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Open now? With 8 guys and 6 girls?

Yes, people'll join as we go 0.64285714285714 64.3% [ 9 ]
No, let's wait for more peeps 0.35714285714286 35.7% [ 5 ]
Total Votes:[ 14 ]
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        quite the BUNBURYIST

        oh dear lordy, I don't think daphne would be all for that scheme..
        she'd be outraged if she found out - but i can see gabe convincing her what he's doing;
        "stealing from the rich and giving to the poor"
        although, they'd have one big argument about morals.

        awww she sounds adorable.
        daphne would take it upon herself to protect her then, if things got chaotic.
        what does lan fen's family do?
        cause perhaps their could be family connections O confused
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Lady Chocolat XIII

quite the BUNBURYIST

Maybe Nate gets a little embarassed if she catches them.
And it can be the only time he gets embarrassed.
And he'll be in the background as Gabe's explaining it vigorously nodding.

And Yay! He has a wingman!
He's good friends with Maid Marian, like, semi-platonic.
He flirts with her but it's harmless.
So they can be like, "Dude, you help me with my girl, I'll help you with yours."


That Damned Hippy

Want to plot for Darcy, Hugo, and Courtney?
Of course, let me know what you two had in mind.
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We have to plot for our new characters! Oh no!
Haha, just kidding, but i'll get the profile in by the end of the day hopefully if my homework doesn't eat me alive....
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        hahaha naawww!
        daphne would be like "i thought you were better than this, nathan!"
        during a heated argument with gabe? ;D
        but if they start insulting all those b*tchy rich-folk,
        daphne would be a little heartbroken to think she came from such a background.

        (( aww everyone needs a wingman! xD ))
@ Lovey and Proto -

I'd definitely like to plot O__O

So, Hugo and Darcy are childhood friends

Darcy is dating Court

Hugo's gay, Darcy THINKS that he's straight, but now there's a sexuality crisis. Complicated feelings there

And Court's not liking it

Mmm sounds right.

Maybe when things get a little too close between Hugo and Darcy, mayhap Court will have to take measures into her own hands.
I read a book like that once XP

That would definitely deepen some hostility

or just disrupt any neutrality that had been declared

So, Hugo's family and Darcy's family don't get along
I was thinking that there was a long running feud between the 'old folks'
I don't know, someone tried to move a fence a few feet the wrong way
discourse ensued
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I don't feel like Court would be the type to take things into her own hands.
She might make a deal with a villain, though.

Oh, even better. I like it.


Hmmm... That depends on how Darcy's Grams is as a person. As far as I got it, Hugo's brother and father are just part of the college hockey team. Perhaps both Grams and Hugo's dad have some sort of competing streak against each other to make eachother's lives miserable? Who knows. XD
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Dapper Gawker

WE'RE OPEN!!!!!!!
And I am cool and just reused my post from last time. xD
Sorry I haven't posted in here in awhile.
What's up everyone?
Might make a Shan Yu since we be itching for one to complete the general segment of Mulan.

Either that, or one of the Robin Hood people.

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