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profiles and ooc.
i'm not gonna get fancy with the ooc graphics.
too lazy. xD

loose head props

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                        jared austin jameson

                                                          █████ ██ B A S I C S
                                                              jarhead, jj, or jared.
                                                              twenty two.
                                                              girls with attitude.

                                                          █████ ██ T E A M - D E T A I L S
                                                              six feet two inches.
                                                              two hundred pounds.
                                                              he grew up loving the game, began playing his freshman year of high school.
                                                              fifteens? the best, can not be beaten.

                                                          █████ ██ P E R S O N A
                                                              hotheaded; his moods are up and down all the time. One moment he can be enjoying a laugh, but one word or comment that he doesn't like, or he takes the wrong way can cause his anger to flare. It can be a problem sometimes, especially on the pitch when caught up in the game. He tries his hardest to keep a lid on his anger, but he is often unsuccessful.
                                                              confrontational; when his anger flares he struggles to control it, because of this he often ends up taking it out on the wrong people, and causing rather large arguments without little or any reason at all. Also he's not the type of guy to walk away from an argument or fight.
                                                              loyal; he knows who his friends are, and they will be his friends for life. He is also extremely loyal to his team, even if he doesn't get along with everyone on it. If anyone was to attempt to hurt his friends or family he'd make sure he'd hurt them first.
                                                              closed off; although he comes across as a very opinionated person, he is often quiet and some people would say surly. He tends to keep himself to himself, unless in an argument of course. It takes quite a lot for him to trust people and actually get to know them. But when people do get to know him they get to see the laid back side of his personality.

                                                          █████ ██ E X T R A S
                                                              sean faris.

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                        jae hye-yun min
                        sadastiic dollii

                                                          █████ ██ B A S I C S
                                                              jagger and poppy, but don't you ever say it
                                                              twenty five
                                                              a female.
                                                              if they don't mind her being on top, she just might be game

                                                          █████ ██ T E A M - D E T A I L S
                                                              5 feet 9 inches
                                                              148 pounds
                                                              started just a year ago, after quitting hockey
                                                              fifteens? she's a loosehead, so watch out tightheads.

                                                          █████ ██ P E R S O N A
                                                              rough; she's physically and emotionally rough. she's insensitive, blunt, sarcastic, oblivious to feelings. yeah. that's her. she's basically rough around the edges. it doesn't mean she wouldn't try to be sentimental and emepthatic towards others, it would just depend if they were worth the trouble.
                                                              mature; she doesn't joke around and she isn't reckless or rebellious. she's twenty five and has gotten over the drink, have sex constantly, have too much fun stage. stick up her a**? no, its cause she finds you either not funny or not on her 'level'. maturity-wise that is. she definitely thinks before she does/says.
                                                              possessive; she wears the pants, she's the tougher one. she takes control, she's on top, you listen to her. she likes being in control, she doesn't like being wrong and whatever is hers is hers and that can go several ways, from friends, to food, to guys or girls. take it however you want.
                                                              confident; she's very comfortable in the skin she's in. not body-wise only, but she's not a insecure person in any way. she may come off as snobby and unreachable, but she's not all that bad. then again, she doesn't care to change your opinion. unless of course she cares about you what you think, but that's rare.

                                                          █████ ██ E X T R A S
                                                              lee ri


                        User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
                        julian diaz de leon
                        sadastiic dollii

                                                          █████ ██ B A S I C S
                                                              flash, lion, juli
                                                              check the package, you won't be disappointed
                                                              girls that keep it interesting

                                                          █████ ██ T E A M - D E T A I L S
                                                              6 feet 4 inches
                                                              185 pounds
                                                              he's been playing since he was a kid, but his parents don't approve. its not the 'family business way'
                                                              fifteens? he's the hooker, the playmaker.

                                                          █████ ██ P E R S O N A
                                                              mysterious; thats what enigmatic pretty much means. basically he is. he doesn't talk himself that much, at all. he might talk often or a lot, but its not about himself.
                                                              provocative; hey, he's just that kind of guy. it might be his flirtatious italian nature or the fact that he thinksthe human body, when taken care of, is a beautiful thing and he don't mind showing his off. or touching yours. he's very affectionate, even publicly.
                                                              cultured; food, different languages, different countries. he's cultured, he can speak italian, spanish, french and korean. he loves korean food, likes speaking italian and french and spain is his favorite country. i think he thinks its good to be culturally fluent and plus its a great topic starter.
                                                              romantic; he might not have been in love before, but he knows romance. and if he likes a girl, that's what he'll be. think little things matter, because thats what you remember. chivalry is a must and he believse in being the man and wanting to do everything for her. or at least that's how he feesl, haha. it could come off as over-protective or being an anti-feminist or something like that, but thats just how he was raised and how he thinks. but it doesn't mean he's a hopeless romantic, because he's definitely not that.

                                                          █████ ██ E X T R A S
                                                              eugen bauder

                        User Image
                        cameron leigh wyatt
                        GiiLDED GiiNGER

                                                          █████ ██ B A S I C S
                                                              rooney, or cams.
                                                              those who have the balls to call themselves men.

                                                          █████ ██ T E A M - D E T A I L S
                                                              5 feet, 10 inches
                                                              147 pounds
                                                              a player of eight years, she started playing during sophomore year high school.
                                                              fifteens? heck yeah! once a hooker, always a hooker.

                                                          █████ ██ P E R S O N A
                                                              laid-back; belonging to an intense team, someone has to be the cool-headed one to keep it all together. she doesn't take things too seriously unless there's a need for it to be.
                                                              slow; she's sharp and keen on the field, now if she can only apply that everywhere else. she's not that dumb, but what do you expect if you focus on rugby more than studies?
                                                              frank; she speaks her mind, but that's because she doesn't have much of a mouth filter. she'll tell the truth whether you like it or not, most of the time it's because she thinks it's for the best.
                                                              considerate; though she plays hard, she can be quite a softy. she might not pick up feelings as quickly as others, but she makes up for it with an open ear and undivided attention.

                                                          █████ ██ E X T R A S
                                                              deborah ann woll.

tight head props

                        User Image
                        bennet alexander rockwell
                        DIAMONDS GO BLING

                                                          █████ ██ B A S I C S
                                                              ben, bennet, rockwell, rocky, rocket
                                                              down and dirty females.

                                                          █████ ██ T E A M - D E T A I L S
                                                              tight head
                                                              six foot one inch
                                                              one hundred ninety six pounds
                                                              started in middle school, 9th grade to be exact.
                                                              fifteens? it's the only way to go. as an eightman, of course.

                                                          █████ ██ P E R S O N A
                                                              energetic; some say that he is the life of the team. he is always so lively and ready for anything.
                                                              impulsive; this kid was never taught "think before you act". Don't be surprised if he does something most wouldn't.
                                                              positive; when the team loses and everybody else is down in the dumps, you can count on him to be telling everyone they did their best and keep team morale up.
                                                              devoted; he wouldn't do anything to betray his team. his team is like his second family. he would die for this team.

                                                          █████ ██ E X T R A S
                                                              mat gordon.


                        User Image
                        porter anthony hayes
                        C 0 N N E X i 0 N

                                                          █████ ██ B A S I C S
                                                              port, hayhay, or hayes.
                                                              twenty - three.
                                                              women who can get down and dirty.

                                                          █████ ██ T E A M - D E T A I L S
                                                              5 feet, 9 inches.
                                                              149 pounds.
                                                              played mini rugby at thirteen, but didn't play again until his sophomore year of college. altogether, it's been six years.
                                                              fifteens? better than sevens, in his opinion. usually plays as a scrumhalf, but can play flyhalf if needed.

                                                          █████ ██ P E R S O N A
                                                              uncertain; once he's on the pitch, the butterflies completely vanish, but the buildup and the aftermath will get him every time. outside of rugby, he can still be a bit neurotic, but definitely not to the same extent.
                                                              rational; never one to jump in head first, he always weighs the outcomes of any decision before making a choice. thankfully, he's quick about it, so time isn't unnecessarily wasted, but he occasionally gets called a downer if he goes with the "safe" option.
                                                              affable; although it sometimes takes him a while to warm up to someone, once he gets going people say he can be quite entertaining.
                                                              reserved; he honestly hates talking about himself, and isn't one to get all "touchy-feely" about his emotions. thank god for rugby; he may not have the audacity to confront you off the field, but he sure as hell won't hesitate to take you down on it.

                                                          █████ ██ E X T R A S
                                                              andrew garfield.

                        User Image
                        cassidy anne jones

                                                          █████ ██ B A S I C S
                                                              jones. or cass, cassie.
                                                              rough, tough, manly men.

                                                          █████ ██ T E A M - D E T A I L S
                                                              5 feet, 2 inches
                                                              123 pounds
                                                              having started in high school, she's been playing for five years.
                                                              fifteens? of course! and she's still a scrumhalf.

                                                          █████ ██ P E R S O N A
                                                              confrontational; if she can pick a fight, she'll pick it. she loves playing devil's advocate and she loves arguing, so try not to cross swords with her too often.
                                                              outspoken; she doesn't see the point in holding anything in. if she has something to say, she'll say it, and if people have a problem, she'll argue with them or fight them.
                                                              untamed; she's practically like a wild animal - just a bundle of raw emotion and passionate impulses.
                                                              aggressive; she does everything rougher and tougher than it needs to be done, and she enjoys it. plus, when you brush her the wrong way, her first move is to throw a punch. so duck.

                                                          █████ ██ E X T R A S
                                                              kaya scodelario.


                        User Image
                        eric michael lovell
                        [just] g o t t a [run]

                                                          █████ ██ B A S I C S
                                                              e love, lovell.
                                                              lady in the street, freak in the bed.

                                                          █████ ██ T E A M - D E T A I L S
                                                              six feet, two inches
                                                              one-hundred and ninety pounds
                                                              as a flyhalf, he's been calling the moves since sophomore year.
                                                              fifteens? hell yeah, there's not any other way to live.

                                                          █████ ██ P E R S O N A
                                                              charismatic flashing a smile, saying just the right thing, putting his arm around you at just the right moment... yes, this boy has the art of charm down to a "t." nonetheless, this act isn't limited to getting a girl into bed; eric's amiable personality puts people in the place where they feel like they know, they can trust him - even it's just him trying to use them for something.
                                                              loyal although a bit of a sly guy when it comes to coercing people he doesn't know, he is fiercely loyal to those he does, especially his teammates.
                                                              arrogant when you are living life on a successful sports team with some guys who you consider your closest friends, as well as a successful personal life with the ladies, it's hard not to be!
                                                              intuitive it's a necessary skill on the field when you're in this sort of position. with eric, he has simply learned to take his ut feeling and run with it, and thankfully, it's done well for him both on and off the field.

                                                          █████ ██ E X T R A S
                                                              trevor donovan.

                        User Image
                        mallory joanna hale
                        L A D Y __ T E R R O R

                                                          █████ ██ B A S I C S
                                                              freckles, mal, mj, or hale.
                                                              cute jocks, duh.

                                                          █████ ██ T E A M - D E T A I L S
                                                              5 feet, 11 inches
                                                              129 pounds
                                                              dropped her soccer scholarship to play rugby freshman year, so two years.
                                                              fifteens? yeah! just started playing, still playing flyhalf.

                                                          █████ ██ P E R S O N A
                                                              energetic; a majority of the time, she's always happy, always willing to go do something or try something new.
                                                              friendly; the more the merrier, as she always says! she loves getting to know people.
                                                              compassionate; growing up as the eldest sister with a pair of twin brothers always running into trouble, she's always willing to lend an ear or a hand to someone who needs it.
                                                              confident; she doesn't let things get her down easily and is always chipper, even in the wake of a loss. always room for improvement!

                                                          █████ ██ E X T R A S
                                                              erin heatherton.


                        User Image
                        todd patrick wellington
                        THE GHOSTBUSTER

                                                          █████ ██ B A S I C S
                                                              grinder, t-bone, wellie, mr. fantastic.
                                                              lots and lots of ladies.

                                                          █████ ██ T E A M - D E T A I L S
                                                              5 feet, 11 inches
                                                              185 pounds
                                                              since freshmen year of high school, 8 years
                                                              fifteens? always, baby, always. still your favourite center.

                                                          █████ ██ P E R S O N A
                                                              goofy; who's the guy laughing in the back of the room? this guy. who's the guy making everyone else crack up? this guy. who's the one making you snort milk out your nose? this guy.
                                                              friendly; the bottom line is he's not an a** and he'll definitely hug it out if you get in a fight with him. not exactly the best for a rugby player, but the minute he puts his cleats on, he'll rip your ******** throat out.
                                                              cuddle-y; why not? sometimes a big 'ole hug does some good. not to mention it a good way of feeling up girls, what? who said that?
                                                              carefree; go with the flow, that's it. no stress, well, unless we're losing, then you'll see him go bonkers.

                                                          █████ ██ E X T R A S
                                                              nico tortorella.

                        User Image
                        daisy marie kohen
                        DIAMONDS GO BLING

                                                          █████ ██ B A S I C S
                                                              dais, daisy, koko
                                                              guys who know how to get rough.

                                                          █████ ██ T E A M - D E T A I L S
                                                              5 feet 6 inches
                                                              115 pounds
                                                              she's been playing since freshmen year, of course,
                                                              fifteens? what else do you expect? she's only a center after all.

                                                          █████ ██ P E R S O N A
                                                              fearless; she's willing to stare death in the face. nothing can make this girl back down from anything, not even a spider.
                                                              rebellious; she has never been one to follow rules. as a younger teen her parents would set rules and she would go out of her way to break them.
                                                              audacious; she will do anything to get a little adrenaline pumping though her veins, even if it is a little reckless.
                                                              flirtatious; this girl here loves any boy that will talk to her (with in reason) and will do anything to catch a boys attention. even if it involves a little playful banter here and there.

                                                          █████ ██ E X T R A S
                                                              candice swanepoel.


                        User Image
                        edward scott carter

                                                          █████ ██ B A S I C S
                                                              girls who know how to ruck.

                                                          █████ ██ T E A M - D E T A I L S
                                                              six feet, three inches
                                                              one hundred and ninety pounds
                                                              he's been playing since his junior year of high school
                                                              fifteens? damn straight, go big or go home.

                                                          █████ ██ P E R S O N A
                                                              mischievous; he's all about causing mishaps everywhere. it's what the guy has been known for his whole life, and just because he's twenty that's not about to change.
                                                              troubling; he always said there was something wrong with his head. maybe it was that injury back in senior year, but he says that someone who doesn't care about things the way he does needs to get a c.a.t. scan.
                                                              protective; his friends are pretty much all he has aside from rugby, if you mess with them you better hope eddie's not near because he'll rip you a new a*****e without a doubt.
                                                              hostile; the guy doesn't really think before he acts. so instead, if he hears something that pertains to him, he'll make fists and punch whoever said whatever he didn't like; the guy has a bit of a short temper.

                                                          █████ ██ E X T R A S
                                                              garrett hedlund.

                        User Image
                        kaida susannah lemont

                                                          █████ ██ B A S I C S
                                                              dragon, kai, kaida.
                                                              men who aren't afraid to speak their mind.

                                                          █████ ██ T E A M - D E T A I L S
                                                              five feet, ten inches.
                                                              one hundred and fifty pounds.
                                                              she moved from england when she was sixteen and has been playing ever since.
                                                              fifteens? duh. is there any other?

                                                          █████ ██ P E R S O N A
                                                              wayward; never one to follow rules without questioning them and straight defiance, she hates rules with a passion.
                                                              courageous; she laughs in the face of fear, then pushes the whimps out of the way to poke the spider with a stick. or pick it up, if it's not moving too fast.
                                                              impulsive; act first, think later. she's broken almost every bone in her body doing something stupid.
                                                              fiery; with a name meaning "little dragon" - gaining her her nickname - it's not surprise that she's somewhat fiesty. just don't get on her bad side - your face and your ego will never remain unscathed if you do.

                                                          █████ ██ E X T R A S
                                                              alexz johnson.

you may start posting in the ooc. (:
if you're in the roleplay/interested in joining only, please.
diamonds go BLING's avatar

2,300 Points
  • Autobiographer 200
  • Happy Birthday! 100
  • Treasure Hunter 100
            bam, first. ;D

            for those of you i don't know.
            i am melina danielle (long name i know)
            you can call me, melina, danielle, mena, whatever
            as long as it's not mel. please and thank you.
            i am 18 and currently finishing up grade 12
            in january i am attending a make up school
            called, john casablancas where i will learn;
            special effects make up and the like.

            i'm sorry if that was boring, but
            that is a little about me (:

            ps. i am playing daisy.
        whoop, there it is!

        i'm ally, nineteen years old university student studying business,
        ex-flanker, hockey-lovin' canadian.

        and i'm playing grinder. >: D
        bad a** nickname ftw.

      anna, owner of this here roleplay.
      nineteen, in college, studying criminology and psychology.
      tight head prop. i've been called a 'brick wall' when i run with the ball. XD
      basically, i'm a boss.

      playing jones. because it's the only way i'll ever be a scrumhalf, LOLOLOLOL.
      i might pick up the male tight head. it depends.

                      hey hey!

                      i'm kelsie, and i'm playing porter, the most awkward rugby player ever. yeahhh. 8D
                      a big bad eighteen year old, english major, from the great state of washington.
                      never played rugby, but i did date a lock over the summer. the relationship may not have worked
                      out, but me and rugby are still pretty tight. xD
diamonds go BLING's avatar

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          kelsie, i am with you.
          never played rugby in my life.
          not going to stop me though.

          ally, you and i are both canadians (:
          please be my best friend ahaha.
          you also love hockey with is amazing.
          whats your favorite team? or home team.

          anna, you rock.
          ahaha, just though you should know.
        melina, since we are both canadian,
        we're already best friend. DUH! xD
        i'm reppin' ontario, what about you?

        oh, hockey. i love you~

        favourite teams (in order of love)
        1. sens (home team)
        2. habs
        3. pens

        and of course, major love for sidney crosby,
        and kris letang and maxim lapierre. ;D

        what about you?

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