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Open now? With 8 guys and 6 girls?

Yes, people'll join as we go 0.64285714285714 64.3% [ 9 ]
No, let's wait for more peeps 0.35714285714286 35.7% [ 5 ]
Total Votes:[ 14 ]
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I play Ariel, just to let everyone know!
And you can all call me RiRo(: Luvvy seems to like that name (:

I probably won't be on much until Sunday, and even not then because of homework nd my birthday being today and celebrating to morrow and such.... so yeah, just quote me and I will get back to you (:

Yeah I'm sure Trent's a good kisser,
but I think it would just make sense if he could help her out haha.

Sounds like a good plan c:

Lady Chocolat XIII

I would really love to plot with you~
I play Maid Marian and Prince John.
I would absolutely love it if Kairi (Maid Marian)
could be friends with Lady.
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        XX__Rivers and Roads

        oh. my. gawd.


        hooray ~ !
        daphne would love a friend (-:
        and i suspect, both being without siblings, and born into wealth, they'd have much in common?
        daphne is very proper though,
        and finds things unlady-like quite a bit of a shock to her - a view she wants to get rid of,
        so she's trying to live life alone, with no help from her parents...

        tell me more about your two charries?
Lady Chocolat XIII

Well Kairi is a bit more open minded about things then most.
She does enjoy being wealthy but doesn't by any means,
believe that money and status are the most important things in the world.
She actually enjoys the company of Robin Hood, Little John, and the Tramp.
Kairi is rather clumsy and does her best to try and stay postive.
She also tends to get herself in trouble (usually with people)
and she always stands up for people when they're getting picked on of any type.

Trent is her cousin and very close minded.
He believes that eing wealthy is all that there is in life
and that rich people shoudl stay to rich people.
He dislikes anyone who isn't rich, feeling as they're unworthy.
He often causes trouble, trying to get Robin Hood
and his friends thrown into jail.
He likes pretty things and adores girls who are lady like.
He is currently in an affair with Ursula.
But he's open to finding other people
since no one knows about him and Ursula.

Hey~ We should totally plot~

I think that last time, Luke thought that Nate was just a trouble maker - and was fairly hostile.

And he didn't care for Ada >3>;; just not a fan.

Begrudging Libation

A bromance it shall be! XP
Yes, an old married couple. That's exactly what they would be like
(matching rings should totally happen xD )

As for Phoebe, he'd probably be like
"Why the heck aren't you embracing your femininity?" /so confused



How goes it?

And do you want to plot wiff meeeee?
Lady Chocolat XIII

/barks and chases tumbleweed
/flops on

Hello, we should plot XP I play Luke/Jacques

XX__Rivers and Roads

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Thank you (:
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XX__Rivers and Roads

We needs to plot.
Ursula will hate her
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Gabe didn't like Adalyn - and vica versa, cuz she's a law student - and he totally isn't on the side of the law. I think there was some kind of "out to get ya" thing going on

As for Lan Fen - I honestly can't remember. She'd probably jsut try to not get crushed XD

Begrudging Libation

Obviously, they'd know each other. Lanny would definitely be there to do the medical stuff - free practice!
She'd be very, very grateful for the help with the grandma...

Gabe would probably just view him as an upper class asshat
Like, "You just don't get it, do you?" Like it's something super obvious
He'd avoid him like the plague - he doesn't want trouble if he can avoid it


Yay. Anywho, I play Gabe/Robin Hood

and Lan Fen/Crickee
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Yup, yup.
And possibly if she can help him out.
What could she do for him?

Lady Chocolat XIII

We already has our plotting going on at full steam ahead.

That Damned Hippy

Oh yup, sounds good to me.

Perhaps nothing.
He could just be interested haha.
Plus he'd get a kick of knowing that he could corrupt a relationship.

quite the BUNBURYIST

Hello hello~
I play both Maid Marian and Prince John haha.
We should surely plot c:


I agree!
I know that Trent is going to be two faced to both of your characters.
Or at least Liam.

That Damned Hippy

I'm not a stalker :c
But of course I'll plot with you!


@ Shattered - Oh, you just can't get enough of this amazing hippy chick. ;D
I'm kidding XD

And, yes, we should definitely plot!!!!

@ Lovey - Sounds good.
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Well, what I do know is that Gabe and Kaeri (sp?) are supposed to be attracted to each other. And that Trent/Trevor/Terrence/Whatever his name is, I can't recall, is supposed to have it out for Gabe and John (am I the ONLY one who thinks that "Prince John" and "Little John" were unfortunate names to run with the legend?)

So, I guess we could figure out how they know each other. I mean, they're not exactly from the same side of the tracks.

For any particular reason?

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