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Taking a chance here but I just started a small group rp and we need one more guy. Check it out? Four Seasons
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dunno if i posted in one of your other threads ._.
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                                    xxx||W E LC O M E T O「」Imperial Academy for the Elite.

                                                          Welcome to the Imperial Academy for the Elite. A private school for the rich and gifted. This beautiful castle has been restored and turned into a school for those fellow humans that process a gift far greater than others.

                                                          It all started in 1593 when Queen Analeigh of England turned this old, unused castle into a school. At first it only allow the elite community and carter to the needs of their children. It stayed that way for the next hundred years, even after Queen Analeigh was dethroned because the public had found out that she had possessed special powers. They believed this to be unstable for the Royal family. The Imperial Academy for the Elite caters to the needs of the royals and the rich for many years until one night during the annual ball. Everyone was laughing and enjoying themselves until one of the guest started screaming about smoke, the royal family's secret had been spilled and people were after them. When the students tried to run to the doors and get out for safety, they were locked. Eighty-four people sadly perished in the flame, and from then on the school was haunted. No one stepped foot in there and no one talked about it. They still don't have any leads on who started the fire then either. Ever since this day, the royal family had kept their secret of having powers.

                                                          After many years of still vacant and alone, the land that once held the beautiful castle was rebuild. In the late 1900's Sir Lionel Flores took to rebuilding the school and opening it to London again. Only this time he opened it to the rich and royals who held special gifts. The ability to do anything at the drop of a dime. With a team of trusted men, he ran the school until the day he died. Now, Lionel's son, Edmund Flores has taken over his father's job and is now the Dean of the school. And promised to remain every secret that the school has will remain in the school walls.

                                                          This school is for royalty and wealthy families. A place to teach their children how to act and are expected to act. And how they themselves will take their parents place one day. Here you will meet the wealthiest families in the world. How ladies should act like ladies and men should act like gentlemen. How to control their powers and keep them hidden from the world. Note that not everyone here is gifted.

still searching don't be shy.

          Try the link in my signature please.

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