Welcome to Gaia! ::

Also read up a bit on the rp and could immediately tell who Lydlos was based off of, haha. I think I might actually use a nice art of Patchi I found for my character since I was kind of aiming at a loli-knowledge type anyways. At the very least it will fit nicely :p. Also sooooooooo calling that the Crimson Queen whomever is going to look like you know who. wink
Huzzah! Welcome Rozen, nice to meet'cha!
Haha helloooo~

How are you doing this fine night? And a very good pleasure as well. ^^

I have completely caught up with reading earlier and oh my, there seems to be quite a lot going on in the thread right now isn't there? Might make a literal "jumping in" quite difficult.

And there also seems to be a bit happening on the OOC here too. : o
I'm doing well, having a bit of artist's block, watching abridged series...xD Yourself?

Also, I don't think you'll have too much trouble jumping in, I know it can be difficult tho. >.< If all anything, you can always wing it!
And there's ALWAYS something going on, trust me on this! which is good because it gives all the characters something to do.

As for the OOC, it can get pretty wacky in here rofl
Ah, understandable. And not much myself. Just roaming around, wishing I could participate in the rp already, but for now I must await on the slow and overly-worked donutman-san.

Thank you, and I am sure I will find a suitable way to do it in one way or another. Haha and yes, I have quite seen that already. This seems like an enjoyable group to hang around to say the least. : p

And wacky is a good thing I think. It's more fun that way. ^^

What series are you watching abridged series of?
...Donutman-san? Is that a nickname for Al or something? xD

It is! Everyone here is so easy to get along with! Mae is exceptionally kooky dramallama

Anyhoo, Pokemon the First Movie Abridged. There are some that suck, but others do them so well. 3nodding
Haha yes. It is common for me to throw in any sort of related title to him and throw san at the end of it. It's a weird and completely in-explainable joke of ironic purposes that originate from the very time we first became friends.

I also called him Muffy, which is altogether been my favorite name but I diversify as needed.

Wonderful to hear that! Regrettably I seem to have a hard time getting along with people sometimes but everyone here seems to be quite nice enough. ^^

Ah, I see. The only three I remember seeing were Naruto, DBZ and Yu-Gi-Oh based ones. Although they were a but corny, I enjoyed them none-the-less. xD
I think for now though I am going to retire for the night. Not much for me to do at the moment so I suppose it does not matter to much. Hope to get the chance to talk to the rest of you all soon! Good night.
Yeah me too, It's late and I'm tired, which is why I havn't had much to contribute to the conversation... xD

Night Rozen! ^_^
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Friendly Poster

So....this thing still going, because I sent in a profile, and I wanted to know if it was worth making an effort to, or is this rp dying?
@Suigintou Whoa wait? HOLY s**t KAT? I was wondering when you were finally going to read the mail I sent you! xD Glad to see that you're interested in hoppin aboard the little fun-wagon we got going here! ^^ And haha yes, it is quite an improvement from my last one, but hey, with time comes experience right? xD But yeah, almost got my post ready. Had to work another full time day today and trying to gather enough juice to make a final push in finishing it. xD And yeah, you might be able to guess who the Queen is gonna look like. : p And it's perfectly fine if your char looks like Patchi, makes very little difference to me xD. Once I get the next post up that will allow the battle to suddenly conclude I'll be able to shift things around to get your char into the story. ^^

@Pyromaniac Haha yes, this is indeed still going strong and is no where near dying. Just moving along at the moment at a somewhat slow pace due to my hectic work schedules. xD And if it is worth it is entirely up to you. We all have a blast doing this, but if you mind the somewhat slow pace then perhaps not. xD Either way though, you are more then welcome to whichever you think suits you best. ^^

Also Rai when ya get the chance I need to talk to ya to plan out how we wanna set the scene up for the next part. : )
Ah my apologies. I had just now read the character admission you sent me. (Mailbox gets a lot of spam) xD. It would be interesting to get yet another Chosen member into the fold. It would definitely help even the odds to have an already somewhat achieved fighter to help combat the Archerians. Saying that, I would be more then happy to accept your character in if you so wished to join.
Btw just a question of curiosity, but has anyone here attempted to play that new Heralds of Chaos game that gaia keeps advertising? I haven't looked much into it, but I signed up a week ago and it's still not playable. xp
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Friendly Poster

Alright, sent that profile in, so....

now to play the waiting game.
Ooo, another person? Huzzah again!
-does stupid dance-
Assuming you're accepted, welcome to our crazy little circle, Pyro! >=D

And Al, I normally don't bother with stuff like that, so...sorry.. ]x

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