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Sevren stopped in his tracks as someone behind him spoke, he calmly turned to see Amusie, Sevren canted his head to the side as he let a devious smile creep across his face. The cold wind still howled through the trees, leaves blowing and dancing in the breeze. Sevren walked a few steps closer to Amusie before finally speaking, "I've had many titles over the years, Death has been one of them..yes"., his voice was as soft as a madman's lullaby and as sinister as the devil's whisper.

He sniffed the air and looked down at Amusie, Sevren turned to Jeremiah, "Is everything on schedule" , he asked smiling as his reaper pet nodded. Sevren's face lit with excitement as he turned and looked toward the town, the hustle ans bustle of the people already started to give him a headache, as he turned and withdrew a pack of black cigarettes, lighting one with a black zippo lighter, a skull design etched into the metal.

"This place will burn, prepare for the others arrival", Sevren said as he gave Amusie a nod, "It was lovely meeting you but there is just so much to do, please excuse me", Sevren said as he turned, walking to the side walk; grabbing the first man he saw and ripped his throat open with a straight razor flipped from under his wrist. Blood ran down Sevren's pants as the man fell to the ground, a woman on the street seeing this letting out a fearful scream as panic quickly set in. The street filling with fear as it spread like a virus, people sprinting away from the murder scene as Sevren simply took a drag of his cigarette.
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Michi ran through the forest with Drake on her back. She slowed down and saw an angel. "Drake you have to go for now..." The boy slid off of her back when she laid down. He ran up to the female angel and nodded. "Be safe, Mi!" The kitsune stood up and her tails flared up in flames. She raised her head and growled loudly. She bolted away and sped up. She felt the darkness and corruption within her body tear free at the feel of something not normal. She stopped near the town where Ren and Amusie normally would go. She paced back and forther outside of the town and yipped. She rose up onto her hind legs and dropped down onto her front paws. The ground shook as she created an earthquake.

((Yay, it's alive again! I'll try my best to bring in more people. ))

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