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The Ninja Rave and Windfall

This is now an OOC thread for the Ninja Rave and Windfall isles.

General rules and regulations:

Apart from the normal RP guidelines and rules, here are some things specific to this thread.

" My marine could totally kill your samurai!"
-First and foremost this is a Ninja era RP, so characters and plots relevant to this are encouraged. (But not required, being a G.M. lite thread )
If you absolutely must bring in that futuristic year 3033 soldier, go ahead, but understand you may have to tone down some of your antics (particularly if you like to RP fight) to not derail the purpose of the thread.

"I had a really weird out of body experience maaaaaaan...."
-OOC is a touchy subject, it allows people to break away from their character's and "shake it off" a bit but at the same time has the tendency to consume a good amount of pages before any RP posts are seen. Gauge the current atmosphere of the thread, if everyone is engaged in plot don't go on rambling for an entire page about how you got pulled over and it really REALLY sucked. Be respectful and don't make people feel awkward for doing here what they are supposed to be doing.

" Take it to the dance floor!"
-Fighting is fun! It keeps our imaginations in full swing, and is great for plots! Just bear in mind the island is very small, as are it's sisters. This may not be an optimal place for fighting just yet, but you can help change that by helping to re-build the Rave!

Really, all these specific rules are just common sense and courtesies. Nothing too hard to follow, the more rules you give someone, the more rebellious they want to be. Follow the TOS and these rules, and I won't have any problems with you. IC, OOC, or otherwise.
Current state of affairs

Once again abandoned, old friends have reunited bringing along some new friends to make this place a hub of activity once again. A place to hangout, spar, and make friends.


The fighting group charged with protecting the Rave, Windfall, and it's denizens. Once upon a time called Akatsuki, the name has been changed (In cliche form) to accommodate a new beginning and a new mission. As the story here evolves, this list will reflect the current members as well as their rank.


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OoC: First post. -Christens thread.-
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The formation of the islands locations always seemed to escape him, every time he walked outside to look on the islands below he was surprised to see they weren't exactly as he remembered, even though they never actually shifted position. The energies that held the islands together and afloat must've just been disorienting to his eyes, he often tripped over bottles on the dance floor so it wasn't any real jump to make that he could confuse giant floating islands once in a while.

"The Rave has gone through some crazy things, but being on an island that could float....well that's a new one."
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Isley sat on a perch on the roof of the Rave. His hair and cloak bellowing in the wind from being at such a high altitude compared to normal sea level. His luminescent blue eyes looking out over the vast distance as the sun gently glowed upon his skin,, giving his features a false glowing radiance. A large smile on his face, white and straight teeth glowing as he sat relaxed, kicking his feet back and forth, tapping against the side of the building in an excited but anxious habit. He looked jovial and positively elated to be there, which he was. But also, aloof, since he'd locked the only door leading to the roof, therefor, also himself. Then, to further make sure and insure his peaceful solitude; He enchanted the lock with a minor charter spell, so that he could enjoy his bathing in the sunlight undisturbed by dynamic entries or solemn dragons that were the last of their kind.
[[ Poasting to say I'll be here in a few minutes ]]
The Rave would suddenly grow very silent, regardless of the fact that it had been abandoned for many years and was already very silent to begin with. The charred remains of the DJ booth would be extinguished by a wind flowing inward all the windows, seemingly guided by some benevolent force to preserve what was left of the turn tables. The earth began to shake, a harbinger of what was to come.


He burst through walls of the Rave, having struggled for several moments with the door and figuring it had jammed shut. Coming through the windows had lost it's zeal and he wanted to mix it up. Debris of the brick sprayed outward, for some strange reason traveling in slow motion giving a cinematic appeal to his entrance. His mouth wide open in a furious battle cry, and the sun shining in from the hole he had busted through, giving him a "Good guy" silhouette.
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Anxious Gaian

Sith was standing upon the dome that floated above the scorching flames on the island known as the Drowsing Flames; jet-black, leathery wings folded tightly against his back and arms folded across his chest. His eyes were closed as he meditated, basking in the searing heat that surrounded him. Indeed, this was the element that he felt most attuned to, an element which resonated within his core more than any other.

He, like the flames beneath, surged with a seemingly limitless amount of energy, begging to be unleashed unto the world and wreak havoc upon it. It was for this reason that he stood upon the dome, learning to control the power that flowed within him. Control meant more to him than anything else in terms of himself. Much like fire, if it is left unattended for too long, it can spread without warning and be almost impossible to quell.

Sith opened his eyes and inhaled deeply, shifting his gaze up towards the sky. From this elevation it felt as though he could see forever; almost as though he could see into space without any restrictions. It was that fact alone that made him so fascinated with this island. To be up so high in the sky and still have fire roar almost out of control was truly a feat of magic and sheer willpower to be respected. He would remain on this island for a good while longer, focusing the energies that surrounded him and coursed through his veins until he was satisfied.
From around the bar, Locrain came closer to the fallen DJ booth to inspect it. It seemed to have everything you could possibly need to have a thriving dance floor, but unfortunately it was all broken thanks to a certain trouble maker.

Looking up at the wall that was now broken through he sighed thinking,

Great, even more work for ME to do...
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The ground rumbled, well, more like the building felt as though it had just been bombed. Isley fell backwards, flipping over the side of the roof as he leaned against the interior wall, his feet spread as he looked left to right, wondering if the building was going to collapse. For a moment, the horrible screech of the rafters and droning of the concrete that built the Rave made his heart sink. But, alas the spell that fortified the Rave's foundations kicked it. Isley would be able to watch the spell take action, sliding across the surface of the building, it's translucent energy invisible to many, but to Isley, he viewed, and felt, it as radiate and colorful symbols.

He sighed with relief as he would lean his head against the wall, blinking a few times. Thankfully, it wouldn't all come crumbling down today. He hoped at least.

"No other explanation. Hector." He stated with an apprehensive and lethargic expression on his face. All that blood flowing made him tired. He yawned, mouth agape as he covered it, or tried to, with his right hand, just barely hovering over his lips. He frowned, watching the repairing magic of the Rave obliterate the significantly weaker seal he'd put on the door's lock.

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