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Notice: We're currently looking for 3 to 5 people to join the team and help keep the thread running! No special skills required! For more info or if you're interested PM The Blue Blob!

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Please Note: This is NOT a personal search thread.

The aim of this thread is to help prospective roleplayers find roleplay threads or partners and vice versa.

Please feel free to chat in the thread and help keep it alive! The more the merrier! Please don't be intimidated if the thread is busy, anyone and everyone is welcome to join us - just dive into the conversation or start your own! We love newcomers! <3

As an absolute minimum you MUST read the Important Information post on this page (post 2) BEFORE even thinking about submitting a form. If you don't, it will be VERY obvious and you will more than likely have one or more people yell at you to go back and read the first page so you might as well get it over with now. I am not responsible if you get yelled at.

Some little things you can do to help us out:
Give this thread a <3
Take our feedback survey
Vote in the visitor count poll
Spread the word with a banner or button
Give your feedback! Suggestions and ideas are always welcome!
Give us kudo's at the Minishops & Resource Center (info on how to is listed in our feedback post)

Latest News and Announcements!
19th Nov '13 - Blobby is on semi-haitus due to work commitments, but is still recruiting for more staff members to manage the thread - send a message to The Blue Blob if you are interested!

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Following requests from thread users, the following have been collected here for your convenience. You MUST read at least to the orange divider. As previously mentioned, if you don't it will be obvious and you will more than likely be yelled at.

        Filling out the form

                Post the forms in the thread! We will not acknowledge forms PM'd to the staff or TRUST Mule
                Do not edit the formatting of the form.
                There are three compulsory parts of the form:
                    • Username
                    • Literacy level
                    • Preferred pairings/groups
                Anything else in the form is optional.

                Literacy Level
                  Due to many different impressions of literacy level, we have created our own list. Use these definitions.
                  Please choose the one you fit most or fit most of the time, if you are in more than one.
                      Semi-literate ▬ Able to write in sentences and use "these" for speech and 'these' for thought. Some punctuation used.
                      Literate ▬ Able to spell accurately 95% of the time and use puncuation such as commas. Able to form detailed posts and help move the plot along. Able to double.
                      Advanced Literate ▬ Near flawless spelling and grammar, consistently using good writing style (variety of sentence types, writing techniques, character thoughts etc. Consistently able to creatively move the the story along, including plot twists and unexpected outcomes. Able to include several secondary characters.
                      Elite ▬ Novel style writing with extensive descriptions, detailed exploration of character thoughts, feelings and motivations. Able to include multiple, detailed characters and interact each in different ways with other characters.
                Because length of posts is not included in the literacy level, they have their own section in the form. You can describe this however you wish.
                  This is listed in the "my roleplay preferences are" section.
                  You are organized by this so this part is not shown, so do not add comments to this section.
                  List any of the following types you fall under in your form to be listed under that in the directory.
                      MvM ▬ you play a male opposite a male
                      FvM ▬ you play a female opposite a male
                      MvF ▬ you play a male opposite a female
                      FvF ▬ you play a female opposite a female
                      Group ▬ you participate in group roleplays

Although you've now read the absolutely crucial information, the rest of the thread isn't just here for fun. If you can, please do take the time to read the rest as you will find other parts useful too!

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Remember to subscribe to this thread and check back often! New roleplays and roleplayers being added all the time!

If you are using the thread to find someone for a roleplay/a group roleplay but aren't planning to submit a form, please do still drop us a post to help support the thread! Every little helps!

If you're submitting a form for a roleplay that is owned by someone else, please check with them beforehand!

Please do advertise the thread with a banner or button in your roleplay or sig - after all, advertising the thread is advertising yourself, and the more people use the thread the more benefit everyone will get from it!

We reserve the right to edit your form. This will usually be to fix any dodgy formatting and keep everything looking neat and tidy but may extend to adjusting the content (this would normally only be if bad language is used).

Since you're being awesome and reading everything instead of skimming the stuff in red, post the name of your favourite book when posting your form/posting for the first time and I'll tip you for taking the time to read this =)

We also reserve the right to remove your form from the directory if your account or roleplay has been inactive for an extended length of time. Due to the number of listings we deal with we will not be able to inform you of this, however if you check in and notice you've been removed and you wish to be re-listed just ask and we'll be happy to help. Please don't take offense if you have been removed, it's simply done to keep all listings as useful as possible to searchers!

Finally - let us know your success stories or feedback! It's always nice to hear the thread is actually helping people! You never know you might end up getting quoted on the front page!

Note: I reserve the right to refuse to add anyone to the listings if I feel their attitude to myself or anyone helping in the thread is unacceptable. This is a free service that I am running entirely on a voluntary basis. I will not accept abuse.

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These are some links to help you get around the thread. I am aware that these don't cover every post on the front page. It's like that for a reason.

  • Links in - buttons and banners you can use to link to this thread and spread the word!
  • Staff - a chance to find out a little bit more about the people that make the magic happen!
  • Feedback - skeptical about how well this could work? Take a look at what others have said about the thread and the results they got from it!
  • Affiliates - threads we think are definitely worth your time and visits!
  • Competitions - fun things and ways to get involved with the thread!

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Past announcements will be moved here whenever a new announcement is added to the first post

22nd Feb - Re-launch announced. Blobby begins looking for new staff members and starts spring cleaning the thread.

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Features are a weekly pick of one roleplayer and one roleplay we think you might like. Features will appear here for one week, starting on a Sunday and will then be replaced, previous featured are listed below in case you noticed someone and didn't have a chance to contact them at the time!

Featured Roleplayer

Coming soon

Featured Roleplay

Coming soon

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Previous Features

[Username][Categories you can find them in]

[Roleplay name][Owner]

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Note: one small request to all who use this thread. If you contact someone (or a roleplay) with a profile on this thread and receive an answer that they are no longer looking please let me know so I can remove it. Likewise if you put up a profile please let me know when you no longer need it to be there!

If you want to apply the relevant forms are here

There are 6 different pages that categorize the different types of roleplay and roleplayers that have applied to the thread. Within each of those pages are different posts to split the category further, based on literacy level. When looking at the literacy level you require I suggest also looking at the group above and below, as many roleplays and roleplayers have a range of more than just one literacy level! The questions below will help you get where you need to be!

...User Image





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This thread will only work and continue to work if people know about it, so please do your bit to advertise by popping one of these banners in your sig, thread or anywhere else you can think of putting it!

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*These codes use the full address for the banners as Adblock+ on firefox seems to block tinyurl images

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Before reading any further into this post, please ensure you have read the 'Important Information' post further up the thread. Several notes have been removed from this post and placed there, and it's crucial you read them if you want to get your form right first time and avoid being yelled at!

If you wish to appear on the thread you need to fill out one of the following forms. The first is for if you are a roleplayer the second is if you want your group thread to be listed. Please please please don't edit the form itself, just change the parts in the square brackets for your information! When you've completed the form post it in thread and you'll be added to the directory as soon as possible.

NB: If you apply to this thread and a week down the line find you have joined as many roleplays as you were looking for please do post and let us know so we can take your profile down! If you wish to be re-listed again in future just let us know again =)

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Username: [your Gaia username]
Call me: [nicknames, real names whatever you want]
I am: [age] - This is partly just so people get a bit of an idea about who they are contacting and some roleplayers prefer to stick to those their own age.
I am from: [location/timezone] - Again this isn't any creepy stalkerish question. Its mainly because in my experience it can be a total pain to roleplay with someone in a totally different timezone.
Contact me: [by PM/in my search thread(provide a link)]
Any other info: [eg. do you like to get to know people you RP with ooc as well? Do you have preferences on where you roleplay such as private threads, emails or PMs] - please keep this relatively brief!
I have been roleplaying for: [years/months/weeks, just a vague time will do]
I consider myself to be: [semi-lit/literate/adv-lit/elite] - see our important information post for what each level means
My posts are: [post length]
My prefered roleplay medium is: [how you prefer to roleplay - threads, PMs, offsite, messengers etc]
My genre preferences are: [what kind of story you like to roleplay]
I normally roleplay as a: [male/female/either]
I: [have premade characters/make new characters for each roleplay]
Some character examples are: [LINKS to profiles of previous characters]
Some writing examples are: [LINKS to writing samples]

My roleplay preferences are: [MvM, MvF, FvM, FvF, Group]

[size=11][b]Username:[/b] [your Gaia username]
[b]Call me:[/b] [nicknames, real names whatever you want]
[b]I am:[/b] [age]
[b]I am from:[/b] [location]
[b]Contact me:[/b] [by PM/in my search thread(provide a link)]
[b]Any other info:[/b] [eg. do you like to get to know people you RP with ooc as well? Do you have preferences on where you roleplay such as private threads, emails or PMs]
[b]I have been roleplaying for:[/b] [years/months/weeks, just a vague time will do]
[b]I consider myself to be:[/b] [semi-lit/literate/adv-lit/elite] (SELECT ONE ONLY!)
[b]My posts are:[/b] [post length]
[b]My prefered roleplay medium is:[/b] [how you prefer to roleplay - threads, PMs, offsite, messengers etc]
[b]My genre preferences are:[/b] [what kind of story you like to roleplay]
[b]I normally roleplay as a:[/b] [male/female/either]
[b]I have:[/b] [premade characters/make new characters for each roleplay]
[b]Some character examples are:[/b] [LINKS to profiles of previous characters]
[b]Some writing examples are:[/b] [LINKS to writing samples][/size]

[size=11][b]My roleplay preferences are:[/b] MvM, MvF, FvM, FvF, Group[/size]

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[200x40 Banner here linking to your roleplay thread]
Roleplay owners username(s): [Who interested people should contact]
Roleplay name: [name should be a link to the main thread]
Literacy level: [semi-lit/literate/adv-lit/elite] - see our important information post for what each level means
Required post length is: [post length]
Genre: [the genre of your story; school, adventure, historical etc.]
Characters are: [totally premade/outlined/slot based/unlimited spaces]
Other threads you will need for this roleplay are: [links to ooc/profile/any other threads]
A short storyline summary: [No more than 150 words]

[size=11][url=linktoyourroleplayhere][img]Roleplay banner here 200x40 MAX[/img][/url]
[b]Roleplay owners username(s):[/b] [Who interested people should contact]
[b]Roleplay name:[/b] [name should be a link to the main thread]
[b]Literacy level:[/b] [semi-lit/literate/adv-lit/elite] (SELECT ONE ONLY!)
[b]Required post length is:[/b] [post length]
[b]Genre:[/b] [the genre of your story; school, adventure, historical etc.]
[b]Characters are:[/b] [totally premade/outlined/slot based/unlimited spaces]
[b]Other threads you will need for this roleplay are:[/b] [links to ooc/profile/any other threads]
[b]A short storyline summary:[/b] [No more than 150 words][/size]

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TRUST Mule rolled 0 4-sided dice: Total: 0 (0-0)

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To win any competition the 'winner' must have posted at least 5 times in the thread before participating.

Writing Contest:
To enter, all you have to do is write and post a 500 word (max) introductory post to a roleplay with 'Competition Entry' written in big blue letters across the top of your post. Ideally this should be for a new plot you really want to do but can't find a partner for (you never know that might change by the end of this competition!). The competition opens on 28/02/12 at 4pm (gmt) and closes at midnight (gmt) on 28/03/13, so you have 4 weeks to enter and work on your entry. You can edit your entry as much as you like up until the closing time at which point I'll copy them all to my computer for judging.

Even if you don't want to enter, there are still prizes up for grabs! The best advice/tips given to entrants will prizes too!

An entry can win in more than one category, but obviously isn't likely to win in all of them - don't try to warp your idea to fit more categories as it will just detract from your original idea! Remember to stick to the rules or you will be disqualified and receive nothing!

There are a number of different things we'll be judging on with prizes up for grabs for the winner in each area (see further down for specifics!). Every entrant will win some kind of prize but remember this is at Blobby and the other staff's discretion. Give me a 2 word entry and I'll give you a 2g prize!

500 words max
One entry per person
No mule accounts
No plagiarism (aka copying ANYONE, either directly or indirectly)
You may edit your entry up until the closing date of 28/03/13
Only ONE character per entry. Obviously you can refer to other characters but you can only control one, just like in a basic roleplay
Characters must be original - I'm not handing out prizes because you can puppet someone elses idea!

Prize Categories:
Most creative setting
Most descriptive intro
Most loveable character
Most developed character
Most original story
Best cliffhanger
Funniest moment
Most inspiring (makes us want to write a reply back)
Most improved (those giving advice please PM me nominations for these!)
Best improvement advice (entrants please PM Blue any suggestions for this prize from people who have made suggestions for your entry!)



Other Contests
  • "Blobby's Quiz" - I've written a quiz. So far it's 100 200 300 questions long but I will keep adding as necessary until I hit 1000! This competition involves answering each question in a seperate post in this thread. Please post the question and your answer. It would also be preferable to do this as an addition to a normal conversational post instead of just a string of questions and answers, as the whole aim of the quiz is to spark some new and random topics of conversation. Prizes are as follows:
      -> Reaching question 100 - 1k
      -> Reaching question 250 - 3k
      -> Reaching question 500 - 6k
      -> Reaching question 1000 - 10k

    That's a total of 20k for completing the whole thing! When you reach one of these numbers PM me the page number so I can check it and award your prize! Note: this isn't a first to do it wins and then it's gone type competition, it will be here permanently and anyone who completes it will get stated prizes (unless I really run out of money in which case I might have to come up with another plan x.X)

  • First post on page 100 will win 10k - If the first post doesn't qualify the second post will win it, etc.

  • First post on page 500 will recieve my long hoarded Gaia 2nd Anniversary Party Hat.

  • First post on page 1000 win's Blobby's sexy underwear =P

  • Dice contest - Roll 10 10-sided dice.
      -> If you get 10 of the same number you win 50k.
      -> If you get one of each number (1 up to 10) you get 50k.
      -> If you get all even or all odd numbers you get 20k

    If you roll any of these combinations PM me with the page number and which combination you got, even if I'm online and chatting, the chances of me noticing the dice are kind of slim xD

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Past Competitions/ Winners

First post on page 100 - IdiosyncraticEnigmatic

First post on page 500 - [~lil_Citrus_birdy~]

Quiz Prizes:
Albtraum Der Angst (100 completed)

User Image
User Image

Below is some info on all the people who help run the thread! Be sure to give them all love for helping keep this place going! New staff (when needed) will be recruited from amongst thread regulars but if you're interested in helping out drop us a PM!

As well as our staff we also greatly appreciate those regulars who stick around and chat, keeping the thread active and spreading the word! We love you all <3

User Image
Username: The Blue Blob
Better Known as: Blue, Blobby, Jess
Position: Thread Owner and Founder
Age: Twenty-two in a few weeks! (March 12th hint hint!)
Location: England
Some random facts and info about me: I'm a second year business degree student hoping to do a year's placement in America in the near future. I have three half-brothers, and a step brother but no full siblings. There are twenty-three years between my oldest and youngest brother, although they're not related to each other at all. I did actually have blue hair for around four months five years ago. I had to change it because I went on holiday and apparently it might have offended locals. I also had fire-engine red hair which turned out neon pink for 3 months at the end of 2012! I'm totally unathletic but I enjoy sports like snowboarding and rockclimbing. I've abseiled about fifty meters from a bridge to raise money for charity. I like cooking and baking, although I'm not always great at it. I adore books. My favourite thing in the whole world is hugs.

User Image
Username: TRUST Mule
Better Known as: 'The Mule', TRUST
Position: Thread Mule and "Keeper of the List"
Age: About a year now
Location: The interwebs
Some random facts and info about me: I am a monkey. And I can go anywhere. (Prize if you know what this is referring to! Drop Blue a PM or post in thread!)

User Image
Username: Albtraum Der Angst
Better Known as: Albie
Age: Eighteen
Location: Tennessee
Some random facts and info about me: I'll be starting university in the fall and I'm a proud member of my high school marching band and will be a member of the university one c:

User Image
Username: Rainbow Pande
Better Known as: Pandiee, or Pande
Age: Nineteen
Location: New York City
Some random facts and info about me: My real name has to do with flowers. I am currently busy working on my bachelors and I work with children. Other than going out with my friends, I do not really have much of a life but I tire easily. Feel free to chat with me. c:

User Image
Username: passive noise
Better Known as: Noise, Sony, Gabriel
Age: 22
Location: California
Some random facts and info about me: I haven't used spell check for roleplays in about four years; at this point it's just annoying to use because it always underlines my character names. My nickname is Sony because my dad is a programming engineer working for Sony Online Entertainment in San Diego. You'd never guess it, but I dropped out of high school. My life dream is to become a published bestselling author of light fantasy crime novels - 'light fantasy' in the sense that it's realism, just with vampires and demons and Jedi mind powers.

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Thread Regulars:

These people aren't officially staff but I felt they deserved some recognition for sticking around and helping keep the thread active =)

And these are the people who have kept the thread alive and active in the past <3

    Koda Crest
    Albtraum der Angst
    passive noise
    Amore La Bore
    Cupcake Fury
    and Roy I suppose~ <3

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User Image

Below are some quotes from our past and present customers. If you have feedback for us you can either post here in the thread or, as we are now listed on the Minishops & Resource Center, you can copy the short form below, filling in why you like the thread and post it in the Minishops & Resource Center thread (click the link to get there). Either way, feedback is greatly appreciated! As are any suggestions for improving the thread and what we do!

[color=green][b]I LIKE THIS RESOURCE![/b]
RESOURCE TITLE: THE Roleplay Search Thread
LINK: gaiaonline.com/forum/t.63001020
WHY I LIKE THIS RESOURCE: [Explain your experience. No length limit.] [/color]

x Aradarsi

Dear Lord, I need to say that you all are amazing.
I am almost positive, all the RP requests I've been getting have been because of you. So much so that I have so many RP requests that I'm overflowing with.
I'll have to PM you guys to tell you to take me down, I'm literally filled to the brim, and all my cravings are cured!
To anyone reading, THIS IS A GREAT IDEA.

Kain Havek
Just wanted to try to thank you in perosn TRST for taking the time to set up The Roleplay Search Thread. I've been busy with life lately and in my absence all my old Roleplay's have seemed to have died on me. Just finding this thead has helped out a lot.

So anyway just wanted to say thanks!
Kain Havek

Below are some quotes from the previous version of the thread! Hopefully this version will be just as successful!

Lillian Rayne
*glomps thread*

Ivar the Blooddrunk
I'm not surprised that it works. xD I'm just surprised it works so fast and so well. Like I've gotten three or four GOOD ones just today...which is more than I ever get, lolz.

Thanks for the add! Two minutes after pressing "Submit", I had someone ask for me to reserve a slot for them. n 3n

l i v beckoned - - -
( ) i still stand by the fact this is amazing idea.

-hugs this thread- Thread, I love you!

You make my five remaining weeks of summer vacation so much less boring =D

This is a brilliant idea and I demand a sticky.


If you insist. *ahem*


... Too much?

This....Is....AAWESOME SAUCE!!!!

This thread really is too awesome. I got two more PMs and just sent one myself ^^

Lillian Rayne
Glad I found this place. biggrin
you do an amazing job. ^.^

Mistress Manic

O w O
I've never had so many hits so fast before in my life.
This thread is so the winsauce.

Thanks for making it. You totally rock.

kthxbai x3

Yaknow, I keep seeing those testimonials on the first page. . . . and I have the urge to write one for myself. So here we go.

Before being invited to THE Roleplay Search Thread, my role play life was completely different. User interaction in my role plays wasn't all that great, performance was terrible, and it was so hard finding a person to play a pimp to my prostitute! With this search thread, now my role play experience is complete, and I have so many role plays, I have to pick and choose which ones to post for! It's as if Mister Role Play went and had a complete makeover! Now he's committed to fulfilled my every day Role Play needs. Thank you search thread. Thank you V__V

. . . . .
I dunno why, I just figured my testimonial should sound somewhat like a performance enhancing drug infomercial >.>

User Image
User Image

These are lovely peoples that deserve lots of love and visits to their threads! Go on clickie!

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show. - Dapper Apple isn't in business anymore but she still definately deserves credit for the gorgeous graphics on this thread!

Roleplay Partner Disposal Service - a great solution if you have a super annoying partner but are too nice to ditch! Get the frustration off your chest and get rid of that irritating partner all in one go! =)

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