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Welcome to an actual gaian roleplay version 2, my name is DJ. It's nice to meet you, that being said let's get down to business. I've been a member of Gaia since 03 but have never actually role played here, seriously. Which is the exact reason I joined the site. However, I've always wanted to but not in the manner it appears to be conducted here. At a glance in the board you see countless "Castle", "Vampire" "The tower of whatever" and many more variants of role playing threads. But never any that have to do as you controling your avatar. You see, I've always wanted to role play as I feel barton town was created for.

An actual gaian role play using our avatars as the basis. I feel that in barton town we should be role playing as if our avatars were characters in the world of gaia. Not just something we make up or taken from an anime. What I mean is, we should treat our avatars as if they mean more than just a random picture beside you. I want to do more than just click on a store on the map and shop. I want to be able to role play as if I'm in barton town, gambino or anywhere that exists on this site.

This is the second version of this roleplay. The first was pretty good while it lasted, but inactivity to key role players lead to it's downfall. I'm hoping to fix that on this fresh new start.

You can view the old thread Here
What I'm looking for in a role player

Now that that's out in the open. Let's go over what exactly I'm looking for in this role play. I'm looking for some literate role players, willing to put thought and effort into their role play. I don't want posts like this:


*the mon gos ^ w/his flme p@nts and yells "HELLO?!?!?!?1" everyone is sh0cked!

So basically I want a well thought out post of a at least a paragraph in length. Here, let me show you an example.


A cool summer morning is signaled by the ever slow rise of a burning sun. The land begins to awaken as dawn inches forward across the landscape. Various birds and small animals begin to sing and scurry about. Cold morning dew forms droplets on a small delicate flower, in a splash one falls onto the moist ground. A small squirrel runs over to investigate, when suddenly a figure looms on the horizon.

Going rigid and upright, the squirrel pauses and stares. Upon the realisation of the impending danger. It bolts of into the under brush, causing more dew to fall as it runs away in fear.

I'm sorry if that seems lacking, I'm a bit rusty I haven't seriously role played in well over a year. Anyways, back on topic. I'm looking for a intelligent role player. Someone who is willing to stay active, and contribute to the evolving storyline

Please take notice of the bolded bits, If you plan on joining here. Only do so if you plan on remaining active. I DO NOT WANT DOZENS OF APPLICATIONS from people who want to join, but never role play.
What we are doing.

So, I'm brought to the subject of what exactly we're doing and role playing. Well, as I somewhat touched on in my introduction. I want this role play to be about gaia. I want to role play as my avatar, this means the role play is taking place as if I lived in barton or any other gaian town. It's not going to be some castle or something from a existing show. We aren't going to take pictures from the internet and say they're us. There's going to be no "Inuyashas", or "Gokus" or even "Nozomi Takayama" from gasaraki.

What we are doing, is this. We live in gaia, we look exactly how our avatar looks. Something plot wise happens on the site, it happens in our world. We don't have to partake in it, but will need to make a refrence to it someplace. Now don't think theres no creativty involved. Things will happen in our role play, we will meet created characters and their will be conflicts. Our characters will meet, and developement in them will begin. The characters looks are dependant on the items it posses, but it's age and other background information it up to the creator.

Still don't get it?

Let me provide a example of the role playing going on in here, I realise my explainations can be confusing at times. Work with me here alright?

Now, let's say your avatar looks like this: User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.


Walking along a dusty dirt path, along side the great wall of gambino. A odd looking tailed figure can be seen. The wind at it's back, it walks with confidence it's large bushy tail swaying back and forth. As it walks it extends a hand down letting it run amongst the vegetation as it goes. A cool mist rises up in his wake, the plants suddenly freeze and shatter to pieces as he moves on past. Glancing back his cold black eyes focuses on the road sign pointing to durem. Smirking with evil delight, he sets off in that direction.

As you can see, I role played actual settings in gaia and only used items the character had on. I didn't go about saying it was wearing a halo.

Follow the TOS of course, stay in the guidelines I have set. Keep swearing down, and be respectful to all members. Please don't godmod the story either, just follow basic role playing guidelines.

Also, if for whatever reason your going to be away for a long while enough that it'll affect the story. Please make a post explaining your characters deperature, or if you must leave for good. PM me and I'll remove you from the memberlist.

It's become apparent that many users enjoy creating bios and never posting afterwards. Please only join if you plan on being active, which is a post every other day or so. Or at least keeping up with the current trend of things.

Minor Notes

I may not be able to make a reply post at lightning speeds. I like to think out my posts and put in effort, I also have a life outside of gaia a job and girlfriend. I will remain active every day, but I may not be able to post the second you do.

Also, please make all out of character speech using this form.

((Hello, it's a rather nice day isn't it?))

But please keep chatter to a minimum, if it's not something minor then please take it to the OOC Thread.

Alright, now that I've explained the basic setup of the role play, and you've managed to read through it. I'd imagine you want to dive in and get to playing? Hold on there cowboy! It's not as easy as that, I have a rule. Before role playing I must accept you here. Now how do you go about doing that? Well, thats simple PM the below form, to me.

[b]Characters Name[/b]:
[b]Description in your words[/b]:
[b]Short Background[/b]:
[b]Where it lives[/b]: (Barton Town Area, ect)
[b]Why you want to be a member of this role play[/b]:
[b]How many licks does it take to get to the center of the tootsie pop[/b]:

I'll get back to you as if I feel you can particpate or not. Also, submitting a example of your role playing skills is optional as I'll judge on how well you write your description and character background. But, a short sample is a plus.

These are the members of this roleplay. (If you're a past member from the old thread, you'll need to reapply.)


Characters Name: DJ
Age: 21
Description in your words: DJ constanly remains out of sight of those around him, he tends to stay in the background and watch things unfold. When he does get to know a person, he is considered rather good at heart and will go to anyones aid.

He's rather tall for a gaian and can always be seen in the same dark tuxedo with his long flowing scarf wraped around his face. His hair is parted to one side, and two long black horns come out from the sides of his head. A gentle light glows from his chest, symbolizing his good nature. His feet are always in his pair of penguin slippers, two pairs of small wings come out just below his pants. He always has a strange toy looking thing coming from his nitemare scarf, on some rare occaisions he blows on it, emiting a loud noise. His odd pair of gloves seem average at first, but hide something more. By some unknown way or magic on his command three large claws extend from his knuckles or the gray portion of the glove.

He keeps a sense of strength about him, even when his zony discman is turned all the way up.
Short Background: DJ grew up in the barton town area country side. His family has seemingly disappeared or he just doesn't like talking about them. Most of his life past it known to him and him only. One thing is known, he's never seen without his gloves on. Or his strange noise maker that seemingly stays in place on the outside of his scarf. Whatever the reason, it must be rooted in his past... Detailed Background Here.
Where it lives: DJ has a good size home in the country side of barton. In the general area of his family home, but further north.

Characters Name: Auroi
Age: 17
Description in your words: Auroi is your average every day run o' the mill elf kid. He has a rather irrational temperament ranging from extremist impatience to something like dazed lunacy. So, to explain the golden mean of his attitude might be a task in itself.

Auroi is of a lighter or medium build for a Gaian weighing in at about 130 pounds and standing about 5 and 3/4 feet tall. His neck, wrists and ankles are rather thin, but they look proportional to the rather slim build he really is. He tries to hide these things by wearing clothes that cover up his neck like a jolly scarf he received last Christmas, some snow boarding gloves he has had forever, and some rather new blue and white tennis shoes. Not to mention the chest plates he ordered in the mail to make him look more masculine and even the arm flares that came with one of those chest plates kind of makes his arms look bigger. He also wears rather baggy brown carpenters pants which he always wears a belt with because his waist line is too thin. He also has a panda backpack he received in the mail... He isn't proud of it, but it's something to put stuff in. The black shirt he wears keeps him cool since the rest of his clothing is rather big, and this tank top like spandex shirt seems to fit well. The stuffed animal on his head is rather special as it is his only real friend.... Well, kind of.. Mostly it's his friend because it listens to him babble and doesn't get annoyed and walk off. He has dubbed this black furry stuffed creature Fergy. And last, his prized possessions which he never is without, the anklet wings and his headband. The headband was bought through the mail long ago, and it just happens to be one of his favorite things because of certain manga and amine. The ankle wings are awesome due to the sheer fact that they float around and aren't really attached to anything.

He really seems to enjoy all of his surroundings (especially the Barton Town Forum Bar), but never seems to spend any time in his own home.
Short Background: Born and raised a Barton native, Auroi has never really traveled outside of the area except on the rare occasion that there is a party or he needs something important from the market place. His parents ar always traveling and Auroi never sees them.. He has been reluctant to leave town, just in case they come back..
Where it lives: Barton Town

Characters Name: Julie
Age: 16
Description in your words: Julie is one of those people who switches from being the quiet person who watches the morons fight over girlfriends to being the person to step in a hit both people on the head with heavy textbooks. She is generally a nice person with wise advice though cannot tolerate idiocy.

Julie is rather short for a Gaian, being under 5 feet and 90lbs. She has long, flowing blonde. She has a black top with white on top that has two straps keeping it up and has separate sleeves that hug onto her arms that are in the same design as the top. She has a charcoal winter skirt with the belt on the third hole and untucked section of the belt loosely hangs down. She has punkish charcoal boots with black studs on them. She almost always has a gray beret on her head, a stethoscope, and her staff. The staff is blue and at the head is a pair of angelic wings. However, what sticks out the most about her physical features are her ears that are shaped like a persocom?s and are white at the top and pink on the bottom. With these ears, Julie can flip down the bottom part to jack herself into computers and such.
Short Background: Julie grew up by the Bass'ken Lake and just recently to Durem. She is extremely electronic-oriented. She does everything from repair wind-up toys to building a complex form of DDR for the sake of exercise. Julie enjoys listening to the local bands of Durem and going shopping in Barton.
Where it lives: Durem


Character Name: Kirith
Age: Seventeen
Description: Average hieght, long, flowing green hair with bangs that part over her face. Kind, vibrant blue eyes. Usually wears a pair of baggy white sweatpants and a silver top with only one strap. The shirt is a little short so it shows her stomach. She wears pale blue gloves that come up to nearly her shoulders, with slots cut into the sides, above her elbow. Doesn't wear shoes because she doesn't want to.
Short Background: Lives in Barton Town, family in Durem. She moved out a few years ago because she didn't want to be a burden on her parents. She has four brothers, three of which are older than her. She enjoys nature and listening to music. Also enjoys drawing, she's actually pretty good but doesn't believe she is. Nice personality, very kind to people for little or no reason.
Where It Lives: In Barton Town

Character's Name: Elexa
Age: 27
Description in your words: Elexa is about 5'10'' with wide shoulders and hips giving her a stocky build. The large bone helm on her head makes her look even taller, but most of the time she is slouching or sitting down, which makes her less of an imposing figure. Blue hair cascades to about her waste, and she usually wears shades of blue to match her flowing locks, complimenting them with silver, white, black, and gold accessories. She is hardly ever seen without her anklets, golden laurels, and navy mug of... unknown liquid. Behind her glasses, she is almost always smiling, just slightly.

Elexa usually keeps to the outskirts of things, occasionally jumping in with a sarcastic or opinionated comment. She's largely a listener and often doesn't consider her own knowledge great enough to comment on most topics. However, she does like a good debate and can get passionate about certain, even when she knows she may be in the wrong.
Short Background: Elexa used to be just another bubbly Gaian who wandered into the Chatter bar, spewing foolishness and sprouting wild fantasies along the lines of "Someday I'm gong to be able to buy those minis!" or "Eventually, everyone here will know my name!", but she was a new person with opinions, and sometimes they get into fights or accidents. She had worked her way up to a position as manager in a factory in Aekea when something malfunctioned and the entire building collapsed. Elexa probably has many scars from the incident , but the most noticeable of them is the one on her face, stretching from above her right eye, across her face as a remembrance of a grisly wound.

Nowadays she has no home; what with Gaia population increase there are no homes left to be had, so she is usually found around the Barton Fountain, sipping from her mug int he early morning light. Perhaps she became jaded or was just traumatized by the collapse of her livelihood around her, but Elexa is not so bubbly anymore. One might wonder how she always seems to have some extra gold in her pocket.
Where it lives: Barton Town area, mainly around the Square.

Characters Name: Duchess
Age: 18
Description in your words: Duchess is a pleasant and sophisticated contributing gaian. She faithfully helps the illiterate and holds small talk with even the roughest flame-pants noobs, but can hold a candle to the most aggressive exchangers. Her art store, a previously family-owned business, now lies solely upon her shoulders which remains a task she delves into with diligence. Nowadays, her favorite pastime is sitting comfortable in the lounge of the Erogenous Zone and other somewhat elite guilds, chatting amiable amongst old friends.
Short Background: Raised naively in the middleclass Aekea district as a naive young newbie, Duchess rose quickly in power as time, art and gold was exchanged: when her inheritance source left Gaia (seemingly for good), she nestled into a nice job in the Commerce district as a barmaid. After quitting several of these jobs, she desperately turned to art. Her paintings sold in the high range, and she dug herself a comfortable place as a respectable, decent literate.
Where she lives: Commercial district Durem, in a more upperclass area of town. She lives on 'old money' (inherited from previous close gaians), and the gold she accumulates through her paintings, pet-breedings and exchanges.

Willow Eve
Characters Name: Eve
Age: 17
Description in your words: Very oblivious and comedic. She's very shy as well, and tends to hide most of the time. She barely says a word when around others, but with friends she is always chatting, and is very loyal. She's over protective of animals, keeping her Australian sheperd Smokey close to her.
Short Background: She's barely lived a long life to put anything truely extraordinary. She finished school early, and does vocal perfomancing for work. She lives alone in Durem, making her way by working at a cafe. She has many friends hiding around and about, and always has her back watched. She's a fragile girl, but not alone.
Where it lives: (Barton Town Area, ect) Various places in Durem, always roaming.

Silvanus Celer

Characters Name: Silvanus Celer
Age: 19
Description in your words: Silvanus was always short even now as an adult. Standing at five foot six most the time people are looking down to him. His Curly red hair reaches a little lower than his shoulder blades. His piercing blue eyes he is not so fond of are usually always behind a mask or a form of glasses. He is usaully not seen in public without one of his Favorite clothes; either the Jolly hat or his labcoat.

Silvanus' personality could be classified as....well weird. At first he is rather shy and rarely speaks but once he gets to know someone they can't get him to shut his mouth. He also tends to be rather blunt. Accidently or on purpose half the time he doesn't know which one. He is usually very hyper and curious about everything. This sometimes tends to annoy the masses.
Short Background: Silvanus spent his younger years growing up in Barton. He enjoyed the fresh air and openess of it all. His mother fearing for his education moved them to Durem so that he could attend the university. Silvanus hates the city and usually stays indoors away from the masses of people walking down the street. For the price of education he has seemed to develop claustrophobia.
Where it lives: Durem

Characters Name: Kaze.

Age: 18.

Description in your words: Although Kaze looked like the dark type of person that you would never like to meet in a dark alley, his personality completely contradicts the way he looks. He's the fun loving type of person, the one who always tries to see the best in moments and in people. He likes to joke around, and has a serious appetite issue which, even after eating a full meal, leaves him hungry. He is rarely seen without the top-hat that is adorned* on the top of his head, or the eyepatch over his left eye. For his age, he is short, only standing about 5"8, although he is a little self-concious about it.

He can sometimes be seen leaning against the wall of a random building, softly playing the guitar to pass the time away. Although he loves to play, he isn't all that great at playing more than just a few notes.

Short Background: Kaze grew up in Durem with his Mom and Dad. He was an only child, and he enjoyed it that way, although he wasn't spoiled like some children. He had hated the city life though, there was too many people, and too much noise. He had gotten into a working accident at age 16, and his left eye had been messed up pretty bad. Now everything in his left eye is more vibrant, colorful and well defined. Although he can stand it for a few moments, after about 20 minutes it starts to burn from the light.

Where it lives: He lives just north of Barton, closer to Bass'Ken lake.

Characters Name: Megan
Character's Nickname: Skittle or Meggs
Age: 16
Description in your words: Meggs is not usually shy, unless she's around guys. Around girls or any of her friends, she'll usually strike the conversation or think of spontaneous trips or ideas.
Short Background: When she was ten her family moved to the Isle of Gambino from Durem. Her father told her that the world was changing and developing and that they were going to be at the center of it. She has a part time job at the Hat store and usually spends all her money right next door.
Where it lives: Isle of Gambino

Characters Name: Meley
Age: 18
Description in your words: Meley has long, flowing red hair. She stands about 5'7" and wears clothing that does not show off her figure. With the help of magic she usually hides her ears but after coming to Barton town and seeing others like her, she allows her ears to show. Her top is semi-tight fitting and violet colored. Her pants are baggy and match the color of her top. Boots cover her feet for she doesn't like really any other type of shoe. A strip of cloth is wrapped around her neck also a matching color to her clothes. Her eyes are green.
Short Background: Her parents were killed when she was at the age of 5. Ever since she had been living with the killers and until recently she had no idea. She had lived a ways outside of gaia where no one else was. On her 18th birthday she ran, and escaped, coming eventaully to Barton Town where she has herself in the busy crowds.
Where it lives: Barton Town

Characters Name: (The) Antiprep (Real name: Damien Nutia)

Age: 27

Description in your words: Antiprep, THough thought to have been killed years ago,yet...he still walks. HE is Evil at the heart, Conscriptively ruthless.

Short Background: Working for G-corp, Damien was 20 years old, a lab Technician, SMart, upcoming in the work world and becoming one of Johnny Gambino's favorite workers. Falling ill one day he Stayed home from work. Trying to Combat this illness, he goes to find a medication at a local friends house who makes herbal remdies and other useful stuff.Halfway to The house he was robbed and beaten, half to death. THe theives took his unconcious body and threw it into the Bass'ken lake.

Having Drowned and dying an unclean death He sought out revenge. FOr his dirty work at G-corp Damien went to the PLain of the dead, staying there for 7 long years. Having Compromised with the Dark lord, he was granted life once again, on one condition...He must do his bidding.

With htis happening and his long torment, Damien's morals and life it self was turned upside down. HE is Evil...the purest of it, He has no sympathy for anyone, his lone reason for being on the plains Fully alive again is to Serve his Dark Lord.

Where He lives: Antiprep Lives No where. He wanders the night, without need for sleep.

Characters Name: Usagi "Usachan"
Age: 19
Description in your words: ((This is what she looks like most of the time, since my actual avatar changes appearance so often)) Usa has long, curly blonde hair that she keeps up in two buns most of the time as a way of keeping it out of her eyes. She has blue eyes, and for someone who spends as much time as she does outside, she has amazingly pale skin. She wears clothes that are easy to move in, yet still cute, and they are almost always blue. Usa is never seen without her pendant, G Pin, and staff, and most of the time her pet cat, Rhia, is following close behind.
Short Background: For years, Usa and her older sister Koneko lived alone. However, about a year ago, a string of events happened that resulted in many things- Koneko's death and Usa's fate becomming tangled up with Gino's Harem were just some of them. Usa currently lives with her boyfriend, Chi, although she rarely ever is home. ((a much more detailed history can be found in my profile, if you are so inclined to look)
Where it lives: Barton

Chi Ten

Characters Name: Chi Ten
Age: 7,000 - but looks about 30
Description in your words: Chi is a psychotic angel suffering from multiple personality disorder and paranoia. As a result, it's fairly hard to know what to expect when approaching him. Much of the time he's a kind, generally jovial, and somewhat metrosexual sort of person who enjoys gardening and bookkeeping. Sometimes, however, he's a cruel b*****d who wants to kill you. So, it's really a gamble trying to randomly go up and talk to him.

Fortunately, he's also fairly obvious-looking, and therefore easy to avoid. Smallish black horns protrude from his short, black hair and a painful-looking scar mars the middle of what would otherwise be a handsome face. His clothes are usually form-fitting and in earthy-tones and red, with slits cut in the back of his shirts and jackets to let his wings through. His most noticible features, however, are his wings and halo, which often make it hard for him to go out in public without being noticed.
Short Background: Chi has a short and varied background that involves being a priest, a librarian, and a murderer, in some cases all at once. Most recently he is a librarian and is engaged to Usa, after having killed her sister.
Where it lives: Barton. He likes Durem, though, and spends a lot of time there.

Ame no Tenshi

Characters Name
: Ame

Age: 20, but she looks about 13

Description in your words: Ame is short for her age, only about 4'7. She has long black hair and dark blue eyes. She has a pair of demon wings on her back. Sometimes she likes them, sometimes she doesn't. Shes often seen wearing black, but she is not gothic or anything.

Short Background: Ame lives on Isle of Gambino with her year old daughter named Selene. Selene's father was the love of Ame's life, but he disappeared on a boating trip over a year ago. Hes out there somewhere, still looking for her, and she waits for him.

Where it lives: Island of Gambino

Hea Takaya
Characters Name: Hea Takaya
Age: 16
Description in your words: She has short thick, dark purple hair. Itt is hard to see its true color because its so dark, but it comes up in the right sunlight. She has cat-like ears comming out from the top of her head, and her eyes are a dazzling orange. She wears a purple ribbon collar, with her black mistress outfit. Her tail often looks like it gets in the way but then it does not.
Short Background: She keeps to herself most of the time, a bit air-headed sometimes but then others most intelligent. She stays away from people afraid of rejection. From years of abuse she flinches whenever someone is too near or caught by suprise.
Where it lives: Barton towns

Kaz Takahashi
Characters Name: Kaz
Age: 14
Description in your words: Keeping his hair from getting in his face with the headband he wears, Kaz likes to keep his grey eyes hidden behind a pair of sunglasses. Dressed in his blue t-shirt and jeans, a holster for his weapons is attatched to his leg. Also, Kaz loves to read his favorite book all the time, so it's basically with him wherever he goes. With his gloves and a green vest on, they complete his ninja uniform.
Short Background: Raised in secrecy, Kaz was taught by his father in the way of the shinobi, or ninja. Once he had come of age, he left home to set out on his own adventures. Unfortunatley, the town he moved to was pretty boring. Not even his ninja skills could brighten his mood. Maybe if he had some friends, his life would pick up?
Where it lives: Kaz likes his house in Barton Town, because of the cheap rent and atmosphere of the neighborhood.

Splungent Floob
Characters Name: Floob

Age: Nineteen

Description in your words: Floob isn't really a normal person. He always has that same, white, wide grin planted over his face, with his mask almost completely covering his mysterious face. His rather light red scarf covers up any remaining skin on his face, and his black hair just adds to the strange look of him. He wears a red tie and a white shirt, balanced out by a pair of red trousers, and finally an odd pair of furry slippers that he insists, "Keep him from getting ill." Floob also has a red stick he loves to carry around for good luck purposes.

He looks rather odd to anyone passing by, not because of his clothes, but of the general mood he gives out. One of insanity and confusion. Although never diagnosed, it is known that Floob has some mental problems. He knows that sometimes he sees things which aren't there, but he doesn't know he's just seeing things until someone points it out to him. He's been known to take things too seriously, getting worked up over nothing a lot.

He holds one secret, and only one secret, that he sweared to himself he would never tell anyone - it was the result of his mental illnesses to the extreme.

Short Background: Gah, I'm sorry, but I believe that's in the above description part too. I got carried away. xD

Where it lives: General Barton Town area, though loves to travel.

Characters Name: Kelwyn

Age:506 years (elven)

Description in your words: 5'7", Long black hair, blue eyes. Young looking face with old eyes.

Short Background: Kelwyn has lived in Gaia for roughly 300 years. She has a tendency to roam from place to place every so often. She has many friends that she has known for a long time, but most of her family is still back in her homeland.

Where it lives: She has a house in the forested area between Barton Town and Durem.

Characters Name: Mochi
Age: 16
Description in your words: A young girl of 16, Mochi twirls her white locks in a unique bob pinned by an abnormally large red ribbon which many a Gaian insists is a scarf. Perched on her head is a smiling festival mask which reflects the expression which Mochi lacks since cerulean eyes are shaded by rose-colored glasses and her mouth muffled over with a tacky old christmas scarf.

Mochi tries to avoid confrontation and remain passive, but when conflict bubbles she uses her fan as her weapon, that and her evasion skills keep her out of trouble.

She’s usually polite, but not overly friendly, and is generally a strong ally to people she grows to trust.

Short Background: Mochi was born in the bustling city of Durem, and currently stays in an apartment complex near The Durem Salon where she works part time for the relentless Vanessa, with a cold-hearted fashion sense. But every now and then she likes to take a walk eastward towards Barton and toss coins aimlessly in the fountain, wishing that something more interesting would happen.
Where it lives: Durem

Characters Name: Angelique 'Amani' Chosieul
Age: 16
Description in your words: Light brown-skinned, ruby red eyes with long purple hair that ends at her lower back in bouncy locks. She carries one of her guitars [sometimes both] around with her. She usually wears gothic lolita, otherwise with loose pants or colorful clothing; it all depends on her mood. She currently likes putting things in her hair that would make her look cute and pretty, so she wears loose white ribbons in her hair. Sometimes she even gets into her 'mood', and wears butterfly wings to make her looks like a fairy of some sort.
Sometimes a dark ring of smoke appears above her head. Maybe it's some way of showing her mischevious side?
Short Background: She's sweet, calm, but sometimes a b***h. She tries to act perky a lot, but is calm when she wants to be. She visits Gino's Harem frequently, and hang out with her friends. And if she gets really depressed about something, she'll break herself off from regular life and seem soulless.
Where it lives: Durem

Characters Name: Senny
Age: 20
Description in your words: A bit on the short side, she's a flaming redhead with a personality to match. Very eccentric, often dressing in outlandish clothing (her favorite colors being firetruck red and electric blue), she never goes unheard. Though she may dye her hair from time to time, she's always recognizable by her glacier blue eyes, never without eyewear.
Short Background: Born and raised in Durem, she moved to the Isle de Gambino as soon as her father would let her but continued her studies in Durem. A music major in a universary devoted to the arts, she's a bit of a nomadic musician in the parts of Gaia, accepting gigs as they come and never staying keeping a job for too long.
Where it lives: Isle de Gambino

Trista Megami
Characters Name: Trista Megami
Age: 18
Description in your words:Her skin is HIGHLY tanned from being out in the sun too long, her hair, sandy black, and if you look close enough,
you can see strands of redish brown. Her eyes, a bright red hue, with a light hint of gold around the pupil, (She inheired
this from her father's pure golden eyes), and her white, fluffy, rabbit ears flop over and bounce as she walks. Her clothes,
like any normal person, change every now and then, depeneding on what activies she'll be in, though she will always wear a belt with everything.
Current outfit: (look at current avi.=D)
Short Background: Born in Isle De Gambino, then moved after the Von Helsing twins collasped onto the Gambino mansion. Some debree
wrecked her family's house, and since it was a crappy place to live anyway, her father urged her to live somewhere eles, and gave her 1k as a start.
So far, she has been through many schools, hung out at the chatter bar too much, and has opened a shop every now and then when running low on cash.
She once had an older brother, but he dissapeard a year after she was born.
Where it lives: 2 barton 001147 house # 52

Characters Name:Chaos
Description in your words:Chaos is a person who always seems to carry a Katana around,even in places where he's not supposed to. He wears a Chyaku Norisu Scarf that covers most of his face. He wears a Dark Highschool Coat and a Black Castaway Shirt underneath. He wears Dark trousers and a pair of Dark Footwear. He wears a Grey Buckle Trench Hat on his head and a Shadow Spirit usually follows him,holding his shoulders or just floating behind or near him. He has blue eyes and a slightly pale skin. No Gloves.
Short Background:When he was born he never knew his parents. When he grew he somehow found a Katana and practiced with it. Later he mastered the Katana and he found a Shadow Spirit inside an alley he was going into. The Shadow Spirit soon followed him everywhere he went and became a friend with him.
Where it lives:He lives in Durem

Teh Rainbow Socked Ninjas
Characters Name: Anaiia Kate Joust
Age: 16
Description in your words: Anaiia is a outspoken girl, yet shy around new people. She can be extremely joyous and silly at times when she feels comfortable, usually around peers. One of her best qualities is that she is quite friendly.

She stands at five foot five and her usually straight hair tends to curl at her shoulders if she doesn't take care of it.
Her style sense differentiates often and she loves to dress up. Always, her small charm, a Marshmallow Snowman, is kept at her side.
She needs reading glasses occasionally and her flower is a token from her father for her eighth birthday. That and the Marshmallow Snowman are rather significant to her.

Anaiia loves to take long walks by the countryside but even more so when she has something to do or someone to talk to. Her favourite place to shop is in Durem, more so Durem Depot.
Short Background: Her mother and father have seperated, when Anaiia was seven. She took it well, considering she was so young. Only a few years ago, her father remarried to another man. Both parties live quite wealthily.
Where it lives: Her father lives in Isle of Gambino and her mother in Barton Town. She often switchesd whenever it pleases her.
Opening Post.

A warm summer breeze swoops through the tree tops, causing the branches to sway about as if they had a life of their own. A single leaf falls slowly and gently to the ground, dropping in a sprialing pattern. It lands on the forest floor and rests for a moment. Just as the leaf had grown accustomed to it's new resting place. A poof of air lifts it up and carries it off, floating back and forth as it goes. Nearly descending to the ground a second time. A sudden burst of air causes that descent to come to a screeching hault. Floating high into the sky riding a warm gentle breeze the leaf continues on it's journey.

For countless days and nights it goes on. Landing in various odd places and getting snatched up into the sky, just as it appeared the journey was over for it. Above rivers and mountain tops, and houses the leaf fluttered on by. It seemed as if it would continue on this way until the end of time. Or at least until it was crushed, which ever came first. However, one faithful evening the leaf grabs hold of a slipstream getting rocketed onto a mysterious land.

As morning broke it began to slowly drop down from the sky, this time not being caught a hold of by the wind. It drops further and further, until finally it drops down onto a sign that reads "Welcome To Barton Town" in big bold letters, upon further investigation one would fine tiny letters reading "The Central Hub of GAIA". It appears as if the little battered leafs journey was over, when suddenly a large mob of figures rush on by, talking loudly. "Let's go to the Chatting Bar in the middle of town!" A short looking man wearing black pants with flames decorated rather cleverly right at the bottom, exclaims to the others in the group.

"Aye, let's do just that" a girl with large looking front teeth and a eye patch replies. In all the commotion causes the leaf to fly up and blow across town. Suddenly it comes to a screeching hault as it's form is wrapped around a long pointy black object. A large mass of fingers comes rushing up grabbing hold of the leaf. Pulling it off and tossing it on the ground the figure mutters in displeasure.

"Darn thing" He says glancing down at the leaf for a moment and then forgetting it completely. A voice can be heard as the crowd that caused the leaf to move in the first place begins to enter into the large building meant for drinking, and full of rooms with place to talk about anything with anyone. "I'm going to see if I can earn some gold someway in the exchange hall!" A reponse quickly calls out before it disappears into the drone of noise the building creates. "Ya, right what will you sell?! Your pants?"

Sighing heavly the horn figure looks back at the alley way and walks into the shadows. "Well, thats the life in Gaia, I suppose" He muses to himself as he leaves view.
Current Plot Summary

Ron bruise?! Halloween!? What's going on?! What lies in store for us? Not to mention who let those darn cows out?User Image

Well, check back soon for a more detailed summary. User Image

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Please PM me to Apply.

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Well this role play is just about open!

Feel free to apply whenever you like. But please, I cannot stress enough.

I recieved countless applications in the last thread, users would apply and never role play. So please, only apply if you plan on posting.
I just need to make up some decent graphics, and this will be all good to go.
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Why, oh why was she staring up at the sun? Hadn't she been told that staring at the sun, especially at this time of the day, could damage her eyesight? Yes. Of course, but she didn't care. Actually...she was just testing out her glasses, seeing if the sun bothered her eyes if she looked through them - and they didn't. Misty smiled and looked back down at the earth beneath her, and then she looked straight ahead at her home, which she admitted, wasn't the greates looking place in the world.

Heck! She had barely furnished the darn thing, so it really looked more like an empty office than somewhere to live. Shrugging, Misty walked around the other side of the house and through a small alley until she came to the twon known as Barton Town. It was a normall busy place, so she didn't seem to care when a Gaian rushed past her and almost knocked her down, though she was tmeted to make fun of his buck teeth and Jolly Hat which didn't seem to go well together. But, what was she thinking, she was dressed as a reindeer after all, and even if Christmas was upon them all, the weather still felt like fall.
Star looked up and down as she walked threw the Town."wow its so big." she had never been to a place like Barton before. The streets were filled with people shopping,taking, laughting, it was great."Star smiled to herself. "I think I'm going to like it hear." She needed to find somewhere to stay so she walked up to a man passing by."em sir can you tell me were- the man pushed past her."out of the way girl I'm in a hurry!" Star fell to the ground."aw hey that hurt."
Walking down the dark alleyway. DJ goes the long way around town. He dislikes large crowds and is more than willing to spend a few extra minutes taking the road less traveled. He doesn't seem to have any destination in mind or anything perticular to do.

"Perhaps something interesting will just randomly happen?" He thinks to himself with a doubtful chuckle.

He glanced around as he came towards the center of town. He had no choice this time, he had to slip into a crowd to continue on his way.

"Great..." He thinks to himself as he pushes his way through dozens of gaians. He couldn't help but notice the signs of christmas approaching on everyones faces as he does.

"It's already that time of the year?!" He mutters to himself, looking to the sky as if expecting the first snowfall to happen anytime.

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