Arcadia Profile Thread
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xxxxxxxx Character Skeletons (Optional)

xxxxxxxxxxxxxx↖↖ ▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀ ▀ ▀▀ ▀▀

        Character Informationxoxoxoxoxo
        Character Name: Full Name Here
        Character Nickname: Any Nickname
        Character Age:
        Character Race:
        Character Gender:
        Character Height:
        Character Weight:
        Character Skin:
        Character Markings:
        Character Orientation:
        Character Personality:
        •Personality Trait 1
        •Personality Trait 2
        •Personality Trait 3
        •Personality Trait 4
        •Personality Trait 5

        Character Extrasxoxoxoxoxo
        Character Weakness(s): (Can be anything)
        Character Main Abilities: (Powers they mostly use, without trouble)
        Character Side Abilities: (Powers they can do, but not all the time and with some practice or need more power)
        Character Weapon(s):
        Character Other: (Anything else, that you want to tell about your character)
        Character Title:
        Character Alignment:

        Character Historyxoxoxoxoxo
        Character Bio:
        Character Homeworld: (Where they originally came from or born from)
        Character Family: (Any surviving family at all)

▀▀ ▀▀ ▀ ▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀ ↘↘


* PM your profiles to Arcadia Fae or post them yourself here.
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Monthly Giveaway

• Prize handed out using a random number generator at the end of the month
• This month's prize: 100k

How to Qualify
• Chat with us in Arcadia OOC
• You must have been around for at least a week
• You must have at least 50 posts IC and OOC (combined)
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☆Who do we love?

Eros Affinity - Kudos on attracting some activity, and a big thank you for helping to carry on the plot.

⋙ The Undesirables
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Story Updates

Chapter One: Arcadia's royalty (the queen and her brother) were killed in cold blood by a surprise visit of an old acquaintance, Vanity. Vanity now reigns as Queen, raising the former Queen and Prince as her children after they were reborn.

Meanwhile, an ancient force awakens: Ancient Arcadian Queen Desdemona.

Both powerful allies and enemies alike gather in Arcadia thanks to Vanity's tainted presence and take over.

Amid the chaos, Arcadia trembles as the rumored sleeping serpent is said to be waking up.

Chapter Two: After a week's time recovering, Queen Vanity has resurfaced, only to find every other person after her head.

The Count Zantara has arrived to wreak havoc with his dragon while the mysterious Anima Persa and his lazy side kick plan to infiltrate the castle.

Desdemona has taken up residence in the throne room, and the phoenix children have grown to adolescence.

The serpent seems to be more reality and less legend to most at this point as more tremors shake the ground in Arcadia, and the castle continues to be abused while the inhabitants carry on in a hectic manner.
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xxxxxxxx FAQ's

✦ Is this an open RP, and can I join?
Yes to both! Please join us; we're always looking for new RPers.

✦ How do I join?
Send a PM to Arcadia Fae or drop by our OOC thread! We'll help you out.

✦ It's been days since my partner has made a post, what do I do?
If it has been three days since your partner has last posted, it is not fair to you to have to wait. Please go ahead and post without them so your character is not locked up. If you want to continue, try quoting them in the OOC thread to remind them that it is their turn to post.
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