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Hello there. As you can see by the title of the forum I'm looking for a one x one or a small group of people to roleplay with. A little bit about myself before you move on is my name is mystic_wonderland, feel free to call me mystic. I'm a semi. lit to lit. roleplayer, I can post anywhere from one to five + paragraphs, it just depends on what I've got to go off of and how much I feel like writing at that moment. I enjoy anime, and manga. I've got two part time jobs and I'm working on graduating from High School so I'm not on all the time, mostly just in the evenings before work and after school. I'm comfortable playing male and female roles, and I'm comfortable playing any type of pairing: yaoi, yuri and hetero, although yuri is not something I've played a lot in the past. I have some plots in mind but I'm always open to your addition to the plot as well. I love to make friends so feel free to talk to me over PM, I won't bite. I have limitations as far as content goes, PG-16 please. Guts and gore, as well as sex are left to the imagination, -meaning fading out effects or nothing too graphic- please. I love to double even triple up on characters, I think it makes the story much more entertaining. I like to roleplay through threads and nothing else, PMs tend to get messy and they are not pretty to look at gnerally.
Yes, I'm not a big fan of rules either but they are just acting as guidelines to what I like in a roleplay.

Yes literacy. I'm not asking you to be a novelist and writ me an entire book. In fact I'm drawing the line at five paragraphs maximum because let's face it, no one, not even me, wants to read anything over five paragraphs. One paragraph minimum for posts, though I'd prefer two, just because one can be a bit difficult to go off of depending on the content. Ah, content is another thing, I'd like the paragraphs to be well rounded, nothing too beefy and yet nothing too skimpy, I want some full coverage of whatever is going on. Detail is appreciated but not too much as in don't go overboard with the detail of how the sunshine is hitting your character, this gives me nothing to use in my post.

If you are interested in roleplaying with me please send me a PM or quote me here in the thread. I check my mail often and I can guarantee I'll get back to you as soon as I am able to. Mentioned earlier in Literacy, I like two paragraphs but I accept one if needed and no more than five. I like pretty posts, nothing too fancy but nice to look at with pictures, lyrics from songs, and a character's name please.

This is fairly easy. All I ask is that you tell me which roleplay idea you are interested in, either one of mine or one of your own, and then send me a PM telling me which one you'd like to play and please send me a sample of your work in the PM. If I'm interested then I'll let you know, if not, then I'll tell you I'm not interested.

Updated June 18

heart =Craving
exclaim =I have a plot idea
Bold= Part I would like to play
* Can be played in Yaoi, Yuri or Hetero.

Here are some roleplaying ideas/pairings I will be willing to play.

Full Metal Alchemist
Edward x Alphonse(human)
Edward x Ling/Greed
Edward x Winry
Edward x Envy
OC x OC heart exclaim *

Death Note heart -The OC x OC doesn't have to be based off of the series entirely.-
L x BB exclaim heart
Mello x Matt
Mello x Near
Near x L
Light x L
OC x OC*

Miscellaneous (Any topics ca be mixed together in this section.)
Your ideas heart heart heart
Master x Slave/pet heart exclaim *
High School setting*
Gifted Beings exclaim *
Abused x Abuser* heart exclaim
Masquerade ball heart :*
Kidnapped x Kidnapper* heart
Serial killer x Victim heart exclaim
Mental hospital heart
Virtual world (.hack series related) heart heart heart heart
Twisted Fairytales heart heart exclaim exclaim exclaim
Deadly Seven exclaim heart heart heart heart

Samauri Champloo
OC x OC heart
Assassin x Target heart
Mugen x Jin
Jin x Fuu
Fuu x OC

Izaya x Shizuo heart heart

Super Cravings:

Hunger Games
Evil Carnival exclaim
Alice in Wonderland (Twisted ex: American Mcgee's version)

Note:Any of the pairings feel free to double or triple up on characters, just let me know so we can get other characters involved.

Types I will not play:
Space related
Arranged marriage
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Hello, I read it and I know this is probably out of left field, a shot in the dark, whatever you want to call it... However I am looking for someone, or a group of people to create an RP based on the world of Adventure Time, the show is so ridiculous but it looks like so much fun to do.
don't judge that I still watch cartoons, I know I should stop soon... probably.

      a bump for you, lady.

      oh, man, how i have been craving just a gifted being roleplay. but the people involved - i just can't find a good group.

      if more people are on board with a gifted roleplay, especially since you have a plot, consider me in.User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

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I was wondering if maybe you'd be interested in a cannon/cannon pairing from the Soul Caliber game series?

Or two Oc/Cannons? (one cannon and OC each).
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I was wondering if you would like this Rp. Just got start and i think you may like it but if not just ignore this.

I for the money 2 for the show

Hmm, that is a new one I've never heard of. It does sound like it could be fun but with the right people. I personally have never been one to watch Adventure Time, so I have no idea what it's about, so I don't know how well I'd be able to play along. But good luck on your search.
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Thank you for the luck, I'll be sure to use it wisely.
It's none too hard to follow, I never use the cannon characters anyway. Well, I guess I'll leave you to your own search.
Pretty Antagonist

Certainly 'll keep you in mind if I find a good group of people to roleplay a gifted being roleplay. I might end up setting one up myself- if I can ever get around to it-
Rockazoid Rolleroid

Sadly I've never played the Soul Caliber series, so I probably wouldn't be the best at it. If you're still interested then let me know. smile

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