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Open now? With 8 guys and 6 girls?

Yes, people'll join as we go 0.64285714285714 64.3% [ 9 ]
No, let's wait for more peeps 0.35714285714286 35.7% [ 5 ]
Total Votes:[ 14 ]
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i mean bumping...
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Aren't we a motley crew?
Full of lurkers, bumpers and stalkers...

Who wants to plot?
/raises hand
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Let's do it.
Prince Eric annnnd who?
I fergot if you had a second character....
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Dapper Gawker

And Shang xDDD
/rolls in

I'm Hippy, I play Jacques - otherwise known as Luke.
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Dapper Gawker

yesssss, shang.
It was on the tip of my tongue.

What did we say last time?
Shang hates Tramp,
Eric finds him entertaining

And How did they feel about Ursula?
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            Hello everyone! Name's Libby
            and I play Mulan (Phoebe) and Trusty (Levi).
            Anyone care to plot? :]
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Hello there ladies

I play Gabe (Robin Hood) and Lan Fen (Crickee)
Pleased to meet you/remeet you all

I would love to plot, Libby, Lovey, anyone
Begrudging Libation

Hey there!

I play Jacques/Luke! We should totally plot!

XX__Rivers and Roads

Hi again! We should plot :3
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Dapper Gawker

Begrudging Libation

That Damned Hippy

quite the BUNBURYIST

XX__Rivers and Roads


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