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Demonic Bibliophile

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[i][size=8.5]Q-Quick! Before the trannn-zz-ition breaks up!! Let me tell you my zzs-sstory. . .(bzzzz)[/size][/i]


Birthday (day/month)


Age (try to be around seventeen and up)


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[list][list][size=10.5][i]Quick descriptions of personality[/i]. (i.e. funny, romantic, a little hapless, badass, talks before thinking, reckless, thoughtful, ect.)

[u]Body description ONE PARAGRAPH+[/u] you can add extra links of chara here. [/size][/list][/list]

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[list][list][size=10.5] Your talent, profession, whatever you think is uber duber important add here.

[u]Likes/dislikes/fear[/u] written, bullets, dosen't matter~

[b]fun facts:[/b]

Bullets of a bio. Yes, I'm not making you write a huge bio! Just some main facts, past and present dribble, future is what you plan on doing in the apocolypse.


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Demonic Bibliophile

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                      bangbangyourdead ( FIAMETTALUZERENEAMARANTE )
                      don'tyouwishyouwereazombieSpitfire Hellion from the UK


                                    █████ (cracklecrackle)↯↯ H - Hello? Can you hea - bzzz - rr me? █████
                                    Q-Quick! Before the trannn-zz-ition breaks up!! Let me tell you my zzs-sstory. . .(bzzzz)

                                        With a varity of nicknames it can be hard to choose, but the most common is Fia.

                                        October Sixth was the chilly fall day of birth.

                                        Can't you tell by looking? DUH! Female, sweetheart~

                                        Last time anyone checked it was around. . .twenty one. . .twenty two? Who knows! Who cares!

                                        Eh? Gender of sexual preference? . . . .hmm anyone that can please and keep up.

                                    █████ ↻ DOWN LOADING ▶ ▷ ▸ █████
                                    FIND ME!! Before it-t-zzzz. . .(crackle) . . .-te. . .

                                        Tends to be deceptively charming, seductive, but truly rowdy, bull-headed and courageous. A tad bit selfish and cruel, easily confused but not that stupid; gullible fits better really. . .Attention span of a gold fish and easy to rile but has moments of tearful confessions and loneliness. Acts like a badass and is a badass. Not afraid of much, especially when drunk, reckless and quick to act before thinking. A blunder but has a smile that can knock you dead.

                                        Fia is like any girl when it comes to her appearance. Despite all the scars and training she does she tries to keep a very feminine look to her. Often teased for being to masculine. In the morning she'll spend a good hour in front of the mirror softening her skin, doing her hair and makeup before an outing. Or even a casual day at home! She takes great pride in her blue eyes that have a startling tint of ruby to them and her silver blonde hair. Her eyes are one of her most distinguishing features. Highlighted by the bright silver of her hair it gives Fia a very fierce and handsome look. The tress is very long, sweeping past her waist a couple of inches and she often keeps her hair down when at work or in training though sometimes she'll throw it in a quick bun or ponytail.

                                        As well as keeping her skin soft, hair tidy and make up perfect she diets and in the confines of her room works out to keep a toned body. She stands at five feet and seven inches, which is pretty tall for a girl but it gives her advantage over the guys and her enemies. No point swinging around with short arms now is there! Because of that her arms are very strong, running in the evenings or early mornings in simple wear also keep her legs toned but Fia also tries to keep a very balanced body. Strong enough to protect her clients and friends but not so over muscular she looks like a cross dressing boy! She's very sensitive about her weight and exterior appearance.

                                        On casual days her outfits differ. On lazy days around the house she tends to dress rather comfy since she'll spend her day curled up on the sofa reading or play music. However there is one outfit you will always see Fia sporting. A white blouse, a navy blue or black mini skirt, thigh high, white-leather boots and a blue frock coat from her homeland; the UK. Now this is Newport New VIRGINIA. Seeing a young women prance around in this glamored out Colonial British outfit? Its a head turner but Fia loves showing her colors off and it just goes into her long list of odd outfits. When meeting a client she'll dress normally in a fashionable blouse, pencil skirt and heels. She tends to blend in a bit more but she feels ridiculous in these outfits complaining she looks like a cross dressing man. Even though she tends to turn many men's heads with her leggy height and firm posture of a confident women. When at work her outfit is very conserved and dark but stylish all its own but its rarely used unless Fia actual goes in to type up her reports or attends a meeting; which she can do over her laptop so the uniform is hardly used. All around Fia is a whimsical dresser.

                                    █████ ░░░░░░░░ █████
                                    T-This (krshhh) is my lasst (fsssshhh)..tr..smition. . .good. . .bye

                                        Works as a bodyguard for rich clients with an umbrella corporation from the UK that has branches all throughout the world.

                                        Bright sunny days, so warm.
                                        Peaches, the best but strawberries are yummy too!
                                        Horses and riding, its a thrill!
                                        Beautiful scenery.
                                        Apple cider, hot tea, hot chocolate with hints of coffee, coffee, its all good.
                                        Spending time outdoors and exploring!!
                                        Waking up early to catch the sunrise.

                                        » Bitter meds, getting sicker, being sick and dying in general.
                                        » Being kept indoors, the world is too big not to spend it outside.
                                        » Pesky, rude or just "plain being mean" people.
                                        » Mushrooms, hate the taste, hate the texture.
                                        » Fishy foods. . . same as mushrooms.
                                        » Jewelry, likes the simple things.
                                        » Bad tabble manners, its annoying.

                                        Dying in a boring way.

                                        fun facts:

                                        Born and raised in a rich, large and problematic family in the UK. Britain to be exact. Had four older brothers, irritable grandparents, a bossy mother, a strict and over bearing father and a snobby little sister.

                                        Grew up with nannies and maids, went to private schools and because the disgrace of the family by the time she was eight due to her personality and looks. Everyone in the family had dark hair and eyes.

                                        Fought alot in school, got expelled from various ones, and made life a living Hell for her parents which lead to a strain on the family. It was already bad enough her father thought her mother cheated on him with Fia because of her abnormal hair and eye color.

                                        Caused her parent's divorce and was hated by her siblings; eternally the black sheep of the family Fia dropped all pretenses and took off with her father's brother, her second eldest Uncle, and traveled around the world with him learning different styles of fighting and weaponry.

                                        Got into the bodyguard business thanks to her Uncle who introduced her to a friend of his who ran a school for it. She spent three years in the academy learning the trade before they broke her out into the world.

                                        She doesn't handle just one client like most bodyguards. She's a night-for-hire. She only does gigs, currently living in Newport News VA for one of these "gigs" but is mostly on a year of vacation from work. She does a few odd jobs but is spending her time enjoying the US after living in Japan, Russia and the Middle East since she was fifteen.

                                  once your done, i'll ask you to send me the profile. understand? great!
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Demonic Bibliophile

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                      bangbangyourdead ( CHiRAL )
                      don'tyouwishyouwereazombieThe quirky, witty, sensual artists on the scene


                                    █████ (cracklecrackle)↯↯ H - Hello? Can you hea - bzzz - rr me? 】 █████
                                    Q-Quick! Before the trannn-zz-ition breaks up!! Let me tell you my zzs-sstory. . .(bzzzz)

                                        The boys live by their nicknames already but Heero called Trip, Tree once while drunk, and its stuck. Heero goes by Roo but it bugs him and Noe.....no one mess with Noe's name.

                                        Heero was born December 31st exactly one minute from midnight. Ironically Trip was born Febuary 1st like Noe but is a year younger.

                                        Male through and through! Though many can argue with Heero that he looks like a chick.

                                        Heero is nineteen, Trip is twenty-three and Noe twenty-four.

                                        ...........depends on the mood.

                                    █████ ↻ DOWN LOADING ▶ ▷ ▸ 】 █████
                                    FIND ME!! Before it-t-zzzz. . .(crackle) . . .-te. . .

                                        Heero tends to be a very cheerful out going fellow who makes friends with anyone. Bubbly, immature and irrational he tends to get into accidents or other people's problems constantly giving his older brothers numerous headaches. Though he acts too cute to be mad at for long. He's very good at coarsening people into what he wants them to do. Trip and Noe especially. He tends to seem to nice sometimes, almost like he's plotting something mean and if its Heero, he probably is. The bluenette loves to tease and laugh at people at their expense; not his. Growing up with his brothers, Noe the most, has taught him to be a bit of a bully. His temper remains rather calm but Heero is easy to fluster and embarrass. If he gets made it usually turns into a pout until someone can sweeten his mood up again. Yet when he's on stage singing Heero forgoes all his playfulness for a very adult, sensual singer who can make thousands of fans moan with a single smile.

                                        Trip, who in terms of personality, is much closer to Heero. He tends to be talkative and outgoing with a more adult charm to him then Heero's bubbliness. A ladies man he's always making passes at people who interest him, flirts and is the touchy-feely kind. Very friendly with both his words and hands. He could almost be called a pervert but he stops himself at a certain line most of the time. Trip tends to be a worry-wort out of the three oddly enough. It can be hard to tell sometimes but Trip is the mother-hen type that gets anxious when things go wrong or one of his brothers, or both, are gone from his side. He's a bit of a softie and is very comforting to be around when things go sour. Like his brothers he had a bit of a mean streak when it comes to teasing and making an arse out of others. Trip is usually the clown of the three but his temper can be a big contrast to that fun nature. While he can get irritated at things making him angry takes a lot of work if it dosent involve his brothers. He knows Noe can handle him self but you will see a very big change in Trip if you hurt Heero in any way, shape or form. He's very protective if his little brother. When on stage he's his usual cheerful, flirty self and is often most liked by the women who listen to the band. Since CHiRAL is known for a sensuous adult band his playboy act is very smooth.

                                        Noe is the brother to watch out for. Though he is friendly, open and often soft spoken with his family outsiders are regarded with a cold glare and hostility. Noe is very reserved around strangers and fans alike though Heero is always on his case about smiling more. He tends to be the mature one and handles all the problems the three end up facing. Calm and calculating he puts his brothers before anyone; even himself most often. He seems to have a sadistic nature around outsiders but even with his brothers he can be mean in a rather fun way- for him at least. Noe finds sardonic humor in almost anything and has no problem voicing his thoughts about something most would have left alone or lied through to make the other party feel better. Like Trip, Noe is very possessive and protective of Heero. Very possessive and protective; a mama grizzly bear has no chance against Noe and his feelings. Noe, despite it all, is also the easiest to rile and make angry. He goes off like a pistol at the drop of a hat and is extremely dangerous to be around because he'll beat someone to a pulp, or till they die it dosen't matter to him. Even Trip and Heero will agree Noe is a bit off his rocker. When it comes to CHiRAL, however, Noe does a three-sixty turning into a some what arrogant, passionate lover type that is always making passes on stage while they preform.

                                        The boys are very fashionable in their own rights. Being apart of a very popular band they are constantly watched by reporters and fans alike so their conscious of what they wear outside their apartment. Trip and Noe tend to wear suits on a daily basis even if they have a rare day off to lounge around at home. Plaid and solid colors of varying hues seem to be their favorite. Noe, who is often mistaken for Trip's twin despite being older is the one who generally wears solid colored suits with a plaid or decorated tie or undershirt, where as Trip wears vests and pants that are plaid with a solid undershirt and tie. Despite being mistaken for twins since they look very much alike and style their hair the same Noe wears glasses and had less piercings. The two seem to have fun toying with people with this sense of suit matching technique. Though the blonds tend to stick with suit-like outfits they do wear casual clothing from time to time; they still match. They were a lot of barrettes and bobby pins in their hair, though at first not because they wanted to but because Heero, when he was little, liked sticking their hair up in play. After a while Heero just started keeping their hair spiked back and the shorter tress pinned back and the two older brothers fell into the habit of keeping their hair like that. Heero on the other hand...wear anything he wants too. Generally found wearing simple clothing like long sleeved shirts and jeans he can be a bit sloppy. His brothers also tend to dress him in odd getups with bright colors and a bit of a "cutesy" theme to it the bluenette dosen't mind. If is comfortable he'll wear it.

                                        For on stage the brothers clothing is very uniformed and at times while Trip and Noe wear suits or simple band shirts and jeans; Heero who is the singer and often times in the spot light he gets dressed up more sexily.

                                    █████ ░░░░░░░░】 █████
                                    T-This (krshhh) is my lasst (fsssshhh)..tr..smition. . .good. . .bye

                                        The brothers make up a top ranking band by the name of CHiRAL. Heero is the lead vocalist, Trip is the guitarist and Now plays bass. .

                                        ♬ Each other.
                                        ♬ Their band.
                                        ♬ Fighting.
                                        ♬ Sweets! Well, Heero and Trip anyways.
                                        ♬ Down time.
                                        ♬ Warm weather.
                                        ♬ Music.
                                        ♬ Peace and quiet when they can get it.

                                        » Being alone, or one of them being gone.
                                        » Being locked up in the studio to long.
                                        » Unruly fans.
                                        » Bitter stuff. Though Noe likes his coffee blacker then the aces of spades.
                                        » Being unable to preform.
                                        » Outsiders getting in their way.

                                        ☣Losing each other.
                                        ☣Losing CHiRAL.

                                        fun facts:

                                        ☇Noe, first born was quickly followed by Trip and born to the same parents.

                                        ☇ The blonds lived happily with their "loving" parents till they were in their early teens.

                                        ☇ One day a social worker walked up with a scrawny blue haired crybaby and announced that their father had an affair with a woman, leaving behind a son and that his mother had died.

                                        ☇ Outraged that they had to take in a b*****d child the blond's mother divorced their father taking Noe and Trip with her and left Heero and the father behind.

                                        ☇ Unable to care for the boy and distraught about losing his family the father vanished shortly after and Noe, who had been keeping an eye on the situation talked their mother into taking in Heero.

                                        ☇ The brothers were quick to form a tight bond and their mother came to love the rambunctious bluenette.

                                        ☇ While in school the three formed a band, naming it CHiRAL, and played at local gigs like school functions, coffee shops, and the like.

                                        ☇ After about two years of the local gigs thing a big-city scouter found them on a busniess trip and signed CHiRAL into one of the biggest music production companies.

                                        ☇The guys worked hard on their songs and stage presence quickly becoming renowned for being sexy, sensual and singing about wild love songs both sensuous and tragic.

                                        ☇ They've been staying in Newport News for a few weeks now taking a break from tour and visiting their mother and old friends.

                                  once your done, i'll ask you to send me the profile. understand? great!
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Dapper Gekko

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                      bangbangyourdead ( EloraDekotaLeighanne )
                      don'tyouwishyouwereazombie Your friendly neighbourhood barista.


                                    █████ (cracklecrackle)↯↯ H - Hello? Can you hea - bzzz - rr me? █████
                                    Q-Quick! Before the trannn-zz-ition breaks up!! Let me tell you my zzs-sstory. . .(bzzzz)

                                        ♡I've never really gone by any name other than my own, Elora, though sometimes people call me Elly.

                                        ♡I was born on the 21st of June to two loving, zombified, parents.

                                        ♡Isn't it obvious? I'm a lady.

                                        ♡I'm being thrown into this disaster at only eighteen.

                                        ♡I'm past my curious stage and now identify myself as straight.

                                    █████ ↻ DOWN LOADING ▶ ▷ ▸ █████
                                    FIND ME!! Before it-t-zzzz. . .(crackle) . . .-te. . .

                                        To put it simply, Elora's a cry baby. Often overly emotional in most situations she prefers not to deal with difficult or life changing decisions. Though she is not afraid of much, the undead top her list. It would seem she does not have any sort of intelligent way to deal with her fears as most of the time she becomes unable to speak, run or fight worth anything. It is a wonder to how she has lived this long. Despite all of this her sense of self-sacrifice and her need to put others before herself is often overwhelming, some see her as almost motherly. Elora is capable of finding the little details in situations that others might have missed giving her a good sense of deduction and a sharp memory.

                                        A tiny girl standing at five feet, two inches. Her weight is approximately one hundred and ten pounds. Her blonde hair is her pride and sits in shiny waves down her back. This is the result of multiple hours of deep conditioning and regular hair cuts. Her eyes are hazel with small hints of green, inherited from her mother's side. She prefers mostly girly clothing such as lace, flowers and pastel colours but is not one to sacrifice comfort for style. Though not really into excessive exercise, Elora does keep herself fit with weekly trips to the gym as well as a well regulated diet, set up by her maid and nutritionist.

                                        █████ ░░░░░░░░ █████
                                        T-This (krshhh) is my lasst (fsssshhh)..tr..smition. . .good. . .bye

                                            Just recently graduated from high school, used to work in a coffee house.

                                            ♡ Tea. Can't go wrong with tea. (Chai!)
                                            ♡ Fleecy clothing and blankets.
                                            ♡ Sweet fruits such as strawberries, mango and pineapple.
                                            ♡ Cuddling in any circumstances. (Movies, naps, etc!)
                                            ♡ Sleeping in (Extra bonus is they're silk sheets!)
                                            ♡ Reading a good book in the sunlight on the porch
                                            ♡ Sewing, knitting, etc. It's all fun!

                                            ✕ Being woken up from sleep
                                            ✕ The smell of Alcohol
                                            ✕ Violence, guns, war, all of it!
                                            ✕ Being short.
                                            ✕ The dentist
                                            ✕ Dismal, cloudy days.
                                            ✕ Wasps, bees, hornets, anything that can bite.

                                            ✂ Zombies/Undead/Mudo/Walkers/Unconcecrated. Whatever you want to call them. Keep them away.
                                            ✂ Being abused, hurt, beat up, raped, etc.

                                            fun facts:

                                            ♡ I'm quite the sweet little innocent girl. I don't drink and I've never smoked. Oh.. except for my virginity. That doesn't belong to me anymore.
                                            ♡ My parents are amongst some of the greatest lawyers known to the coast. I know they love me very much, but I never see them. They were scheduled to return the day after the 'apocalypse' happened.
                                            ♡ I have no siblings. Just one maid and a gardner.
                                            ♡ I have never been in a steady relationship. Most have been abusive and/or only for the sex.
                                            ♡ I escaped the house as fast as possible when the gardner turned into one of those freaks. Left just slowly enough to watch the maid get eaten by the gardner.

                                    once your done, i'll ask you to send me the profile. understand? great!
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Man-Hungry Prophet

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                      bangbangyourdead ( JudasArthurMontague )
                      don'tyouwishyouwereazombie (Concupiscent Englishman)


                                    █████ (cracklecrackle)↯↯ H - Hello? Can you hea - bzzz - rr me? █████
                                    Q-Quick! Before the trannn-zz-ition breaks up!! Let me tell you my zzs-sstory. . .(bzzzz)

                                        Judas is okay, but some people don't it due to a religious factor so please call me "Jude".

                                        I have a tendency to live everyday like its my birthday but if you must know the real date its December 5th.

                                        One-hundred percent male, love.

                                        Twenty-one the legal drinking age in america, finally..

                                        Men? Women? Either is fine but the reactions are much more amusing with Men.

                                    █████ ↻ DOWN LOADING ▶ ▷ ▸ █████
                                    FIND ME!! Before it-t-zzzz. . .(crackle) . . .-te. . .

                                        Jude mind is an enigma, its hard to understand what he's thinking, but its mostly assumed that its about sex. But in reality that's only half the case, as narcissistic or concupiscent as he seems he's actually a really caring to those who get past his flaws. He's very good with listening but nobody really knows that because he doesn't really socialize with others like he would with his brother and his boyfriend. He will defend people if he feels that someone is being treated unfairly, especially if it comes to issues like abuse, sexual orientation or race. Though sometimes he can be a hypocrite and use the same tactics against the original offender. He's really good when it comes to romance, it just seems to be in his nature, as well as being a flirtatious joker, despite the fact that he's really loyal to his any current lover he'll still joke around and flirt with others even though he's not being serious about it.

                                        Jude stands at a height of 5'10" and weighs about 170, he normally doesn't keep track of his weight but he has a fast metabolism so he doesn't really have to worry about gaining weight. the only time he gains weight is though muscle, but its not like he's super built, if Jude were to lift up his shirt it would show visible abs but nothing major, but he's okay with that, he's not a bit fan of huge abs. Despite this he has quite a lot of strength, and he can fight he just really dosn't chose too.He dresses more like a teenager still being young, he wears a lot of skinny jeans and baggy shirts and hoodies. [x][x][x]

                                        Extra: His Accent closely resembles this one [x] But his voice is deeper and velvety sounding.

                                    █████ ░░░░░░░░ █████
                                    T-This (krshhh) is my lasst (fsssshhh)..tr..smition. . .good. . .bye

                                        Back in Bristol I actually worked as a model for a little while, but now in America I work as a Librarian, definitely not what you would expect right?

                                        I've been told that I'm very good in the bed at singing, but one thing I do know and I might be surprising to other's but I'm very good with technology. I'm also quite good with sports but I get really competitive and I'll admit, I don't usually play by the rules, especially if I'm loosing.

                                        ☑Tea; Hot tea, cold tea, as long as its sweet.
                                        ☑Alcohol; I much prefer hard liquor but beer is fine too.
                                        ☑Exotic Animals; I have a thing for animals like Sugar Gliders or Owls, things you don't usually see as pets.
                                        ☑Crosses; I'm not a religious person but I love crosses anyways.
                                        ☑Horror Genre; Video Games, Movies, you name it, anything that will get my heart pounding.
                                        ☑Warmth; Like wrapping up in a huge blanket, cuddling someone, or sitting in front of a heater.
                                        ☑Odd Fashions: Anything out of the box, I guess you could say a "hipster" sort of fashion. I also like a lot of Korean fashion, etc.

                                        ☒Orange Juice; Never liked it never will, it tastes nasty and leave an even worse taste in my mouth.
                                        ☒Abuse; To myself or someone else, I will loose my cool if I see or hear about it.
                                        ☒ Migraines; I'm very prone to them, very frequently, and i'll admit my drinking probably doesn't help.
                                        ☒Hang Overs; Millions of people don't like them, but I might as well count myself as one of those millions.
                                        ☒Axes; I just have a big issue with them , especially when i see people using them.
                                        ☒Winter; I just hate it, everything about it..this goes for rain too, I especially hate rain.
                                        ☒Sleepless nights; Whether it be due to a migraine, a nightmare or a stress issue.

                                        ☐Daemonophobia; Fear of demons.
                                        ☐Murky Water; If i can't see the bottom I'm not going in.
                                        ☐Losing his loved ones; Kyle and Shay mean everything to me.

                                        fun facts:

                                        ■Jude grew up in Bristol, in a mansion with his father, step-mother and half brother named Shay.

                                        ■For the most part it was a happy family, sometimes he could get dodgy, his father was Schizophrenic and suffered from dementia sometimes.

                                        ■When Jude was in Secondary school[age 14] he started playing with his sexuality, thus developing his love for people in general, male or female.

                                        ■Slowly but surely his father's condition began to worsen, he was begging to claim that their were malevolent demons in their mansion trying to talk to him.

                                        ■When he was 17 he woke up to the sound of screaming, it was Shay, when he got up to check on him he found his father with an axe in one hand and in the other was their mother's head. Their father started babbling on that she was possessed by the demons in the mansion and she was trying to kill Shay, Jude and himself in their sleep.

                                        ■ Luckily he didn't harm either Shay or Jude, Their father was arrested for murder and the two of them were sent to live with Jude's biological mother who was living in America.

                                        ■eventually the two of them moved out and into their own house, Shay and Jude both felt the need never to leave each other, even after Jude had met someone named Kyle that he had fallen in love with.

                                        □Jude's frequent migraines have been known to give him nosebleeds sometimes.
                                        □He's colorblind with Blue and Purple.
                                        □He can fight but its nothing much, just simple hand to hand combat..
                                        □No matter who you are, he will very likely call you "Love" Or "Dear", more often he used "Love" to people closer to him.
                                        □He owns a Pembroke Welsh Corgi named Robbiee

                                  once your done, i'll ask you to send me the profile. understand? great!
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Feral Hunter

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                      bangbangyourdead ( EllianaManaNori )
                      don'tyouwishyouwereazombieSociety's Blossoming Wallflower


                                    █████ (cracklecrackle)↯↯ H - Hello? Can you hea - bzzz - rr me? █████
                                    Q-Quick! Before the trannn-zz-ition breaks up!! Let me tell you my zzs-sstory. . .(bzzzz)

                                        Ellie is just fine. Unless you want to get all personal and call me Mana.

                                        February 14th: the day that the world celebrates love, otherwise known as valentine's day. Yuck.

                                        Female. Isn't it obvious already?

                                        Never ask a woman her age; twenty-two.

                                        Heterosexual, plain and simple.

                                    █████ ↻ DOWN LOADING ▶ ▷ ▸ █████
                                    FIND ME!! Before it-t-zzzz. . .(crackle) . . .-te. . .

                                        Blends in well with the surroundings and the lack of attention she gets is not at all surprising. While striking in appearance, Ellie's problematic difficulty with keeping a conversation is not seen in a high regard, which causes her to be pushed aside for the most part; with many having the perception that she lacks intelligence and that she's only a pretty face. However, she is highly capable of initiating and maintaining conversation despite what many believe to be the opposite. Responsible and elegant, she prefers to act with grace rather than with crudeness. She also utilizes big words in her manner of speaking, including a few small gestures with her hands.

                                        Elliana dresses rather extraordinary, always maintaining the image of being the perfect "prim and proper" lady in society. She dislikes dressing sloppily, always taking the time to plan and coordinate the clothes she would wear, a day before. Aside from her taste in clothing, Ellie's body type leans more towards the petite yet curvy. Her head adorns a striking shade of purple-pink locks, eyes of the same hue, accompanied by porcelain white skin. Her skin naturally blushes pink, giving her the appearance of a neatly dressed doll. Most of the time, Mana wears her long hair in two loose braids, rarely letting her hair down due to the fact that her hair's extreme length gets in her way.

                                        As her appearance indicates, Elliana is a delicate flower. She has never participated in rigorous activities such as sports, thus her physical strength is a tad weak. Though she's quite capable of throwing a mean punch when angered.

                                    █████ ░░░░░░░░ █████
                                    T-This (krshhh) is my lasst (fsssshhh)..tr..smition. . .good. . .bye

                                        She's quite the accomplished pianist, already performing at famous concert halls and participating in orchestras; often as the guest of honor. Ellie is considered to be one of the top piano players in the entire world.

                                        ◇ Pastries are good; very tasty. Like chocolate cake, mmm yum.
                                        ◇ Tea and coffee are both preferred drinks on a cold winter's day.
                                        ◇ The rain comforts me in some odd kind of way.
                                        ◇ Gentle and kind individuals.
                                        ◇ Music, playing the piano in general.

                                        ¤ Ignorance and naivety are the worse things to ever exist.
                                        ¤ Bugs are a definite no-no.
                                        ¤ Violence of any sort, unless it's justified.

                                        ☢ Dark, tight spaces; I'm claustrophobic.
                                        ☢ Anything that goes bump in the night.
                                        ☢ Death is my worst fear.

                                        fun facts:

                                        ۰ Was a child that grew up in a fairly wealthy family; not too wealthy, but enough to send her to lessons and other extravagant extra-curriculars.

                                        ۰ Kept to herself most of the time; there was a period in time where she isolated herself completely from society.

                                        ۰ Hated her life but has learned to accept it. It was mostly due to the way her parents treated her; always making condescending remarks, criticizing her, simply making her life difficult than it already was.

                                        ۰ Attempted suicide once by hanging, but failed. There's a scar of a rope burn around her neck that she keeps covered with the collars of her shirt or necklaces.

                                        ۰ Plans to quit being a pianist and settle down with someone, but hasn't quite found the right individual. Though that might not be possible any time soon.

                                  once your done, i'll ask you to send me the profile. understand? great!
bojima's avatar

Dapper Sophomore

7,200 Points
  • Survivor 150
  • Risky Lifestyle 100
  • Gender Swap 100
User Image
                      bangbangyourdead (Daisuke Seiko Yamahara )
                      don'tyouwishyouwereazombieladies man & police force officer

                                    █████ (cracklecrackle)↯↯ H - Hello? Can you hea - bzzz - rr me? █████
                                    Q-Quick! Before the trannn-zz-ition breaks up!! Let me tell you my zzs-sstory. . .(bzzzz)

                                        likes to be called 'papa' or 'Suke'

                                        unfortunate date of October 13th, on a Friday.

                                        Got a P so i'm a male.

                                        thirty one

                                        straight, but can lean any way when drunk.

                                    █████ ↻ DOWN LOADING ▶ ▷ ▸ █████
                                    FIND ME!! Before it-t-zzzz. . .(crackle) . . .-te. . .

                                        Daisuke can come off as a boring guy who is a workaholic, but what people can't see is that he is a caring person who loves to have fun and embarrass his friends/family.

                                        His dull aura can be a turn off but once he gets going, no one can stop him. He likes to dress casual, but not too carefree, due to his work. Usually shows up in a dress shirt, black tie, black slacks and sneakers or dress shoes.

                                    █████ ░░░░░░░░ █████
                                    T-This (krshhh) is my lasst (fsssshhh)..tr..smition. . .good. . .bye

                                        police officer, or when drunk, a ladies man.

                                        ✓ chocolate
                                        ✓ coffee
                                        ✓ partying
                                        ✓ alcohol, it's all the same.
                                        ✓ action on job

                                        ✖ guns, except his.
                                        ✖ drunkards, except his friends.
                                        ✖ dishonest people
                                        ✖ creepy crawly creatures

                                        fun facts:
                                        o Daisuke was raised in a traditional Japanese family, properly mannered but clearly didn't follow them after high school.
                                        o Graduated college with barely passing grades. Was exposed to drinking, partying and started smoking in his freshman year.
                                        o Directly afterwards, joined the police force was a newbie recruit but gradually ranked up.
                                        o Met a wealthy woman with whom he settled with, having a daughter.
                                        o Lost both of his family members to the Infection.

Wolark's avatar

Omnipresent Streaker

User Image
                      bangbangyourdead ( RobertLewisCooper )
                      don'tyouwishyouwereazombieSelf-Proclaimed Redneck


                                    █████ (cracklecrackle)↯↯ H - Hello? Can you hea - bzzz - rr me? █████
                                    Q-Quick! Before the trannn-zz-ition breaks up!! Let me tell you my zzs-sstory. . .(bzzzz)


                                        August the third. On the couch, in a trailer, miles from the nearest hospital.



                                        Most definately the ones with those nifty XX chomosomes.

                                    █████ ↻ DOWN LOADING ▶ ▷ ▸ █████
                                    FIND ME!! Before it-t-zzzz. . .(crackle) . . .-te. . .

                                        Coop is the kind of guy who's fun to have at a party; the life of the party, but not any other time. Or rather. Not any extended length of time. He speaks what's on his mind, without a care in the world if it's offensive or not. In fact, he prefers it to be offensive because it's fun to watch the recieving end's reaction. He's sarcastic, blunt, rude, selfish, and callous, but does have a good heart. If you can stand to take the time to look for it. He's a skirt chaser and a criminal, but he's not what you'd expect from the combination. He's actually very caring with the ladies, gentle and loving, if not obnoxious. His criminal background comes from the fast ladies. Cars. Muscle cars, to be exact. Coop just couldn't resist that pretty little red mustang all alone on the street.

                                        Coop stands at 5'7, 160lbs. He has a pretty lean build; all those years of working on cars and doing maintanance in and around his family home provided him with that. Coop doesn't belive in a 'close shave' either. He always sports stubble on his face, giving him that '5 o'clock shadow. His hair his a dark brown, rarely ever cut right. It's usually shaggy, but occassionally he'll get a 'wild hair' and shave it all off. The most striking feature about Coop are his bright ice-blue eyes. In terms of clothing: Tank, jeans, and boots in the summer, leather jacket, t-shirt, jeans and boots in the winter. His wardrobe is not very 'in style'. Coop has a noticeable southern twang in his voice.

                                    █████ ░░░░░░░░ █████
                                    T-This (krshhh) is my lasst (fsssshhh)..tr..smition. . .good. . .bye

                                        Coop worked for a mechanic's shop that was going under due to a new rival busness. He was the top mechanic there, and often got offers from the rival shop, which he denied each time. He's also pretty good at playing guitar.

                                        ✓Dogs - Man's best friend!
                                        ✓Guns - Best bit of protection a guy can have. Maybe not in bed, but against zombies? Hell yeah.
                                        ✓Muscle cars - They're fast, shiny, powerful, loud, and sexy. What is there not to love?
                                        ✓Women - Need I say?
                                        ✓Swimming - Great way to relax.. Especially a nice dip in the river on a hot summer day.
                                        ✓Alcohol - Great times, great fun.
                                        ✓Being outside - Better than being cooped up in a smelly room, that's for sure.
                                        ✓Working on cars - Lifelong passion. Yep.

                                        ✗Cats - They're just creepy.
                                        ✗Rain - Can't fix cars, can't tan, can't do anything. Just get sleepy.
                                        ✗Hangovers - No one likes hangovers. If you do, then... Somethin's wrong.
                                        ✗Being sedentary - Just not that kinda person. Gotta be up and about.
                                        ✗Minivans - Stupid mom-vans with their sliding doors.
                                        ✗Broccoli - Ew.
                                        ✗Computers - They catch on fire when I touch them.
                                        ✗Chick-flicks - Never liked them, never will. Gimme a shoot-em-up flick.

                                        ☠Being left completely alone

                                        fun facts:

                                        ⇜Coop was born in a tiny trailer in the outskirts of Danville, Virginia. Literally. He was born right on the couch.

                                        ⇜His mother died giving birth to his brother. On the couch.

                                        ⇜That couch was never sat on again.

                                        ⇜Coop's father was a reclusive drunk.

                                        ⇜Coop picked and tormented on his little brother, but really loved him.

                                        ⇜He loves country music and heavy rock.

                                        ⇜He's never been in a steady relationship. Most were one-night stands. Deep down he wants to find that 'right one'.

                                        ⇜Every cop in Danville knew who Coop was. In fact, they knew everything about him from his frequent 'visits' to the county jail.

                                        ⇜Coop really did set a computer on fire once when he touched it.

                                        ⇜Coop has been shocked by 440 volts and walked away from it.

                                  once your done, i'll ask you to send me the profile. understand? great!
User Image
                      bangbangyourdead ( ASAMIHITOMITAKAHASHI )
                      don'tyouwishyouwereazombieThe toughest Cherry Blossom


                                    █████ (cracklecrackle)↯↯ H - Hello? Can you hea - bzzz - rr me? █████
                                    Q-Quick! Before the trannn-zz-ition breaks up!! Let me tell you my zzs-sstory. . .(bzzzz)

                                        Asami, any nick name but nothing cute or you're dead

                                        November 19th

                                        Do I look like a damned male to you?

                                        Twenty(don't ever call me twelve)

                                        Anyone who doesn't annoy me

                                    █████ ↻ DOWN LOADING ▶ ▷ ▸ █████
                                    FIND ME!! Before it-t-zzzz. . .(crackle) . . .-te. . .

                                        She's tough. real tough. Not that she ever really wants to show it. She's generally positive. She's very...Competitive. Like, she has to be the best at everything. She has to be the girl to stick out; any girl who gets in the way of that, she instantly hates. The little green monster never rests in her body. Though secretly flattered, she scolds anyone who tries to call her cute. Her heavy Japanese accent, weak English, and general personality (apparently) tells people a story about a sweet girl, and in turn treat her like a cute little child, because that's what makes her different. So many girls fight to become cute, sweet, innocent little girls, and Asami's biggest pet peeve is being just another clone of a girl. Though generally nice, she can be a little sarcastic and blunt. Most people like to call that 'bad a**'. She's courageous enough to put herself in any situation.

                                        As for appearance, Asami seems to display the many personalities she owns. She's as short as 4 foot 11 inches, and usually wears over sized long sleeved shirts and shorts, and with that bright smile of her's, it's what tells people she's cute...Or mistake her for being twelve years old(which happens, well, A LOT). She uses lip gloss on occasion and uses a purple smokey eye effect for make-up. But there is that bad a** side of her, too. She got a lip piercing precisely for that reason! She wanted to show she wasn't all girl, that there was some tough in her, too. She also smokes a lot, so the cigarettes hanging off her lips makes her look older. So, to sum it up, she basically looks like a twelve year old delinquent.

                                    █████ ░░░░░░░░ █████
                                    T-This (krshhh) is my lasst (fsssshhh)..tr..smition. . .good. . .bye

                                        Asami works(well, worked) as a desk lady at a small hospital.

                                        Asami oddly likes anything freezing cold. She loves the rain, the chill in the morning, snow. She wished it could stay cold forever. Though she somehow manages to find something wrong in every person, she can never honestly admit that she hates people. She does, however, hate anything bitter, like tea or sushi(despite popular racist beliefs). She loves sweets. Her number one fear is something she would never admit to anyone, ever. Ever. She hates her fear, because it's always so common in girls. She hates cockroaches and crickets with a firing passion. She will scream like a little girl and find somewhere up high to hide from them. Though on the outside, she pretends like they're nothing, she has even told a few people she enjoys those bugs.

                                        fun facts:

                                        Grew up in a poor family.
                                        Dad died when she was six, Asami moved out at 17 because of irritability towards mom.
                                        When moved out, she went as far away as she could, landing her here in America.
                                        Started smoking cigarettes at 14, abused drugs for a year or two until 16, and quit everything but smoking
                                        Temporarily disowned by mom during drug period
                                        Was aided by her soon-to-be-neighbored friend and her daughter, helping her get to her feet and live on her own.

                                  once your done, i'll ask you to send me the profile. understand? great!
DA zombie RK's avatar

Moonlight Hunter

User Image
                      bangbangyourdead ( LUKAMIKHAILAELIUS )
                      don'tyouwishyouwereazombieTeenage Son and Heir to the Leader of the Russian Mafia


                                    █████ (cracklecrackle)↯↯ H - Hello? Can you hea - bzzz - rr me? █████
                                    Q-Quick! Before the trannn-zz-ition breaks up!! Let me tell you my zzs-sstory. . .(bzzzz)

                                        Those who are close to me might call me Mischa, as a sign of endearment, but I generally just go by Luka.

                                        I was born on September 25, in the city of Yaroslavl.

                                        Is it hard to tell? I am most certainly male.

                                        It is true that I am only sixteen, but I will not hold you back.

                                        I will not be ashamed for liking the same gender as myself.

                                    █████ ↻ DOWN LOADING ▶ ▷ ▸ █████
                                    FIND ME!! Before it-t-zzzz. . .(crackle) . . .-te. . .

                                        At first glance, Luka can come off as being pretty shy. It doesn’t help that he has a strong tendency to act awkwardly around people he doesn’t know very well; a trait that developed largely due to the overprotectiveness of not only his parents, but of his older brother (Anton) as well. At the same time, he has been known to suddenly act in a reckless or rash manner, particularly when he feels he or someone else he cares for is in danger, and he has been reprimanded more than once for being a bit more blunt than necessary. Luka is also incredibly loyal, yet another trait learned from his family, and he will do anything he can to help those he has grown close to.

                                        Luka may be in high school, but his body definitely doesn’t reflect that. Standing at a pitiful 5’3”, it is obvious that he was never destined to play basketball. Oftentimes jokes were made that he couldn’t possibly weigh even one hundred pounds soaking wet. Which wasn’t true. He weighed exactly 122 pounds. He checked. Height and weight aside, Luka is very healthy and fit for his age. He was always into running, and recently came across the rush that is rock climbing. Because of this, he is not only fast and capable of running long distances, but he is also relatively strong and can climb just about any climbable obstacle thrown in his way.

                                        When Luka is running, climbing, or even just hanging out, he likes to wear comfortable clothes. He’s not a fan of things that are too restrictive, but he does have a tendency to go for clothing with more pockets. There are times, of course, when this type of clothing is unacceptable. One example would be at his school, since he goes to a private school that requires a uniform. He also must deal with wearing a suit and tie whenever he is required to go with his father to his meetings. Fortunately that happens very infrequently, since his brother is much more likely to have to go than he is.

                                        Luka has aqua blue eyes with specks of gray in them. Coupled with his light-brown hair and relatively pale skin, he sees himself as nothing more than an average teenager.

                                    █████ ░░░░░░░░ █████
                                    T-This (krshhh) is my lasst (fsssshhh)..tr..smition. . .good. . .bye

                                        Luka is currently only a student in high school, but he is being groomed to help run the family business when he is old enough.

                                        Part of that learning process was learning how to defend himself. Because of that, he does know some basic defense techniques, and he can shoot a gun if he has to.

                                        Something that wasn't part of his learning was lock picking. But Luka's brother decided he should learn, so he did... And now he can get into pretty much anything with a lock. He even has his own personal lock-picking set, courtesy of his brother.

                                        ❧Animals. What could be better than a giant furball of a cat snuggling into your lap?
                                        ❧Nature. Just being outside and feeling the wind can be a wonderful thing.
                                        ❧Traveling. Especially to places he has never been to before.
                                        ❧Video games.
                                        ❧Reading and writing.
                                        ❧Climbing, running, biking.

                                        »Being lied to.
                                        »Being alone.
                                        »Arguing. He knows it's hard to avoid, and even argues himself sometimes, but that doesn't mean he has to like it.
                                        »Drugs. They mess up your brain; your health in general really, and screw with your ability to focus... Where was the appeal in that?
                                        »Guns. Yes, he can use them. But they wouldn't be his first choice for resolving a conflict.
                                        »Loud, screechy noises. They give him headaches.

                                        ☠ Large bodies of water... What? It's not irrational if you don't know how to swim!
                                        ☠ Pitch darkness. He doesn't like it when he can't see.

                                        fun facts:

                                        ●Luka was born and raised in Yaroslavl until he was twelve years old. Not long after that, his father, Alec, received a job offer he couldn’t refuse. Apparently Alec’s cousin had passed away, and had handed his company over to him. Because of that, the Aelius family packed up and made a new home in the grand city of Vegas.

                                        ●Already having a solid footing from where Alec’s cousin had left off, Alec managed to build the company up to a near-dominant position. There was hardly a business left untouched by his control. Which was why Alec decided it was time to expand his horizon. That was the reason Alec, Luka, and his brother were in Newport News, VA that week. Some suspected his companies’ involvement with the Russian mafia, but none of that made any difference when the infection broke out a couple of years later.

                                        ● Luka and his brother were always little trouble-makers when they were younger. They managed to get reprimanded at least twice, sometimes more, each day.

                                        ●At the same time, they were almost always involved in the family business. Of course, much of the more… sensitive things were left out of their sight. But what they were involved in did a great deal in teaching them about business in general.

                                        ●Despite being a trouble maker, Luka did very well in school. It wasn’t because of the work that he tried so hard, however, but because of the learning.

                                        ●His mother might have played a part in it as well. Since she never got to go to school herself, she emphasized the importance of it to both Luka and his brother.

                                  once your done, i'll ask you to send me the profile. understand? great!
Jaded Freakling's avatar

Tipsy Lovergirl

User Image
                      bangbangyourdead ( ISABEAUMARIEDEVILLE )
                      don'tyouwishyouwereazombieDaddy's lil Marine, or the b***h with all the GUNS!


                                    █████ (cracklecrackle)↯↯ H - Hello? Can you hea - bzzz - rr me? █████
                                    Q-Quick! Before the trannn-zz-ition breaks up!! Let me tell you my zzs-sstory. . .(bzzzz)

                                        Izzy or Boo but that was only her parents or those close enough to her

                                        July Eighteenth




                                    █████ ↻ DOWN LOADING ▶ ▷ ▸ █████
                                    FIND ME!! Before it-t-zzzz. . .(crackle) . . .-te. . .

                                        Izzy has a tendency to be bull headed when she wants something bad enough getting downright violent when someone stands in her way but she is fiercely loyal to anyone that has earned her protection or friendship in any way. Blend in her temper that gets her into quite a lot of trouble, sadly though she has that problem with crying every time she gets mad. Tears might be running down her face if she's mad but she'll shoot you in the face at the same time.

                                        Despite being a shortie, barely reaching five feet and two inches in height, Izzy likes to wear heels and get dressed up for any excuse but she'll toss on a band t-shirt and jeans any day just to make things easier for her in whatever she does. She dies her hair regularly, keeps a huge stock on her color just in case anything happens and the stores run out. She loves to keep her hair down just to feel the wind through it but when she's working on a project or doing things around the house she always clips it up in a bun, especially when she's working on her dad's cars.

                                        Putting aside her big blue eyes and baby pink hair Izzy looks all soft and gentle, she certainly has those rare moments, but she'll kick your a** just as hard while being all cute looking.

                                    █████ ░░░░░░░░ █████
                                    T-This (krshhh) is my lasst (fsssshhh)..tr..smition. . .good. . .bye

                                        Since her mother was ill Izzy gets paid by the government to takes care of her, thank you well fare! But for extra money she works in a local grocery store and on neighborhood cars.

                                        ✔ Raspberries, the actual berry not spitting in people's faces
                                        ✔ Hard candies, always has some in her pockets or bag
                                        ✔ Music, who doesn't like music?
                                        ✔ Cleaning her dad's guns, makes her feel closer to him in a way
                                        ✔ Fast cars, just makes her feel all tingly inside!
                                        ✔ Little cakes, so yummy!

                                        ✖ Long silences, that's just boring and too quiet
                                        ✖ Chaotic yelling, makes her head hurt
                                        ✖ Large spiders, ugh just no!
                                        ✖ Bananas, they're eh in flavor that's why she gives them to her pets
                                        ✖ Unnecessary death, isn't there enough in the world just by natural causes?
                                        ✖ Pain, she might act all badass but she's just a girl that wants to find her Mommy

                                        ☢ Finding her mother and having to kill her
                                        ☢ Death, "I don't want to die! There's still so much to see and do!"
                                        ☢ Heights, "you know the urge to jump when looking down from a great height, I don't have that."

                                        fun facts:

                                        ★ Born in a small town her father was in the military, Marines to be exact, because of this they moved around alot.

                                        ★ Their family, Izzy and her parents, finally stopped when her father was discharged with honor after taking a bad bullet wound from enemy fire out of country. There they stayed, he working on cars for money ad living off his pension from the government, until he died one day from a drunk driver rear ending him. His car wrapped itself around a pole, he died upon impact.

                                        ★ At the young age of twelve, two years before her father died, Izzy was given two unusual pets from her aunt in South America. Two male Capuchin monkeys, Leroy and Peaches. Leroy after her father's loathed middle name and Peaches simply because she loved that fruit at the time and he was fuzzy like a peach.

                                        ★ After her father's death Izzy took on a lot of the things he used to do, namely working day and night to take care of her mother, who was devastated by the death of her husband gaining weight and never leaving the house. The duty of taking care of the house and fixing up cars, which she learned from her dad on their long weekends hiding out in the garage.

                                        ★ Swears to find her mother and save her, even if she is Infected.

                                  once your done, i'll ask you to send me the profile. understand? great!

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