Welcome to Gaia! ::

Now I am. ^^
Also glad you like the vid. : )
And I actually heard the new Transformers was actually really good. : O Was that the one you watched? If so, how was it? : O
Also, here's a trailer if you'd like. ^^

And honestly, I had never had a gb in my life. xD But I made up for it, by getting a ds.... like ten years later. xD
Rai; I remember those! Used to have an ice blue Gameboy Pocket before my brother sold it. >:/ I've still got Pokemon Silver...xD

We had a Gamecube too..lasted about a week before my brother sold that too. <.< I'm quite sad I never got a chance to try out Tales of Symphonia; from what I've heard it's a great game.
Although cinematic trailers usually never show the justice in games. xD I'd suggest looking up some game play vids if your interested in it, but definitely a great game if you give it a go. : )
Why did your brother sell them? Aren't they like, yours or something? O_o
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Thanks a lot Alrias! Now I'm gonna have Interior Crocodile stuck in my head for the rest of the night! xp
Oh, that old post? That is like SOOOOO yesterday. =p Lol just kidding. Actually wait, no, that was technically today since it was early morning. Well, s**t. ESCAPE THROUGH THE TUBES!
Also! Moos, I'm not sure it was you that I brought this up with, but whenever you want Atla to run into Weaver to get started on the whole spew and whatnot, let me know. ^^
And scarlet, I replied with a random guild knight. Had to use an NPC for this one, haha. xD Coming to think of it. I should have some characters stationed at the Guild stronghold for just such an occasion. : x
Now you're behind again!
I did see the new Transformers. It was really good, though I'm annoyed that they replaced Megan Fox.
Though that's a pet peeve of mine...if you're going to have sequels, not changing actors!

MooMoo: I remember that! I wanted a blue one. Pink was more girly so that was what I got.
(obviously I was not the one who picked it out)
I had Pokemon Red...wow, so long ago!

I also had(have) a GameCube. I play Gauntlet Dark Legacy on it.
I have a PSP, a PS2, a PS3 and a Wii
I used to test video games for Sony so that's why I seem to lean towards their technology.

HI EMBER!!!! heart heart
So glad you joined ^.^
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@Alrais: Yes, yes you should. ((Too much Phineas and Ferb >< ))

@Raizura: Oh hai Rai! heart heart heart
Haha, now I am caught up again. ^^, Posted replied to both you and Scarlet. : )
And nice, I am actually kind of craving to see it now. : O And I didn't really care much about the actors too much, just the story and action behind it really, so that part does not affect me much. xD

And really? That is actually really legit. : o I wish I could test video games. That is like a dream career really. xD

Also, I will be devising another character to remain stationed at the Guild : O (Unless someone else, wanted to make one for that purpose. I am beginning to have the realization, that I am beginning to have too much of the rp rely on the replies of my characters, so if anyone wanted to throw a second character in, that could take some of the interaction with others, that would be amazingly awesome. But definitely not necessary if no one felt up to it. xD)
Alrias; I can't recall what went down, really..I'd like to get another one tho > 3<

Also, as for Atlast running into Weaver, I'm up for it whenever you are, since I really don't have much of anything to post at present. ^^; So yah, if you wanna get to it, be my guest. xP

Rai; Lol...I won't say pink is a bad color, it's just...way too much of a girly color for me. @_@
I had Pokemon Blue, sadly I've no idea what happened to it...D': I'd love to play Link's Awakening again too~

Anyhoo, that's awesome you got to test games for Sony! O: To be honest even with all the stuff XBox has, I'd take a PS3 over it any day. Most of my favorite games were on the PS1 and PS2, so I can see where you're coming from on leaning more towards Sony's game devices. Even tho I've never played on a PS3, I have played Eternal Sonata on the original XBox. Loved the game, and when I ever do manage to get a PS3, I plan to get that game as well.
I love my PS2! ; A; heart

Scarlet Ember Kitten; Hi thar!
Okay, I can definitely send a post your way then. : ) Although, what you are meaning by getting another one? You mean a character or something else? : O (I r haz brain of squirrel. DONT JUDGE MEEEEEE!!!!!! D smile

A great game I here for the ps3 is Demon's Souls I heard, also heard it was EXTREMELY hard though. xD
Ahhh I love posting so often!
Makes me all happy inside, though I'll actually have to go to bed soon.
Stupid work, stupid money....siggghhhh

Alrais: Transformers was definitely good, I just hate having actors in there just for the sake of having eye candy. She pretty much did not contribute to the story.
But, that's my opinion.
Other than that though, the action scenes were badass and I enjoyed the storyline.
I do hope this is the last one though.

Alrias/MooMoo: Working for Sony was pretty awesome! I was the only girl on my floor so it was pretty neat.
Most of them couldn't understand my being there but I managed to make some pretty cool friends!
I do however, wish I was on 1st party games rather than 3rd party.
We had some crap games to test >.<

I do like the Kinect for the XBox. That's the only thing I wish PS3 had. I'm more of a fan of the whole body being utilized in games rather than the arm/controller. ^.^
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@Alrais: Yeah, it would be nice to see a pic for the character I'm talking too.

@Moke: Oh hai Moke!

@Rai: I want a Kinect so badly! I have the money but I can't decide between that or a digital camera! ><

Oh and sorry about change my text color so much for my character. I want something that's not going to cause people to strain their eyes when they read my posts!

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