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Open now? With 8 guys and 6 girls?

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No, let's wait for more peeps 0.35714285714286 35.7% [ 5 ]
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Lady Chocolat XIII

Gabe would totally not care if she thought it was okay or not XD
For Nate's sake, he would try to explain to some extent
like, "He's just here on threat of death. Nothing serious
good guy, really good guy, you should totally tap that. I would
but I can't see that going well"

Gabe wouldn't give a damn about her morals
He puts letting children go hungry on a different level
than breaking into some house that's well above poverty line

Lan Fen's family are in the medical field.
She would really appreciate that XD
Like, a LOT
@ Luvy - O_O;; That boded ill for the gentlemen.
Nothing scarier than a woman siding with evil

@ Proto - HOCKEY WARS! Haha, to top it off, Grams is gonna support an opposing team
Maybe it's just an irrational hate >3>

@ Sym - HI GIRL!
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BAM. Posts done.
@ Proto and Luvy -

Alright, so, gonna reiterate meebo conversation Luvy and I had, to see if you're interested in the idea

Luvy suggested that Court and Darcy had a "nice" relationship, but one that lacks sparks
so, when everyone went to a party, they both got really drunk (and got Hugo to be the designated driver)
and then it got figured out that Hugo and Darcy have "sparks" so to speak
thus the confusion

I hope that I explained the conversation well enough >3>

So, thoughts?
Begrudging Libation

Hi! Wondering if you wanted to figure out where we put Jacques and Trusty
@ Hippy:

I like it, much better than my idea, which is nothing at all. XD

How did they figure they got 'sparks'? Or was it just part of the conversation?
@ Proto - ...y'know, most people would think of that detail first

and I totally haven't

I guess Darcy could just kiss him drunk. People have been known to do weirder things, and if it's a subconscious attraction thing, inhibitions are down...?
Haha, it would certainly put a Hugo in a fix since he was sober that night. Makes him think about it, even a bit embarrassed. XD
@ Proto - poor Hugo, indeededly

Darcy will feel so stupid XDDD
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I feel like I'm way behind with plotting....
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        quite the BUNBURYIST

        If this was all discussed, Lady would respect what they're trying to do.
        But she'd be like "What happened to earning what you gain? A job?
        Most of these rich people made it there from where you all are!
        Start a business! For homeless children!"

        Oooh ~
        Hehehe, well that settles it, Lady would treat her like a little sister XD
@ Choco - CAN LUKE CRASH DAPH'S HOUSE? Some kind of totally inappropriate morning walk in?

@ Everyone - those of you who have roleplayed with me before, I apologize for subjecting you to another of my lackluster intros.
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Lady Chocolat XIII

Gabe: "I'd try that, but no one wants to hire me."

"...you mean like my house? There are so many kids there."

Lan Fen: "*_____* nice lady. Pretty lady!"
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That Damned Hippy

begrudging libation


quite the BUNBURYIST


your monthly gift


Alright, so, I'm sue I've plotted with some of you, but right now I have no idea to start and I really do need to plot with people. If we have plotted, please, send me a little reminder, just a bit of what we plotted because I can only remember.... a few of them. Quote me or PM to plot, pretty please!

alright, i play ariel, aka jenna, is an interesting girl. she loves to swim and when not at classes she can be found at the beach. she's a girly girl considering she grew up as daddy's little princess and six older sisters who loved to dress her up and make her all pretty and girly. she's a very curious girl, she's always asking questions or snooping around in places she shouldn't be. she's girl, so obviously, she's going to like guys, but she never tells them. she'll be friends with them, but she tends to admire them from afar. if you tell her something, she's likely to believe it until told otherwise, she's very confident about herself and about her appearance.

and maleficent, aka loagan. She's a very stand-offish girl and she does not like people. She has very few friends, although she can fake being friends to get what she wants. Ultimately, her goal is to destroy her cousin (Aurora)'s life, so anyone whose close to her, loagan will probably try and get close to them. She hardly does anything for anyone else, everything she does will have some positive thing for her to gain. She's most likely to be the best of friends with people that became evil with the curse.... yeah, I'm not sure what else to put for her.

I hope to hear back from all of you, I really do.
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XX__Rivers and Roads

I already PMed you. You didn't respond.

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