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Look at that, guys! An OOC thread for us to use kinda! A place to hang out and chat and find out what's going on in the thread, as well as talk to other roleplayers.


Q: Why an OOC thread?
A: Because it's a good way for people to talk and get to know each other, as well as a place to chat while you're waiting for posts or aren't feeling like posting at the present time.

Q: Does Ross absolutely hate this idea?
A: With an undying passion!

Q: So you did it anyway?
A: Yep!

Q: So I haven't posted IC in the thread, but I'm interested in it. Can I still talk here?
A: Of course! If you're wondering what's going on in the thread, or if you can join, or just want to get to know the players, feel free to talk here. (if anybody is on)

[More questions and s**t later. For now, enjoy the new OOC thread? Maybe!)
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*Drops the first post*

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What's that look for? heart
because OOC threads are dumb.

well I guess they aren't THAT dumb... but I do hate it when thread-owners freak their bean when people do a lil OOC chatting in the main thread. It's ridic. ESPECIALLY if people are roleplaying, too.

I know that didn't happen last night but in like other threads and etc. lol
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I don't freak about OOC in the main thread.

This thread was made with ulterior motives~
def not hatin' on this thread, just sayin' is all. rofl

wazap wit you? I'm Ashley btw. my main is ASHLEYASDFGH~
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I know.

We joined the BSB at the same time in 08. lol.
we did? honestly I remember like no one/nothing.
since I quit gaia I dated a drug dealer... so I don't remember much ahahaha.
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*rolls in* EELLOOO lovelies. Will be posting laters, gonna be making cake batter rice krispy treats...*looks at clock* AAnnndd maybe I should go pick up Doji from work before starting that.
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I'll be home in like an hour and a half. Until then, insert rest of my sentence here. I'm tired.
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I'm glad to see you back, Kaz.
Thanks for poking me, or I would never have gotten around to this. It's a weird sort of cyber-home sweet cyber-home.
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Hey Kaz, glad you're back.

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